it freeze for few seconds

hell is right-clicking to save an image and accidentally clicking ‘email image’ and having to wait forty years for some email program you didn’t even know existed to rise from its slumber like some lovecraftian ancient god, meanwhile the fans on your laptop are preparing for takeoff and you stare dead-eyed as the rainbow spirals, spirals, spirals. you wait and suffer this cosmic karma. days pass. “just a few more seconds” you slur. your laptop freezes and the concept of time is no longer comprehensible. your family and friends forget your name and you fade from existence.


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 2


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Leonardo x Reader


Note: I was in a wintery mood, so here.

God, it was cold down in the lair. Especially at this time of the year. As soon as the snow started, the cold became unbearable, even with Donnie’s awesome heating system. It certainly didn’t help that the boys were cold-blooded.

“Hey guys,” You looked around the lair. The guys were all off in their little areas, trying to play off the cold but to no avail. Leo’s teeth were chattering as he was trying to meditate. Donnie was swaddled in his lab, Raph was vigorously working out, and Mikey was sitting right in front of the heater as he played his video games. “Are you all sick or something?”

“Worse.” Leo answered, his eyes still closed. “C-c-cold-blooded.”

You stood there for a few seconds, staring at your freezing crush and suddenly you had an idea.

“I’ll be right back.”


You returned a little while later with a laundry basket full of goodies.

“What’cha got there?” Mikey asked, hovering over you as you set the basket on the table. Leo smiled softly as you took off your heavy winter coat and gloves and scarf.

“Movies, blankets, cocoa packets, the usual.” You shrugged. After getting settled, you heated up a kettle of hot water and set out mugs full of cocoa powder and got the cinnamon, whipped cream and chocolate syrup ready. “Mikey, pop this in, would you?”

“No problem, angelcakes.”

Leo wandered over to the kitchen, where you were standing.

“Need any h-h-help?” He managed through his chattering teeth.

“Come here,” you beckoned him closer with your finger. He took a few steps toward you, blue eyes seeming to sparkle. You grabbed the fluffiest blanket from your basket and wrapped it around him. “Go sit on the couch. I’ll be out in a few with cocoa.”

“B-b-but I can h-h-help,” he tried.

“Maybe you should listen for once, honor boy.” Raph growled, dragging his older brother along with him. He shot you a knowing look. You shrugged, turning your attention to the now-screaming kettle full of hot water.

A few minutes later, you had six mugs full of warm chocolatey cocoa. After delivering Splinter his, Donnie helped you disperse them to the rest of the brothers, who had all hunkered down in the living room area with one of the space heaters. They were curled up in the blankets you had brought, sipping from your mugs, and watching the movie you had picked. Leo was still freezing. Why he was so much colder than the others, you had no idea, but you were going to fix it.

You set the mug you had made for Leo on the coffee table beside your own and stood in front of him, between him and the TV. He looked up at you like a deer in headlights. The other brothers were all paying attention by this point, as they knew of their fearless leader’s crush on you.

“W-w-what are you-?”

“Shush,” You pushed him gently so he was laying down on one of the couches. He watched your every move carefully, trying not to overanalyze everything you were doing. “Relax.” You smirked and shook your head. “Always so tense.”

You lifted the blanket from him temporarily and crawled on top of him, shivering at the cold contact.

“You’re so cold!”

“You’re so warm…” He murmured, pulling you closer. The blanket was on top of both of you now as you snuggled into him further.

“Getting’ comfy over there, Leo?” Raph teased. Leo only rolled his eyes.

“Feeling better?” You asked. You noticed the chattering and shivering had finally stopped.

“I am now,” His voice was soft and so were his lips against your forehead. “Is this…okay?”

You curled into him, fingers rubbing gentle circles on his plastron.

“More than okay.”

2p!Allies catching a Homeless!Reader trying to pick their pocket!:

America/Allen Jones-
“Hey!” He felt his wallet being dragged out of his pocket, and caught you by the wrist. Internally you screamed, wondering what he had in store. He gripped your arm tightly, then released. He took in your appearance for a moment, and then reached for his wallet himself.
“H-here, get something to eat, on me.” He removed a few, or rather all, of his large bills and shoved them in your hands.  
Canada/Matthew Williams-
He would likely just turn around when he felt the touch of another person. He’d glare for a few seconds, which was enough to freeze you in place. He’d then take pity on you, and ramble something about it being a shame you were alone. Matthew would walk away, his mercy being that he didn’t snap.  
China/Xiao Wang-
He’ll kindly offer you few dollars, even if you insist otherwise. But being he doesn’t enjoy seeing such a lovely young thing in trouble, he drags you for a meal. He tell you it’s a ’date’. He’s sweet and really wants to help you.
England/Arthur Kirkland-
“Oh my…” Oliver floods with pity. He practically drags you back to his home, where he tells you he’ll fatten you up for sure. You end up getting a job in his bakery.  
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
Likely wouldn’t really care that someone was stealing his wallet. Seriously.
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
He’d turn around with threatening intent, but would stumble when he saw the ‘intruder’…it changed. He’d likely hand you half of his current amount and nod.
“Times are hard, I understand.”


