it gets worse* every time i look at it

i looove bodyswap au’s like imagine if something happened and keith and lance switched bodies and they try to outdo each other with ridiculous really bad imitations of one another

keith (in lance’s body): ohhh look at me……. i think im hot shit…….. is that a girl???? better flirt with her and fail because im a giant DWEEB whose pickup lines are worse than that of a beached whale. also i am a loser

lance (in keiths body): YEAH well look at me, im the edgiest loser youll ever see……… i waited a half hour outside hot topic for it to open to get these fingerless gloves  

keith: one time i flew my lion and she was so offended by my terrible piloting skills that she ejected me and launched me towards the nearest moon, killing me instantly

lance: i spent a year in the desert and, as an emo, listened to only numb by linkin park every day on repeat

keith, offended: fuck you lance that is a good song


just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 

“I hope the human likes this puzzle! I worked so hard on it!”
“I’m sure they will bro.”

I drew this a little bit ago and had forgotten to post it with my move going on and all. We’ve also been pretty slow here lately, so here you go! Skelebros! Aren’t they just adorable?

I have some mini-comics that answer an ask we got a bit ago coming out for RB soon! They are almost done and I hope you guys like it. It’s just coming along slowly due to life currently. Thank you for your patience~

I wish we could push comics out faster but we don’t draw super fast sadly. And we’ve tried doing less detailed or colorless comics but we can never seem to be happy with them. We gotta make them all pretty and detailed and it takes longer because of that. I swear we need clones!

~ Sol

For everyone who’s asking, yes, I have lost weight. For a long time now my confidence has seriously suffered since I started gaining. This blog kind of made for the, “fake it till you make it” situation. I just haven’t really felt happy with my weight gain. I felt like my appearance got worse as time went on, and I just started to be unhappy every time I looked in the mirror, which is a lot.

I’ve decided to at least make myself healthier, but this doesn’t mean I’m stopping gaining.

I just don’t want to eat junk food 24/7. This has been going on since probably the middle of January, so yes, I dropped a few pounds. The change of being healthier isn’t just purely for aesthetic reasons either. When I was at my heaviest, I really felt like shit constantly. I was always tired and moody. Now, I feel energized when I wake up, and my mental health has really cleared up, which was huge for me.

I really just needed to make a change for the better, and I hope that people understand. I’ve lost weight, but let’s be honest, I’m still fat lmao. It’ll be a long time before I’m “thin” again. 💖

What keeps sticking out the most to me in Across The Universe every time I watch it, is the vulnerability Shiro displays here. Around the team, Shiro never shows weakness, never falters, never lets anyone believe they can’t make it. (Pidge’s impresson of tin can Shiro is exactly that: “We’ll get through this if we work together!”)

But around Keith, Shiro allows himself to be vulnerable, to need help. To admit that things are looking bad and getting worse by the minute, and he would really like Keith to hurry up because he’s not sure he can make it. (And he could. Technically, he could. He was the unchallenged Champion in the Galran arena of murder and horror and that doesn’t come without the lion’s share of fighting his way out of deadly corners; I do think even injured, he could fight off four beasts if he was there all alone and his life depended on it, or worse -if someone else’s life depended on it.)

But he does allow himself to need that help, to look weak and feel his confidence faltering and admit to Keith that he’s not dead yet but probably getting there, because he knows Keith doesn’t need his saving face. Keith knows him, knows he’s not indestructible, knows he’s not above failing. Keith has saved him once at his weakest, and here they are again.

It’s such a different dynamic at play here -Shiro practically throws his life away, gives it for granted to spare Matt, to buy Pidge time, to save Allura, but here… for once, Shiro’s sitting back and letting someone else come to his rescue, instead of offering to make some grand sacrifice for them. He’s scared, he doesn’t want to die (he really doesn’t, not here and not like this), but he’s willing to wait because he knows Keith will get him out of this, and he only fights back when he’s absolutely forced to, when he can’t wait anymore.

