it fits him for it sounds like innocence

Kaz Brekker: hunger games au
  • Kaz is fifteen when he’s reaped, but he’s been training for six years, ever since he saw his brother being murdered on screen by a teenager, ever since Jordie’s lifless body was sent back in a box 
  • he will never forget staring at his brother’s corpse, that moment when what hope remained finally left and something inside him stirred, insisting that someone must pay for this, that his family wouldn’t be hurt like this again
  • while Kaz waits in the Justice Building, the only person that comes to say goodbye is Jesper, and as they share a quick hug Kaz furiously claims that this is not their last meeting
  • he rarely speaks at the Training Centre, and when his stylist tries to dress him up in the most ridiculous garb, he calmly tells her he will not be the laughing stock among the rest of the tributes and to whip up something decent, for Christ’s sake
  • Kaz wonders what a miracle it must be, that his drunken mentor’s liver can still handle that amount of liquor each day
  • thoughts of his dead brother haunt him every night because this is where Jordie slept and ate and dressed and was prepared for slaughter
  • he trains with the other tributes, observing his opponents, deciding which ones are threats and must be put out first
  • once in the arena, Kaz starts taking down the tributes one by one          
  • numerous parachutes fly down bearing gifts when the sponsors realise Kaz is ruthless and didn’t come here to die
  • the residents of the Capitol wait eagerly for the cameras to show Kaz because there’s never a dull moment with him; everyone is talking about Kaz Brekker, the excitement they felt as he bashed a boy’s skull in, how they clung to the edge of their seats during a particularly intense fight
  • meanwhile, the people at home can’t bear to watch: there’s a monstrous gleam in Kaz’s eyes, and with every tribute he kills they know the last Brekker is slipping away even further 
  • he injures his leg during a fight with the colossal girl from Two, and during the times when his leg isn’t almost numb with pain Kaz tracks down what’s left of the tributes
  • every slit throat and snapped neck means he is one step closer to home
  • after he’s won and he’s back home in district 10, the horrors of the arena keep him awake in the strange new bed, and during the few hours of fitful sleep, his brain brings back grotesque memories of when he murdered innocent children 
  • he can’t stop thinking about the families that are mourning because of him, can’t help but think of the siblings that are broken beyond repair just like he was after seeing Jordie being drowned on television
  • Kaz can’t look the Ghafas in the eye because he was the one that killed their daughter, felt her warm blood on his hands and patiently waited for the cannon to sound her death
Spoilt (2/2)

Summary: 2012!Phan. Phil has rough hate sex with Dan and leaves him. After some time, Dan wakes up covered in sweat, cum and bruises. Why did Phil just leave him like this? Was he just some cheap whore Phil had used then tossed aside? Maybe he should accept that and cherish whatever Phil he can get. (Angst)

Genre: angst + fluff at the end 

Words: 3k (wow)

Part 1

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Mornings (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! I just had this idea so I wrote it hahah

Words: 1,655

Warnings: Nope! 

Tags: @annadier @happelu970

“Are you gonna eat that?” 

“The blender exploded.” 

“I had the weirdest dream last night, Thor kept taking me to the desert because ‘I belonged there’. And then I ate a sandwich.” 

“I had a nightmare, I was stuck living with a man in a metal suit, a man who always wore red, white and blue. Some dude who loved this hammer and…oh wait. Nope, that’s my reality.” 

“You’re so not funn-don’t touch me.” 

It was rare to have everybody home for a meal. Everybody was always so busy with missions, meetings, families and being alone. The Avengers were in and out most of the day, so they ate at their own time. So today was a real treat to have everybody sitting down at breakfast. Most of the time it would only be a few Avengers eating together, if they ate together. 

Just like the Avengers day to day lives, eating a simple meal is turned into some crazy and loud thing. The mess created in the kitchen is transferred to the dining room, bowls and boxes of food were carelessly put out. Pitchers of different types of drinks, including a couple coffee pots, were jugged down within minutes. 

You’ve been an Avenger since the beginning and you could say that you’ve learned a lot of valuable things as an Avenger. It’s true, you have. But the one thing you’ve learned about living with Avengers is that even if you picked it up, and even if you’ve already taken a bite out of your food, it can and most likely will be snatched away from you. 

“Are you gonna eat that?” Clint pestered Steve, his eyes trained on the poptart that Steve was inches away from putting in his mouth. Steve shut his mouth and pulled the poptart away slightly as he spoke. 

“Am I going to eat this?” Steve waved the blueberry poptart around. Clint nodded. “Yes I’m going to eat this, why would I be putting it in my mouth if I wasn’t-” 

Clint let out a sigh, and quickly leaned forward to grab the poptart from Steve’s hand. 

However, Clint wasn’t watching where he was swinging his elbow and knocked over a half gallon of milk, it tipped over by the edge of your bowl and milk started consuming your previously bare cereal. 

“You spilled milk in my cereal.” You stared down at your cereal that the milk was still pouring into. Your voice was emotionless and your eyes were still thick with tiredness. Nothing was completely registering in your mind. 

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It’s official: MCU’s Tony Stark has a deep crush on Natasha Romanoff!

since: 2010 (holy shit, it’s been six years,  poor Tony)

Do you think this looks like newspaper title? You’re right, because you’re going to read a huge article about my obsession. Not just mine, I hope. All of you, who are reading this now, have the same obsession, jesus, don’t you?! First of all, my thanks go to my beloved, my angel, my sister, my partner in crime, my smut person, my everything - if you’re reading this, you know it’s about you. Ok, so. This is all to emotional sphere. You’re asking why, because it will be full of emotions and theories and what? If it comes to Ironwidow, it’s not just emotions. It’s a huge highway of feels. So now!

WARNING: Please, be solidare and try to find differences between MCU and comics, because these two things has NOTHING to do with each other, maybe just names of the characters. Everything is possible in comics, but not in MCU. In alternative universe in comics there is Tony for example, who changed to woman (sorry, Stony fans, I will never ever like you ship). It simply can’t happen in MCU, so deal with it. Is that clear? I hope so. Just think about it before you freak out because all of the golden speech I will throw up here. Thanks!

They have a history. Um, yeah, let’s think it straight. They’re only members of Avengers, that have a history. I mean, they met at least once before start of the Avengers shit (Sorry, Fury, I love you). And it’s not something weak and cheesy and funny. It’s very serious. Tony trusted her, she betrayed. Sounds like a beginning of lovestory to you? Perfect. Because it is.

They fit together. Perfectly. They’re almost the same types of persons. Tough on the outside, fragile and weak in the inside. They’ve got the same issues with their history, what they’ve done to innocent people. Natasha is stronger, actually. A lot. He’s just dissapointed, because everybody he ever loved left him - his parents, Pepper, Rhodey got injured by his own invention. So, no surprise he’s just what he is. A  fragile person who wants to help people just so desperately. He wants to change himself, but he can’t, because if he did, it would kill him. And he still tries. How can anyone hate him? It’s almost reprehensible. He makes me feel like I must call animal rights activists right now, because puppies don’t deserve to suffer.

She cares about him. A lot.

1. Don’t you dare tell me you never noticed it. So, Iron Man 2. Yeah, as I said in the first paragraph, that’s when she acted like a dick to him. But it all has it’s meaning. But, before start of the birthday party Tony got, she actually didn’t want him to come, because she’d been worried about him. She knew all of the details of his palladium issue. And he knew it too, because he asked her one simple question: If it was your last birthday party you will ever get, what would you do? Gosh, he knew it. My poor baby knew that he’s going to die, if he doesn’t figure out something as soon as possible. And she knew that too, because she replaid with something completely straight: I would do whatever I wanted to do, with whoever I wanted to do it with. If you don’t saw that, then I don’t know. It was a message. She wanted him, and he wanted her, but he didn’t do that, because he already had some feelings for Pepper. Dammit, Tony, you were so dumb. What’s better than beautiful curvy redhead? Tell me what? Nothing.

2. In the first Avengers movie, it’s pretty rough between them. They don’t talk, because why the fuck would they have to. Other reference to beginning of a lovestory. They’re mad at each other. But, despite it, Natasha is the only one who worries about him. Everybody else’s just like „Yeah, he saved our asses, he saved our lovely NY, no more alliens, no more problems, no more government.” But also no more Stark. They were all so selfish, they didn’t think about the fact that they could lost him. They realized it later. Soon, but later. But Natasha didn’t. She knew it for all the time, she begged him to come on and she smiled when he was falling down from the sky. ADORABLE.

3. You know what? Age of Ultron broke my Ironwidow heart. I will never get over the fact that they put such a character like Natasha is into such a nonsense relationship like Brutasha is. There’s no logic, but fuck it. It would be a topic for another huge article. But, even she was crazy in love with Banner, it sparkled between her and Tony. Even they didn’t talk actually, there were sparks. Little looks, Tony’s teasing about her and Banner (he’s jealous, just sayin’). He didn’t forget, and neither did she, because it all grew up in Civil War.

