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Hey, what are some of your favorite tabletop RPGs?

Hoo, boy - that’s a tough one!

Well, first off, I’m not too much of a gaming hipster to put Dungeons & Dragons on my list. I wouldn’t pick out any one edition as a clear favourite; I appreciate both OD&D and 4th Edition for the focus and rigour of their mechanical design, for all that they’re aiming at very different design goals, 2nd Edition is my favourite for setting fluff and general high weirdness, and I admire 3rd Edition’s purity of purpose, if not always its actual execution. I imagine I’ll even come around on 5th Edition, once it finally decides what sort of game it’s trying to be.

Beyond D&D, I’m not much of a fan of many big-name titles - I never said I wasn’t a gaming hipster at all! - so it’s mostly high-concept indie stuff from here on out. This shouldn’t be taken as any sort of top ten; they’re merely the first ten that sprang readily to mind. Here we go:

  • Among the Beautiful Creatures (direct PDF link) - A playtest draft of an unreleased game about a world that’s perpetually ending, populated entirely by shapeshifting monsters who resemble nothing so much as Muppets. Picture Jim Henson does Fritz Leiber and you’ll be in the right ballpark. (Content warning for graphic descriptions of child abuse, including in the introductory fiction.)

  • Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine - A game about young gods growing up in a pastoral small town. The core system is a downright fascinating piece of game design, basically taking the idea of XP rewards for roleplaying and driving it to its logical-yet-absurd conclusion: quests take the form of specific character development arcs, which you advance by invoking appropriate tropes and story beats. Conflict resolution uses a combination of blind bidding and semantic arguments (yes, really!).

  • The Dance and the Dawn - A narrative game for 3-5 players who take on the roles of the Ladies of Ash, come to the crumbling palace of the Ice Queen to court the enigmatic Lords of Ice. (Or ladies, if you prefer; the default setup is admittedly a bit heteronormative, but there’s nothing that actually demands the Lords of Ice be men.) The game is diceless, with resolution employing pieces on a chess board.

  • Fate Accelerated Edition - Unless you’re totally new to the tabletop roleplaying hobby and/or you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you’ve probably heard of FATE. FAE is a super-lightweight version of the game, perfect for casual or pick-up-and-play games. By default, it’s focused on YA fantasy adventures, though there are expansion packs available that adapt it for everything from giant robots to competitive cooking to a tabletop adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit - and no, I’m not making that last one up.

  • Lady Blackbird - A fantasy space opera game that’s a true masterclass in minimalist design. The entirety of the basic core rules fit on your character sheet, so everything you might need to reference as a player is right there. The book is a game and adventure in one, with the default scenario revolving around helping the eponymous Lady Blackbird (who can be a player character, if you want) escape from an arranged marriage and meet up with a notorious pirate lord.

  • Nobilis - A companion game to Chuubo’s (see above), this is a much higher-powered iteration of the same basic idea, focusing less on heartwarming small town life and more on punching the Sun. It’s in the running for the RPG with the most descriptively high-powered player characters; a correctly built starting PC is capable of performing miracles that affect the entire observable universe, and matters only escalate from there.

  • Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Roleplay - A localised Japanese game about people going on overland journeys; think Oregon Trail by way of Hayao Miyazaki. Fairly old-school in its design sensibilities; if you’re a D&D fan, you’ll find a lot that’s familiar here, along with a lot that’s not. The GM is an actual character within the game, taking the form of an invisible dragon who watches over and guides the party’s travels.

  • The Shab-al-Hiri Roach - A competitive, GMless game of campus politics in a small New England university town. The twist is that any given character may or may not be possessed by an evil brain-sucking cockroach from the dawn of time; if you’ve got the roach, you’ll occasionally be subject to irresistible telepathic commands, represented by randomly drawn cards written in ancient Sumerian (with English subtitles, of course).

  • Valley of Eternity - A game in the classic swords and sorcery mould, focusing on gritty adventure in an unforgiving wilderness. Players take on the roles of outcast warrior-philosophers, sworn to defend the very communities that shun them, both through strength of arms and with the aid of esoteric mental disciplines that allow them to craft cunning illusions, manipulate objects from afar, or even imprison enemies within their own minds. Also, all playable characters are penguins.

  • Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist (direct PDF link) - When folks talk about tabletop RPGs that are so high concept they’re barely playable, this is what they mean. Player characters inhabit a world that does not, properly speaking, exist, and it’s their responsibility to bring it into being. Includes rules for players declaring setting details, inventing new game mechanics on the spot, and even deposing the GM and taking her place!

Other favourites that didn’t get full descriptions only on account of I didn’t think of them first include Blades in the Dark, Blue Rose, Danger Patrol, Die For You, Dogs in the Vineyard, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Feng Shui, Golden Sky Stories, Hero Kids, Itras By, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, Paranoia, Perfect (Unrevised), Pokéthulhu, Risus, Sufficiently Advanced, Tenra Bansho Zero, Traveller, and Unknown Armies; I’ve included links to previous recommendation posts where the game in question is discussed, if available.

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Hello, Bryn! I can't stop thinking about this but I have seen a few posts saying you have to break into a paragraph whenever a character is talking. Does it only have to do when a new character is speaking or does it also applies to a character whom is the same character speaking? Sorry if this doesn't make sense! Thank you in advance! :) have a wonderful day/night! ^^

(Hey nonny! I think #2, 3 and 5 are what you’re thinking of specifically, but I wrote up a full guide so as not to confuse anyone.)

When and where to make a new paragraph, specifically in regards to dialogue.

1. Make a new paragraph if a brand new character speaks. 

You always, always do this. A simple example of this looks like:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.” 

What happens when there’s more going on here then dialogue and simple tags though? The general rule of thumb is to include the actions, thoughts, descriptions, etc, in the paragraph with the dialogue of the character who’s the subject of those sentences. Example:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. Damn, she could be such a pain sometimes. He tightened his grip around the armrest, turning his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred. When no one entered, he looked back at her.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.”   

If actions, thoughts, descriptions, etc, from one character appear in between those of another character it’s advised (though not required) to either create a new paragraph for them or restructure them to make the first character the subject.

Example A:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. He turned his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred. 

Dhargey tapped her fingers against the wood, before she slamming her hand onto the table in front of him.

Vasha looked back at her.

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell.”  

Example B:

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. He turned his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred.The tapping of Dhargey’s fingers against wood made him flinch. She slammed her hand onto the table in front of him, and he looked back at her. “What?!”

She scoffed. “Yeah. I can tell you’re saying something all right.”  

2. You can make one (or more) new paragraphs if the same character speaks two (or more) pieces of dialogue in a row, and it’s a long amount of text, and there’s a change a topic between these two parts of their dialogue.

Whenever you have the same character speak in two consecutive paragraphs, I highly recommend putting a dialogue tag in the second one, because if you’ve been alternating between different characters speaking (taking one new paragraph for each), and then suddenly give a single character two paragraphs it might confuse speedy readers. 


“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. Damn, she could be such a pain sometimes. He tightened his grip around the armrest, turning his gaze to the front of the tent as the flap stirred.

The tapping of Dhargey’s fingers against the wood made him flinch. At the slam of her hand onto the table in front of him, and he looked back at her. “What?!” He shouted.

* Note that in this particular case you could have also made a new paragraph for the “What?!” He shouted but it wasn’t absolutely necessary because the sentences about her still have Vasha as their subject. 

3. Make a new paragraph if the same character speaks, but their dialogue is “too long” to fit into one paragraph.

Honestly, what constitutes as “too long” is up to you (or your editor.) In this case though, you always, always leave the quotation off the end of the first paragraph’s dialogue to let people know it’s the same character just talking their chatty heart out.

Vasha glared at Dhargey. “I’m saying something now! I’ve been saying something for a very long time, but you haven’t been listening. I’m practically monologue here. And I’m just going to keep saying all these things for *blah blah blah blah blah for ten more sentences* and keep saying and saying them again.

“And another thing! I think saying things is a great way to talk. So are sign languages. Not writing though. Don’t write things kids. Writing things is just a terrible horrible *blah blah blah* way so don’t do it.” He finished with a huff, crossing his arms.

4. Make a new paragraph if two characters have been interacting without dialogue and then one of them speaks. 

Vasha and Dhargey glared at each other. She snatched up the plate and threw it at him. Catching it, he turned it in the air and slammed it on the table. It shattered into a million pieces.

“I’m saying something,” Vasha snapped. “Right now.”

5. Don’t make a new paragraph if the same character speaks two (or more) pieces of dialogue but the space between the parts of their dialogue contains only speech tags, actions, or thoughts in which the character is the subject (granted there’s no topic changes or extra long amounts of text).

“I’m saying something now!” Vasha glared at Dhargey. “I’ve been saying something for a very long time.” His chest caught and he dropped his scowl to the floor. “I’ve been practically monologue here, but you never listen. You never care.” 

6. Bonus: Don’t include the action of the character who speaks second at the end of the paragraph of the character who speaks first! (Or vice versa.)

At best it’s annoying yet forgivable, but at worst, the reader has no idea who is saying which pieces of dialogue and ends up very confused and angry:

“This is a thing that one of us says!” Vasha and Dhargey glared at each other. She tapped her fingers. 

