it feels more like the walking dead with magic

Tara watches across the junkyard as Gabriel bandages up Rick’s hand, trying to get the wound as clean as possible before he wraps the old torn t-shirt strip around it. Rick seems antsy, shifting his weight from one foot to another, and when Gabriel’s almost done with the makeshift bandage Rick yanks his hand away and points toward Michonne. “Holy shit, Gabriel, do you see that? Do you see that?”

The priest just looks confused. “What, what is it?”

“Wow,” Rick says again. “It’s the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Gabriel looks confused, Michonne delightfully exasperated. She rolls her eyes. “You’re dying of blood loss, you idiot.”

“Why’nt you come over here and kiss it better?”

Michonne shoots Tara and Rosita an amused and bemused Can you believe this guy look and then turns her gaze back to Rick, who’s grinning for what must be the sixth time that day (and the seventh time in probably three years, Tara’s pretty sure.) “I think you’re a few minutes away from bein’ a walker, and I’m not dealing with that.”

“Oh no,” he calls to her, sticking his arms out theatrically. “Michonne! I’m changin’! Michonne!”

Stop,” she laughs, ducking behind Tara as Rick comes after her. “Can you please be serious?”

Dead serious.”

Michonne can’t help herself; she laughs at that. Rick gets close enough to snag her by the wrist and she jumps away, running around to Tara’s other side. They’re playing like children, chasing each other around Tara.

“Must catch… pretty lady…”

“You’re getting blood on my shirt.”

“Oh, then take it off.”


Tara tries to lunge out of range of the two of them without tripping over Rick. “Aaron, help, the heteros are attacking me.”

Aaron just laughs, one hand over his mouth. Gabriel and Rosita watch on, confused, annoyed, but Rick’s going to worry about that later. Clearly, he has more important business right now, like catching Michonne around the waist and leaning forward to pepper her cheek with little kisses. “Gabriel, you’re never gonna believe this. She’s even more beautiful up close.”

Tara’s not gonna lie, Michonne’s smile is gorgeous, wide and gleaming and sincere. And so rare, too. Anyone smiling these days is a little miracle, but to see both Rick and Michonne smiling, laughing? It’s a goddamn reason to celebrate.

“You know you’re probably ruining the deal we just made,” Michonne points out, halfheartedly trying to push Rick off of her.

“No, you are.”

“Shut up.”

You shut up.”

“I’m about to shut them both up,” Tara says to Aaron.

“Yeah,” Aaron says, “break it up, you two. We’ve already got Carl and Enid to look out for. We don’t need another teenage couple running around.”

Which prompts Rick to fucking dip Michonne like they’re ballroom dancers and start singing, “Each night I ask the stars up above/Why must I be a teenager in love.”

“Cut it out,” Michonne says, but she’s laughing, and she honest-to-God giggles when Rick twirls her around. For just a second, they’re not in a junkyard at the end of the world. They could be in Paris, or old Hollywood, dancing beneath a sky full of stars, wine sweet on their lips and the air full of magic. No walkers, no Saviors, no problems.

But of course, Rick’s leg is injured and so’s his hand. They’re surrounded by debris and strangers, and Michonne’s more than a little tired. They do have problems, mountains of them. But they also have each other, and for just a few little moments, that’s enough to make them feel like silly teenagers again.

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Prompt: Bull doesn't like caves and closed spaces and I've always head cannoned Dorian as being not scared necessarily but anxious/extremely hyper vigilant around dark spawn so the events of the descent weren't pleasant for either of them. They both put up a good front but when they have some alone time it's an opportunity for mutual comfort and reassurance.

Oooo nonny I’ve got some pain for you before we get to that comfort you’re looking for. <3

(minor spoilers for Descent, implied minor character death, minor body horror, angst angst and angst) (and then Adoribull comfort, gallows humor and hugs)

it’s just one big pile of hurt/comfort

M, 1616 words

“Y’know,” said Varric.

“That you don’t like caves?” Dorian responded acidly. “Yes, I believe you may have mentioned it.”

Adaar could have chosen a worse group to take into the Deep Roads. Maybe. If she’d tried particularly hard.

For Varric, it was lack of time– without the sun, what was a day?– and being underground in general. And dwarves. For Bull, it was low ceilings and close passageways and dark caverns where he couldn’t tell friend from foe. For  Dorian, it was the vast, echoing, uncharted chasms they crossed on woefully narrow bridges, and the darkspawn.

Above ground, Dorian got some grim satisfaction from killing darkspawn. There was a sense of accomplishment, in sealing their tunnels, and of revenge, in setting ablaze the creatures that had stolen his friend.

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I am so ridiculously into you. I don’t even know how to describe this feeling. It’s like… it’s like a train speeding through the wilderness in the dead of night, wild and free and dangerous - no, it’s like a hot cup of tea and a blanket after walking through a snow storm - no, it’s like the stillness of a sunrise or that quiet dusky hour before dark - no, more like a lone walk on the beach when the waves crash into the shore and you can feel everything at once. It’s like a flash of lightning right outside my window, how time stands still, how everything is illuminated. There’s magic in that, and fear, and beauty too. Yes, you make me feel things I don’t even have a name for.
—  I’m a writer but I’m speechless
Tragedy (AU with askdepressedphineas)

{♕}—; Ravenna was in the middle of making a more potent Poison Apple which definitely would “kill” the eater or place a death sleep though it would look and feel like the eater was dead, once it was done she looked at it proud and prepared to leave as she knew according to the Magic Mirror he was out taking a walk.