4. Despite the fact that Civil War was absolute lack of everything I hoped for, and now I don’t mean just Ironwidow, it was a huge Tony/Nat container of feelings. I mean, it all repeated. Teasing (the couch scene was just hilarious, the way she spelled his name and looked at his ass with a slight smile when he stood up, SWEET JESUS), the fact that Tony touched his very bottom again and the „Are you okay?” scene was just a different way how to tell that  “I would do whatever I wanted to do, with whoever I wanted to do it with” thing, heartbreaking scene in front of the window, where she wants him to lay off his ego at least once (to think straight and don’t mess the conflict with their love - translation). And finally, the helicopter scen, where he talks to Friday. He says, that he imagined her as a redhead. If you’re not 1000% sure now, that he’s got a crush on her, I don’t know on what planet you’ve been living for last few years.

So, what do you think? Does Tony Stark have a deep crush on Natasha Romanoff, or it’s just my imagination? Tell me, please.

onew x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Onew (SHINee) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: Okay, I lied. I finished writing this one. It’s not as long as some of the others due to what the request was about, but I think it came out all cute and I like it that way! I hope you enjoy it. c: Again, same “i’m sick pls don’t shoot me if it sucks” applies here as well.

Summary: “for something more playful, how would you feel an onew scenario where he persistently asks you his gf to call him oppa but you simply refuse to do it to toy with him? thank you in advance!” - Anon

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requested by bee!

“Babe are you really sulking about this?” you laughed incredulously. 
“I’m not talking to you. Stop talking to me. Stop me talking to you.”

You burst out laughing again, earning you a stern look from Madam Pince.

“James,” you called in a sing-song voice. “James!”
“Shh, Y/N, I’m pretending I’ve never met you!”
“You wish you never met me,” you shot back, still giggling.

James huffed and turned away from you with a swish of his robes, hunching over and pretending to read a book. If he was really in a mood he would have left so you had no guilt whatsoever about continuing to prod him about it.

“All I said was that I think Remus would be an interesting boyfriend, not that you’re not! Just that he’d be more interesting. Like Sirius. Or Peter. Or S…” You drew out the ‘S’ sound, waiting for his reaction, and sure enough he turned back around to glare at you.
“If you say Ssseverus Sssnape I will never talk to you again and I will take…the Giant Squid to the ball. And snog it.”

You doubled over with laughter at your boyfriend’s indignant expression, almost crying from how hard you were laughing.

“I was going to say Steven Belby but now I am definitely saying Snape,” you managed to say, wiping at your eyes. “Go on, go and snog the Giant Squid. After you fish it out of the lake and squeeze it into a dress that fits them exactly right and matches your eyes,” you said with a wink.
“The Giant Squid wouldn’t treat me like this,” James said grumpily, sounding like a sulky child. 
“Awww, babe,” you laughed, sliding closer along the bench towards him.
“Don’t come near me,” he said. “I’m warning you, you don’t have anywhere near enough arms for me to want to look at you right now.”

But you continued sliding along until you were right next to him, then gazed up at him with innocent eyes.

“James, you’re killing me, I miss you,” you said in an innocent voice, fluttering your eyelashes.

He didn’t reply, although you saw him look quickly at you out of the corner of his eyes, so you put one hand on his arm and slowly slid it upwards, wrapping your fingers around his neck and pulling gently so he finally turned to look at you. His expression said he was still trying to be mad but it was failing and you wanted to grin out of success.

“Can the Giant Squid do this though?” you asked, then leaned up and kissed him.

You could tell he had been waiting for it as he didn’t hesitate at all to return it, finally turning his body towards you as he placed one hand on your back and pulled you closely towards him, the other one going through your hair and tucking it behind your ear.

“The Giant Squid would be way less of a pain in my ass,” he said when you broke apart, both smiling, “but what’s the fun in that?”

melanie martinez & g collab would be so dope i mean i heard her next album is suppose to be bout the people of crybaby’s town & we could possibly fit g in there as some character & have him rap on a track about some real dark serious shit.
kinda like her songs “dollhouse”, “tag you’re it”, “milk & cookies”, it sounds sweet like a happy innocent childhood but it’s actually about the realest shit ever.. idk jus my thought @ michael keenan make this happen pleaseee :)

DA:I - German Companions

Have you ever wondered how your favourite companions sound to players from another country? Here’s the answer from Germany :D

A short compilation of all 9 companions (and my Tamlen, of course… and Krem, because he was around as well in one scene).

Tagging @lindira who was curious :D

And I’m also really curious about what you think!!! Which companion’s German voice surprised you the most/ which do you like best/ which doesn’t fit at all?

Low Quality Pictures

Fandom: Attack on Titan

Pairing: Eren/Jean

Rating: Teen and Up

Words: 2036

Chapter: 1/?

Summary: A stupid story of Jean falling in love with the guy who decided to leave stupid pictures of himself on all of the tester phones in the Apple store.

[Read on ao3]

In all honesty, everything could have been avoided if Jean had just listened to Marco’s advice and bought a better case for his phone while he had the chance. Still, he’d somehow ended up in his bedroom staring at his fallen phone, the screen completely shattered.

“Shit,” he swore under his breath, retrieving the phone from the floor, careful not to cut himself on the glass. He held the phone closer to his face, inspecting it. The entire screen was wrecked to the point where he’d probably cut his entire finger just trying to unlock it. Jean let out a loud groan because, as usual, Marco was right, he should have just bought a better case, but he’d be damned if he’d let Marco know it. He threw on the nearest jacket and grabbed the keys to his car before heading out of the door.

It was pretty childish, even for Jean, to immediately spend money on fixing his phone just for the sake of proving his friend wrong. Still, he found himself in his car driving to the nearest store in which he could have his phone repaired. His face was contorted into the most annoyed scowl he could muster the entire time and it didn’t help that his phone kept playing his text tone, though he wasn’t receiving any messages.

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Dream Job | Part 3  (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You finally get the job you’ve always wanted, but then you get drunk and accidentally sleep with Luke Hemmings, who you’re about to be spending a lot of time with.

Part 1 Part 2


It had been a couple of weeks since your first day on the job and since you agreed to be fuck buddies with Luke, and what a week it had been. In between writing sessions with some of your favorite musical artists - Alex Gaskarth, and the Madden brothers so far - and different groups of the boys, actually beginning to record some of the music they had previously written, and sneaking off with Luke every once in a while, you went home exhausted and happy every night. Then, you woke up every morning feeling refreshed and excited about going back to work.

Today, you were extra excited though because Feldy was going to be gone for his son’s soccer game and he had trusted you enough to produce the first demo of one of the songs that the boy’s had recently finished writing. Of course, it wasn’t the final version and the boys would mainly be running the session by themselves, but it was something.

You had an extra spring to your step as you walked into the kitchen to search for something to eat quickly before heading out. “Well you look happy today! Any particular reason why?” Lacey asked you, waggling her eyebrows up and down at you when you turned around to sit down next to her at the table with a bagel in hand.

You had had to tell someone about your setup with Luke, and Lacey was the obvious choice, but every chance she got she made fun of you for it. “I’m just excited to be producing something on my own for the first time ever today.”

“No other reason?” She replied, giving you her best innocent look, “Not even say, getting to spend time with an incredibly attractive boy who wants to fuck your brains out at any given moment.” 

You rolled your eyes, and shoved her shoulder while she burst out in giggles, “Fuck off, Lace.” You pulled on your shoes, and made your way out the door shaking your head as you heard Lacey still giggling to herself. 

Of course, the fact that you got to sleep with Luke was an added bonus, and as you walked to the nearest bus stop you couldn’t help but let a grin slide onto your face as you thought of the escapades you two had been involved in in the last week. It was some of the most amazing sex you’ve had in your life, and so far you’d only been able to have quickies in the short breaks that had matched up between the two of you.

There was just something about the way you two fit so perfectly together that made it work so well. Already, he knew exactly how your body worked and reacted, even though your trysts had been limited. He knew that biting his lip never failed to make you wet, and he put that knowledge to very good use, he also knew just where to place his fingers inside of you to get you to cum, and how you liked when he kept your bodies close together while having sex so that you could feel all of him.

Of course there were things you knew about Luke too. You knew that Luke got turned on when you played with his hair, and that he had a spot on his collarbone that caused him to lose control if you ran your teeth across it, and countless other things about Luke that you had learned while pressed up against him in a bathroom.

There were other things that you noticed about him too, that weren’t just about the bedroom. You noticed how he was the most comfortable with a guitar in his hands, how he crinkled his nose when he laughed, and how when he was frustrated he would pull on the ends of his hair. You noticed how he would do anything for his bandmates, and that they were more like his brothers than his friends. He was also quite a funny guy, but because he was one of the quieter ones in the band sometimes his wittiness got lost in the voices of others.