And still, Keith makes it and saves him in the nick of time, just like he knew Keith could. “I know what you’re capable of,” he’ll tell Keith much later on in the season, but he’s already been telling Keith that from this first moment here. From the moment when instead of putting on a brave face and pretending that “we’ll get through this!” he allows himself to sound scared, to sound tired and weak, and tells Keith “you better hurry up” instead.


‘I just don’t get it is all,’ said Sirius as he bent down to fish something out of his school bag. ‘This is the second time this month, and every time he goes he just comes back looking even worse.’ Sirius then jumped up to proudly hold out a small ball from his bag.

‘Don’t say that Sirius’ James replied as he snatched the ball and quickly hid it in his pocket.

‘What? Its true.’

James, Sirius and Peter then started to slowly make there way over to the other side of the potions classroom, continuing there conversation about Remus.

‘I’m just starting to get really worried.’ Sirius admitted, as he caught sight of the target.

‘We all are mate, but until we can figure out what is up there’s nothing we can do, you’ve annoyed him enough already with your constant badgering about it.’

Sirius let out a hum of dissatisfaction and opened his mouth to reply, just as he elbowed the cauldron of the Gryffindor he was walking past, causing it to almost fall over if James and his lightning quick reflexes hadn’t grabbed and steadied it.

Peter groaned. ‘Guys, if we are going to put this exploding ball in Severus’ cauldron, don’t you think you two need to be a little stealthier?’

‘Fine.’ grunted the other two as they reached a prime position, right behind Snape and his cauldron, and at the right angle so they were just out of his line of sight.

Sirius let out a childish giggle ‘He’s never going to see this coming.’

‘Sirius will you shu-’

‘No but Lily don’t you see, I was reading about it last night, werewolves are these foul creatures that eat children and kill people for fun, its not about the person its about the monster they become once they’ve been bitten.’

‘Severus don’t say that, when have you ever met one? Besides what reading? Where are you getting these books from?’ came the voice of Lily Evans, who was standing idly stirring her potion next to the greasy haired Slytherin.

‘The source isn’t the point,’ dodged Snape. ‘The point is that there are all these dark creatures out there in the real world and werewolves are part of them, they aren’t good people Lils.’

James looked stony standing behind Severus. ‘He’s so vile, I bet hes been stealing all those twisted books of the older Slytherins. Saying all that stuff about dark creatures.’

Sirius looked less repulsed. ‘He isn’t wrong though.. I mean i once heard my mum talking about this werewolf she had heard of, his name was Greyspine or something, and he would go and attack people for fun, biting kids and that stuff, especially when he transformed, which is quite a lot by the way, once a month, I mean, werewolves aren’t nice animals.’

James snorted ‘Yeah, because your mum always has the best opinions on people’ Sirius blushed slightly and shrugged. James felt bad about the remark so he added, ‘Well I mean it’s not like we ever have to meet one to find out so.. Wait what did you say about once a month?’

BANG. Severus Snape’s cauldron had exploded almost immediately after Peter had run up and dropped in the exploding ball and everyone in the surrounding area had become drenched in what was a half finished floating draught, that now instead just burned the skin of the people it touched. Not the three Gryffindor boys though, who were standing back at their table laughing loudly and staring at the chaos.

Laughing less loudly was the messy haired one, because the ball had just dropped, and James Potter had realised something about Remus Lupin.

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About *that* scene, aka ‘Empire of Corpses gets worse every time I am stupid enough to rewatch it’

So I watched the Empire of Corpses again - it’s the SIXTH time. I feel like my lifespan gets considerably shorter every time - and we discovered something new…

Beware, spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t read.

So, I had assumed that Watson never wanted to sedate Friday because it was “bad” for him: when we see Hadaly doing it the second time, Watson looks away because he can’t bear watching Friday scream in agony. I thought it was a painful process of sorts, but hadn’t realised something… It’s not just that.

