it felt really theatrical

princess-unipeg  asked:

What did you think of the Powerpuff Girls movie? I remember watching it in theaters as a kid. Did you watch it in theaters or did you just wait until it came on DVD and/or video or when it came on TV?

I actually watched it looooong after it came out. I never saw it at the movies and I really really really regretted not seeing it. One of my friends was telling me about the movie a few years afterward when I was kind of getting back into the series (I zoned out for S5-S6) and about how awesome it was and how it was darker than the series and I was like, “Oh my god, I can’t put it off any longer, I need to finally see this dang thing.” So I bought it on DVD (I actually bought the widescreen version first off of eBay because I can’t stand fullscreen, haha) and I just loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.

And like I’ve said before, my favorite Puffs are crazy, silly, action-packed and fast and frenetic Puffs, but the movie is just so good because it treats the girls and their backstory like a legitimate superhero story. It didn’t pander to pop culture jokes, it wasn’t overly edgy… it just told a really good story really well. And I also really liked how theatrical and larger than life it felt. They could’ve really fallen into the trap of making it feel more like an episode, which is kind of also why I think it was a good thing that they didn’t go the Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! route when it came to the story (’cause even if it would have totally been cool, I don’t think it would’ve worked as well). And the little character moments are great. And the little tiny origin moments are so fun. And I’m a sucker for movies with monkeys and monkey jokes. And the music! The music! The music is so good and I love the soundtrack for it. I loved how they use synth instruments for all of Mojo’s stuff (to match his insincerity) and used real instruments for the girls (to match their sweet sincerity and true heroism!). …and I also love that homage to The Big Lebowski in the beginning too. Natch.

But yeah! I really like the movie! It’s one of my all time favorites and I really wish more people gave it a chance (and I really feel awful that Craig’s so ehhhh about it because, honestly, I feel like it was just probably a bad time for the movie to come out and, you know what, people don’t know what they were missin’! They don’t! :’D).