You had been thinking about all these things without even realizing that you had directed yourself to the house on autopilot, and let yourself in. You made your way into the kitchen thinking about the time that Luke had accidentally thrust too hard, and made you hit your head against the towel rack in the bathroom, making you both burst into laughter at the situation, “What are you smiling about Y/N, it’s like eight in the morning.” 

You glanced over at the kitchen counter, following where the voice had come from. All four boys were lined up, still in their pajamas looking sleepy, and each hunched over a bowl of cereal. “Well, today is the day that I get you boys all to myself!” You stated, making your way to stand across from them.

Before you could even think about how that sounded, Mikey’s head snapped up, “If you wanted us alone Y/N, all you had to do was ask.” He said, winking at you. Luke had been sitting next to him, and punched him on the thigh, briefly looking up to catch your eye before retreating back to his cereal bowl.

“Mikey, only in your dreams would we ever be alone in that way.” You told him, furthering the pout on his lip that had been placed there when Luke punched him, “Now we have a lot of work to get done today, so hurry up and finish your breakfast and then go put on some clothes that don’t have animated characters on them.” Looking pointedly at Luke, who was currently wearing Simpsons boxers.

The boys grumbled, standing up to put their dishes in the dishwasher before heading up the stairs. Luke was the last one to head out, and when he walked past you he whispered in your ear, “You weren’t complaining the other day when I was wearing just these boxers, while eating you out.” A shiver ran down your spine as he grinned back at you before heading up the stairs. That boy was going to be the death of you.

When the boys came back downstairs, cleaned up and ready to go, you had to consciously make an effort not to let out a moan at the sight of Luke. He was wearing his favorite red flannel, but rather than just layering over a black tshirt like he usually did, it was buttoned up about three-fourths of the way with nothing underneath, showing off his chest that was toned from playing the guitar. He also had on a black snapback, and there was a silver necklace hanging around his neck that made you want to grab onto it and pull him in for a kiss.

Luke had known what he was doing to you when he put on this outfit, and if the fact that he was chewing on his bottom lip while looking at you was any indication of what his plans were for you today, then you were in for a day of torture. But today was not the day for his games, because you had a point to prove and this was your career you were talking about.

So you composed yourself and addressed the boys, “Okay, so today we are going to be starting the recording process on permanent vacation. Obviously we are going to track the instruments first, but I think that’ll only take a couple of takes and then if we get the instruments layered together in a way that you like I want to work on the verses. So Luke and Ashton if we get that far you guys pretty much will have the day off to do what you want.”

The boys nodded, jostling in to each other as they ran for the basement stairs, you following quickly behind. Ashton was already in place when you got situated, as he was to be recorded first so the boys had something to follow. The other three boys taking their place behind you. “Alright Ash, let’s get this going.” You said, with a nervous smile.

Everything was going incredibly well for your first time recording, the boys were even cooperating with you and offering their advice on certain things. They were screwing around a lot less than they usually did with Feldy. Of course they also knew that this was your first time really doing this, and they wanted it to go well for you.  You had gotten all of the boys’ parts recorded, and when you had put them all together it had gelled together really nicely. 

Of course it would need additional parts to make the song come together, but that wouldn’t be put in until the final edit was ready. The boys had been listening to the instrumental of the song, and they really seemed to like it. “Y/N, that’s badass. We can definitely start recording the vocal parts.” Michael told you after the song finished.

The three others agreed, “Thanks guys, umm…I want to start with Mikey first. So Ashton and Luke you two are done for the day, and Cal you can go do whatever you want and I’ll come get you when I finish with him.” You said, motioning towards Michael.

Cal and Ash took off up the stairs, racing each other to go do god knows what, but Luke stayed down in the basement, sprawled out on the couch and scrolling through his phone. He looked innocent enough, so you told him to stay quiet and don’t interrupt under any circumstances, and then you flipped back to start recording.

The vocals weren’t going as well as the instrumentation had, and you could feel yourself getting frustrated. It wasn’t Mikey’s fault, but the way he was singing just didn’t seem to fit the song. It sounded like it was for two completely different songs and you didn’t know what to do. You had hit a point of desperation before dropping your head against the sound board, being careful to avoid hitting any buttons.

You were considering giving up, when you felt a presence leaning against the sound board next to your head. You opened one eye, and saw Luke’s long legs next to you, “Need some help there?” He asked. You sighed, and looked back up at him before putting on your best puppy dog face and nodding. “Put your lip back in, your sad flop onto the counter already got me to help.” He chuckled as he said this, pulling up the other chair and sitting down next to you, before talking to Michael through the microphone.

With Luke’s help you made a little bit more progress, but it still wasn’t going all that great. You had gotten part of the verse recorded, but there was a part in the middle that just wasn’t working. Everyone was frustrated, and it felt like you weren’t getting anything done, so Luke suggested everyone take a break and you and Michael quickly agreed.

Mikey excused himself to go upstairs and get some lunch, since he had worked right through lunch time. Luke had spun his chair so that it was facing yours, and he had a gleam in his eye that told you exactly what he wanted, “Not now Luke, I need to focus on what’s going wrong with this recording.” You were rubbing your hands up and down your face, to try and get rid of the headache you felt coming on.

“Princess, that’s exactly the problem. You need to relax, and just let things happen. Trust me, sometimes you just need to take a break and come back to it, and suddenly things will fall into place or you’ll know what to do to make it better.” He pulled your hands off of your face, and got you into a standing position, “Now come on, I know for a fact that Cal and Ashton went out for a swim, and Mikey is in the kitchen which means we have a clear shot to my bedroom.”

You couldn’t really say no to that proposition, you two hadn’t gotten to have sex in his bed since the first night you met. You two ran to his room like lunatics, laughing the whole way. When you got to his room, Luke shut the door behind you and locked it so no one else could come in. Then, he walked you back so you were laying on the bed, with your legs hanging off the side, “I’m going to make you feel so good Princess.”

He ran his hands up your legs, rubbing circles on your upper thighs right below where your shorts fell on your body making you let out a little groan at how good it felt. His calloused fingers touching your soft skin, rough against smooth. Then he unbuttoned your pants, pulling them down in one fell swoop, letting out a groan when he realized you weren’t wearing any underwear, “Really, Princess?”

You giggled at him, “I didn’t want any underwear lines!” He shook his head at you before running his fingers through your folds, feeling just how wet you were already. He was taking his sweet time in pleasuring you, slowly rubbing  up and down your slit, before finally pressing one finger inside of you. “Mmm, baby, your fingers are so long.” You groaned, as he slowly pumped just one finger in and out, brushing against a different part of your walls each time.

When he entered a second finger in, you tried to thrust your hips onto his fingers faster, but he quickly held your hips down, “Just relax Princess, let me show you how good you can feel.” You whimpered throwing your arms over your eyes, as you tried to focus on how it felt, and not on how you couldn’t move your hips.

Luke looked up at you, taking pity at how desperate you looked with your head thrown back and your arms covering your eyes. So he leaned down and sucked your clit into his mouth, “Lukee.” You moaned out. Hearing his name fall from between your beautiful lips, encouraged him to get you to say it again.

He started thrusting his fingers a little bit faster, before entering a third making your walls stretch and giving you intense pleasure. You were breathing out his name again and again, as you felt the knot in your stomach getting tired. Luke could tell that you were getting closer, so he threw your legs over his shoulders, and buried his head deeper in between your legs.

You dropped your hands down to his head, and tangled them in his hair giving it a quick pull, causing Luke to groan which sent vibrations directly to your core. Your hips were bucking, Luke unable to keep you still anymore as he was kitten licking your clit. Your vision was going blurry at the intense pleasure Luke was causing, and your thighs were trembling.

Luke felt your stomach tighten, and curled his fingers inside of you while simultaneously laying his tongue flat against your clit, making you scream out completely forgetting that Michael was still in the house and Calum and Ashton were just outside.

Your pleasure started in your toes, making them curl, and traveled through your whole body even to your very fingertips. You were shaking and you felt your eyes roll back into your head, as Luke was lapping up your release. Your head was clear, as the only thing you could focus on was how good Luke was making you feel with his face pressed between your legs.

As you came down, suddenly an idea popped into your head, and you sat up in time to see Luke wiping your juices off of his mouth. He looked shock at how alert you were, “Oh my god Luke! I just realized what I need to do to fix that recording.” 

You were pulling on your shorts, as Luke stood there in shock, “Wait, Y/N you can’t just leave me like this.” He pleaded with you desperately, motioning towards the tent in his pants.

