it felt weird making this

The rush of joy you feel when a stranger correctly names your instrument from just seeing the case


new perspective // panic! at the disco

  • Kakyoin: had a stand his whole life, thought other people had one too
  • Kakyoin: realized he was different and felt weird and isolated himself
  • Kakyoin: was pushed by his parents to make friends and only resulted in isolating himself further
  • Kakyoin: was aware that his parents thought something was off about him, especially since he still had his "imaginary friend"
  • Kakyoin: grew up to be very anti social and only trusted in himself
  • Kakyoin: gave up on the idea of ever having someone who would understand him
  • Kakyoin: let down his guard when he found out DIO also had a stand, only to immediately regret this
  • Kakyoin: was spared by Jotaro, another Stand user, and taken to his home so they could patch him up and had the fleshbud removed even though he had tried to kill him
  • Kakyoin: was cared for and patched up by Holly despite almost killing her son
  • Kakyoin: experiences a connection with the other crusaders who spared him
  • Kakyoin: experiences motherly affection for the first time in a long while
  • Kakyoin: has been without affection or attention for a long time
  • Kakyoin: comments on how he wants to help repay Holly's kindness and how she's a nice person and he hopes to find someone that'll treat him the same way
  • You Fuckin' Sinners: lmao kakyoin wants to fuck jojo's mom

What do you mean fluff anon, tickle fights are an actual war

BTS Reacting To You Being A Newly Debuted Idol And Having A Crush On You~

~Long title lol~

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Seokjin - He would be real shy about it. When you were doing shows and he happened to be around he would subtly smile in your direction or wave at you. He wouldn’t be really obvious. But since he’s a huge dork he would make some weird joke when he felt comfortable enough around you. When you smiled and laughed at his stupid pun he would be so happy. 

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Yoongi - He is awkward times ten when it comes to having a crush. He wouldn’t know where to begin. He is kind of rough around the edges when he isn’t around his brothers. So it would sort of go like. “Hi, I’m Yoongi… Nice to uhm… meet you.” He would then nod and walk away cursing himself for being so weird. But in reality you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was awkward. He has that air about him. You would just smile and internally fangirl. So when he turned around and smile before clearing his throat and pretending none of it actually happened. *He would think about it for days to come until he saw you again.*

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Hoseok - He wouldn’t change much honestly. He would still be that huge ray of absolute sunshine he actually is. Only this time he would introduce himself and start a conversation. Saying how he liked your groups choreography and your debut single was really good. He would leave with butterflies and make sure that the next time he saw you he would learn more about you. 

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Namjoon - *My sweet precious bean i love you<3* Let’s all say this together SHY SHY SHY. He is so freaking shy he would just blush instantly. “Hi, I’m Rap Monster. Actually my name is Namjoon. It’s nice to meet you, y/n…” He would then curse himself for seeming so awkward when you just met, but you were already so undeniably smitten it was bad. You thought he was the cutest. *cause he is omg look at that face*

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Jimin - I feel like out of all of the members he would be the least nervous. Still a littl nervous but our little Chimmie has some kind of way about him that gives off this sexy vibe. He would walk up to you with this little smirk and say “I really liked your performance. Maybe we could practice together sometime?” He would instantly cringe at himself internally but would gain back all confidence when he saw your cheeks flush red and you nodding at the idea. 

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Taehyung - C U T E. T I M E S. T E N. He would just be the cutest thing. He would say such nice things and to keep your attention focused on him. He would just keep the conversation going. He’s so talkative because he likes you so much and the sound of your voice just makes him happy. 

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Jung(shook)kook - This boy would not be able to speak to you. You guys know how he literally swerves when he sees a girl. It would be worse for him since he actually likes you. If there was ever a moment when you guys were alone, maybe then he would calm down a little and actually be able to say “Hey… I uhm… I think you’re really cool, and would you maybe want to hang out sometime?” But other than that this boy would be shook for days. 

A/N: Aish thinking about these boys literally makes my day. So doesn’t all the love from you guys. I love you all. Xxoo <3<3<3<3


ive been doodling those characters i made in between finals lol

i decided … they teach at a summer art class for kids but triia is a delivery girl who delivers supplies to them and nuelle runs her parents’ organic hipster food store next to rhem


The start of a loud, electronic beat shocked them away from each other. Silvia hesitantly moved her hands off his shoulders and Danny did the same for around her waist. 

Silvia: Thanks… for the dance, I mean.

Danny: Anytime. You needed it and besides, it’s prom, we have to have at least one memory together.

Silvia: Yeah. Well… I’m gonna uh… yeah. I’m gonna go. 

Silvia walked away, chilled from the lack of contact from Danny. She felt weird, almost like if Danny was making her nervous… he was her friend. Friends didn’t react to each other like this… 

i’m finally on spring break….i brought 5 bags home with me and 4 of them were laundry….sheets and towels but mostly sweatpants and old slam shirts…..i ran out of socks a week before finals ended and had to make do…..i felt weird when i woke up at noon today and realized it was because i had taken 3 exams in the 2 days since i last showered….college is hard


I tweaked Willa like wth I never thought I would and like, she might look weird to you know but she looks lots more like herself to me and ;3;


Gotta say this septum ring filter has got me wanting to get one (fake b/c of my near constant colds😓) ft. New haircut

Fun little story: While closing the car trunk today I stood a bit too close to the car and knocked my glasses off my face.

But I didn’t even really realize it, because nothing else had happened? Literally only my glasses were affected and I just stood there in silence for a few moments, because I just couldn’t believe it??

I mean I could have hit my head or something, but nope. Just knocked my own glasses off my face and nothing even happened to the glasses. They were just on the ground


embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

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I'm trans and find it a lil weird myself. to each their own I guess

AUGH thank you i felt so weird and bad trying to make that point while not being trans myself, i’m glad you agree with me on it!!!