it gave me so many emotions

I think degrassi did such a good job at developing Maya’s character. I know people were upset that Maya didn’t seem to show/care about Cam’s suicide but she was affected much more than everyone else. It gave her extreme anxiety. Eventually, combined with the bus crash, it gave her severe depression that led her to do what she did. It cut so much deeper and was so much more realistic; instead of showing how a major event/disease impacted someone for like 2 episodes, which is usually what degrassi does, they showed how one single event impacted Maya for years. I think this is one of the most powerful things degrassi has done, and I really applaud Olivia for playing it so well.

Dorian: Daggers, amatus? Either you are here because you suspect an assassination attempt, or you are the assassin yourself.

Varlen: Well that depends… are you happy to see me?

Dorian: An interesting question. Or perhaps a threat. Either way… yes. Maker, yes.

Because this mod gave me immense emotions about Dorian and Varlen eventually reuniting in Tevinter, and now I can finally play pretend… 

That’s Sort-of Not True

Does any other INTP out there have to fight the urge to conform to the INTP stereotypes?  By which I mean, once you learn what people think us to be, you are sort of attracted to that persona and unconsciously change to be that way? 

For instance, so many of the INTP stereotypes applied to me (like leaving clean laundry in the basket instead of putting it away) that it was a small jump for me to apply the other stereotypes (the INTP is driven by logic to the exclusion of emotions).

But at the time I became interested in (read that “obsessed with”) MBTI, I was already starting to mature as a human being, and I was starting to develop my inferior Fe. Finding out about the stereotype actually set me back a little because it gave me an excuse not to try so hard.

Which lead me to the realization that most of the MBTI stereotypes actually show us at our most selfish and least mature. As an INTP, I had a reason to be lazy, because my personality type is known for it. I had a reason not to finish something once I grew tired of it, because that’s what all INTPs did. I had a reason to brush people off even if they needed me, because, hey, I’m an introvert’s introvert, and people just don’t understand me.

Basically, it became all about me. My personality. My life.

Except that’s really not how it’s supposed to be. I should have used MBTI to help me overcome my shortcomings. Laziness and not finishing what you start are not things to brag about. They’re faults that need correcting. Being an introvert is not a fault, but using that as an excuse to cut people out of your life is just wrong.

So, to all INTPs (and any other types that stumble across this), remember that we’re supposed to be growing and maturing. The world does not revolve around any one individual. We’re meant to help others, to show kindness and to be gracious. No matter how much we have to struggle, I am fully convinced it’s worth it to struggle against those self-centered stereotypes.

And you know how hard it is to fully convince an INTP of anything.

A Post-The Lying Detective Message:

(Spoilers, duh)

So, there’s something I just want to say as a fan of Sherlock regarding the latest episode and our fandom in general.

The Lying Detective gave each ship a little something…

  • Johnlockers got a rescue and a hug
  • Adlockers got a birthday text and confirmation of reciprocated correspondence
  • Sherlollians got a physical examination: “tell me when to cough” and a birthday outing with cake

So let’s put away the ship-bashing and agree to disagree that each one of these pairings has potential.

Sherlock has emotional investment in John and Irene and Molly. That’s something we all have to accept. However, whether this emotional investment signifies friendship or romantic feelings is ultimately up to Moftiss to decide.

I think it’s wonderful that the show sparks so many emotions from us and it speaks to the diversity of us all that we can ship so many different ships! So let’s keep expressing our shipping feels, but do so on each ship’s respective tags. Let’s try to all get along. 

I know Sherlockians are renowned for being a little crazy, but I think there’s something we can all agree upon: we love our show!!!
Let’s make sure that this love and respect is felt across the entire Fandom! <3

Absolutely Stunning

I’ve got to admit that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever watched. Nothing has made me feel so many emotions as the new Sherlock episode did. Honestly. It was amazing.

Now I know many people are mad because of Johnlock and stuff but think about it. Had they made Johnlock canon they would have upset the Sherlolly shippers and the Adlock shippers. So instead of pleasing one ship and upsetting the other two, they gave us all three.

Adlock in that text we see Sherlock send at the end.

Sherlolly in the “I love you” and Molly going to 221B Baker Street at the end as if she were going to hug him.