During this scene, we see Friday trying to kill Watson many times while he’s being controlled by the sound waves. At some point he’s lucid and aware enough to feel his soul again, as demonstrated by the signal - the pen tapping on the nose - then he loses control of himself again for a few seconds. When he’s back, we see him crying and struggling to stay aware and regain his humanity, to the point that he points the gun at himself to avoid any harm to Watson.

Watson stops him, then finally uses the sedative syringe on Friday.
They hug, Friday loses consciousness and exhales a quiet breath.

Or at least so I thought.

Because now, we realised he was not just blacking out or being merely sedated… He was dying there.
Yes, dying again.
 Because we see Watson reanimating him once more at the lighthouse in the next scene, just like we see in the very first part of the movie. I had assumed it was just some routine procedure, but then

This is also highlighted by the two little bulb things on Friday’s forehead after that, resembling those that Watson used to reanimate the soldier some time before.

And this is also the reason why, in his delirious “dream” after the intoxication, Watson sees Friday die for real after being sedated - he was probably semi-aware when Hadaly did it the first time, when she saved them.

He knew the sedative will eventually kill him, he always knew, which is why he never wanted to use it, despite the fact that Friday could have killed him many times. 

Yes, Friday died there in Watson’s arms because of the sedative, that is the real reason why he didn’t want to use it on him. True, he can revive him as many times as he wants, but still… He literally sedated Friday to death to prevent him from killing himself. And this is also why he seems so peaceful straight after, slipping into oblivion while being held by Watson.

Friday died in Watson’s arms.
Watson killed Friday.
I think I need a moment…

“I’m not willing to stand for that kinda shit.”

I’m glad that you guys liked the outfit and screenshots i took so much. so to thank you for all the notes you gave me and some of the nice things you’ve said i made this for you guys. it was a lot of fun to make and i hope you guys like it. ^^

(This took forever to finally get working! i tried uploading it like 80 times and every time i did, it looked worse than the try before because the size limit.)

no offense but why do people rarely talk about how hard it is for mentally ill people of colour??
especially the ones who have to deal with psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and/or autism
i tried so hard to get help when i was younger, but no one took me seriously. why would they?? mental illness is a “”“white thing”“”
doctors are usually pretty terrible but they are EVEN WORSE when it comes to “helping” a person of colour who probably has some type of mental health problem.
and when we DO get help they never want to look into anything that isn’t depression or anxiety

im not saying this is what it’s like for every person of colour but a very very very large majority.

Nothing is as close as my teeth are to my tongue and even they bite. If the sun shines all the time, it’ll make a dessert. I’m mostly alone, because it’s better than bad company. I try to make sure that I always stand up more than I fall. I’ve always been the jealous type, but deep inside I’ve always known that jealousy is nothing more than fear of abandonment. I try to keep my mind open to everything, but at the same time attached to nothing. I look at life as a ladder and for each step we take, the view gets better. I’ve learned that pain and happiness is temporary, so after every sunshine I’m preparing myself for the rain. I know that there is people in this world who always have it worse, so I’m thankful that I at least have it better and even if it rains, we all get rained on together. I try to do my best to live simply, so others can simply live
Sleep paralysis

Saw on post on Facebook where people were talking about sleep paralysis and saying it happened once or twice and was horrifying. It happens to me almost every night now.

I dream I am sitting in my bed and everything looks normal except I can’t move (and sometimes can’t move my eyes or I see blank spots in my vision). After a bit, something usually pursues or threatens me. Sometimes it’s someone trying to break into the room. Other times its something in the room grabbing at me. If I’m in a lot of pain, some demon or bad thing starts stabbing me or breaking my bones. I feel like I’m screaming for help (Though outwardly I just look like I’m sleeping normally apparently). It feels like this lasts for hours. I wake up exhausted. And I go through this almost every single night now.

Is there anyway to stop this? It’s just been getting worse now that I’m sleeping alone most of the time now in a long distance relationship. I’m already taking trazodone to sleep.

