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NUMB TO PAIN | harrison osterfield

REQUEST: in which the readers younger sister was killed in a car crash and the reader has become numb to the pain her death caused and haz tries to console her after the funeral, where the reader had to speak at.


* a little different and I thought “why the hell not” and bc harrison doesn’t get enough recognition *


“Y/n, you need to come to the hospital.”

“Why? What happened?”

“It’s your sister. She was in a car crash.”

Your heart stopped as soon as you heard the words come from your phone. It was impossible, you had always known your sister to be careful whenever she went out. She knew never to drink too much, never to drive while under the influence, and never to have minors in her car when she had her permit.

Your worst nightmare had begun, as you locked your phone and grabbed your keys, heading straight for your car before driving as quickly as you could to the hospital.

The doors opened as you immediately ran in, your converse on your feet squeaking with every step but that didn’t matter to you. It didn’t matter that everyone looked over at you because the only thing you cared about was your sister’s health.

“I’m looking for Sammy y/l/n.”

“She was just admitted.”

“Can I see her?”

“I’m sorry, but she’s in surgery. I can let you know when she’s out.”

With a nod, you sat down in an uncomfortable hospital chair, your hair falling in front of your face as you pulled it back, into a ponytail before burying your face in your hands. This was never supposed to happen.

Something pulled you out of your thoughts, as you felt your phone vibrate against your thigh, pulling it from your pocket and realizing it had been your best friend.

“Y/n? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Haz.”

“God damn it, you scared the hell out of me.”

“I’m fine.”

“Where are you? I heard your dog barking after you took off in your car.”

For a moment, you had forgot that Harrison lived next door.

“At the hospital.”


“I-it’s my baby sister. She-she was just admitted after getting in a c-car c-crash.”

Your words stuttered, as tears formed in your eyes. You couldn’t do it. You weren’t brave enough.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Tom and I will be there in 5.”

He hung up, as you sat in the chair, burying your face in your hands once again, tears rolling from your eyes as you sobbed. It hurt.

Minutes later, just like he had promised, Harrison and Tom came rushing inside, looking around for their best friend before seeing you. They immediately headed straight for your shaking body as Harrison grabbed your hands, pulling you to your feet. Without hesitating, you buried your face in his chest, and cried. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer as he let you sob onto his clothes. Tom rubbed your back, as he watched with sad eyes. This wasn’t how he wanted to help you, and he hated seeing you broken.

Harrison held you, as you cried for god knows how long. He didn’t care if you stained his shirt with tears, or you looked your worst because you had just woken up. He didn’t care because you were his best friend, and he was supposed to be with you no matter what, even though sometimes he wished he was with you 24/7.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

You were able to calm your crying, as you removed yourself from his chest, looking up at Harrison’s bright blue eyes, his gaze meeting your puffy red eyes.

“I promise it will be okay.”

Nodding, your throats was clotted with knots, making you unable to talk, only nod.

“Do you want us to stay with you?”

Nodding again, you turned to your other best friend, who had been watching the moment between the fragile girl and his best friend, as he opened his arms, offering you comfort. You couldn’t help yourself as you wrapped your delicate arms around him and accepted his hug, knowing you had some amazing people by your side.

“Thank you guys for coming, but you didn’t really need to.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t say that. We’ll always be here for you, right Haz?”

“Right. No matter what, we’re always here for each other. Do you remember the promise we made back in 7th grade?”

“Yeah. We promised we’d have each others back whenever something happened.”

“And you called us the three musketeers.”

“I did.”

A small smile pulled your lips upward, as you looked at both boys, your gaze lingering on Harrison a little longer.

“Thank you guys. This means the world to me.”

Both of them nodded, as you sat back in the chair, Tom and Harrison joining you on both sides. They kept their promise. They waited with you, for hours. It felt like hours, because after a while, you had all dozed off, your head landing on Harrison’s shoulder as he leaned his head in you, Tom then leaning his head on your shoulder. All of you dozed off, closing your eyes, knowing full well that the doctor could walk in any minute.

And just like that, the surgeon walked out.

“Miss y/l/n?”

Your head shot up, hitting Harrison’s and waking Tom from his sleep, as you rubbed your forehead and got up.


