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Your ' 4x07 was the best ever' post was beautiful and totally on point. But what they're doing with Clarke (NEEDING her mother) and Kane and Abby NEEDING to talk to each other, is a classic tv set up for someone dying. And I'm scared it's gonna be Abby:(

I’m really really not scared of Abby dying.  First of all, we have Paige tweeting wink emojis and hearts and flowers at panicked Kabby shippers who were freaking out in her mentions after that episode aired, and Paige does not have a troll-y bone in her body. She’s just a nice mom with a big squishy heart who hates the idea of all these kids freaking out and wants to reassure us as much as she can.  (And it’s not impossible that the reason she’s been absent from Twitter since then, along with Ian who has already spoiled Kane’s survival like THRICE via accidental tweets, is because someone from the show or the network was like “YOU NEED TO COOL IT WITH THE FAN TWITTER WE’RE TRYING TO STIR UP SUSPENSE ABOUT YOUR BRAIN THING AND YOU’RE RUINING IT”).  Also, Jess Harmon told some fans in Paris who asked about whether she ever got to do anything with Paige and she said “fingers crossed!”  Which basically has to mean both Abby and Niylah survive and the finale ends with a setup making it clear they’re both returning. 

I think another way to look at the “need” element you mentioned isn’t so much that it’s setting up a death as it is deeply embedding Abby even further into the story as an integral part of many different characters’ arcs.  They’ve very carefully tied her this season to Raven, for example, more than ever before, even more than Season 1.  They’ve built up a relationship between her and Murphy.  Jackson’s more present than ever.  And they’ve recentered the Griffin women and their relationship at the heart of the story, circling back to the way they were the centers of the whole plot from the pilot on.  To me that’s a GOOD sign.  As far as her relationship with Kane, one of the things I love about the beautiful little line repetition of “first we survive, then we find our humanity again” is that it’s a reminder that from the pilot onwards, these two were and have always been set up as a narrative unit, exactly the same way Bellamy and Clarke were on the ground.  Even before they were a romantic pairing, they were a unit who was linked narratively.  So I think they’ve always been intended to continue that way.  I just truly don’t see them writing one of them off.  Especially not with one more whole season, maybe more to go.  It’s always possible that the adults dying in the very last season of the show to leave the kids to like inherit the earth as the new generation is possible, but we’re a ways away from that yet.  DON’T PANIC.

Just one thing:

Amidst the chaos, I want everyone keep in mind just ONE thing, if nothing else:


“Hanarezuni sobani ite” – Stay By My Side and Never Leave.

It’s Victor’s Free Skate composition. It’s the performance that went viral when Yuuri attempted it. It’s what brought the two of them together. It’s what Yuuri inadvertently asks of Victor after their first argument, and what Victor recognizes. It’s what their relationship is based on, what this whole show is based on. It’s their love song.

This song is what started this show, and this song is what is going to finish it. (We know this for a fact from the OST itself.)

Whatever happens between these two is going to happen, plain and simple. But without a doubt, we know how they feel towards each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, their deepest desire is the same: to be with each other, forever. They do not want to part. Whatever the future holds, they want to face it together, and they’re going to face it together. This is what they’ve already decided.

So if you’re feeling scared or down because of the uncertainty of this next week, please just keep this one thing in mind. Let it comfort you. Believe that love wins.


CNN has scientifically engineered this experience to make it stressful for you. the constant cap alerts, the up-temp drums, the gaudy colors, they’re all suppose to keep you on edge. they are suppose to make you feel stressed. they want that.

take care of urself. just take care of urself.

YOU KNOW in asip when baby llama noodle boy sherlock is peacocking in his living room like “RACHEL!!!! RACHEL!! DONT YOU GUYS FUCKING GET IT HOLY SHIT WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT????” thats all us vs the casuals whenever anything happens

Still not over the newest Malec promo tbh. OK, I know we are all stressed out now. As much as we all wanted bamf!Magnus (well, I did and I still do!) and angst, why not giving us some fluff for a change I am sure you are all asking yourself.

Well, just think about this: From what I gather so far, the new scenes seem to be all from the pilot if you ask me. And honestly? The big “argument” looks like it might happen after/before this pic:

Which also leads me to think that it happens before Alec and Maryse have their argument/fight regarding Jace going with Valentine. The scene where Alec says “Jace is closer than blood.”

AND I think we can all pretty much agree that after that, and even though Alec and Magnus probably went their seperate ways after the fight in the institute (which we saw in the trailer), Magnus is still the only person Alec will go to.

Look at this pic. Very closely. Magnus doesn’t exactly look like he is happy at all. He is most likely even annoyed at Alec that he comes to see him after pretty much shutting him out after their fight. You can even see it when you take a closer look at Alec’s posture. Being welcomed and happy to see his boyfriend Magnus clearly looks different.

But if you ask me, they will work things out. Remember “When things got crazy, don’t push me away?”


