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13 going on 30 AU

GUYS. I was watching 13 Going on 30 again b/c I’m rom-com trash and I just… I needed a Sterek version. I have no idea if this has been done before, so I just went for it. ~5k, rated T


“Do I look cool?” Derek asks, staring at himself in the hall mirror. The leather jacket’s a little big for him — it’s his dad’s — but he thinks it could look okay once he rolls up the sleeves.

Stiles snorts, fiddling with the hem of his baggy plaid overshirt. “You look like one of those drug dealers that hangs out in the park, dude. It’s uncanny.”

Derek gives him the finger.

“Hey, so,” Stiles rummages around in his backpack a minute and comes out with a slender present wrapped in blue tissue paper. “Happy birthday, dude.” 

Derek rips away the wrapping and it’s a comic book, thirty pages, hand-drawn by Stiles himself. 

“Whoa, awesome,” Derek says, flipping it open curiously. “Is this about us? As superheroes?” It looks like Stiles has drawn him as Wolverine, with fangs and bulging biceps, perched on the roof of somebody’s house. 

“Yeah,” Stiles says, grinning, bouncing his weight from his heels to the balls of his feet. “Check it out, I—” and that’s about when the doorbell rings. 

“I’ll look at it later, Kate’s here,” Derek interrupts, pushing past him.

“Oh, uh, okay,” Stiles says, hunching his shoulders. Derek rolls his eyes. Why Stiles expects him to drop everything and read it right this second is beyond him; it’s not like he doesn’t know Derek has a thing for Kate. She’s the hottest girl at their whole school. This is it, his big chance. She can’t see him reading a kids’ book. 

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Just Causing Problems

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Single!Jensen x Reader

A/N: Chapter 3 in the Where I Belong series!! I’m so excited for you guys to be requesting this so much and wanted to be tagged in it. Also in this fic, Danneel is a gigantic bitch. I know she’s not really like that and she’s actually an amazing woman, it’s just for the purpose of this work! You’re all so amazing, thank you for sticking it out with me through my hiatus! <3 Sorry if this chapter is a little rusty, I’m getting back into writing after a three month break, love you guys.

Chapter 1-Where I Belong
Chapter 2-Getting to Know You

Warnings: slight angst, language, fighting, Danneel being a huge bitch

Words: 2348

A light shaking woke you from your sleep.

“Y/N. Sweetheart. Wake up, we have to go to set” Jensen rasped out, his voice thick with sleep as he rubbed his eyes.

“I don’t wanna” you whined, nuzzling your face into your pillow.

“Come on we can take naps while we’re on break today” he said, chuckling as he pulled you out of bed and to your feet.

“Thanks for letting me sleep in your guest bed, Jens. I was too tired and a little too tipsy to drive home.”

“Any time, Y/N. I really enjoyed our chinese food and beer last night.”

“So did I” you smiled, thinking back on all of the laughs you had with Jensen the night before. The two of you sat on the floor in front of his couch, eating and drinking and watching The Hangover. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the little things that made you think he wanted to be more than friends. The way he so casually threw his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to his side. The way he held you close and touched his lips to the side of your head and stayed there, as if just keeping that contact with you was enough. But you quickly shook those thoughts from your mind because you and Jensen were just friends… Right?

After you were all dressed and ready to leave, you grabbed your bag and met Jensen at the door.

“Wanna carpool?” you asked, jingling your keys, “I’ll let you drive Lucy.”

“Oh hell yeah!” he grabbed the keys from your hand and a smile stretched across his face.

–A few hours later–

“Y/N, you’ll be with me in the TV room all day today going over footage before the airing of the season. We’ve got a lot of work to do, so bring your A-game and some snacks” Eric laughed as he patted you on the shoulder and walked off towards the proverbial dungeon that the two of you would be stuck in all day.

“Alright Eric, sounds good” you smiled and headed off to the break room to grab some food and some Redbull. You opened the door to the break room to Jensen and Misha having quite the intense conversation and when their eyes met yours Jensen cleared his throat and straightened up and Misha looked away briefly before smiling at you.

