it feels so good!!!

I understand seeing these posts can be annoying or make people feel some way that I wouldn’t want you all to feel so I’ve tagged everything about last night as “#LAss”. Feel free to block it if you’d like, I completely understand x

So I got a message from a girl on tumblr last week, asking if I could answer some questions for an essays she’s doing on writers and how writing affects revision/editing techniques (focusing on fanfiction writers). I said yes and received an email from her with the questions plus a request for a first draft of my writing with a new, revised version. 

I just replied to the email with everything she needed and am sat in my room contemplating what just happened. Like, someone thought to ask me about all this. Me and my crappy little writing blog. I still can’t quite comprehend how and why someone would think of me but I’m also weirdly grateful - it feels so nicely heartwarming to be considered y’know? I can’t quite figure out how I got to this point in my life, but can I just say that I absolutely love it.

I love that this blog has led to me helping some girl with an essay, that it’s led to me becoming more active and engaged with my dream of becoming an author, that it’d led to me making some amazing friends ((will never forget kara buying and sending me jinyoung photocards bc i was sad i didn’t get him from the jjp album)). Just, tumblr has given me some amazing opportunities and I am so happy that I decided about a year and a half ago to do this. 

ALSO, on a side note I am seeing the new Thor movie tomorrow and cannot bloody wait. Me and Alyce (one of my flatmates) watched a little clip that Chris Hemsworth posted on instagram and were just fangirling over how good it looks

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Is this blog still going? I saw you did some kind of Fred Weasly and George Weasly ask thing? Idk I'm just wondering

(OOC: Very much still going. I haven’t done Fred and George in a while, just not in the mood to but greasepaint in my hair and lipstick in my eyebrows. However I love them and will definitely be revisiting them with Kam sooner rather than later.)

Like on one hand, I really understand why being so blind is so attractive to sx blinds? Especially in comparison to being sx blind with the fear that you are empty inside. But like…. Out of everyone, you guys are the most objectively equipped for survival. You have a good reputation, job, community, etc to keep you afloat without worrying you’ll sp-blind mess it all up. Like yeah, the grass is greener on the other side, but I mean? Just make the most of what you have, you know? Do what makes you happy, not strive after some title. There’s no fulfillment in that direction.

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Impossible challange time, whats your ranking of Harry's album?

…. this is literally impossible!! I seriously don’t think I can do it or I might cry lol. His album covers such a wide range of emotions that I find that my favorites change pretty regularly. Like I just tend to gravitate towards the ones that fit my mood at the time. The only thing I know for sure is that Sign of the Times will always be my #1.

I know this answer was a total cop out!! But 90% of the time I listen to the entire album straight through and I’ve gotten used to seeing each song as a vital part of the whole. Like Harry Styles by Harry Styles isn’t made up of like a few standout tracks and a bunch of fillers. I feel like the songs work together as piece so it’s really hard for me to rank them against one another.

rip i still can’t decide between evie, cairo, and lessley

Hey so @thesoundofthunderstorms and @spyderyder have consistently been leaving really sweet comments Feeling Good and that always blows my mind because they have both written such good stuff for the ship themselves. You should definitely check out both their ao3s and I wanted to recommend “Feel” and “Dynamite in the Machine” if you are looking for more Spiderbyte content/great-ass fic in general!