“I’m so sorry to inform you, but we did the best we could. Sammy had a lot of debris lodged into her body, and unfortunately one cut deep into her heart. We couldn’t remove it. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

And that’s when it hit you. She was gone. For good.

Your legs have out on you as you collapsed on the floor, Harrison immediately wrapped his arms around your body, letting you sob once again into his clothes.

It was official. She was gone. Just like that, her life taken away from her by an accident.

A month had passed since your sister died. You had stayed locked inside your house, Harrison and Tom checking in daily and bringing you food for you. After 2 weeks, the pain had resulted in becoming numb.

Your nervous system shut down as you no longer felt sadness or extreme bursts of pain. Now, you just laid in your bed, tears escaping your eyes but your body never registering them.

And Harrison had been through all of that with you.

He had stayed by your side after a week of you almost going insane. He helped you complete daily tasks; helping you get up the bed and towards the shower, cooking for you, helping you keep your house tidy and organized, feeding your dog and walking her. And he never complained.

It had felt like a routine after a while, something he looked forward to because he knew he was helping you.

And once that month had passed, you had gotten a call from your other, that the funeral was going to be on Friday.

It happened quick. It was Monday when you got the call, and almost immediately, it seemed like the week had gone by quick.

She was slipping into a black dress, one her sister had bought for her once, telling her that no guy would be able to resist her in a floor length black gown that looked a size too big on her.

Yet she still bought it.

And now she was wearing that dress, to her sisters funeral. Something she never though she’d be doing.

“Are you almost ready, y/n?”


Slipping your black heels on, you grabbed your bag and headed to the living room, where Harrison was waiting.

As soon as his eyes hit you, he saw how beautiful you looked. But still, he kept quiet, holding out his arm for you, and walking with you to the car. He helped you in, and immediately went over to the drivers side. Your seat bet was clicked into place before Harrison drove off towards the church, where they would have the service before going to the cemetery.

It all happened so quick. You ha arrived, greeted your family and sat down, Tom and Harrison next toy u as you heard everyone talk about your sister, kind words flying from their mouths with a pity tone to them.

And then it was your turn.

With shaky fingers, you walked up to the mic, looking around at everyone before your eyes landed on Harrison, who watched you with a sad smile.

And your speech began.

The memorial was long. You wanted it to be done as soon as possible, so you could head home and peel off the dress that you had been wearing, before washing off the scent of pineapple that your grandma had stuck onto your pores after hugging her.

“Is everything okay?”

You looked over at Harrison, who only looked at you with worry. You knew he cared, and you thanked him for it.

“I’ll be fine. Hopefully.”

He embraced you again. His arms wrapping around your body as you breathed in his scent. It was familiar, and reminded you of gone, something you hadn’t felt in a while.

“Thank you, Haz.”

“Of course. You know I’ll always be here for you. You know that.”

With a nod, you kissed his cheek, before grabbing his arm and waking with him to the car, where you headed home.

Months had gone by, and you swore that it was just yesterday your mother called you about your sister. Everything seemed to happen too fast as you were comforted by Harrison.

He seemed to always be there for you.

And thanks to him, you never lost the feeling of home.

And you wished it would be like this forever.

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o3. The Nudist  

“Alright!  Let’s go!” I grunt and attempt to drag the kitty out.  A long streak of scratch marks run from my living room floor boards to the door frame.  He clings on as if his dear life is really up for grabs.  “Crazy cat, I’m bringing you to the animal shelter to find you a new home!”  

“MEOW~~~@@~#~!#@$@$@%@%” the feline grouchily fusses and digs his nails into the cherry wood.  GREAT, another chunk of my non-existent paycheck.  

“Come on!  I researched the place; the shelter is a no-kill.” I grunt, “People like cats, alright?  You will find a home really fast,” I try to persuade, lift my leg, and step down another step of the stairs.  The length of this cat’s torso and the pure strength from that tiny being amazes me.  “Do you have a gym membership or something?!?!!?”

“MEOWOEWEWEWEWWWWW~” he shrieks.  Floor tenants swing open their doors to check out the business.

“She’s just playing violin again,” one of the neighbor’s son, a bratty 9 year old boy exclaims.  I almost face palm and run back into my apartment out of embarrassment.  Opening my mouth, I brainstorm a good counter attack because I’m petty af sometimes, okay?!  But I didn’t know which is worse: admitting my musical talent is equivalent to a dying cat or admitting that there might, in fact, be a dying cat here, because I’m just seconds from strangling this crazy, stubborn monster.

