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BTS Reaction to Their Partner Having Lots of Tattoos.

Request: Hello, Rain! Can I request BTS reaction seeing their s\o tattoos (lots of them/or really big ones like full-sleeve) for the first time? Thank you! @kainblackfox

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Kim Seokjin: (He looks like a baby chick here)

      Seokjin had started dating his partner in the autumn, so he had only ever saw them with long sleeves or sweaters on. So when Spring finally came around it was a bit of a shock to see them with a full sleeve of tattoos. Even though Seokjin is very confident in his own looks, I don’t think he would be very judgemental of other’s looks or whatever they decide to do with their body. I think his main concern would be his partner being happy in their own body, so if their tattoos did that he would be very open and even praising towards them.

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Min Yoongi: (excited baby panda.)

    While Yoongi was away on tour his partner decided to get a mural of all their loved one’s favorite flowers tattooed onto their back. One day they would be hanging out with Yoongi, and decide to change into their pajamas to just spend a lazy day inside revealing the mural. I think Yoongi would be surprised, but only because they had not had it the last time he saw them, and wasn’t notified that they were getting one. He would honestly not really care if his partner got tattoos, it was their bodies after all, but would probably find the sentiment of the mural pretty sweet. “When did you get that?”

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Jung Hoseok: (his smile is so cute mah heart)

     Let’s just say Hobi would probably make a big deal out of it. This does not necessarily mean it is a bad reaction, it is just well… a reaction. He would probably ask you a bunch of questions. Did it hurt? How long did it take? Why there? What does it mean? He would do that with every single tattoo until he found out the story behind every single one of them. He then would probably go around bragging to everyone about how brave his significant other is.

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Kim Namjoon: (he goes from cool to cute in seconds, wow)

    Namjoon would know that his partner had a love for tattoos before they even got together. He knew it was their dream to fill up their body with beautiful art. So he would not have had much of an initial reaction, but after getting to know them he’d probably research the meaning of some of their tattoos and inform them about it. He would probably even help them research for new ideas.

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Park Jimin: (look at that fond smile… also I know it’s at Taehyung so like my vmin heart)

     I think Jimin would be like Hobi, and want to know the story behind all of their tattoos. I think he would find it amazing how body art like this could be as meaningful, as say a song he would write or a dance he would perform. I think Jimin would appreciate arts in all forms, that including all of his partner’s tattoos. I do think he would drop hints that he wanted you to get one for him though.

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Kim Taehyung: (he’s a goofball)
      Taehyung upon noticing all his partners tattoos would probably question how many they had, and if they did not know how many he would probably start counting himself. He would probably find all their tattoos amazing, because anything that was a part of his significant other was automatically beautiful and the best thing in the world, to be honest.

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Jeon Jungkook: (here he comes to wreck your life)

     Jungkook would find his partner’s tattoos cool. Like this boy would get so excited when seeing all of them. They basically just earned themselves a little fanboy. I think much like Hobi he would ask a bunch of questions about them. They probably would inspire him to get tattoos of his own, but he probably would want them to come with him… just to see him get it. Totally not to hold his hand.  


Title: Keepers [] [ao3]

Rating: K

Word Count: ~1000

Summary: Sometimes, Mako had a big mouth. Sometimes, Korra misunderstood. Sometimes, it all snowballs into a bigger argument than they should have had. Hogwarts AU. makorragiftexchange gift for wow-fantastic-babies

Author Note: Sorry I’m so close to the deadline sorry! I know you said you didn’t like angst but there’s a bit in here because I was looking over the song lyrics you posted. Hope you like it, it’s kind of cheesy.



Mako crossed his arms in the evening chill outside the castle. With spring in full swing and summer just on the horizon, he hadn’t expected to be chilled. He left his cloak draped over the chair in the library where he, Bolin, and Asami had setup to study the afternoon away for final exams. He headed for the Quidditch pitch as the sun slowly set casting long shadows across the grounds.

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