it feels like christmas today

Snowy Nights ~

 Plot: You go on an evening walk with Loki.

 Written for: It started feeling like Christmas today so this just kinda happened.

 Genre: Fluff.

 Word Count: 770.

 Written: 11/12/16.

Other Notes: This one’s slightly shorter than the others. Sorry about that.

— — —

“I’m so glad we got to spend today together.” Loki said softly as you walked hand in hand together through the city’s streets. It was evening now, and you and the recently reformed God of mischief had spent the day meandering from one shop to another, wandering this way and that, with no real objective on your minds other than to enjoy each other’s company. “I know, today has been so nice.” You murmured happily as you traipsed along Main Street, the bright Christmas decorations in the shop windows drawing your attention as you looked over each one with childlike glee. “This week has been ridiculously stressful. It’s nice to just…slow down.” You tore your eyes away from the shop displays to look across at the ebony haired man beside you. As you gazed into his eyes Loki couldn’t help but notice how the cold had dusted your cheeks a dainty red, how the golden lights hanging above you both reflected in your deep eyes, how the gently falling snowflakes caught themselves in your lashes. He swore to himself in that moment that you must be some sort of fallen angel.

“Ah, yes, I suppose teaching literature to teenagers must be quite taxing.” The former Prince of Asgard replied sympathetically. “It is exam season, is it not?” Loki watched in stunned silence as you nodded, wrapping your arms around one of his and rested your head on his shoulder. How, Loki wondered as he waited to see if you would give a verbal reply,  in all the time he had known you, were you still able to make him blush at the smallest of things? “It is indeed.” You sighed airily, your warm breath causing a plume of steam to rise from your lips and into the ever darkening sky. “And to make matters worse, I have the bottom set this year. They’re absolutely lovely kids, just not especially…bright.” This caused Loki to let out a deep chuckle from his chest, one that warmed you to the core. “Well, let’s try to take your mind off of work, yes?” He said lightly, with a playful edge to his tone as he set off for the local park, tugging you along in tow.

Once you reached the park, away from the hustle and bustle that the streets presented, you found yourself oddly at peace. The sun had set now, and there was very little light to go by, save for the faint stars above you. Enjoying the comforting silence that permeated in the air, you wandered down the path until Loki came to a stop under the amber glow of a lamppost and turned to face you. “Have I ever told you how much I absolutely adore you my darling?” He said with an air of wonder lacing his words as he took in every little detail of your face as if it were the last time he would ever see it again. “Oh, Loki, you tell me every day.” You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “Once when we wake up, and then again when we fall asleep.” “Yes, well, maybe there’s a way I can make sure you always know, no matter what happens.” Loki smiled shyly as he pulled away from you and took a step back. The snow had begun to fall heavier, making you quickly miss the warmth of his body next to yours.

You didn’t have time to contemplate the cold however, as Loki produced a small green velvet box from his pocket and sunk onto a knee before you. An impulsive gasp left your chest, and you could feel spontaneous tears of joy well in the corners of your eyes as the God beamed up at you, opening the box to reveal the most beautiful golden ring. “(Y/N), you are, by far, the most entirely wonderful person I have ever had the fortune to meet, as well as love.” He murmured smoothly. “Will you do me the immense honor of marrying me?” Finding yourself at a loss for words, all you could do was nod enthusiastically as the tears trailed their way down your rosy cheeks. Loki slipped the ring onto your finger and stood, drawing you into his arms as he lent down to kiss you gently on the lips. “I love you Loki.” You whispered as you pulled away after a tender moment. “And I, my dear, love you as well.” You both smiled as he took your hand again, and you both continued on your way home, content in the love you both shared.


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Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). A lone pine #tree in the middle of lake #Baikal, Siberia - stuck here in the #ice, used as marker to show the way to travelers across this frozen #lake in winter, during snowstorms. I feel like decorating that tree today…  Merry christmas everyone!!! #russia #latergram #snow #landscape #Siberia @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

