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And then we have this conversation, where Hiiragi’s like “hey people are going to notice you’re not normal if you just like, start talking to me in public” and Natsume’s like “yeah whatever I don’t care if people think I’m normal a lot. I can see you, you’re part of my life, you’re important to me and that’s really all that matters”.

And this is not something Natsume would have said in the first episode. He’s struggled so hard all his life to hide and not appear strange to other people. He’s felt bitter towards youkai for making him look weird to others, he hasn’t wanted to be a part of their world.

But now he’s like “you know what, this something I can see, part of who I am, this is a world I know and care about, so I’m not going to ignore it even if other people can’t see it or understand it and it makes me stand out or look weird”. 

And I think it’s the conversation with Tanuma that made him realize it. It’s being accepted by his friend and asked “well, are YOU comfortable with this?” that made him realize that he actually is, and it’s other people who have a problem with it, he’s fine. That doesn’t mean he still won’t struggle with it, but he’s taken an important step here in realizing that his own feelings and thoughts on this are more important than other people’s.

And, as another sign of character growth, we had Hiiragi telling him he’s too soft, and instead of getting annoyed and defensive like last episode, he just smiles like “yep that’s who I am and I’m fine with it.” It could partly be because of the different context, but I think it’s because, thanks in part to the conversation with Tanuma, he’s learning to become comfortable and accept all parts of himself.

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On the plus side at least one of the new additions to Young Justice is Traci 13, a half Asian brunette. So that's something. And Secret was only a one off character in the show or that would be another blonde white girl in the cast.

Greta would also be added to the apparent Tim love hexagons because… wow Tim’s romantic interests in canon are pretty uniform in the white-blonde-chicks area, aren’t they? That’s so weird. Further reason Tim should be with Tam Fox, I say. 

Anyway yeah I guess. But I kinda hated how S1 handled Secret and kinda… removed her entire autonomy in order to make her appear only once? It felt… really weird. Especially considering her importance to the plot of the actual comic book series. But what do I know. People  loved it so shrug emoji

But yes!!! I am super excited about Traci 13 and reeeaaaaalllllyyy hoping that they take the opportunity of being on Netflix to explore the fact that she is canonically bisexual instead of…. what I fear…. which is just immediate hook up with Jaime and substituting that for plot and screentime for them both… not that… YJ did that with POC characters in previous seasons or anything >____>

Weird bands you should check out

Idk I felt like making a list:

Glass Animals - literally sounds like a liquid in my ears

Mother Mother - relatable and uses really nice flats and sharps in their singing

Tally Hall - gets that ol’ brain going. almost every song is in a different style

Rob Cantor - made the Shia Lebuff song and used to be the yellow tie from Tally Hall

Andrew Jackson Jihad - real nasty slice o’ life but good

Cosmo Sheldrake - like old folksyish but with minimal instruments and words and nice beats

Lulu Mae - not so much weird as really sweet. I knew these people irl and they’re really close in my heart

Radical Face - soft and thought provoking

Loch Lomond - indecipherable lyrics but strangely addicting. you literally can’t find set lyrics to “the mountain” anywhere online

I probably forgot one or two



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Make Me Choose:

@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?

antisocial level: barista tries to be my friend so I start going to a different dutch bros

Take My Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Past Abuse (only mentioned no graphic detail)

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or fluff but given the past abuse, I opted to make it fluff. It is kind of long. Hope you enjoy it!

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voltron- lance with a cold but doesn't want anyone to know?

(Omg my first voltron prompt..also lowkey nervous bc I’m new to it and everyone already has a million amazing voltron fics and I have nothing new to add to the table :“D on the shorter side so I get used to writing voltron :”) )

Amongst the total debacle of space, discovering alien life, realising that the world was so vast and bigger than the human mind could comprehend, Lance had found another family through his friends. It wouldn’t quite fill the void left by the loss of his family back at earth, but they were loving,  a little ignorant and harsh at times during high drake situations, very rarely at that but Lance understood, given the clusterfuck that was their situation.

The universe had been so much larger and diverse than Lance had could have possibly imagined, so many things he did not know. Among all this, topped with insecurities he had struggled with beforehand, he struggled to find his place in all of this.

