it folds out into a flimsy house

Finding Home (Part 1)

Steve x Reader

Modern Day AU

Summary: US Army Capt Steve Rogers has never had a family of his own, but after receiving a random card while on deployment - he suddenly feels like he has one. Sometimes home can be a place, sometimes it can be a person, and sometimes it’s a place you’ve never been. A story of love, family, and home.

*based on the movie The Christmas Card*

You sit at the counter of Maria’s Diner, munching some fries as you thought about what to write.   After seeing a special on the war, you went to your father, an Army veteran, and asked how you could help.  He had told you that what soldiers wanted most was a taste of home.   That is what they missed and craved most, they wanted normalcy.  So after finding out through a local service group that you could send something to a random soldier you signed up and a week later you had an address.  

“Writing a love note Y/n?” You look up to see Maria standing in front of you leaning on the counter. You snort at her and roll your eyes.

“No, you know there isn’t a man in this town I would date.  I know them all too well.  This is for a soldier.  I just want to brighten someone’s day.  Problem is, I don’t know what to write.”  You look down at the blank card furrowing your brows.

Maria let out a hum, “Write it as if you were writing to a friend.  That’s what these soldier’s want right?  Something not so military.”

You laugh at her scrunched up nose as she said the word military.  You smooth down the open notecard and began writing, when you had finished you placed a selfie of you and your parents in front of your parent’s farmhouse inside and sealed the envelope before asking whoever was listening that this card brings someone comfort.

US Army Capt Steve Rogers had been deployed for 6 months when a random card was found in his bunk after a mail call.  This was far from normal, Steve never got mail.  His best friend however, Bucky, a handsome dark haired Sargent, always received goodie boxes from his wife Natasha.  Steve on the other hand didn’t have a family.  Both his parents had died when he was young, he entered the military as soon as he was able.  The Army had been his family for most of his life.   So when he saw the small cream envelope he was shocked.   Dropping his gear careless on the floor beside him he picked up the small envelope and inspected it carefully.  Opening the envelope like it was made of glass, he pulled out the card allowing your photo to fall on his lap, while he began reading your words.

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metallicdeceiver  asked:

killjoy writing prompts: a drowsy, calm morning with Jet; Kobra snapping at someone in anger; the Girl asking Ghoul increasingly deep questions; Party getting lost on a walk

 Okay, so this is gonna be a long one, sorry about that:

   The Girl knew something was up, something was weird. The air was a little to cold, it was soothing yet unnerving at the same time. Whenever something strange was going on, the Girl would figure it out, always. 

    She decided to start her search for The Thing That Was Weird with Jet Star. She hopped down from the booth she had been perched on, and made her way to the kitchen. As she was about to step inside and interrogate Jet Star on his knowledge of The Thing, she stopped abruptly before the closed door hiding Kobra and Party. 

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white-throated-packrat replied to your post “in another universe, beru whitesun lars and queen breha organa of…”

oh, Han would be so intimidated when Beru and Breha turned to look consideringly at him. Chewbacca would roar with laughter.

it is a truth universally acknowledged that han solo is a freewheeling fast-talking smuggler who never met a law he couldn’t flout and answers to no one

……..riiiight up until the moment an older woman looks at him severely, at which point he folds up like a bunch of flimsi and goes biddable and harmless as a kitten. He holds out for a while against breha, because he’s a corellian, godsdamn it, they don’t recognize any kriffing royalty, and the obvious noblesse of Her Majesty, Queen Breha Organa, Dukesa of House Antilles, Prinsesa of Aldera, Jewel of the Core, rankles him.

(he doesn’t hold out very long, because breha is terrifying but she is also leia’s mother, and it’s hard to like one without liking the other. plus, she plays a mean hand of sabacc.)

but han is sold on beru whitesun lars from day one, when she patted his hand in that dingy mos eisley cantina. he calls her ma’am without a trace of irony in his voice and gave up his bunk to her on the way to yavin and cloud city. (she was hardly the only one who slept there, but leia wasn’t about to ask permission and luke fell asleep there more often than not, talking to leia or beru. beru was the only one invited.)

luke and leia have agreed it’s probably because han lacked a strong maternal figure in his childhood. 

shut up, han told the both of them, wiping away a smudge on the teapot with his sleeve and then fussing with the pair of chipped cups chewie managed to find somewhere in the hold. I don’t have a thing about mothers.

Arab on Radar "Yaweh Or The Highway"

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, if it wasn’t for the printed sticker on the plastic sleeve of this record, I wouldn’t know what the hell to call this album or band. How am I supposed to read that? And there is no spine! This record has a very unique layout, that I really like, although it is a little flimsy. It feels very modern which is a weird feeling for a record to have. Inside the folded outside cover is a little newspaper with pictures of other albums put out by Skin Graft Records. It reminds me of my old subscription to Columbia House just way cooler. 

On to the music! I have NO IDEA what to expect. Alright this sounds like saws sawing through pipes, and the lyrics are disgusting. I’m not even going to write them out here, because it’s really an assault on the senses. The lead singer’s voice is very whiny sounding too. Needless to say, this is extremely weird. Once the sawing through pipes sound and gross lyrics go away though, it gets better. It has a tribal sound to it, heavy on the drums and just like clattering noises made by guitars, but I could see myself enjoying this live, I think it would be interesting to watch. It would make me feel “cool,” that’s for sure.

The next song starts off sounding like experimental jazz with talking over it. It’s very disorienting. This is definitely the kind of band that you would end up seeing playing in a loft in Bushwick. It’s experimental, and does feel a little avant garde, like the people who are making it are artists and probably interesting people. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like music. It just feels like sounds.

I would definitely see this band live though. I’m sure there would be weird characters in the audience and on stage, and I would observe many fantastic outfits. Maybe something insane and shocking would happen. But this is also probably the type of band that doesn’t come on until 11:30 and by that time it’s hard to stay super enthusiastic, and you’re really just sticking around at the show because your boyfriend is djing between bands and you want to keep him company. I feel like this music would be fun to listen to while walking around an art museum by yourself.

Okay, the first song on side two is like a violin sawing a chalkboard in half. Yikes. Also, lyrics once again NSFW.

I think you get the idea. This isn’t easy to listen to, but I don’t hate it. I’m intrigued. Ultimately though, this feels like a “live music only” type of band for me. If my friend was like, “Arab on Radar is playing at this guy I know’s bar, do you want to go see them with me?” I’d say yes. PS- I don’t have any friends who would say that.

Alex Says: I like music that sounds like it could break apart at any moment. Like it’s galloping toward you and there are pieces flying off of it. It’s not necessarily easy to listen to. But it’s exciting and unpredictable. PJ says I like music that sounds like an air conditioner falling down stairs, and in this case, I think he’s right.

Funny that Sarah should mention lofts, because I saw Arab on Radar in a loft in Providence in 2001. It was as cool as she imagined it to be.