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Azazel showing us his feelings and regrets was really good developed...How the authors can go from writing a convincing development for Azazel to those bad scenes for Nina?....It looks like one person wrote the story for Azazel and another different person wrote it for Nina and Charioce. They reunited in a big table "Hey, I got this"..."Me too, lets put it together and create chaos".

I laughed XD

tbh I also kinda pictured it to be in similar vein. the mappa guy saying the scriptwriter’s solely responsible for the romance, and director sato’s lack of concern toward any details to cha/ni’s romance rather suggest it to me.

I think one of snb:vs’s biggest weakness is that, it actually has several scenes that feel great as a standalone, but doesn’t hold up as a series, if that makes sense? like it lacks some coherence to tie up loose ends? idk.

also I agree; despite only supposed to be a supporting character, azazel has the most visible development. lol i’m a bit lost on how to handle this tbh, bcs it’s just… weird, but in a good way? like, he’s the meme character, he’s also the stepping stone character for cha/ni, yet he’s also the most developed character w/ actual bonds and his own tragedy… he’s a full circle, well-rounded character, in a way. (followed by jeanne. i’m still holding my judgment for kaisar and mugaro, while favaro’s a special case since he had done all the growing up in genesis.)

compare this to chari, whom we still know nothing about; why is his past and purpose must be hid??? what shocking truth could he hide anyway to justify all the slaughter??? bleh.

it also rather makes you think, the way nina’s written, could it be that the writer actually hates her??? an anon suggested nina’s probably supposed to be a mary sue or a self insert of the writer herself and her idea of a perfect couple, but the more I watch, the more I’m convinced that the writer must hate her and want her to be hated; except, of course, none in the show actually ever blames nina for anything, so maybe anon is right :’)

there’s a difference between hunk and lance and the way they miss their families from what we’ve seen. lance feels sadness, like one that catches him off guard when it hits him, because he’s busy distracting himself with what he has to do or their adventures. doesn’t really let himself think about his homesickness or insecurities unless something reminds him of it.

with hunk, i think it’s the opposite. when he said he missed his family, he says it so matter of factly without a second thought and it makes me think that he’s thought about his family and everything he’s left behind since they first left. but hunk has thought it through, has kinda accepted that theyre there for however long they need to be until the fight against the galra. it bothers him, yeah, but not to the extent that lance does and its all about how he copes.

hunk was the first one to say that team voltron was like his brothers. the first one to consider team voltron his new found family. he’s able to deal with being in space because voltron is his family now. team voltron is the reason he’s able to deal with being in space with a smile on his face because he loves them. he can go anywhere with this group of people, and he happened to stumble in with this little group, but he’s probably never felt stronger than he has than being with them.

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RFA +V/Saeran with smol MC? :)

Okay for all of these MC is like 5´3¨


-Makes him feel like a manly man that he´s taller than you

-Even though he´s 5´6¨ lolol

-When you can´t reach something he swoops in because he´s the tall one and feels all cool

-But then he can´t reach it either whoops

-Ur house has a lot of stools

-I feel like you guys are like those vines where the short people like team up to fight whenever someone insults you


Yoosung: Kick his ass baby I got ur flower


-She´s like two inches taller than you

-She doesn´t really comment on your height, it doesn´t matter to her

-She does find it kind of cute to see you stretch up to try and reach the coffee beans on the top shelf

-But honestly she´s just like ¨Okay MC is shorter than me. What am I gonna make for dinner¨


-Loves that you´re so tiny

-He feels very protective over you

-At first he´s very delicate with you, like he thinks you´re so small that you´ll fall apart

-Until you´re like ¨Zen wtf I am a full blown adult¨

-He annoys you sometimes because he can´t take you seriously when you´re mad at him, you´re just too cute!

-Doesn´t get stools, he just swoops in whenever you can´t reach something to reach it for you

-He´s the best big spoon tbh

-You feel so warm and cozy in his arms

-Always makes sure you get a seat to his shows where you´re not blocked by tall people


-He´s a tree honestly he´s so tall

-Imagine all those cute height difference otp prompts and that´s you guys

-Like you´ll try to kiss him but you still can´t reach him on your tiptoes, and he notices and leans down to kiss you

-Completely remodels the penthouse to be more accommodating to your height, cause it was catered towards him and you could barely reach the sink

-There are some tabloid rumors about your age which Jumin quickly works to dispel. He hates that people are trying to make drama in your relationship.

-Also your height would make it easier to do bondage



-The short puns

-Oh my god the short puns

-He´d tease you all the time like ¨Hey MC hows the weather down there?¨

-Hold things out of your reach sometimes to annoy you

-But if you’re self conscious about it he’ll stop teasing you cause he doesn´t want to actually hurt your feelings

-You both have a giant collection of heels and you fight about who has more pairs

-One day you decide to just count up all your heels to see once and for all who has more

-Saeran walks out of his room to find both of you surrounded by shoes while you´re yelling at him that ¨WEDGES ARE FUCKIN HEELS YOU DONGLE¨


-When he lured you into the apartment he thought that it was perfect because you´re so small and defenseless (lolol)

-But once he gets to know you after the after ending he realizes you can THROW DOWN

-Like I´m imagining some guy hits on you and he´s about ready to murder him until you just fucking deck him in the face and knock him out.

-Saeran *softly*: holy shit

-You are super adorable when you´re not punching someone in the face and he doesn´t know why or how the fuck he´s supposed to express this feeling

-¨You look like a bunny¨ ¨Thanks?

-He´s trying okay?