“ARGH!” I groan, let go, and collapse against the welcome mat.  I surrender, Oh my God, I surrender.  My arms are sore, my legs are sore, my muscles are sore, my bones are sore.  The kitty’s belly rest against my thigh and it’s fuming like a hot potato from all the energy he exerted.  Huffing and puffing, I pick him up and head back into the house.  Gently, or as gentle I could be in my state of fury, I place him against the cold stone kitchen counter so his body temperature could be brought down.  

“Meow~…” the trouble maker purrs in jubilation while I claw at my hair.

Distaster!  Distaster!!!!  Pure Distaster.  This is exactly why I keep my guard up because the moment I drop it, this happens.  I let a crazy monster into my life and now he won’t go out.  

“Chillax, Girl,” Lila laughs through the phone.

“I HATE CATS,” I repeat for the -umph time.

“I’ll be right there.  Hehehe,” my friend’s voice fills with so much excitement and anticipation, I almost feel bad for her.  Just wait until she sees how similar this feline is to the Devil’s spawn.  

I glance around and eye the sleepy kitty.  “Should I cover up for you?” I pat his behind and invite him to be my accomplice.  It’s pure friendship betrayal but if it saves my white walls and pleather sofas… I begin to hide the scratch marks on my wooden floor by dragging my rug over to the spot.  

“Meow?” the cat lifts his head up and narrows his eyes.

“I’M HERE!  I’M HERE!!!” Lila hops up and down as she rings my doorbell.  At a speed faster than light, I fling open my door.  


“OH MY GOD!!!!!” the bubbly cat lover squeals and rushes into the apartment.  As if this is some drug dealing heist, I slam the door shut and check that all the blinds and curtains are down.  With my heart sending excess blood through my system, I traipse my way behind Lila.  My lower lip swells from my lip biting.  

“What’s his name?!” she asks and gazes in awe.  I swear, from her eyes, I almost think it’s a mystical unicorn in front of us and not a feisty cat.  

“Uh…Kim JunMeow…” I say the first name that comes into my mind.

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“Jay Park?” I stared curiously at my instagram notifications.

“Who’s Jay Park?” My manager, Sam, peeked over my shoulder.

“No clue, but he’s liking all my pics. Even the ones from when I first started my account.”

“Sounds like a fan. That’s really not abnormal for you.”

My curiosity took me to his instagram. “Nice! Look at this!” I showed Sam a shirtless picture of Jay Park.

“Can you focus on your lines please?” She scolded.

“Let me like this pic first.” I continued to scroll through liking the shirtless pictures and other fully clothed selfies.

“I don’t know why you insist on flirting with someone through instagram.”

“He’s cute though.” I smiled to myself. “AH! He just followed me. Should I follow ba—“


“—ck?” Though I wanted to continue my search into Jay Park, I had to focus on work. I started out acting and dabbled into some singing, but dance was my true passion. I loved to move on and off the stage, but dancing had its limits. Touring as a backup dancer sounded fun, but being a choreographer would be a dream too. Through my acting I was able to showcase my dancing skills, as well as the few music videos I filmed.

When my schedule became too much to handle, I hired Samantha, Sam for short. She was smart, loyal, and more importantly, she could keep me on task. Sam was my rock and a true friend. Though, at times, she could be a real stick in the mud. Nonetheless I truly loved her and was grateful for her friendship.

“Stay off instagram and rehearse your lines.” Sam scolded me once again after dropping me off at my apartment.

“I can’t make any promises.” I teased and ran inside. My night was filled with stalking his instagram, which led me to his twitter. I had fallen into the trap and landed on youtube. Something about him drew me in and I suddenly wanted to know more about him. Articles upon articles came up with his days as an idol member in 2pm. I was engrossed in his story and felt his need for success.

“You look like shit.” Sam greeted me as she entered my apartment.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I pouted.

“Because you were up all night stalking some guy you’re never going to meet!”

“Oh, but I will meet him.” I mischievously smiled.


“The World Music Awards is coming up. And he’s already announced that he’ll be there. So I was thinking since we’re in the same industry you could get me a ticket. Plus I’ve never been before, so imagine all the connections I would make.”