“I’m sorry Luke, I swear I’ll make it up to you later, but I’ve gotta go fix this right now or it’s all I’ll be able to think about!” You told him, rushing out the door as he flopped back down on the bed with a groan, realizing he was going to have to deal with this himself.

 You had found Michael sitting downstairs playing video games, and rushed him back in the studio with a new found confidence. With your new idea he breezed through the verses, finally getting them to sound how they should’ve in the first place. Then, you called Calum down and he flew through his verses getting them just how you wanted. All in all it was a pretty successful day.

When you had finished in the studio, you headed upstairs and when you got up there you looked out the window to find Luke hanging out alone next to the pool, he had changed into shorts and a t-shirt but his flannel was still slung over his shoulders and he had his feet dipped in the water, a guitar in his hand, and a paper and pencil next to him.

You headed out there, and took off your shoes before sitting down next to him and placing your feet in the water. He looked over at you, continuing to strum a melody you hadn’t heard yet, and when he saw it was you a small smile graced his features, “How did recording go?”

Your face lit up at the mention of your work, “It went amazing Luke! You were totally right about needing to take a break and clear my mind. We finally got Michael’s part just right, and Cal’s part sounds amazing too. I do think we are going to need a few harmonies thrown in, but it’s really coming together.”

“Well, I’ll take my thank you gift any time.” Luke said, his eye dropping in a wink and making you laugh.

“Shut up, Lucas.”

“Ohh, not the full name,” he pulled a face like he was terrified, you tried to push him over, but he hardly budged an inch, making him laugh your favorite laugh of his where his nose crinkled up. 

The two of you sat in silence, except for the soft sounds of Luke’s guitar playing. You were admiring the sunset before looking over at Luke whose eye’s were already on you but when you looked back his quickly flickered away. “What are you working on?” You said quietly, not wanting to break the peacefulness of the moment.

He shrugged, “I don’t really know, it’s kind of just a song that’s been coming to me on and off over the past week or so, but it’s not really all that good yet. I’ll let you know if it turns into anything.” Luke closed his book, and pulled his guitar off of his shoulders laying it behind them.

Luke’s shoulder brushed against yours, causing a shiver to run up your spine, and Luke must have noticed, “Are you cold?”

You didn’t know what to say, so you just nodded and he quickly took off his flannel and draped it around your shoulders. It smelled just like him, and was warm from being around his body. You wrapped it tightly around your body, but not because you were cold because it felt safe to you. You tilted your head up, and your nose brushed against Luke’s because of how close you were to each other.

His eyes were flickering from your eyes to your lips, and he was just about to lean down and kiss you, when you jumped up, and ducked your head, “Uh, sorry, I just remembered I have to be home I promised Lacey I would, uh, help her clean the house.” 

You turned and ran before Luke could say anything else, you didn’t mean to leave so abruptly, but the way Luke was looking at you, and the way that it made you feel triggered an instant panic inside your body. This was a strictly no feelings relationship, and you wanted to keep it that way.

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Part 4

Being the new girl (Luke imagine) part 3


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Part 1, Part 2

It’s been a week since Luke and I broke up, or at least since we stopped talking to each other (using the term ‘break-up’ would insinuate that we were in fact dating, which, officially, we never were). School hasn’t changed a bit, a fact I’m not sure whether I feel happy or sad about. We didn’t talk or interact with each other around other people then, and we’re not doing it now.

The one thing that hurts the most about losing him is the feeling of being alone. Whenever I was at home – after school or at weekends – Luke would text or call or even show up at my door, and always make me smile. Now I simply sit locked up in my room, by myself, staring at my phone.

One week ago I blocked his number so that he couldn’t text or call me, and for one whole week I’d been forcing myself not to unblock him. I didn’t even necessarily want to contact him, I just wanted to know whether or not he’d tried to contact me.

“Don’t give in to it [Y/N]…” my best friend [Y/F/N] says, seizing my phone. “You’ll only hurt yourself more!”

“I know I shouldn’t, I just… I can’t believe he hasn’t even tried to talk to me…” I say with a broken voice.

“Well, that’s not entirely true…” [Y/F/N] says sheepishly. I look at her in shock.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Eh… I guess you could say that he might have come up to me after school a few days ago, begging me to tell you to talk to him…” she mumbles. I gasp and stare at her. She smiles apologetically.

“What’d you tell him?” I ask still shocked.

“I told him that I couldn’t do that, if he wanted you to talk to him, he’d just have to wait for you to talk to him!” I nod. “I’m sorry [Y/N]… I should have told you sooner, I just didn’t want to upset you more” she adds sadly.

“It’s okay… I get it!” I smile weakly to make her feel better. “He shouldn’t have put you in that situation”

“I know you miss him…” I shrug.

“I can’t really blame anyone but myself… I should have known, you know?”

“Don’t say that! None of this is your fault!” I nod, trying to convince myself she’s right.


“Are you [Y/N]?” I turn around, facing a tall, lanky guy with curly hair and a goofy smile plastered on his face. I know he’s one of Luke’s friends and I’m pretty sure his name is Ashton.

“Eh, yeah I am”

“Cool, Luke asked me to give you this!” he says handing me a note. I give him a puzzled look.

“He did?” Ashton only nods and I take the folded piece of paper. I open it slowly and read the message.

'I asked Ashton to give you this since you refuse to speak to me. I want to talk to you… I feel awful about what happened! I never wanted to hurt you… Would you please talk to me? - Luke’ I stare at the note, then up at Ashton who gives me a questioning look. Is it possible that Luke finally told someone?

“Did… Did you read this?” he shakes his head.


“What exactly did he say… I mean, when he asked you to give me this note?” I ask, doing my best to sound innocent.

“Eh nothing really… He just said that you’re doing a science project together, but he didn’t have time to give it to you, I guess” Ashton says shrugging.

“A science project…?” suddenly it feels like someone had hit me in the chest, causing all the air to leave my lungs.

“Yeah…” Ashton says, he must think I’m being totally weird.

“Right! Silly me…” I say faking a laugh. “By the way, could you please tell him the project’s off? The two components we were mixing, they just didn’t fit together, so I gave up… Would you mind telling him that? Oh and, if he really wanted those two components to work together, he should have tried doing something for himself, instead of letting everybody else work on the project for him!” Ashton raises an eyebrow, but nods.

“I’ll make sure to tell him…” he walks away.


“He asked Ashton to give you a note..? [Y/F/N] asks, as if she can’t believe what she’s hearing. “And he told him it was for a science project?”


“Wow, he really did hit a new low didn’t he…” she murmurs, looking disgusted.

“It’s like he’s trying to hurt me… I mean he must have known I would find out that he never told Ashton the truth…”

“I’m sure he’s not purposely trying to make you feel bad…” [Y/F/N] says comforting, but we both know she’s lying.

“Why else would he do something like that?” I exclaim.

“Because he’s an idiot! Just as he was an idiot for lying to you in the first place!”

“That’s the thing though… He’s not an idiot! He played me and lied to me and he got away with it…” I say with a thick voice.

“I loved your response though, real sassy!” [Y/F/N] says, quickly changing the subject, trying to make me smile. I give her a halfhearted smirk, hoping it’ll suffice.

Apparently it does because she doesn’t continue. I look at her and see her staring behind me. I turn around to see what caught her attention. Without warning, Luke pushes me up against the lockers, crashing his lips into mine. He kisses me fiercely, holding my face with his hands.

After a few seconds he pulls away slightly.

“I want the components to work together!” he says quietly, yet clearly. “The ball is in your court now…”

Facial ~ With Visuals!!

hullo could u do a pref where they cum on ur face? like them asking u if they can or u asking them to do it? thank u ilysm

Michael - “Please, (Y/N)? Just this once, I promise!” Michael whined, brushing your hair back as you bobbed your head with his length deep in your throat. You and Michael did almost any and everything together as a couple, including watching porn. Recently the two of you had watched a film where the guy came onto the girls face, ever since Michael had been on your case asking you if you’d let him try it too. You tried being open minded but didn’t particularly feel like having to clean his mess off your face right after. “Fine.” you sighed reluctantly. Grinning from ear to ear, Michael pulled his cock from your mouth, wrapping his hand around his spit covered length and pumping quickly. Leaning in to lick just the tip, you could feel him throbbing even under your tongue. “‘M close, open your mouth,” Michael directed between pants. Doing as he asked, you tilted your head back, opening your mouth wide. Closing your eyes and waiting to feel his sticky liquid spew onto your face, you closed your mouth for a moment, the exact moment you heard Michael moan particularly loud. Feeling a stream of his liquid come in contact with your skin, right under your eye, you opened your mouth again and tilted your head back, hoping to catch it this time in your mouth. Feeling another splash against your face, this time right above your mouth, slipping down onto your tongue while Michael finished in your mouth. Once you were sure he was done you pulled away and looked up at him, wiping the leftovers off your chin. “You look so fucking hot,” he admired. “Even with your cum on my face?” you joked. “Especially with my cum on your face,” he replied, kissing you on the forehead and offering to clean you up.

