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fanaticfangirl2602: I’ll be going through my dash and looking at cute and funny things, THEN THESE KIND OF POSTS SHOW UP. You constantly hurt me. I love it. You have made me veeeeery worried for Jim. O.O

i can make it less sad bc i have put way too much thought into this

i was talking to @summerweens earlier about how all of the Trollhunters are given alliterate titles like Kanjigar the Courageous, Deya the Deliverer, Unkar the Unfortunate, etc. imagine if Jim is dubbed Jim (or James) the Just in the end, bc even if he does screw up in the Dark Lands he still strives to be fair and do the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes; good people acknowledge them and work to be better and that’s what Jim’s been doing. But Jim is really hard on himself so he’s like stunned when he’s given that title. He doesn’t think he deserves it and he can’t believe the others think he deserves it, and the realization that the worlds he’s tried so hard to protect think of him highly after everything has him close to tears (if not in tears). They all bow before him and Jim doesn’t know how to react. He’s super humble and awkward about it, and for a really long time he’s not sure whether they’re right about him being just or not, but he learns to accept it and it just really warms his heart.

alternatively in a slightly less poignant version, my goofball boyfriend thinks the trolls should fake Jim out first with Jim the Generic after Toby and Claire are knighted, and then reveal Jim’s actual title. We laughed about “Jim the Generic” for a good ten minutes straight yesterday. I can imagine Toby messing with Jim about it afterward. “I don’t know, Jimbo, it’s got a nice ring to it. ‘Jim the Generic’.” “Please don’t call me that.”


Last day of warm weather for a while.

Despite this, I had some paces I wanted to work on, so I went to the gym to treadmill run.

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 55 minutes of intervals: 60 secs jog (5.0-5.1 mph)// 90 secs walk (4.0 mph)
  • 5 minute cool down

I felt accomplished after that hour- and also looking forward to the day I can run 4 miles straight again (I don’t think that day is gone forever, just yet).

Then, tabatas on the swiss ball: ab crunches and Russian twists. Ended with a tabata of Super Mans.

I have a few fitness goals I want to hit before I am 30, so I think, after some research, I will start to shift my workouts towards those goals.
Never in a million years did I ever think that my #bbg program would bring so many women together from all over the world. I could only ever DREAM of something like this happening. Now, I wake up every morning to THESE amazing photos!! 💛💛 So proud of you ladies!!

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What do you think about the idea that on the cover with Soma and Ciel there's no Ciel. I mean, no our Ciel. What if it's his brother. And then his pose and reaction to Soma's talking refers to the scene in last chapter- Soma was friendly talking and caring about his health but Ciel was odd.

I think it’s our Ciel since he’s wearing the eye patch:

And I also think that this scene fits for our Ciel. Soma is talking to him even though Ciel doesn’t seem to pay attention to him. That reflects their relationship quite well since Soma stays with Ciel and tries to be his friend even though Ciel doesn’t see him that way. ;)

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I must say I greatly appreciate a healthy JDonica, but I saw an interesting prompt the other day. What if JD convinced/'corrupted' Veronica and they went on to kill all who they saw fit?

Ehhhh idk. I don’t think Veronica ever would, it would be too OOC for her you feel?

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So I've been trying to figure out my gender and I think agender fits (actually agenderflux). And while I know I don't fit into the binary, I also don't feel a connection to being nonbinary. I just don't really feel connection to gender, period, most of the time. So can I be agender and not nonbinary or does agender fall under the umbrella term nonbinary regardless and this is more me just having trouble accepting this part of myself?

Hello anon, thanks for the question.

Nonbinary means simply “not identifying as solely male or female” so being agender does fall under the umbrella. That being said, you don’t have to call yourself nonbinary if you don’t want to. 

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I think the way Lord Dominator's design has been colored looks a bit off: two dark magenta eyes plopped onto greenish teal skin make the eyes pop out uncomfortably at the viewer, like those old red-blue 3d glasses. I saw a Foster's Home fan art of her as Frankie, and she had orange skin and red hair, which I think fits better with the whole lava thing. I dunno why the artists went with sickly teal green skin, unless it was an attempt at a goblin crossed with the cliche green-skinned space babe.

I personally like her design, she’s an evil lady full of energy, who’s an obvious foil to Wander, while still maintaining her own personality. And has freckles as a bonus.

Though I admit that green-skinned space babe is overused trope, Dominator subverts it. She’s not some space lady in need of a rescue and some random hero human hero male, she’s a villain and good one at that. But I understand why it bothers you. Also I get you’d like to have some connection between her skin colour and her abilities, but my Screener told me her powers aren’t natural, she apparently invented tha whole lava deal? So it’s not that weird her skin and skills don’t match.

And then there is a subject of her eyes. Green and magenta are complementary colors so it’s not so weird that it bothers you. It’s probably intended though; I personally don’t think it looks uncomfortable for the viewer, but it makes her more alien. Yeah, I know, this show if full of aliens, I mean in the ‘she’s a force from another galaxy how are we going to deal with her’ alien. I might be wrong about it though.

30 Day Thinspo Challenge Ii

Day 28 - the first thing that comes to mind when you hear/see the words “fitness”/”health”/”fitspo” and why

I think of normal, healthy, nuerotypical people that get up at 4:45am for their morning run and then get home & drink a kale smoothie while genuinely being happy to just be alive while being totally unfocused on how their body looks

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loved your post on anthony's new video! Since it came out i've been thinking about if i had to place anthony on the lgbt spectrum i would place him somewhere around pansexual? thats just my view based on what i've observed ove the years

Reference to this post.

Thank you! :D I’m glad you guys enjoyed it! I don’t really agree about him being pansexual, but he’s not solidly confirmed his sexuality so it’s definitely a possibility! You never know what’s going on behind the camera. I think bisexual fits him most, but hey, you never know! :D

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