As the weather gets colder and the sky gets darker, I’m looking for every excuse there is to smile. This is the hardest time of year for me. It always starts getting worse now but I’m so determined to stay strong this winter. Send strength and prayers my way.

Never leave us again (Sherlock)

Paring: Sherlock/Reader

Characters: John Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Sophia Holmes

Language: English

Words: 2 378

Summary: Having to deal with raising yours and Sherlocks daughter after him passing away. Or at least you thought he passed away.

London is known for his rainy weather and today wasn’t much different from the others. Little drops of rain were streaming down the living room window for past couple of hours and my mood has been on the bottom of the ocean ever since. This time looking out of the exact same window to the streets of London wasn’t helping me like it usually does. I hate when I feel this depressed and melancholic all of the sudden like two years of grieving weren’t enough time to get though broken heart. People say that first weeks are the worst but I disagree. Every day is getting worse and worse and the pain is yet to fade away. I lost my father when I was just a little girl and his passing away was extremely painful but when I lost the love of my life I honestly thought that a little part of me died with him in the same moment. Losing Sherlock wasn’t just about losing the only man I have ever loved but it was also about losing my hope and I as well.

I don’t know how long I have been sitting in my chair with just a cup of tea that was cold anyway until someone knocked on my door. First I don’t want to open because I don’t feel visits right now but I stand up anyway. Getting to the door takes me just couple of seconds. A little smile flashes across my face as I see one of the last friends I have left.

“John,” I whisper as I take him in a tight hug, “I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s life been? Oh, please, feel free to come in,” I step aside from the door so he could walk in more easily.

“Sorry for not getting more in touch with you lately but you know…”

“Yeah I do,” I slightly smile at him while he’s looking around my place. Well it’s my place now but it wasn’t like that all the time.

“It feels so weird to be here again.”

“This place isn’t what it used to be with him around, John. It’s so empty ever though nothing changed really,” I sigh.

I sit back to my chair where as John sit on the couch across. There’s silence for a while. I don’t want to talk about Sherlock or anything to do with our same past and John just doesn’t seem to have any news. But one way or another it’s good to see him again. It’s refreshing to see another human being other than my reflection in the mirror or Mrs. Hudson.

“I talked to Mrs. Hudson,” he claims as I was just thinking of her. I raise an eyebrow at him in confusion. “When was the last time you had left this apartment?”

“Don’t start again, John. I swear we had conversation like this last time you were here.”

“We did indeed. But you can’t be here all day.”

“Why not? I have everything I need in here. When I run out of food I go get some but other than that I don’t necessarily need to be around other people, John,” I try to prove my point.

“What about Sophia?” He finally changes the subject.

“We’re good,” I say, “although she has said her first word yesterday.”

“That amazing, (Y/N),” he says with huge smile on his face. “She’s growing up so fast its crazy! Anyway… What did she say?”

My face turns numb. Everything from yesterday hits me like a huge cannonball. When I was with Sophia yesterday I didn’t expect her to say her first word. I mean she’s already year and few months old but still. I remember when she was born. It was the happiest yet saddest moment in my life. And yesterday is just reminder that we will never have what we wish for.

“Dad, she said dad.”

A smile disappears from Johns face and he breaks our eye contact. I can totally understand why he’s acting like this all of the sudden but I hate it still. We used to be really close and could talk about anything with each other but after Sherlock passing away there suddenly were things we could never speak about ever again. Just one bad word and whole conversation froze. And we are at that point yet again.

“I hate that we can’t talk to each other like we used to,” I say quietly but he hears it anyway. “It’s been two years already and things are still not how they used to be.”

“How could they be?” he asks rhetorically and I don’t answer. For one because I don’t want to and secondly I don’t even know if I could answer his question at all. “Is Sophia sleeping? It’s so quiet here.”

“Yeah,” I smile at him, “she’s been so sleepy today. I’ve put her to sleep at eleven and she’s been asleep ever since. It’s the weathers doing I think.”

