it gave me so much work

I’m quitting my second job.

Ya know that one that I do from home on the computer? Yeah. It was a seriously tough choice, but I finally put in my notice and my last shift will be on 8/31. I can’t go through another year of working 65-80 hours/week. 

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^Legit feels. The weeks leading up to my notice gave me such anxiety, but I wrote this during my break earlier and I’m so exhausted. As much as I love the company (and I’ve been with them for almost 3 years!), I know this is the right choice. I also have a million teacher things to do and I had to stop because it was time to work, which is what always happens. Tonight will be yet another night of minimal sleep, but I know I can power through.

Right? Is it too late to say send coffee? Okay, fine, send coffee tomorrow.

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Kristen! I still cannot get over how intimate and romantic the holding holding is! I remember reading that script page and it was so dry and I just didn't really like it. The result is so tender and emotional. I cannot stop watching it over and over again. I cannot wait until we get it in full HD tonight so we can see gifs of it all over the place. The care that they gave this scene, I want to be hopeful for their next intimate scene. Do you know if Ep 7's director is good with intimate scenes?

Hey! I know! I am still not over it. We are so blessed that SO much happened from script to screen to make that scene absolutely romantic and sweet. 

I am hopeful for ep7 as well. The director is Jeremy Podeswa. His imdb page is here. Idk. nothing in his repertoire really tells me that he’s a pro at love and sex scenes. He did work on The Tudors. That’s similar in some ways but no offense to any followers who like it but I didn’t feel it was particularly romantic haha. 

Maybe this is the first time he’s had the material necessary to make a good, intimate scene. Fingers crossed!

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I have read your stories so much they are ingrained in my memory. My job gave me a going away party with fruit salad and other goodies. I ate strawberries all day thinking of strawberry farmer Tae and how they are "the backbone of a great fruit salad". And the next day it poured and i was wet from head to toe. Thought about bartender Yoongi and how I was "a waterlogged business professional" and laughed. Thanks Iris 😙💕👏

Oh gosh, you’re remembering all my tacky lines?! I’m flattered, anon.

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i try to not start every post with "guys" but...

Guys. I’ve been working on my glow up and have been sticking to washing to my face and moisturizing every night for WEEKS and this is the longest I’ve ever gone.

Becca gave me some toner that she doesn’t use anymore because she heard I was gonna go buy some.

And I bought vitamin c serum and I cannot wait to try it.


Rick Riordan won a Stonewall award today

for his second Magnus Chase book, due to the inclusion of the character Alex Fierro who is gender fluid. This was the speech he gave, and it really distills why I love this author and his works so much, and why I will always recommend his works to anyone and everyone.

“Thank you for inviting me here today. As I told the Stonewall Award Committee, this is an honor both humbling and unexpected.

So, what is an old cis straight white male doing up here? Where did I get the nerve to write Alex Fierro, a transgender, gender fluid child of Loki in The Hammer of Thor, and why should I get cookies for that?

These are all fair and valid questions, which I have been asking myself a lot.

I think, to support young LGBTQ readers, the most important thing publishing can do is to publish and promote more stories by LGBTQ authors, authentic experiences by authentic voices. We have to keep pushing for this. The Stonewall committee’s work is a critical part of that effort. I can only accept the Stonewall Award in the sense that I accept a call to action – firstly, to do more myself to read and promote books by LGBTQ authors.

But also, it’s a call to do better in my own writing. As one of my genderqueer readers told me recently, “Hey, thanks for Alex. You didn’t do a terrible job!” I thought: Yes! Not doing a terrible job was my goal!

As important as it is to offer authentic voices and empower authors and role models from within LGBTQ community, it’s is also important that LGBTQ kids see themselves reflected and valued in the larger world of mass media, including my books. I know this because my non-heteronormative readers tell me so. They actively lobby to see characters like themselves in my books. They like the universe I’ve created. They want to be part of it. They deserve that opportunity. It’s important that I, as a mainstream author, say, “I see you. You matter. Your life experience may not be like mine, but it is no less valid and no less real. I will do whatever I can to understand and accurately include you in my stories, in my world. I will not erase you.”

People all over the political spectrum often ask me, “Why can’t you just stay silent on these issues? Just don’t include LGBTQ material and everybody will be happy.” This assumes that silence is the natural neutral position. But silence is not neutral. It’s an active choice. Silence is great when you are listening. Silence is not so great when you are using it to ignore or exclude.

But that’s all macro, ‘big picture’ stuff. Yes, I think the principles are important. Yes, in the abstract, I feel an obligation to write the world as I see it: beautiful because of its variations. Where I can’t draw on personal experience, I listen, I read a lot – in particular I want to credit Beyond Magenta and Gender Outlaws for helping me understand more about the perspective of my character Alex Fierro – and I trust that much of the human experience is universal. You can’t go too far wrong if you use empathy as your lens. But the reason I wrote Alex Fierro, or Nico di Angelo, or any of my characters, is much more personal.

I was a teacher for many years, in public and private school, California and Texas. During those years, I taught all kinds of kids. I want them all to know that I see them. They matter. I write characters to honor my students, and to make up for what I wished I could have done for them in the classroom.

