it finally looks a bit like spring so here


Title: Keepers [] [ao3]

Rating: K

Word Count: ~1000

Summary: Sometimes, Mako had a big mouth. Sometimes, Korra misunderstood. Sometimes, it all snowballs into a bigger argument than they should have had. Hogwarts AU. makorragiftexchange gift for wow-fantastic-babies

Author Note: Sorry I’m so close to the deadline sorry! I know you said you didn’t like angst but there’s a bit in here because I was looking over the song lyrics you posted. Hope you like it, it’s kind of cheesy.



Mako crossed his arms in the evening chill outside the castle. With spring in full swing and summer just on the horizon, he hadn’t expected to be chilled. He left his cloak draped over the chair in the library where he, Bolin, and Asami had setup to study the afternoon away for final exams. He headed for the Quidditch pitch as the sun slowly set casting long shadows across the grounds.

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