“It’s been awhile since I last saw her,” he points out and I nod. “Do you think I could see her now?”

“Yeah, of course,” I answer with a smile, “I would in fact really appreciate if you could look after her for an hour or so? I was going to ask Mrs. Hudson but since you’re here already…” I don’t finish my sentence.

“Sure,” he agrees, “we need to catch up after all.”

“Thanks,” I stand up and go to the front door so I could put my coat and scarf on. As I’m buttoning my coat up, John reaches for my hand and catches my attention. “Yeah?”

“Don’t you think I don’t were you off to?” he asks. I nod. Of course he knows. “Say hello to him for me,” he begs.

“Will do,” I promise.

Maybe it’s not a very clever idea to leave my warn apartment for really rainy city but I have always loved rain anyway so I don’t really mind. My umbrella protects from the rain so I stay completely dry. I look one last time at 221B and then start walking. I walk for a bit and when I’m tired of walking I end up taking taxi. The driver takes me to my destination and as I pay for the ride I can see the graveyard. I end up walking on the wet stone path to the grave I’m so used to visiting. It’s so heartbreaking that no one really pays him a visit other than me, John and sometime even little Sophia if I decide to take her with me. His name written on the tombstone drives me into tears. Candle that I put to his grave doesn’t burn because of the rain.

“Sherlock,” I sob, “it’s been about a week since I was last here. I’m sorry for that. I know I’m usually here almost every other day but these past days weren’t easy at all. It’s Sophia. I sometimes talk to you about her, remember? Well, she started to look so much like you and I can’t handle it. She’s all I have left on this planet and I love her endlessly but sometimes I can’t even bear to look at her. I can’t look into her eyes because she has yours eyes, Sherlock,” I cry at this point. “I know I say this a lot but I really wish you were here with me at this moment. John once said to me that he had wished for you to stop being dead. It didn’t work out obviously but- I’m still going to try it myself. Sherlock, please, my love. Don’t. Be. Dead.”

I can feel a hand on my shoulder and I think that it’s John which would be quite surprising actually. But when I turn around to see this person I stop breathing for a while. No. That’s not possible is it? Man standing across me is the man I used to love and I still love to be honest. But he died two years ago.

“(Y/N),” he whispers my name.

“That’s not possible,” I shake my head in denial. “You’re dead.”

“I’m not, (Y/N),” he touches my shoulder. I look into his eyes for few seconds and my hearts stars beating really fast. “I never was.”

“How?” I whisper. Sherlock breaths in to answer my question but I don’t let him speak. “How could you pretend to be dead for two freaking years? You could have at least said two words, Sherlock! Two words and initials would have been enough for me.”

“I’m sorry that I’ve caused you this much pain,” he says with tears in his eyes. “I know you would have waited for me if you knew I was alive but all I’ve done was to protect you. To protect John as well and everyone I care about.”

“You bastard!” I scream at him. “You say that you’ve done this to protect us but you’ve only hurt us. John has been devastated and I’ve spent so many nights crying my eyes out.”


“Why did you come back, Sherlock? Why after those two years?”

“To save London.”

“Of course! Of freaking course you did! You can’t live without your stupid job, can’t you? But guess what, Sherlock! Not everything revolves around you and not everyone will welcome you back,” I’m so mad at him at this point.

“Me saving London is also saving the people I love. I’m saving you.”

“Am I supposed to thank you for that? Okay then… thank you, Sherlock! How noble of you,” I say with my voice little up. I stop screaming at him at this point in time because it’s really disrespectful to scream where people rest after their passing. I turn my back to him. I want to leave.

“Wait, (Y/N),” he calls me by my name. “Please.”

“What?” I stop walking just for a second and out of curiosity.

“I just need to ask you one last thing before you go,” he explains and I nods. My face faces his even though I don’t want to look at him anymore. “You still love me, don’t you?”