“Did you even rehearse your lines last night?”

“Do you want me to answer this honestly or—“

“This is why you can’t go, you’re not foc—“

“I’ll work really hard. I will practice and rehearse as long as you get me a ticket to the award show.”


“Promise.” Sam and I shook hands to seal our deal.

Over the next month I worked diligently and kept my end of the promise up. I booked 2 commercials, was a backup dancer for 3 music videos, and got to teach a piece of choreography at a dance studio. Even though my schedule was busy I still found time to reply to Jay’s flirty DM’s. I didn’t want to think too much of it but he had released 2 songs, one in English that was really suggestive. Sam told me not to get a big head, and that his lyrics quoting some of our conversation meant nothing.

The month went by in a flash and Sam had kept her promise.

“Because you were such a good worker bee, I got you the spot to present an award with that guy.” Sam and I were finally in London on our way to our hotel.

“Jay Park?!” My voice startled the driver.

“Yeah, whatever his name is.” Sam was memorizing my schedule on her tablet.

“Is it or isn’t it? If you don’t even remember his name, you probably set me up with someone else!”

“I set you up with the guy you wanted to meet, so stop being a brat. When we get to the hotel, we have time to check in and that’s it. We have to be back out and get to rehearsal for the awards show.”

“Mh.” I checked my DM’s searching for any acknowledgment of our pairing up to present an award, but there was nothing. If I was meeting Jay for rehearsal, then I needed to change. There was no way I would meet him for the first time looking like a bum.

Sam and I checked into our hotel rooms, she gave me 10 minutes to freshen up, which was just enough time. I had perfected my makeup routine and could get that finished in 5 minutes, which gave me enough time to get the perfect outfit.

“What is that?” Sam greeted me in the lobby.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“I can’t with you.” Sam shook her head and led the way to the car.

“Does it look weird or something?”

“No, it looks like you couldn’t afford the rest of the fabric for your skirt.”

“Well, my legs are my best asset.” I teased.

“Just please be professional.”

“Don’t worry.” I gave her a reassuring smile.

The location was packed with paparazzi trying to get photos of celebrity’s comings and goings. Fans were waiting holding signs and gifts for their favorite celebrities passing by.

“Good thing I got dressed.” I gracefully exited the car and made my way into the building. There was no faking my smile for the cameras, as I was about to meet HIM. As soon as I entered I was directed to a waiting room and handed a script.

“Jay is already inside, so just run over these with him. It’ll be about 30 minutes until we’re ready for you.” The polite coordinator informed me.

I placed my hand on the door handle and took a deep breath before entering. As soon as I opened the door the sound of his humming met my ears.

“Hi.” I cheerfully greeted, shutting the door behind me.

“Hey, I’m Jay, nice to officially meet you.” He walked over to me and placed a hand out. I immediately took his hand in mine and shook. Finally.

“Nice to finally meet you as well.”

“I guess we should get to rehearsing.” I followed behind him to the couch. My eyes couldn’t help but explore his body and I suddenly wanted to see the tattoos that were covered. “So the first part goes…” My eyes locked on his lips, the lips he kept licking. Was he doing it on purpose? I wonder what they feel like. “What are you doing?”

“Huh?” My lips were suddenly inches from his. “Oh my God. I am so sor—“ Jay’s lips crashed into mine.

“I thought it was just me that couldn’t focus, but damn.” He whispered against my lips. My hands ran through his hair and grabbed a chunk pulling him closer to me. His hands gripped my waist and pulled me on top of his lap. My body began to move on its own grinding my entrance up the growing bulge in his pants.

“Wait, no. Professional. Need to be professional.” I broke our kiss and tried to convince myself. He stared at me biting his bottom lip. “Oh, fuck it.” I met his lips once again. My grinding on his member had him fully charged and ready. I myself was soaking through my panties. My hands roamed down to his pants and freed his throbbing member. I sat up just enough to pull my panties to the side, allowing his entrance.

I slowly sat, as he fully entered me. My hands locked around his neck, while his gripped my waist controlling my movement.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned, throwing my head back. Jay buried his face in my chest as he picked up his speed.

“I don’t think I can hold it.” He groaned.

