it feels like just a month ago we just met

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 2

Somehow a little drabble written as a response to an ask sent to @wtfmulder is turning into a fluffy alternate universe. I’ll update as inspiration strikes, but it’ll be set alongside events of season 1, to start.

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 1

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 2

“C’mon Dana, your turn. Hook up with any eligible surgeons lately?” Gina nudges her shoulder with just a little too much force, consequence of that second margarita, no doubt.

“And don’t give us any of that ‘I’m too busy’ bullshit either,” Kim chimes in, leaning across the high top table eagerly. “A girl’s gotta live a little!”

Scully sighs and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear as she sips from her own second margarita which has made her slightly warm and talkative. She hasn’t seen all these girls together since undergrad, but Liz is getting married next month. This feels like a last hurrah despite the fact that the real last hurrah probably already happened years ago.

“Well,” Scully begins, taking another swig and wishing that her drink were a little stronger, “I’m supposed to have a date tomorrow night.”

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“My name’s Simon, I’m just like you. For the most part my life is totally normal. My dad is the annoyingly handsome quarterback who married the hot valedictorian. And, no, they didn’t peak in high school. I have a sister I actually like, not that I’d ever tell her that, and last year in the 200th episode of Chop2Go she decided she wanted to be a chef. And then there’s my friends. Two of them I’ve known since pretty much the beginning of time, or at least kindergarten. One of them I just met a few months ago, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. We do everything friends do, we drink way too much iced coffee, we watch bad ‘90s movies and hangout at Waffle House dreaming of college and gorging on carbs. So, like I said, I’m just like you. I have a totally perfectly normal life. Except I have one huge-ass secret. Nobody knows I’m gay.”

- Love, Simon

Henry Cavill Request

Could I please request a Henry Cavill x reader imagine where they meet through their mutual friend, Chris Evans, at an awards show or the premiere of hers and Chris’ new movie? They both have a (secret) crush on the other and LOTS of fluff occurs. I love everything you write!! You’re amazing!! 💜💜

“Why can’t you be a DC Superhero too,” you groaned sarcastically to Chris, your best friend, who was finishing up getting ready for the premiere of your and his new movie. You had finished getting ready and made you way to his room to hand out, that’s how you got your hands on the magazine that had been placed on Chris’ coffee table.

“You looking at Cavill again,” he asked without peeking out of the bathroom; he knew you too well.

“He’s in this magazine,” you explained. “I can’t help it, he’s just so cute.”

“And such a talented actor,” he mocked back in your voice since he knew that’s always what you said next.

“Stop making fun of me and support my crush.”

“I’ll support your crush when I think you’ll do something about it,” he quipped. He walked out and threw on his suit jacket. “So I guess you’ll never get my support,” he joked.

“Whatever,” you threw the magazine back on the table and stood up. “Come on, we’ve got a carpet to rock,” you grinned and locked your arm through his.


You posed with Chris for the first couple of pictures before you broke off from him and started taking your own pictures and giving your own interviews. You were just about to the end of the carpet, getting ready to go in for the movie, when you heard Chris call your name. “Y/N, hey.” You turned and nearly fainted when you saw who he was dragging by his side. “I’d like you to meet someone,” he gave you a shit-eat grin. “This is my pal Henry Cavill. Henry, this is one of my best friends, Y/N Y/L/N.

“Nice to meet you,” he extended his hand and it took a moment for you to clear your dazed head and take his hand.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“He’s a big fan of yours…and your a big fan of his,” Chris smirked. “Sounds like you guys have a lot in common,” he chuckled at himself. “Oh my gosh,” he faked surprise, “I forgot I have to go give a quick interview. Why don’t you two go inside and grab our seats?”

“Our seats,” you shot him a death glare?

“Yeah, Henry’s my plus one! He told me he was excited to see the movie so I thought ‘Why not.’ Go ahead, I’ll meet you two inside soon.”

Chris quickly left for the fake interview and left you and Henry standing there awkwardly. “Shall we?” You nodded and walked towards the steep stairs. You eyed them cautiously before gathering your dress in your hand and getting ready to fight your way up the steep stairs. “May I,” he offered his arm to you and your heart flutter.

“Thank you,” you grinned and accepted. Henry helped you up the stairs and watched as you fixed your dress after.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look stunning.” Your cheeks flared from his words.

“Ugh-um- thank you,” you smiled. “You look pretty good yourself.” You mentally smacked yourself in the face for how dumb you sounded.

He smiled and looked down at his feet before looking up at you. “Chris didn’t tell you I was coming? He said he told you.”

“He didn’t,” you admitted. “But I’m glad he did. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. It’s nice to finally meet you.” You two walked silently together into the theater and looked at the seats you had been given. You two were together but the seat that Chris should have been in was occupied. “Excuse me, I think you’re in the wrong seat.” Just as you were about to look at the woman’s ticket Chris walked in and gave you a shrug, “Just found out I got moved. I’m in row D,” he faked a sad frown and left you sitting alone with Henry.

“Why do I feel like this was his plan all along,” Henry chuckled nervously.

“Knowing Chris…it probably was.”

“Can I be frank with you?”


“I told Chris about my crush on you a few months ago when we met up again at a party and he might have mentioned that,” you could tell from his face what he was going to say.

“-He didn’t…”

“That you like me too.”

“I’ll kill him,” you muttered to yourself.

