it feels weird to call him that lol

Types and their biggest red flag in a potential partner
  • ISTP: "I heard the juiciest gossip today! X cheated on Y with Z!"
  • ESTP: "I'm super passive. Why take initiative?"
  • INTP: " Why did it take you so long to answer my text?"
  • ENTP: "Oh my God you can't say that!"
  • INFP: "A homeless guy asked me for change. I told him to get a job."
  • ENFP: "People should never question authority."
  • ISFP: "I think art and music classes shouldn't be mandatory."
  • ESFP: "I don't like the fact you spend so much time with other people."
  • ISFJ: "Yeah I used to bully this girl in high school. But she was weird and smelled bad!"
  • ESFJ: "We shouldn't help that guy. Let's not get involved."
  • ISTJ: "I didn't feel like going to work today so I called in and said I was sick lol."
  • ESTJ: "I know I should've used my money to pay my rent but that dress was in sale and soo gorgeous!"
  • INTJ: "I don't know what I want from my future. I never really thought about it."
  • ENTJ: "I hate commitment. I can't imagine going steady with anyone. I cheated on my last spouse."
  • INFJ: "I'm super opportunistic. It's your own fault if you get trampled."
  • ENFJ: "You're too sensitive. Stop crying."
Comments from the Director and Character Designer of Osomatsu-san

From Animage February 2016 Issue

Director: Fujita Youichi

Character Designer: Asano Naoyuki


Fujita: I guess you’d call him rough and ready. I also feel like his little brothers grew up weird because he is so absurd lol.

Asano: He hasn’t changed much from the first design I drew. If anything I designed Osomatsu with the idea that the other five brothers are different versions of him.


Fujita: He has a good voice doesn’t he lol. I kept coming up with lines and turns of phrase that would make people fall in love with his voice.

Asano: He thinks he is cool, so all his poses and expressions are practiced and conscious. He never lets his guard down.


Fujita: I think he is the most ill-natured. I mean, don’t you think you could say that the fact that he is serious in their ridiculous situation shows that he has no self-awareness? Lol.

Asano: He is probably the most discontented with the fact that he is a sextuplet. Like he thinks ‘I’m different!’


Fujita: I think there have been many scenes where his gentle nature comes through. His timidness, or more accurately his sensitivity. Among the six of them he might be the one who has shown the most unexpected sides of himself.

Asano: He is hunched over and has dull eyes, and the air of someone who has forsaken the world. And he’s the kind of person who would go play pachinko in sandals.


Fujita: I think I was in part influenced by Asano-kun’s design. His mouth is usually open, and when he speaks his lip flaps are in reverse.

Asano: I was careful to ensure that he became a charming and cute character on the verge of being an actually dangerous person without crossing the line.


Fujita: I think he’s really ill-natured lol. I feel like Todomatsu has a lot of qualities that I lack.

Asano: I tried to design him to look like someone who got the stylist in a clothing store to coordinate all his clothes for him.

Character Analysis: Joffrey, First of His Name

Sophie Turner: There are no black and white, good or bad characters in ‘Game Of Thrones,’ but Joffrey was an exception. Just pure evil.

I would actually have to disagree with this statement made by Sophie Turner. I know it really is easier to dismiss Joffrey as being pure evil and a horrible human, etc, but I really REALLY think Joffrey was 80% a product of his upbringing and maybe 20% of his inbred Lannister genes. 

Joffrey was raised surrounded only by one thing: power. He learned the MOST important thing in life is power and control. So let’s dissect that.

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I planned on getting this with my previous order but somehow left it out… Luckily it’s still in stock this month!! :D 

Set during the summer training camp, Kageyama wakes up one day to find that he has shrunk into the size of a little kid… If this is not perfect doujin material then I don’t know what is! 