“I sure is.”

If that was a lot, the key things to remember are:

  • Each character gets their own paragraph to hold their own dialogue, actions, and thoughts. 
  • This is generally a single paragraph. 
  • But if there’s too much to fit into a single paragraph or the topic changes drastically, make a new paragraph.
  • If characters are exchanging actions within a paragraph and then speak afterward, give the dialogue a new paragraph.
  • Any time it’s not obvious who’s speaking, throw in a dialogue tag.
  • Some cases won’t fit neatly into any “rule” and you just have to use your best judgement.

There are a few different ideas as to exactly how and when new paragraphs should occur. If nothing else, the above guidelines work very well for first and third person limited genre fiction in today’s market, and when used right they should give you easily understandable formatting that your editor won’t murder you over. 

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Which do you prefer a bullet journal or a planner? Also what do you do with your weekly spreads when you're done with them or after the disc is full? Much thanks xoxo

Hi! I’ll do a bit of an in-depth review since a few people have asked about this considering I’ve been showing more of my Simplified Planner on Instagram!

Bullet journals (pros):

  • It is a really clever idea at the root of it - simple, practical and easy to follow organisational tool.
  • You can be creative - I’m not super creative in comparison to others but bullet journaling still gave me a chance to test out my creative skills! I don’t draw or anything like that so it was a new avenue for me.
  • So much customisation ability - It obviously gives you more personalisation in terms of what you can add in, how you structure your routine, and overall look. I thought this was a good alternative for me who hadn’t really found a planner I was 100% happy with.
  • You can use any book, pen, etc - I started my bullet journal in a half finished math book of my sisters! I use some highlighters and a black pen, nothing super fancy!
  • It is an inexpensive option - You really just need a book and a pen. You aren’t committing to a $20, $30, $40 diary or planner that you might not keep using.
  • It is adaptable - I think this is a key thing, you can use it for anything - even beyond just a to-do list. Lots of people have specific pages to track a million things.
  • You can change it up - If you find that doing a daily spread one week really doesn’t work for you, the next week you can change it. There are no rules and you can make it fit you and your routine exactly.
  • You can photograph it (lols) - I’m sure if because you’re asking, you’ve seen the numerous pictures of bullet journals. The bujo community and study community have somewhat intersected as students have picked up on the system. Lots of people love the inspiration and ideas which others have so it is cool to share!

Bullet journal (cons):

  • You might feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ - this was something I struggled with when I first started bullet journaling. Everyone had sensational spreads, like works of art!! As cool as I thought it was, I didn’t  want to recreate them since I knew it would be a disaster :’-) I think, as it is now, there are a lot more simplified designs which show you don’t have to be an amazing artist, calligrapher, etc to do it. (Kind of a con if you’re quite self-critical, but has a positive end?)
  • I’m a perfectionist - this kind of leads in from the previous point, but I liked everything to be neat, tidy and organised so when I messed up my bullet journal I’d just get frustrated. I’d either redo the whole thing or just get so demoralised I’d give up. As I’ve relied on it less and less, I found I wasn’t as fussed if I made a mistake. I would often write the wrong month or date and often thought “fk it” and just let it be. But not everyone can do that, so it is a big issue when you’re just overloaded with expectation.
  • It takes time - for me, planning a single spread would take upwards of half an hour. I did things methodically so I didn’t make mistakes or waste paper which then mean it took even longer. This is a key factor for students who might not have the opportunity to spend an hour (or more) designing, draft, drawing and writing up a spread.
  • I didn’t find it to be great for looking far enough forward - with the amount of time a single page took, I’d really only do a week spread at a time. This was a bit of a downfall because I wasn’t keeping up to date with what is coming up in the next week or month and I’d often forget things if I was relying solely on my bullet journal. This is obviously the flaw in my system so might not be a problem for others, but worth mentioning.
  • It is up to you to maintain it - bullet journaling isn’t the kind of thing you can use yet take a week off making a spread. There are blank weeks in my bullet journal where I either didn’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered to do it. In those weeks I’d just end up using an alternate organisation method since I didn’t feel the bullet journal was the only reason for my productivity. (Does that make sense?). Sometimes it can be hard to get the motivation to create something and I’ll happily admit it wasn’t worth it.
  • I don’t have enough to enter - this kind of came up for me at the beginning when I tried to be quite specific what I put in there. I didn’t really have many tasks and questioned if I was wasting my time making a fancy spread for just a few tasks.

Planner (pros):

  • It is ready and waiting to go - once you’ve purchased a planner, you can get straight into using it. There is no looking into how to set it up or design it. Everything is already sorted, waiting for you to put pen to paper.
  • There are so many choices - like bullet journaling, it is cool to have a design that works for you, however with loooots of stationery shops available it is likely you can find a design you could work with. You can find a book cover and inside design to match your personal style, the planning method, etc.
  • Planning ahead is much easier - for me as a student, this is what has moved me further towards using a planner. As I mentioned, I was struggling to make more than one spread a week (and never did monthly spreads, I did a breakdown for January but after that, it stopped). Having a planner where you can see weeks in advance is so useful!
  • It is so easy - when compared to a bullet journal, you barely do anything with a planner. Just write in the dates, tasks, etc, and you’re done. No need to spread an hour researching and designing. This is definitely a big plus for me. It just saves so much time that I can use to actually finish things on my list!! I’m also not left with that “ugh, got to make up a spread” feeling when I’m not interested in doing it. 
  • You can still somewhat customise your planner - it obviously doesn’t have the same capabilities in terms of personalisation as a bullet journal but you can make additions. Lots of people use stickers, post it notes, washi tapes to spruce up their planners.
  • It is generally a nicer design that a bullet journal notebook - for me, I love looking at planners (lols, you can tell I’m a stationery addict..). There are so many pretty covers, designs, and layouts you can get! For instance, I am loving the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I’ve been a huge fan of her planners ever since I started a studyblr but could never justify $50 on a planner and then the potentially crazy shipping. I think the design is really cute. The colours are lovely. I’m all-around in love hah! Also, as a perfectionist, the planner has been meticulously designed. I don’t have to worry about me making it look perfect.

Planner (cons):

  • You might find you don’t like it - this has happened to me twice. I purchased a diary for 2015 which had blank headers which I used for my subjects. I thought it was really awesome when I got it and was super excited to use it. However, I quickly learnt that a weekly spread with tiny boxes wasn’t ideal for me who would get more than one bit of homework for a subject. I ended up not using it because it really wasn’t functional. Secondly, I was gifted a Kikki K personal planner last year after looking at it for months. I was really excited to use it but eventually realised that it was just way too small for me. I think before buying a planner it is worth doing as much research as you can or even replicating the design to see if you like it.
  • They can be expensive - this really is dependent on your budget and the brand you want but some can be hella expensive, especially for students. 
  • If you give up on it (and buy something else), it basically becomes unusable - the 2015 diary I bought went unused for most of the year because I didn’t find it helpful. It was a bit of a waste in reality. However, if you decide bullet journaling isn’t for you can just use the remainder of the pages for something else!

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea on which to go for. I tried to think of everything I do and don’t like about both options, but if anyone has something to add, feel free! As for my old spreads, I’ll probably just put them in a draw when they don’t fit in anymore. I don’t think I’d throw them away either for design inspiration or photographing purposes :-) xx

Okay this is less funny but my school is really strict on hats, headphones, basically anything that goes on your head.So basically there was this really cute and sweet Muslim girl that went to my school, and the most strict of the hall teachers actually screamed at her to take her hijab off (even though it’s literally in the rules that you can wear scarves if they fit your religious beliefs) and she got sent to the office for “defiance to comply” and she was SOBBING.

Your name is SHAWNE MCLOGN. You love, in no particular order, VIDEO GAMES, YOUR CAREER, AUDIO, and SCREAMING. You are a SEAFOAM BLOOD and you are the hell-child of a crossover nobody wanted and or asked for.
Your TYPING QUIRK is having every “O” capitalized and to give it a tail. FO~r example, sO~mething O~f this caliber. 

I did this wip ages ago but only finished it now haha. I made the design during a religious retreat (irony? idk) and can’t stop drawing him. 

I know @therealjacksepticeye finished Hiveswap aaaaages ago but!! fuck you let me live through my cringe phase.

(Oh and Jack, if you somehow see this, I changed your name a bit to fit the 6-letter troll name rule haha)

How to Cut Words in French

Do you ever have that moment when you’re writing something on a piece of paper and you run out of space on a line before you can fit your whole word in? Well here are the rules to cutting words when writing in French!