“And I told him I’d really like to meet you. Then he invited me to this.” You looked up to Chris’ seat and saw him looking back and you two, he winked when you looked at him. “And I know there’s an after party after this but would you want to go out after it. Maybe go out for a cup of coffee?”

“I’d like that,” you grinned.

2018 love

okay so now that its finally 2018, I’ve decided to share all my love to y’all. This sorta counts as a follow forever but i’m making this a post about my love for ya. I’ve been on here since early August of 2016 and all of you have given me so much love!! If i leave you out please tell me!! and if you want a personal message please tell me too!!

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I just really freaking wish you guys could go more viral. Like yes I love this little family that we have here but I just wish there were more people so I could talk and see more writing and art and uggghhhh. Its unfaaaaiiirrr

It’s so crazy though…it feels SO BIG to me. It’s mind boggling to be a small part of something that actually affects people (no matter how many). The message, the posts, fanart, fan-fiction, questions, reviews, meet-ups…all of it…is overwhelming. 

So, I met a listener months ago, and this listener expressed to me how much Caleb’s story had given them the courage to accept themselves and come out to their friends and family…and how great their life has been since. That to me is EVERYTHING. If a story I play a part in telling inspires, challenges and/or comforts just one person…it’d all be worth it. And I’m not saying that just to say it…I really fucking mean it. Plus…I’m a fan of you guys and the stuff you all do. I mean, I found myself yesterday sitting for an hour watching @thefigureinthecorner do his art on a live-stream making some bonkers cool TBS fanart. Stuff like that is inspiring…and it feeds back into what we do for you guys.

And look, of course I’d love for more people to find TBS. I think what @thelaurenshippen has done is bananas; she is a master of the universe as far as I’m concerned. Seriously…my life plan is to just hold on as tight as I can to her coat-tails…because those are some fancy coat-tails she’s got there.

I’ve got a feeling, TV or otherwise…The Bright Sessions is going to keep growing. And even if it’s just you and me talking about it…that’s okay too…because we know there’s something special here :) - Briggon


Happy New Years babes!! I hope this year is full of happiness & love for all of you!!! You are all so amazing & deserve all the best in the world!! 2017 has been a fucking roller coaster!! I’ve had the worst moments of my life & the best. I became a much more confident person & a lil happier overall! Most of all I made this tumblr acc woAH! It hit 1.5k in two months and I’m still genuinely shocked over it because that’s fucking insane ah!! I just want to say thank you and I love every single one of you so much!! Even if you aren’t tagged I love you!! Please remember I’m always here for y'all, you can message me or send me an ask anytime babes!!

special thanks to these ppl

@bullshit-tozier where do I even start. We literally met like a month ago??? You’re one of the most incredible people I have ever met. You’re so fucking amazing & kind hearted, you just get me??? Like fuck we’re literally THE SAME PERSON!! Our inside jokes & facetimes always manage to make me feel better and I’m so fucking lucky to call you one of my best friends!! I’m sorry you had to witness me fucking snoring on face time ahha!! I love you so much eggy!!

@lgbtchee bABE ur so adorable & honestly such a meme I love!! Ur so nice and every time we video chat it’s v fucking litty & I’m so lucky to be able to call you my friend!! I love you spooky spork boi!!

@stenbroughbill I love you so much babe!! You’re so nice & understanding & just fucking awesome!!! You’re so funny and you’re always there for me & ilysm!!

@stanslovely we literally just started talking but ily!! Ur such a cutie honestly I live l love l stan!! I’m so glad I can call you my friend ahh!

@iminmemumscarbroom ok I love you so much??? You’ve been through everything with me & you have always supported me!! Even when I was on Instagram w that fucking editingg acc to when I told you I want to delete it. you always stayed with me & I love you so fucking much!! You always have my back & I know I can always count on you!

@finnhard @richneds @thecl3ric @glitterkaspbrak y'all are my fav people ever honestly I love you all so much!! All of you are fucking hilarious & I’m so happy we have our own little wannabe losers club!! l’m so lucky to have you guys as friends & ye ily!!

some of my fav accs/ I’ve seen you in my notifs & we should be friends!!! @moodymarsh @irlfork @80sboyss @kaspbrakseggo @greywatxer @xlosersclubx @gazoobie @cryptidmax @amazingjesslinge @sadboywheeler @the-bitchin-losers-club @rock–war @fairlywayout @bitchinbev @gazeboslover @fcnnwolfhard @killerkaspbrak @remxslxpins @butwedontlovesteve @youlookgrey @greasertozier @dragqueen-jughead @lgbtstozier @delicateloser @fairlywayout @5tanuris @353gays @xsonofa-assbutt @lesbian-max @lesbianmaxie @trashmouth-smashmouth @dramatic-bitch @jasjordans @does-not-understand @rrichietozierr @sleepyeds @richiekaspbrakk

Even if you were not tagged, I love you so much & we should be friends so hmu!! Stay safe babes!!

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Can you do one for beach verse where Daniel asks Santana to there with Brittany for Ben’s supervised visits?

Continuing this.

Brittany told the kids that they were going to see their father. She arranged a time and date with Ben and waited until only an hour before the schedule meeting time to actually tell them. She was afraid he was going to cancel on them and she’d have to deal with the aftermath, but as the time ticked closer, it seemed like he was actually going to meet them at the park that she’d arranged. He didn’t sound happy about it, but she didn’t really care. This was about what was best for the kids, not what was best for Ben.