“Hey guys” you beamed as you rifled through the cabinet trying to find your big bag of pretzels.

“Hey Y/N” they said in unison. Misha was smiling big and Jensen had more of a tight smile on his face but they still weren’t talking to one another.

“Umm.. Well sorry for interrupting whatever was going on before I got here, I’ll be out of your hair in a sec. I’m just grabbing some food and drinks for me and Eric ‘cause we’ll be in the TV room all day” you said, trying to quicken your pace because honestly the room was getting a little awkward.

“Wait, you won’t be on set today?” Jensen’s face fell when he realized that he wouldn’t see you at all that day. Yet somehow there was a glimmer of relief in his eyes as well.

“Yeah.. Anyway.. See ya later guys” you quickly gathered what you came for and practically bolted out of the room. You didn’t know what was going on, but you knew there was something weird about how the boys were acting.

Half a day in the TV room felt like three years. Your eyes hurt from staring at the screen and you were mentally exhausted from examining every single second of film that came up on screen. People asked you why you didn’t watch any of the shows you worked on, this is why. You’d seen every episode a hundred times over looking for mistakes or missed cues or continuity errors. Eric called it a day early because you had gone over enough episodes to make it well into the season and would wait until a few more were produced to do the next session.

Coming out of the TV room was like letting a vampire out of a cave. You shielded your eyes from the still bright sun and gave your limbs a good stretch. With your eyes closed, you felt something crash into and wrap around your legs, nearly knocking you over. Extremely startled and heart racing, you looked down to see what it was and heard a tiny voice.

“Hi!” the excited little girl said, jumping and waving at you, “You must be new! I’ve met everyone that daddy works with and I’ve never seen you before. I’m JJ!”

“Well hey JJ. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you” you beamed at the little girl, squatting down and extending a hand to her, but that wasn’t what she had in mind. She jumped up and hugged you wrapping her arms around your neck. You couldn’t help but giggle and lift her up, allowing her to wrap her legs around your waist and then rest her on your hip.

“JJ, what have I told you about tackle-hugging people?” you heard a slightly rough voice that was uniquely Jensen’s ask.

“Daddy!” the little girl squealed as she wiggled out of your arms and to the ground and proceeded to tackle her father to the ground as he squatted down to meet her, the both of them falling back in a fit of laughter. You had to admit, it was really sweet watching Jensen play with her.

“Sorry about that Y/N. JJ here gets pretty affectionate” he laughed, ruffling his daughter’s hair as she ran off to chase Jared around the trailers.

“It’s all good, Jens. I have nieces and nephews that are young and they’re the same way. I actually love kids” you shrugged, grabbing your binder from the ground where you placed it and walking towards your trailer.

“No kids of your own?” he asked, walking in the same direction.

“Uhh.. No. Almost got that serious in a relationship once but I got cold feet and it ended bad. Haven’t really been nailed down since” you rubbed the back of your neck, feeling kind of awkward like you overshared.

“Oh, yeah I kind of get that actually” he cleared his throat and stopped walking when the two of you got to the door of your trailer.

“Y/N! Daddy!” JJ squeaked out as she captured Jensen in a hug and quickly ran over to do the same to you.

“Hey, thanks for making my day, little one” you smiled as you crouched down to give her one last hug before patting her on the head and letting her run off after Jared once more.

“She’s really sweet, Jens. You did well” you smiled, squeezing his shoulder and turning to go back into your trailer to take a nap.

“Hey Y/N?”

“Yeah Jens?” you turned around with your hand holding the door open

“Wanna.. Uhh.. Meet up after work?”

“Yeah” you smiled, “sounds good.”

“Okay great” he chuckled looking satisfied with your answer and left you to take your nap.

–One four hour nap later–


The sounds of your name being called and banging on your trailer door woke you up. You got out of bed and went to answer the door in your pajamas, which consisted of sleep shorts and a loose t-shirt with a sports bra underneath.

“What?” you groaned out, still sleepy from your nap.

“Aww, you’re adorable”

You rubbed your eyes and focused on the figures in front of you, Jared and Misha.

“Well, are you gonna let us in?” Misha asked and Jared elbowed him lightly.

