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What do you love about Clarke Griffin?

I love this ask. Honestly where to start??

Clarke Griffin is just….a full human person? She’s allowed to be exceptional - she’s a hero - but she’s also flawed. She is well-rounded. 

Clarke Griffin comes from privilege, but she is extraordinarily empathetic. She is ruthless. She is smart. She has Z E R O chill. She just genuinely likes people. She sees the big picture, but she can also pinpoint an individual’s weakness and know exactly what to say to get them on her side. She is unapologetic. She grieves. She pushes love away but pulls it back because lbr, who is Clarke Griffin without love?

She loves to draw. If you betray her, you better watch your fucking back - but she also has the most extraordinary capacity for forgiveness. Clarke Griffin wants to survive, and refuses to stop fighting.

Clarke Griffin is bisexual. She likes sex. She can shoot a gun. She can kill a man with her bare hands. She can save a man with her bare hands, too. She’s wrong a lot. She cuts people out. She bends people to her will. She’s willing to let her mother die so that the world can live.

She loves drinking games. She loves her family, found and not. Her faith is so strong that it can change the way other people think about themselves. She loves humanity. She has this boundless hope that they can survive, that they can find a way.

I love that Clarke lives in the gray area, is allowed to be a badass but not a warrior, allowed to be a leader but not always right. I love how much she loves, I love how determined she is and how Done she is with everyone always. I love that she’s a thinker. Honestly, I love so many things about Clarke Griffin, it’s impossible to list them all. Basically, I love how real she feels. Because Clarke is- with all her sins and skills and hopes and fears- truly, deeply, human.