“Santana, you’re not coming?” Daniel asked as she sat on the couch and he sat by the door putting on his shoes.


“I want you to come with us! Mommy said we’re going to meet our new brother!”


“You can absolutely come if you want to come, Santana. I just didn’t think you’d want to have to deal with the drama.” She murmured low enough that the kids couldn’t hear.

“If Daniel wants me to come, I’ll come.”

They loaded the kids up in the car and they were chattering away in the backseat. Brittany was glad that they were excited, but she also worried that if this didn’t continue to happen, they were going to be disappointed again. Almost as if she sensed how Brittany felt, Santana reached over the center console and grabbed Brittany’s hand, squeezing it tightly.

“I think you’re doing the right thing.”

“Am I?”

“I think. As much as I want to kick him to the moon for what he’s done to these kids and to you, if he really is going to make a concerted effort, then the kids deserve to have them in their life.”

“You make a really good mom, you know.” Brittany smiled.

“I’m learning as I go, but I’m trying to do the best I can by them.”

“They know it too. The fact that Daniel asked you to come today really shows how far he’s come along.”

“Jeeze, I know. It was just a few months ago that he was telling me that there was no Santana fish at the aquarium.”

“I’m so glad the kids have embraced you. You’re so good for them.”

“Brittany, they’re just as good for me. I could have been…a little full of myself back before I met you. I feel like I’ve been softened by you guys.”

“Are you kidding me? You were so soft when we met you. I was the one who needed the softening.”

“You needed your hear to heal. Maybe I could sense that in you and that’s why I was soft with you. I never would have ordinarily approached someone at the beach, especially someone with three kids. I was all about baking in the sun with my headphones on.”

“And yet somehow you ended up building sandcastles with my kids.”

“Fate had laid a hand, I guess.”

“I guess so.”

“Are you okay though?” Santana asked, looking concerned as she did.

“I’m okay. It’s all going to be okay.”

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Anyway, HI! 1000! Oof that’s a lot. I genuinely never thought I’d get here, how can this many people find me interesting ( shoutout to the bots for probably being 999 of these)

Wow. I really don’t know where to begin. I guess just a HUGE thank you to anyone who has ever liked, reblogged, left a comment on a post, I see you and I love you. A HUGEMONGUS (I don’t know how to spell) thanks to everyone that follows me. I’d die for you all in a heartbeat

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I’m sorry this is so long, I probably forgot somebody but I truly love everyone I follow and everyone who follows me, if you ever need anything know that my inbox is always open. Also is there anything else you think I should do for 1000? Let me know cause i am not creative


Starbucks Lovers. (Part 2) (Gerard Way x Reader)

*Note: This is really shitty and I apologise. 

“Coffee is really yummy. You like coffee a lot, right? I don’t know that. Because I don’t sit and watch you drink coffee in the quad every day. But you love coffee, right? Because I love coffee." 

"I’m seriously starting to wonder if you’re a serial killer,” you laughed slightly, eyebrows raised as your eyes travelled towards Gerard’s right leg, which was rapidly bouncing up and down. It stopped when he noticed your gaze on it, though.

Letting out a nervous chuckle at your comment, Gerard looked down at his sweaty palms, a look of disgust evident on his face, though only for a few seconds before he wiped them urgently on his jeans. 

“I’m sorry,” he said with an apologetic grin. “It’s just that I’m really nervous. As I’m sure you can tell." 

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The date was meh at best. I agreed to it because lately people keep asking me why I’m not dating. And I always reply I just am not feeling like it right now. And I really just am not. But lately people have been like “but don’t you want to be with someone?” Or “you’ll never find someone if you don’t put yourself out there.” So we had met through online dating probably 6+ months ago but never ended up having a date or anything and just stopped talking. He saw the photo of me on Instagram from my sisters wedding and started talking to me again so o said eh fuck it why not.

He was nice enough and good looking but I felt no connection whatsoever. The whole time at brunch he would barely make eye contact while talking. Which maybe he was nervous but it just felt like he wasn’t into/attracted to me either. Which is fine with me.

And I am so not a brunch person. Yes the idea of being able to have a drink is nice. But I do not like the limited options that brunch offers. I want my traditional breakfast foods served fresh and hot, not sitting in a warming tray with limited options. Plus I’m an early riser so breakfast has always been my jam.

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a/n; ok so this is another shotgun idea of mine,, and also to swerve back into jihoon’s lane after being in daehwi’s lane for 48 hours lmao and also a reason for me to charge my laptop

much love for @markleetrashh for helping me out with my writers’ block while writing this💜💜💜

and also! do check out the previous one i did for magumagu!


