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Some small omegaverse otayuri head cannons?

How about we do some uncommon ones, ey?

- Everybody is blown out of the water when Yuri presents as an alpha, but even fucking MORE when Otabek presents as Omega. Its completely bizarre and nobody saw it coming, but for the pair, it works out perfectly.

- Omegas nest before their heats typically, but Otabek nests /all the time/ its adorably infuriating, because Yuri has close to no warm hoodies by the time winter comes but he’ll be damned if he ruins Otabek’s beautiful hard work.

- Yuri’s ruts are intense, often trigged by Otabek, but he gets surprisingly emotional after them, always tearfully asking if Otabek is okay and if he said or did anything wrong. Its heart warming how much Yuri cares and they often spend the day afterwards in Otabeks nest together, cuddling and talking about how much they long each other.

- Otabek can’t carry children, sadly, but neither of them really mind because that means they can adopt and give another child a chance at a wonderful life, something Yuri is certain of, so when they come round to getting everything sorted and the time is right, they’ll make wonderful parents and give every amount of love they can.

(If you wanted a different omegaverse variation, don’t hesitate to send me another ask! I’m happy to do all secondary genders in any variation. c:)

Fic: Package for Kurt Hummel: How Blaine Anderson Found a Home

Title: Package for Kurt Hummel: How Blaine Anderson Found a Home

Rating: Mature

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine

Word Count: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are studying after Warblers practice. If only Blaine felt the same way that Kurt feels about him…

Warnings: Intense feelings of secondhand embarrassment, a need to question life, feeling like you just wasted 5 minutes of your life, wondering why people like me in the fandom exist, general feelings of uncomfortableness, lots of penis talk, 5th grade humor

Author’s Note: For the love of all that’s holy, this is a mock fic, meaning it’s INTENTIONALLY bad!


The chestnut haired boy looked at the smaller boy with awe. He and Blaine had been studying together after Warblers practice and now Blaine had accidentally fell asleep in his bed. It gave him a moment to just….admire.

Blaine looked very handsome. Kind of like George Clooney, only younger and actually good looking. Kurt laid a timid hand on Blaine’s leg and slowly ran it up to his thigh. If only Blaine felt the same about him.

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5sos Song Preference - Best Of Me ~ ADTR

This was a request but I wanted to give most of them a happy ending? You can listen to the song here 

M I C H A E L:

“My dad was right, we will never get along”

It was safe to say your parents hated Michael. They didn’t approve of his career, his tattoos, his piercings, his hair; he wasn’t the sort of boy they wanted their precious ‘perfect’ daughter to be with. They’d said you two wouldn’t last, and at the time you’d argued with all your strength, determined that you loved Michael and would be with him for way longer than they expected. But now, a year later, your relationship was falling apart and you could barely have a conversation without fighting any more. It was tearing you apart. Finally, you’d had enough and were in yet another screaming match with Michael. “YOU KNOW WHAT, MICHAEL, I’M DONE WITH THIS, DONE WITH YOU! ALL WE’VE DONE FOR AGES IS FIGHT! MY PARENTS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!” You yelled, storming to your room to pack your bags. But the minute you shut the door, you broke down into silent sobs, curling up next to the door. “Y/N,” you heard Michael say softly from the other side of the door. “Do you remember that time at your parents’ house, when they said we wouldn’t last and you argued with them for half an hour that we would? And then I said I love you? What I said still stands, do you still believe what you said?” you could tell from the cracks in his voice that he was crying and when you eventually creaked the door open, you were engulfed in a tight hug. “You and me against the world, Y/N. We can make this work. Let’s prove them all wrong.”

C A L U M :

“Now all that’s left is misunderstandings”

You slammed the magazine down onto the coffee table, the picture of Calum and a gorgeous girl out together, the headline reading ‘Is Calum cheating on Y/N?’. The glares you were giving him said it all. “Y/N, I can exp-“  you cut him off by picking the magazine back up and throwing it at him.”I don’t want to hear it. We’re over.” You said firmly before leaving, slamming the door behind you. The minute you left, you knew exactly where you were going; your best friend Ashton’s house. You and Ash had been friends for as long as you can remember and he’s always the best person to go to in times like this.

“Y/N, I’m sorry he did this. That was a real dick move; he has got a whole lot of ugly coming his way. You can crash here tonight If you don’t want to go back there.” He engulfed you in a hug; you could always rely on your best friend in bad situations. The next morning, you woke up in an unfamiliar room, half hanging off the sofa when you remembered what happened last night. From the next room, you could hear muffled shouting and as you sleepily dragged yourself up off the couch you realised Ash was yelling at Cal. “It was all a misunderstanding! I didn’t cheat on her! The girl is my cousin! Fuck, I love Y/N so much Ash, please let me in!” he said desperately, running a hand through his messy hair. You stumbled past Ash, still half asleep, and buried your head in Calum’s chest. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled, holding on tighter. “S’okay,” he said quietly, pressing a kiss into your head.


A S H T O N :

“I can’t believe I trusted every word you said”

You couldn’t believe he’d been lying all this time. Everything he’d said, everything he’d done, all a lie. Clearly he’d thought you’d never find out about the other girl, but he’d underestimated you and your abilities. It all really started when Ashton’s phone flashed with a message from someone called ‘Holly’ whom you’d never heard of before; ‘Want to come over tonight babe?’ the message said. At the time, you’d just shrugged it off thinking it was probably just a friend. He loved you too much to cheat, right? Well apparently not, because your suspicions were proved correct when you saw them out together, acting like a couple. You thought he only looked at you that way. Unable to control yourself, you stormed into the restaurant and threw the promise ring on your finger back at Ashton. “I don’t ever want to see you again. I can’t believe I ever trusted you.” You snapped at him, glaring daggers at him before running back out and home, tears threatening to spill. How could he use you like that; you thought he loved you. Of course, the media had a field day with all the rumours flying round about Ashton and Holly and what had happened to you, and that was the last time you ever spoke to Ashton Irwin.


L U K E :

“You’d drag me down if I’d let you hold me back”

“I think we need to take a break, Luke.” As much as it broke your heart to say it, you knew it was the best thing to do. “What? Y/N why?” you could see the sadness in his face and for a minute you had to question yourself. Was this really helping anyone? “It’s just not working out Luke.” The truth was, you didn’t want to hold him back from his dreams. The pressure from the fame was really getting to him and you didn’t want to be a burden to him, just adding to all his problems so you decided it would be best to leave him to achieve all his ambitions without you. “Tell me the truth, Y/N,” he demanded, stood still in some sort of shock. “I-, um, well, the truth is…umm,” you started and he raised his hand to your face, stroking your cheek softly. “I don’t want to be the one holding you back from everything, Luke. I don’t want to drag you down and be a burden. If anything, I’m doing you a favour.” You blurted out. Confusion took over Luke’s face as he tried to take in everything you’d just told him. “No, Y/N. I can’t do any of this without you! If you’re breaking up with me because you think you’re holding me back you stay right here because you’re the reason I’ve got here in the first place!” You wrapped your arms around his torso and held him tight; you were never letting go again.

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