it felt like justice


15/30 dailies

The Aftermath

Prompt- I’m totally in love with your erasermight <3 (with your art in general btw!!) can I maybe suggest a prompt: Aizawa calming down upset Toshinori? 

Thank you so much!!! This is…way more intense than I intended, painting it was really hard XD, I polished it a lot more than usual, because I felt like I had to do the ugly crying justice :P.

 Still totally accepting bnha prompts- only up to the anime preferably, (I’m almost caught up but its less fun when not everyone can see it.) Any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

I’m actually running a day late, I was planning on drawing the teachers in some weird clothes tomorrow, so if you got any ideas, throw them my way (ask, chat, comment, whatever, I know linking to photos is awkward with tumblr). I would draw them in my outfits, like I see a lot of artists doing, but I live in jumpers and jeans ¬-¬.

Sorry Sorry Team 2 Reunion
  • Hyunbin:
  • hello my favorite squad <3
  • Daniel:
  • uh huh
  • Jaehwan:
  • yeah right
  • Ong:
  • lol
  • Minhyun:
  • ha..ha
  • Jonghyun: :) how's JBJ doing?
  • Hyunbin: uh.. *sweats nervously*

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trucy and the blue badger, we shall have another member of the cult!

Something about this seems.. off. 

Haha, don’t be ridiculous, Apollo, we are not a cult. Now come, let’s enjoy a normal human meal around the normal human kotatsu. 

Worship the Blue Badger Apollo. 

No More Secrets

The Clash was playing. She had no idea why she was listening to them, but Jonathan had made her a mix tape. ‘For Christmas,’ he’d said, when he’d handed her the cassette on New Year’s Eve. They’d gone to the Byers’, her and Mike - to get away from home, at their mom’s insistence.

That had been an odd conversation. Nancy’s mom had seemed torn at the prospect, but she had reiterated over and over that Mike 'needed to get out of the house,’ and 'be around friends.’

Nancy hadn’t wanted to go out. For the first time in a while, all she’d wanted was to be alone. To curl up on her bed and drown herself out with classic pop hits her father despised. She wanted to cry.

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I'm 100% you remember your winged!Alec and what it has done to the fandom. And there was something about wings and jewelery. And now... just imagine Malec wedding. Jace and Clary help with decorating Alec's wings, but since they're... BIG, it was the most time-consuming thing about the wedding arragments (Izzy is probably helping Magnus with make up, so...). Clary made sure that the wings are aesthetic, and since Jace is strong, she made him do the rest of the work (...)

And now the wedding… So Magnus literally can’t take his eyes of Alec and his wings. They’ve always been amazing, big, soft, breathtaking (he would probably find many other words to describe them) but with Clary and Jace’s work… woah! And imagine that everybody made sure that the place where the ceremony happens is also big. And then there goes the “you can kiss each other” part comes. And what? Alec spreads his big, big wings, tons of glitter falls of them, and he wraps his wings (…)

around Magnus, so no one sees them kissing. And when he slowly takes his wings back, the jewelery rings beautifully, and everyone just stands up, applauds and every. single. shadowhunter spread their wings and some feathers just fall of and it looks just like a scene taken from a fairy tale <3 

So… This has been sitting in my inbox for an eternity and I have no excuse for that. Sorry!
I’m not even sure if this person is still following me but I’m finally feeling like I can answer it!
Let’s bring back winged!alec, shall we?

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He was very brave, your brother. And your father, too. They didn’t deserve to die like that. Nobody deserves to die like that. But you just stood there and watched. Five hundred men just stood there and watched. All the great knights of the Seven Kingdoms. You think anyone said a word? Lifted a finger? No, Lord Stark. Five hundred men and this room was silent as a crypt. Except for the screams, of course. And the Mad King laughing. And later, when I watched the Mad King die, I remembered him laughing as your father burned. It felt like justice.

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What is soft Minho?

Well, I guess the question could be what isn’t Soft!Minho….

To me, at least, everything about Minho is soft. He comes across as a kind, sweet, warm, and genuine man and he has the best nickname Choi Tenderheart for a reason. He just is….soft….I know it’s a simple description of him (and I feel like as a writer I should be able to come up with something better than that) but it fits him, I feel. 

Let me break it down for you as best I can. 

like??? look at this and tell me he’s not soft?? (x)

I’m crying in the club (x)

Before I get too distracted lol I love how much SHINee loves SHINee, which is something I’ve said several times now. But for the moment, I’m gonna focus on how much Minho loves SHINee which is a h*ck of a lot…

Remember when he went to visit Jjong on his last night of hosting Blue Night Radio? How he brought the softest tissues he had? 

Just??? (x) He’s always there for them when they need him most and I love it. I’ve heard that one of his other nicknames is SHINee’s Heart Aid it fits him really, really well. I could link a bunch of different examples other than just this one, but I don’t even know where to start tbh….(x)

Another thing I love about him – and this is something I actually got to see in person – is how much he loves Shawols. 

When I went to see them in LA, I was worried that I was going to be too excited and that the concert was going to be just a blur in my mind. It was my first ever concert and there was a lot to take in…some of it did blur a bit but the thing I most remember is how attentive Minho was to the audience. 

My best friend and I were up in the balcony and I was just so excited I didn’t really know where to look so I ended up focusing on Min the majority of the time. One thing that really stood out to me is how he took the time to interact with us – not just the people on the ground level, but also us up in the balcony. He waved and smiled at all of us and it really warmed my heart. Every time I come across fancams of him doing the same at literally every concert just makes me love him even more?? If that’s possible???

Honestly, I don’t know where people get the idea that Minho isn’t soft….probably because he was saddled with the “Flaming Charisma” thing for debut? But that was almost ten years ago? Also, I’m not really sure what that’s even supposed to imply? I’m a pretty recent Shawol, so I wasn’t really influenced by the debut “personalities”…I came in around the 1of1 comeback…

Now, I have yet to watch Hello Baby, but it’s on my list and I’m assuming it’s pretty high in the soft!Minho content that I’m sooo here for. But, more recently on his episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, he befriends the two little girls in the house they eat at and I’m?? Just look –

*sighs for like a really long time* (x) I think my heart grew three sizes and I haven’t even seen the whole episode rip me honestly

Do you remember that episode of Return of Superman??? asldkfj;alsdk Here’s Min’s cut and he’s just the absolute sweetest and softest with these kids I’m still not over it tbh

Maybe part of why some people don’t think he’s as soft as he is is because he’s the rapper? Possibly?? But, he has written/performed some of the softest raps and I’m T_T

Don’t Stop, Beautiful, Feel Good, Lipstick, Hold You….to name a few…

He’s just…has so much love to give to everyone he comes across. That’s why he’s so tall…so he can contain all of his love lol

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

In conclusion: Soft!Minho is just…Minho…and I love that about him.

in the credits, when rayfa calls nahyuta “braid head” it’s actually her trying to call nahyuta “big brother” (onii-sama) and unable to get the full words out. in the japanese version, it’s “oni” instead of “braid head”, which means demon in japanese and nahyuta is like “why is rayfa calling me a demon…” and thinks she’s upset at him when really she’s just trying to call him “onii-sama”