it fulfills my shipper heart

I was in the Nagoya concert on the 15th but unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to film. There were a lot of jikook moments. In Dope when jk was singing in the first part, Jimin was kinda hugging him. And in 21cg although in the first part nothing really happened, in the second one, they went really close and jk put his hand behind jimin’s head, I swear he went for a kiss, but it was really fast and jimin kept singing and doing the choreography. During Run the best moment happened, Jimin was in the right corner of the stage and JK came really close, they were staring at each other while singing that part with the high note together and then jk leaned forward and their foreheads touched and Jk’s hand was behind jimin’s head. I thought they were going to kiss I can’t even express how happy I was, I am a jikook shipper and I wasn’t going to the Nagoya’s concert, I live in Seoul but I wasn’t able to get the tickets in the beginning of the tour so I was trying to get one from another country, I really like Japan so I bought the Nagoya one, because it was city that I hadn’t  been to. I am so happy I chose this one. My jikook shipper heart is fulfilled.