Got7 as husbands


•  the type to be hella cheesy and wake you up every morning with a “ good morning beautiful”
•  he’d probably want to have children pretty early on, just bc he’s dreamt so many times of buying a huge house and having a dozen mini Im’s running around
•  still blushes when you compliment him and call him nicknames “I love you, baby”


•  “soooo how is Mr/Mrs Tuan doing today hmmm?”
•  cannot get over the fact that he gets to call you his for the rest of his life and he’ll work hard everyday just to prove to everyone that’s he’s worthy of you
•  doesn’t want to have kids too quickly, he’d probably wanna sit back and enjoy his crazy life with you for a little bit longer


•  first of all, the honeymoon isn’t going to be just one destination…He’ll literally take you traveling with him all over the world, from China to Australia, to France to Chile
•  since he’s an uncle he doesn’t want to wait to be a father, you already know he’d be the best kinda dad there is
•  he’d still be just as loving and passionate as the day you first met him, if not even more bc he’s filled with happiness that is being married to you


•  ahhh you finally got him to settle down and he couldn’t be more thankful to you tbh he’ll spoil you to death once you’re officially married
•  wants to take you out to a different restaurant every week and take trips to anywhere that you’d like
•  the thought of having kids might scare him at first, but his heart flutters every time you mention having a big family


•  it doesn’t feel any different to be married tbh like it’s still just as crazy and adventurous as when you were dating
•  except that now he wants to show you off to everyone and brag, and he’ll die on the inside when you do the same
•  probably has already picked out 14 possible names for your future kids, but he ain’t telling you yet in case it might freak you out aw


•  listen I’m not saying he’ll buy the biggest diamond ring for your wedding day but that’s exactly what I’m saying
•  wants to live his life in luxury and won’t hesitate to spoil his baby, whatever you want, you’ll get (just pls show him some love tho like he’s always starved)
•  posts all about your married life on social media “Hey babe they’re saying we’d make a cute baby huh that’s weird I never thought of that hmm :)))”


•  brags about you to the boys when they’re single and lonely and he’s got someone to cuddle him and smack his butt
•  Is even more soft and loving and generous since being married to you and ugh he’s so in love with you man and everyone can see
•  kids aren’t really a priority unless you really wanted to start a family right away, so he’d take his time and enjoy married life before making any big decisions

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Dream a Little Dream with Me

Summary: Anxiety just wanted some company on a lonely night but Princey always had to be so extra.

Pairings: Prinxiety (established polysanders mention)

Warnings: Couple handfuls of fluff with a healthy dash of angst, some swearing. Let me know if I need to tag anything else!

Word Count: 5438 (lol this was supposed to be a drabble)

A/N: Oooookay. I wrote this forever ago, before Accepting Anxiety came out, and I’m not super happy with it tbh. I feel like Anx is a bit ooc, but I mean hopefully you’ll still like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Question: I call myself ace. However, I crave stuff like cuddling, etc. that isn't sexual. Dating terrifies me, and I want nothing to do with it. TBH I just want to cuddle with someone. Would you classify this as "ace" still? Thanks!

Totally!  Wanting to cuddle is completely separate from sexual attraction, many aces still want to cuddle.

Below is a helpful(but not complete) list of possible attractions.  One might feel or not feel any of combination of these.  Everyone experiences things differently, but these are meant to help you begin to understand your feelings.  What you described sounds like sensual attraction.

  • Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s).
  • Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons.
  • Aesthetic attraction: occurs when someone appreciates the appearance or beauty of another person(s), disconnected from sexual or romantic attraction.
  • Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling.
  • Emotional attraction: the desire to get to know someone, often as a result of their personality instead of their physicality. This type of attraction is present in most relationships from platonic friendships to romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Intellectual attraction: the desire to engage with another in an intellectual manner, such as engaging in conversation with them, “picking their brain,” and it has more to do with what or how a person thinks instead of the person themselves

I super love that feeling how I knew Jimin’s gonna go in at Selena’s part/second verse and when he does I’m still like really taken aback because he sounds different, it’s like I can’t believe what I’m hearing and why I haven’t heard it before from him!!!! And tbh this is one of the things I love about bangtan, four years on and they still have stuff like these up their sleeves for us to surprise us and real proof how they continue to grow and that they really have so much to show us still~ and that’s just really amazing ;_; i’m so thankful and happy ;_; strong power!

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About TGC: I also think a lot of the former stans pushing around arguments without context (that Mandy/Dave/Rachel are to blame, that the casting was bc of intentional racism, etc) were so quick to turn and skip straight past valid complaints about the racism of the biz into faux-activist nonsense bc of a serious inferiority complex brought on by black-and-white viewpoints about what is "diverse" and trying to push GC as a show that earns them Woke Points then being let down, if that makes sense

No no I get that. Here’s how I see it:

The ATW didn’t feel like being progressive this year (because they never are, hello people). They choose the show they think will make them money. Tbh it’s not really about who deserves what. It’s all business. But the reason nobody’s been significantly pissed about it in awhile is because money and deserve lined up for a few years there, namely with Hamilton.

But that era is over. We’re back to money. And a diverse cast singing five different genres of music just was too out there for them. And like they lowkey always have in the past, the ATW proved themselves to be pretty damn racist (literally only two actors/actresses of color nominated?? Are you literally fucking kidding me?).

Fast forward to this week. The ATW decision to not give The Great Comet any awards lessened audiences enthusiasm for the show. Now they only want to see it because Groban’s there. Groban leaves, Ingrid comes. Ingrid leaves, Oak comes. But it’s not enough. Sales still plummet. Not because of Oak, but more because people simply lost interest. How good could this show actually be if it lost all its awards to the pop show of the season? So the show gets desperate to stay on because they worked too damn hard to give it up. Mandy Patinkin wants to do it. It’ll basically save the show, but he can only do it Oak’s last three weeks. They make the tough call, and Oak steps back.

What they didn’t consider (and completely 100% should have) was they were stripping a black man of a lead role and replacing him with a famous white man. It was completely insensitive and yes, racist to do so. And they definitely deserved the backlash and Oak deserved the support.

But they don’t deserve to close for this.

It seems like they’re willing to learn from their mistake. They’ve apologized and it seems pretty genuine. Mandy has stepped down from the role. They shouldn’t have done this, and it’s absolutely horrible they did, but this one Tumblr post keeps popping in my mind throughout this whole shitshow. It was a post I read a few days ago before this all went down and it was talking about the differences of being an openly discriminatory show and being a show that tries to be inclusive.