I think about my former student Adrian (a pseudonym), back in the 90s in San Francisco. Adrian used the pronouns he and him, so I will call him that, but I suspect Adrian might have had more freedom and more options as to how he self-identified in school were he growing up today. His peers, his teachers, his family all understood that Adrian was female, despite his birth designation. Since kindergarten, he had self-selected to be among the girls – socially, athletically, academically. He was one of our girls. And although he got support and acceptance at the school, I don’t know that I helped him as much as I could, or that I tried to understand his needs and his journey. At that time in my life, I didn’t have the experience, the vocabulary, or frankly the emotional capacity to have that conversation. When we broke into social skills groups, for instance, boys apart from girls, he came into my group with the boys, I think because he felt it was required, but I feel like I missed the opportunity to sit with him and ask him what he wanted. And to assure him it was okay, whichever choice he made. I learned more from Adrian than I taught him. Twenty years later, Alex Fierro is for Adrian.

I think about Jane (pseudonym), another one of my students who was a straight cis-female with two fantastic moms. Again, for LGBTQ families, San Francisco was a pretty good place to live in the 90s, but as we know, prejudice has no geographical border. You cannot build a wall high enough to keep it out. I know Jane got flack about her family. I did what I could to support her, but I don’t think I did enough. I remember the day Jane’s drama class was happening in my classroom. The teacher was new – our first African American male teacher, which we were all really excited about – and this was only his third week. I was sitting at my desk, grading papers, while the teacher did a free association exercise. One of his examples was ‘fruit – gay.’ I think he did it because he thought it would be funny to middle schoolers. After the class, I asked to see the teacher one on one. I asked him to be aware of what he was saying and how that might be hurtful. I know. Me, a white guy, lecturing this Black teacher about hurtful words. He got defensive and quit, because he said he could not promise to not use that language again. At the time, I felt like I needed to do something, to stand up especially for Jane and her family. But did I make things better handling it as I did? I think I missed an opportunity to open a dialogue about how different people experience hurtful labels. Emmie and Josephine and their daughter Georgina, the family I introduce in The Dark Prophecy, are for Jane.

I think about Amy, and Mark, and Nicholas … All former students who have come out as gay since I taught them in middle school. All have gone on to have successful careers and happy families. When I taught them, I knew they were different. Their struggles were greater, their perspectives more divergent than some of my other students. I tried to provide a safe space for them, to model respect, but in retrospect I don’t think I supported them as well as I could have, or reached out as much as they might have needed. I was too busy preparing lessons on Shakespeare or adjectives, and not focusing enough on my students’ emotional health. Adjectives were a lot easier for me to reconcile than feelings. Would they have felt comfortable coming out earlier than college or high school if they had found more support in middle school? Would they have wanted to? I don’t know. But I don’t think they felt it was a safe option, which leaves me thinking that I did not do enough for them at that critical middle school time. I do not want any kid to feel alone, invisible, misunderstood. Nico di Angelo is for Amy, and Mark and Nicholas.

I am trying to do more. Percy Jackson started as a way to empower kids, in particular my son, who had learning differences. As my platform grew, I felt obliged to use it to empower all kids who are struggling through middle school for whatever reason. I don’t always do enough. I don’t always get it right. Good intentions are wonderful things, but at the end of a manuscript, the text has to stand on its own. What I meant ceases to matter. Kids just see what I wrote. But I have to keep trying. My kids are counting on me.

So thank you, above all, to my former students who taught me. Alex Fierro is for you.

To you, I pledge myself to do better – to apologize when I screw up, to learn from my mistakes, to be there for LGBTQ youth and make sure they know that in my books, they are included. They matter. I am going to stop talking now, but I promise you I won’t stop listening.”

Why Commenting On FanFiction Is Important

Alright kids, Boo here with a hopefully non-arrogant PSA.

I’m a writer of FanFiction because I like it and it’s my preferred genre (also a great way to receive feedback on writing that I can use on originals, bref). But like with most artistic work posted online, I have very little feedback.

When I was in a slightly writing rut, I cranked one shots left and right, nothing out of the ordinary. But instead of people commenting with their thoughts and good feedback, they just gave me requests.

I don’t think I could ever put into words what that felt like, but I’ll try (the irony of being a writer). It suddenly felt tiring, being a writer, and very quickly I stopped writing altogether. I only ever showed my friend what I wrote and left it at that. I haven’t published anything for a while after. It felt like people were treating me like a mule wanting me to do work for them, and I just wasn’t up for that. I lost my will to write, and then I began to think, “If I post something else other than what was requested, will people even read it?”

Then you get the infamous comments, “You haven’t forgotten about my request right??? Here’s another.”

That just adds anxiety and guilt. I’m purposely ignoring the comments to save my own uncreative ass, at least that’s what it feels like.

After weeks of convincing myself that my stories are worth sharing no matter how many people read them, I started writing and publishing again while working on some longer pieces. Slowly it got better.

Now this week, I remembered I joined another fanfiction platform, and realized I had never published anything on it. I had an idea, and so I started writing. It didn’t come out as I imagined it would, but I was so proud? Like, I started feeling happy about what I created again. Like genuine happiness that I haven’t felt in months since my last published work.

A few hours later, I get this comment:

I cranked out three 3k stories after reading this.

In four days.

It never happened before, and I don’t know how many times it will happen again. It was one comment, but it gave me so much fighting spirit that I think I’m on my way to regaining my initial writer mindset.

Fanfiction writers depend on feedback as a validation that their stories matter to people. If you’re wondering why your favourite author hasn’t updated/posted in a while, ask yourself, “Did I do everything that would convince them to continue writing this?”

170609 BTS FC

[BTS_Rap Monster] 4 O’clock

“A short work diary

I think it all started with “There’s no song where Taehyung does the intro..”
“Then I’ll make one!”
at a concert, and we laughed and let it pass by.
We just smiled away like that, but it kept lingering in the corner of my mind.

