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inspired from that one fic by @slaygoldponyboy

This has been sitting in my folder for like 3 days because I got so flustered about drawing it that i wasn’’t sure if I should post it or not because it’s honestly so intimate and I’m rambling i’m sorry here you go

  • Friend: Hey man, you alright?
  • Me: *thinking about how Layne Staley's first single with Alice in Chains was called 'We Die Young' and he ended up dying at 32 from a drug overdose, and how there is a line where Layne says 'take another hit, and bury your brother' and he had to bury his friend Andrew Wood who also died because of an overdose, and how Wood was also roommates with Chris Cornell, who just committed suicide, just like Kurt Cobain did back in '94, and how the musicians I grew up adoring are no longer with us and how gutted I feel to know that this world lost such talented souls too soon*
  • Me: Yeah, I'm alright.

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Please, explain why Jian has that strange facial expression in this chapter. I'm so confused.

couple of initial theories:

  • old xian is warning us: this is who he’s becoming; this is what a life like that makes you (see: she li; he tian).
  • he’s been kidnapped and drugged and shot at. mentally, i expect he’s feel very fragile at the moment. can he keep up that humorous facade he wears around zhengxi all the time, the one that says, ‘don’t worry, i’m fine’? probably not.
  • the way the guys acted (white-hair, he cheng) is like this – subtle threats, casual danger. probably, it’s rubbed off a bit on jian yi over the past two/three days.

the interesting thing is zhengxi’s silence, a moment where he’s trying to figure out what exactly is going on – who exactly jian yi is. he calls him an idiot, because he’s calling his bluff. and so quickly they revert to their usual selves: 

and yet, the following panel, that expression persists:

which leads me to wonder if it’s simply jian yi putting on yet another mask to say, ‘don’t worry. i’m fine.’ not in a happy-go-lucky way, but in a way that says, ‘i’m dangerous and i’m capable and i don’t need you to protect me because i can look after myself.’ it’s self-defence. it’s a defence of zhengxi. it’s stopping him from worrying so much but in a different way.

Coffee Shop AU

In an universe where all forms of drugs are illegal, caffeine is one of the last items to be banned. There are substitutes, but nothing beats the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, which is exactly why Character A has opened up an illegal, underground coffee shop.

Character B is an undercover agent rooting out anybody who might be dealing illegal substances. One one hand, they’re furious that Character A is flagrantly breaking the law, but on the other hand, Character B has really missed the taste of real coffee.

I feel like relationship goals is dating a guy and then when he dumps you to date his hotter older brother who is also a drug dealer who can afford to get you a lung transplant but maybe that’s just me

I’ll never forget the moment I realized I loved you.

The feeling I felt could only be described as a high.

You know, the high you felt before you actually knew what getting high was.

Before you had drugs and problems.

Years have gone by, but I’ll never forget that night.

For so long I searched for that feeling at the bottom of a bottle.

For a while I tried anything that I thought would compare to that feeling.

But nothing has made me feel quite like that night.

That’s something nobody ever talks about with being high.

The low feeling afterwards.

The feeling that nothing will ever be as good as that moment.

So maybe I should thank you for showing me that high.

Or maybe I should hate you for making me feel so low.

Either way, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Because as much as I think about you, dream about you, or try to hate you… I always seem to end up in the same spot.

Missing you.

—  Maybe we were too young / SM

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6. Empty Kiss - When one of you don’t kiss back, just the stoic feeling of their lips on yours, it’s empty, like no one even cares anymore. - Andreil fight, mayhaps???

Andrew knew something had shifted when feelings started to break through his drug fueled haze.  At first, it was weak, just fleeting impressions sneaking through when he approached sobriety.  There was fear, the urge to run, and, most improbably, every once in awhile he actually cared about Exy.  The anger, the stubbornness, those he recognised, those could almost be his own, but the longing to be a part of the family, that was something that he had stomped out long ago.

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what are some tips for spotting undercover cops? i'm fairly new to all of this and i wanna remain as safe as possible and be aware of things of that sort.

1. You get a gut feeling. Trust it

2. He’s not drinking, or is drinking something to imitate alcohol like soda water with lime

3. He asks for drugs. Cops will try to get an added drug charge against you in order to “clinch” their arrest and be able to manipulate you better. 

4. He has a random “reference”- *my friend Joe says you’re a lot of fun*

5. He asks explicitly what he gets for his money, including sex acts, level of contact, level of nudity, etc.

Feel free to add on

Theory Time

(I’ll make this brief.)