Now this post was referring to TV shows (and I’m pretty sure it was going around because of the Supercorp debacle), but I think the point is important to mention in this situation. Shows that are aiming for (in this case) white audiences, don’t have to worry about whether it will look bad if they replace a cast member with a white cast member. Shows like Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Mis, Dear Evan Hansen, etc? They don’t have to worry about diversity issues because they never bothered to worry about them in the first place. If they do put a minority in as a character, the next cast could be white as ever and no one would even bat an eye, because we all knew the diversity wasn’t permanent.

However, shows that aim to be diverse often get a bad rap. They often make mistakes, and you’re right that’s not okay. They should be held accountable for those mistakes. But they shouldn’t go down because of them. There are things shows do that make us angry because they didn’t realize it would make us angry. And they should do better to realize those things. But if we look at every diverse show and take them down every time they make a mistake, we’re not going to have any diversity left. We’re going to be left with all white shows with occasional diversity because for some reason we’ve decided that better than someone who tries and messes up.

Pretty soon people are going to stop trying.

When diverse shows make mistakes, we should absolutely get angry and tell them they did something wrong. But then we have to realize that a show that is trying to be inclusive is worth sticking with and helping them do it the right way. Phantom will never do diversity right. Wicked will never do diversity right. Les Mis will never do diversity right. But The Great Comet can. We have the opportunity to have a great diverse show, and some people are willing to throw it away because they made one mistake.

The ATW was racist towards this show a month ago; in turn, the producers stupidly and frantically did something racist to save the show. Neither was right and both deserve backlash, but one was obviously the cause and one was obviously the effect.

TL;DR The ATW was racist first, but it doesn’t excuse the decision on Oak; however, we can’t let diverse shows sink because of one mistake when non-diverse shows are constantly making mistakes and we let them thrive.

Also: rereading this ask I have no idea if I even responded to it, I’m so tired

PSA to the Once Fandom

This fandom is well known for its tendencies for drama. But the abuse being thrown back and forth, as people turn on each other over the turbulent future of the show, is unwarranted and frankly gross.

People are staying and people are leaving. And that’s okay. It’s okay to be upset about it. It’s okay to feel bereaved or scared of change. It’s okay to be excited for what’s to come and intrigued about how they’re going to reboot. It’s okay to buckle in for the ride and it’s okay to want to disembark with the outgoing cast members.

For me personally, this is the end of OUAT, but that doesn’t mean I think less of anyone who continues watching. I’m glad that they feel like they can carry on, and I wish I did too.

I’m glad some people are happy it’s continuing, and that they still feel like they have a reason to watch, and are maybe even excited for it to become a whole different show with a narrowed main cast. I kinda envy their optimism and enthusiasm tbh.

Some people watch the show for the overall story, some watch for their favorite actor, some watch for a specific couple, and some have a combination of reasons for watching. But here’s the thing: there’s no wrong reason for watching and sticking with a show. There’s also no wrong reason for moving on and deciding that it’s not the show for you anymore.

What is wrong, is thinking that your decision should be everyone’s decision. Or thinking that someone choosing differently to you on this matter somehow makes them less of a fan, or less loyal to an actor/to the show etc.

To those people who are trying dictate others’ choices and hurling abuse at those who don’t agree with them, I have one thing to say: grow the fuck up.

At the end of the day, it’s a tv show. It’s a group of real people with real lives playing fictional characters 14-16 hours a day, who have spent 6 years bringing us so much joy. But some of them have made huge sacrifices to do so. And they have every right to feel that this is a good time to bow out. They also have every right to happily renew their contracts. This is about their lives, and their careers, not just you and a tv show. So before you throw abuse at people (especially cast members, calling them traitors and such), stop and rein in your assholery.

I get being upset about Once continuing without key players, I do. I get having mixed feelings. I get being overjoyed if your fave is staying and you’re looking forward to seeing them play your favorite character for a little while longer, no matter how the story plays out. None of the feelings we individually have about all of this are wrong. Some of us are grieving, some are celebrating. But you don’t get to shit on the people who aren’t in your camp, or aren’t experiencing the same emotions that you are.

The fandom will continue, it just may shrink quite a lot. But why not use that opportunity to get to know people you may never have had chance to speak to before? A smaller fandom isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For those who are staying, I hope you enjoy the story S7 brings, and I hope it does justice to the stories that have been told over the last 6 years. I don’t think any less of you guys, at all. And I hope more than anything that the rest of the show will continue to engage and inspire you. For those who are leaving like me, I hope you find another show and fandom that will fire you up and fill you with as much passion and joy as this one has for so long.

CS will always be an OTP we treasure, and perhaps we can all cling to that, instead of turning on one another. I hope this fandom becomes a more tolerant and positive place to be from here on out.

End of rant.

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Imagine: Anti, but like giffiny fromGravity Falls. Like being able to show up on different monitors as one cohesive being, like on the tvs in stores where they have a wall of them, and he shows up on all of them, but like different body parts on different tvs (sorry if it sounds weird it's 1 am and I'm like partially dissociating)

It doesn’t sound weird, it sounds really cool actually! And tbh I think Anti would totally do something like this

I’m really happy the reactions to the recent sleeping Widowtracer artwork were so positive! Thank you for all the kind feedback. ^^

The idea for it actually came to me when I was feeling upset and disturbed about recent events. The artwork is an entirely different subject (OW takes place decades from now after all), but I wanted to make something positive and hopeful at this time…cause as an artist, this is what I can offer. tbh, I was a bit shy to post it because it’s a very intimate & private moment…but I wanted to show our two heroes at peace for once. It’s like a reassurance that you can recharge the strength to be brave (be a hero!) from the one you luv~ <3

It’s true that not a lot of art is made about Widowtracer anymore, but there are still a few other artists besides me who draw them! There are also writers who are posting new stories and adding new chapters to their fics. Please continue showing support for those who are still creating new fan content for Widowtracer. Don’t repost any artwork and please discourage reposters. Leave creators a short comment about what you liked about their work~ Recommend the artist/writer to others you know who are interested in Widowtracer. Positive feedback is excellent fuel for more fanwork. :)

I think we also just need to be patient and see what else Blizz is going to reveal about Widow & Tracer…their stories are only beginning in canon!