Look at that sullen little face :3

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so i have a very soft spot for rebornica’s drawings of doll, mike’s girlfriend… thought i’d doodle her some. it feels weird to draw without noses!

shameless doll x mike baby? probably. i am calling him teddy for irony’s sake

hope it’s fine i drew them in my lame art style!! there was something that was supposed to go in that empty space at the top but oh well lol

SS6 in Fukuoka -Eunhae moments

* Eunhyuk forgot to say anchovy and Hae called Fukuoka Tokyo. ALSO MISSING ALL THEIR MARKS. THEY EVEN DONT GO DOWN FAST ENOUGH FOR VCR .

* Donghae throw himself on hyuk at the end so they miss their hole going downstage lol.

Hae: I’m feeling lonely so someone hug me.

Siwon hugged him and eunhyuk hugged himself then donghae hug hyuk.

*Hae slap hyuk ass

* Donghae and hyukjae playing around during Haru <3

* while hyukjae was talking donghae and kangin were making weird faces behind him


Mechanical Heart

AN: Yeah, I got distracted, watched Wall-E, had a weird idea lol  short drabble because I’m not sure what’ll happen with this.


Sighing to herself, Elsa waited on the sidewalk for her taxi to arrive. Her night was a near total disaster. The sleeze had tried copping a feel while they were in the middle of the show and she’d responded by stepping on his foot hard enough to let loose a loud yell. Which then led to him being dragged out by the security bots in the theater. Elsa couldn’t enjoy the show anymore after that so she made a quick call and here she was. Standing outside on a cool autumn night listening to the sounds of the city just waking up for the night.

“Come on dude just leave it, totally not worth hauling that pile of junk anywhere. Not even for the spare parts.”

“Yeah okay man, I’ll leave the damn thing alone.”

Elsa turned her head and watched as two scruffy looking teens ambled out of the closest alley, knocking shoulders and laughing at their words. Curiosity crept into her mind and she slowly walked over the entrance of the darkened alley. She waited a few more moments until the youths were far enough away before cautiously entering.

Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness Elsa was just barely able to make out an outline of a body propped against the brick wall. Carefully she crouched down in front of them, trying to get a better look. A flash of headlights slid by the entrance, illuminating the pair for a moment and Elsa was able to make out torn and tattered clothes caked in dirt and grime. Reaching her hand out towards their face Elsa felt cool skin under her fingertips. With a sense of urgency she cupped cold cheeks and lifted gently, wanting to get a better look.

A violent shudder ripped through the body causing Elsa to lean backwards quickly. Sparks arced out across the skin Elsa had just touched, lighting up matted red hair and unfocused teal eyes.

“In-In-In-ating,” broken words in a harsh mechanical tone had Elsa reeling in shock. “S-S-S-sss-art up up up.” Another shudder had its head jerking to the side. “Two two fi-ive eight-t thr-thr-three alpla aren.”

Elsa’s eyes widened as she realized this was one of the first AI companions to have been released almost 18 years ago. How this one had survived so long was a mystery to her as most AA models had been destroyed. She reached back towards the AI, gently taking a hold of a limp hand.

“Hey, can you look at me?” As if struck by lightning, teal eyes that glowed ever so slightly now in the darkness, focused immediately onto Elsa’s own blue ones. The intensity of the stare had Elsa’s heart stuttering in her chest and she squeezed the cold hand. “Are you able to move at all?”

Fingers twitched and legs jerked awkwardly, a piercing whine accompanied the movements. Elsa winced at the sounds and she moved closer to wrap her arm around the slim waist, tugging an arm over her covered shoulders.

“Alright, up you go,” pulling upwards Elsa was surprised to find that the AI was light, which was likely a good thing. The whining had turned into a groan as Elsa took most of the weight and slowly she half dragged the shorter AI out of the alley and into the street lights. A loud honk startled the blonde slightly, causing the redhead to slump in her arms.

