it feels like it's been a year or smth i stg

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Do u ever see spooky things irl

yeah, heres a post i made a long time ago on this (looking back, the stuff with the clouds was probably heat lightning, still spooky to see with the blood moon)

heres some other experiences i forgot and a couple that happened since i made that post:

  • when i was a little kid, i remember sitting at lunch and saying “i can bend a spoon with my mind” and then bending it very obviously with my hand as a joke, going “TECHNICALLY i used my mind to bend it!!”. then a kid i didnt know who was sitting across the table holds up a spoon, and it bends in half without them touching it. and im like Oh Okay. this one was probably a dream but i remember it as if it was a real event.
  • this was also likely a dream but Really freaky.  i woke up, being dragged by my feet out of the bed. i tried to grip onto the blankets and they just fell off with me, and when i hit the floor, i was suddenly back where i started, being dragged off again. this happened AT LEAST ten times, and there was never any moment that i ‘woke up’, which is why it was unlike any dream ive ever had. it only ended when i snapped back to my starting position again, and waited to be dragged out of bed again like it had been doing for the past several minutes, but it never happened again. there was no transition from the ‘dream’ to reality.
  • there have been innumerable occasions where i stg my friends and i have some psychic link bullshit going on. like i think of something incredibly random, that ive never talked about with them before, has nothing to do with the present or any recent events, etc etc. and suddenly theyll start talking about it. like i know that a lot of that is down to coincidence but ive had enough of these experiences where coincidence is Extremely Unlikely that it feels like theres smth going on. and this mostly happens with a few very specific people too, and ive also noticed smth like this happening with a couple online mutuals too?
  • one time last summer, i was letting my dog out at like 3 am.  she’s a black poodle so difficult to see in the dark. she’d been out for a while, so i looked around for her and saw a black shape moving slowly thru my yard, just barely visible. i assumed it was her and whistled to it, and it shifted and i thought it looked a bit weird, proportions seemed  off. it looked a little bit  too big and lanky, but i figured it was just the bad lighting distorting her shape. and then suddenly while im looking at it, i hear a noise to my left, and i turn to look and it’s my dog. what i was looking at was definitely not my dog, and i looked back and just saw it moving around past the fence in my yard. so that was fucking creepy. 
  • whenever i walk into my room, if my snake is out and about, she does this really dramatic head turn to stare at me. which is adorable. but sometimes im sitting in my room, watching her, and she suddenly does that same kind of head turn at absolutely nothing (or something that she can see and i cant…..?)
  • when i was a little kid, my neighbors “””””outdoor””””” cat went missing, poor thing was probably taken by our local coyote pack. a few days later, me and my friend found its remains on the outskirts of the woods, just a bunch of intestines and fur. and we became convinced that some monster lived in there, and left the remains as a warning to us since we played in its turf. anyway,  fastforward about a decade, and i find an ancient and incredibly worn cat skull in the woods while looking for bones, and since then ive had friendlyt cats appearing in my dreams frequently, which they never had before. im not a cat person so it’s a bit unusual. ofc, it’s probably a coincidence, and i cant even know that it was the same cat as the one that my neighbors lost, but i like to think that it is the same one and it’s glad to be around people again after being neglected by its owners and its remains being left in the woods for years. 
  • on a less wholesome animal remains note, ive had a long history of finding rabbit parts in really weird ways. first a leg on my path as i walked to school. then a cleanly severed head placed directly in the center of the mountain bike path i was riding on. then intestines, absolutely nothing else just intestines, in the center of another bike path.  no blood, no fur, INCREDIBLY fresh like 15 minutes out of the body at Most. again, probably coincidences, but i cant help but feel like theyre Omens. 

yeah thats all i can think of, there might be more minor things ive forgotten but thats mostly it.