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Can I have the NDRV3 guys confessing to their crush? Thanks!

NDrv3 Guys Confessing to Their Crush

Ah, this sounds so cute, of course!


  • He is wayyyyy so scared/shy to probably confess to your face
  • Either puts a note in your locker or he might accidentally say it (like in his sleep or something)
  • If he puts the note in your locker, it took him many tries to get it right
  • ‘S/O, I’ve liked you for a while now, and I’m really sorry I couldn’t say this to your face, and I understand dearly if you don’t like me back.’
    • Saihara
  • Would just be really scared to see what you would say when you say him next
  • Would blush very hard when you would say yes (you better to this pure boi)
  • Would stutter a lot too, and just wouldn’t know what to say
  • As he thought you would say no to him
  • But is really happy, and smiles at you~
  • Would try to be a good boyfriend too!
  • As if he would say it in his sleep tho-
  • When you told him that you found out from him sleeping, even worse of a blush than before
  • Stuttering like crazy, apologizing more than a normal person would, and would try to leave
  • You would have to do something to show you like him back kiss that shy boy like hug him or say you really truly like him back!


  • He would just be straight up with it???
  • Like just one day
  • ‘Hey by the way S/O, I like you, a lot.’
  • Just says it out of no where, but still blushes a lil as he doesn’t know how you would react
  • Just so blunt with it tbh???
  • Just looks over at you to see your answer/reaction
  • ‘U-uh, that was blunt’
  • ‘Well, at least I’m not giving you hints that you probably won’t get.’
  • ‘I- I like you too Amami, but don’t surprise me like that!’
  • Would be the boyfriend who shows a LOT of PDA tbh, and wouldn’t care if people ask him about you guys
  • Just really chill in the relationship
  • Most blunt with everything


  • He would just say it, since he doesn’t know how to
  • ‘S/O, whenever I look at you, I get this weird feeling, it’s not bad, just different, and it makes me want to be with you!’
  • You stare at him for a bit
  • ‘Kiibo, do you like me?’
  • ‘Is that what it’s called? Then yes! I have feelings for you S/O!
  • This pure boy
  • Or, he would ask someone about it, then he would get fairly flustered, especially if he asked Ouma
  • ‘Oh, that sounds like you like them, but if it gets worse enough than you start to love them, and its horrible
  • ‘How is it horrible???’
  • You have to buy stuff, listen to them and just be nice to them
  • ‘…but that’s easy???’
  • ‘Also I thought robots can’t love?’
  • And would be really shy telling you then
  • ‘I t-think I have feelings that mean I like you more than f-friends S/O!’
  • Just a smol pure boy, protect him


  • Would DEFIANTLY use some cheesy pick-up lines
  • You two would just be walking around school, maybe heading to the kitchen or something, then he just says
  • ‘You know, on a scale of 1 to 10, you would be a 9.’
  • ‘Why?’
  • He smirks before saying, ‘Cause I’m the 1 you need.’
  • It makes you laugh a little, but that was the fuel for even more
  • ‘You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.’
  • ‘Was your father a thief? ‘Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.’
  • ‘Let’s make like a fabric softener and ‘Snuggle’
  • Then after a few others, he just tells you
  • ‘And S/O, I like you.’
  • ‘Man you must have, those were some nice pick-up lines!’


  • Another one who just says it, cause he doesn’t know what it really know the meaning of his feelings
  • ‘S/O, Gonta always has a weird feeling in Gonta’s chest when Gonta is with you, what does this me?’
  • ‘Uhh-hhhh, I think that um, that means you like me?’
  • Gonta then just smiles wide
  • ‘Then Gonta likes you S/O!’
  • Is another pure bean
  • You would already be blushing due to you explaining what he feels
  • And I mean, HOW can you say no to him??? Don’t break his fragile heart!
  • Even if he didn’t know what he felt was, he still knows that he likes you with all his heart!


  • He “surprisingly” acts likes he lied about his feelings
  • As you two were sitting in the library, he just looks at you
  • ‘Hey S/O, I like you.’
  • You stare back and tilt your head, ‘…Is that a lie?’
  • He then sputters a lot, as he was not expecting you to ask him that
  • ‘Y-yeah it was! You know how I make so many lies! Like who knows if I actually have an organization with 10,000 members?’
  • He just spouts other lies, trying to cover his confession
  • ‘Ouma, calm down-’
  • ‘You know, I never liked your hair, it just seems weird to me.’
  • ‘Ouma, hear me out-’
  • ‘And your eyes are disgusting, I can’t even look at them.’
  • ‘Ouma, you’re looking at them now-’
  • ‘ And your outfit is always horrible.’
  • ‘Oh really, then those were all lies~’
  • He goes back to smirking and play it off like nothing happened, but you can tell he is still sweating from being nervous


  • Most likely, he would be talking about some love folktale
  • He would just be telling you about a folktale he loved dearly, how it was about love and beauty
  • ‘The love in this is so pure and beautiful.’ He looks up at you
  • ‘Just like the one I feel about you S/O.’
  • You sputter as he was just so straight forward with it and smooth
  • ‘Though, the only way it could be like this folktale would be if you like me back S/O.’
  • Makes you stutter more, ‘Y-yeah, I like you back Korekiyo…’
  • He smiles behind his mask, but he showed no other face movement to show he did
  • But you could tell he was happy that you said you liked him back
  • ‘Now, out lives can live out in our own folktale.’