- Cut between two syllables

e.g.: briser – bri/ser, souris – sou/ris

- Cut between repeated consonnants

e.g. : chauffage – chauf/fage, nettoyage – net/toyage

- Cut after the second of three consonants

e.g.: sculpteur – sculp/teur, obstacle – obs/tacle

EXCEPTION: Cut after the first of three consonants if the third consonant is “r” or “l”

e.g.: marber – mar/brer, encercler – encer/cler

- After the first hyphen

e.g.: cinquante-trois – cinquante-/trois, donne-le-lui – donne-/le-lui


- Don’t cut between two vowels

e.g.: avion, poésie

EXCEPTION: If a word has a prefix, then it is possible to cut between two vowels as long as the cut is placed after the prefix

e.g.: antiacide – anti/acide, radioactive – radio/actif

- Don’t cut between two consonants that make up a single sound

e.g.: marchand, mignon

- Don’t cut before or after an apostrophe

e.g.: presqu’île, aujourd’hui

- Don’t cut before or after the letters “x” or “y” when these are placed between vowels

e.g.: flexible, joyau

EXCEPTION: If the “x” or “y” represent a single sound, then it is possible to cut before that letter

e.g.: dixième – di/xième, kayak – ka/yak

Other things to avoid

- cutting after a single-letter syllable

- cutting before the last syllable, if that syllable contains a silent “e”

- cutting a small word

- cutting proper names

- cutting the last word of a paragraph

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I'm sure you've received this question before so I apologize in advance for being redundant (I went through your ask tag but I didn't see any recent questions like this). Do you have any tips for a first time DM? I've only played in one campaign before so I'm very new to all this. If you've answered asks like this before feel free to just link me back to your answer.

There’s no need to apologize, I’m glad to answer any questions, even if I’ve answered them in the past.

Here’s a general list of tips for new DMs:

1. It’s okay to mess up. You won’t have every rule and spell memorized from the get go (most DMs never memorize everything), and your game might not square up to ones like TAZ or Critical Role. That’s perfectly fine. You’re learning, and it takes practice. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t familiarize yourself with how things work, but know that you don’t need to be able to recall the exact rules for holding breath or anything super specific. 

2. Everyone has their own style of DMing. I know some DMs that like to plan everything in advance. On the other hand, some DMs improvise just about everything. Both work just as well. I recommend planning the most important things and encounters and improvising the rest, because you can never truly predict what the players will do. As time goes on, you can adjust your level of planning to whatever you’re comfortable with.

3. Let your players know what kind of game you want to run. Have a ‘Session 0′ to sit down and talk about the in-game world, what behavior you’re comfortable with, and what types of characters are off-limits or you’d rather not have. It could be as simple as “Hey guys, we’re set in this world, and this is the most important stuff you need to know about it. You’ll be starting in this bigger city, and met because of this festival for the princess’s coronation. I’d really prefer you guys didn’t play evil-aligned characters because it doesn’t fit too well.”

4. Have fun. I know, it’s cliched advice. It is true, though. D&D is a group game, and you’re all there to make a story together and have fun. If anyone is getting into arguments, say, about rules, you’re the final word. Maybe you don’t know the rules for climbing onto a huge creature off hand, and you don’t want to interrupt the scene to check. You can make whatever ruling you see fit in the moment, and let your players know that you’ll look for the official rules after the session. Likewise, there’s also the ‘Rule of Cool’. Even if something isn’t technically possible within the rules or is a bit outside of them, you can still choose to allow it for the sake of it being a really awesome or otherwise creative course of action. 

5. After the first few sessions, ask your players for constructive criticism. Not a simple, “It was good”. It doesn’t need to be an essay, of course, but ask them what was their favorite part of the session, and what you might need to work on. 

My apologies for the huge walls of text! If you want me to cover something a bit more, please let me know and I would be glad to. If there are any other DMs who want to share their advice in the reblogs, feel free to do so.

TL;DR - It’s fine if your game isn’t perfect. DMing is a skill that needs to be learned. What’s important is that everyone has fun.

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you dont have to answer this because its a very complex question but do you think you can be muslims and gay? and how should we as muslims feel about gays? how shall we treat them? how do you reconcile islam (in the sense its a religion that discourages/disagrees with homosexuality) with homosexuality? is there even anything to reconcile? how should islam (or I guess muslims) move about in this world that supports homosexuality? is there a comprise that can be made? in such a pluralistic world?

There is nothing wrong with having homosexual feelings, the same way there is nothing wrong with a man having sexual desire toward another man’s wife. The desire exists, what Islam forbids is acting upon it.

We can speculate about the reason why God forbids these things, for example it appears that any society that approves of sex outside of marriage and homosexuality quickly dies out due to low fertility rates. There isn’t a single civilization on Earth today that has tolerated homosexuality for centuries on end and survived.

I don’t doubt that some people can have highly fulfilling homosexual relationships, the same way that people can have highly fulfilling relationships outside of marriage. What matters is that God considers these harmful, and so He forbids them.

We do not need to be convinced of the harms of these things to avoid them. God forbids that we eat bacon, although by all accounts it is an extremely tasty thing to eat. We do not need to be convinced that bacon is bad for our health, God forbids it, therefore we avoid it. God forbids that we eat during the daytime in Ramadan, even though the food and water in the Ramadan daytime are just as nourishing as they are at night. The food and drink don’t turn into poison during the day, yet God forbids that we consume them.

The Quran gives a certain structure to our lives that we have to implement, even if we do not fully appreciate the wisdom behind it. The matter all boils down to the Quran, one reads it, becomes convinced that it is truly from the Creator, and decides of their own free will to follow it, which means they will follow all of it, including the parts of it that they do not fully understand, because, since they are convinced that it is from the Creator, they trust Him to know what is best for them.

Part of the structure that the Quran gives to our lives is to not have sex outside of marriage, and to not engage in homosexual relationships, despite whatever fulfillment that exists in these things. As God’s lowly servants, we can only say “We hear and we obey.” (The Quran, verse 24:51).

Reconciling Islam with homosexuality is similar to reconciling Islam with the desires of a man who is not satisfied with having sex within marriage only but constantly desires other women. While there might be scientific reasons for their desires, and while carrying out their desires might give them extreme fulfillment, Islam requires that they do not act on their desires for the greater good, therefore there can be no reconciliation.

A person who has homosexual desires might wonder, “What is so wrong with desiring a person of the same sex? We don’t mean harm to anyone, and our relationship is consensual.” What’s wrong with it is that it goes against the structure that God wants to give to our lives. It is similar to eating in the daytime during Ramadan. You can do it without meaning harm to anyone, and it can give you pleasure, but it goes against the rules that God has placed.

If one thinks God’s rules are silly and not worth following, then this is not about homosexuality, it is about their not believing in the Quran. And if they believe in the Quran but feel that it is unjustly discriminating against them, this is similar to a person feeling it is unjustly discriminating against their desire for alcohol, or for sex outside of marriage. It might feel unjust and oppressive, but it is for the greater good. 

If a person feels that giving up the fulfillment of a homosexual relationship for the greater good is not worth it, then they are choosing the present life at the expense of the hereafter. Millions of people have taken this choice in various ways, choosing fulfillment in the present life instead of being content with God’s commandments, to their ultimate loss.

Homosexuality is just another condition that prevents a Muslim from having satisfactory intimate relationships. There are thousands of such conditions, and there is nothing special about homosexuality that makes one deserve to break God’s laws so that one can attain fulfillment.

A Muslim engaging in homosexual sex saying there is no other way for them to receive fulfillment is like a poor Muslim man of 60 who really desires women but who has never had sex saying that he deserves to sleep with a prostitute in order to receive fulfillment, since God has prevented him from getting fulfillment the acceptable way, or like a crippled Muslim woman who thinks she can never get married saying that she is allowed to get sex outside of marriage since there is no other way for her.

There are many people living with horrible conditions that prevent them from enjoying life and cause them great suffering, or that prevent them from ever having intimate relationships. Being homosexual and not being able to enjoy heterosexual relationships is just one of those thousands of conditions. Many Muslims patiently suffer through such conditions, and they do not justify breaking God’s laws in order to attain fulfillment. 

Millions of Muslim men and women desire marriage but live their lives without enjoying an intimate relationship even once because they are too poor or too unattractive to marry, or they are attractive but there is no one they can marry, and in this way they get old and die without marrying.

For a homosexual Muslim, the matter is entirely between themselves and God. They should read the Quran and use their conscience to decide the best course of action, and they should reject the 24/7 propaganda in the West that constantly tells them they should act on their desires.

As for dealing with a Muslim who has homosexual desires but who does not act on them, then they should be treated like any other Muslim, since they haven’t broken any Islamic laws.

And as for dealing with Muslims who do engage in homosexual acts, they should be dealt with like other sinners, for example those who engage in heterosexual sex outside of marriage, or those who drink alcohol. We should treat them in public with politeness like we treat all people. If we have a close friend who is a sinner, we can admonish them with kind words if they are close enough to not be offended by our words. As for distant friends and acquaintances; we will not cause a Muslim alcoholic to suddenly come back to the Straight Path by calling them sinners or sending them articles about how people like them will go to hell. In such cases, it is best to avoid them, or if we have to interact with them, to be as polite and generous as we always are. 