And Johnlock, in Mary’s speech and the fact that they’re going to always be there, in 221B Baker Street.

And as for the people that think the show is not about romance and has nothing to do with it, well I guess by giving us all three possibilities for Sherlock’s love life, they also gave us the opportunity to believe that he may never be in a romantic relationship.

It’s open for interpretation and as long as everyone interprets it in their own way we should all be happy, and hey, they maybe even gave us a little Mystrade with Sherlock asking Lestrade to make sure Mycroft is okay.

And besides from the romance, or lack of, it was a truly beautiful and emotional experience and I loved every second of it.


It was amazing shooting that scene where he says that to Sarah because we’re shooting my perspective before he turns away and walks off to commit the ultimate sacrifice—Tatiana was just sitting on an apple box next to the camera and she was just crying. Her eyes—she was so focused on me and she was just giving me so much to react off of. She’s such a giving actor. It’s not even her perspective. It was beautiful for me to play off that emotion. And another wonderful thing was, I told Helen Shaver at the beginning of the shoot, “Push me hard and I trust you and I’m not going to take any notes that you give me personally.” Literally probably did 50 takes of it. She was so great because she just gave me every opportunity to get it right and get it in as many ways as we possibly could, and to finally pick what would be the best way to portray the emotion that he had for this girl. But yeah, a lot of the gals and guys that were on the set that day said there weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the house, that’s for sure. – Dylan Bruce


AHHHHH thank you @primaryconclusion for this lovely ask! sorry it took me so long!! It wasn’t vague at all - trust me! :) 

I thought a lot about how this scene could’ve gone down, and i settled on it taking place during the twins’ party, after Stan gave Soos the Mystery Shack. The perfect time for shocking truths and emotional apologies! TBH I really wanted a scene where Mabel and Gideon resolved their issues and hinted at a friendship, but alas - the finale could only be so long ;-;

[Oh god, I’m SOBBING at the final episode of Asylum. And I’m not even halfway through. I never thought I’d cry over Jude when I first started this season and now I can’t stop sobbing. And I know that more heartbreak is coming.

Like fuck I’m glad I didn’t skip Asylum and gave it a shot. Some things triggered/upset me, but most of it didn’t. I LOVED Murder House. But Asylum is so much better to me. It’s just so emotional and in depth.

God, and I’ve had so many people say Coven is the best like how can anything be better than Asylum? So many interesting characters and individual stories. PERFECT character development in just 12 episodes. Especially with Sister Jude.

Sorry for this rambling I’m just in tears because Jude in the last episode is the most heartbreaking thing ever.]


The way his Adam’s apple bobbles up and down.

This scene gave me so many emotions, mostly it broke me down ‘cause i know i’ll never be able to come out to my parents but seeing Alex doing it, it made me realize that nothing is impossible. Love is the key to everything and when you come to the realization of who you are and finally fully accept yourself then nothing can stop you from being YOU, the real YOU. THANK YOU @ SUPERGIRL FOR EVERYTHING, I FINALLY FEEL RESPECTFULLY REPRESENTED.💞

   “I’ve been into anime for most of my life even before i knew what it was. Anime is so important to me most people don’t understand. People see anime and the people who watch it  as childish and immature "being  no different than  cartoons they say”.. which i mean technically it’s true in the sense of being hand drawing and computer animated Japanese cartoons even though anime can be made in any country………but like many things it’s more than a name, title or label the characters  the stories have meaning to it. You experience all sorts of emotions from sadness to happy, motivated, frustrated, anxiety, anger.  I might be getting a little overly sentimental but hear me out. I’ve never had friends really like childhood friends or true friends you can talk to  and those i make or made never sticks around. I was bullied and picked on so i gave up.. But even though as much as i try to deny it we as humans we need companionship  and emotional connections to function properly. However for whatever reason no matter what i do i can’t seem to forge those kinds of  bonds with people. Anime gives me what i can’t find in the real world “