  • He would be really REALLY hesitant with telling you at first
  • Takes him a few weeks to actually tell you
  • But would also be very straight up and blunt
  • Just a simple ‘I like you S/O’ is how he rolls with this
  • Though her would be kind of scared of your reaction and answer
  • Would think you wouldn’t like someone like him, but is genuinely happy when you say you like him back
  • But just really blunt about it
  • (sorry if this was short!-)

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Mom, there's been some hate over what Marcus says to Bellamy. Looks like we may need to defend our own this season. Please give some advice!

Erin and I had differing opinions on this scene, so we’re both going to rewatch and then discuss at length on Meta Station.  I think the question seems to be, does it feel like it’s a shorthand for the narrative to once again be putting too much of the burden for everything that has ever gone wrong ever onto Bellamy and singling him out as The One Person Who Needs Redemption, as though the writers are being kind of accusatory and decided “okay somebody needs to remind Bellamy that the theme of the season is moving on from fuckups” and they selected Kane to be the person who like delivered that exposition.  That was how Erin and some other people I was talking to on Twitter heard it.  My interpretation of it - although this would be much more clear if Kane had said “we” instead of “you” - was that when Kane says “you turn the page and you don’t look back, and maybe someday then you’ll deserve to survive” he’s telling Bellamy something that he learned the hard way for himself, and that it’s both the narrative effectively closing the book on the “Kane and Bellamy at odds” plot - like saying “okay, these two have moved past their S3 shit and that part of the storyline is effectively done and we’re not revisiting it because they’ve gotten closure” - and also another little Kane/Bellamy redemption arc parallel.

Either way, no one should be giving anyone any hate for it.  Either way, it doesn’t make Kane an asshole, it’s more a sign that mayyyyybe we should be a tiny bit concerned that the writing is still a little muddy around the big question of Bellamy’s shitshow of a 3A character arc.  I really loved it, but I also fully understand and respect Erin’s interpretation of it.  It’s interesting how differently it landed with different people.

One thing that @brittanias told me that actually changes my interpretation of what Kane meant in that moment - which might maybe help recontextualize it in some ways for people who really hated it? - is that she went through the screencaps frame by frame from the prison scene, where Clarke is telling Abby about how much she loved Lexa, and we see Kane kind of do a double-take and turn to look at Bellamy.  I know I was not alone in hysterical squee-flails at that moment like “OH MY GOD DAD TOTALLY KNOWS HIS SON IS IN LOVE WITH CLARKE”, but Brittany showed me the angle of sight frame by frame, and it turns out Bellamy isn’t looking forward and down at Clarke during that moment.  He’s looking straight to the right.  He’s looking at Octavia.  Granted, this is not made clear in the editing - a cut to Octavia’s face would make all the difference here - but what if what’s actually happening in that moment is Bellamy witnesses Clarke’s grief and Abby comforting her, and he’s thinking about Octavia and Lincoln and about the pain his sister went through and his feeling of having been responsible for it, and Kane’s look to him is about that.  So then maybe that parting line is sort of a callback to that and an acknowledgment between them that Kane knows Bellamy is still carrying that weight (disproportionately, tbh, since the narrative pinning guilt for Lincoln’s death on Bellamy alone is bananas) and “you turn the page and you don’t look back” is him saying he needs to leave that behind him.

Anyway, I think this show is complex enough that moments like this can be interpreted different ways by different people, and meta is not a right/wrong thing, it’s a personal opinion thing.  So no one should ever be giving real people hate over dialogue delivered by fictional people, but also be careful about telling anyone else their interpretation of any moment is “wrong” just because they see it differently than you do.  The fun part of this, for me, isn’t bickering over whose fave has the moral high ground, it’s about what makes different people read those moments so differently and how that shapes the way you view the story as it unfolds.

Okay, so imagine a BatB/ATLA crossover.

@im-too-obssesed @lumiereswig @forr-everrmorre @cad-enza

This was a random idea we had while we were watching the 2017 movie together.  So now I’m making it official.

  • Adam would be a reclusive earthbender who probably lives in Ba Sing Se with royalty.  He would probably turn his nose up at metalbending and try to stick to the basics and make himself more powerful through earth and stone alone.  Edit: He could totally be a lavabender and not realize it.
  • Belle, Maurice, and Lefou wouldn’t be benders, but they’d make up for that with resourcefulness and knowledge.
    • Maurice and his wife were members of the White Lotus, but they were found out and attacked.  Belle’s mother was killed, but Maurice and Belle managed to escape.  
  • Agathe is another member of the White Lotus, and she found shelter for them in the village.  She’s a waterbender who can both bloodbend and heal.  Her healing is sometimes said to bring back people from the brink.
  • Mrs. Potts and Chapeau would be waterbenders.
  • Plumette, Jean, and Chip would be airbenders, and Plumette would be the most talented.
  • Cogsworth would definitely be one of those metalbenders that knows every technique in the book and would lord it over lumiere (”I’m more advanced than you” “mon ami we don’t even control the same thing”)
    • I think Clothilde would be a metalbender too, if not just a regular earthbender
  • Garderobe and Cadenza are this wicked awesome metalbending duo, but they don’t use their abilities for fighting/defense (unless the situation arises, in that case, watch out).  Garderobe uses it to adorn her dresses with specific jewels and other decorations (because on top of being a good singer she’s also a seamstress), while Cadenza uses it to enhance the volume and feeling of the notes on his harpsichord (and because the strings are made of metal, he can totally do that).  Bottom line is, they don’t really show off their bending skills because they find more joy in other things, like music and each other.
  • Gaston and Lumiere would be firebenders, but their thoughts on fire would be completely different.  Gaston thinks that fire’s the element of power, and that firebenders should be feared and loved for their abilities, and Lumiere believes that fire is something that is there to offer warmth, comfort, and defense against dark times.  Gaston thinks it’s destructive.  Lumiere only wants to light the way (and do awesome firework shows, b/c that’s what Be Our Guest would be tbh).
    • I kinda feel like Stanley could be a firebender too, but Lefou teaches him that he doesn’t have to use his abilities just for fighting.
  • The whole thing takes place in Ba Sing Se and the surrounding districts.  The villagers live in one of the poorer districts where there aren’t that many benders, but they’ve proven to be self-sufficient with what they have.  Maurice is an artist that sells his wares, gets lost, and taken prisoner by Adam, who’s not cursed, but is instead cruel and very reclusive; he’s afraid of the outside world because Agathe told him that danger would come specifically for him if he didn’t clean up his act.  Adam didn’t believe her, and several attempts were made on his life by the other villages, so he went into isolation, and people more or less forgot about him.
  • And so the story continues like usual, except there is no curse, but some other reason why the servants are confined to the castle.  Belle starts to teach Adam more and more about the outside world, telling him that it’s actually not that bad.  And Adam begins to warm up to her, but then after Belle goes to visit her father, Gaston leads an uprising against the palace, seeing that Belle cares for Adam more than Gaston.  Adam and Gaston have this really epic fight on the rooftops that’s pretty evenly matched until Gaston reveals that he knows the lightning technique, and downs Adam with a few wild attacks.  He would have done more, but one of them ricochets and sends him flying off the roof to his death.  Belle arrives soon after, and Adam’s on the brink of death, but Agathe sees that Adam has changed and will be better to his people and revives him.
  • And they all live happily ever after.  The end.
Jotaro headcanons with his wife.