And I believe after they talk about that argument, the famous “Alec dropped his stele” scene will happen.

What I am trying to say: JUST RELAX, PEOPLE!!!

We all knew that angst was about to happen because the thing with Jace is way too important for Alec to just go all “lovey dovey”. But they will get through it. Heck, they will go on a date in 2x06. Besides, Malec is canon. AND endgame. No need to go crazy. All will be fine. Pretty much everyone involved in the show told us that. ;)

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For the palette challenge, I would love to see Chat with 200 and/or Ladybug with 202, if you don't mind.

These were really interesting and fun to do; thank you for the challenging request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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300 follower milestone palette requests open ‘til November 14th

GUYS can we have some real talk right now over how HARD CORE I am nerding out over this Spider-Man Homecoming teaser?? (TEASER. THE TRAILER ISN’T EVEN OUT YET AND I’M ALREADY LOSING MY MIND.)


IT IS 100%





(for those of you who don’t know, Steve Ditko was the original inker for Spider-Man and he always over-filled the black lines around Spider-Man’s eyes so the lines around his eyes would be very thick - JUST LIKE IN CIVIL WAR)


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I kinda hate that the phandom is dying. I love it when they do/say something and we all freak the fuck out. Keeps us on our toes.

i think half of the phandom has become so accustomed to things that nothing feels significant anymore and the other half of the phandom probably just is in hiding because they’re also accustomed to things but they know whats happening and it’s a lot. the only thing that will truly bring us out of this drought is dan and phil moving and getting a dog

Jack you fuckin sadist I bet you’re getting a kick out of all of this, aren’t you yeh Irish bastard

I bet you just looooove to sit back and just watch us all freak out and mess with our heads as we’re wondering what the hell is gonna happen next, and how this is all gonna play out, don’t ya?

I saw tiffanys reply to the top tweet and got excited thinking we were gonna see Bellamy risk his life for Clarke in 406, so I asked her to clarify. Before anyone else gets their hopes up, this was her reply to me 😂

US!Papyrus and SF!Papyrus Reaper Bonus

(*Well, crap, I got an ask to include these two in the original Reaper prompt, but I accidentally deleted it when I cleaned out the Reaper asks I screenshot’ed earlier.  Sorry about that, anon!  But here we go~. )

*Bonus to the Skelebros Mistaken for the Grim Reaper. 


He doesn’t understand why they’re freaking out.  All he did was try to be friendly, but they’re looking at him like he’s going to kill them.  He can see the fear clear on their features, but he has no intention of hurting them.  If this is how it’s going to be on the Surface from now on, then he’s bound to end up with a constant headache.

Papyrus sucks in a breath.  “look, i’m not gonna h–”  He breaks off mid-sentence when the human starts sputtering something about not wanting their soul reaped.  “whatever you heard about monsters, well, i don’t want your soul, kid.”  He’s starting to feel a little irritated now.

“But you’re Death!  What happens if you don’t take my soul?  Do you just kill me or what?”  They’re backing away from him now, and Papyrus is completely confused.  

“death?”  He runs over the conversation until he manages to put two and two together, his gaze slowly drifting down to his new black hoodie’s sleeves.  He was only wearing it because his orange hoodie was being washed, and it was cold outside.  “ohhh, you think.. heh.”  He can’t help but start chuckling, shaking his head slightly.  He fishes out a cigarette and lights it up, needing something to calm his nerves now.  “well, i hate to break it to you, honey, but you’re dying wish isn’t coming true because it’s not your time.  i’m just a skeleton monster.”  

He goes on to introduce himself and smooth things over with a few laughs, and he’ll ultimately end up with both their name and number.


A human, freaking out when he starts to talk to him?  Yeah, that’s nothing new, so Papyrus isn’t phased in the slightest.  Instead, he’s just standing there, passively watching, his cigarette already dangling from his teeth.  With his signature black coat on and the hood pulled over his head, he looks the part of the Grim Reaper naturally.  

“ya done?” he murmurs, smoke wisping around his skull as he speaks, giving him an even more foreboding appearance.  The human begins to beg for more time, and Papyrus quirks a bony brow at the display.  They were begging him not to kill them?  But he hadn’t even been aggressive.  He stepped forward casually, and they scrambled back.  

“I never thought I’d actually see the Grim Reaper when I was about to die! Please!  I’ll do anything!  Just give me a little more time!”

Papyrus’s expression goes slack for a moment, and then he smirks.  He drops the cigarette, only to snuff the tiny flame beneath the heel of his boot and advances forward, looking even more like a predator on the prowl.  He’s realized what’s going on.

“anything, huh?  welp, it’s time to pay the reaper, sweetie.”  

He tips their head up with a finger crooked beneath their chin, his gold tooth glinting as his smirk widens.  “if you don’t want me takin’ your soul, i guess i’ll just have to take your body.”

Of course, this just results in a very red-faced human, and Papyrus starts laughing.