Luke - Stripping off your remaining clothes, you swung a leg over Luke’s chest, awkwardly scooting back until you were over his mouth while your mouth was over his erection. This was the first time you two had tried a 69 position. Allowing Luke to hesitantly pull you closer to his mouth, you gripped his length, pressing a kiss to his tip as he pressed on to your lower lips. Pushing your head down, you slowly took in all of his length while he spread your lips with the tip of his tongue. Once you’d successfully had all of Luke’s length in your mouth, you let your hands fall to his sac, massaging him as he held you against his tongue with his strong hands. Moaning onto one another, you encouraged each other to keep going. As you bobbed your head at a steady pace, Luke found the same rhythm, licking stripes from your entrance to your clit and back again. Rocking against Luke’s face, you were in too much pleasure to focus on him, one hand lazily pumped his cock while the other squeezed his sac every now and then when he would nip at your clit. Propping yourself up with your hands squeezing Luke’s thighs, you bit into your lip as you let out consistent moans, still riding his face as he continued lapping at your core. “Like this, princess?” he asked, pulling away for a moment. “Mmm, yes, Luke, don’t stop, keep going,” you exhaled, trying to focus reaching your climax. Hearing your response, Luke chuckled, his tongue still pressed flat against your clit as you came, juices slipping onto his mouth as he licked you clean. Rolling off of him, you positioned yourself between his legs, placing his length back in your mouth, you continued squeezing his balls as you bobbed your head once again, only stopping when you pulled away from you. “Uh, (Y/N)?” he asked uncomfortably. “Hmm?” “Can I um,” he paused, fidgeting with the bracelets on his wrist. “Can I uh, cum on your face?” he asked, glancing up quickly before shooting his eyes back down. “Sure,” you replied, helping to boost his confidence. Sitting up on your knees, you held onto Luke’s thighs. You watched as he aligned the tip of his dick over your nose and beginning to pump. Watching Luke’s face intently, his eyes squeezed shut, following his lead, you opened your mouth just as he let a stream of his cum spill over from your cheek to the bridge of your nose. Opening your eyes, you watched as he let another glob of his liquid fall onto your chin, just missing your mouth while a string of the white liquid attached from your tongue to his covered hands, still pumping away. Dropping his length, he stuck his cum covered fingers in your mouth, praising you as you cleaned off his long fingers.

Ashton - You lazily pumped Ashton’s cock while he laid back in bed, playing with your messy hair from the night before. Holding his length in one hand, the other was desperately trying to plunge two of your fingers deeper into your dripping pussy. Becoming flustered with trying to do both things at once, you released his length, slapping up against his stomach once you had. Looking down to see why you’d stopped, Ashton grinned as he watched you try to get yourself off; to no avail. “Don’t just fucking watch, help me!” you whined. Sitting up, Ashton reached his arms under your thighs, pulling you towards him. Removing your hand, Ashton dipped his own fingers in, arching them so they brushes against your g-spot and immediately pulling away after hearing you cry out. Climbing over you, he propped himself up on his elbows, his forehead pressed against yours, eyes locked as he slowly thrusted into you. Moaning his name, he silenced you by slipping his tongue into your mouth, moaning into the kiss himself, arousing you even more. “A-ash?” you sighed. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked, watching you intently. “F-faster,” you stuttered, trying to catch your breath. Answering your pleas, Ashton pushed himself up so that he was on his knees and your ass was lifted of the bed. Pushing your legs back so that your knees touched your shoulder, Ashton pumped diligently until you crumbled underneath him. Still pumping after you came, you tried to clench around Ashton, bringing him closer to his own orgasm. Feeling him began to throb inside you, you sat up when he pulled out. Pushing you back down on your back, Ashton climbed up you body, his dick poking at your chin. “I’m gonna cum on your face babygirl, is that okay?” he asked for permission before carrying out his actions. Nodding your head, you felt the first stream of his warm liquid land on your forehead, sliding down between your eyebrows, making you giggle. Tossing your head to the side to laugh, you let out a small scream as you felt another warm load splash onto the side of your face and partially on your eye. Hearing Ashton’s groans come to an end, you opened your eyes to see him grin and burst into a fit of laughter himself. Once the two of you had stopped giggling, you rolled off  the bed, announcing you were going to clean up as Ashton gave your ass a quick smack.

Calum - “Why do you keep looking at me like that?” you asked Calum, snapping him out of his trance. “Like what?” he asked innocently. “Like your about to push me against a wall and fuck me.” you replied. “I wouldn’t mind that,” he teased, lifting your shirt a bit. “You know, I think you have really nice boobs.” he eyed your chest, continuing to lift the material. “Sorry, that sounded douchy.” he apologized, catching on to your uncomfort. Taking the shirt from his hands, you quickly lifted it over your head, discarding it on the ground. Pushing him back on the couch, you straddled his waist, playing with his hair while he undid your bra. “Horny?” you asked, feeling him poking through his sweatpants. “Mmm, yep.” he replied, rolling your nipples around his fingers. Letting him have his fun for a bit, you gently removed his hands from your chest and slid down his body, pulling the black sweats with you. Pulling down his boxers, you rolled your eyes when he had beat you to pumping his length, still watching your chest. “Wanna try something?” he asked. “Sure,” you agreed. “Get on your knees.” Standing from the couch, you slid your own sweatpants down your legs, now only in your panties. Watching Calum, he stood from the couch, discarding his shirt and standing in front of you with his length in hand. “Alright, if you don’t want to do it, just say so.” he waited for your response. “Okay,” “Push your boobs together.” he demanded. Watching him pump his hand, you pressed yours to the sides of your breasts, pushing them so they were pressed against each other. Bending down a bit, you watch as Calum split the space between your breast with his cock. “Here, lay on your back, babe.” he said, grabbing a pillow for you to lay your head on. Straddling your middle, he returned to his place between your breasts, thrusting ever so slightly. Holding your breasts, you kept your tongue out so his tip would brush against it when he thrusted. Clearly enjoying it all, he thrusted a little harder, moving your hands out the way and replacing them with his own. Keeping yourself busy, you began to massage his sac, allowing his groans to dip deeper in tone. “Fuck, keep doing that baby.” he groaned, thrusting a little harder. His grip on your breasts getting stronger, you began to feel his cock twitch. “I’m gonna cum, fuck,” he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” he moaned as he came, shooting cum straight into your face. Finishing off on your breasts, you swiped your finger across, collecting some of the warm liquid. “Such a good girl, we can do whatever you want, baby.” Calum admired, his eyes filled with pleasure.

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Jumping Around (Mikey)

“Y/n!” you heard four boys screamed as they ran into your house without bothering to knock. You rolled your eyes with a sigh and before you knew it you were squished down into the couch you were laying on with all four of them on top of you. “Hi baby” Mikey whispered as he nuzzled his face into your neck. “Gross” Luke mumbled. You were laughing to hard to respond to either of them. 

Somebody cleared their throat from across the room. “Alright. Enough of that” your older brother, Jack, said. One by one the boys climbed off the couch until it was just you and Mikey left. “I think I’ll keep this one” you joked as you wrapped your arms around him. It was no secret that you and Mikey were a couple, neither of you could actually keep a secret. “Very funny y/n. Alex is on his way over and we’re going to write some stuff with these lads” Jack told you. Your older brother and his friend Alex were in All Time Low and frequently hung out with the 5SOS boys. They thought of them as their younger brothers and were constantly calling them such. “Oi, let them go. Mikey is nearly useless when he’s thinking about her, he goes all puppy dog eyes and sometimes I think he starts drooling” Calum stated. “I don’t drool” Mikey tried to defend himself. You watched Jack close his eyes and take a deep breath “I almost hate that you fell for the one that is most like me”. 

“I see our mini me’s are already here” you heard Alex say as he sauntered into the room. Jack threw his hands up in the air out of exasperation. “NOBODY KNOCKS ANYMORE, DO THEY? First I walk in on y/n under a pile of boys and then you just wander in” Jack directed his words at Alex. “Well the door was open bro…” Alex trailed off. Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath “You guys didn’t close the door? I hate having to be a responsible adult” Jack stated. “I closed the door” Alex offered. “And you two, take a breath or something” Jack said looking at you and Mikey and ignoring Alex. You were connected at the lips and, to be honest, you forgot there were other people in the room. 

Jack walked over and peeled Mikey off of you. “Come on. We’re going to work on some music” Jack sighed. You reached out dramatically for Mikey causing the boys to laugh. “I’ll see you again. Maybe in another life, but I will make my way back to you” Mikey made a dramatic speech as Jack pulled him away. You tried to hold back your giggles and keep the dramatic act going but it just wasn’t possible. “I love watching you two interact” Alex laughed. “It get’s old really fast” Ashton said as they walked away leaving you laying on the couch.

