it gives me lost feels

I don’t think we like to acknowledge how difficult it is to deal with jealousy and impatience. It’s so hard to look around you and feel like things are working out for everyone else while you struggle to get footing. Whether it’s for a job, a romantic relationship, or for life in general, it’s hard to persevere when you feel like you’re going nowhere fast while everyone else seems to have things going well.

Sometimes I wonder what you would have done if I begged. What if I got down on my knees until they bled and admitted how wrong I was to love you? I would have grabbed your leg like a child and my muffled cries would have sent chills down your spine. I would tell you how it was foolish of me to think you would stay. I mean, why would you ever stay?
Maybe if I made you think that all of the bullshit you put me through was justified, maybe that’s what it would have taken to make you want to stay.
If that’s the case, I’m glad you slammed the fucking door on your way out. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than you ever gave me credit for.
—  He thought I was young and naïve

“This is my life. Observe and fight. Interrogate and meditate. On the bad nights, skip the meditation. Hard to focus with sixty levels of traffic echoing below…
… not to mention the bruises and other distractions.”
» Theron Shan, The Lost Suns

I crave your intamacy. I want to feel your skin pressed against my naked body, your tongue piercing my neck with its soft, yet vivid tip. Outline my body with its wetness. I want you to make my body tingle with excitement, while I’m dazed and lost in the physical feeling that you give to me. The sensation you give my entire body as you slip in gently. Touch me. Make me scream.
—  @alexiscpeckham
On dedicating yourself to the Goddesses of Hyrule

Dedication to a deity is a very personal and serious rite. Oaths are taken very seriously in pretty much all paths, and it’s specific to the relationship between the deity and the devotee-to-be. Such vows should be carefully worded and thought over, as they can easily become a burden rather than a joy with too many loopholes.

Vows in Hyrule seem to be taken pretty seriously as well. Link often comes across wayward spirits and cursed people on his travels, trapped because they took an oath that they have yet to fulfill, or they broke one. Based on this, death does not seem to release you from a vow in Hyrule, at least not immediately. So be careful in the wording of any vow you make.

At first, I was going to try and write out individual vows for each Goddess, but after doing a little research and asking Hylia for guidance, I realized that, at best, I can give people a jumping off point. But I can’t really write it for you, because it’s going to be different for everyone. So, below, you’ll find the jumping off pieces I wrote. These are meant to be modified, changed and expanded to fit you, your needs, and your relationship to Hyrule’s goddesses. I hope you guys like them.

Din: “I come before you, Din, Goddess of Power, to dedicate myself to you. When you lift me from my own darkness with your red arms, I will know it is you. When you guard my peace I will know it is you, and when you upheave it to expand my comfort zone I will know it is you. I pledge myself to honor and serve you, and to uphold your virtue within my capabilities.”

Nayru: “Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, I have chosen this day to dedicate myself to you. Your wisdom knows no bounds and it is you who guides me. When there are truths to behold you reveal them, gently when they are difficult and sternly when I may ignore them. I vow to honor and serve you within my abilities and uphold your virtue.”

Farore: “Dearest Farore, Goddess of Courage, I come before you to dedicate myself to you. You give me courage and hope when I feel lost. You encourage me to step outside my comfort and to improve myself, but also remind me not to be reckless. I vow to serve you and honor you to the best of my abilities, and to uphold your virtue.”

Hylia: “Hylia, her Grace, goddess charged with guarding the Triforce, this day I come to you in dedication. You defended the Surface from Demise and his horde, and guided the Hero. So do you guide and defend me. As you helped the Hero grow and guided him to balance in the virtues of the Golden Goddesses, so you guide me as well. I vow to serve you and honor you within my capabilities, and uphold the virtues of the goddesses.”

“What’s going to happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore.”

Are there any KH fans amongst my followers? ;3; For a Disney game, it’s depressing…but I LOVE it <3. For any who haven’t played the series, you REALLY should.

I keep thinking about Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson, who has wings made of metal and human imagination.

He was a paramedic. The maneuverability of his wings, the speed of his flight are all so he would be able to bring help to places no ordinary man could reach.

Imagine a soldier, stuck somewhere in the Alborz mountains, injured and dying, knowing that no helicopter can reach them, that no one would dare. Imagine looking up in your fever and seeing a pair of wings silhouetted against the sky.

Except, it’s not an angel coming to ease your way. It’s a black man, voice calm and reassuring, bandages and shots of antibiotic in his gear. He says his name is Sam and he asks you for yours. He asks you about your lover, about your kids, about the places you grew up in. Then he flies you off the mountain, trying to be gentle, but it’s jarring, because you’re alive.

You wake up in the hospital on your army base and you recover. You meet the man again and learn that there are more people with wings, a whole team and that when they take those wings off, they show you pictures of their dogs and buy you a beer.

Sam Wilson is a paramedic with wings. A healer and a savior.

Now, imagine Sam losing those wings. No, first, imagine him losing a soldier.

‘Is this the first time you lost a soldier?’ No, there were many, when the wings weren’t fast enough or when the blood flowed too freely. There were plenty of times you’ve sat down with someone who was saved by a different type of angel.

But losing someone who shares your sky? That’s different. That’s the sunshine melting the wax on your wings until they turn to feathers and you’re in freefall.

So you go back to Washington. It’s not the City of Angels, but it’s your city.

After a month spent sleepless, watching the skyline for some hint of a star, you walk into a Veteran’s center and you sit in a room full of people whose wings are clipped like yours.

You’re grounded now, but you can still heal, so you use your voice and try not to think of screams and broken metal feathers.

You take up running, because when you go really fast, it reminds you of the wind rushing against your face in freefall.

There, you meet a man that shines like the sun, blindingly enough to cover up his cracks. But you’re used to being closer to the sun than most. You see.

So you do what you were meant to: you heal and offer solace. First, with your words and then, when words aren’t enough, with your wings.

You take them out of storage and they call you Falcon.

Many of you were Falcons in the dry heat of the desert. Now, in a familiar skyline, you are alone.

You defend and you fight, because there can be no healing if there’s no one left to heal.

You are Sam Wilson and you have wings.

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I redrew one of my favourite drawings, it was really hard because I’m trying to be more accurate with anatomy (using lots of references), adding a detailed background for the first time and trying to improve with my shading at the same time. I wanted to give up so bad -.- but doing little by little after 2 weeks I finished it (I usually finish a drawing in two or three days). Hope it was worth it u.u

give me kisses,
give me bruises,
give me warm,
tender morning

share your queries,
share your quandaries,
share your paradoxically
harmonious, discordant

your scent
gives me life,
your lips
gives me hope,

your gaze can
break me down,
make me feel lost,

yet your touch
builds me up,
brings me back home.

—  for her, whom I haven’t met yet, (5/20/17) thekaijusleeps

It’s like every time you reach out, my heart beats a little faster and I’m convinced for just a second that you miss me. Then I see you in person and it’s like we’re going backwards.

I’m starting to think that maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

—  Maybe we’ll go so far back to the days before I knew you
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