it feels wrong and damaging

me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)


a life for a life || theo raeken

description: in which the one he loves is taken from him

warnings: kidnapping, a fair amount of violence, drugging, vague sexual innuendos, swearing, mentions of death

notes: part two

“Do you have to go?” Your voice came out soft and sweet, enough to make Theo reconsider what he was doing. 

With a soft sigh, the chimera turned to you from where he stood, shirt in his hands. “I wish I didn’t have to,” he murmured, pulling the fabric over his head. “But I need to help Liam and the rest of the pack.”

You hummed in opposition, mouth turning into a pout. Theo sauntered over to where you lay in bed, covers pulled flush against your naked body. You looked so inviting, and he wanted nothing more than to climb back into bed with you. But helping Liam was the good thing, the right thing, to do. 

Theo leaned down, pressing a long kiss to those lips he loved so much. “I’ll be back later, I promise.”

You nodded, reaching out to squeeze his hand. “I know. I love you, stay safe.” 

And with that, he was gone. 

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anonymous asked:

Is it wrong that I sometimes wish I wasn’t gay? Not because I WANT to date boys, but mostly because I know it would just be so much easier? I’ve done a LOT of self evaluation the past few years, so I know for a fact that I’m a lesbian, but I guess sometimes it’s just really discouraging to know how slim a chance I have at finding love. Especially since I would never ever ask a friend out because developing any kind of feelings for friends makes me feel like a gross predator. :(

it’s not wrong but i think it’s definitely damaging to you. Being lgbt is hard undoubtedly and when i was younger i had times where i felt the same. I used to hate that i had to be “different than everybody else” and used to blame myself for everything. But now i love who i am and i don’t wish i was anything other than what i am. You are beautiful and amazing and so worthy of love. Not being out or just not knowing where to look for other wlw is hard and can make you feel isolated but that doesn’t make you any less likely to find love, it’s out there waiting for you. You’re not a predator. Guys have crushes on their friends who are girls and vice versa and that doesn’t make them in the wrong so why does that make you in the wrong?? you are normal and nothing is wrong with you my love. self love and self acceptance takes time and you will get there. You are an amazing lesbian and ily!!!

Lost Souls (Pt. 6)

Copyright © btswritingsforyou. All Rights Reserved.

Genre: Angst | Ghost AU + Soulmate AU | **Warning: mentions of death**

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Length: 1.5k

Synopsis: You were what they called stuck between living and ascending to the afterlife. You spent your days wondering the city trying to find any help; just anyone who could see you. You finally did, except he had to be your soulmate, your other half you left behind in death.

All parts here

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After discovering what he had been doing when he said he was going to work, you were silent most of the time. He tried to speak to you many times, but you didn’t want to talk, especially on the topic of that.

“(Y/N),” he tried, only to be cut off by you walking to the other room through a wall. The only way he couldn’t follow you. You still saw him everyday at meals and before he left for work.

“I’m going to work,” he’d mumble, tone thick with shame. He wouldn’t meet your eyes, only pulling his hat over his eyes.

After a week of silence, you finally spoke up at dinner.

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My mother was always aggressive. I grew weary of asking her for help even with simple things like homework, because if I didn’t grasp a concept within ten seconds she would start beating the shit out of me and telling me I was doing it on purpose to piss her off. Her impatience was normality and her insults were common. She told me once that I made her want to kill herself and that I shouldn’t have been born. Her temper rubbed off on me, and I’m scared I’ll treat my son the way she treated hers.
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what happened between halsey and demi

Basically in an interview Halsey was talking about how lyrics like “Don’t tell your mom”, “We shouldn’t do this”, “This feels so wrong but it’s so right” can be damaging to bisexuality and it’s place in the media and I guess Demi took it as a personal attack and tweeted “You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later. 💁 #shhhhdonttellyourmother. I love Demi but her response was super childish imo.


Friendly reminder that its ok to not like a ship or to think is wrong.

What is not ok is to go around to bully and harass people who like it and being a despicable human being all around. It doesnt matter if you feel justified to do it, its wrong and you are inflicting direct damage. Witch hunts are NOT OK.

To anyone who has recibed that treatment: I know its hard but please, ignore the treats and accusations. None of it was your fault. The best you can do is keep doing what you like and dont allow other people to have power over it.That’s their goal: to gang up on people to control their actions. Don’t let them. Don’t feed them. We are here to have fun, aren’t we?

MTVS Epic Rewatch #171


BTVS 6x18 Entropy

Stray thoughts


2)   Don’t you just love it when your OTP do stuff together?


BUFFY: I am not telling my friends about us.
SPIKE: Right, I’ll just be dropping him down to you then.
BUFFY: You wanna tell them so badly? Go ahead. You know why? I tried to kill my friends, my sister, last week… and guess how much they hate me. Zero. Zero much. So I’m thinking, sleeping with you? They’ll deal.

And yet, she wouldn’t come clean… I don’t think she was afraid they’d hate her. I think she feared they’d shame her and judge her, much like Xander did by the end of the episode. And at the same time, I think in a way Buffy wanted Spike to be her thing, even if they weren’t really together and they weren’t having sex anymore.

