it felt really really fitting tbh

no offense but happy holidays from our home to yours. 

anyways, i usually only make follow forevers once a year, but so much has happened this year that i felt i was appropriate to post another one to thank every single person that has put up with me this year, through me deleting and remaking twice, and all my complaining and terrible sense of humor, you’re all the real mvps, also s/o to the new mutuals i’ve made. i love every single one of you so very much (and also i really didn’t want these cute pictures of me to go to waste). 2014 has felt really short, but so many things have been fit into it. i’ve grown up as a person a lot, and learned more in this past year than i ever thought possible and thats mostly thanks to you guys and this website in general. i hope 2015 comes with all the same growth and happiness but times a billion bc that would be rad tbh. i wish nothing but the best for all of you because ya’ll deserve it and i hope you make 2015 your bitch!! *chugs down glass of champagne*

~~the mvps of 2014~~

battleborne breadbowling capniall christmasmalums corgifanclub costcosanta craiccident craicqueen dahrbae  didhendallreallyhappen dylanofryin franksnewalbum frickingirish fuckingdarragh fuzetea hitmeupniall honeybuttcheerios horangecrush horantreats insertniallurlhere jamesniall jerryrusso jesusofmullingar jfkennedys jonasbrothers kryptonarry lukeskywlkers marcfartra mariahsrevenge mchiaelclifford  mobniall myirishcunt nakskov nialledfrombehind niallslittle nirisheyes noshirtnoblouse notyeti nouisjpg ohhaianabear paperharry playcloudsatmyfuneral porno4porno pradaganda primadevin pulpbitchin punkrads radsturbate richniall santaclausekink santaclauskink santigolds seventeeneblack sixsteen stealmygrinch stockhlmsyndrome stockingsyndromes thatsmyboyblog thatsmyboyblog thewhiteboyslayer virgokink walterwhte wannabeawag wineaesthetic wolverhustler yawntario ziallfone zlall

no offense again, but thank you for putting up with me, and if you’re celebrating a holiday i hope its amazing and in general i hope that you all spend your time surrounded by the people you love and that love you back. i love you all <33333 

ps. im sorry if i missed anyone i did this kinda rushed i still love all you very much a lot, and some of the urls werent getting tagged so if your tagged instead of mentioned im sorry :/

flowersapphc  asked:

Orange!!! <3

what makes you feel warm inside? 

  • honestly, besides the goodness of humanity and kindness? really sweet and simple cartoons like steven universe and studio ghibli movies

what’s your favorite halloween tradition? 

  • i don’t really like halloween! but kids getting rlly excited abt trick-or-treating and little kids in costumes is so cute

what’s the last thing you learned? 

  • i don’t know tbh

when’s the last time you felt obsessed? 

  • um, when i was rereading naruto for the 3rd time

what’s your favorite article of clothing?

  • my coral pink dress that looks best w/o a bra, it’s rlly comfy and fits my body well