About an hour later you were laying on your bed with your eyes closed listening to music. Suddenly you felt the bed shift under the weight of another person crawling into your bed. “If this is anybody but Mikey I swear I will rip your soul from your body” you said without opening your eyes. “I love when you talk like that” you heard Mikey joke over the sound of your music. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed your neck as he plucked an earbud from your ear. “What are you listening to?” he asked. “Brand New” he answered himself and you opened your eyes to see his smile of approval.

“What are you doing up here?” you asked. “Aren’t you supposed to be writing?” you added. “Apparently I actually drool over the thought of being near you. I’m kidding, but I guess I really do get those sad puppy dog eyes. Calum kicked me out” Mikey laughed. You smiled, you loved the way his eyes lit up when he laughed. “Jack was okay with that?” you asked him. “I don’t know if okay is the proper word. Very slightly irritated maybe” he answered. “I think it’s funny when he goes all protective big brother. It’s so different than his normal self” you told Mikey. “I’m glad you find it entertaining” Mikey smiled and pecked you on the lips. 

“Oh my god! You know what we could do?!” you exclaimed suddenly as you sat up. Mikey took a deep breath “What could we do y/n?”. “Well you know Easy A, right?” you asked knowingly. “Yes, I believe you made me watch it 4 times.. last week” Mikey joked. “Dude, we’ve only ever watched it twice at most” you giggled. “But you know the scene.. at the party” you started. Mikey cut you off there “No. We are not doing that”. “You don’t even know what I was going to say” you pouted. “You were going to say we should jump on the bed and make sex noises to freak Jack out. Which would work especially well because the boys are in the room right below us” he said. You smirked “You’re good at this”. 

You stood up on your bed. “Come on, take your shoes off” you instructed him. “No way, Jack will kill me” Mikey said as he crossed his arms. “Well I’m doing it anyway” you said defiantly. You started to jump gently, ready to work your way up to jumping and moaning like a crazy person. As your jumping increased you looked Mikey dead in the eyes and let out a soft moan knowing it would get to him. “Don’t do this to me y/n” he said. “Then join me” you stated. You watched Mikey kick of his shoes and join you in jumping on the bed. “Oh yea” you moaned loudly. “Fuck me” Mikey said with a cheeky grin. 

You started to jump quicker and moan more frequently. Mikey was adding breathless but loud phrases consisting of “You feel so great baby girl”, “Say my name. I need to hear you say my name”, and “That’s it princess”. You had to have been doing this for less than ten minutes when you heard footsteps thundering up the stairs. Your door flung open and Jack was there looking like he was ready to rip you apart.

You collapsed onto your bed in a fit of giggles pulling Mikey down with you. “What the FUCK” Jack yelled. You gave him a smile and batted your eyelashes, trying to look innocent. Within the next couple of seconds the rest of the boys were crowded behind Jack, Alex looking almost as angry as Jack was and the 5SOS lads laughing but everybody looked equally confused. “We were just jumping on the bed” you said. “I told you” Ashton said from the back of the crowd. “Yea, they don’t actually sound like that” Calum added giving you a cheeky grin. You met his gaze with a glare. 

While Jack was full on focused on Mikey who was laughing at Calum’s comment Alex’s eyes shifted between the both of you. Finally he shrugged “They seem innocent to me”. “Oh thanks for the defense, Lex” you said, sometimes it felt like you really had four older brothers instead of one. Alex shot you a look because of the use of the nickname but then smiled and shook his head. Jack looked over at you and you put on your biggest smile and made a heart with your hands.

“You give me a headache” Jack finally spoke. “What’s a little sister for?” you asked. “Are we just going to ignore Calum’s comment?” Luke asked. “Luke” you warned. “Because it is true” he added. You sighed and looked over at Mikey. He gave you a look and shrugged as if to say “Well it is actually true”. You shook your head at him letting him know that he wasn’t helping. “Alright” you heard Alex say from the doorway. “Let’s go back to work” he said, ushering the 5SOS lads back down the stairs. Jack lingered back from the group. “We’re going to have a talk later” he said before he followed the rest of the guys down the stairs. “And your door stays open!” he shouted back at you.

“I’m going to have to have a sex talk with Jack now” you sighed, flopping back down onto your bed. “That was your own fault” Mikey reminded you. “I know. It was funny though” you smiled. “It was kind of funny” Mikey admitted as he leaned down next to you. You reached over and tangled your fingers in his hair as you pulled him in for a kiss. “So worth it” you mumbled when you pulled away from him to take a breath.

“We should hang a left, we haven’t turned left in a while,” his deep, scratchy voice came from next to her, a cloud of warm air appearing before his scruffy face. She paused at the center of the fork in the corn maze, double-taking both options. Her hands cupped around a lukewarm styrofoam cup of hot chocolate, she began to stride right despite his wishes. He switched his gaze from his desired path to the scene of her sweater-clad body walking away from him and trudged after.
“I saw light coming from this way!” She hollered from in front of him. He grasped his own cup of hot chocolate with one hand and shoved his free hand into the depths of his jeans’ pocket.
“You better be right or we’ll end up like that guy,” he said in frustration, nodding at a properly over-stuffed scare crow at the end of their hall of corn stalks.
“Ah come on, don’t tell me you’re scared…” She chuckled, chunking her cup into a conveniently placed trash can and taking off in a sprint. He halted and admired her running figure in a sleepy stupor before tossing his own cup and reluctantly jogging after her, cautiously eyeing the scarecrow as he passed.
He followed her around the next left turn and slowed his pace, realizing she’d disappeared.
“Of course,” he mumbled under his breath, spinning in a small circle in attempt to find her. He tugged the ends of his jacket around his hands and shoved them under his arms. Jumping at a tiny, poorly hidden giggle in the corn before him, he scoffed and jogged toward the source.
“Dude, seriously, this is how every scary movie starts. If a kid comes out here with a rake or something, you’re on your own,” he announced, anxiety clouding his brain.
He spun at the sound of something dropping behind him, only to find a freshly thrown rock on the path. Sighing, he turned back around to find her smug face aimed up toward his, hands innocently behind her back and giggling.
“Gotcha,” she said smoothly, placing her hands in his and softly pecking his lips. Unconvinced of her sudden appearance, he pressed a finger into her side, causing her to jolt and giggle away from his touch.
“Just making sure you’re not like, evil or dead or anything,” he said between tickles, her body contorting in a cute fit of guffaws. He finally grabbed her hips and pulled her body flush with his, pausing to meet her eyes before pressing his lips to hers, clouds of condensed warm air rising above their connected bodies.

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Preference #2 Your Brother Catches You With Your Secret 5SOS Boyfriend (Lashton)


ASHTON: “You sure he won’t be home for another hour?” Michael asked nervous, letting go of you. You just rolled your eyes and let him into your room. “Yes, I am! He’s out with Harry and Lauren” you told Michael trying to make him relax a little. A loud sigh escaped his mouth. “Ok if you say so…”. Too annoyed from all the talking, you decided to just kiss him with the hope of making this conversation finally end. Fortunately, it worked. His lips were soft, just like they had been before their visit to L.A and London. “I missed you” Michael murmured into the kiss. “I missed you too” you replied, your lips brushing against his. “We have to tell him one day, though”. God, was Ashton all he thought about?! What a mood-killer. “Yeah, but not today”. This time you just grabbed him by his shirt and literally threw him on your bed. “Can you please shut up now?” were your last words before your lips connected again. You couldn’t really tell how long you’ve been kissing, but it was enough time to get rid of nearly all your clothes, that’s for sure. “I really missed you”. A moan came out of his mouth, which turned you on even more. Suddenly your door burst open, revealing your brother Ashton. He looked really mad. “Ashton we can explain!”. You and Michael frantically collected all your things and tried to get your clothes on as fast as possible. When the hell did he came home?! You didn’t hear his car parking in the parking lot or the front door. But now he was standing in your room, his eyes closed and his hands formed into fist. “You’ve got 3 seconds Clifford” he eventually said. Michael looked to you, then back to Ashton. “What?” he said confused. “3 … 2 … ” “Michael run!” you said but it was too late. Ashton was already chasing him.