“Be nice, Mish. She just woke up” Jared giggled.

“Come in guys” you laughed and rolled your eyes as you went to grab water from the fridge, “you want anything?”

“Nah, I’m good” Misha said as he flopped down on your couch.

“Yeah I’m good too” Jared followed right after Misha and you sat on the chair facing the couch, resting your head back because you were still sleep-ridden.

“So what do I owe you two waking me up from my delightful nap?” you laughed, eyes still closed.

“We heard you stayed over at Jay’s last night” Misha blurted out, a smile stretching across his entire face.

You rolled your eyes at his suggestion, “Don’t get it twisted guys, I slept in his guest bed. Jens and I are just friends.”

Jared cleared his throat and let out a small “Oh.”

“Okay well if you guys are done awkwardly staring at me, I’m gonna go change out of my pajamas” you said as you got out of your chair and went to your room. When you came back out, Jared and Misha were making themselves at home and playing Mario Kart. You flopped down on the couch next to Jared and grabbed a controller, saying that you wanted in on the next round. A few hours passed of you playing video games with the boys, them nearly shoving you off the couch a few times trying to throw you off or make you lose.

“Shit! I said I’d meet Jens to hang out after work like an hour ago” you laughed, grabbing your bag and running out the door. Before the door shut you shouted back to the boys,

“Make sure you shut my TV off before you leave!” and you heard a “Will do!” and a “Have fun!” from the inside of your trailer before the door shut.

You made your way quickly over to Jensen’s trailer and rapped your knuckles on the door.

“Come on in!” you heard him shout from inside. You opened the door and immediately were met with the death stare of Jensen’s wife. Ex-wife.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll just come back later” you said with wide eyes, slowly backing out of the trailer.

“No, Y/N. Come in. She was just leaving” Jensen said, pulling you inside and glaring at Danneel.

“Oh so this is the slut you’re bringing around my daughter?” Danneel snapped out, pointing in your direction.

“Uhh whoa, I should definitely leave” you squeaked out, pointing at the door and looking between the fighting couple.

“First of all, she’s our daughter” Jensen growled out, with a firm grip on your arm, successfully trapping you in the trailer, “Second, Y/N here is not a slut and third, she literally met JJ today for about five minutes. So no I’m not ‘bringing her around our daughter.’ JJ just happened to be at the place where I work, with my fucking coworker Y/N.”

“Sure. Act like she’s not a fucking whore, Jay. Trying to be with a man who she presumed to be married until what? Hours ago?” she was talking about you like you weren’t even there and at the same time trying to poison you with her words.

“You ended this Dan, not me! Don’t act all jealous and shit because you’ve seen me spending time with another woman when you’re the one who wanted the damn divorce” Jensen’s voice was getting louder and you could see him growing more angry by the minute.

“Whoa” you spoke up, causing both of them to whip their heads in your direction, “first off, JJ is really sweet and all but I spent about five minutes with her and didn’t even know she was here. She came up to me. Second, Jensen and I aren’t together, Danneel, and honestly if this is the type of crap that you two deal with regularly, I’m going to have to back away from this situation entirely. I’m just gonna go home. We can be civil at work Jensen but I think it’s probably better if we don’t spend any more time together outside of work.”

You turned to walk out the door and your attention was drawn back by a loud crash.

“Mother fucker.” Jensen breathed out, and you could see the bruises beginning to form on his knuckles from punching a hole through the cabinet. Without a word you walked out the door and let it slam behind you, hearing Danneel scream out the word “whore!” once more before you were out of earshot.

Then you heard Jensen clear as day scream “Get the fuck out!” and you heard a door slam hard and some more screaming before you were far enough to not hear the fight anymore.

You weren’t really sure why, but tears began stinging your eyes as you walked to your car, hoping that Jensen had a ride home because the two of you had carpooled that day.

Text Message
To: Jensen
From: Y/N
Hey, do you have a ride home? Still at my car

To: Y/N
From: Jensen
No actually… Mind giving me a ride?

To: Jensen
From: Y/N
Yeah, no prob. Meet me at my car

You waited for Jensen at your car and he showed up with his hand now wrapped in gauze looking defeated.