“Sherlock, don’t-“

“I can feel it. Your heart’s beating way faster and you can barely stand straight. I know it because I feel the same way,” he whispers. He is good with words he’s always been. “I don’t understand one think though.”

I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Why did you move on?”

“Pardon me?”

“You moved on, (Y/N), don’t say you didn’t.”

“Sherlock, what are you talking about? I haven’t moved on,” I shake my head. Why do I feel like I should explain myself to him? “And I also don’t feel like I should try to prove anything to you.”

I leave him. He stays in front of his grave and I run away like a coward. It just that the fact he thinks I moved on hurts me so much. I still love him despite things he’d done. He lied to me, he left me thinking he was dead and I still love him. If this isn’t prove of true love than I don’t know what is. I open the door of my apartment in 221B and run in. I feel the urge to close quickly even though there’s no reason for it.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” I hear Johns voice. He comes to me from my bedroom with Sophia in his hands. Just one look at her reminds me of Sherlock.

“It’s nothing, John,” I lie reaching for Sophia. As I take her in my hands I feel much safer. “Hi, baby, mommy’s back.”

“You don’t seem okay, (Y/N).”

“Okay, maybe I’m not then, John,” I cuddle Sophia closer to me. “I’m really not okay in matter of fact.”

“What happened then? You can tell me, (Y/N). You know you can.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know if you’re ready to hear the truth, John,” I say looking into his eyes. “The truth can be sometimes heartbreaking.”

“I can handle it.”

I stay quiet for a while. “He’s not dead.”


“He’s not dead. He never was, John. He lied to me; he lied to you as well.”

“Who did, (Y/N)?”

“Sherlock did,” I say with tears streaming down my face.

“What?” he’s shocked.

“I saw him. I spoke to him.”

“Are you on something?” he asks confusedly.

“Oh, I wish I was. I’m not though. I’m telling you! He’s alive! Sherlock never died.”

“Okay, calm down.”

“I can’t right now John,” I hand him Sophia and he takes her once again. “I have to go.”


“I have to pack my things and leave this bloody apartment!”

“Why? You live here, (Y/N).”

“It never was mine to own, John. It’s Sherlock’s.”

“He’s dead!” he looks at me. “(Y/N), no. You can’t be serious. He can’t be…”

I want to say something but the doors open once more. Both John and I look to the person standing at the door sill. It’s him. John looks surprised even though I told him all about Sherlock’s lie. He didn’t believe me.

“What are you doing here?” Sherlock asks.

“Just leaving really,” I snap at him. “Would you help me, John? Please?”

“I can’t believe you, Sherlock! You lied to us! You lied to me; your best friend! You lied to (Y/N) and you weren’t here for Sophia.”

“Why should I be?” he asks confusedly.

“Are you serious?”

“John, please,” I beg him, taking Sophia in my arm yet again. “Don’t do this right now.”

“She’s your daughter for god sake!”

“She’s not… (Y/N)?”

“Sherlock,” I whisper, “of course she is. You really thing I would be ever able to be with somebody else but you? Sophia is indeed your daughter, you idiot. Is this why you thought I moved on?”

“Sort of, yeah.”

“Well I didn’t. I never did and neither did your daughter, Sherlock.”

“Will you ever forgive me?”

I step closer to him with our daughter in my arms. Sherlock looks at her for a second with tears in his eyes. I guess he just noticed how similar they were. I hug him and he hugs me back kissing my forehead.

“Only if you promise to never leave us again, Sherlock.”

“I promise, (Y/N).”

Arzaylea: ‘People I went to high school with are literally doing what they were doing 5 years ago.’

Ummmm….. you don’t even have a job? And never even had one or any other type of adult responsibility? Like paying rent or bills? You are not getting through life by working for and earning the things you have like the rest of us but by scrounging off others who do work and achieve things by themselves?Where on earth did you get this sense of superiority that makes you think it’s ok to laugh that others who unlike you, are living in the real world and earning a living for themselves? You have nothing in your life that you worked for? Even your paid/sponsored Instagram posts and lip fillers came off the back of Luke’s and 5SOS’s popularity and not your own? 

