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Beautiful Distraction [Bucky]

Title: Beautiful Distraction [Bucky]
Character(s) Featured: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Light Smut
Words: 3,043
Rating: M (Mature 18+) Sexual Content, Profanity
Author’s Note: So I received a Bucky Imagine request involving distractions. I thought the idea from Anon was cute and the scenario was quickly playing in my head how it could happen if it was the actors themselves. That made it all the more fun! I promise you guys when I’m an actress and I’m working with them, I’ll see if they’ll act these Imagines out with me. ;) Anyway, here is what Anon wrote: I have a request: Where y/n is distracting Bucky during combat training with Steve. Bucky starts to get aroused by y/n and Steve is confused and wondering what is going on with him. You gotta admit the idea is cute, right?!
Summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes take their training very seriously. A little too seriously in your opinion. They’re always so focused and determined by nothing ever phases them. Now, you’ve been attracted to James since you met him; you have a thing for tall, dark, and deadly. Natasha knew he felt something for you but you didn’t believe her. So she made you a deal: Try to distract Bucky during training by flirting, teasing, anything you had in your feminine Arsenal and if he doesn’t bite, then you were right all along. However, if he does, you have to make the first move or he never will. You have never been looking so forward to training until now.

You sighed heavily as you sat on the carpeted floor of your room, looking through photographs you recently developed of your close friends. A soft smile creeped onto your face as you glanced a picture of Thor eating one of your dishes. He grinned widely at you with his mouth full of food. You spotted one of Tony posing seductively for the camera, biting his lower lip as he batted his lashes at the lens. The most recent photo you have taken was Natasha, Wanda and you sitting on the couch in the living room laughing at something that was said amongst the three of you. Luckily, you thought of putting a timer on your camera. Your hands that rested at your side stumbled on a particular picture that was very close to your heart. You took a picture of Bucky a few months back before you two fully knew each other. He stood outside on the balcony, his medium length hair tied in the back with a small bun. His beautiful ocean blue eyes stared sadly the city lights of New York, no longer recognizing it for what it once was to him. A soul of 98 years old, trapped in the body of 28, not any wiser than he should be at his age. His sadness and longing for a sense of familiarity poured out of the black and white photo. That was the day James became so much more than an infatuation. Now if you only had the balls to tell him. Three knocks on your bedroom door pulled you out of your thoughts, shaking your feelings away as you stood up to grab the knob. Natasha leaned against the frame, her head of red hair tilted to one side with her flirtatious smirk on her face, “Hi beautiful, you ready?”
“Ready for what?” You asked cautiously.
“You’re training with me today, remember? We’re running track above the gym.” She stated, tilting her head to glimpse at the several photographs on the floor, “Ooh, what are these?” She walked to the pile and kneeled to see that several of the subjects were the Avengers themselves. Her hand picked up the image of you, her and Wanda; she turned to you and lifted it, “I hope you have copies.” She waved it around before she tucked inside her hoodie, she looked again to see if she finds another one of you two or you three together when she spotted Bucky. “Nat, let’s go already. We-”
“What’s this?” Nat asked, picking up the black and white photo. You cursed under your breath, no one knows about your feelings for the Winter Soldier. No one until she unexpectedly found your pictures. That wasn’t the only one you had of him. In fact, there was at least a dozen scattered around in the pile. “y/n, when are you planning to tell him you like him?” Romanov inquired as she stood back up placing her hands in her large pouch. You unconvincingly tried to play it off, “What? What are you talking about? I don’t like Buck. He’s-He’s just a good friend…”
“Uh huh…that you just so happen to take dozens of pictures of him and think of him naked probably every 10 seconds.”
“I do not! I-” The image of Bucky lying down on the couch with only his jeans partly open popped into your head. “Dammit! That’s only because you put the idea in my head!” The widow chuckled, enjoying the tint of your cheeks change color. “You know he likes you too, right? Everyone sees it except you and him. And maybe Steve but that’s probably because he was fossilized as a virgin.” She joked, grabbing your gear and throwing it at you. You caught it with ease, paying more attention to Natasha’s statement than what was thrown. “Quit playing, Romanov. He has been concentrating more on combat practice than me. Whenever we do talk, he says two words, four if I catch him on a good day. I’m not even sure he sees me as a woman. To him, I’m just a fellow teammate, who just happens to have a vagina.” You explained, exasperated by the whole topic. Nat rolled her eyes, looking for her friend’s towel as she continued, “Listen, let’s make a deal. We’ll cancel track today on one condition: you try to distract Bucky by flirting, showing your goodies; I don’t know but try and if he doesn’t as so much budge, then you proved me wrong.” You scoffed, throwing the bag over your shoulder. The red head nudged you to look back at her, “But if he does get distracted by you and focuses on you than training? You ask him out because God knows that grumpy old man will never have the gall to do it.”
You paused, taking a deep breath in. What do you got to lose? Oh, just my dignity…,you thought to yourself. You exhaled, “…Fine. It’s not like I really had a choice anyway.”
“Glad to hear you finally realized that.”