“Y/N, I’m sor-” he began to speak but you cut him off.

“Jensen I was serious when I said we shouldn’t spend time together outside of work. I’m not leaving you stranded here without a ride because we’re friends but honestly you need to sort your shit out and obviously I can’t be in the equation because it just causes problems” you sighed and turned the car on as you made your way out of the lot and to Jensen’s house.

He simply let out a heavy sigh and the two of you didn’t speak for the whole ride. When you finally got to his house, he shot you a sad look and opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but decided against it and got out of the car, mouthing a quick ‘thank you’ before turning around and walking inside.

Again, you weren’t sure why, but tears began flowing as you drove away, watching Jensen walk to his house, very obviously defeated. His shoulders were slumped and he walked slow, without purpose. You lost a friend today and all you could do was cry.

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By the Lake

actionncatt submitted

Okay this is sort of long, but here it goes.

Around 2009 or 2010, I had gone to the lake one morning with my friend and her two young daughters (I think they were something like 5 and 3 respectively).  It was a somewhat early, foggy autumn morning and when we got to the lake, there were only about two or three other cars in the parking lot.  As we walked around a bit, the only other people there we saw were adults; couples and such.  

My friend, Jennifer, had brought a disposable camera and was taking pictures of things.  Her oldest daughter had asked if she could take some pictures.  I called her a “little photographer” and she started crying, because she didn’t know what a photographer was and thought I was calling her a frog.

As she was crying, Jennifer and I were both trying to calm her down by explaining to her that I didn’t call her anything bad.  Then we notice a little girl standing just a few feet in front of us.  I immediately noticed how oddly she was dressed for the season and the decade in general; she had on a white dress, not stark white, but a dingy white, and a red sweater.  She had on white socks and black mary jane type shoes.  She also had a scratch under her right eye.  I noticed all of this, but nothing seemed weird at the time.

The little girl asked why Jennifer’s daughter was crying, and I don’t remember what we responded with, but then we took her daughters to use the restroom.  Naturally, the little girl followed us in.  She walked down to the last stall in the bathroom, went in, and started singing a song that none of us were familiar with.  I don’t remember hearing her actually going pee or anything.  I just remember the singing.  I started feeling kind of weird at that point.  Jen and I exchanged sort of uneasy looks and I, laughing nervously (it happens), said “I’m just gonna wait for you outside.” and she tried to quietly stop me but I left.  In retrospect, that was kind of mean.

So I went outside, and noticed that some of the cars had left, meaning even less people were at the lake.  It was just our car, and one other car in the parking lot.  Then Jen, her two daughters, and the little girl came out of the restroom and Jen looked really uncomfortable.  Jen tells me that the little girl kept talking to her while they were in the bathroom.  When Jen asked why she was alone, the little girl had said that her mom and brother were on the walking trail and that she was waiting for them.  That was weird to us, since it was an early morning in the middle of fall with nobody around.  It just didn’t make sense to us that a little girl would be alone.  Then the girl said to us “It’s my birthday tomorrow.  I’m going to be eight.”

Nothing the little girl said was creepy in itself, but there was something about the her that made us uneasy.  So we started to tell the girl that we had to go. She asked us to stay longer, and for some reason, we felt the need to lie to her.  We told her we had to go to work, which we didn’t.  Then she asked “Who is going to take care of your girls?”  And Jen said “My mom will.”  And at this point, we’re sort of inching away from her.  The little girl then asked “Can they stay with me?”  And Jen said “No, their grandma will watch them.” And the little girl started almost begging that the girls be allowed to stay at the lake with her.  She was very insistent on it.  

Finally, we tell her that we really do have to go, and we start walking away.  The little girl starts walking in the same direction, but then Jen says “Hold on, take a quick picture of me and the girls before we go” so I did.  And as I was taking the picture, the little girl walked past us and over towards this little playground.  The playground was completely within my eyesight the entire time.  But at some point, the little girl basically vanished.  She wasn’t at the playground, and she wasn’t anywhere that we could see.  And honestly, we were able to see in all directions for quite a distance and the little girl was nowhere.  No people or cars had left in that span of time either.