The yellow taxi flickered it’s top light and Elsa realized this was the one she called for earlier. Adjusting her grip Elsa walked them over and opened the side door. Carefully she slid the AI onto the seat, trying to ignore the groans and clicks as she settled the limbs into a sitting position. Climbing in, Elsa gave the driver her address and sat back against the leather seats. The redhead gave another shudder and leaned her head on Elsa’s shoulder.

“An-n-na,” the quiet rush of static reached Elsa’s ears and she smiled slightly.

“Nice to meet you Anna, let’s get you fixed up hmm?” she grasped the cool hand in her own, squeezing gently.  Perhaps her night wasn’t a total waste after all.

“First things first though, you need a bath.”

Ah~G-go faster! Right thereeeee~!

"Hm~? Oh, here~?


Nico blushed in memory of himself and the sun god, feeling slightly guilty about having such thoughts, especially when at the moment his father had called him over, wanting an explanation on what was going on between them.

“I can’t believe this! First Percy Jackson, and now him. WHY HIM?!”

“Father, please calm down-”


Nico winced as his fathers voice boomed, but at the same time couldn’t get over the slight happy feeling in his stomach. This was only just another sign of how much Hades cared for him. 

Finally letting his anger flow, said god looked at his son, before going next to him.

"Does anybody know about this, uh, relationship of yours?” The question was asked cautiously, if not awkwardly.

“Just Hazel and Reyna Sir.” Nico tried to play it off but Hades saw right through it. 


Nico huffed in defeat. “…And Persephone, and maybe Demeter…”

Nico could have sworn that if his father had an actual beating heart, it probably would have stopped.

BTS: Bon voyage ep 3 Update

They managed to lose their bag and ticket and phone - lol

BTS had a fake fight, it was hidden camera and Taehyung acting skills are on point also this was the first time seeing mama jin and v yell at each other

Jimin got mad when he started to notice v was getting ‘fake’ mad - VMIN feels

They ate a lot and were still hungry - vkook feeding each other

Taehyung lying on jimin shoulders cause he was tired - sooo cuteee

Namjoon was playing with Jimin’s fingers, asking him about his rings - so cute

Jungkook was meme as hell, constantly making weird facial expressions and when he couldn’t speak english called the ladies noona - lol 

jimin and jhope were linking arms while walking

Jimin did ageyo because he really badly wanted to buy a souvenir

 Lots of savage disses

lots of JIMIN BUTT AND THIGH at the end and cuteness overload 

jin made amazing food and they all sat around the dinner table like a family - MY FEELS 

Jin, jungkook and rapmon legit thought for a second that v was really an alien and had superpowers cause he could he what they were bitching about him - hahah they freaked thought he had superpowers 

Cute english from the members 

Rapmon was being a lazy shit and didn’t cook same with v - haha that’s me 

Jimin managed to swap 3 times the seating arrangements always moving from the edge to sit in the middle of v and jungkook - CUTIEEEE 

BTS are all just dorks and they love playing pranks on each other 

Hey ya’ll Happy Tuesday! It’s Sam (he/him transmale) back after an absence from TST because of choir. Its weird but I’ve actually been feeling kindof attractive lately? (Weird for me cuz that never happens) Anyway ya’ll get my face from when I dressed for success. 

Come follow, chat, and find me at my blogI love making new friends! 

Also my best friend and I are doing a Youtube channel called Queerland, where we are going to make videos to help the LGBTQ community. Please subscribe and like our channel so we can make a difference! 

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misslavender  asked:

2, 4, 5, & 13 👻👻💜💜

Fave merch/memorabilia: My Popestar tour poster signed by all the members 😭😭 it was my first ritual and I waited by the bus with no sharpie for them to sign with lol (dumbass). I was afraid I wouldn’t get it signed bc of that but luckily, bby Aether came out the bus with a beautiful gold sharpie (that I still have). 👏

Meeting them unmasked: THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME?! I was waiting by the bus (not knowing what to expect since I’d never done that b4, nor had I met them b4) and here come little Earth and Aether together..went in the bus, then came back out moments later. My eyes probably popped out of my head when they were walking over to me. 😭 Everyone was nice and sweet and cute. I had a rly rad conversation with Papa (feels weird calling him that bc they’re so diff lol) and he hugged me 3x. Aether held my hand for a good min before he signed my poster. I made Alpha laugh. I talked to Water ghuleh for a good while too. Ugh there’s too much I wanna write but I’ll stop haha.