This one’s for @medacris! (who I can’t tag and I don’t know why, sorry) I erased her ask by mistake but I’ll still post it.

 Jotaro Kujo.

Jotaro isn’t much of a fluff person, actually, but if he got married then his wife definitely had to presence another side of him. One very much loving and caring that most people never got to see, maybe because it just comes off unexpectedly in the most unusual moments. He wouldn’t marry someone he doesn’t feel a thing for, honestly.

First of all, his wife should be used to the fact he’s not the most expressive person so she valued a lot even the smallest proof of his love, like a small kiss on the cheek before going to work or attracting her to lean on his body when they’re sitting together. He shows more distance when they went outside, but if he found a moment in where they have some privacy he’d put an arm around his shoulders or just hold her hand like it’s the most natural thing of the world.

But he’s more open on his displays of affection when she can’t see or perceive it. There are times in where she’s doing her stuff or working on the house and he just admired her from his position. He’d probably be a little flustered she caught him staring at her with a complete adoration face and his eyes shining, so he turned around smiling to himself. And probably she can’t see Star Platinum, so I can portrait Jotaro running his stand’s hand by her arm or caughting strands of hair without her noticing.

Jotaro really likes his job, so this means that it keeps him busy. But as he isn’t much of an outdoor person he stays home when he’s got free days and didn’t mind helping his wife cleaning the house or going grocery shopping. Sometimes she’d wake up and go straight to the kitchen attracted by the nice smell of homemade breakfast. Jotaro had to help his mom sometimes in his youth after all; who could say one of the most powerful men could be a domestic kind of guy too? 

And having mentioned Star Platinum before, I don’t think of her as a stand user. I mean, Jotaro has obviously talked with her about it and explained how it worked in order to explain he sometimes had to go to check on bizarre situations called by the Speedwagon Foundation, but she’d never had the disgusting experiences he had by the fact he had a stand, thus, she’d never be able to understand how he feels about it. And that made his husband very protective of her even if she didn’t recognize it, always making sure she didn’t get involved in any of that kind of trouble; even if that meant distancing of her and their daughter, not changing that after the divorce. She might have thought that it his way to demonstrate he didn’t feel the same way, but, who could blame her, honestly. 

He still thinks of her, vaguely thinking of how is she doing or if she’s alright. More than once he had stopped dialing her number before finishing because he thinks he should just let her continue with her life, and maybe if he actually got to call her he wouldn’t be able to find a way to let her know he still appreciates her. He usually sends her gifts in important dates like her birthday or Jolyne’s (using it as an excuse to give a detail to her wife along to the one for the girl) but it’s not the same. He really would like to have less difficulties to show affection in times like these. Many things probably would’ve been way different.

Meet L! (f) 8-2-14

L is an auditory spector!! The name came from @dahliadearest. It’s hard to describe what L looks like. She’s small about the size of a computer mouse. She looks a little like a poppet, and has chibi-esk features, kind of? Best way to put it, tbh. 

The best part about her is that you can’t see her until there’s noise. In silence she is completely invisible. But make a noise, and the vibrations of the noise show colour on her body. What colour shows is the emotion of how she’s feeling. People will see different colours depending on what colours represent what to them, much like auras. This only works if the wavelengths of the noise actually hit her. A song playing in another room won’t do anything until you enter the room. Her own sounds and things that are too quiet won’t help either. The gentle hum of the AC or computer won’t help unless there is something wrong with your computer and it’s super loud. 

L is a sweetie. While not a fae, she loves playing games, teasing people, and playing little jokes, like moving your cup an inch to the right so you miss it when you reach for it. She giggles a lot, (actually giggling is her response to most things. C’mon L just tell me which offering you want so we can be done here. please) and often goes “phbpth”. She has trouble recognizing serious situations, but won’t joke around if told. She’s not very good with comfort and just kind of goes “oh…oh no…..oh dear…..drat….noo….”.

She’s also a huge softie. She doesn’t swear and will call you out on your language. She doesn’t understand many inappropriate jokes,…or puns for that matter. She does enjoy jokes, but visual jokes are her favourite. She loves art and colouring, especially with crayons and spray paint. She likes how it leaves holes and other little imperfections.

If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
Please remember to supply the vessel to bind your spirit to!
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Thank you!!  