Jen and I were astounded.  We walked over to the playground to try to see…well I don’t know what we were expecting, but we had to go over there.  There was nobody there.  All we found was a pile of small rocks covered with a tissue.

So we booked it back to her car at that point, because everything about the setting and the experience was creepy.  Of course it would happen on a foggy autumn morning.  So Jen got out the keys and unlocked the car.  The locks went up for only a split second before going back down again.  No matter how many times Jen tried to unlock the car, the locks would just lock themselves again.  Finally, I timed it just right and was able to open the door in the brief moment of un-locked-ness before the locks went down again.  I managed to let everyone in from the inside, and Jen put the girls in their seats, and the key in the ignition.  But when she tried to start the car, all of the lights flashed; blinkers, headlights, all of them.  They flashed and the horn honked maybe four times rapidly before Jen started the car.

She called her mom before we left, and her mom said it sounded like it was a spirit that was lonely and wanted the girls to stay and keep her company.  I suggested to Jen that it might have been something a bit more sinister, and maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I did.  We were silent the entire drive home.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

donniebaarnes-main  asked:

Do you have any headcanons for Farkle's relationships with his family as he grows up? -- Donniebaarnes

ooooooooooooooooooooohh boy you have just opened up a can of worms this may or may not end up more rant-y and full of speculations than headcanon-y I’m sorry in advance