His friends were kind to him, never telling him he was useless of any sort, but he couldn’t help but feel it. Watching them, with all their own niches and spectacular talent, he grew a little envious, and wishing he could be that. Wishing he could be a little bit more than this.

So when his body began to break down, he had to ignore it, not wanting to seem any weaker than he already was.

“Paladins! Report to the bridge in 60 ticks!”

Lance groaned, not wanting to leave his comfortable, warm position on his bed. He tightened his sheets around his frame as he regained his senses. As he did, he wished he hadn’t because he became aware of a powerful headache, a stuffy nose and a fevered body.

As soon as he realised what was up with him, he widened his eyes, taking his ailment as a challenge. No way would he be taken down by something as simple as a cold.

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Lightning knew something was…off before she‘d even opened her eyes, or had even completely woken up. She couldn’t say what it was, exactly, but everything just felt….not right.

And then it hit her: she was lying on a mattress.

Her eyes immediately shot open and she sat up so quickly, it was a wonder she didn’t give herself whiplash. She glanced around the room, heart pounding as it quickly dawned on her that she recognized absolutely nothing about where she was.

But besides being unfamiliar, even the furniture and décor just looked strange in a way that she couldn’t quite describe. It looked like it wasn’t Cocoon-made at all, nor did it have the weird qualities associated with something from Pulse. Even the sheets that were twisted around her legs felt weird.

Instinctively, she looked around for her gunblade, but it was nowhere to be seen. In fact, there was nothing in her immediate view that suggested anything here belong to a solider – no weapons, no gloves or boots, no pouches for ammo…nothing.

Even so, she knew she couldn’t just sit here and wait for something to ambush her.

Lightning slowly crawled out of the bed – which she just now noticed was enormous, unlike her much more reasonable mattress back on Bodhum – and tiptoed across the room to press her ear to the door. She could hear something – or someone – moving around, so she immediately made the decision to check it out, despite being completely unarmed.

As soon as she opened the door, it was instantly made clear that she was in a house…but whose house, she couldn’t really say. There were photos on the wall, but she didn’t want to stop to look at them. They seemed almost blurry, anyway; like the images were at the corner of her eyes and would vanish if she tried to look.

No matter. Her priority right now was to find out the source of that noise…


She heard running water and the sound of dishes clinking. With a frown, she peeked through the open doorway, her heart pounding so hard she almost felt lightheaded.

There was someone – a man? - standing at the sink doing the dishes. Her hackles immediately went up since she didn’t recognize him, but the more she stared, the more it dawned on her that there was something…familiar about him.

It couldn’t be! This person was almost a head taller than her, so how…?

She must have made a noise, because the man suddenly turned around, his slight confusion quickly melting into a little smile.

There was absolutely no mistaking it.

“Hope…?” she croaked out, actually needing to take a step back. What the hell was going on here?!

“Good morning, Light.” He didn’t seem deterred by her confusion – or maybe he just didn’t notice – and quickly crossed the room, his arms easily wrapping around her like he’d done this a thousand times. “I was wondering when you’d get up. You slept pretty late…at least for you,” he added teasingly.

“I…” She brought her hands up to his chest, intending on pushing him away, but something stopped her. “What’s going on? Are you actually Hope?” She had to struggle to keep her voice level. “Where am I…?”

“Shhh.” He pulled her a bit closer, one hand moving to cradle the back of her head. “It’s okay, Light. You’ll get there.”

“Get where?!”

“You’ll see. I know we can make it happen. We can all make miracles, Light.”

At this, she finally pushed him away, her eyes wide. “What are you talking about?!”

“You know.”

Before she could say anything else, there was a blinding flash of light that blocked everything out.

When she was finally able to open her eyes, they were no longer Cie'th.

It might have been a glimpse of the future, or it could’ve been a new Focus. She didn’t know how, when, or if that future shown to her would come to pass. None of it made any sense and there was little chance of her ever getting an explanation.

All Lightning could do was exchange a glance with Hope and move forward to do what needed to be done, wondering if the answers would ever greet them.