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  • ok i am back my friends
  • with a bf!au
  • but for winkboy this time
  • ok leggo
  • let’s start w how ya’ll met okay
  • so you’re at gongcha,, a store which sells bubble tea
  • ok so gongcha was rebranded to liho in singapore and im so sad so here is gongcha in my au T_T
  • you wanted to get this strawberry drink you were craving so much and finally you can cause a new gongcha store opened in your area
  • blackpink in your area
  • gongcha used to be in the town but you were too lazy to travel there just to get the drink so
  • and surprise surprise the store is crowded af bc its new
  • but anyhow you still queued up to order
  • and surprisingly it was quick that your order came so you just left the store happy w your strawberry drink
  • but before you could even get 2 stores away from gongcha you hear fast footsteps behind you
  • and you looked back and you see this boy running to you in a mask
  • so ukno, human instincts, 
  • you run too
  • and finally after like 20000 meters of running he caught up with you
  • and you’re like okok who are you and why are you chasing me
  • and he catches his breath like,
  • “i’m– parkjiocohbijasoh”
  • “huh?”
  • “i’m–
  • and that boy’s bubble tea in his hands spilled on your sweater and you’re like !!!!
  • that boy was also like !!!!!
  • and he takes off his mask and apologises profusely
  • and you look closely and this boy just looks all too familiar,,,,,
  • park.ji.hoon. winkboy. produce 101–
  • “i chased you all the way here to tell you that you took the wrong order,, but omg i’m so sorry i spilled on your sweater!!!!!!” -jihoon frantically apologising to you
  • and you’re just like,,
  • park jihoon chased me just to tell me i got the wrong order???? did i save korea in my past life???
  • “it’s ok,, I–I–”
  • and then jihoon takes off his mustard sweater(see gif)
  • and hands it to you
  • “here, please have my sweater!! i’m so sorry…”
  • “y/n”
  • “y/n! your name’s rlly pretty^^”
  • “it’s alright!!! i,,i gotta go now,, my mom’s waiting for me at home, see you around, jihoon!” -you trying to act casual and not know him
  • but deep inside you’re like “did i just talk to park jihoon”
  • you went home happy, and hugging jihoon’s sweater to sleep
  • and also you realised another part of jihoon that you never got to see on national tv,,
  • a soft and innocent side of him that no one really knows about!!
  • ok ngl your bias wasn’t jihoon at all, ok you had no bias to be honest
  • and boom your crush on him developed slowly
  • but you know that the only thing that is the binding you to him is fate(which of course, you have little)
  • but fate decided to shine on you;-)
  • and a few days later you made your way to gongcha again,, bc once is never enough
  • and you’re wearing jihoon’s sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
  • and while you’re queuing up you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned back,, its jihoon
  • and you panicked like
  • “jihoon?”
  • “y/n?”
  • “i’m here to get the same drink,, please don’t take my order” you joked and he playfully shoved your shoulder,,
  • “i see that you’re wearing my sweater”
  • and you’re like omg do you need it back????
  • and he’s like its ok,,i dont need it,, really
  • and hE BLUSHES
  • you swore on your perfect eyesight that park jihoon was blushing????
  • and you’re like okay what do i do now
  • and then suddenly jihoon asks if he could borrow your phone
  • and you’re like,, why
  • “i–i was wondering if maybe you want to be friends,,, i mean if you wanna!”
  • and you’re like ,, ok sure,, 
  • and then he just types his number into your phone,, and runs off without his order
  • you’re like ok wait didn’t you order smth
  • and then you realised that the drink is yours,, jihoon paid for it
  • and that’s how you guys met:”)
  • i’m sorry if this isn’t going anywhere but blame mnet for giving jihoon so little screentime:”)
  • fastforward to when you guys are closer friends!!!!!!
  • its gonna be vv cliche here so please bear with me!!
  • so jihoon invited you to the recording for Oh Little Girl,,
  • and before that you went to backstage to give him some rapport!!
  • “thank you for coming omg i didn’t expect you to come!!”
  • and when you saw him in his stage costume like,,, you were shook
  • bc damn daniel he looks fine af despite the hideous ronald mcdonald shirt?????
  • you found yourself stuttering out of shyness
  • “i–i–”
  • “jihoon! we need to reherse in 5!” you hear someone call out to him
  • “coming!”
  • and honestly this friendship with jihoon thing has been a whirl and all crazy cause ya’ll were literally on talking terms just because he spilled bubble tea on your sweater 
  • and ya’ll were like just like average friends and you’re already feeling the tingly feelings you have when you have a crush on a person you have known for a very long time??
  • “look, jihoon i–”
  • “i like you.”
  • “huh?”
  • “i like you, alot, y/n.”
  • “jihoon, you can’t be serious here, we literally just met like months ago just because you spilled bubble tea on my sweater,, and now you’re saying that you like me?”
  • “yeah. i think its just me but, i get this feeling where i feel empty if i don’t talk to you in a day, i feel uneasy if you don’t send a selfie to save our streak on snapchat…”
  • and boy, your heart was stolen already
  • but you didn’t want to be jihoon’s gf as a result of your infatuation,, that’s just nasty and selfish
  • “can i come back to you tomorrow? it’s just too overwhelming for me rn,, i need to sort out my thoughts”
  • jihoon was surprisingly cool w it and even was like “i’ll even wait a lifetime for you till you say yes”
  • asdfghjkl jihoon
  • “anyhow,, good luck up there!! you’ll do good!”
  • and then cheeky jihoon decided to plant a peck on your cheek and then blasts off
  • dang you’ve never felt so violated(in a good way) in your life
  • and the jihoon does this in the distance:

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  • “nae maeum sogae jeojang!”
  • or otherwise known as “i’ll save you in my heart”
  • damn jihoon
  • you were pretty much stolen and all you’ve gotta do is to break it to jihoon!!
  • so you guys meet up at the exact same gongcha you met for the first time
  • i gotta stop mentioning gongcha smh
  • and you decide to do it in the cheesiest way possible
  • you know where this is going
  • you did the jeojang action and said,, “nado,, nae maeum sogae jeojang!”
  • its basically the above with a me too in it
  • okay now for the boyfriend part
  • like daehwi, every moment that is spent with jihoon is never dull
  • his main priority in life is to see your smile and make you happy bc he just loves seeing smiling y/n!!!
  • since jihoon is actually tall or is it just me and my short height of 158cm
  • he will randomly hug you and smol pecks on the forehead!!
  • and as cheryl perceives,, jihoon would prolly be a mixture of donghyuck and doyoung any dohyuck(??) shippers here
  • jihoon would also be the type of bf to just ruffle your hair and squish your cheeks and stuff
  • like
  • “oguogu my jagi’s so cute”
  • rip
  • he will try his utmost best to make your day if you’re in the dumps
  • even if it risks his reputation as wink boy lol
  • i mean,, i love memehoon too,, reblog if you agree
  • you know the times when he tries to be mature and all that and be like do less skinship
  • “don’t do that omg that’s so cheesy”
  • but he secretly likes it ukno
  • me 100%
  • dates
  • yes
  • i mean,, jihoon can bring you to the most random places like,, i dunno, a animal farm??
  • or a dog cafe just to pet smol puppies 
  • have you seen jihoon with the doggos mnet brought to cheer the trainees up
  • and also jihoon with the eel during the blind box challenge w jonghyun
  • “annyeong chinguya”
  • can you imagine him with kids too ok smh i shall stop here
  • he could also bring you too moomin cafe,, bc who doesn’t like moomin omg
  • ya’ll moomin isn’t cheap a keychain costs like, fifteen dollars
  • and yet when you guys were about to ask for the bill jihoon turns up with a medium sized moomin plushie
  • he just really likes to spoil you,, but not too overbearing like on every date there is something for you ukno
  • and if you guys ever have a date at the amusement parks you would get matching headbands
  • and also buy lots of food to binge eat on
  • most prolly pizza
  • and ya’ll are so hyper ya’ll go on every ride and dish out stupid dares like,, pose for the ride camera during the ride
  • loser gets a finger flick
  • but boy he has no mercy his finger flicks have power too
  • at the end he will plant a kiss on your forehead bc he’s scared you got hurt
  • and when you guys get a break and get water or like soft drinks to drink,, this happens:

Originally posted by addictingkdrama

  • jihoon is a lowkey sucker for all these kdrama shit okay
  • speaking of kdrama he would bring you to places where kdramas are filmed just to take pictures and poorly reenact the scene
  • i mean,, its cheesy but you both like it bc you end up laughing everytime
  • some dates are lazy and at home where jihoon is either exhausted from practice or just plain lazy
  • mostly lazy
  • before that you guys will make a trip to the supermarket to get snacks
  • and an elderly couple will comment on how cute the both of you looked together
  • blushing fiesta will start and awkward thank yous
  • back home,, over watched movies and lots of giggling
  • and one fine date ya’ll will be giggling like usual and then jihoon suddenly turns serious
  • and you notice too
  • jihoon slowly leans in and you lean in too
  • and then
  • yes
  • your fiRST KISS aaaAAAAlol and ya’ll will be awk af for like 15 minutes but then back to the playful banter ukno
  • overall, bf!jihoon is also playful and cute jihoon
  • he will use aegyo to get his way
  • but dw you can too
  • okay this is getting too long for an au oops
  • have a nice day/night friends
  • thank you for reading!
“Relationship” Part 3 - Sergio Ramos

Hey guys this is the third and final part to the Relationship Series, I really hope y’all like this x 

Part 1 / Part 2 

Originally posted by alves-silas

I thanked Cristiano before i got out of his car and walked towards my front door. I heard him pull out of my driveway and I pulled the keys out of my pocket as I unlocked the door. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me as I turned back around I saw my wife coming rushing towards me. Which made me want to turn around and leave again but i couldn’t do that, besides I really didn’t had enough strength to do it anymore.

„Where were you?“ she asked, her arms crossed in front of her chest, she didn’t looked amused as I got out of my shoes.

„In the hospital.“ I told her.

„You know you’re never home anymore. It’s like- Wait you were in the hospital?“ she asked and her eyebrows furrowed together.
I nodded as I got out of my jacket as well and walked past her to go to the kitchen. I haven’t eaten anything all morning so I really needed to eat something right now, I was starving. I heard her footsteps behind me but I didn’t cared to turn around. I opened the fridge to look for something to eat. As I found something I took it out.

„Why were you there?“ she asked and I walked over to the counter to prepare my little late lunch.

„Sergio?“ she asked as she stood beside me and touched my arm. I looked up to meet her eyes and saw that her eyebrows were furrowed together, almost as if she was worried.

„I collapsed this morning“ I said and shrugged. I hoped she wouldn’t question where I stayed the night because if she did I had to lie again.

„You did what? Oh my gosh. How come that?“ she asked. I turned my face again to the plate in front of me as I started eating.

„It’s a side effect of stress I haven’t eaten enough“ I told her.

„Is football stressing you out that much? Health is really more important“ she told me and I almost wanted to laugh out.