“Not yet, just a little more.” I pleaded. My body went into auto pilot as I tried to keep up with his pace. The warm built up and rushed to my core. My walls began to pulsing around him, sucking him in more.

“Fuck.” He moaned, letting my ride out my orgasm. I quickly jumped off and pumped him into my mouth. His hands gripped my hair as he begged for me to take him all the way in. I moaned in surprise, giving him a surprise as well. He thrust to the back of my throat, his swelling member pulsing its warm liquid inside.

“Dammit! I said be professional.” A bang on door and Sam’s yelling brought me back to reality. Jay and I burst into laughter.

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hello, can i have this scenario “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” with kuroo and oikawa? thanks

bing bang bong here’s a long awaited scenario

Kuroo couldn’t feel his legs, the searing pain that’s supposed to come with the car crash, the broken shards of glass prickling at his skin, but he could feel the blood that ran down his forehead tickling his ear.

“Hello? Sir, can you hear me?” At first, he couldn’t, the voices that float above him was subsided by the ringing in his ear. He could only process the question and the owner of the voice after he opened his eyes, which instantly close after you shined a flashlight over him.

He produced a groan, temporarily blinded by the light on his face.

“Sir?” He tentatively opened his eyes, this time there was no sudden light, except for the tolerable amount of light lighting up the space he was in. Before him, was an unfamiliar face, the kind of face that you spot in a crowd and got your attention for an extra second more compared to other faces.

“Sir, are you aware of what happened to you?” Your face contorted to concern, and the longer Kuroo took to focus on you and how beautiful you would look if the frown that painted your face was replaced with a smile, the more he took notice of the siren blaring, muffled by the walls of the space he occupied, the various medical tools and labelled drugs in a small cabinet. He was in an ambulance.

“Yeah, I’m dead and now I’m welcomed with the face of an angel.” He wished his voice could’ve been in a better condition, he sounded like a choking frog, but you didn’t seem to care. You were busy, patching him up as best as you could, asking questions too fast for him to answer.

And then the flashlight was back on his face, this time Kuroo was prepared for it so he didn’t seem to mind it very much. He wasn’t prepared for you to lean in closer to him, just enough so the curtains of hair that fell brushed his cheekbones and swayed with each bumps that the ambulance pushed through.

“I need you to follow the light, okay?” Kuroo could understand your request, but he didn’t follow the light that moved to the right and left, his eyes were trained on you, a grin pulled at his lips seeing the panic on your face. He knew it was kind of mean of him to cause distress for you, but the last thing he needed was to fret over his condition, he needed something to distract him, and fortunately you were more than enough to do it.

“Oh no.” Cold fingertips peeled his eyelids wider, and Kuroo’s breath hitched for a moment at the contact. “Why would my eyes follow the light? I’m looking at something much brighter and prettier anyways.”

You retracted yourself from him and huffed, almost tempted to slap him for worrying you. 

“You’re injured, and on your way to a hospital, you could actually die.” Kuroo didn’t need that painful reminder, the stabbing pain on his torso was slowly getting to him already.

“At least I got to die next to someone so purrfect.” He felt accomplished upon hearing your choked laughter, and it helped distracted him from the increasing pain he’s now aware of.

“You’re a weird one, aren’t you?”

“I’d like to think the word you’re looking for is: hot to the extreme.”

“Ok, I think you need to shut up now, because that one was just terrible.”

“Only if you tell me your name, and promise to hold my hand when the doctor’s in.”

“Please tell me you have an off switch before I knock you out myself.”

Oikawa felt like an idiot for landing himself in an ambulance. He wasn’t aware of how hard he hit the pole—to be fair, Mattsun’s joke was really funny and Oikawa is known to be the ‘head banging laughter’ kind of guy—but he forgot all occurrences that happened after he laughed and before he got in the ambulance.

But he felt like an even bigger idiot for looking like an idiot who got injured in an idiotic way. Plus, the attractive person attending to him in the ambulance was quietly laughing at him whenever they turned their back to him.

“You’re so mean, laughing at an injured man.” He sighed dramatically while you slowly dabbed cotton drenched in alcohol on his injured head to sterilize the wound. Oikawa took this as a chance to heightened his drama queen act and yowl at the stinging pain.