LUKE: Having an older brother was stressful. Having 3 older brothers was very stressful. Especially when one of them was Luke Hemmings who was just one year older than you. He was quite overprotective over you, more than your parents or Ben and Jack! Every time when there would be boys around he’d make sure to stay close to you because “no one is allowed to touch his baby sister”. That’s what he always made you remember and it annoyed you a lot. You’d love to hang out with his band mates though because they were the only boys Luke trusted and he was sure that none of them would start anything with you. And that was maybe the reason why Calum always felt a pang of conscience. “I don’t know, it’s just ..”. He wandered around aimlessly in your room. “He trusts me you know and even though I know that, I date his little baby sister behind his back!”. Despair took over him. “I’m not that little” you murmured, resting your head in your hand. He paced back and forth in the room, trying to think of a quick and easy way on how to explain to his best mate that he’s dating his sister. Hesitantly, you walked towards Calum. “You’re so tensed up, babe”. You started massaging his shoulders. A quiet moan came out of his mouth, but he quickly raised his hand to cover his lips. That caused you to giggle. “Stop laughing at me” he jokingly pushed you on your bed. “Or what?”. A mischievous smirk plastered on your face. “Stop!” he grinned down at you. “I’m not doing anything!” you replied with innocence in your tone. Calum shook his head “You’re so silly”. He gingerly stroked your left cheek, not daring to look you in your pretty pure eyes because he knew that just one little glance would make him weak at the knees. His smooth warm lips fit like puzzle pieces with yours. “You are so beautiful”. You opened your mouth to say something but you just didn’t know how to reply without sounding too awkward (something you and Luke had in common, what a suprise!). “Are you gonna reply now or what?”. Both of you jumped up in shock. Your brother Luke was leaning against your door frame, arms crossed and a smile on his lips. “At first I was really thinking of hitting you, Calum” he spoke up. “But” he took a deep breath and continued “I guess you make her happy and stuff. I mean she’d kill me if I would kill you, right? So yeah, bla bla bla and don’t you dare hurt her or else I’ll hurt you in ways you’ve never heard of”. With that, he went outside, leaving you both speechless.

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i don't want to believe it.. but it sounds too true.. i literally got tears in my eyes. sensei is so mean (╥_╥)

I can totally understand you. Rio is such a cutie and I’ve grown really fond of him. To think that he turned into someone like Shikorae … 

But it really fits Ishida. And it’s actually a pretty genius move. If you play TG Jail, you get to know Rio as this innocent young boy and you have the chance to guide him to a good ending. But the true ending which ties into the main story is the bad one - the one in which Rio joins Aogiri. That’s depressing, it breaks your heart. Just something Ishida would do. 

And I’m really impressed because it means that TG Jail has some significance for the canon storyline. But what did I even expect from Ishida?

EXO Reaction To You Doing Aegyo

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Warnings?: One stupid song reference, excessive usage of the words, “cute” and “aegyo, and the word “bitch” and “shit” if you count that a warning.
Requests?:  Nope, except my imagination.

Imagine Key:

  • (Y/N): Your Name

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Xiumin // Kim Min-seok:

*Instantly jumps right next to you and your incredibly cute aegyo, with a huge smile and giggles bursting everywhere as you both make small peace signs and yell out cute little things. It started off as something innocent and cute but turned into where you and him are trying terminate everyone with your guy’s cuteness. Wasn’t working… but you two continued away because why not?!.*

“Are you guys dead from our cuteness yet?” (Cute little fucking shit >.<)

Luhan // Lu Han: 

*His manliness would immediately disappear from his body and would be replaced with fits of giggles, squeals, and awe from your adorableness. He wouldn’t even notice that he sounds like a little girl.*

“Hehehe, you’re sooo cute, baozi!” 

Kris // Wu Yifan:

*Secretly feels tortured while watching you perform your cute little hand gestures and cute little sayings. So he goes against your aegyo and pulls out his MOST sexy looks, knowing that they’re your hidden weakness.*

“Two can play it at that game, (Y/N). Revenge is a bitch, huh baby?” 

Suho // Kim Jun-myeon:

*Definitely questions your actions, first. Wondering what in the world is his partner doing, in front of everyone? Of course, while laughing at how cute, yet stupid you look, feeling a tad bit embarrassed.*

“Uhh… jagi, what are you doing?” 

Lay // Zhang Yixing:

*All of a sudden, he becomes high on happiness as he watches you continue your aegyo performance with giggles and smiles, thinking you’re super, duper, uber cute, as always.*

“Ohmygod!!! You’re such a cutie, baobei!!!” *Giggling*

Baekhyun // Byun Baek-hyun: 

*Directly challenges you to an aegyo battle to prove that he’s the god of aegyo and not you, which soon turns into an ultimate aegyo battle between the both of you meanwhile the guys watch you both, wondering how in the world they landed with two beagles in their lives.*

“Sorry jagi, but… You’re going down! No one can beat the aegyo king!”

Chen // Kim Jong-dae: 

*At first he would be extremely confused but would soon realize what you are doing and quickly ends up gushing over your cuteness while pinching your cute little cheeks.*

“Gull, I can’t explain what I feel…” 
*Couple of minutes later* 
“Ohmygod jagi! When were you this cute!?”

Chanyeol // Park Chanyeol:

*Literally drags you everywhere and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, the bathroom, the nearby stores, the guys’ rooms, you name it, to show you off to legit EVERYONE, clearly being a very proud and satisfied happy daddy virus if I say so myself.*

“OHMYGOD! EVERYONE! Stop what you’re doing and look at her cuteness.”
“Baek! Suho! Sehun! Guys! I have something very important to discuss with you… MY JAGI IS BETTER AT AEGYO THAN ALL OF YOU! You heard me, she’s better than all of you.” 
“Hey! Don’t flip me off like that Kris.” 
“D.O, D.O! D.O!! Don’t walk away from me! God dammit!”

D.O // Do Kyung-soo:

*Suddenly becomes extremely squishy, giggly AND speechless whilst you proceed on with your charming, adorable side, flashing on and on, secretly feeling like a shy school girl.*

“Umm…very cute jagi…very cute.” (Omfg so squishy!!!)

Tao // Huang Zitao:

*Basically, his maniac fangirl mode releases, and havoc happens, extremely loud screams and cheers boom everywhere until he chokes on who knows, then the fangirl side of his disappears but the remains leave him smiling.*

“AHHHHH!!! YOU’RE SOOO CU-” *Chokes* “Shit.”

Kai // Kim Jong-in:

*He couldn’t hold his happiness in when he first saw you, his jagi doing this beautiful act in front of his own eyes so he tackles you in a huge bear hug and squeezes the living shit out of you while asking numerous questions, till you tell him to stop.*

“Jagi! Who taught you that!? Was it Baekhyun? Sehun? Tell me woman!” 
“Why are you doing this to me!? You know I love you, what did I do to deserve this?”
“YOU’RE SO CUTE!!! Ugh… you’re killing me here.”

Sehun // Oh Se-hun:

*Out of nowhere, turns into this judge and critiques your production, while giving you some pointers and tips on your aegyo since he is one the best at aegyo, plus he’s extremely cute.*

“That was great jagi, but you should work on your eyes more, make them sparkle, like mine.”

A/N: Since I’m such an exo-l and I will forever stay loyal to my babies, here is my first EXO reaction! I love them so, so much, like it’s unreal. They lowkey ruined my life, but I still love them down to my heart 😍 Hope you enjoy this reaction, aren’t they so cute though?! *cough* Xiumin is KING at aegyo! *cough* just saying xx

Sick On Christmas [Chanyeol]

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Summary: In which you warn Chanyeol not to go outside in the cold, but he goes out anyway but ends up catching a cold.

Word count: 2 199

Type: Christmas! AU, FLUFFF :)

Member: Chanyeol from EXO

A/N: Although this imagine is short, I think it’s really cute, so I think you guys will like it! I hope you guys are doing fine and are happy, love you loads! x

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[Day 1], [Day 2], [Day 3], [Day 4], [Day 5], [Day 6], [Day 7], [Day 8]


You happened to glance outside the small window in front of the kitchen sink you stood in front of, watching harsh cold winds blow past the window, making a whistling sound that you heard from outside but also you saw snow slowly and gracefully fall from the white heavens to the snow covered grounds below. You felt an imaginary chill go down your spine, hoping no one was outside and stuck in the coldest weather your part of town has ever had in it’s existence.

You sighed, just about to continue with what you were doing before you heard heavy footsteps coming from the direction of the bedroom before you smelled a familiar cologne, knowing he only wore this cologne when he was going out of the house, no matter how small the occasion was, he’d always wear this cologne which you loved the smell of but right now, didn’t care for because that meant he’d be going outside in the freezing cold.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You asked your boyfriend for three beautiful and lively years, Chanyeol who you heard shuffling behind where you stood at the kitchen sink, washing all the dishes.

You pulled your hands from the foamy water, drying your hands with a dish towel nearby before you turned around, crossing your arms over your chest as you gazed upon your boyfriend, who stopped whatever he was doing and innocently smiled at you before he placed on a heavy but warm jacket.

“I’m going to Baekhyun-hyung’s house.” Chanyeol answered you, looking down at the bottom of his jacket where his hands were to zip up his jacket that was very reluctant to zip up, causing the boy to pull a cute and confused face.

