it frustrates me too


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t


why do people think that asexuals and aromantics cant have fucking soulmates? like who the hell gave you that impression? a soulmate doesnt have to be someone you love romantically, or someone you’re sexually active with. my best friends are my soulmates. literally, anyone could be your soulmate. the restrictions of sexual and romantic love do not apply

it’s just like
we’ve never seen viktor cry before in this series. we’ve never seen him cry for himself or others.
yuuri is someone viktor would cry for. he’s just that. important. to him.
viktor’s cried for yuuri because he’s made him both happy and frustrated and that’s just
save me, im too deep in skating hell

angry short, mellow tall aus

these were requested by so many people omg,, time to deliver

  • you’re always making fun of my short legs well jokes on you sucker because you are failing so hard at this obstacles course with your giraffe limbs
  • you can pout all you want, at the end of the day i win all the arguments because i can just pick you up and place you in a corner a sulk yourself tired
  • i really wanna knee you in the crotch right now but your crotch is too fucking high
  • “how did you two meet?” “they tripped over me. while i standing.”
  • man, i hate going out into huge crowds with you because i always lose you among all the children and i have to peruse through all of them to find you
  • man, i love going out into huge crowds with you because you’re like a beacon sticking out and i’m basically never lost
  • whenever i get too mad or frustrated or down you give me a piggyback and it’s embarrassing how much it calms me
  • you’re so fantastic to cuddle because i can, like, hold all of you. no place misses out on my hugs, you get all the hug, the full hug,, all my love

- jo

the amount of ppl that just.. don’t use their turn signal or use it way too slowly is so alarming to me? and frustrating? like do you know it’s there? your turn signal? the signal that you are turning in a specific direction or switching lanes? left or right? so that everyone around you is alerted of what your course of action is? your turn signal? it’s right there. you can use it. it’s ok to use that. encouraged, even. technically required, as a matter of fact

Me *trying to open up about my problems for once*: so yeah, I guess I’m just struggling with some things right now and I really needed someone to talk to and-

Friend: mhm that’s sad, anyway my day was pretty good :) 

Me: but-



Stop Treating Black Women Like We Exist To Be Mammies For A White Woman’s Mixed Children

Whenever one of y'all get some free time, go tell White women that Black dick comes with responsibility. 
Because I am about tired of White women thinking it’s the duty of Black women to teach White mothers how to raise bi-racial children.
 Basically they want us to be mammies as always.
 They will lay up in bed with Black men and the two of them will bash Black women their whole relationship.
 About how loud, trashy, unattractive, and unpleasant Black women are.
 He will tell her all about how much more suitable she is than any Black woman.
 But as soon as they have a child together,
 she will be right back on Facebook talking about, “Hey Black Women. Any tips on how to tame my baby’s hair? It’s frustrating me. Hahaha My baby’s naps are just too much. I’m tempted to relax it.”

Bitch, you finna relax a baby’s hair?
 Somebody should have told you that Black dick comes with responsibilities. 
You can’t raise no bi-racial child like you would raise a White child.
 Yeah, bi-racial children have curly hair. You thought their shit was gon’ be limp, thin, and stringy like yours? No.
 You need to get your ass on the internet and research how to maintenance Black hair.
 Do not ever disrespect me by thinking I am about to ride right on over there to your house and teach you everything that Black mothers do while Black mothers get bashed just for existing and you will be treated like a trophy mom because “Aww, look at her learning how to do Black hair. The world needs more of this.” Umm, no. Disgraceful.
 There are plenty resources out there for you to learn how to raise biracial children.
 And don’t stop at just hair.
 Actually consider the fact that your biracial child will have a much different life than you.
Your child will have to deal with anti-Blackness, and you know nothing about that so it is important for you to be open to understand instead of getting all in your feelings because you want your biracial child to be more “considerate” of their White side.

“Oh Mommy loves you baby so all White people can’t be bad people, right?”

Bitch, false. You can be racist all while with a Black man and having a biracial child. With your secret Trump supporting ass.

“Don’t ever forget your White culture, baby. You’re not just Black.”

WHAT IS WHITE CULTURE? I’m gon sit down for this one because I would love to know!
 You so busy trying to make sure your child will identify with your Whiteness that you are robbing them of the full experience of embracing and learning how to navigate through their Blackness.
 They will never experience racism because of their White side so calm your unnecessarily whiny ass down.
If you are going to be the White mother of a biracial child then take your White feelings out of the equation for a change. Got your children running around talking about, “UGH I’M NOT BLACK! I’M BARELY EVEN MIXED! MY MOM IS WHITE!!!!!”

And Black men are pathetic for even letting it get that far. Y'all are supposed to be so damn anti-racism but y'all don’t mind White women raising your biracial children to be anti-Black. 
As long as you are having sex with Becky, you are fine with that.

Ol’ “Carry on my legacy” head asses.. but you will drop your legacy in a heartbeat once Becky says you can live underneath her roof.
 This shit is trash.
Y'all hate Black women but y'all want Black women to teach White mothers how to be great so that y'all can turn around and say, “DAMN BLACK MOTHERS, WHITE MOTHERS ARE RAISING BLACK CHILDREN BETTER THAN YALL. WATCH OUT.”

I feel sorry for these biracial children that have to deal with all of this chaos. They are the only ones I feel sympathy for in this.

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But the one Tsuyuri cares the most is you.

Oi, I’m going to take a hiatus.  4-5 hours of free time after work is not my ideal amount of time to draw since I like to finish a piece in one sitting.  Instead, I’m going to waste my free time by playing Pokemon and watch anime to distract myself.  Please don’t bother me.  I am angry at my current life schedule and little things are bugging me more than they normally should.  I don’t want to snap on people I care about.  Art is the only thing that keeps me happy and I’m too frustrated to do that.  I’ll be back when things get better.

spring awakening
  • mama who bore me: where do babies come from
  • mama who bore me (reprise): i still don't know where babies come from
  • all that's known: school is a social construct
  • the bitch of living: sexually frustrated teenage boys
  • my junk: girls masturbate too guys >:-(
  • touch me: so did melchi and moritz experiment with each other or is it a Metaphor ive never been clear on this
  • the word of your body: this vanilla ass shit,,
  • the dark i know well: hello naughty children its cry time
  • and then there were none: teen angst (ft foreshadowing)
  • the mirror-blue night: monotonous chanting is fun
  • i believe: catch us on glee next season
  • the guilty ones: we get it y'all fucced!
  • don't do sadness/blue wind: i swear to god if this lana del rey lookin ass don't leave me tf alone so i can kill myself,,,
  • left behind: hello naughty children its cry time (reprise)
  • totally fucked: the tell tale pop-punk riff
  • the word of your body (reprise): is it just me or is every song inherently better when its gay
  • whispering: so THATS where babies come from
  • those you've known: that rmf (relatable melchior feel) when ur dead boyfriend and dead girlfriend come back as ghosts at the same time to stop u from killing urself
  • the song of purple summer: fuck this shit im out

Happy WitchTips Selfie Saturday everyone!

So I may have chopped my hair off on Friday in frustration (because it was getting too damn long and was strangling me in my sleep)

But it looks super cute now and my head feels so much lighter! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and that your holiday season is full of joy, laughter and good food with loved ones.