Just a Christmas box

Just a Christmas box.
You sit in the middle of the living room floor, soaking in the nice warmth from the fireplace. The house feels nice, warm and cosy with a hint of Christmas spirit lingering around. You cut a piece of wrapping paper, beginning to wrap what feels like the hundredth Christmas present today. As you neatly wrap the present your attention moves to the soft snores coming from the couch. You quietly chuckle, finding it adorable in a non-weird way. You see Niall curled up on the couch, arm draped over the side, his other arm tucked under the pillow while the blanket sits over him. For some reason it reminds you of the typical scene of Christmas- boyfriend asleep on the couch, girlfriend wrapping presents in front of the fire place, puppy sleeping adorably in his small fluffy bed right next to the fire-place. As the puppy sleepily stretches in his little bed, making a cute puppy sound as he rolls onto his back, awkwardly falling back to sleep, Niall does exactly the same. He pushes the blanket off him, causing it to fall straight to the cold floors. He turns onto his back, letting out a slight sigh as he finds a new comfortable position, just like the puppy did moments ago. You stand up place the present under the brightly lit Christmas tree, adjusting the other presents so it isn’t so crowded. You quietly walk to the kitchen, opening the oven to check on the cookies you had made earlier, in taking the scent of perfectly baked sugar cookies. You take them out of the oven and place them on the counter top, allowing them to cool down to decorate them. You hear the tiny patter of little paws stumbling their way towards the kitchen. “Of course you wake up when you smell food.” You coo down at the little puppy looking innocently at you with big, blue, beady eyes. The same big, blue, beady eyes that Niall has. “Are you hungry?” You ask the puppy, picking him up and stroking him. “I am.” Niall mumbles as he rubs his eyes, stepping into the kitchen. “Are you two perfectly in sync or something?” You question, looking between Niall and the puppy. “What do you mean?”
“The puppy moves in his sleep, and you move right after him. He comes in wanting food, you come in wanting food.”
“Well, there’s no doubt that I’m always coming in here wanting food.” He states, looking around and spotting the cookies. “You’re corrupting my puppy.”
“I thought he was our puppy.” Niall pouts, ruffling up the puppy’s fur.
“You’re corrupting our puppy, he’s becoming a mini you.”
“That’s not a bad thing. I’m going to teach him to get a beer from the fridge for me.” He smiles, walking over to the cookies and stealing one.
“‘ey they aren’t for you.” You scold nicely,
“Why?” He pouts, disappointed he can’t eat the cookies.
“They’re for my niece and nephew.”
“They only need one cookie each, which leaves me with ten to eat.” He smiles innocently, making you slightly chuckle. “Be kind, they’re their favourite cookies.”
“Fine, but that means you should be kind and make me cookies.”
“Why would you want cookies when you can have chocolate fudge cake.”
“The one that has the gooey chocolate center?” He instantly smiles, brightening his eyes. “Yup. But first, you have to help me wrap the presents.” You instruct, walking back to the living room and placing the puppy down. “I much prefer when you wrap the gifts and I sleep.”
“As lovely as it sounds to let you sleep, I think it’s a fair deal that you wrap gifts with me, and in return you get a chocolate cake all to yourself.” You reply, sitting back down in your spot, making Niall sit with you. He agrees with your bribe, grabbing a role of red shiny wrapping paper. He grabs one of the many unwrapped presents and looks at you. “Is this for me?” He questions, looking down at the box of cologne.
“Uhm, no” you bite your lip, forgetting that you hadn’t wrapped the present.
“Really? Who are you giving cologne too then Hm?”
“Erm… My brother?” You unconvincingly answer him,
“It is for me.” He laughs,
“No” you draw out the word, trying to come up with a way to get out of this little mess. “It is, you already got your brother a present and I am the only one you buy cologne for.”
“Oh fine, yes it is your present, now stop being a pest and either wrap it or put it to the side.”
“Why would I wrap my own present and then unwrap it?” He questions, placing it down beside him and getting another present off the table. “You’re annoying, I don’t know why I got you to do this.”
“Next time don’t have my own presents in the pile I am about to wrap.” He chuckles, giving you a quick kiss.
“Yeah, yeah.”
“Thank you. I have to admit, it’s a nice present.”
“Uh huh.” You sound,
“I mean it, I like getting cologne.”
“That’s why I got it.” You smile, wrapping a present.
“Ouch.” You hear Niall whine, shaking his hand, you look over at him with a confused expression. “Damn paper cut me.” He huffs unhappily, mumbling a few other things under his breath. “You alright?”
“Fine.” He mutters, before continuing to wrap the gifts. “How do you do that thing and make the ribbon all curly?” Niall questions as he ties some ribbon around your nieces present. “You get the scissors and hold the ribbon down on the blade and pull.” You explain, showing him with the ribbon in front of you. He frowns before looking down at the ribbon, giving it a try. “Uhm.” He sounds, looking down at the split ribbon. “I kinda cut it.”
“It’s okay, try the other side.”
“Now it looks odd.”
“It’s fine.” You shake your head, watching as he attempts to curl the ribbon to make it look like yours. “I give up.” He sighs, sliding the box over to you, making you do the ribbon. He gets up and walks away, leaving you to wrap the rest of the gifts. You look towards the puppy, watching as he playfully nuzzles the ribbon with his nose, rolling it along the floor. “No.” You shake your head, taking the ribbon away from the puppy. He cutely plops himself down beside the small pile of gifts you haven’t moved to place under the tree. You hear footsteps and look up to see Niall holding another cookie, and a small Christmas present in his hand. “Seeming as I got an early gift, you do too.” He smiles, sitting down next to you and handing it to you. “Aw you didn’t have too.” You coo, slowly opening the gift. You place the wrapping paper down to be revealed with a blue Tiffany and co box. You open it and are surprised when you see a piece of paper. You open the paper and read.
“I know you’re nosy, so you’re present isn’t in the box.”

