it give me the change to actually be stupid

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Okay guys I’m going to tell you a little bit about us. We met in 7th grade. We became best friends. High school came and you would never guess what happened we kissed fell in love. Happily ever after, right? Well no. Because you see, I am a stupid asshole. I cheated on her. Each and everytime I said the same thing baby I love you give me one more chance I changed I promise the same dumb bullshit I had believed. Yet I can tell you right now, I have never been more in love with someone now why couldn’t I just be loyal and caring and actually be there for her. Well if I knew I would tell you. But I broke her over and over and I don’t think I have ever seen such a broken girl in my entire life. I dread waking up from sleeping getting a call saying she isn’t here anymore because of what I did to her. Yes I know how could I possibly love this girl more than anything in this entire world and yet do such horrendous things. I don’t know honestly and I would give anything to go back in time and change it but I can’t so I’m having to deal with my consequences by losing her. Losing the girl I used to wake up to every single night with a phone call because she had a nightmare or something. The girl I used to cry over when she opened up and told me about her past. The girl I used to rush over no matter what time day or night just to keep her from crying. The girl I would give my own life up to let her live for, she is my world and I’m just a fuck up. I’m not looking for your sympathy that’s not what this is about. This is so you can go give her support and show her someone cares. She feels like she doesn’t have anyone to talk to and I just want to show her people aren’t all horrible jerks. So her tumblr is @xfuckinfeelingx and I would honestly much appreciate if you guys went over there and said some positive things or were there for her…
Thank you..

Black nut at SMTM4 ep.1

He claimed himself Beenzino in the beginning by saying, “Hello, I’m Beenzino.” LOL

Translations of his rap:
(takes and throws Zico’s clipboard)
Who are you to judge me? (parody of Jessi lmao)
To be honest, you’re not even better than me
But when you’re holding that necklace in front of me,
things change. I’m begging you man (touches him LOL)
My name is Black Nut. Stupid people into hip-hop all know me.
But the audience are laughing at me, why is Yang Sanggook here? (he’s a comediannn)
Show me the money! PD, give me some money
After I rob this place, I’m gonna go on Dancing 9 and dance
Black Nut, no one can face me
Like my name, if anyone tries to fight me, they’ll get ruined (??? this part was censored so idk)


and after rapping, he said,   “I’m actually a calm guy who likes tea and flowers and loves books and plants.” and took his pants off once more when the camera guy asked how he felt :-)

and he passed!!!

Okay, people are flipping the hell out about this new update that staff is rolling out soon. I get it, I hate 99.9 percent of their updates too, but I’m seeing people in the roleplay community that are hysterical and giving up on roleplaying entirely because of the way that this will fuck up formatting. Please don’t.

It’s not worth that kind of anguish, there are going to be ways to get around the change or change with it that still work for roleplaying and though I do encourage you guys to let the staff through their contact button that you’re very unhappy with the change, that’s literally the most that you can do right now. Giving up roleplaying, which makes me happy and makes many of you happy, because of this format change is just stupid. Take a break instead, step away after you’ve sent your messages to the staff and breathe. 

Breathe deeply, actually. It’s good for the blood pressure. If we have to start copy and pasting and making new posts for every reply, then we have to start doing exactly that. Spreading this doom and gloom around won’t fix what’s going to happen, as much as it sucks to admit that. But do not send yourselves in an emotional tailspin because of a formatting change, okay? Okay.