Get a job and join the rest of us in reality because with that you’ll get a sense of what it’s like for someone who hasn’t taken advantage of others and leeched off them. You really should not be proud or happy to be a freeloader because it really is shameful. If Luke dumped you tomorrow where would you live? How would you provide for yourself? I suppose that’s where the safety net of Dad and your trust fund comes in? 

Please Hear Me Out...
  • Haikyuu AU where Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa are all in prison for attempted armed robbery, and Oikawa is sentenced to jail time for a minor crime he didn’t even commit.
  • And he’s super nervous once he gets there because he’s sure he’s going to get beat up or worse, and he keeps getting unsettling looks from the bigger guys in the yard and he’s all alone and scared.
  • Every night he silently cries himself to sleep because he doesn’t know what to expect from the next day.
  • And Iwaizumi noticed the newbie on his first day and thought he was stunning, but he would only watch him out of the corner of his eye, just to make sure no one gave him trouble.
  • And then one day in the yard, a group of large muscular guys start to approach Oikawa and Oikawa sees them getting closer and he looks away desperately hoping they’ll go away if he doesn’t make eye contact, but they’re coming at a steady pace.
  • And they get up really close to him, and Oikawa shuts his eyes but he can feel this guy’s hot breath on his face and he wants to puke. And then he feels a breeze blow by his face and, still squinting, he opens one eye.
  • He sees that the guy was grabbed by the back of the shirt, and forcefully jerked back by a muscular and tanned mystery man, who Oikawa would probably describe as heavenly. His gorgeously big arms were covered by tattoo sleeves and he had cute spiky hair, both of which Oikawa thought really suited him.
  • Iwaizumi starts pounding on the guy, asking him over and over “What did I tell you? That ones off limits!” and Oikawa is totally blushing because this man he’s never even talked to before just saved his life, and he’s so beautiful and so strong and he just can’t believe this is happening.
  • And the group of guys disperses once Makki and Mattsun come to back up Iwaizumi, though they aren’t needed after all.
  • And after beating the guy unconscious, Iwaizumi turns to Oikawa and wipes the sweat from his forehead with his forearm (because of the blood on his fists) and he asks him if he’s alright.
  • Oikawa is super flustered by everything that just happened, so he stutters a bit in his response, but he thanks him for saving him.
  • Iwaizumi smiles at him and invites him to hang out with his group while they’re in the yard to stay out of trouble, since these guys like to mess with the newbies. And later, they sit together in the cafeteria so he doesn’t have to be on edge the whole time as he normally sits alone and can feel the glaring eyes on him at all times. Now he could feel safe for the first time since he’d come here.
  • Then later that day, they realize that they have adjacent cells to each other, so at night they sit with their faces pressed against the walls, as close to the bars as they can manage and they have quiet whisper conversations while everyone sleeps.
  • And Iwaizumi tells him he doesn’t have to be scared, and that no one will mess with him as long as he’s around. Oikawa is so relieved by this he just wants to hug Iwa so bad, even though the bars separating them restricted this in their only alone time.
  • And Iwa has had a lot of time to read so he’s accumulated so many books, and he passes on some to Oikawa that he thinks he’ll like, and he slides it through the bars. And Oikawa’s so grateful for the small things that can take his mind off things when Iwa isn’t around.
  • Oikawa no longer cries himself to sleep at night, but thinks of Iwa and smiles until he falls into his fantasies fast asleep.

Chapter 15: Episode 1

           That week continued to be full of surprises. Or distractions. I wasn’t sure what to consider them. But the next afternoon I returned home to find someone had broken into my apartment.

           Someone that looked an awful lot like me.

           “Mom!” I shrieked. “What are you doing?”

           “Your dishes, what does it look like I’m doing? Honestly, Laney. Your astigmatism gets worse every year.” She glowered. “You got that from your father. My eyes are perfect.”