If such a person seeks our friendship or help, we should not reject them automatically. The Prophet, peace be upon him, says: "For God to guide another person through you is greater in worth than red camels.“ Red camels were considered the most valuable commodity in Arabia at that time. (Bukhari and Muslim)

But he also says: "The similitude of good company and that of bad company is that of the owner of musk and of the one blowing the bellows. The owner of musk would either offer you some free of charge, or you would buy it from him, or you smell its pleasant fragrance; and as for the one who blows the bellows (i.e., the blacksmith), he either burns your clothes or you smell a repugnant smell.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Associating with any type of sinner can be good for both of you; they may be encouraged to become better people, and you could earn the rewards of being a cause for them to come back to the Straight Path. But it could also be harmful for both of you, in that you could become involved with their sin, and in this way both of you could earn punishment, you for falling into sin, and they for being a cause for it. What one should do is not a clear matter, it is a conscience call, and one should decide on a case-by-case basis. There is no single rule that fits all cases.

To reiterate regarding your main question (whether there is something to reconcile), there isn’t. Homosexual sex is like sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol or engaging in usury. There is nothing to reconcile. Regardless of how common it is, or the billions of dollars that leftist billionaires spend promoting it, we must judge things according to how God judges them, even if this makes us unfashionable. Fashions come and go, but God’s words remain the same. Today it is fashionable to legally steal money from the poor through usury, and every rich celebrity engages in it by “investing” their money into various financial institutions that lend money at usury. Just because fashionable people do this does not mean we should follow their example or approve of it or try to reconcile Islam with their desires. They may all have a mental condition that makes them really like stealing money from the poor. Islam, however, asks them to not carry out their desires for the greater good even if what they do is perfectly acceptable according to today’s fashions. 

200 years ago in the West usurers were treated like the most disgusting wretches of society by Christians. Today almost every single Christian engages in usury through mortgages and various investments, and even the Vatican lends money at usury through the Vatican Bank. Have they gained anything by this other than God’s wrath and the hollowing out and demise of their culture and civilization?

Here is a 7-minute video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi speaking about the same matter, for those interested:

Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 5: Dining Etiquette

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” -Clarence Thomas

I think this is my longest segment so far…

So I’ve gotten a few requests regarding this little series I’ve been doing, and dining etiquette is one that keeps coming up. Before I begin, I want to point out that this is American dining etiquette; every culture has different rules and accepted norms, especially when it comes to dining, so if you are going to be dining outside the US or if you are from outside the US these rules might not necessarily fit your circumstance.

Also, I sort of fell off the bandwagon writing these because of some personal things in my life, and work..and Ramadan. But without further adieu, here is Dining Etiquette.

A note: I’ll be kind of dividing this into two main scenarios, dinner parties and nicer restaurants, but even within those two scenarios there are differences in behavior if it’s a business lunch versus a date, or depending on how well you know the host of the dinner party etc. but this is just an overview.

First, the invitation. Focusing more on dinner parties, if you’re invited to a dinner party it’s fine to say no. You don’t even necessarily have to give a reason, just saying you have a prior engagement is fine. However, once you say yes you’re locked in unless there is some emergency. The season finale of the Bachelor being on is not an emergency. Deciding you’re too tired after work to get dressed and drive somewhere is not an emergency. Why am I stressing this so much? Dinner parties are expensive to throw, especially if the host is using a professional chef, and the price goes up as more people RSVP. They also have saved a seat for you and accounted enough drinks for you, so cancelling at the last minute will basically be saying to your host that you’re fine with them throwing money down the drain. No matter how wealthy your host is, that isn’t cool, and it’s just rude. So, if you say you can attend, you need to attend. This also applies to if you’re attending a group meal or a one-on-one meal, obviously, but I would say it’s especially important for dinner parties.

Second, the arrival. For meals at restaurants, you need to be on time, if not ten minutes before your reservation. If you’re going to be more than fifteen minutes late, it’s considered polite to call ahead and let the restaurant know you’ll be late. For dinner parties, it’s a little different. I personally usually try to arrive about fifteen minutes after the stated time, but I think within thirty minutes is acceptable and an article online agreed so officially, you have a thirty minute arrival from the stated start time to arrive. If you are going to be later than thirty minutes, call your host or hostess and let them know that you aren’t simply bailing on them, and apologize because really you should plan ahead to be there on time. Now, a side note, I wouldn’t necessarily choose to arrive exactly at the set time, and certainly not early. Why? Because your host or hostess will probably still be rushing around to set things up and if you arrive fifteen minutes early, they’re going to be even more stressed by having to entertain you and having to finish making the final preparations for the evening. Don’t put them in that situation. My rule of thumb: fifteen minutes is long enough that they won’t be running around like a chicken with their head cut off, but early enough that they won’t be worried you aren’t coming.

Third, to gift or not to gift? I would say if you’re going to a restaurant, unless it’s a special event like a baby/wedding shower, engagement party or birthday party, no gift is needed. As far as dinner parties go, I’ve run into some debate with a friend. She says bringing a gift is tacky, I say it’s rude to not bring a gift. So, I went to the internet and asked and came to this conclusion: bring a gift if it’s a more casual dinner party, and/or if the host/hostess is a friend. Otherwise, a gift isn’t necessary. I tend to err on the side of bringing a gift when in doubt, but make sure it’s something tasteful. Emily Post had this to say about it:

“Gift possibilities include wine, Champagne, flowers (preferably in a vase), a potted plant, chocolates, specialty food items such as jams and jellies or other condiments, fancy nuts, olives, olive oil or vinegars, or items for the house, such as cocktail napkins, guest soaps and lotions , a picture frame, or a scented candle. A CD or book is also appropriate if you know your host’s taste.”

If you aren’t sure what your host or hostess would like, or if you feel uncomfortable about picking out a gift at all, just don’t do it. It’s not important enough to stress over, but know that your host will probably appreciate any little gift because it’s the thought that counts.

Now, onto the actual meal! I’ll start with a restaurant. If you’re a woman, often times whoever you’re with or the waiter will pull out your chair, so give them the chance to do that. Once seated, the first thing you should do is figure out where to put your stuff.  Putting it on the table is not an option. Also, putting your purse on the back of your chair is also not a good option, and I’ve seen that lead to women’s purses falling over, leaving their belongings scattered on the floor, so logically it really isn’t a great idea either. The best things you can do are put your purse on our lap (this works ok for clutches, but personally I find it annoying) or put it at your feet.  Regarding dinner parties, I know a lot of the ones I’ve thrown or attended have places set aside where you can put your belongings. Really you don’t need to be carrying around your purse at your friend’s home dinner party or not, so set it down in the designated area.

This next paragraph will be a little bit of a rant. Feel free to skip it, the bottom line is do not use your cell phones. Do not pull them out while you are at a restaurant. Do not leave them on the table. Nothing should be on the table except for your dining utensils and food, really. Put your phone on silent, or turn it off, and keep it in your purse for the duration of the meal. The same applies for dinner parties. Do not be on your phone, especially at the table. If there is some sort of emergency going on, you need to let the person you’re with or the host/hostess know ahead of time, and you can politely excuse yourself if need be. If you really feel the need to check your phone, excuse yourself to the restroom, and go check it there. Otherwise, it’s very rude. VERY rude. If you are reading this, and you still pull out your phone while dining with someone, I will personally pop out of a bush, take your phone, and smash it. If you get nothing else out of this, then I want it to be: do not use your cellphone at the table. It’s my biggest pet peeve and universally is very rude, so please, I promise you will survive a couple hours without it. 

Moving on, to the oh so exciting napkins. If you’re at a restaurant, after you’ve situated your belongings and turned your phone off, the first thing you should do is place the napkin in your lap before you eat or drink anything, even a sip of water. If the napkin is fairly small, feel free to completely unfold it, but if it’s larger fold it in half with the crease facing you. If you have to get up, I’ve heard two different things, but I’ll share the one I’ve found to be most common and in my opinion is more polite. When you stand up, fold your napkin (maybe in half, don’t get crazy this isn’t time to practice your origami) and set it on the left side of your plate. Some people say to leave your napkin on your chair, but I don’t really find that to be the common practice and personally I think it’s weird. At the end of the meal, place your napkin to the left side of the plate. Napkins are meant to catch food. Don’t blow your nose with it, and don’t necessarily wipe your entire face with it. It’s meant to dot your lips and fingers and catch food, anything else is kind of gross.

As for a dinner party, follow your host’s lead. When they put their napkin on their lap, you should do the same. This also applies to eating. Once your host has taken the first bite (which should be after everyone is seated) then you’re free to also start eating.

Ok, so one thing I know people sometimes struggle with is the silverware. Instead of a standard spoon, fork, knife, plate and cup, there is a multitude of silverware and dishes at your disposal. To start, there are a few solid rules that will help get you through most situations. Use your utensils from the outside in, and, you eat from the left and drink from the right. The first part is fairly self explanatory: as a general rule, there should be roughly three forks to your left side, and then probably two spoons and a knife to your right. The first fork (from the outside, left) is for salad, the second for dinner and third for dessert. On your right, the first spoon is generally for soup, the second a “teaspoon” and then your knife is for your dinner. The second common rule (eat from the left, drink from the right) means this: if you are confused about which objects are meant for you or the person next to you, apply this rule. Napkins, bread and butter places, etc will be placed on your left. Water goblets and wine glasses will be to your right. I’m going to include some fun infographics at the end of this segment that will help you keep everything straight, but those are the two most useful, easy to remember rules.