Bucky coughed after being punched in the stomach by Steve, “You’re getting slow, Buck.” He smiled at his best friend who was bent over trying to catch his breath. The Winter Soldier chuckled, looking up at Rogers with a half smile. Bucky stood up, clenching his jaw as he prepared himself while looking for his opponent’s weak spot. Once he found it, he ran towards him aiming right below his left rib cage. Steve blocked it effectively as he attempted to grab his fist with his other hand. James was one step ahead and jabbed him with his cybernetic arm. The blonde super soldier groaned, calling a time out to rub his jaw, “Remember when we talked about measuring your strength? Now is one of those times, Bucky. Keep that strength for the battlefield, Sergeant.” Bucky casted his blue eyes to the ground before looking back up. He meant to turn his gaze back to Rogers but when he spotted you on the track right above him, his eyes were glued to you. You seem to be talking to someone there, your smile brightening up the area where you stood. You began to take off your shirt, exposing your smooth flat stomach and then your thin red sports bra that looked two sizes too small. He gulped, taking in the curves of your body. Steve pushed his shoulder, finally reverting back to his friend, “Hey buddy, are you okay? What are you looking at?” He was about to turn to find out what was the source of Bucky’s inattention when Bucky grabbed his shield and threw it out at Steve before he saw you stretching. Steve luckily saw the object in his peripheral, turning in time to catch it in his hand. He raised an eyebrow at Barnes who had no idea why the hell he did that. He just didn’t want him to look at you. As a matter of fact, he didn’t want any man to look at you. At least not in the way he did.

James found you attractive as any man in the tower did. The difference between him and the others was he no longer had the courage to speak to a woman the same way he did in his day and age. You, on the other hand, wanted to know the man behind the title. You spoke to him first, professionally as one team member to another but it wasn’t enough for you. You continued to talk to him until he was capable of speaking a sentence to you. “Thank you…for speaking to me,” was the first thing he said to you. What he wished to say was a lot more. You told him about your passions, photography being one of them. Bucky would notice you taking pictures of him, doing nothing out of the ordinary, and never really understanding why. Bucky finally asked you one day, “Why do you take pictures of me?”
You smiled widely at him, “Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. What I see in you is a man from the past looking for his place in the future. You’re holding on to the man you used to be, wishing for him to come back. Bucky, he’s not coming back. The past is behind you, you can’t go back. You can only go forward. And you won’t be able to do that if you hold on to James Buchanan Barnes, the man from the 1940s. I see a great man in front of me. The man I enjoy taking photographs of is James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, a strong, courageous, valiant Avenger who is great because of the strength of his heart.” You held his cheek, stroking it softly as you stared into his sparkling blue eyes. You retreated to another spot in the room, for what reason Bucky was not sure, but he knew he will keep your words in his heart for all eternity.

“Buck? Bucky? James!” Steve exclaimed, lightly slapping his cheek as he regained consciousness. The brown haired soldier groaned as he felt his head pounding, “…What happened?”
“I think I should ask you that. I threw a staff at you to begin weapon combat, it hit your head and you fell to the mat when you didn’t catch it.” He explained, while Bucky continued to rub his head. Oh, now he remembered. He looked back up at you, catching you in the precise moment you were taking off your sweatpants and strutted in a pair of white boy shorts. What struck him the most was when you slowly brought the fabric down, your almost transparent thong became visible. The other thing that made the lower region of his pants tighter was when he spotted a red star right in the middle of the back. If he didn’t start paying attention to the fight, you were going to get him killed.

“Ooh, Cap is really giving him a beating. He didn’t even seem to realize the thing hit his head until he was on the ground…” You said as you glanced down at the two super soldiers battling. “Gee, I wonder why…,” Natasha said, feigning curiosity. You rolled your e/c at the Russian and shook your head. Your stomach leaped at the possibility Bucky did feel something for you. Your mind banged against the walls of the skull, worrying that this was simply your illusion. “Do I have to keep taking off my clothes?” You asked, meeting his gaze every once in awhile. Natasha took a moment to think what was the next move, and then it hit her. “This might feel a little cold…”
“What will? Ahh!” You screamed as your entire water bottle was thrown onto you.

