it get annoying

colour process for this

first time ive made a speedpaint in over a year, and i used a different program that i.. havent quite got the hang of yet, so this is just a test

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Top 10 gfx makers?? 💘 (It can be in no particular order)

i didn’t really follow anyone new so these are repeated from the last time i answered this kind of question :((( 

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ask me top 5/top 10 anything 🌻


before & after of these icons

reminder to turn off your availability through the settings if people seeing that you’re online / last active makes you uncomfortable!


I suggest that the people that made that DVD watch this. 

tumblr servant is a godsend with a lot of useful functions but my primary use for it is this

so let’s say you’re a big fan of transformers so obviously you don’t want to blacklist #transformers, and you’ve got this cool friend kyle, but every single time kyle posts or reblogs something about transformers it’s just… it’s garbage. it’s a Bad Post. he has bad opinions and he should feel bad. you know that it’s petty shit but it irritates you every time you see one of his bad, bad transformers posts. but most of what he posts is awesome! you don’t wanna unfollow his ass! so you make a tumblr servant instead and even if he doesn’t tag shit about shit, if the word ‘transformers’ is in the post at all you will never see it. peace is restored on your dash. you are free.

you can also do a lot of other shit like dim posts or highlight posts or give you notifications etc etc etc but i mostly just hide Bad Fandom Opinions because i’m petty

write characters bi

write characters who call themselves bi

write bi characters who have bi friends

write bi characters who date bi people

write bi characters who know they’re bi

write characters who discover they’re bi

write bi characters who aren’t plot devices for love triangles

write bi characters who aren’t confused

write bi characters who are

just write bi characters

fun fact about fat lesbians/wlw:

you really are gorgeous and amazing and all that stuff those positivity posts like to say.

You know what else? You’re also hot. You’re sexy. There is a girl who DOES actually find you attractive, like, in a physical way. Many, actually. People DO want to kiss you. Your body is glorious. Us fat babes deserve to feel desirable in every single way, because we are. I promise. Even though you don’t feel it and you don’t believe it and you’re terrified of making a move and upsetting her or grossing her out or being predatory.

People are attracted to your body. Finding you hot is not the purview of fetishists or weirdos or chasers. When she says she finds you hot she is not lying. It takes so long to even start to trust that. But it’s true.