You smiled in amusement, walking over towards your boyfriend, jokingly slapping his hands away to which you heard cries of pain from Chanyeol who you stood on your tip toes for and kissed his lips briefly, watching as a pink blush decorated his cheeks as his eyes looked from side to side while even his ears become pink. You laughed at the site of a flustered Chanyeol, finding it endearing even after three years together he still blushed when you kissed him. 

You’re so cute!” You commented happily, standing on your tip toes once again but this time kissing his blush decorated cheeks before you helped him with the zip to his jacket while he remained quiet.

“Chanyeol?” You called out for your boyfriend, pulling at the zip harshly once hoping it would zip up but it didn’t and you were forced to try again.

“Yes jagiya?” Chanyeol answered tenderly, his voice causing goosebumps to appear on your skin even if the heating was on in all rooms of the cozy apartment you shared together and you wore warm clothing, along with Chanyeol’s cream turtleneck sweater because you liked how big his clothing was on your body and Chanyeol always said cute things about your appearance in his clothing. 

“It’s the lowest and coldest temperature this town has ever had ever, why are you going outside?” You questioned out of curiosity but also concern, worried that Chanyeol might go outside and catch a cold or something even worse because of the cold temperature beyond the space of your apartment. Even if it was kind of stupid worrying about a grown man’s health, Chanyeol was really just a kid stuck in an adult’s body, so you had to take care of him more than other people did for their boyfriends.

“Because everyone is going to be at Baekhyun-hyung’s house for a Christmas celebration since we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year together.” Chanyeol answered you, you not noticing the face he pulled and how his eyes nervously shifted from left and right when he spoke, clear signs of lying shown that you were oblivious to since you were too busy trying to fix Chanyeol’s jacket zipper. 

You thought about this for a moment, debating whether having Chanyeol, a kid stuck in a grown man’s body going out into the extreme cold and get a cold just to go and celebrate the joyous holiday with his best friends or just have him stay indoors where he couldn’t catch a cold but whine about how you hadn’t allowed him to go see his friends. Finally, you looked up at Chanyeol, zipping up his jacket to the absolute top before you stood on your tip toes once again and cupped his cheeks as you said, “Please keep warm, Chanyeol. I don’t want you being sick during Christmas or ever, okay?”

“I promise to keep warm jagiya,” Chanyeol promised you with a sweet and cute smile, having you smile at how precious and adorable he looked in that exact moment, “Don’t worry about me.”

Also wear your mask,” You added on, witnessing Chanyeol pull a face at you which only made you blush because of how motherly you were to him, “I’m sorry, I just don’t want you sick.”

“Jagiya, I am a grown man and can take care of myself. There is no need to worry about me.” Chanyeol assured you with a charming smile which caused your heart to flutter in your chest, warming you inside. 

“Okay,” You agreed with your boyfriend with just the slightest bit of disagreement towards what he just said, sighing an upset sigh before you threw your arms over him, hugging him as tight as possible, “I love you.”

You heard Chanyeol chuckle, finally feeling his arms wrap around your body, his arms being warmth to your body and a feeling of pure peace and sincerity brought to you whenever you were in his arms, “I love you too, jagiya.”

“Keep safe.”

“I will.”

A few days later

You walked slowly, careful not to walk too fast that the bowl of chicken soup, hot chocolate and glass of warm water would spill over onto your feet and burn your skin while the other things such as fruit placed on the tray you carried carefully and with a firm grip, could possibly fall to the floor or fall onto your clothing which would cause a disaster if you weren’t careful enough. You walked slowly, hearing a deep echoing cough from the lounge before the sound of six sneezes in a row.

You rolled your eyes, walking into the lounge more fast this time around, wanting to talk to Chanyeol who laid almost dead on the couch in the lounge with a bright red nose just like Rudolf the deer with his face just a shade lighter than his nose, used tissues placed all around him and a bucket at his feet just incase anything didn’t settle well in his stomach. You placed the tray onto the coffee table nearby the couch Chanyeol laid on, picking up all the used tissues from the ground and on the couch, pushing away how unhygienic this was and placed all the tissues into the small dustbin at the entrance of the room before you walked back and sat down on the couch, looking down at Chanyeol who coughed deeply with an echo once again.

“I made you lunch,” You commented plainly, gesturing towards the food and beverages that were on the tray on the coffee table nearby, “You have to eat and drink everything on that tray if you wanna get better.”

“Thanks-” sneeze “Jagiya.“ 

"I’ll bring your medication just now,” You mentioned to him, watching him obediently nod his head towards what you said making him look like a cute innocent child that you adored just for moment before the moment was ruined by him having a cough fit. He sat up as he coughed and coughed over again, your hand being raised as you patted Chanyeol’s back gently but effectively, the sound of his cough simmering down before you heard him whisper a soft, “Sorry.”

You know what Chanyeol?” You asked rhetorically asked Chanyeol, happy to see that the boy didn’t answer you but gave you his undivided attention when you were speaking, “I’m not gonna scream at you. I did warn you that you would catch a cold and you caught one and I’m not angry at you for that because I love you and I understand, okay?”

You’re the-” sneezebest, jagiya.”

You chuckled at how Chanyeol’s sentence came out, not helping it but giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek that turned even more pink because of the intimate touch, you smiling at the site before you asked Chanyeol, “Chanyeol, how did you get sick if you were inside Baekhyun’s house the whole time?”

Chanyeol remained quiet after the question you asked, eyes widening when you said this before he nervously smiled towards you and reached for his hot chocolate, accidentally knocking over his small bowl of nutritious fruits. Luckily they didn’t end up on the floor or on the surface of the coffee table but landed on the surface of the tray. You heard Chanyeol repeatedly apologize for the accident while you just smiled because you adored Chanyeol’s clumsy side, even it cost you a fortune to replace what he accidently broke or you to clean up the mess he made if he tripped or slipped. 

You watched Chanyeol nervously sip on his hot chocolate, placing it carefully this time onto the tray before he sighed out nervously, confusing you because he had no reason to be nervous around you after being together so long. He seemed in thought for a moment, staring down at his blanket covered lap before you saw him shuffle for something underneath the covers but never show what it was.

“The thing is, I didn’t go to Baekhyun’s house to celebrate Christmas with the guys.” Chanyeol honestly told you as a feeling of small betrayal hit you right in the chest because he had lied to you, for the first time during your relationship and that didn’t settle well with you.

Then where did you go?” You asked curiously, not angry with Chanyeol but not pleased with him either because he lied about where he’d be been that day.

Chanyeol swallowed a nervous lump that developed in his throat, avoiding your eyes for just a second before he looked directly into your eyes, the pair of eyes he had fallen in love with the first time he’d look into them and the pair of eyes he’d love more than ever to look into for the rest of his life. “Jagiya, you know we’ve been together for a while now, yes? Three years, the best three years of my life and hopefully yours. In those three years, we’ve shared many stories and experiences, especially to the hospital because I did something stupid, but we shared all of these things together. We also shared laughs, tears but mostly smiles together and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve made me smile through depressing times, always supported me and my busy career that tends to keep us apart but in the end, we still hang on and stay together because we love one another. Even if I was planning on doing this a few minutes before New Year’s day, I figured why not do it on Christmas day when you’re taking care of me instead of celebrating Christmas,”

Tears started welling in your eyes of the thought of what you could possibly happen next, your prediction of what could happen next proved correct as you watched with your very eyes Chanyeol pull a velvet red color box out from under the blanket, opening the box and exposing a shiny and glittering diamond ring that you gasped over for it’s beauty. You looked at Chanyeol out of disbelief, only seeing the man smile encouragingly before he spoke once again, “Jagiya, will you-” sneeze “marry me?”

You chucked a bit when during the most important sentence he had said was interrupted by a sneeze, smiling fondly at Chanyeol as you only nodded, finding yourself speechless at the reality of the situation you were in, watching Chanyeol take the ring out of the box, almost drop it to the floor where it would probably end up underneath the couch and slip it onto your finger, the fit of the ring just perfect which made you smile even more.

“This is why I went out that other day, I needed Baekhyun’s advice on what ring to buy and also to fit the ring because somehow, his hands and fingers are the exact same size as yours.” Chanyeol explained in amusement, causing to laugh lightly at the funny line he said.

Once your laughter faded into the air, you looked back into Chanyeol’s eyes, smiling fondly but smiling even more now because you were for sure spending the rest of your life with the person you would only want to spend your life with, leaning in going for a kiss before backing away when you saw Chanyeol sneeze.

You cupped his cheeks gently, the cold of the ring on your face bringing a shiver down Chanyeol’s spine as an amused smile made it’s way to your face, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, future Mrs. Park Chanyeol.”