It so happened that a few months ago, I think it was when Taehyung’s desire for composing fired, he showed me a song, saying,
“Hyung, I want to try making a song like this..” and asked if I could write a track for him.
I said “Okay,” then played the chords and sent him.
But that song was all just snaps on EP chords, it could hardly be called beats,
so I didn’t like it. And then the talk about Festa came.

I asked “Shall we make one together properly this time?”
“Sounds good, hyung!”
And we started like that..
We keep going back and forth overseas.
Choosing the instrument or theme is the most important when composing, but I had a hard time focusing at first. So I asked Taehyung.

“What do you want the song to be about?”
“The dawn.”
“The dawn? What kind of dawn?”
“Just, when sitting at the park at dawn waiting for my friend.. The chirping sound of the birds.. I really like that moment.”
“Oh, that hazy, bluish moment??”
“Yeah! I like that bluish quiet moment.”
“Me too!!”

We formed the emotion bond like this, and started right away.
Later I asked him who that friend was, he said it’s mostly Jimin..*
Anyway, I really like the dawn too.
I’m a fan of the moon and the dawn.
The twilight, the moment when the day moves from afternoon to night,
And the dawn before the morning.. You know what it is.

So I thought “This would go well with guitar, let’s try guitar”.
And played the guitar and piano.
Luckly the track came out well and we decided to write the melodies separately to combine later.
I always like watching the moon,
so I thought I must start by talking about a letter sent to the moon.
Luckily when we combined later, Taehyung liked it too.

So it started with my intro and Taehyung’s B part.
Taehyung’s chorus was better too,
but it felt a little strained so I gave him a hand.

Taehyung entrusted the lyrics to me, so I wrote most of it,
but the chorus’ start was written by Taehyung. (With the deep night~)
The theme started from Taehyung’s story too, so our work portion’s about 5:5.
It’s my first time working together with Taehyungㅡ I wanted to do so since a long time ago, and I’m happy we got the chance this time.
I wanted to take a step back and let Taehyung’s emotions materialization be the center itself.
This song doesn’t show all of Taehyung’s emotions, but I hope it would show as much as it can.
Hope you can get a glimpse at Taehyung’s dawn.!

Thanks to KOXX’s SHAUN-hyungnim for awesome re-arrangement.
Personally, Taehyung’s usually in charge of powerful parts in our group songs,
but I hope he can do this kind of light songs often too.
I think Taehyung’s emotions and mine intersect more than I thought.

Working on this song together makes me think,
isn’t Taehyung the one with the lightest song and emotions in Bangtan?
You did great Taehyung, thank you for singing it so well :)”

(* removed in original post)

[BTS_V] Indeed

“A song that wouldn’t be done without Namjoonie-hyung~
I have always wanted to write about the dawn..
I like songs of this style, so I often listen and sing along to them, and even try writing them. I got so passionate about writing it that I asked Namjoonie-hyung for help, and he gave me exactly the kind of beats I wished for.

The beats Namjoonie-hyung gave me were so good that I wrote 6 melodies for it.
I used the theme of the birds at dawn.
The time before the sun rises when 4AM passes to 5AM, just me and the dawn birds (I just call them as “birds”) at an empty park, that bluish moment seems so short. I like that moment so much that I once went there for 5 days straight.
I wrote the melodies based on Namjoonie-hyung’s beats there alone, I can’t write lyrics as good as Namjoonie-hyung but I worked hard to put in my emotions.

In the midst of the dark (serene) dawn, the hollow (drowsy) sound, the icy winter blow
You close your eyes, spend endless nights with the sound
The dawn birds cry, yearningly, ardently
Listen to your voice, fill your voice, this dawn

It’s like I wrote the letter for the dawn birds (just “birds”).
I couldn’t write the song perfectly by myself so I thought of giving up halfway, but thanks to Namjoonie-hyung, ‘4 O’clock’ was finished~~
Poet Kim Namjoon indeed~

I’ll work hard to present more songs to you in the future as well
And all hail Vocal Monster👊🏻🤘🏻☺️
I’ll work hard to make and bring you more songs in the future☺️”

Good Girl (M)

Plot: Good girls always had a bad side to them, and some people just brought that out – whether it be a shitty dorm mate or her boyfriend.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, slight angst(?), highschool au!

Warnings: Being blessed by the Jungcock, cheating, oral (giving), praising, implied masturbation

Notes: I hope this smut will make up how slow I’m becoming. I can’t help it because exams. And I can’t believe It hit 140+ followers???? What the heck???? How?? Thank you so much. I feel so great about that. 2,042 Words

Ecstasy | masterlist

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You were probably one of the most angelic people in your year. You were always kind, got good grades, did your homework – it was a shame you were stuck with a bitch as a roommate. Kim Jenna was always out partying, high-key manipulative, and just got around a lot. 

It was a surprise people actually liked her more than you.

Maybe it was because she was prettier, You pondered sometimes. Maybe it was because she actually talked to everyone, and didn’t just sit alone during lunch. Insecurity was probably the bane of your existence when you were around Jenna, especially since she teased you.

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Imagine being in a relationship with Jensen for years and getting married in secret and him revealing it in an interview.

“Well, I really feel like I need to give you great congratulations for the movie once more. Nobody expected it to be such a blockbuster but we were pleasantly surprised, I’m sure it must have been for you too seeing as- it’s the first time you act on a movie together, am I right?” the interviewer asked and you nodded your head, glancing at your costar and… husband.

“Yeah, well I- I’ve been out of the big screen for some time now because I- because of Supernatural, and I love don’t get me wrong. It was my choice because I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, even if sometimes the shooting is exhausting it’s all worth it.” Jensen gave her a charming grin.