You look at Niall, completely confused. “I know you already found the box the other morning, lucky for me I put your present somewhere else.” He proudly comments,
“Alright, so where did you put it?” You question curiously.
“Look behind the TV.” He instructs, making you get up and peak behind the Television. You pull out another Tiffany and Co box, the exact same as the one he had just handed to you. “Is this an empty box too?” You question, siting back down beside him. “Possibly.” He shrugs with a grin. You open up the box, of course finding another note.
“If you weren’t such a snoop you wouldn’t have empty boxes.”
“Okay I am not a snoop, you just suck at hiding presents.” You defend with a giggle. “The puppy has your present.” Niall states, pointing to the puppy who is walking towards the hallway. “Another empty box?” You question, noticing the box on his collar. You get up and pick him up, taking the box off the him and opening it. “It’s another note.” You sigh, slightly frustrated with this little game.
“Look at me.” You read out the note, turning around to see Niall with a smirk, holding his hands behind his back. “Okay, what are you hiding?” You question, making his smile grow even wider. “Well, aside from the fact that you’re a snoop when it comes to Christmas presents and I had to make your brother hold this gift until last night, I still love you. Anyway, I had planned this whole speech but I can’t help but admit the fact that I completely forgot everything I was going to say. So I’m going to just simply say, I don’t think I can imagine life without you, would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?” He asks with a slightly shaky, yet adorable voice, getting down on his knee, holding up a box. “Is this box empty?” You chuckle, ignoring the slight tears rolling down your cheeks. “I mean, it could be.” He replies, “yes.” You simply smile, hugging him before he could get up off his knee. “Really?”
“Yes, really.”
“But you haven’t even seen the ring.”
“I don’t care.” You reply, giving him a nice kiss.
“Well if I had of known that I wouldn’t have made sure to have this box contain a gift.” He chuckles, opening the box, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. “I’d say yes, with or without a ring.” You reply, allowing him to place it on your finger. “Well, it wouldn’t be much of a gift if there was no ring.” He shakes his head, “it’s gorgeous.”
“It better be considering it took a good six weeks to make and come through.”
“Awe.” You smile, standing up straight,
“You’re goin’ to have to help me up now.” He smiles cutely, and you help him back up. “Gettin’ old.” You joke, making him roll his eyes. “No, my knee is just annoying.”
“Ah-huh, blame your knee.”
“Hey, it’s true.”
“That you’re getting old? Yeah I know.”
“Oh hush.” He chuckles, “but uh, merry Christmas.” He adds, giving you a hug. “A hug, that all your fiancée gets?”
“I’m too old for kisses.” He jokes, planting a soft kiss to your lips. “Merry Christmas.” You whisper, unable to imagine any other perfect gift to possibly receive.

December 20th 2015

Christmas is in 5 days and I am literally the most unfestive I’ve ever been right now. It genuinely doesn’t feel like Christmas.
Today I stayed in all day. I did nothing, it was boring. The only thing exciting was that a beetle flew in from the outside into my brothers room. It was huge and sounded so loud. When we tried to catch it, it decided to fly at me. As I moved out of its way it flew out of the room and into the bath. As the bath hadn’t long been used it was still slippery. The beetle was stuck as it couldn’t move because it kept slipping. My brother grabbed bleach and started spraying it. IT STARTED GIVING BIRTH TO LITTLE BABY ONES WHICH STARTED CRAWLING AROUND THE BATH.
So yeah, that was fun.