Angry Birb is angry. Who knows why, maybe they’re out of coffee. Literally anything sets this guy off and the pot is empty, I’m not gonna try to understand it.

Ah yes very angry.

What’s this? A potential source of anger, that’s for sure.

Time for drugs.

“Put your gun down.” “What the fuck, why?” “I dunno man I think I’m having an emotion.” “Ed, you assured us you had buried your gay feelings for Penguin.“ ”REPRESSION IS NOT EASY BUTCH, YOU IGNORANT SLUT.” 

“Ivy I was handling it.” “Yeah okay Pengy, you’re welcome.” “DON’T CALL ME PENGY!”

“It’s working… Finally, a brother-in-law to add to my family collection.”

Oh dear.


Barbara and Tabitha show up because they have a quota and they need Ed to be their straight friend. (Just kidding, they’re probably all trying to kill one another.) It may also be Barbara behind Ed in the image before last.

“Mama’s back, now go back to the gay staring you had going on before you were pointing guns at each other.”

We can also now see that Butch is behind Fish (the coat patterns match). Fish is probably going to unite all of them, however I find it interesting that the synopsis for episode 21 only mentions Fish, Penguin and Riddler as the ones working together. Perhaps Butch, Babs and Tabs are considered to be Riddler’s crew, or maybe they don’t want in on Fish’s game and make plans of their own while Riddler throws in with Fish and Penguin. This could explain why the three of them are chasing down Tetch like we saw in that one behind the scenes clip, unless of course they are doing that as a part of Fish’s plan.

I find it quite amusing the way we’re linked. It is like a brotherly thing, he’s kind of a brother of mine. I don’t feel angry if people ask me what he’s up to. I think people might presume we live in the same flat or something or we hang out together. We see each other quite a bit but we’re not necessarily aware of what the other person is up to all the time. We have a relationship that never really changes, it’s like there’s an ongoing double act between us. I like partnerships, I prefer it to doing stuff on my own to be honest. I love double acts, I love Sideways, Withnail & I, these sorts of duos that aren’t comedy double acts but kind of are, a great pairing of two types of characters. I really love that, I don’t know why. When I did stand-up I found it quite lonely. You get this strange feeling if you do well on your own, it’s really odd, it’s like doing an amphetamine type drug - quite hollow. I much prefer sharing things with other people if I can. It’s the idea of getting excited about something with someone else, rather than getting excited about something on your own.
—  Julian Barratt was asked “What’s it like to be forever associated with another person even after you’ve moved on from working together? For example, I imagine you’ll be asked a lot about Noel being on ‘The Great British Bake Off’. Is that weird or irritating at all?” - The Independent

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Do they still actually kill prisoners? Like I get they go on death row but do a bunch of them actually end up being like sent to death? If that makes sense??? I just feel like I never hear of any prisoner having lethal injection these days or anything maybe I'm just wrong

They do, yes, but not as often as they did in the past. There are states that still have the death penalty but very rarely actually carry that sentence out. For example, there’s over 700 death row inmates in California alone. Between 1972 - 2006, they executed 13 death row inmates and haven’t executed any since. The appeal process is long and winding to ensure that innocent people are not executed. Additionally, it’s becoming more difficult to source drugs used in the lethal injection. More and more companies are refusing their drugs to be used to end human life. Many modern-day people don’t want to support something as archaic as the death penalty.

Billions of dollars are being wasted each year just to SAY that somebody has been sentenced to death - a sentence that will most likely never be carried out. California, for example, would save $1 billion every five years if they abolished the death penalty and Californian tax payers pay $90,000 more each year on death row inmates than they do with regular inmates. That money could be used for something productive, such as going toward unsolved crimes and victims of crime.

The most ridiculous thing about people who justify fatphobia by claiming a concern for health is that they never express any concern about the health of thin people.

I look thin, and not once has anyone ever expressed concern for my health over it despite the fact my weight is maintained through drug use and I am very much not healthy as a result. In fact I hear over and over again that I’m lucky not to have an appetite, that I look great at my current weight etc. etc.

If health is really your concern why specifically target fat people? Fat doesn’t automatically equate to unhealthy and thin doesn’t automatically equate to healthy.

People definitely shouldn’t have to be healthy to justify being positive about their body but that’s another discussion, for now let’s acknowledge that fatphobic people don’t actually give a shit about other people’s health. They just want to tear other people down and hide behind health as an excuse for it.


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