  • Okay I am just so…suspicious about why Jennifer Basset is Farkle’s mom
  • Like OMFG
  • Okay I get from some perspective it’s cool to have another Double Legacy child other than Riley (and Auggie) and it could be used to argue for riarkle but WOW SO RANDOM??
  • Especially since Jen and Stuart never interacted on BMW. But seriously…Why Jen? There’s like a plethora of other guest characters they could have used! Wendy? TK? Lauren? Topanga’s girl friend who just kinda vanished when Angela showed up? The girl Shawn agreed to become ‘Veronica’ for? Like all these ladies had the same amount of screen time with Stuart (which is none) and had just as much a chance of marrying and reproducing with him.
  • What do we all know about Jennifer from bmw? She’s smart, manipulative, petty, and batshit. And they even referenced some of that on the one gmw episode we’ve seen her in, and she just brushed it off as if kidnapping and handcuffing Shawn to a boathouse is a normal teenage mistake omfg
  • Also we’ve seen Stuart on the show 4 times now and Jen one which makes me wonder
  • So why make her Farkle’s mom if they make him barely like her? (Because really…he's barely like her omg.) Well, from a writing perspective, I personally would use this to the advantage to make Farkle more like the Shawn character on GMW
  • Like I know it’s been set up as Maya, but really, what do Shawn and Maya actually have in common?
  • Shawn dealt with being dirt poor, and homeless a few times. An alcoholic father, a mother who ran away all the time even though she claimed to love him (Who also later sent him a letter saying ‘I’m not your real mom never contact me again’). When his mother was there, his parents fought all the time, loud enough that he would run away to Cory’s place sometimes. His father’s alcoholism was mostly crippling, meaning they had very little income because Chet wasn’t able to keep a job. Was frequently left home alone. We knew Chet loved Shawn (and Virna claimed to), but both parents were completely incapable of showing it. Acted out with all of his authority figures as a way of coping.
  • Maya’s father walked out when she was five, money is tight but she’s still middle class, very smart but decides not to try in school, has a bumpy relationship with her mother but that’s mostly because Maya chooses to put the distance there??? Katy is no Chet or Virna. She does absolutely nothing but bust her ass to make sure she can afford to give Maya everything she needs, and even though she’s busy she does reach out. Maya chooses to go to the Matthews, who she teases but has clear respect for, instead of her mom. Katy let Maya hate her for years because she wanted her to think well of Kermit. She actively does everything she can for her daughter and lets her know she loves her/is proud of her. And even in Girl Meets Forgiveness, we got to see Kermit give Maya the closure that Virna never gave Shawn- he understands he massively fucked up and doesn’t expect her to ever forgive him, but he is sorry and he does care about her.
  • Now. Okay. Farkle. His situation won’t match up /entirely/ with Shawn’s, because Shawn was so poor they could barely afford clean water sometimes, while Farkle’s the son of a multibillionaire. But that’s good, from a writing stand point. Telling a story similar but different, you know? Okay, anyway, we know Stuart and Jen fight. Constantly. We know Jen runs out on Stuart constantly, but always comes back anyway. Just from their, like, 3 scenes together in GM I Am Farkle, we see that she’s clearly in control in the marriage. We know their fighting is so bad things are being thrown at each other. It’s never said on the show, but Farkle spends more time hanging out on Riley’s fire escape than anywhere else. With him mentioning his parents all the time, it makes me feel like he’s there to get away from the yelling. His relationship with Stuart shows clear affection, but also seems strained. We know Stuart gets swamped at work a lot and Farkle’s left home alone quite often. Where Shawn had a problem of his parents unable to find work, Farkle’s parents seem to work too much to worry about him sometimes. So it’s set in a different situation, but it’s the same feelings of emotional neglect, of hearing your parents screaming at each other all the time, of feeling trapped in a bad situation. And Farkle also has started acting out in school a little bit- nothing drastic like letting his grades drop, but he does call Cory names and in the beginning of GM New Teacher, when the old guy didn’t turn up to class, he smirked at Maya and said “Did we do it? Did we finally break him?” Obviously implying he had a big hand in antagonizing the man into retirement, which just doesn’t seem like something you’d expect from the son of Stuart Minkus omg
  • So, personally, I would use all this and expand more on Stuart and Jen’s problems, focus more on how they effect Farkle, and bring him up to a more Shawn-like role.
  • Say, Stuart and Jen’s fighting gets a lot worse so he’s spending more and more and more time at the Matthews apartment
  • And no one thinks much of it at first but he really starts getting snarky and looking sleep deprived and acting out and his grades are slipping a bit so everyone’s getting concerned
  • And they eventually figure out his parents have gone from one or two arguments a week to screaming at each other almost every day
  • They could probably get a divorce at some point and see how a custody battle would effect him.
  • Maybe Jen would want to move back to Philly and we could get a retelling of the “Topanga forced to move to Pittsburg” storyline
  • Cory and Farkle could take on a more Turner and Shawn dynamic because that’s all I want in this life
  • They could dedicate time to Stuart once again trying to fix him and he’s sons relationship.
  •  Like obviously they love each other but it’s strained and THEY DID NOT CALL FARKLE PIPPIN FOR A THROWAWAY JOKE I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT
  • If Farkle is really identifying with Pippin then that’s something to be concerned about but it would also be a great plotline to watch play out- and one problem Pippin has is his father has way too many expectations he doesn’t feel he can live up too
  • That’s another great parallel with Shawn- Shawn had no pressure or expectations put on him, he felt like the universe wanted him to fail. Farkle would be in the complete reverse of that situation I AM GEEKING OUT FROM A WRITER STANDPOINT RIGHT NOW JESUS CHRIST COULD YOU IMAGINE
  • And come on, anyone with eyes can tell that something is up with Farkle lately- even though he’s no longer “Donnie Barnes”, he’s still acting a lot different than he used to. He’s not as animated or hyper, he almost never sounds excited anymore- with the exception of him being happy for science class in STEM, almost everything that comes out of his mouth any more sounds…tired. Like, forced almost. He just has like a defeated air about him. Do you know what I mean??? And I can get wanting to stop dressing how he did because classmates, but it’s a big jump to go from bright colors into all black and greys. A lot of tv shows tend to use characters in all dark colors to show that they’re depressed or going through a rough time.
  • And we saw his friends worry at first but then drop the subject. We’ve never seen his parents comment on it- hell, we’ve literally only seen Jen interact with him in one episode, and even that was a little weird omfg
  • So basically I need them to bring both actors back and chop chop on an overarching Farkle plotline omfg
  • But since they seem to have an easier time bringing Lee Norris in- Farkle eventually telling his dad he doesn’t want to take over Minkus International COULD YOU IMAGINE
  • Or Farkle snapping and fighting with his dad about why Stuart and Jen can’t get their acts together
  • We can finally figure out how the hell Stuart and Jen even happened in the first place
  • I mean like an explanation other than “She told me to marry her”
  • That line alone is on my radar holy shit could you imagine if they took the time to talk about how men can be caught in abusive relationships too???? How they barely get any attention or people don’t believe them???? OMFG
  • There is just so much that could be done with Farkle and his family I’m freaking out just thinking about it I cannot write a couple of solid headcanons because it would just spur out into an entire fucking season of this show
  • I’m sorry omfg
Unexpected (The Vision)