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My family is like so accepting. Like half of us are LGBTQ but they just don't see Destiel. My mom does and lets me banter about it and shares her thoughts on how it should become canon. Like all my siblings are like hell no Dean is so straight and they are just friends. The funny thing is they have not even watched enough of the show to know yet they know? My bros gf says that they would be an abusive couple and she stopped watching at s6. Sorry I needed to rant. I love you!

aw! rant away :D

Tbh i just feel like so much goes over people’s heads and it’s not that they are daft or anything, they just half watch or like you say, haven’t seen it all or see it sporadically or whatever and it just doesnt give the narrative enough of a chance to show them the really really really subtextual stuff that is the core to seeing some of the aspects of the show.

And different people pick up on different things based on what they like and their own experiences. I picked up on the romance straight away but I don’t have siblings and the toxic codependency thing got me confused for like 2 seasons I was just like WTF ARE THESE TWO DOING until it sunk in that it was supposed to be bad you know? and like, if it wasn’t for Cas I probably wouldn’t have picked up on Bi!Dean for a long time! Probably not til like 8x13!

So yeah, the fact that they don’t pick up on it isn’t a bad thing, everyone is different and the show is so freaking subtextual sometimes I feel like bashing the important messages into peoples faces like a cream pie cos its like…. COME ON GUYS, make it more blatant PLEASE so everyone can enjoy licking the gooey goodness of the story as much as I do!

Originally posted by cisco-imfineashell-ramon

I just watched 10x04 and since I’m taking a billion years to get into the season 10 rewatch and at this point it is clearly my hiatus project, I’m just making an adjacent post about one thing :P

The last line of the episode after much back and forth about if they should be resting up from hunting, taking a break because they’re woefully off their game after ~going dark~ and running rampage for months, etc etc, is Dean saying:

But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, ‘cause I’m so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.

I think with hindsight of not just that season but season 11 and 12 too, the last line of the episode basically shows where Dean is for the rest of the show from this point. With his self-reflection on being a demon underway, and that it gave him clarity (as he said in 10x03) to see a lot of their messed up stuff, and after that he doesn’t want to fall pray to the darkness (lower case at that point :P) again.

He decides to try the better way here, but he’s just completely messed up by the Mark, which was why he couldn’t give Kate a fair chance for most of the episode, always being ready to kill her and not giving her the benefit of the doubt - she walks out the episode alive but only because she escaped them, and she’s not a friendly monster they could ever count as an ally without an other episode to repair all this damage Dean did.

I think it’s showing he’s had the learning experience from being a demon, and he’s going to try and put it in action as much as possible, but he still can’t actually *do* anything about it until he doesn’t have the Mark any more. He’s so messed up by it that even when he wants to do the right thing and is tired of getting it wrong, in an episode where he should have been all compassion and understanding if he’d actually learned and was able to put it in action…

Side note - not like in 8x04 where he HAD changed because of Purgatory and Benny, and was the one to suggest they let her go… Looks redundant to do this characterisation but the point THERE was just letting a monster go good/bad? but here it’s a lot more about the inner darkness - what she did to her sister, that people died as a result of this direct Dean actions with Gadreel parallel thingy she had going on, etc. It was less that she was a monster because I think they would still have let a truly innocent monster live especially if Dean was allowed to see them as innocent, but he was having trouble processing the nuances of that darkness, and because it was so on the nose to what he did and he was embarassed and self-loathing about his actions, he couldn’t see her innocence, or her actions as sympathetic, because doing messed up stuff to save your sibling? The kind of crap that turns bad and causes all the darkness he just dealt with.

And I think it might be worth paralleling to Max, in 12x20, how he stopped him in the moment but afterwards was helpless to stop his free will to go do it anyway once they left him behind, and I guess grimly accepting this is what people do when they have access to a magical way to fix dead and dying family…

Anyway. I really like this line because I think it does set up Dean’s arc for the next few seasons. In season 10 he’s at a serious disadvantage to do anything about it, but the season is full of Dean’s coping mechanisms and at least for the first ¾ going along with anything he thinks might help, and working hard to dig himself out. At the end when he loses hope, he knows the “wrong thing” is sinking back into being demon!Dean, and so before it can happen, he goes to talk to Death and make arrangements to save himself from going back; this line goes right to the end of the season in that way, and I think from the perspective of Dean’s characterisation, season 10 is pretty good at keeping on a track; there’s STUFF I’d have liked to be explored and think was maybe dropped or not given the attention it needed but what they actually ended up writing, events aside, specifically about how Dean reacted and changed, is pretty clear and well-written.

In season 11 without the Mark, and even with Amara’s external threat, he does start trying to change and do better and he’s immediately more balanced without it, and trying to make amends. He starts communicating properly after the midseason, and his determination to do the right thing shows with him prioritising Cas in trouble, and eventually the big stadium event talk with Chuck and Amara, he seeks a way that feels RIGHT: the old way of sacrifice might have FIXED things at least in the urgent world is ending need to do something right now way, but in the moment he took the initiative to keep on trying to talk it out and find a way that FELT right. I don’t think Dean would EVER talk his way out of sacrificing himself when he believed it was right to do it; that that wasn’t selfish motivation to live, but that it felt WRONG to him to end it this way, and that there was a better way to do this, which he found.

And now in season 12 Dean’s in a weird place where he’s the one who achieved all that doing things right-ness finally and concluded his own personal arc and gained massive experience points, levelling up all sorts of personality traits in the process. And I kind of think that his season has been about trying to do the right thing, especially about the interpersonal relationships, when it comes to everyone and everything around him. Mittens has been keeping a closer eye on this than me, but Dean carries on being right about his gut feeling about many things and is a sort of beacon of what is right, even more than usual (after all, God appointed him to look after the Earth and said he was the best guy for the job). I’m hoping this bears out through the end of the season but at least his feeling about the BMoL is completely true and now firmly proven to others, though we knew longer than HE even did :P

He’s also been communicating well, for example the brilliant conversation at the end of 12x10 where he really lays out the truth to Cas about why he’s been angry with him, or, well, many times he reaches out to Cas either about their relationship or other stuff… And with Mary, he tried to be open and honest with her as much as he could to start with, especially that conversation about being a hunter at the end of 12x01 - and even when she bolted before he could get to opening up about the really hard stuff. He needed his illusions shattered, which happened at the end of 12x02, and ideally if she’d stayed, after 12x03 they might have had a better talk once he was less stunned by her presence and treating her like the saint!mary he imagined, but she left. He still in contact with her, being shown to be the one who texted her, and was playing Words With Friends, attempting to keep a line open on their relationship even if it now had to be handled at great length and like it was fragile glass with how much she could deal with from them. He was TRYING to rebuild from the ground up, and by constantly being the one reaching out, he’s put in the position of being the one holding his arms open on the relationship, again, the one trying to do the right thing, with all the emotional resources available to him. And I think in general has shown a much greater awareness of how other people are doing.

