it feels nice

for a person who loves playing romantic games and imagining romantic situations to fictional characters i sure cringe a lot at being in an actual romance


I couldn’t draw whole face, so I just doodled an eye. But I don’t want to post doodle of just one eye… So I doodled 32 more :v

Sorry for disappearing! Again! >.<; Despite the fact that Tumblr makes up 80% of all my human interaction, sometimes I apparently need breaks, especially when I’m not producing anything and feel useless and dead inside OTL In a really big art slump and wasn’t producing anything even vaguely acceptable no matter how hard I tried so I just sorta faded out ^ ^;

Managed to get done one doodle thing tho, so I’ll be posting that in a bit ^ ^ Different fandom, I figured a change of pace might be good for me. I feel a bit inspired for this fandom at the moment so I’ll probably do a bit more, but I am by no means abandoning the Bleach project, and once that’s done will probably do more SW ^ ^;

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*INSERT LOTS OF VAGUE MOSTLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE YELLING HERE* kjhgfdfghjkljhgfhjk aaa thats the nicest thankyou aaaa esp coming from you i mean oh man *pelts a whole bunch of love your way* thankyou aaaa <333

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How did you know when you liked your crush? Because there's thing girl who likes me but I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about her...

this is a little tricky to answer, because i didn’t have like one moment where it just clicked for me. i fell for her bit by bit over time. we started out as friends and gradually just started talking more and more, and then i started missing her when i wasn’t talking to her and thinking about her when she wasn’t around. she realized she liked me before i realized i liked her (she thought i didn’t know, i knew). in a way that was nice because it gave me time to think about my feelings and sort through them all, because feelings are complicated. but yeah, basically if you miss her when she’s not there and suddenly all those cheesy songs on the radio could be about her and you want to show her all your favorite places and play with her hair when she sleeps, yeah, you might like her

I’ve been thinking about maybe the first time Alec stays over at Magnus’. And when Magnus wakes up in the morning he wakes up to find an empty area next to his bed and he can feel his heart drop. But he wakes up either way, maybe looking around to see whether alexander left a note or something, and he walks into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and lo and behold he finds his alexander in front of a stove wearing his ‘who’s the glitterest warlock of them all?’ apron that he got from ragnor a couple years ago, and he sees alexander standing there flipping over some bacon. And then Magnus feels warmth take over him, because for the first time in a very very long time someones here to take care of him. someones here to love him and cherish him and keep him safe. and magnus bane deserves that, he deserves to be told that he is safe and that he is loved and above all that he will always be safe with alec around. and when magnus leans back against the wall and takes in the site of alexander in his boxers and the apron he looks around at the coffee steaming and the bacon smell sweeping his apartment, he feels content, and it finally feels like home.