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Married with Benefits (Part 15)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 766

“Married with Benefits” Masterlist

A/N: Next part is the end, guys :D 

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The next day, you woke up to Steve’s arms around you, clothes nowhere to be found. Steve grinned as he felt you move, letting you pull back from him to stretch. He demanded a good-morning kiss, waving away your protests about morning breath. You ate breakfast together, laughing together and feeling giddy by just looking at each other.

“Oh, my mom called,” remarked Steve, taking a sip of his coffee. “Basically screaming.”

You cringed. “She saw your Facebook?”

“Was incredibly, epically offended we didn’t invite her.”

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Ur descrip says ur open to headcanons but can u imagine being aomine or kagami's or murasakibara's friend? It would be Pure.

AN: YAAAAAS the holy trinity of really awkward friendships if you’re a female tbh


  1. At first, he’s the friend that you aren’t sure if he considers you a friend. You’re around each other almost all of the time, but you didn’t start getting to know each other until a bit later. So it kinda looked like he just tolerated your presence at first.
  2. The more you got comfortable around him, the more he did the same. He teases you a lot and ruffles your hair because you’re shorter than he is.
  3. The friend that would casually watch porn in front of you.
  4. The friend that would put porn on your laptop’s browser so that the minute you open it, the website is in full view.
  5. He gets very protective of you. He doesn’t appreciate others flirting with you without his approval or referral first. If you’re talking with someone in the hallway, he’ll stare them down until they leave.
  6. Likes to use your shampoo.
  7. Makes you cook him dinner whenever he’s over.
  8. Will flirt with you once in a while because he likes to see the disgusted look on your face.
  9. Is never prepared for anything ever so your backpack is his backpack and he uses all of your things.
  10. You’re the only person he turns to when he’s upset. You were very surprised at first because you thought Momoi would be his go-to, but he never did that in the beginning of their friendship and didn’t want to bother starting. So he’ll call you, show up at your house randomly, or just straight up use your spare key that you hide in the bushes to sulk on your couch as you feed and comfort him.


  1. Kagami always takes his friendships very seriously, so he treats you with the upmost respect while at the same time showing you how much your friendship matters to him.
  2. He wears a friendship bracelet you made for him every single day. He only takes it off when he’s showering.
  3. Whenever he’s preparing his lunch for the next day, he’ll always bring you a little something in a separate container.
  4. You’re his guinea pig when he’s trying new recipes.
  5. Shoves food down your throat if you’re over at his place and refuses to let you leave on an empty stomach.
  6. Always asks you to help him with basketball; not with his technique, but more like he wants you there to support him and carry a bunch of water bottles and towels.
  7. Refuses to eat or cook anything penis-shaped in front of you because he gets embarrassed.
  8. Had to ask you how to put on a condom using a banana.
  9. Always sets time for you two on Fridays to go to Maji Burger. He lowkey looks forward to it every week.
  10. Will give you a complete care package when you’re sick; packs you a large thermos of homemade soup, various medicines, and rental movies that you both can watch.
  11. He gets nervous talking to anyone cute, so you have to be his wingperson while he’s a blushing mess behind you.
  12. Refuses to let Alex meet you because he’s afraid she’ll make out with you and he’s protective of your virginity in a weird, brotherly way….


  1. You call him over to your house to clear out your fridge because some of the food is reaching it’s expiration date and you can always rely on him to eat it all.
  2. Likes to sleep in your bed while you study at your desk.
  3. He is very comfortable around you and gets kind of clingy. He doesn’t like being away from you for too long, so if you stayed home from school one day, he’ll use bringing you our homework as an excuse to see you. He would definitely never admit that he missed you.
  4. He eats everything in your pantry and it annoys you every week because you spend so much money on groceries. Sometimes he feels bad, so he’ll make you lunch and an apology cupcake.
  5. Really looks forward to your birthday because it gives him an excuse to bake you a cake. On any normal day, he’d be too lazy to bake.
  6. When he’s upset, he becomes a big cuddle bug. He’ll barge into your home and will sit with you on your couch with a blanket wrapped around the both of you. He’ll become a big baby and lay his head on your shoulder and pout. He doesn’t mind if you both sit in silence watching tv - in fact, he prefers it that way most of the times - but if he’s so upset that he’s crying, he’ll want you to play with his hair and tell him everything will be ok.
  7. You’re the only one he allows to touch and play with his hair.
  8. He thinks it’s cute when you have to ask him to get something on the top shelf.
  9. He is also very protective of you and gets jealous easily when he sees you talking so casually with other people you don’t know. He doesn’t like the idea of people stealing his friends.
  10. He thinks it’s funny when you gag when he jokes about being hung like a horse.
  11. If you can’t make it to every single one of his home games, he pouts the entire day.
  12. His favorite pass time is annoying you in class by poking your cheeks, playing with your hair, flicking your ears, basically being a big child around you.
An Unlikely Pairing

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Summary: (Unrequested) Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe, shows up at school one day.