Football wasn’t the problem, it would never be a problem. After all it was kind of my savior to the world, Football was the only solution I had in life, it always kept my mind off of things and it made everything better. If there was a problem than it was her. As much as I felt sorry for her, for us in some kind of way. I mean I married her at some point in my life. I made a promise to be with her forever. I loved her so much that I wanted to spend all my life with her. It was hard for me now to understand that. Because I didn’t loved her anymore. She would always be important to me in some kind of way, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. She was the only problem, there really way, the cause of my stress.

„We need to talk“ I said as I looked back to her and she opened her mouth to say something but she closed it again as she nodded. As soon as I was done eating we both went towards the living room and sat down at the couch. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Talking about feelings was never easy. Especially not in this situation right now. But I used to be so comfortable around her. I used to be able to tell her everything. I pressed my lips together as I sat fso we were acing each other. She looked up at me in a gesture for me to start talking.

„I really don’t know how to start this but. I just feel like the last few months we lived lives apart from each other“ I started.

„I just I can’t be in this relationship anymore. I’m sorry but I don’t love you anymore like I used to.“ I added.

„You found someone else didn’t you?“ she asked and I looked up to meet her eyes, I wanted to say no, but she would find out anyway.

“how?” i asked.

“i’m not blind” she said and sighed.

„I did“ I said and nodded sighing. She nodded to herself.

„Who is she?“

„You don’t know her. I met her a little while ago“ I told her, leaving out the time when I exactly met y/n.

„does she make you happy?“ she asked. I didn’t really knew why she was asking me all of this but I answered her anyway.

„Yeah she really does“ i said nodding.

„I never thought we would end like this“ she said as she shook her head slightly.

„I didn’t either its just“

„the connection between us is gone“ she finished my sentence as I nodded in agreement.

„Well I guess you’re moving out then?“ she asked.

„Yeah and about the divorce“ I started as she nodded.

„I tell our lawyer to get everything ready“ she said.

„Well“ I said.

„I hope she makes you happy“ she told me and somehow even a small smile played on her lips.

„Thank you. You’ll find the right one, I’m sure of that, it just shouldn’t be me“ I told her as we both got up.

We both walked out of the living room and walked to different directions, I walked towards the bedroom and I believe she either left the house or got to her office. As I got to the bedroom I got a bag out and put a few clothes in there. I put a few of my other stuff in there as I walked back down the stairs and got to the front door. I got in my shoes and jacket as I got outside. I had called a cab earlier which would take me to y/n. I got there with my car yesterday and since Cristiano brought me to the hospital this morning my car was still parked there. The cab pulled in my driveway and I pulled the door closed behind me as I walked towards the car and got inside. I told the driver the address and it took us about 10 minutes until we arrived at her apartment and after I handed the driver the money I got out and walked towards the front door. I walked the few stairs up and rang her door. I was getting more exhausted with each second passing but I knew I could rest best with her and I was calming down best. Besides all I wanted to do was to see her. The door opened and a frown was playing on y/n lips until she noticed it was me. A small smiled played on her lips as I stepped in and as soon as she closed the door, she wrapped her arms around me. I wrapped my arms around her as well as I breathed out relieved. Having her in my arms was the best medicine I could have asked for.

„What are you doing here? Are you feeling better? Gosh I’m so glad to see you. You scared the shit out of me“ she mumbled as she pulled out of the hug and looked up at me and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I watched her.

„What?“ she asked and pouted slightly.

„I’m doing better now that I’m seeing you. I just need to rest“ I told her.

„Thats right. C’mon“ she said as she pulled me with her by her hand. I got out of my shoes and jacket quickly as I followed her towards the bedroom. I laid down in bed and she tugged me in the blanket before laying down beside me. She looked at me and I looked at her as a smile was playing on my lips. I was so relieved after the conversation with my (ex) wife, after seeing her now. I finally knew what I wanted and what I would be willing to do for it, it was her all along.

„I told her“ I blurted out.

„That you were in the hospital? What did she say?“

„No I mean yes I told her that but-„

„was she mad?“ she asked and furrowed her eyebrows together but I just groaned.

„I told her about you“ I said and she opened her mouth in shook and in attempt to say something but she closed it again, probably not knowing what to say.

„So did you come over to break up with me?“ she asked and bit her lip.

„What no?“ I asked as I shook my head slightly.

„I’m getting a divorce“ I told her and her eyes widen.

„You are?“

„Yes. We do not need to hide anymore“ I told her.

„You mean we can just go outside whenever we want to?“ she asked and I nodded.

„And you want to? I mean be with me?“ she asked.

„I love you“ I blurted out, never have I ever said that to her before and I wanted to tell her those three words in a romantic way, maybe with roses or something but they came out now and maybe they even meant more now.

„I love you too“ she said as a wide smile spread on her lips and I couldn’t help but cup her face as I pressed a few kissed to her lips. She giggled as she kissed me back, her hands resting on my chest.

„We can just go out on cute dates now. you can come to my games and we can see each other afterwards. We can go to sleep each night together and wake up. i can post all of our selfies now and show everyone what a cute girlfriend i got“ I told her and I saw how her cheeks turned a shade of red as she looked down.

„This all happened so unexpected“ she said.

„are you fine with all of this? me staying here and everything? if you need time I could move in with Cris and we can start slow like normal couples do“ I said.

„We aren’t normal“ she said a smile playing on her lips.

„I wanna spend every free second with you“ she said and I couldn’t help but smile with her.

„Not letting you again“ I said as I wrapped my arms around her and her head was laying on my chest now.