“What happened to J.A.R.V.I.S?” She asked. “He’s gone.” Tony said. “Gone? How?” Y/N asked. “The reason I sent you on the wild goose chase with Sam was because I did something wrong.” Tony said.

“What happened?” Y/N asked as she put her hand on her old brother’s shoulder. “I thought I was doing the right thing. I was trying to build a suit of armor around the world and it back fired in my face.” He said.

“Ultron.” Y/N said. “How do you know about that?” Tony asked. “I snoop around too, you know.” She said. “Well, yeah. Anyway, he made some Android and almost fully implanted his conscious into it so, when we got our hands on it, I used J.A.R.V.I.S as a replacement.” Tony explained.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “It’s fine.” He sighed. “Well, now that there’s a new Avengers team, they called and asked if it helped design some new tech.” Y/N told him.

“Why didn’t they ask me?” Tony said. “Steve said that you’re building Pepper a house on a farm.” She told me. “Wow, Cap doesn’t understand sarcasm.” Tony smiled.

“And I honestly thought you two were dating.” She admitted. “Who? Me and Cap?” He asked. “Yeah, after what Romanoff told me.” She said. “Well, when do you have to go?” He asked. “Right now.” She looked at her wrist watch.

“Be careful with Sam’s New wing pack, I just designed it, but I thinking that it would help if there was something that he use besides shooting guns.” Tony said.

“I think I have a few ideas. I’ll talk to you later.” Y/N kissed his cheek. “And call me ten minutes before the meeting with the senators so I can prepare for the video chat.” She said. “Don’t worry.” Tony said.

“Seriously, don’t say anything stupid. They already want to keep us on a leash, we can’t have them do that with the rest of the team.” She said. “I won’t, promise.” Tony said. “Now go. The jet will leave you.” He joked.

“Isn’t the point of owning my own private jet is so I could tell it when to go?” She said to make fun of him. “Shut up and go.” Tony laughed.


“Well, he did a great job with the structure.” Y/N commented as Steve showed her around the camp. “Yeah, and it’s about fifteen acres.” Steve told her. “Damn, he went all out for you guys.” She said and he smiled.

“So, when I meet the new team?” She asked him. “Right now actually. We’re going to have a meeting in five minutes.” Steve said. “Lead the way, Captain.” Y/N bowed. “Alright, let’s go.” Steve laughed.

“Nat!” Y/N said happily as she saw the red head talking to Sam and a young woman. “Y/N, glad you’re here.” Natasha said and have her a hug. “Glad to be here.” She smiled at the woman. “My name is Y/N Stark.” She said.

“Wife of Mr. Stark?” The woman asked in a deep sovokian accent. “Oh God no!” Y/N laughed. “I’m his sister.” She said and the woman shook her hand. “Wanda Maximoff.” She smiled.

“Sam, great to see you again.” Y/N said. She and Sam did their little hand shake they made up while she and him were hunting down Bucky. “You here about the wing pack?” He asked. “And…other.” She said.

“You joining the team?” He asked. “Oh God no. Tong would never give me permission.” She said. “You’re 24.” He said. “And he’s still my legal guardian because…reasons.” She said and Sam nodded.

The four sat down and began a conversation, that was until Y/N heard a familiar voice. “J.A.R.V.I.S?” She said then turned her head. “No, Y/N, it’s-” Nat said but Y/N walked up to Cap and saw he was talking to a man with red skin and a green suit with a yellow cape.