I’ve seen some people be confused at dinners regarding the glasses. There is usually a glass called the water goblet, and it’s for, you guessed it, water. Then, there’s usually a wine glass. I’ve seen a lot of infographics floating around about the different wine glasses, but in general, red wine glasses are more stout and white wine glasses are more long and slender. The most slender of all are champagne flutes, which you will probably encounter while fine dining.

Regarding bread and butter: This is something you’ll often see at restaurants depending on what sort of food is being served. It’s common to have this to snack on while eating your salad or waiting for the meal. The proper etiquette for eating bread and butter goes like this: when the bread is passed to you, take off the amount you want, and also be sure to take the amount of butter you want with your knife and leave it on your plate. It’s rude to keep dipping into the shared butter source or asking that the bread be passed to you over and over. Once you have your portion in front of you, it’s best to tear off smaller pieces and butter them as you go.

The food. Ok, so you’ve made it to the actual dinner portion and you’re ready to dig in. There are rules for that too! First, you should wait for everyone to have their food in front of them. It’s rude to start eating while others are still waiting on their food. Second, there are specific ways to hold your utensils. I tend to use my utensils in a more “European” fashion (because I am European by birth) but I can tell you that in the US while eating, and more specifically while cutting meat, that Americans cut with their right hand (assuming they’re right handed) while holding their fork with their left hand, then they place their knife at the top of their plate, and switch hands. Cut one bite at a time, at most two. As far as how to hold various utensils, there are a million and one youtube videos out there. I don’t really stress out about it too much. Unless I’m having dinner with the Queen or Emily Post I don’t stress about the tiny details.

There is also an entire language with knives and forks. I’m going to include an infographic (yayyyy for infographics) at the end rather than explain them, because visuals will help you so much more, but just know that there is an unspoken language regarding utensils. I think the infographic I’ve found disagrees with this, but I know this is the commonly accepted etiquette in the US for when to signal you’re done eating: “To signal that your are done with the course, rest your fork, tines up, and knife blade in, with the handles resting at five o'clock and tips pointing to ten o'clock on your plate (4:20).”

As far as the actual food goes, you need to at least attempt to eat what’s being served. Even if it looks horrible, you need to choke down a couple bites. The only excuse for not eating something is a food allergy, and I mean a real food allergy, not your I’m-trying-to-lose-weight-so-I’m-cutting-out-gluten food “allergy”. Somebody slaved away to make your meal, you need to at least eat a few bites. If you have dietary restrictions, you need to make them known far in advance-probably when you accept the invitation. The host or hostess will try to make arrangements for food you will actually eat. Depending on where you are in the world, there are rules about cleaning your plate versus leaving food on your plate. In the US, the rules aren’t so strict. Do your best to eat most of the food on your plate, but no licking it clean or spooning the sauce into your mouth. That’s disgusting.

Wait Staff. This applies to upscale dinner parties and restaurants. Do not ever shout for your waiter. Attempt to make eye contact with them, and once you have done that you may slightly raise your right hand and slightly raise your index finger to signal that you need them. Be nice to the wait staff, smile, make eye contact, always say please and thank you. Being a waiter or waitress sucks enough, don’t make it worse.

Payment. So you’ve made it through the meal (this is for restaurants only) but what about the bill? If you’re on a date, it’s customary for the man to buy the meal. If you’re in a large group, generally the person who invited the group is supposed to pay. It’s considered particularly polite if they give the restaurant their credit card information even before the meal begins. And when in doubt, tip well. It’s good karma.

Instead of vocab like I normally I do, I’m going to just add in other tips that didn’t really fit in a specific section.

  • Don’t slurp your soup
  • If somebody has something in their teeth, the best protocol is to make eye contact with them and subtly touch your finger to your own teeth. They should get the hint.
  • Don’t drink too much and get drunk, especially if you’re with certain company
  • Don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t talk with a full mouth
  • The no elbows rule only applies while you’re actually eating; if it’s between courses and you’re just talking, feel free to rest the elbows on the table
  • Don’t reach over people, ask for it to be passed your way. Side note: if you want to share food with someone, don’t pass your entire plate, but put some on your bread plate and pass that instead
  • Eat quietly. Don’t chew loudly. Don’t scrape your utensils together.
  • Sit up straight, and don’t lean over to eat your food, bring it to you with your utensils
  • Hold your wine glass by the stem
  • If you need to leave the table, just say “Excuse me, I’ll be right back”. You don’t need to say you’re going to use the restroom, or that you’re checking the football score, or dealing with a family emergency. Less is more.

These are all of the basics I could really think of. There is so much information out there about meal etiquette and there are people out there who are sticklers for following every single rule, but most people are pretty reasonable and as long as you follow the basic rules, you’ll get by just fine. For the sake of being polite, most people aren’t going to point out if you happen to hold your fork with a finger in the wrong place. I’ve taken a few etiquette classes and found them to be really helpful, but there are so many videos and articles online that honestly you could pretty much teach yourself how to fit in meal etiquette wise.

If you liked this article, feel free to check out my other segments in the Intro to Upper Class Culture tag. Also, if you have any requests for future segments, send them to my ask box. 

P.S, below are the handy dandy info graphics. I like them, they’re pretty useful and easy to understand. 

BTVS Starters S01EP01
  • ‘Are you sure this is a good idea? ’
  • ‘Try not to get kicked out?’
  • ‘Can you help me out tonight, pleeeease, be my study buddy?’
  • ‘You burned down the gym.’
  • ‘Very suave. Very not pathetic.’
  • ‘Hey, you forgot your… stake.’
  • ‘Oh, I would kill to live in L.A. That close to that many shoes?
  • ‘Of course, we do have to test your coolness factor.’
  • ‘Good to know you’ve seen the softer side of Sears.’
  • ‘No wonder you’re such a guy magnet. Are you done?’
  • ‘You wanna fit in here, the first rule is: know your losers. Once you can identify them all by sight they’re a lot easier to avoid.’
  • ‘I kinda have this burning desire not to flunk all my classes, and I heard a rumor that you were the person to talk to if I wanted to get caught up.’
  • ‘Is it me, or are you turning into a bibbling idiot?’
  • ‘Everyone has them in L.A. Pepper spray is just so passé.’
  • ‘If you have any dark, painful secrets you’d like us to publish?’
  • ‘I don’t mean to interrupt your downward mobility’
  • ‘It’s not just a little dead, then?’
  • ‘Y'know, if you need a shoulder to cry on, or just to nibble on…’
  • ‘Morbid, much!’
  • ‘You heard about the dead guy, right? The dead guy in the locker?’
  • ‘Mostly they’re just gonna kill you. Why am I still talking to you?’
  • ‘You really have no idea what’s going on, do you? You think it’s coincidence, your being here?’
  • ‘Oh, come on, stake through the heart, a little sunlight… It’s like falling off a log.’
  • ‘Prepares me for what? For getting kicked out of school? For losing all of my friends?’
  • ‘There’s a reason why you’re here and a reason why it’s now!’
  • ‘Gee, can you vague that up for me?’
  • ‘How bad an evil can there be here?’
  • ‘From now on I am only going to hang out with the living.’
  • ‘Truth is, I thought you’d be taller, or bigger muscles and all that. You’re pretty spry, though.’
  • ‘Do you really think that’s an option anymore? You’re standing at the Mouth of Hell. And it’s about to open.’
  • ‘I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.’
  • ‘I think boys are more interested in a girl who can talk.’
  • ‘Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.’
  • ‘So, you like to party with the students. Isn’t that kinda skanky?’
  • ‘You need a personality, stat!’
  • ‘This is a perfect breeding ground for vampire activity. It’s dark, it’s crowded.’
  • ‘Well, I’m glad we had this little chat.’
  • ‘I’m… on the prowl. Witness me prowling!’
  • ‘You’re like a textbook with arms, I know this.’
  • ‘Deal with that outfit for a moment.’
  • ‘God! What is your childhood trauma?!’
  • ‘my social life is on the critical list.‘
  • ‘Oh, hey, I hope he’s not a vampire, because then you might have to slay him.’
  • ‘Is there anyone in this town who doesn’t know I’m the Slayer?’
  • ‘We don’t find her and there’s gonna be one more dead body in the morning!’
  • ‘You mean there’s actually someone in this town who doesn’t know already?’
  • ‘ Having a secret identity in this town is a job of work.’
  • ‘Okay, first of all, what’s with the outfit? Live in the now, okay? You look like DeBarge!’
  • ‘Now, we can do this the hard way, or… well, actually there’s just the hard way.’
  • ‘Now, this is not gonna be pretty. We’re talking violence, strong language, adult content..’
My Armada (TV Edition)

At work yesterday I was jotting down notes for an LGBT Character fan vid I’m making. My friends asked what I was doing and that lead to me listing all my ships (and of course I had to explain what a ship was.) I was shocked at how my OTP list had grown so much over the years. Some are still around. Some are not. So I’ve decided to share my list. (I used it earlier for sommat but it fits better here.) And I’d like to know what your list is. Rules: TV Couples only (past or present). And they have to have been an actual couple in their cannon, not what you wish had happened (So no Sterek or Johnlock. Sorry.) Also this is an LGBT list. Include pics and or gifs if you like but tag them or name them so that people know who they are. Even if it’s just their portmanteau. Let’s do this!