“You need to come out of your room so we can help you.” Daisy shouted from the other side of the door. 

“No. Go away I can handle this myself.” You called back as your hands shifted from throwing out massive flames to freezing up and then returning to normal for a few seconds before repeating the cycle. 

“(y/n), open the door, we’re here to help.” You heard Jemma call out. 

“No, I’m gonna hurt you, just like I hurt Lincoln.” You replied as you balled your hands into fists trying to control your powers. 

“Lincoln’s fine (y/n), and he wants to help you, we all do.” Jemma said not giving up on you. 

“He’s only fine because he’s used to the heat from his powers, the rest of you are all in danger.” You felt hopeless, you couldn’t gain control of your abilities and when Lincoln tried to help you get a handle on them earlier you’d accidently shot him with a heat blast and sent him crashing through one of the glass windows in the lab. 

You heard shuffling on the other side of the door and let out a breath of relief thinking that they were finally leaving you alone. 

“I’m still here (y/n) I’m not going anywhere.” Jemma informed you calmly. 

“Jemma please, I don’t wanna hurt you.” You pleaded with her trying to get her to give up on you, you saw your breath puff out in front of you and it only made you feel more helpless.

“Then don’t.” 

“That’s easier said than done, believe me.” You said as an ice blast struck the wall across from you transforming everything into a soft white.

“I know you can do this I’ve seen you recover from worse situations, you’ll get through this, we’ll get through this together.” Jemma said reassuringly. 

You felt the tingling in your hands stop and you glanced down to see your hands were normal 

You slowly pulled yourself to your feet hoping that neither fire nor ice would shoot out again and opened the door. 

“See, I knew you could do it.” Jemma said smiling at you. 

“Can you take me to one of the containment rooms? I don’t trust myself just yet.” You asked Jemma, she smiled at you and grabbed your hand not worried about you hurting her and led you to an empty room.

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How about no?!

  • he will freeze for a few seconds, determining if his brain is just playing tricks on him or if really someone dared to touch you
  • then question what you thought
  • really what did you thought? He’s the fucking king of drama
  • once he is able to move again, he will not stop talking and trying to figure out who did it
  • definitely will kill anyone who hurt you and torture those of your allies who didn’t prevent your wounds from happening
  • if you let him go loose, no one will ever want to do missions with you for their own safety
  • you not seeing your injuries as a big deal, which drives him nuts
  • the only time, you will ever see him angry, like really angry
  • in the end, you will make a memo for yourself that you will never come to him after a mission, before you at least showered

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João gasped when the other grabbed him and kissed him, flushing hard and freezing for a moment. It only took a few seconds for him to recover before he grabbed the others waist, kissing back. Why not? The other wasn’t bad looking after all…

@xsanctus continued from here X ;

Soft scribbles of a pen on paper was heard in the room as the plague doctor studied the newly sprouted fungi, noting the shape and unusual color as he took notes of it’s continued spreading on the surface comparing it to others from the same family. It was a nice change of pace the silence comparison to later in the evening when the princess had decided to take her daily visit. 

He guessed that she had finally decided to go to bed, hopefully she was a heavy sleeper that way it wouldn’t matter too much if he decided to make tea later to keep himself focused. Sadly enough the silence didn’t last very long. 

The raven tensed as a pair of slender hands was placed on either side of his face, forcing him to look to the side at the pinkette who despite his guesses was still quite awake only to feel soft lips pressed against his forehead a few seconds later, effectively freezing him in place.

Eyes widened not really sure what to think of the rather strange action, dare even say an affectionate one? he doubted it was intentional after all there was no reason for that. 


“I’m sorry?” It was more of question the a statement at this point seeing as his own thought of confusion over the entire scene unraveling at the very moment tuning out most of the womans rambles more or less at a lack of words to say.

A Run In ( Stiles X Reader)

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Summary: Reader is known for noting giving a second glance at any boy who attempts to flirt with her. Until Stiles runs straight into her almost knocking her over. 