“I’ll agree, they’ve got like the best crew I’ve ever met. Everything works out so well and- and that’s even more surprising seeing how much they goof around I- at times I wonder how they get anything done there!” you laughed and Jensen chuckled, nodding his head with a shy smile.

“We’re all a bunch of kids, I’ll admit.” he mumbled as you rubbed his shoulder.

“But they really have the best of the best there. From director, writers, crew to cast, I think that’s what has made the show so successful so I don’t blame Jensen or anyone if they’d never want to leave that! They are really a family and- and you can feel that you know?” you made hand motions “You feel it from the first day and you feel so welcomed you just could as well stay there forever!”

“Speaking of which, though-” the interviewer spoke up with a smile “-Congratulations (Y/n)! I learned that you have been cast to play a surprise character in the show this upcoming season, is it right?”

“Uh yeah, yeah I have! It was amazing, the soonest I found out they wanted someone for a role I just went for it. I didn’t care what it was as long as I could be there even for one effin episode, it will be more than that yeah but still.” you nodded your head.

“Yeah, and I secretly believe that she was just cast to be there to take care of us. I mean “Two oscars?”-” he made a deep voice and a funny face “Screw that, she can keep Jensen and Jared under control; you’re hired!” he slammed his hand on the chair and you giggled as he laughed along with the interviewer.

“I can almost believe that to be honest.” she laughed “But to be honest, and just because we saw how people reacted to the news: Do you not think it has to do with the chemistry you two seemed to have in the movie? And-” she raised a finger “-Before you answer, let me tell you that 9 out of 10 critics pointed out how great your acting together was, as it’s obviously well known. The fans have not stopped shipping you like crazy after this movie, asking for as much as they can get of the two of you together in a screen, big or small.”

Jensen had a sly smirk on his face and you kicked his foot slightly, trying to keep a serious face on “Well-” he cleared his throat, getting a little serious himself, or at least trying to “-I mean look at her!” he showed you off with both his hands “How can someone not have chemistry with this woman?”

You giggled shaking your head with a blush “J!”

“We- we just clicked, from the first moment; I think that was it.” he said with a fond smile and you knew that even if she thought the first day of shooting you could understand he met that first time about ten years ago in a coffee shop “There was a connection, there was defintiely understanding, an unspoken agreement and-”

“Lots of spilled coffee.” you added with a giggle and he laughed next to you.

“Lots of spilled coffee too, yeah.” he had a boyish grin on his face.

“There was chemistry, yeah.” you spoke more softly “Maybe we didn’t see it from the first moment, but it was there. We don’t act like any other couple- screen couple I mean.” you hurried to add “You’d really be surprised to see us communicate, maybe freak out a little bit too.” you chuckled and Jensen did the same “But we- we work, that’s what we know and we’re glad that people could see it as well and that it helped the movie so much; in being believable and true I mean.”

“It really came out of nowhere for some, me including let me tell you. I might be fangirling a little now, but your ship is a really big thing and I know this Halloween what I am going to dress up with my boyfriend. With both the new season of Supernatural and a Sequel in the works the ship has sailed!” she said with a wide grin and you and Jensen laughed.

“You tell me!” he grinned “Wherever I go someone will talk about it and you know what? I completely understand!” he nodded his head.

“Of course you would.” you said with a small smirk and he gave you a look that just made you shift in your place uncomfortably.

“And you know-” he suddenly said, turning to look at the interviewer “I ship it too. Yeah, I ship us like you have no idea but I think I’m the number one fan here because this has been my ship for much longer than yours!”

“Really? That would be an interesting story to hear!”

“Oh you bet!” you exclaimed, remembering how much he tried everything in his power to get to you to say yes in a date with him.

“You know?” she raised an eyebrow and you nodded your head with a grin.

“I was drunk, that’s the only thing I have to say! I was drunk, for everything! Just getting it out there, before he says anything.”

“Excuse me?!” he gasped, looking at you in fake shock that made you and the other woman laugh “Ouch!” he placed a hand over his chest.

“You know what?” he looked at the interviewer “You think a woman loves you, you do everything together: Jump off cliffs, kill aliens, go through the end of the world and almost give your life for each other and that’s what she says: I was drunk. Pff” he scoffed, shaking his head “You end up getting married and after almost a year she tells me she was just drunk, can you believe that?” he asked, his voice almost squeaky as the woman stared with almost wide eyes between the two of you, her smile vanishing slowly as she got more shocked.


“No, really. I even buy her flowers every chance I get- not just anniversaries but well, she was obviously drunk when she said yes.” he said with a clearly fake hurt face and you giggled as the interviewer gaped at you.

“You two are-” she ended up grinning as you nodded your head with a shy smile

“Ask the wife.” he said with a small pout as he rested his chin on his hand, his wedding ring more evident at that moment.

Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

Part One   Part Two>>> 

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

Full Masterlist


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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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Playing Hearts

Playing Hearts- Harry Hook x Reader

Written by: mouseymagines

Request: Hey! could you write a Harry Hook x reader imagine where the reader is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts and she and Harry are in rival gangs but they’re in love and he decides that he cares more about her than he does about the rivalry?

Requested by: jordsie

Warnings: none

The room was suddenly filled with the noises of your angry friend. Saf, the daughter of Scar. You could tell she was probably out done by none other than Uma. Again. The very frustrated girl turned in your direction and began her tirade.

“Who does that little…that little shrimp think she is!?” she yelled out

“I mean she’s captain of the top crew on the isle, Saf” you mention, a little reluctantly but what else would you were gonna say?