“Y/N this is…we call him Vision.” Steve said. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Stark.” Vision said. “You sound like-”

“J.A.R.V.I.S, yes I am well aware.” He said and Y/N stared at him in awe. “This is so weird. As I kid, I feel asleep with J.A.R.V.I.S reading to me bedtime stories. Well, they were more Shakespeare than bedtime stories, but still.” Y/N finished.

She then felt her phone vibrate. “I’ve got to go. You guys have fun.” Y/N said as she answered the call. “Give me three minutes so I can get to my room and set up the computer.” Y/N said.

“Hurry.” Tony said. “I just got here, okay?” Y/N asked she found her room. “I know. I have the place surrounded with cameras.” Tony said. “I didn’t know J.A.R.V.I.S read to you.” Tony said.

“Yes you do. You programmed him to do it.” Y/N said and set up the laptop. “They’re here.” Tony whispered sharply. “Shut up and video call me.” Y/N said and hung up.
A pop-up the showed up. ‘KingTonyS would like to chat.’ She laughed and accepted. “Ms. Stark. So nice of you to join us.” Jen said.

“Sorry I couldn’t meet in person. I’m on a job in Wisconsin.” Y/N said. “We are well aware of your current location.” Alan said harshly.

“Lets get to the point. You assholes have my brother and I being supervised 24/7 and we now have restrictions to where we can go, who we can talk to and what we can search on our personal computers.

And now you want us to work for you, with an even tighter leash around our necks, and drag the other Avengers into this. Am I correct?” Y/N said and Tony’s eyes were almost out of his head.

“We are willing to make a new offer.” Jen said. “What offer?” Y/N asked. “We are willing to cut the supervision and the restrictions, if you brother and you join our new project.” Alan said.

“What kind of project?” She asked. “After the incessant with Ultron, we can’t have people with your powered skills creating havoc, so next month we will introduce the restriction act.” Alan said.

“What?” Tony asked. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. The registration act is just a form of safety that we clearly need. You will just be working for the government and will have a slight restriction.” Jen explained.

“And if we don’t agree?” Y/N asked. “Prison.” Jen said. “I want to speak with my brother, alone.” She requested and the two senators left.

“What do you think?” Y/N asked. “Well, I think I made a great decision making you my lawyer.” Tony commented. “Tony, seriously.” Y/N said.

“I think it’s a great idea. I made a disaster with Ultron and many people died. It was my fault and I do think we need this.” He said. “I do too, but…Will the rest of the team?” She asked.

“What do you mean?” Tony asked. “I don’t think that Steve will be fond of the idea of working for the government, especially if that would mean any harm towards Bucky.” She explained.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. They won’t release the Act until next month and we’ll have enough time to get them to agree.” Tony said. “Alright. Well, I’m gonna go. Tell them something came up and I had to leave.” Y/N said.

“I’ll call you later.” Tony said. “Bye.” Y/N smiled and hung up. She closed her laptop and laid her head on the desk. “What am I gonna do?” She asked herself.

She then heard a knock. “Who is it?” She asked. “Vision.” He said. “Come in.” Y/N said as she stood up and straightened herself. “Hello.” He said. “Hey.” She said back.

“I have to ask. How?” Y/N said. “How what?” He asked. “How are you even real? I mean, I’ve seen and done amazing technology that’s sent us a century into the evaluation, but not you.” She said and observed him.

“It’s truly amazing.” Y/N said. “Thank you.” He smiled. “And you’re worthy of wielding the hammer.” She added. He nodded, “That’s amazing.” She said.

“So, why did you come here?” She asked him. “I was just coming to ask about the conversation between the senators.” He said. “How did you know?” She asked.

“I am an A.I.” He commented. “You really are a product of my brother’s.” She giggled and he smiled.

“Could you keep this between us? I can’t have people know about the Registration Act until they introduce it themselves.” Y/N said and he nodded.

“I’m also wondering, can…someday get the chance to, I want to say analysis but that sounds weird, how about…observe? I really want to know more about you.” She said.

“I am more than a computer.” He said looking into her eyes and feeling something in him that made him smile a little. “I would also want to know about Vision.” She smiled back at him.