Your scream was so small from the sudden shock of the water hitting your body, that not many heard it. Only one particular person did, and his temperature was rising the longer he took all of you in. Bucky turned to the source of the tiny yell and saw your form glistening with beads of water rolling down your chest to your stomach. Your nipples protruded through the Lycra material wrapped around your breasts, micro goosebumps surfaced on your skin. Bucky licked his lips at the sight, trailing down to your smooth stomach where the liquid gathered in your dime sized belly button. What made the vision all to difficult to look away from was the moisture hitting your lower region, revealing that glorious red star once again. When you turned, a look of annoyance clearly on your face, Bucky’s groin felt like he was about to burst. Due to the colors of both fabrics that covered you were white, it transformed into a transparency that even Barnes could see from where he was standing. He saw the most petite patch of h/c hair right above your sex, causing him to hold his breath. The blue eyed man only imagined how you would feel wrapped around his manhood. In an instant, James hit the ground with a loud thud. Steve didn’t realize his best friend once again zoned out and threw an uppercut into his stomach hard. “Dammit Bucky! What is the matter with you?” He yelled at his semi-unconscious team member.

“Oh my God! I’m going to get this man killed!” You exclaimed, aborting your plan and running straight to Barnes. Natasha watched you as you sprinted to the Winter Soldier, feeling very pleased with herself that her trick worked. She has been seeing you to fawn over each other for days now and it was beginning to become frustrating being in the middle of your sexual tension. She decided to take matters into her own hands and the Black Widow was determined to make you two realized it. Now she has to go collect her winnings from Clint ‘Sore Loser’ Barton.

Once you reached Bucky, you kneeled before him calling his name, “Bucky? Bucky, wake up. You gotta wake up, stupid!” You lightly shook him. “y/n, why are you wet?” Steve asked as he looked at you attempting to revive Bucky. “Umm…It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.” You replied speedily as you moved closer to the passed out Avenger. When Bucky came to, he had no idea where he was. From the deep impact he felt, he thought he died. “Am…I in heaven?” He muttered, staring at a blurry figure with a brilliant light around it. You giggled, “No silly, Steve…uh, well Steve hit you when you guys were training and you didn’t pull back quick enough.” Bucky did not recognize the voice at first but to him, it sounded like warm honey dripping into his ears. His vision finally came into focus and saw you near him with a relieved smile on your face. The vivid images of your wet half naked body immediately circled in his mind, a tint of red skyrocketed to his cheeks and ears, and averted his eyes from your gaze. His reaction gave him away, that told you all too well that he was watching you. How you hated Nat when she was right. “Hey Buck, if you don’t have a concussion from the fall or anything, do you wanna grab a bite to eat?” You timidly asked as you bit your lower lip awaiting his response. He looked at you, then to Steve, “How hard did you hit me?”
“Huh?” You and Steve simultaneously said.
“She just asked me out so I must be still unconscious, right? That or I’m hallucinating…” Bucky said, rubbing the now growing bump on the back of his head. Rogers gave him a crooked sympathetic smile, sad at the fact that Buck would sooner think he had brain damage than a beautiful girl taking an interest in him. You giggled, “Bucky, I’m genuinely asking you to have dinner with me. Tonight. Just you and me. As a date.” You continued to add to the sentence when his look of astonishment didn’t disappear. Slowly but surely, James came to the realization that this was reality, you were truly attracted to him, and desired to go out with him. If that’s what it took for you to show interest, he would’ve banged his head a long time ago. “Yeah, yeah, I would like that. But before that, you think you guys can help me up?” He asked, still feeling a little dizzy from the throbbing pain. Steve offered his hand, lifting up the Winter Soldier with ease. The room spinned, losing his equilibrium, accidentally leaning on you for support. The captain looked at your interaction with each other and wondered why he never noticed it before. Were you the reason why he kept dropping his guard? The blue eyed blonde chuckled inwardly, throwing his head back as he left you two alone. “Are you okay? Are you sure you don-” Before you could even complete your sentence, Bucky’s soft pink lips crashed into yours, merging to the point no one would know where you ended and he began. He stole your breath, pulling you closer to him as his strong arms embraced you tightly. Once he released your mouth, allowing you a moment to inhale. He responded, a smirk plastered on his face as his blue eyes lightened with joy, “I’ve never been better.”

Director/Muse relationships: Ava DuVernay & David Oyelowo

Films together: Middle of Nowhere (2012), Selma (2014), August 28: A Day In The Life Of A People (2016)

As a director, as a film lover, I always saw these great collaborations between directors and actors and you pray that one day you’ll have that as a filmmaker. And so for that to come so early in my career, even though David’s been working much longer than I have, he’s definitely my muse. Usually when you think of a muse, you think of an old guy and a young blond. He’s not young and blond, but I’m just very inspired by him! I feel whatever I write and whatever I imagine, whatever vision I have for a story I know it is achievable because I have him ….

Ava DuVernay