“Well that should be me! Aren’t I more evil than her, Y/N?” she questioned.

“Don’t make me answer this” you pleaded, your eyes going to the door and catching sight of a certain pirate. A small smirk playing at his lips as he listened to you and Saf’s conversation. You put your gaze back on Saf and you hadn’t realize she continued the rant. You laid back in your chair, crossing your arms over your chest, occasionally looking back to the door at Harry, seeming like he was asking you to go with him. You wanted to but it was always hard to get away from your fuming captain. “Saf, um…I mean it isn’t that I don’t particularly care at the moment, it’s just that i have some errands to run for my mom?”

“Of course” she replied in annoyance.

You got to your feet, grabbing your bag and headed out. You looked around you but Harry was gone. A sigh left your lips as you walked down the street. You started heading toward the docks and that’s when you felt hands pull you into a small alleyway. Your back rested against the bricks as you looked up into your secret lovers eyes.

“See as much as I hated taking you from what looked like a fun time-” he began but was silenced by your lips pressing to his gently.

“Shut up” you mumbled against his lips causing his smile to grow. Your lips reconnected with his and you felt him slip his hook into one of your belt loops helping him pull you closer to him. You hated lying to Saf about your little affair with Uma’s right hand man, just as much as he hated lying to Uma about you. However, you both were aware of what would happen if they found out. Ever since you got on Saf’s good side and joined her in her adventures on ‘taking over’ the isle and met Harry you were always captivated by him and he felt the same for you. It was about a year later you two decided to be together but make sure it would happen out of your leader’s sights.

His hand came up and gently caressed your cheek. To him you were the queen of his world and yet he knew you deserved more than what he can offer. He didn’t want you to have to hide your happiness. Once the kiss broke you can tell he was thinking on something.

“What is it?” you asked quietly. Your voice gentle, fingers running through his hair.

“…You don’t deserve this” he spoke in a similar hushed tone, his hand leaving your cheeks and playing with the ends of your H/C locks. “It keeps coming to my mind that we have to hide what we have when we are out in the open…I almost don’t care about them anymore” he confessed. “I wish we could just run off somewhere, love” he pressed his forehead to yours. A small smile forming on your face, you couldn’t help but feel your love for the pirate grow even more at his words.

“Harry, I love you, and I know it doesn’t matter what they think but…Saf is my friend, not just my captain…”

“I know…” he replies. With both your hands you take a hand and his hook which you take from him and keep it hooked onto your belt loop.

“We are in this together, we can work through this” you reassure him.

“If you got hurt, Y/N-”

“So we’re at that now, are we?” you question, a small giggle leaving your throat. He shook his head and gave a slight chuckle. You felt both his hands on the back of your thighs, lifting you and pushing you gently against the wall. His blue eyes looking into your E/C ones. “You know I can fight for myself, if they even tried to nick me, you know how fast their heads will be rolling” you joke saying the last part in a tone much like your mothers.

“A bit dark, that one was, my queen” he chuckles, kissing your cheek. He looks back up to you and smiles. “One day I’ll give you the world and one day we won’t worry about our friends clashing”

“You’re quite the dreamer, captain” you joke, your fingers playing with his dark locks. You knew if he was dreaming for this he was going to try it. To give you everything.To make you both happy and free.

the problems with being a she/ith fan who’s a shiro stan is that the vast majority of she/ith works focus on Keith, Keith’s feelings or show it through Keith’s eyes and you’re just here like… buddy… how you sleeping on pining Shiro, how you not seeing little spoon Shiro, how you not in love with the concept of Shiro being the one to fall in love first, slow burn Shiro, how you not

Humans are Space Orcs

I don’t know about any of you, but I need to sleep with a blanket of some kind. If it’s really hot I will use a top sheet and sleep in almost nothing, but I HAVE to have a blanket. So, imagine aliens never sleep under a covering of any kind because they always need to be ready to jump up at a moment’s notice. (Again, not a natural born writer, so sorry if this sucks.)

426 is walking down the hallway when he sees Human-Tiffany in some very strange clothing. Not that he wasn’t used to human’s strange clothing, but this seemed downright inconvenient. Her arms were not visible and it was wrapped around her in ways that he could not comprehend. Her movement would be very impeded, and she could surely not do her daily duties trussed up this way.

“Excuse me, Human-Tiffany,” 426 said shyly, not wanting her to feel strange about her attire, but feeling it was his duty to be sure the ship ran smoothly.

“Hmmm,” Human-Tiffany replied, obviously she hadn’t had her “caffeine and nicotine” that she seemed to require in the morning.

“I couldn’t help but notice your attire,” 426 stated, “It seems rather impractical for your work day.”

Human-Tiffany gives him a strange look before glancing down at herself.

“Oh this?” she asks, “it’s just a quilt my mom gave me, look.” Human-Tiffany pulled off her “quilt” and 426 found that her regulation uniform was underneath.

“What is a…uhm…quilt…. used for?” 426 wondered aloud.

“To keep warm when we sleep, and sometimes when we are awake too!” Human-Tiffany seems to love explaining things to 426, a much welcome habit, since these humans were so darn confusing.

“Are your quarters still too cold? I thought this problem was resolved when you all boarded the ship, does the temperature need to be adjusted again?” 426 is concerned, an angry Human-Tiffany was not a productive Human-Tiffany.

“No, the temperature is fine, I just…need to be covered when I sleep?” Human-Tiffany looked as though she is at a loss for how else to explain.

426 tries to copy the human gesture of a smile and nod, which generally means a pleasant understanding and moves along. He must ask Human-Trey about this as soon as possible. Surely this “quilt” was not a normal thing all humans need.