What do you mean fluff anon, tickle fights are an actual war

Big Bang's reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap

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If any of you are insecure about your weight lemme just tell you one thing:


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You were hanging around at Seunghyun’s house because he had a day off and he wanted to spend this time with you. You’ve always wanted to do cute things couples do but you were awkward to tell him that because you felt a bit insecure about how pretty you look. You never told him that and he began to notice you were quite shy when it came to skinship, you kissed and held hands but more than that you were too shy to do. He turned on the movie and told you to be comfortable. You sat down on the couch and he told you to sit on his lap.
“I don’t want to… I’m too heavy, Oppa!
He felt a little guilty because he never noticed you thought that way about yourself. He was confused and didn’t know what to say in this situation but the only thing he wanted was you laying in his lap comfortably. You were dating for a long time now and he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around him. He stood up and picked you up, tickled you so you began laughing and watched the movie together. After that day he always noticed if you were feeling down because of your weight and tried his best to cheer you up.

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You were at in a club with your friends, drinking. You usually don’t drink a lot but it was your best friend’s birthday. Late at night, you called Jiyong asking him loudly if he could pick you up and drive you home. Of course, he came right after he heard how drunk you are and how your voice sounds shaky. He had to hold you to get you in the car and when you were driving home you suddenly started crying and he had to stop the car. You went outside and sat on a bench together.
“I alwaysssssss wantededdd to siiiit on youuuur lapp heheheh buuuuuuuuut I’m too heavy so that’s a no go Jojo hehehhehe”
He laughed how ridiculous you were acting and let you sit on his lap to prevent you from crying anymore. He hoped you’d never felt like you’re too heavy or not skinny enough for him because he loved you for you, not for your shape of the body. That night he stayed with you until you fell asleep and brought you breakfast in the morning. He wanted to talk about what you said yesterday and make sure you are happy and confident. 

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He loved skinship but you always refused to sit on his lap or when he asked you to give you a piggy ride. He thought maybe you don’t like being in a relationship with him and tried to take you to places you loved. You were happy with him but you were afraid he might think you are ‘too fat’ and not thin enough so you avoided situations where he wanted to pick you up. When you were outside on a picnic and he wanted you to sit in his lap so you could take a picture together, you said no again and that’s when he asked why.
“I just don’t like to do that because I’m too heavy anyways…”
He got really upset by your words because he could never think you are 'heavy’. You were so perfect to him, he never thought that’d be the reason why you avoided the skinship  He hugged you and told you how beautiful you are and there’s no way he would think you are too heavy to sit on his lap or carry you. 

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It was your birthday and he decided to take you abroad for vacation. You had fun and it was really nice to take a break. He joked this is your honeymoon and he has to carry you in the room. He thought that was a great idea and you’d love it, he never imagined you’d say no and go in the room by yourself. He wanted to make it special but he felt weird it ended up that way. He asked why you hated that idea.
“I’m too heavy already… You can marry me when I’m skinnier…”
Those words stabbed him the heart. He thought you are the most beautiful human being on the Earth and you just said you want to be skinnier. It broke his heart to hear that and he immediately talked with you about it and promised he doesn’t care how skinny you are and told you to have fun and enjoy the vacation for him- and you did.

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He loved to act cute around you and he couldn’t live without skinship so he soon figured out you are avoiding anything that would make you be more intimate. At first, he thought he is annoying with all the skinship and aegyo but that didn’t seem to bother you. In the evening you were in the hotel because you were on vacation and you decided to watch a movie on your computer. The couch was small and uncomfortable so he told you to sit in his lap so you could be more comfortable. You ended up making excuses…
“No, it’s okay let’s just watch on the ground… You couldn’t bare me anyway…”
He looked at you with his innocent face and felt sad because your words hurt him. He picked you up and carried you through the whole room and kissed you everywhere you thought you were 'not skinny’ enough. He hated hearing those words from anyone, even from his fans. He was really angry when people think they are too fat or not skinny enough. He wanted to make you feel happy and make you realise how beautiful you are to him and that’s all that matters. He even bought you a cute panda toy and named her after you.

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Not About Me Anymore

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Here is a half finished fic I found on an old flash drive. I finished it tonight. Hope you guys like it! xxx

SUMMARY: You get some news that changes your life and brings your young career to an end.Your Ex, Seth, hears about it and shows up at your door to comfort you and make things right between you. ANGST. FLUFF.

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1999 @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @birthday-prinxess @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @randomfandompenguin @theworldiscolorful @kingslayers-angel

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