4) I love this vamp’s WTF reaction so much!

SPIKE: In that case, why won’t you sleep with me again?

5)   I thought country was the music of pain, Xander.

Also, what’s up with that pinky? You’re drinking beer, dude, it’s not the 5 o’clock tea with Cheryl and the gals at the country club.

6)   It’s really cute to watch Willow and Tara be all flirty and cute like in the beginning.

WILLOW: We should have some coffee some time. Uh, maybe some day… this week after class?
TARA:  I’m free tomorrow.
WILLOW: Uh, you could, you could bring your friend.
TARA: I wasn’t gonna - I mean, if you have a friend-
WILLOW: No!  I’m, oh, I-I’m friendless.
TARA: Yeah, yeah, no friends. I mean, I have friends-
WILLOW: Right, many dear friends, yeah.

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anonymous asked:

What are some more in-depth traits of inferior Te beyond the oft-mentioned procrastination and disorganization? Can it also manifest as extreme competitiveness, insecurity about being incompetent/less accomplished than others? What are some inferior Te issues that are not often talked about (I feel like procrastination/disorganization are just normal human things that happen to everyone)?

Oooh, this is a good question! Yeah, you’re completely right! Inferior Te, especially when unhealthy, focuses on comparisons and competitions, and that can lead to insecurity because their “objective” comparison is actually very skewed. It also can manifest as extreme judginess, since the inf-Te user irrationally thinks that they’re the only rational person in the room. Also, since inft-Te is paired with dominant Fi, IxFPs can often assume that their emotions are entirely valid and without reproach, and what’s more, whatever they feel is automatically correct and the only thing any person in the situation has any right to feel. Obviously, this is wrong and damaging in relationships.

Okay, since I roasted inferior-Te a bit, here are some positive manifestations. In a healthy IxFP, it creates a sense of surety in themselves, a feeling that you can roll with the punches just because you’re you and that’s enough. It’s that Te smugness, but toned down. Also, although IxFPs have trouble with commitments generally, often with emotional decisions they use Te to stay true and achieve what they want concerning their identity.

I hope this helped! If anyone has other effects of inferior Te, feel free to add on!

I want to make something super clear! We as people, do not owe anyone anything! Never let someone guilt you into talking/dating them because you feel like you owe them because they are sad or desperate. Everyone has/had something going on in their life. So think about it like this, if you get/got through your life everyday without guilting people to talk to you, (despite whatever hardships you face) then surely this person can too. When someone does this, it is hurtful and damaging. You feel like you've done something wrong, like you've created this person's pain. Let me tell you something though, you didn't! This person had this pain before they knew you, but instead of facing it and trying to take care of it, they chose to lean on you. And then when they get overwhelming because you too, have your own things going on and you just need space, they guilt you. They do reckless things and text you about them or put them on social media for all to see. And you know that shade is at you; that there is a silent kind of blame placed on your shoulders. But guess what? You didn't hurt them, and you didn't push them to be reckless, they did that all on their own. So if they're unhappy, that's on them. Let them be. Don't you let anyone guilt you. Take care of YOURSELF because YOU are what matters. Get rid of those toxic people, you don't need anything else tearing you down. BE FREE, BE HAPPY, BE YOU. Because when it comes right down to it, you are the person you see every morning through every evening, and so you don't owe ANYONE anything.

*screams from the rooftops*









anonymous asked:

What are your recommended readings about underage sex workers that is not mass propaganda produced by abolitionist?

I have to think about this! I can think of a few articles off hand but not the urls, I think Anna was able to bring up the URL for the study debunking the claim that average age of entry is 13, which then elaborated on where that stat originally came from, and then there are a bunch of articles about the study of underage sex workers in the NYC/jersey metro area and how less than 20% ever had pimps and fewer of that 20% still have pimps, but then the next things I can think of are older: Kempadoo and Doezema’s collections are from the late 90s and early aughts and they have work about underage sex workers, and a lot of work taking apart the way anti-trafficking NGOs construct their words so as to be able to cite the highest number even f it means conflating ages youth and workers up to 21, which is always good to know… I got distracted.

So that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Last month’s LA times article and Tara Burns’ work as well, but I can’t think of many things which is unfortunate because this needs to be talked about a lot more, and jn the way burns talks about it esp, but it’s also a loaded subject for the reasons she and the LA times article outline.

Again with the desexifying sex but we badly need to be able to talk about csa and minors who engage in survival sex work without stigmatizing them, making them feel stigmatised, or even talking about it like it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. I guess I go off on this a lot but so often it’s NOT the worst thing to happen to them but by acting like it is, like it’s this damaging irreparable event, we inevitably make them feel damaged and like trees something wrong with them for by feeling damaged about it, or like they can’t trust adults since adults don’t get it, which compounds the initial societal and familial failures which lead to kids running away and engaging in sex work. It makes me so angry!

Tldr that’s what I can think of but I would love to hear other recs, from social workers t whomever