The Boss’s Cold Heart (M) | Chapter 1

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Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: angst, smut
Word count: 5.5k
Description: You worked for Park Jimin and his cold heart but it turned hot once you proofed him that you actually were a good employee.

Chapters: One | Two | Three 

Notes: This will be a series with a few chapters. Next chapter will follow soon. Hope you enjoy reading! And if there are any mistakes or if it’s not good, then please tell me. I’ll be glad! 

„What? A meeting with Park Jimin?“ you stuttered and you could barely breathe.

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BTS reaction to you bringing them food at the studio


Jin would be absolutely thrilled that you brought him a meal. He would think it’s so thoughtful of you and would say thank you a million times, even with his full mouth. YAH~~! This is delicious, jagi! Thank you so much, sweetie!” He ate the food so quickly because he adored the way your home-cooked meals tasted.  He would have the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the day and would be thinking of ways to get you back when you’d least expect it.

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This sleepy bean would turn into a fluff ball if you surprised him with food. He would have the biggest smile on his face and be sure to thank you as much as he could. Yoongi would make sure you also had something to eat before he took a bite. When you said you didn’t, he would insist on sharing the meal with you. “You gotta take care of yourself just as well as you take care of me, okay?” He would say gently, eating a bite of food.

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Hoseok would be ecstatic to see you when you walked in the studio, not even noticing the food you were holding in your hand for him. He would run over to you quickly and hug you tightly, almost making you drop the container. When you finally got the chance to tell him you brought him a nice meal, he gave you a smile made of sunshine. “You went through the trouble of preparing food just for me…? You’re so sweet, jagi! Thank you so much!” He would say, opening the container quickly.

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Namjoon would be a bit surprised that you came all the way down to the studio just to make sure he had something to eat since he was working late as usual. Seeing you holding a warm container of food, made him laugh a very tiny bit before pulling you into a warm hug. “You’re so thoughtful, baby girl. How did I get so lucky?” He would share some of the food with you before he finally stopped working and came home with you.

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Jimin would be unbelievably happy that you brought him something to eat while he was working. He would probably get a little bit teary-eyed that you were thinking of him and wanted to take care of him. He would give you a million kisses and thank you until you told him to be quiet. Jimin took a bite of the food and smiled widely. “This is delicious!!! Are you sure you made this, princess?” He’d joke. 

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He would be a smiley little bean. When you gave him the food, he would take a bite then make sure you had a a bite, too. Tae would say how thankful he was that you came all the to bring him lots of home made food for him. “MMM!!! THIS IS AMAZING, MAN~!” He would accidentally eat the rest of it himself then feel a little bad he didn’t share it all with you. “I’m sorry, but it was too yummy to share!” Tae would chuckle.

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Jungkook would get all red when he found out you showed up just to make sure he was well fed for the day. He would say thank you and flash his little bunny eat in an embarrased smile. While he was eating he was thinking of all the ways he could get you back for being so sweet to him. “I’m gonna get you back, y’know that, baby?” He’d say with a smirk, taking a bite of the yummy food.

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Cheap Pleather

Summary: You and Bucky have been given what was meant to be a simple task - but is it?

Word Count: 1,042

Warnings: Language

A/N: It’s short, it’s (hopefully) sweet, and I hope you enjoy it. The idea for this came as I was settling in to my new apartment, and dealing with the same frustrating task. 

“Just put it in.”

“Like this?”

“Ow, oh -”


“No, no, I’m okay. Just go a little slower.”

“What in the hell -”

Sam’s voice broke your concentration, and you cursed when the heavy section of couch you’d been supporting slipped.

“Damn it, we were so close!” you huffed, dropping from your crouched position to sit roughly on the floor. Bucky, who’d been carefully maneuvering the back end of the couch, collapsed beside you. His face was flushed and sweat had beaded across your forehead; the pair of you were breathing all too heavily for the simple task you’d been given.

“You two still don’t got that thing together?” Sam chuckled, leaning against the wall behind him as he appraised you with amused eyes. You glared at him as Bucky spoke.

“It’s not as easy as you think.”

“It’s IKEA,” Sam snickered. “How hard could it be?”

How hard could it be?” You mimicked Sam in a dopey voice, screwing up your face stupidly as you turned your attention back to the disassembled couch. Sam guffawed and you swore you heard Bucky snicker, but when you shot him a quick glare his face was suspiciously expressionless.

“Alright, well,” Sam sighed, his voice much too jovial for your liking. “As much as I’d love to watch, I’ve got some real work to do.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky groaned, pushing himself back to his feet. You remained on the ground, glaring at the piece of hardware that had been giving you so much trouble. “Ready, doll?”

You peeked over the couch, satisfied to see that Sam was leaving, and nodded.

“It’s just gotta go - there, see?”

You were sweating again, having just carefully jammed the base of the couch into place.

“Hand me those screws,” you pointed, not daring to let go of the couch with your other arm. Bucky passed them over, and you had to practically crawl inside of the couch to put them where they belonged.

“IKEA,” you muttered under your breath, reaching blindly up into the innards of the couch and hoping the screw was going into the right place. “Swedish for fuck you.”

Bucky laughed, taking a few of the screws and getting to work on the other end of the couch.

“Just imagine what it’ll look like when it’s done,” he squinted in concentration, reaching just as blindly as you were.

“Like a cheap pleather couch,” you mumbled, starting to work on your last screw.