ok but I still have so many emotions about Jonas, he was such a precious little pancake of a human being and they just??? gave him the boot like he was old leftovers?? like man I love Daniel but Jonas is a dang member of this team too and you can’t just get rid of him because your favorite child came back?? and tbh his exit was kinda shoehorned, I mean he was considered a traitor to his people and then five minutes later they suddenly decide they want him to lead them????? I feel like I’m using a lot of question marks but honestly that represents my general feeling for the writers neglecting my son?? they just drop him like a hot potato and never talk about him again, never mention that they’re even in contact?? then one day they’re just like ‘oh yeah Langara was taken by the Ori’ but still neglect to actually mention their friend and teammate who is living on that planet??!! they literally go the whole rest of the Ori arc without bringing it up again or sending him some aid?? I think it’s really weird that they just go off to see some new planets after they’ve defeated the Ori, I mean if I were them I’d wanna see if my old pal Jonas was doing ok??!! like writers… bros… if you had to deny me Jonas on Atlantis (which is a whole other rant)… you could have at least given me Ori Resistance Leader Jonas… so much wasted potential, I need justice for my son he deserves more than this

Okay I Gotta Rant About My Rogue One Feelings


  • There was so much emotion. So much. In this entire movie there was no a single moment when feelings fell flat.
  • Cinematography was 10/10 plus they wove several storylines together without it getting choppy so also 10/10
  • Acting was incredible. I was blown away.
  • Donnie Yen’s fight scenes gave me life so proud of him what a dad what a boss
  • Chirrut and Baze had some of the best relationship dynamics I’ve ever witnessed even when they didn’t get that much dialogue it was very clear the immeasurable strength in the bond they shared
  • Jyn Erso’s character arc was so well executed in the two hours the movie ran like wow good job
  • “Stardust” I CRI
  • A+ Diego Luna for portraying so many emotions at one time for Cassian that was really great
  • Bodhi my child he just deserves a hug honestly look how eager he was to help and finish the mission love him
  • K-2SO rekt everyone at some point really loved him and despite his skepticism he did EVERYTHING TO ENSURE IT WOULD WORK
  • Those first few Rebels who went against orders knew they were probably going to die but they volunteered anyways
  • And those pilots, who flew like hell to make sure the transmission could get through the forcefield
  • Jyn limping around with such determination and Cassian dragging himself up to help her also made me want to curl up in a ball
  • “I am one with the force and the force is with me I am one with the force and the force is with me I am one with the force and the force is with me” *ugly cries*
  • Bodhi my love he just saw the bomb and he accepted it and he didn’t even resist
  • the way jyn so gently was helping cassian to the beach and they sat there among the water watching the light grow closer and tHEN THEY HUGGED EACH OTHER AND-
  • the light swallowed them up
Tears of Love

Where he loves you so much he cries.

*Don’t forget to send in requests. This is my first real imagine and I’d love some ideas for new ones :)*


My heart aches for y/n as I collect my things and make my way to the car, ecstatic to be able to get home after such a dragging and awful day. As I start the engine, my body and mind try to recreate the feeling of closeness and security that I feel when I wrap her into a tight hug and there’s nothing more that I want than to get home and hold her so incredibly tight.

She was most likely asleep at the moment, curled up somewhere on the couch or bed. It was just how it was; I’d come home late and even though she was convinced she was going to stay up and wait for me, she always fell asleep.

So I wasn’t surprised when I came home to a quiet apartment. I kicked off my shoes and made my way to the living room to see if y/n was asleep on the couch. Seeing as she wasn’t sprawled out on the couch, I made my way to my bedroom.

When I entered the room, I couldn’t help the large smile that spread across my face. There she was, curled up under our huge blanket with only the top of her head peeking out. My heart swelled and already most of my stress and worries washed away.

I slowly undressed myself down to my boxers and made my way into the bed with her. I took my time to simply study her. This was a rare state of hers, where she was relaxed and in peace. Even now, she has a slight frown on her face and all I wanted to do was smooth out the wrinkles and erase her worries.

I leaned down and placed a kiss to her forehead and she stirred slightly. I smiled and laid next to her. I wrapped my arm around her as we laid under the blanket together and I felt her stir slightly as I tried to pull her closer to me without disturbing her slumber.

y/n turned around and I watched as she peered her eyes open slowly. The smile and sudden brightness in her eyes made my heart feel ten times larger and all of a sudden I felt as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

“Harry,” she said, a large smile plastered into her face. As she wrapped one of her arms around my lower back and pulled into me, placing her head into the crook of my neck, I felt as if I could cry at the closeness.