He also starts his frantic Cas panic at the point in several seasons past he was only in the occasionally praying to him or being grumpy that he hadn’t called point, moving that whole panic forward to before he gets any hint that something is *actually* wrong, because stuff like Casifer threw him for such a loop and again, 11x23 in the car he makes a point of telling Cas he’s understood he doesn’t always put him first and can get too head up his arse about his and Sam’s problems, so in this season we see him closely attuned to Cas, noticing he sounds weird on the phone and immediately going into the sort of nervous state he was in in season 11 only AFTER he found out Cas was possessed. In 12x19 in the mixtape scene he’s started angry as a knee-jerk response, but he doesn’t let Cas leave before he’s had an extremely open emotional conversation with him, explaining how he feels, which I still frankly can’t believe actually happened. (Sadly also showing the different places they’re at, with Cas taking this conversation as a sign he HAS to kill Kelly on Dean’s behalf to protect him from doing something awful)

TBH even something like the conversation in 12x15 where he casually talks about Lucifer being locked in the cage in front of Crowley counts for him inadvertantly telling Crowley what the RIGHT thing to do was and putting Crowley in a position to sweat about what Dean would think if he knew… (Which has of course not worked out for Crowley, so he’s probably glad Dean never KNEW to give him the speech that would now give Dean a free “told you so” even if of course he knows full well he deserves one and he was RIGHT THERE being inadvertently scolded by Dean without him knowing - see what I mean about him being a beacon? :P)

I think it’s still trial and error (he gets over-confident about both the Colt and the security of their home despite some really obvious home invasions, starting with Toni getting into the Bunker and shooting Sam at the beginning of the year) but being the emotional POV of the show more than Sam, whose characteristic of being reserved has really shot him in the foot for representing himself the same way, this is his arc - becoming a reliable line through the season of what is the right thing to do, or at least trying to find better ways to do things.

And he’s not successful at changing minds but he also has been using emotional maturity in making middle ground (… eventually, in the cases of arguing with Cas and then Mary, needing to have a moment of realisation when he thought she was going to get killed in 12x14) and especially with Sam in 12x15, not fighting openly when it was something that could have caused a massive brother rift, as we’ve dealt with in many seasons where they disagree and fight. Dean still voiced his issues with everything and made it clear he was going along with it for Sam’s sake but he didn’t try to stop or argue Sam out of it, just pointed out everything he didn’t like about the situation whenever it came up so that Sam knew where he stood about it.

I’ve seen a few complaints Dean hasn’t had much to do all season - Sam either, tbh but that’s a separate issue and I’m still at “just let him go scream in the woods for chrissakes” rather than a clear meta picture :P - and I think at least for Dean his arc has been pretty clearly laid out and in almost every episode he’s been dealing with it. For example the most Dean-centric episode, 12x11, dealt with his nature that at the end of the day when you take everything else away, Dean saves the day with an innate knowledge of when to act, and that hunting evil is in his blood, but so is a well of kindness and understanding that is behind his sense of right and wrong. Being down in season 10 and having just watched season 9, I remember how *broken* Dean was very clearly, and how his sense of right and wrong was genuinely damaged because, well, there was darkness in him. His sense of justice was damaged, but season 11 showed him conquering it and finding a better way… I think season 12 is showing this in action, which is possibly why he’s had this seat in the middle of everything, watching everyone else’s actions and moving through the events as the season really just as its emotional narrator as it falls to pieces around him and even Sam goes and takes strong actions like going with Mary to the BMoL in 12x14 and telling Dean he’s working with them in 12x16. Anyway I think this season has done an awful lot to sell the weight of Dean’s opinion and to build him up like this, and I think it’s a really important and validating character arc for him… Although he was technically free of the Mark since season 11, this IS the first season without some dark pull on him since season 9 and though his goodness was made obvious again very quickly in season 11 because we needed to know we could root for him again, I really think this season is building back up his sense of self, and posing it in opposition to the other characters.

(I feel like when the season’s over I might revisit this with a detailed look at him vs ALL the other main characters on this thread but for now have a “this is where I’m at anyway” post)

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tbh alana is the character i relate and identify with most and i hate how people erase her mental health struggles

Alana definitely deserves more attention! I myself am guilty of not paying enough attention to her and her own struggles. She even says she knows what it’s like to feel alone, but her loneliness is presented differently from Evan’s. It shows mainly through the fact that everyone she knows is her “acquaintance” rather than a friend or anything else, so while she may be surrounded by people, she still doesn’t feel close to any of her peers. The way she kinda covers it up is through all of her extracurricular activities/community service.

(That’s my own personal take on the character! If you have any thoughts feel free to contribute)

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I'm really NOT a fan of Tyrion. I understand His Point and I appreciate his humor, particularly in the show, but he is not a good dude IMHO and he makes me gag a bit.

Yeah for me he is, possibly more so than other character, completely different in the show than he is in the books… I’m not a huge fan of his either. I agree that he is better on the show than in the books, but yeah I’m still don’t really care about tyrion himself alone as a character. 

Tbh I don’t really like any of the Lannisters. My feelings on them range from general indifference to outright hatred, except for tommen and myrcella ofc!

send me your most hated characters/celebrities and i’ll tell you if i hate them too or not