You jumped, alarmed by Oikawa, “Oh, are you okay?” You were afraid that the injury was far deeper than it seemed and began checking on the wound to look for any other possible far worse injuries.

“Ah, I don’t think so, maybe you should kiss it better?”

A moment of silence passed, Oikawa’s exuberant and over confident smile has yet to disappear, even after seeing the indifference in your expression.

“You’re ridiculous, you might have suffered from some head trauma, that might explain this.”

His pout was adorable, but it was not something you should pay attention to. However, Oikawa was persistent, and will not give up before he redeems himself in your eyes.

“And now you’re insulting my personality? Why must the beautiful ones always be so cruel?”

“The same reason why you can’t be quiet and take this seriously, you’re in an ambulance, people usually panic over this.” Oikawa shrugged wiping off the blood that dripped from the tip of his curly brown hair. He was just fortunate that it wasn’t his arms or legs that got injured, if they did, perhaps Oikawa would’ve reacted differently towards the situation.

“It’ll heal. I’m a strong man you know, I play volleyball. But I can do other things to, like take pretty girls on dates they will surely enjoy.” He ended his line with a flirty wink, hopefully he still looked attractive with blood on his hair and a bruise on his forehead.

“And I have a syringe that I’m not afraid to use.” Oikawa didn’t think you were serious until you pulled one from your pocket, to which he pushed himself back and away from you, eyes wide in fear.

“If you can’t even handle a syringe, I don’t think you can handle me.”

Oikawa was silent for the whole ambulance ride, submissive to your orders and questions, he couldn’t believe he managed to make an even bigger fool of himself by being himself.

“Get rekt.” You whispered under your breath as Oikawa was rolled out of the ambulance in his stretcher, crying silently to himself about how ‘uncool’ he’s become.

Happy Birthday....

hi i was wondering if i could have a vic/ ptv one where it’s your birthday and the ptv guys take you to disney (along with jess erin and alysha) but vic doesn’t come (you can make a reason) and later on in the day he tells you he has feelings for you?


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A date with GOT7 at the Pumpkin Patch


- Shares his apple cider with you

- Wants to take pictures of you guys in the pilgrim cutouts

- High-pitched giggles at the photos

- Snack stop every 20 minutes

- Takes videos of the farm animals milling around

- Gives you a small smile to show he enjoyed the date

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- One of the boys that would love the pumpkin patch the most

- Looks super cute and comfy in his soft hoodie 

- Happy to just walk around in the fall breeze with you

- Requests that you guys get apple cider to fulfil the experience of being at a pumpkin patch

- Offers to carry the pumpkin you picked out

- Shyly admits that he had a great time with you while walking home

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- Picks you up from your house

- Made you go change into something warmer for the pumpkin patch

- Insists on paying for everything on the date

- Tickets, food, even when you wanted to tip the performers at the nightly shows

- Gets you lost in the cornfield, reassures you that he knows where he’s going

- “Jackson, we’ve already been here!”

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- Looks like a cute puffball all wrapped in his ear muffs and scarf

- Uses any possible excuse to hold onto you throughout the date

- Comments on how you guys are the cutest couple at the pumpkin patch

- Prefers to share a hot chocolate with you then get his own

- Laughs and then helps you when you tripped over a rock

- Won’t admit it, but Jinyoung feels safe when he is with you

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- Greets you nervously at front of the pumpkin patch

- Think it would be fun to roll around in the hay

- Regrets it after pulling strands out of his hair for the next hour

- Brings Coco along in case there’s awkward pauses in the conversation

- Yells in excitement when you buy him churros

- Takes selcas of the pumpkins you picked out together

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- Bought a specific pair of boots to look cute on the date

- Complains at the mess of hay and grass sticking to the bottom of his shoes

- You make it up to him by buying the two of you candy apples

- Both of you get those cheap paint tattoos on your face

- Bambam got a snake, and you got a bird

- Uses a selca on Instagram to show how awesome of a time he had

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- Greeted you with the hot chocolate he bought for the both of you

- Dressed up cutely with sweater paws, ear muffs, and fuzzy scarf

- Completely awed by the amount of pumpkins that are strewn across the acres of land

- Offers you his scarf when he sees you shiver

- Holds your hand for like a second on the hayrack ride

- Leans against you exhausted from the full day of activities

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