“Go back to sleep baby,” I told her, inhaling the vanilla scent of her freshly washed hair.

“Wasn’t sleeping,” she tried to convince me, though it was obvious she was due to her sleepy state. “Just resting my eyes before you got here ’s all.”

I let out a light laugh and pulled her in closer to me. “Sure love.” She gave me a small pout, but buried her beautiful face further into my neck. I let my hand wander to her waist and slid it between the fabric of her shirt and the hot skin of her back. I let my hand rest there, slowly moving it in soft circles.

I felt y/n pull me tighter and the closeness gave me a sudden wave of emotions—happiness, love, adoration. I tightly wrapped my arms around her and felt the need to get as close to her as possible. My vision felt so blurry and I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt the wetness building up in the crook of her neck.

“Harry?” She asked, sleepily but concerned. She lifted my face from where it rested and a look of confusion and worry warped her features. “Harry what’s wrong?”

I leaned into y/n’s touch and let my eyes close, the emotions taking over me because all I wanted was her. All I wanted was to lay here with her forever and get to feel this closeness for every second of every day.

“I just love you,” I told her, my voice beginning to get hoarse. “Love you so much it hurts.”’

She looked at me confused, like I was going mad. In full honesty, I probably was. These long nights and early morning where I only see y/n for less than half the day are driving me insane. I just wanted to be with her.

“I love you too Harry,” she replied. She still looked concerned, as though she was wondering why I would cry over love. Though I have cried in front of her, it’s always been over something awful or when I got so frustrated that the only way to let myself go was to cry. It’s not like I cried all the time though, it was very rare that I would, especially in front of her.

“Harry I’m a little lost here,” she confessed, the worry not leaving her face.

I took y/n’s face into my hands and gave her a passionate kiss. She didn’t question it, immediately kissing me back. I felt myself melt into it and I could still feel that faint trail of light tears on my cheeks as I cried over the beautiful girl I was laying next to.

She pulled back for a moment and as I saw the pure adoration and joy radiate from her eyes, I swear I began to cry harder. “’M still worried about you,” she whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile break through my face, even with my stained cheeks. “I just love you. So fucking much.” I told her honestly.

“I love you too Harry,” she said, resting her head back into the crook of my neck. “I always will. Your tears are still kind of scaring me though.”

I smiled into her neck, “They’re not tears of sadness,” I promised her. “They’re tears of love.”

Excerpt from John Winchester’s Journal by Alex Irvine. 

 John Winchester didn’t teach his kids how to be hunters just because, he wanted them to have a fighting chance. That’s what a good father does. 

 PS: I Know the book isn’t 100% canon, but is has the OK from the show’s creators and writers, so it’s more canon than a misguided fan’s headcanons.

March 13th

So I might be late by a few days since I’ve been so busy but I still REALLY wanted to make a post about it. On March 13th 2016, I drew Penn for the first time. 

He started off as random doodles on sticky notes, and now he’s one of the most developed characters I’ve ever made in my entire 21 years of life. From starting off so random and out of nowhere, he’s now one of the stars of my short film, a webcomic, many other non-linear comics, drawings/studies, and helped me prove to myself there’s something I can create that could be worth while.

Making his character has helped me grow so much. It’s helped my confidence a lot and inspired me to keep creating characters of my very own. Penn gave me something to turn to and express myself through some of the toughest parts of my life. He gave me an outlet for all my emotions when at the time I didn’t have much. I created a wonderful character that not only helped me get better at my art over time, but also gave me a new and wonderful way to practice my writing, to cope with things, and all the extra practice time I didn’t even really know I needed. 

It’s officially been 1 year since I started focusing on my original content, and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of myself. It’s such a freeing and proud feeling to have something you’re so proud of, and have it be completely and unmistakably yours. An OC is a gift you give to yourself. Something you can look at and say “Yep. I made that.” and it’s wonderful. I feel like I owe so much to this lil robot. 

Happy Birthday, Penn! 

Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime, and all I can say is to just go with it…It might just lead you somewhere great!