Album most listened to: Right now I’d say Popestar. I’m craving new material hella bad.

Fave thing about Ghost: Like I said in a previous ask, I love how they’re on their own path. They aren’t caught up in being a certain style of music or being accepted by a certain scene. They know that their fans are their scene.
I also want to say that I only have this account because the fans are so different from any other fandom I’ve been involved with. It’s literally a family. I wouldn’t have made an account if it hadn’t been for the ppl who were so helpful to me pre-ghost related account.
And lastly, I can’t not mention how insanely talented all of the members of Ghost are. The vocalist has no limitations on what he can do with his voice. The atmosphere he can create with just a change in his tone. The musicians are wildly entertaining on stage with their different personalities shining through. The guitar solos are insane. I cannot imagine how much work these guys put in to their craft. The shows wouldn’t be half as glorious if they were all mediocre musicians. It still blows me away how humble they all are in the midst of all that talent and success. I love them so much.
Sorry these were Special ghoul answers 😅 but thanks for asking seestur. 💘

anonymous asked:

elena totally had that stefan baby photo tucked away somewhere else for later lol nah but she probably thought about it... then thought maybe it's inappropriate but then again she was talking shit about meeting the woman who gave birth to both of her boyfriends so that's fucking awkward elena lol. even though it was in favor of se it was awkward af like who wrote that script. the fact that she called stefan an epic love of her life feels like they were still going with the theme that she changed

Well season 6 actually had a lot of references to SE that I thought was really weird because I thought we were past it?

Like when Damon and Elena dance and he brings up MMF he says, “Stefan stood you up, bloodlust issues, surprise surprise” and I was like wooooooooow you still salty she chose him first, Damon? LIKE???? WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS?

And then you had Liam who asked if they were together plus their faux engagement at the bar. Then there was the mention of Silas being hot plus the “two epic loves” plus the baby photo and then Kai being like lol you used to date Stefan and now you’re awful and dating Damon and Elena asking Damon if she would be with him as a human and him saying ‘no’ and then Stefan tasking Elena with getting his humanity back, like it didn’t happen in one chunk but there was a lot of reference (mostly denigrating) to SE that made me go, OK so are we past the love triangle or nah?

anonymous asked:

I love his petty ass. Especially when it's when people are trying to make him seem like an idiot, like who just messages someone you don't know "lol weird how you didn't finish school!" Like.... how rude? Maybe I feel extra touchy about it after seeing that video of the fan calling him r*tarded floating around again yesterday gskkgg like that's my incredibly intelligent and articulate son? It's not his fault no one lets him finish all his thoughts. Glad he put her in her place lmao.

don’t even get me started on that video with that rude ass fan like it truly just blows my fucking mind how rude people are to harry like they don’t even say hi to him they just run up to him and snap a selfie or pull on his clothes or touch his body without asking it just… infuriates me tbh especially with how kind and sweet he always is even when he clearly sometimes [most of the time] probably doesn’t want to be approached 

anyways i’m really glad he’s not really using social media and has become a bit of a recluse like i miss seeing him but i’d rather not see him than see a million photos of him looking like he wants to die with fans smiling next to him

anonymous asked:

My crush is my bf, we just got engaged after 5 years together!! But I'm having trouble calling him my fiancée bc it feels weird to say lol oooop

5 years omg, congrats on getting engaged!!!!!!! better get used to itttt, he’s gonna be ur husband soon!!! i hope ur marriage is perfect n u two can buy ur dream home together and love each other forever!!!