„You better“ she said and I smiled as I pressed a kiss to her forehead. Eventually we all got what we wanted.

Born To Be My Baby - Ch. 1

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Beverly (OFC aka me lmao), Tony (OMC), Erick Abernathy (OMC), Marilu (OFC), Jared Padalecki, Mr. Stephen Knust (OMC)

Pairing: Jensen x Beverly (me)

Summary: They say true love doesn’t happen right away. But I loved you the moment I saw you.

Word Count: 2kish

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut (in near future)

Author’s Note: Heyy loves!! This is my entry for @iwantthedean’s YouAU challenge! This was hella hard to do lmao It felt weird putting my name in here. Anyway, this is going to be a little series. I hope you guys join me on the ride. Ya’ll are gonna get to know me real well. This is the real me. Enjoy! *runs and hides*

**Also, no disrespect to Danneel whatsoever. I love her and I respect her. This is purely fiction. Let’s pretend she’s happy with someone else for the sake of this story**

Chapter One: Introduction

“Come on, B. Don’t be an ass and get out of the car.”

The scenery was breathtaking. It was a nice Saturday morning in Venice Beach, the waves were washing up on the shore, the seagulls were flying overhead, it wasn’t that crowded yet so there was no reason for the anxiety that was overtaking my being.

But I was panicking. Slowly. And my best friend, Tony, wasn’t helping any matters as he tugged on my arm, trying to pull me out of his Jeep. “You’re gonna get me mad and I’m just gonna haul you over my shoulder and friggin toss you into the water.”

I whipped my head to face him, my eyes narrowing. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Watch me, bitch,” he smirked. “Now get your ass out of the car.”

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Tell Him I'm Gay

July 10, 2017

So the past few days I have had a feeling of wanting to tell one of my friends that I am gay.

I have known the guy since like 8th grade…. I think that’s when we met. We quickly became friends, and have been friends ever since.

We were even dorm-mates freshman year at college.

We have hung out a few times since then, but it’s not that often anymore, been like a year since the last time we met up for lunch and to just catch up.

Reached out a month or so ago to see if he wanted to just grab lunch and catch up, but we are both introverted and not usually the first to make plans. So it kinda hasn’t happened yet.

But reached out again yesterday and now sounds like we may grab lunch and catch up in a couple days.

I have never seen him as more than a friend, but now for some reason kinda want to tell him I am gay.

Tho I wonder if this has a lot to do with all the “coming out” videos I have been watching on YouTube lately? 🤔

So maybe I don’t actually want to tell him, maybe I have a false sense of wanting to tell him. I don’t even know why I feel the need to tell him specifically.

Maybe I need to wait and see if we meet up for lunch again next time.

I don’t know.

To tell him or not to tell him?

And why do I feel like I should tell him?

anonymous asked:

hey uhhh, i met this girl a month ago and we've been friends since we met and i have a crush on her and idk what to do (she lives in a completely different state btw)

Hello darling!

Well, I think that if you feel like you should tell her that, then go ahead! But it’s also fine if you want to wait more since you’ve known her for just a month! 

Just do what makes you more comfortable, even though I think that at some point you should tell her!

anonymous asked:

my crush rn is my amazing best friend, we met online about..... 9 months ago? they're 5'9" which is SWOON and incredibly cute and talented and they've never once made me feel annoying at all and generally like 99% of people make me feel like im annoying them at least once in a while just unintentionally so i feel like im annoying them but they never have at all and i just. think im kind of in love with them but i live in minnesota and they live in tennessee and im so upset about it.

aaaahh that’s adorable :((
have you ever met up/talked about meeting up? Even if you can’t I know quite a few people can start relationships just from online interactions as long as it’s someone they know well and can trust 💛

anonymously tell me about your crush!

Almost Gone


I moved to LA about 3 months ago. I loved it here. The warmth, the entertainment, the palm trees, just everything. I’ve made a good amount of friends while here. I started out meeting Nash & Hayes who were from NC just like me. We would always have the best conversations talking about things we use to do out there.

The more I hung out with them the more of their friends I met. But one in particular stood out to me. Sam. I didn’t understand why but I was so comfortable around him. The way he talked and acted made me feel like we were the only two around. We hang out a lot. Usually going on trips to the beach or hiking up a mountain. We also enjoyed late night drives singing with the windows down. It was clear I was falling for him, but I don’t know how he feels towards me.

One day I woke up and took a shower. I went along with my normal morning routine with eating breakfast and getting my hair and make up done. I realized I had a voicemail from that morning.

“Hello this is Sarah from CMU College, I’m calling to talk to Kayla about her scholarship opportunity here. Please give me a call back as soon as possible thank you.”

It has always been my dream to go to CMU college. I am a licensed cosmetologist and after finishing beauty school I realized I wanted to specialize in special effects make up. CMU had the best teachers. Most of them working on major movies. I immediately call them back.

“Hi this is Kayla can I please speak to Sarah” I started.

“This is her thank you for returning my call! I’m excited to tell you that we’ve reviewed your portfolio and we’re offering you a full scholarship to our prosthetic make up course.” She responded.

Suddenly I had a major adrenaline rush. My body was shaking my hands were sweating. I almost bursted into tears of joy. I thanked Sarah and got all the info I needed from her. She told me I start next month, which means I’ll be moving to Toronto in a month. I really don’t want to leave all of my new friends but I can’t pass up an opportunity like this. I decide to put the thought to the side. I had a whole month before I have to leave! Next thing I know I get a text from Sammy asking to go hiking. I start to think, do I want to tell him about CMU or wait? Would he leave me if I told him now? What if he freaks out and doesn’t understand. I guess I’m going to wait.