“Yeah, that reminds me,” Bucky said. You were somewhat annoyed that he was already placing his final screw - he’d worked so much faster than you had. “Tony could afford any piece of furniture in the world. Why in the hell did he order from some company that gets paid to deliver stuff unassembled?“

"Because he’s got a sick sense of humor,” you muttered darkly. You gave your screw a final, hard twist and then clambered to your feet, tiredly tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Bucky finished just after you did, and you stood back as he positioned the now-assembled couch against the wall.

“What do you think?” Bucky asked. He moved to your side and slipped an arm around your waist. Despite the fact that you were quite certain the air conditioning needed to be turned up and the heat radiating from Bucky didn’t help anything, you didn’t protest.

“I don’t know,” you sighed heavily, letting your head fall onto his chest. “Think it’ll hold up?”

Bucky’s chest rumbled with quiet laughter, and before you could question him, you were off your feet and in his arms.

“Only one way to find out,” he said, his face twisted into a mischievous smile. He twirled around and dropped you lightly onto the couch, which was just big enough for him to place his knees on either side of your hips. You stared up at him, your eyes narrowed despite the butterflies fluttering around in your stomach.

“Could be a bit bigger,” he shrugged, leaning over you so that his long hair fell forward and tickled your cheeks. “But I think we’ll make do.”

And then his lips were pressed gently against yours, and any stubborn sullenness you’d been holding on to vanished.

As your lips worked together, you felt a refreshingly cool hand slip beneath the hem of your shirt and you shivered. Bucky chuckled huskily, and then his tongue brushed across your bottom lip and you let out a soft moan. The hand at your waist slipped to the small of your back, pulling your body flush with his as he deepened the kiss.

“You guys about - oh, come on!”

You and Bucky broke apart instantly, your face turning a deep shade of red when you saw that Sam had returned. Bucky snorted, sitting up and pulling you with him so that you were tucked beneath his arm.

“I thought you had work to do,” you said, going for an accusatory tone that came out more like a squeak.

“I was coming to steal your man for a few hours,” Sam answered, folding his arms over his chest as his bright eyes danced between the pair of you. “Steve wants to-”

“Later,” Bucky interrupted. “We’ve got some more, uh, work to do.” You’d have thought it impossible, but your blush deepened. You smacked Bucky’s chest as he laughed and Sam made an exaggerated noise of disgust.

“You two have a room, you know,” Sam said, shaking his head and twisting on his heel to leave.

“We’ve earned this!” Bucky called after him. You rolled your eyes, listening as Sam’s footsteps quickly disappeared. Several quiet moments passed, Bucky absentmindedly strumming his fingers across your hip.

“Well,” Bucky sighed with contentment, slapping a hand down on the pleather couch cushion beside him. “I think it’s safe to say it’ll hold up just fine.”

You snorted softly, a small smile on your lips as you nestled against his chest. Your eyes were growing exceedingly heavy, and keeping them open was a losing battle. Bucky’s fingers ran soothingly through your hair, and the sound of his heartbeat gently lulled you to sleep.

“I love you,” Bucky whispered, pressing a light kiss to your temple. Even in your sleep, you smiled.

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Lip Sync Battle: Tom Holland

Word Count: 964

Warning(s): None

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Request: Hey, I was wondering if you could write a tomxreader imagine where they compete in lip sync battle? I just haven’t seen any fics about lsb and was hoping you could write one? Thanks 😋

A/N: This is the first of the two Lip Sync Battle requests I’ve gotten. And for a second I thought of combining them, but decided not to because I was being greedy and wanted to write two lip sync battles.

Note: My lovely anon didn’t give me much to work off of. So basically, instead of Zendaya performing, it’s the reader, and Tom and the reader are already a thing. So it’s a boyfriend vs girlfriend kinda thing.

“All right, that raps up the final rehearsal. You’ve really got this down, Y/N.” The choreographer said as she gave Y/N a high five.

“I really want to kick Tom’s ass out there.” Y/N laughed as she walked over to Zendaya who was on the bench in the back of the studio. Zendaya and Y/N had met on set and just instantly clicked. They had so much in common, and sson after become very close friends. Y/N trusted Zendaya with her life, and Zendaya trusted Y/N with hers.

Y/N took a seat by Zendaya and drank some of her water. “Huh, look what lover boy sent you.” Zendaya handed Y/N her phone with a chuckle. Y/N opened the text and found a video waiting for her. She pressed the play button and payed close attention to what Tom was saying.

“Hey, love. Just thought I’d send you a good luck video, instead of a text… because you’re gonna need it. And even if I still kick your arse, just know, I’ll always love you.” He said as he put his hand over his heart dramatically. Y/N let out a hearty laugh and so did Zendaya.

“He’s too much.” Y/N laughed.

“Well, at least you know no matter what, ‘I’ll always love you.’“ Zendaya quoted before Y/N nudged her gently. “Your man is hella dramatic.” Zendaya added as she picked up her own phone.

“Believe me, I know.” Y/N jested.

Y/N felt very confident in her chances of winning the battle after round one. Y/N had given quite the show, and maybe sprinkled a little of her sass on the first round. Tom’s round one had been great, especially the stage dive, but Y/N felt like she’d won the first round, but now it was time for the second round.

She got into position and before she knew it the song was starting. The number went by a lot faster than she thought. Once she had gone over the pop and lock, she felt a little relief, but she felt the most relief when the number was truly over. She hadn’t missed a single beat, and she felt very proud of herself. She walked off the stage and back towards Zendaya.

“Yay, congrats, you didn’t fuck up.” Zendaya said as she hugged her best friend.

“Oh, shut up.” Y/N laughed as they pulled away.