You weren’t paying attention walking down the hallway, one earphone in and your eyes glued to your bag. Attempting to find your keys, when you ran into a fast moving body. Hands fumble around your waist as he catches you before you manage to fall from the impact. 

“Oh god, Im so sorry Y/N. I was going to fast around the corner.” Stiles said rushed and out of breath. 

“Its fine, I wasn’t paying attention either.” Your eyes pushed your hair out of your face and you met the boys eyes. Freezing for a few seconds. “Your Stiles right?”

“You know my name?” He looks at you, surprise in his eyes. 

“Of course, just because I don’t bother to give half of the boys my attention doesn’t mean I ignore you.” You smile at him. 

“You just always seem, in your own world. Not that its a bad thing, its rather cute. Oh my god I’m going to stop talking now.” He rambled clamping his mouth shut quickly.

“I don’t mimd, besides I’ve never had a guy catch my attention before.” 

“Before? Are you saying, I caught your attention. Me?” He removed one hand from your waist to point at himself. 

“Give me your hand.” You spoke lightly, a smile to your lips as you found a pen in your purse and took his outstretched hand. “This is so you can call me and ask me out.” Quickly you scribbled your number on his hand. 

“Oh, um, can I call you tonight?” 

“Yes Stiles.”


“Were you know a couple now right?” Stiles nervously asked you one morning as the two of you were leaning against his jeep. 

“Yes Stiles. come on loverboy were gonna be late.” He nodded and pulled you up, fingers easily interlacing together as you walked to Coach’s class. Scott managed to find you in the hallway, eyes your intertwined hands but saying nothing. 

“Y/N!” A voice called from a locker a few feet away from you. You spotted one of your friends and waved at her. 

“I’ll see you in class.” You kissed Stiles cheek and slipped away. 

“Dude.” You heard Scott say to Stiles. 

“I know.” Stiles sighed, earning an eye roll from you. 

lacrosse!luke would be so cute because he’d be such a team player, always passing the ball and kind of nervous to try to score, so when he finally shoots the ball in the last few seconds of the game, he freezes as it hits the net. the entire crowd is screaming, on it’s feet, and luke’s teammates would all run over to him and clap him on the back, but when he finally reached up and pulled his helmet off, his blue eyes would be searching for you in the crowd, and when they finally found you his face would break out in this huge grin watching you cheer for him and he’d pump his still gloved fist in the air  

Imagine the Winchesters go searching for Cas and they find out he's at 221b Baker Street

The Winchesters burst through the door and march up the stairs, guns blazing.

John: “What the HELL is going on here?!”
Dean: “Alright, where’s the gay angel?”
John: “Sherlock’s not here right now.”

And they just sort of freeze for a few seconds

Guard Problems #4

When you’re outside on the practice field, it’s pouring down rain, the wind is changing directions every few seconds, it’s freezing cold, you can’t see, you practically drown every time you inhale, your flag feels like it weighs a million pounds, the woodwinds have put away their instruments (and are obnoxiously singing their parts), you slip every time you backstep, your guard instructor left, the assistant guard instructor decides to change the entire drill for the 2nd and 3rd songs, and tomorrow you have to improv the drill while performing.

I know.
I know how you close your eyes so tight sometimes,
tight enough to freeze every aspect of the memory just for a few seconds
I know how those few seconds stop your breath and you don’t even realize it,
so you open your eyes and catch your breath and it hurts
I know that it’s the kind of hurt that feels like a thousand and one needles all at once,
but it’s only the memory slipping away from you and you can’t even catch it
I know how much you ache for that memory you don’t have the energy to catch anymore,
and it’s not letting go it’s losing it over and over
I know what that kind of loss feels like,
when you lose moments and situations
I know how you look around you to the same yet different people and the same yet different places
and you still close your eyes again so tight,
but this time it’s so faint
almost gone,
I know.

When Benedict Cumberbatch smiles and looks at you like this. And you have a little laugh and then say “Coffee” at the same time and you somehow forget that he’s that famous person and you realise that you can actually just talk to those people (apart from the fact that he was signing while talking to me but still such kind of normal guy).

Oh and these are stills from the video I took because my phone did something weird and the image freezes every few seconds…

my happy tips!!

-set your lock/home screens to something positive
-cut out things that bring you down (tumblr, cookies, literally anything)
-at the end of ur shower turn the water to freezing cold and get ur endorphins going for a few seconds
-smile at yourself in the mirror or in the camera
-take more selfies, one a day at least
-tell yourself you’re beautiful out loud even just an “aw im so cute wtf”
-feeling slouchy and sluggish physically perk up! Straighten that back and raise that chin!