           I waved my hand. “But what are you doing here? In San Myshuno? You didn’t even call!”

           “I thought I’d drop in and surprise you,” she said simply. “Is that so wrong? You used to like hanging out with your mother. Au revoir to late night McDonald’s runs. And to think they even have a new Shamrock shake.”

           “I’m glad you’re here. I’m just surprised is— wait, what do you mean they have a new Shamrock shake?”

           She smirked, wiping her hands off on a towel and slinging her arm around my shoulder. “Come on Lane, let’s do lunch. I think a bit of catching up is in order since you don’t know how to use a phone.”

           I grimaced. “I get the feeling you’re a little pissed.”

           Mom laughed. “Not at all! Now, what would my little food critic recommend? Show me the city’s great gastronomic wonders!”

           My eyes slid off to the side. Oh boy… this is gonna be fun.

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watermelonlucy  asked:

I literally had to stop watching live in denver 10 minutes in because I was getting so emotional over Ryan it was ridiculous. I am so very sad. Why did I do that.

honestly same but now it’s Worse because every time I look at my boob I am Reminded of the boys and the Pain And Suffering but it’s so worth it tbh no ragrats

Eskel/Geralt | Ugly

For @alistairs cause I bullied her into giving me a prompt 😙

He hadn’t exactly been the prettiest of them before Deidre had raked her claws across his face. Eskel knew this, had known this every time he stood beside Geralt or saw a lady’s eyes look him up and down. Now, it was quite likely that disgust would be added to people’s gazes. Eskel didn’t look forward to it, even though he would get used to it. Had to.

They already called them freaks.

Eskel let his own eyes trail over the damage reflected in the mirror he was holding. Right behind him, looking over his shoulder, was Geralt. In direct comparison to Geralt’s handsome face the scar looked even worse.

“I’m never getting laid again.” The words slipped out, not because Eskel was vain or because he mourned his now gone beauty, that he hadn’t possessed in the first place, but because the mood had grown heavier the moment he had laid eyes on himself in the mirror with Geralt hovering behind him as if to gear up to console his weeping form.

And Eskel’s face had fallen when he had caught sight of himself. The sorceress was alread gone. It wasn’t like he would have gone to her anyway, begging her to fix it. Him. He was lucky to have kept his life.

Behind him, Geralt transfered his somber gaze from the red and angry looking scar to Eskel’s eyes and Eskel would have flinched if he weren’t a witcher, at the heat that slowly started sweltering in those golden eyes.

“You think so?”, Geralt asked and it took a moment for Eskel to work out what he meant. The look had unbalanced him.

He turned his eyes back to the scar, a fresh wound just a few days ago. It lead up from his temple over his cheek to his mouth. Deidre had cut open his lip as well and magic had healed it in a way that left one of his teeth visible through the tiny gap. Not that a potion or nature’s course would have done a better job in that regard.

“No one’s gonna line up to fuck me, looking like this,” Eskel pointed out and looked away from his reflection. “They didn’t before.” It was like his gaze was caught by Geralt’s, drawn there as if by magic. A moment later he felt the White Wolf’s hands on his waist and Geralt’s chest against his back. Then Geralt took the mirror from his unresisting hand and smashed it against a far wall.

“What the hell, Geralt?”, Eskel asked. He didn’t expect a reply and didn’t get one beyond Geralt turning him around to face him.

Geralt’s gaze raked over his face not unlike Deidre’s claws, if severely less painful, and Eskel leaned forward to kiss Geralt before the other could. The hands on his waists slid up and he was pushed back until the back of his knees hit his bed. They’d wrestled between the sheets before, but Eskel’s mouth still hung open, more so due to surprise at the sudden change than awe, when Geralt unceremonial pulled his shirt over his head and crawled over Eskel.

“I’ll make sure you’ll get laid plenty,” Geralt assured him and Eskel found himself grinning and then wincing, because damn that hurt a bit