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Alright, but can you just imagine a private!school au. One where everyone is extraordinarily rich. Where you’re thrust into a love quadruple with three boys who are complete polar opposites of each other.

Min Yoongi

- the asshole who because his family is the wealthiest thinks he’s above all
- the one everyone is afraid to say no to, to disagree with
- counter to popular belief, he has amazing grades and no he doesn’t cheat, or hire other people to take his tests for him
- always has the best weed
- the one who never gets punished, because his parents are the school’s highest donaters
- the one who always bickers with you, you swear you’re both arch enemies
- but his badass persona is just a cover for his broken heart towards his parents, the longing to never disappoint them running in his veins
- after a particular argument of back and forth you say something a little too mean, and you don’t know why but your heart aches in your chest seeing the way his permanent smirk slides off his face, seeing how his shoulders slump, how he walks away
- you find him a few days later, of course, and you apologize profusely, even if it kills you inside
- the boy who crowds you up against the lockers, a smirk tugging on his lips as he invades your personal space, his finger will drag across your face while muttering out “princess,” or “sweetheart condescendingly 
- he has everything he wants, except for one thing: you
- and it’s because of your refusal to pay him the slightest bit of attention, unless you both are bickering, your refusal or treat him like he’s royalty that attracts him, that makes him want you

Park Jimin

- the bestfriend 
- the friend who has always secretly had a crush on you
- the one who thinks his grades are much more important than sleep
- the one who never breaks the school’s rules
- a goody two shoes, if you will
- always dressed like he’s ready for a formal occasion, or perhaps, somebody’s funeral
- the one who always spends nights studying with you, or being a nerd with all of the marvel and dc crap
- the one who pushes the fallen strands of your hair behind your ear
- the one whose touch is a little bit too gentle 
- the one whose gaze is a little too lovingly to be considered friendly
- but you ignore it, pretend not to notice because you don’t want things to change
- and you tried before, to love him the way he loves you, but for some unknown and unfair reason you just couldn’t, so if pretending you don’t notice will save his heart, then you’ll continue to do it
- even if it pushes him to one day confess
- but you’ll deal with that if when it happens

And last, but certainly not least, Jung Hoseok

- the new kid who immediately attracts attention because he is certainly not like the rest of the kids who attend the damn school 
- the one who always has a cigarette tucked behind his ear even if they are prohibited on the school’s ground
- he leans against the school lockers in the corner, eyes settled on yours, admiring you from afar and when you catch his attention on yours, he won’t look away, no, he’ll just smirk
- he is the source of every girl’s wet dream
- when it came to the girl’s at your school, they either found him attractive, endearing, intriguing or the complete opposite - an asshole, a lowlife, a menace
- the one your parents call you about, the one they say to stay away from
- uses the word fuck every other sentence
- the one who climbs up your school dorm window, tapping lightly on it until you let him in, says, “lets go,” and doesn’t let you ask another question before he’s tugging you out
- the one who plays his guitar outside in the school’s field during lunch 
- the badass who breaks only some of the rules when he see’s fit
- the one whose captured your utmost attention, the one who holds it, the one who cherishes it 
- whenever he see’s you, he’ll smirk and strum a tune on his guitar while singing about you as you walk past
- you’ll roll your eyes, but you secretly love the attention 
- because jung hoseok is not like the others 
- he’ll never be like the others 

HOW TO → jcink rp

so, forum rps have made a bit of a resurgence in the past year or so. i’ve found that there aren’t many guides on how to get going on the site. this is a comprehensive guide to roleplaying on jcink forums.  this guide includes how to find a group, how to register, how to create a character, how to manage shippers and shipping, how to thread, a guide to development, information on tracking & tagging, points info, and a short thesaurus.

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Spell: Halt Gossip

This quick spell is helpful to stop hearing gossip and to stop gossip about you.

You will need:
- Slippery Elm powder
- Yourself

Take the slippery elm and with your dominant hand use your index finger to rub the powder onto your pulse points on your neck (below your jawline and ears) and over your third eye (right above the part in your eyebrows) while saying the following:

Those that would spread rumors have no power here.
And what they say falls on deaf ears.
If inherent harm is what they seek,
they’ll know better than to say it to me.
Those that speak ill of me will find
that gossip is an idle bind
and only leaves them behind.
By earth, air, flame and sea,
as I say, so shall it be.

*Those last two lines can easily be changed to fit your deity or the rule of three (if you follow the rede), that just happens to be what I use to wrap up my spells.
Fortnight (Legolas X Reader)

Summary: The King of Mirkwood isn’t pleased to discover you, a mere peasant, are the lover of his son. He is quick to send you on your way when Legolas leaves to meet with the Council of Elrond. Despite almost being too late, Legolas stops your departure.

Key: (Y/N)-your name

Today’s Playlist: I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. A lot of songs could apply, but I’m too lazy to look them up.

Cast: YOU! Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil, Aragorn, and brief mentions of the hobbits

Warnings: Nothing, surprisingly. Fluff? If you don’t like fluff, I guess it’s a warning.

Status: Complete

Note: I’m not proud of how I portrayed Aragorn in this fic, but if I ever do another LotR fic, I’ll be sure to fix that.

“(Y/N). The king demands your presence.”

Those few words were no good. Now here you are before King Thranduil, terrified of what is to come. You knew this talk was coming. No mere commoner could earn the affections of Legolas Greenleaf without his father stepping in. You, however, are the first to even dare to try.

Legolas is your close friend and your dearest. He cares for you more than anyone ever has. An orphan holds no place in anyone’s heart. Or at least they shouldn’t, but you’ve somehow found yourself in his. You knew it would never go far, especially with the King breathing down your neck. The moment Legolas turned his back, you were doomed.

Here you stand before his father, ready for judgement. As Legolas is about to leave for the Council of Elrond, King Thranduil wishes to speak to you. The few words he speaks to you are strongly meant, as he does not joke.

“You are to leave on a ship from the Grey Havens in two fortnight’s time. No questions asked.” He glares, closer than you want him to be.

You knew this was coming. You had prepared for it for a long time. Legolas is leaving and he probably won’t come back, so what was the point staying anyway? You can’t go with him, as Thranduil won’t allow it. You could always go of your own accord, but you don’t have the supplies for that either. You would never make it past the gates.

“You are never to speak to my son again.” He comes ever closer, making his point. “You will leave a letter with his things and be gone as the time comes. Understood?”

“Yes, my King.” You mutter, knowing he can hear you well enough.

“Get out of my sight.” He hisses, almost disgusted at the idea that his son has fallen for you. He turns, his robes flaring out behind him.

You turn to leave and prepare for your journey. You have time, but you also have to say goodbye to Legolas. That will probably be the hardest part, knowing him. You can’t alert him to the fact that you’re leaving, or Thranduil will have your head.

You write a letter that very night, tucking it among your beloved’s bags with the knowledge that he won’t find it until you’ve already left. Legolas may be clever, but he is by no means organized.

The morning of his departure is the worst. He approaches you last, even after saying goodbye to his father, who is glaring daggers at you. Legolas kisses your forehead gently, cradling your head with his soft hands. He smiles lovingly. “I will be home swiftly to see you again.”

You smile tearfully. He thinks you are afraid for him. You are, but mostly for when he discovers of your departure. You kiss him lightly and hold him in your embrace.

Do not worry for me, love.” He reassures, “I always return home.”

I know.” You mutter quietly. He will always return to his kingdom. It is his home as well as his duty. You are not. You may have his heart, but his mind and his own self belongs to his kingdom.

He gives you one last kiss before mounting and taking off on his way. He waves goodbye farther down the road and you return the gesture, attempting a smile.

It pains you to know that he won’t realise you’re gone. At least not for a long time.

Two fortnights pass too quickly and Legolas hasn’t returned. You had the slightest hope that his journey might be complete by then, but it was a foolish one. You take your leave of the kingdom and start toward the Grey Havens, King Thranduil smirking victoriously as you depart. You curse his name and hope that his years left in Middle Earth are wrought with hardship. For all the pain he will cause his son, he will deserve it. He deserves even far more than what you have cursed upon him. Only the fury of a lost love could make him feel such pain.

Since his journey has begun, Legolas has thought of nothing but (Y/N)’s welfare. He can’t help but fear for her, as his father was not exactly pleased at the idea of a ‘commoner’ romancing his son; the Prince. Legolas couldn’t care less, though, as you are his and he is yours.

He doesn’t discover the letter until they rest in Lorien. It’s a miracle the letter hasn’t been lost by now. Little does he know that he may just be too late.

“Legolas.” Aragorn calls for him beside their bags.

Legolas raises his eyebrows and approaches his friend, who has pulled a single, loose piece of writing seemingly from out of nowhere. He hands it to Legolas.

It is yours, my friend.” Aragorn tells him in elvish, not wanting their conversation to be heard by the other members of the Fellowship. “Have you read it?”

No…” Legolas answers swiftly, “I wasn’t aware of its presence. Why?”

It was written by your love, Legolas.”