He gets to my house and I get in his car. We spend most of the time jamming out to music, but the rest of the drive is quiet.

“Is something bothering you?” Sam asked.

“No I’m just thinking.” I lied about nothing bothering me. I didn’t even think about having to leave Sam and probably never see him again.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked. But I ignored him and turned the music back up.

We get to the mountain and start climbing. There was a certain spot off of the trails we liked going to. There was a huge rock we could sit on and look out over the city. It was incredible. While staring out onto the city I hear Sam laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I couldn’t help but giggle. His laugh was contagious.

“I just can’t help but notice how beautiful you look every time you get out here. I can almost see your mind clear its self and enjoy life.” He said. My heart dropped. My stomach started turning. ’..How beautiful you look..’ Just kept playing over and over in my mind. I can’t believe what he just said to me.

“Thank you” I say shyly with probably the biggest smile on my face. I look down and tuck my hair behind my ear then look back out to the city. I suddenly feel Sam’s leg against mine. He grabs my hand and I look up to make eye contact with him not believing what was actually happening.

“You know I’ve wanted to do this for a while.” He whispered leaning in for a kiss. Right before our lips connected I pulled my chin back keeping our foreheads together. I wanted to so badly but I can’t be with him when I’m leaving in a month.

“Sam I want to so badly but I can’t.” I say. My voice cracking from holding back tears. If I kiss him it would make leaving so much harder, and possibly ruin my career plan.

“Why not” he asked looking into my eyes. I was afraid if I started explaining it I would cry so instead I pulled away and shook my head staring back out over the mountain. I kept his hand in mine with a firm grip wishing he would understand that I do want him. After about 2 minutes he got up.

“We should probably head home now before it gets dark” he said quietly. The whole hike and drive back was silent. Who knew silence could be so loud. Alls I could think of was absolutely regretting this. Getting home and then him leaving and never talking to me again. He pulls up in my driveway and before I get out I turn to him

“Sam I want you to know I really do like you and I want to be yours so bad but it’s just not the right time. Please understand I don’t want to lose you.” I pleaded.

“I understand Kayla, I’m just confused.” he said looking down at his hands on the wheel.

“I’ll explain it to you soon I promise.” I said before closing the door. I walk up to my porch and start opening the door. Sam always waits in my driveway until after I get in the house. Thinking that he was mad and already drove away I step in my house and turn to see him wave at me from the street and drive off. It was comforting to know I didn’t totally fuck up.


anonymous asked:

hi, so i'd like to know some reasons why you dislike snowbarry not because of westallen please

dislike? i’m sorry but i hate them

which is very strange as i’m not one to usually hate a ship, just kinda be like “ok cool, i love this ship, you love that one it’s all good” but with this ship it’s just not something that can happen at all ever for me?? like i don’t even try but i see sb and irl say ‘ew’ everytime ngl

also there may be some things based off of WA/Iris but whatever honestly

but sure, i’ll take the bait.

  • sb fans saying iris is a nasty cheater for kissing barry when there was a tsunami coming to kill her, because she had a boyfriend, yet screaming ‘yes!!’ when caitlin kisses “barry” (i’ll get into that too) back when she has a fiance
  • sb fans constantly talking bad about iris/wa and still victimizing themselves
  • sb fans cheering for hannibal bates kissing caitlin without her consent because he looks like barry
  • the hella delusion of sb fans saying shit like “barry’s moving on and falling for his best friend caitlin” when barry’s actually like “oh look! it’s iris. my girlfriend best friend, iris. i love iris. isn’t iris so nice iris is so nice and pretty and her shampoo has teatree oil in it and iris’s favorite fruit is a green apple and iris’s favorite show is game of thrones and iris-” honestly barry’s hella iris stan
  • dp constantly trying to sideline cp and be the female lead
  • dp always being for snowbarry and acting as if it’s the main ship
  • dp basically: “i love caitlin’s love interest! barry allen barry allen barry allen and *looks at smudged handwriting on hand* robert roomond”
  • sb fans saying things like “not to be racist, but danielle actually looks like iris” and trying to be like “well canon comics barry’s with a white girl” yet also being like “just because in literally every universe ever barry allen is super in love with iris west doesn’t mean that our shitty ship isn’t canon and endgame!”
  • sb fans being delusional honestly, like the writers could blatantly say: “iris and barry will be together and will be endgame” and sb fans are like: “well.. they looked at each other and talked it doesn’t matter she’s married they’re in love and endgame!!”
  • sb fans saying “can’t we just have a female and a male be just friends with no romantic stuff?” about wa yet pushing a shitty ship that is completely platonic
  • honestly if anyone showed barry allen a picture of hannibal & caitlin kissing he’d throw up
  • barry & caitlin will never be endgame?? ever
  • honestly why have another mediocre white ship between two people who look exactly alike and have never shown any romantic feelings towards each other and basically just met three months ago?? when you could have a beautiful interracial iconic ship between two people who have a relationship based off of 20 ish years of love and friendship?? just.. like why do that.. when you could love yourself and join wa
  • i honestly have a thousand more but this is hella long now so