“Okay, now let’s see what little Holland has up his sleeve.” Zendaya commented as they watched from their spot at the back of the stage. The familiar tune of singing in the rain began to play and Tom danced out. When he said she would need the luck, Y/N thought he had something grand planned, but Singing in the Rain? Really? And then he disappeared behind the wall of umbrellas.

The music changed, and Tom walked out from behind the wall of umbrellas dressed as Rihanna, and an umbrella in his hand. Y/N’s jaw dropped as she put her hand on her head.

“Oh my God.” Y/N laughed. Zendaya doubled over in laughter at the sight before them. And just when they thought it couldn’t possibly get any  better, the “rain” began to fall and Y/N knew, she’d lost the battle to her boyfriend. Y/N practically screamed as Tom ended his number on his back. For a moment she worried he’d injured himself, but soon after realized he probably hadn’t. 

“That was seriously the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Tom laughed as he intertwined his hands with Y/N’s as they walked to the car.

“Yeah, but you won. So the stress was well worth it. I gotta say, you really had me shook. I mean seriously. I was incredibly shocked at your moves. Hell, I had no idea you could even dance like that. What the hell? And that video you sent me this morning? Very nice touch.” Y/N mused as Tom unlocked the car and as they both climbed in.

“So you agree then, I won fair and square?” To. asked his girlfriend as he turned the car on. Y/N knew exactly what he was doing.

“I know what you’re doing, Holland. You’re not slick. But yes, I do agree, you did win fair and square. And for making admit that, I get to pick the songs all the way back to the apartment.” Y/N said slyly.

Tom let out a dramatic gasp. “Did you really just admit to my win? I’m-I’m honeslty shocked.”

“If you don’t…” Y/N nudged Tom as she searched for a specific song to play. She let a coy smile onto her lips as the intro played.

“Aww, really, Y/N?” Tom practically whined. “Of all the songs?”

Y/N rolled down the window of the car and turned the music Tom had danced to about an hour ago up.

“Oh really, Tom.” Y/N teased before she began to shout the lyrics.

A/N: Hey hey y’all. I am literally so so sorry this sucked. Like I couldn’t be more sorry. I’ve been really busy and had to push the release dates a day back because of personal reasons. Please forgive me. <3 <3

Massive update on safe mode

Okay, first off. I’m sorry. Everybody was in the heat of the moment and reacted terribly with the new update. I was a big part in that and I feel bad about it. But there are some new things going on with the update that they have fixed/explained to us.

#1 : Replied to my email about the issue.

(Image - Tumblr Trust and Safety replying with this:


We appreciate you writing in about this. We’ve heard from a bunch of users that Safe Mode was filtering posts from the LGBTQ+ community even though they were completely innocuous and totally safe-for-work. Please know that was never our intention, and we appreciate you letting us know so quickly—and forcefully! We’re deeply sorry. Tumblr will always be a place where everyone is welcome and protected, so we want to explain what happened.

The major issue was some Tumblrs had marked themselves as Adult/NSFW (now Explicit) as a courtesy to their fellow users, and their perfectly safe posts were getting marked sensitive unintentionally. That should never have happened. We’re sorry.

We invite you to check out the post on our Staff blog for more details on what happened and what were doing to improve things:

Thanks again,
Tumblr Trust & Safety )

First off, I’d like to thank them for answering so quickly and responsibly. They fully explained the issue to me in a very adult manor and I very much appreciate that.

Second, they actually gave me a explanation for the issue unlike most staff/helpers online. Which i again, very much appreciate.

#2: They are trying to fix the issue as quickly as they can without 100% removing the feature.

This, to me, is very understandable. the update on staff’s official blog is this:

Hi Tumblr—

We’ve heard from a bunch of you that Safe Mode was filtering posts from the LGBTQ+ community even though they were completely innocuous and totally safe-for-work. Please know that was never our intention, and we appreciate you letting us know so quickly—and forcefully! We’re deeply sorry. Tumblr will always be a place where everyone is welcome and protected, so we want to explain what happened.

The major issue was some Tumblrs had marked themselves as Adult/NSFW (now Explicit) as a courtesy to their fellow users, and their perfectly safe posts were getting marked sensitive unintentionally. That should never have happened. We’re sorry.

We’re making some changes that should improve things:

Changes to self-marked blogs

What was happening: Because we consider Explicit blogs to be predominantly sensitive content, we were automatically marking all their posts as sensitive. That was too broad.

What we fixed: Now each post is classified individually. As they should be.

Changes to reblog chains

What was happening: If an Explicit Tumblr reblogged a safe post, we were marking that reblog as sensitive. This was even happening to text posts. Which is silly.

What we fixed: We changed the logic so that if the OP is safe, all its reblogs will also be safe.

Changes to photosets

What’s (still) happening: When you make a photo post, a computer algorithm classifies the image as safe or sensitive. It’s a machine so it’s not perfect. And the chances go up with photosets because there are multiple images. But out of an abundance of caution we keep posts marked sensitive until the OP requests a human review (by tapping the appeal button on their posts).

What we’re working on: We plan to have photosets analyzed as a whole group, rather than as individual images. That should reduce the number of mistakes the machine makes.

Safe Mode is supposed to make sure people aren’t surprised by things may not want to see—specifically, nudity. It might take some time to get it perfect, but we’re committed to getting there with your help. Our algorithms will keep getting smarter as you give feedback on misclassified posts, and as you share your concerns and suggestions.


And finally, please stop attacking staff with this issue. They are trying to help us and do not want to hurt us. You are simply putting them under much more pressure and stress than helping. They are not trying to hurt us. Stop attacking them over this.

I will email them and contact them with further issues about this, thank you.