The Prince’s eyes widen as he takes the paper from Aragorn. He reads over it swiftly, an expression of displeasure spread across his face. It turns from shock, to hurt, to sadness. “This cannot be true.”

I’m sorry.” Aragorn mutters, “She has left for the Grey Havens.”

    My Legolas,

    I fear by the time you might find this, it has already been too late. I do not expect you to return within two fortnight’s time, as your journey is far more dangerous and time consuming than one might imagine. Amusing, isn’t it, how one little ring causes so much distress?

    I’m sorry I have to write this to you by letter, but if I had told you, I would not be alive to this day. Your father, King Thranduil, has demanded I leave Middle Earth and cross the sea in two fortnights. If you have not returned by then, there will be none here to stop me from leaving. I cannot stay, as he will have my head, but I cannot leave, as the same result may occur. I’m deeply sorry, Legolas. I wish more than anything I could have followed you, but if I had, there was a chance that neither of us would survive.

    Do not feel guilty. I made this decision myself so that you may be free to serve your kingdom as you were meant. Do not grieve, love, at my departure. Someday you may follow me and we might meet again. Do not allow this loss to distract from your true goal; the destruction of the Ring. And do not allow my disappearance to keep you from your duties as a Prince.

    I love you with all my heart, Legolas, and I hope from the bottom of it that you might see fit to move on as you were meant. Rule your people with a just hand and wise mind, as I know you can.

    All my love,


I have to go.” Legolas begins to pack his things onto a horse. The hobbits watch in fear. What is so desperate that their comrade must leave in the middle of the journey?

Legolas, you will not make it in time to stop her.” Aragorn warns, standing beside his friend. He reaches out a swift arm to stop Legolas. “She will have left the day before yesterday. The Grey Havens is a fortnight’s ride from here, if not more, and you are two days behind.

Legolas frowns. “Then let me go, Aragorn, and I might catch up with them.”

Our Fellowship will have one less member.” Aragorn continues, “We need you.”

And I need her. I will not allow her to leave, at least not without a goodbye.” Legolas finishes his argument and continues to load his things.

Aragorn sighs as his friend mounts his horse, prepared to leave. He looks up at Legolas in one last goodbye, “Godspeed.”

Legolas gives him a curt nod before clicking his tongue. His steed takes off at immense speed as they ride through the forests of Lorien.

He rides day and night, determined to catch up with her. He cannot let her go. He loves her too dearly to forget her like that, in the blink of an eye. His fear grows as time slips from him. But so does his anger at his father. He’s been betrayed by his own kin, his own flesh and blood. Could he not see that Legolas adores her as he once adored his own beloved?

You take one last look around you with a sigh. The view isn’t what you’re going to miss the most, though. You shake the thought of him away. You’ve already come to terms with it. There’s no point drowning yourself in sorrows again.

You begin to board the ship, as you are the last passenger. However, a thundering of hooves and a shout stops you. “Wait!”

You turn, your heart filled with sudden hope. You know that voice. You gape a little as he rides toward you, determined to stop you. How is he here right now? He was in the middle of a quest! “Legolas?”

He dismounts and races over to you, not wasting a moment. He takes you in his embrace, holding you close, as if to say that he’ll never let you go. “Don’t go.”

You chuckle tearfully and hug him tighter. “I’m sorry.”

It’s my fault. If I had told Father-” He starts, the guilt building up. It was his father who cast you out, who almost had you leave Middle Earth altogether just because he didn’t want to see you with his son.

“Legolas.” You hold your hand to the side of his head gently. “Neither of us are to blame.”

He leans forward to kiss you, mumbling, “I will never let you go again, (Y/N). I love you.

And I you, my Legolas.”

JJBA: Eyes of Heaven Drinking Game

Take a shot when:
* Jotaro says “Yare Yare Daze”.
* whenever someone enters or exits the turtle.
* you collect a new corpse part.
* you have to fight alongside someone your character is related to. (default)
* you have to fight someone your character is related to. (default)
* a version of Dio trash-talks another version of Dio.
* all eight Joestars are on the screen at the same time, PLUS Speedwagon.
* Jotaro makes Joseph explain the quest to a new character.

Take a sip when:
* two of the same character from different timelines are in the same place.
* you have to fight someone you’ve fought before.
* all eight Joestars are on the screen at the same time, WITHOUT Speedwagon.
* someone says the word “Bizarre”.

Finish your drink when:
* someone says the game’s title, “Eyes of Heaven”.

(Edit: I would like to put it out there that this was made as a joke, and I wouldn’t recommend actually adhering to these rules. You’ll probably die. XD If you actually wanna play this as a real drinking game, you’re welcome to edit the rules however you see fit, or if drinking isn’t your thing (as it isn’t really mine either) use some kind of liquor substitute. Have fun. Be safe.)

What Comes Next?: Awake [3] (King George III X Reader)

Pairing: King George X Reader w/ brother! Alexander

Triggers: cursing… i dont.. OH… insecurity… if there are any others please tell us!!!

Prompts: Soulmate AU where you switch bodies with your soulmate on New Years after your 22nd birthday

Word Count: 2255

A/n- Welp another entry to WCN is finally here!!!

Countdown (1) Switched (2)


Alexander woke George up to tell him that he had to go to a meeting.

“Who gave you the right to wake me up this early? It’s been like an hour since I went to sleep!” George growled.

“Y/N- George–I forget you’re still in there–it’s been five hours.” Alex rolled his eyes.

“And…” George coaxed for Alex to give a better reason than that.

“Nothing, just stay in the house I don’t need you running around alone.” And with that Alex left and George went back to sleep.

George woke up to a pain in his gut that made him curl up in pain. What the bloody hell was Y/N doing to his body????

Then, there was a knock on the door. The knock was persistent and it seemed like the person wasn’t going away.

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vorpalgirl  asked:

Do the Japanese have their own separate "flower language" or did they largely adopt Victorian Europe/USA's? Because I know that some flowers (e.g. red spider lilies) have specific meanings and even folklore attached to them in Japanese culture that pop up sometimes (e.g. in imagery in Tokyo Ghoul or Inuyasha), but I also remember the "Sailor Moon R" movie from the 1990's, in English translation anyway, making reference to "the language of flowers" which made me think VFL so now I'm just confused

Hi vorpalgirl, long time no see!

The Japanese do in fact have a flower language of their own, it’s called Hanakotoba and we actually have a tag for it. You can find it right here!

Oh man, this is just reminding me of all the manga I need to finish reading at some point in my life. Without looking up the flowers in question (and hoping I can actually find something on Google to add at the end of this ask because wouldn’t that be neat), my best guess is that it’s a bit of everything. While Hanakotoba might be the obvious choice for Japanese artists especially if they lack the proper English skills, I’m not putting it past them to make use of the Victorian flower language just because they can. (Anyone remember Weiß Kreuz? There’s a 50% chance they just flipped open a German dictionary and were like “that word sounds cool.”)

And since it’s anime with a world all of its own, I wouldn’t actually put it past them to have a combination of Hanakotoba and the Victorian flower language as well as meanings derived from folklore within those universes. You pick what fits your story best is the general rule and since all three you mentioned are fantasy worlds a combination like that would be entirely possible.

Let’s try to decipher some of the flowers used, just for fun, yeah?

The first ending of Inuyasha features red spider lilies, which are also depicted in Tokyo Ghoul, their meanings derives directly from Hanakotoba and it’s never to meet again, lost memory and abandonment. They have no specific entry in the Victorian dictionary, which means they would be filed simply under lily. They mean majesty, purity and modesty, honour and purity of heart. However, it is unlikely that that meaning is the one we’re looking for.

Tokyo Ghould also features carnations, first white then stained red with blood. Carnations as well have meanings in Hanakotoba, which fascination, distinction and love. In the Victorian flower language, white carnations have their own meaning, being innocence, sweet and lovely, pure love and woman’s good luck gift. While in red their meaning changes to my heart breaks, my heart aches for you and admiration. In this case, we can say it is possible both Hanakotoba and the Victorian flower language have been applied.

I cannot say much about Sailor Moon, other than that the space flower breaks reality on all accounts.

Ultimately only the artists themselves know (or at least we should hope so) and if you really want to know I suggest asking them directly, given there is a way to do so.

- Mod Jana


This blog is intended as writing advice only. This blog and its mods are not responsible for accidents, injuries or other consequences of using this advice for real world situations or in any way that said advice was not intended.

Stress *Requested* (Antoine Roussel)

I know I said that Willy was next, but I just couldn’t get it out, so I wrote this one in the meantime. I really am sorry about the huge delay, but I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I hope y’all like it!

Requested by: @dertiger31 who said “Could you do a cute Antoine Roussel one? Like maybe start with a fight but have it end all fluffy?”

Warnings: Don’t think so.

Requests: Open!

Up Next: Hopefully Willy, if not Nico Hischier

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” You whispered to yourself as you maneuvered yourself up the steps to your fourth floor apartment. This normally wasn’t such a taxing experience, but on crutches….different story.

When you reached the third floor you stopped to catch your breath, mentally cursing the complex owners for not installing an elevator. It would make being a clumsy, a talent that came naturally to you, much easier. You steeled yourself and then started moving again. Only 16 more, you could do this.

“Finally!” You whisper-shouted as you reached your front door. Leaning a crutch against the wall you rummaged around your bag to find your keys. You retrieved them, but then watched in dismay as the crutch that had been leaning against the wall crashed to the ground. “Oh, come on!!”

You stuck your lanyard into your mouth and attempted to lean down and reach the fallen crutch, while still balancing on the other. It was a precarious position to say the least. Your fingers grazed the metal, but couldn’t grab ahold. You adjusted your grip on the other one and reached out and grabbed it. Hefting yourself back up to a regular standing position, you finally opened the door.

Hobbling to the couch, you collapsed onto it and examined your new fashion accessory. A bright green synthetic cast that covered your right foot up to mid-shin. Great. And it wasn’t even your fault. At least, that’s what you were claiming.

You had been walking through the parking lot of your office when one of your coworkers had called out to you. Without breaking stride, you’d turned around to wave goodbye, but your right foot missed the memo of turning and you fell over a speed bump. An ER trip, three hours, an embarrassing subway ride home, and you’d come full circle.

Relaxing onto the cushions you pulled out your phone and cringed when you saw six missed calls from Antoine. Your boyfriend of almost two years was not going to be a happy camper at your negligence…at least you had a good excuse. You bit your lip and clicked on call back. It rang for about .5 seconds before he answered.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” He shouted. You held your phone away from your ear lest you end up back in the ER with a burst eardrum. “I get a call from the hospital saying that my fiancee was admitted and I hear nothing from you?! What is going on Y/N?!”

“I’m doing great. Thank you for asking.” Was all you said.

You heard a growl. “Y/N. This is not the time for joking.”

“I just tripped and fell. That’s all.” You heard nothing. “Babe?”

“You went to the hospital because you fell? Doesn’t that seem a bit overdramatic?” He asked.

“I guess it could be seen that way. I hope that’s not how you feel.”

There was another pause. You could feel him rolling his eyes. “I’ll be home in about 15 minutes.” And then he hung up.

“Thanks for the concern, babe. Love you, too.” You sassed at the phone.

You sighed, looking at your crutches. Then proceeded to hobble down the hallway to change. You and Antoine went out for dinner every friday during the offseason, since you spent so much time apart during the season. It was rarely at a fancy place, but instead tried to discover small hole-in-the-wall joints.

You finagled out of your work clothes and attempted to find something you could wear. Skinny jeans were out because the leg wouldn’t fit over your cast and you ruled out sundresses after observing how once you moved around they rode up and got caught on the crutches. After finally deciding on just a pair of shorts and a tank top you moved back to the living room.

As soon as you sat down the front door opened. Antoine walked in with his face buried in his phone and without even looking up walked into the bedroom.

“Nice to see you, too.” You muttered. Taking a page from his book, you pulled out your phone and snapped a picture of your cast. You posted it on twitter with the caption “At least it’s victory green. I think I was a bit too eager for the season to start.” You had just put your phone back in your pocket when Ant came back out.

“Ready?” He asked. He still had not looked at you yet. “I was thinking we could go to the diner we had our first date at? We haven’t been there since Valentine’s Day.”

You smiled. “That sounds good to me.”

“Perfect. Let’s go.” And he was out the door. And he still hadn’t noticed your new accessories. Ridiculous.

Temper rising you grabbed your crutches, and as best as you could, stomped to the door. You slammed it shut and locked it. He wasn’t even waiting on you, he was already halfway to his car. You grit your teeth and started the slow descent down. At least it was easier going down than up.

Your phone started ringing when you reached the landing between the first and second floor. You paused and answered it.


“Are you coming? I’ve been in the car for five minutes.”

You clenched your fists and worked to keep your voice even. “I’m almost all the way down. Just give me a minute.” You hung up without waiting for a response and started descending again. Two minutes later you had reached the SUV, unsurprised to see him still on his phone. You put your crutches in the backseat and using the car as support, hopped into your seat.

“Took you long enough.” Ant said putting his phone in the cupholder and looking up at you.

Your mouth dropped and your eyebrows raised. “Are you serious?!”

He furrowed his brows at the indignation in your tone. “It took you almost 10 minutes to get down here. I know you like to take your time, but that’s a bit ridiculous.”

You felt your cheeks flush in anger. “I can not believe you.” You held up your hand to stop his response. “Just drive. I’ve had a bad day and you’re not helping anything. Just…drive.” You turned on the radio and crossed your arms across your chest before pointedly looking out the window. Maybe now he’d get the memo.

The twenty minute drive passed in complete silence between the two of you. He parked the car and looked at you.

“Look, I’m sorry if I upset you. I’m just a little stressed.”

You exhaled loudly. “It’s ok. I guess it just hasn’t been a good day for either of us.” You shot him a weak smile and he leaned over and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Hopefully, it’ll get better now. Let’s go eat.” He walked over and opened your door for you, evidently trying to make up for his behavior from earlier. You grabbed his hand and used it to help you get out, balancing on one leg.

“Thanks.” You said, lightly wobbling. “Could you…”

He looked you over, noticing your wobble. You saw his eyes widen when he got to your cast. “YOU BROKE YOUR LEG?!” He yelled. “YOU DIDN’T THINK THAT YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT?!”

You narrowed your eyes. “If you would have paid a bit more attention when you got home, this conversation could have happened there.”

“Don’t pin this on me! I called you and as soon as you bothered to answer asked what was going on. And all you said was that you tripped and fell.”

You shrugged, “And technically, that’s all I did do. You didn’t ask if I was ok or anything.” You said in a small voice. “You yelled at me and then said I was overdramatic.”

“Babe…”He ran his hands through his hair. “I would have never done that if I knew you were this hurt.”

“It shouldn’t matter if I was hurt or not.”

“You’re right. I’m so sorry. Forgive me?”

You pretended to ponder. “I guess so. Now will you get my crutches out please? It’s killing my other leg to try and balance this long, even with the car to help.”

He pulled them out and after you were settled, the two of you headed for the entrance. Ant whispered something to the hostess and she immediately led the two of you to a table in the back corner.

“What did you tell her? There are other people waiting…it’s rude of us to take their table.” You protested.

“I called earlier in the week. They knew we were coming.” He explained, pulling out your chair. “Just sit down and enjoy. Do you want to prop your foot up?”

“I probably should.” After he made sure you were all adjusted he finally sat down. Almost immediately a waiter was at your table delivering two glasses of water and asking what you would like to drink. You both let him know and Antoine ordered an appetizer for you to share. Your waiter disappeared and you turned your attention to Ant. “What’s going on?”

He widened his eyes in feigned innocence. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’re up to something. And I’m going to get to the bottom of it.”

“There’s nothing to get to the bottom of!” He protested.

You just made a skeptical face. “Mhmm. What made you so stressed today?”

“Just….things.” He answered vaguely.

“Wow. Such an enlightening answer.”

“Your sarcasm isn’t needed. I have enough of my own.”

“I decided to share anyway. Now seriously, what’s been bugging you? Is it the upcoming season? Your contract? What’s bugging you?”

“Just something that I’ve been planning for a while. I can’t seem to get it right. I just want it to go smoothly.”

“I’m sure that whatever it is will work out perfectly.”

“I hope so.” He muttered.

The rest of dinner went smoothly. Conversation flowed easily between the two of you now that both of you had let go of your anger. The food was delicious and Antoine surprised you with a surprise dessert.

“Now I’m very suspicious.” You said as the waiter sat the chocolate mousse in front of you. “We never get dessert. Did you do something?”

“No. I didn’t do anything. “It’s what I’m about to do.”

“What do you mean-” You started to question, but then he stood up. And got down on one knee. “Oh my gosh.”

“Y/N.” He took a deep breath. “I’ve tried for weeks to come up with the right words to say for this, and none of them can come close to describing our relationship and the love I have for you. We have had our bad days, our knock-out drag-out fights, but we’ve also had our wonderful days that are just filled with us and our love. I am beyond grateful for the day you came into my life and I’m not about to let you realize how out of my league you are. You’re absolutely perfect in everyway and I love you. So, Y/F/N…will you marry me?”

You nodded vigorously, wiping the stray tears off your face. “Yes.” Then you threw your arms around his neck. He pulled you close as he stood up, supporting your weight to keep you off your foot. He put you back in your seat and then slid the sparkling diamond onto your finger.

“Thank you for saying yes.”  He whispered.

“Are you nuts? I love you, of course I said yes. Wait! Is this what you’ve been so stressed about lately? Did you honestly think I would say no?”

“Yes…and I don’t know. You’re just so perfect and I haven’t been the greatest lately…”

“Aww, Babe.” You cooed. “I love you, having a few bad days could never change that.”

He smiled and kissed you hard on the lips. “I love you. Are you ready to go home? I’ll help you up the stairs this time.”

You gave a chuckle. “No, I’m not ready to go. I’m not about to let this dessert go to waste. So you may as well sit down and take an artsy picture of me with the ring shining while I eat this.”

He laughed loudly and for the first time in awhile, you saw the tension leak from his shoulders. “I think I can do that.”

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you thought and if you saw any blazing errors!