A/N: Just a one-shot I thought of, nothing too special about this one. Again, from my old blog

You sat in the Glee Club room with everyone else as you were waiting for the school day to start, the room had become your hangout place. Everyone was talking, until a sudden presence in the doorway quieted everyone.

“I still hate the stench of public schools.” Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.

“Oh my god, what is Satan doing here?” Santana groans with a pointed stare at Sebastian as he enters the room.

“Well, I have the day off, and I thought I’d come and see my competition. Well, you’d technically only be competition if you even had a chance at winning. But that’s besides the point. I also came here to see my girlfriend.” He leans against the piano, waiting for the reaction.

Blaine, your brother, who is currently the only person at McKinley who knows about your relationship, groans. Everyone hears him but pays little attention, instead murmuring  to themselves.

“But why is he here?” Sebastian looks at you and winks while everyone is distracted. He knows you haven’t told New Directions that you two are dating.

“I thought he was gay.”

“No, actually. I’m 100% straight. It’s just fun to flirt with guys.” Sebastian chimes in, still leaning against the piano.

“If you’re here to see your girlfriend, why are you standing around here?” Mercedes questions him, and Sebastian just looks at you.

“Guys,” you sigh. “Sebastian is my boyfriend.”

“WHAT?” They all shout at once.

“You’re dating Satan?” Santana asks you.

“Y/N he’s the enemy.” Kurt admonishes, his deep distrust of Sebastian showing.

“Yes, we’re dating. And relax, we’ve been dating for a while, if something bad was going to happen it would have already happened. Have the Warblers even tried to sabotage us recently?”

“Blaine, you knew about this?” People start to question him, and he gets defensive.

“Guys, guys, don’t pin this on Blaine, I told him not to tell you.” Sebastian takes his chance to move from the piano and stride languidly towards the group, taking a chair and sitting in it backwards, so the back of the chair is facing them and his long legs are slung on either side.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like me. I don’t expect you to. Well, I expect one of you to.” Sebastian looks at you and winks, giving a proud smirk when he makes you blush. “But I mean, I decided to spend my entire day off with my girlfriend at her…poor excuse for a school.” He shudders slightly and looks around with disgust at the last phrase but continues. “Plus, you all know me, I can be ruthless, cold, I’d go as far as heartless even. But I love Y/N, I mean ask Blaine he’s seen us.”

“It’s true, it’s actually kind of sickening sometimes how they are together.” You get up from your chair and go to Sebastian, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the chair.

“Heyyy, can we talk? Okay great, come on.” Once you’ve successfully gotten him into the hallway (how does he manage to walk so smoothly even when he’s pulled?) you stick your head back into the room.

“Just a sec.” You close the door, unaware that they could still see you through the window. All is quiet in the room as they try to hear you and Sebastian.

“Why did you come, Sebastian?”

“What, no ‘happy to see you’ kiss?” He smirks, and you reach up on your tiptoes to quickly kiss him, but he catches you and deepens the kiss, taking a step forward to close the gap. You respond immediately, intensifying the kiss until you have to break away to air.


“Oh. My. God.” Kurt is the first to speak, saying what was on everyone’s mind.

“I feel like I have to go wash out my eyes.” Brittany comments, and people murmur their agreement.

“I’m the one that has to deal with this all the time, guys.” Blaine says, and people all apologize.

“Shhh, they’re talking again.” Mercedes quiets them.


“But seriously, Sebastian. Why did you come?”

“Because I want to spend the day with my girlfriend. Even if it means being inside a public school.”

You smirk, a habit you developed from Sebastian. He smirks to himself, pleased that he was rubbing off on you.

“Well that’s nice of you. But please, don’t be a jerk to them.”

“I’ll try. But only because I love you.”

“I love you too.” You kiss him again, quickly this time, and head back into the room.

“We’re back.” You announce, as you sit back down in your chair and Sebastian takes the one next to you.

“Fine, just please don’t make out like that again.” Rachel says. “It was disturbing.”

“No promises.” Is all Sebastian says as he takes your hand, pulling gently. You concede, getting up from your chair and going to sit in his lap, turned so you can see him like you usually do. You see people looking at you, but you give them a few pointed stares before settling in and talking to Sebastian.

“Does this always happen?” Kurt questions Blain.

“Unfortunately, yes. But you should see him with her, he’s different. He cares about her.” He motions for the group to gather at the other side of the room while you talk to Sebastian.

“Guys, I know you may not like Sebastian, but Y/N really does, and he likes her.”

“Okay, well I don’t see any problem with it. Besides, it’s not our business to be involved in her relationship, as long as they’re both happy. The most we can do is be accepting.” Mercedes says, and everyone agrees.

“If Y/N gets hurt though, I’m kicking his ass.” Santana adds, and people agree again. The group disperses, and turns to see you and Sebastian kissing again, like you were in the hallway.

“Oh my god the images.” Artie says and covers his eyes.

“Y/N, please. I’m your brother I don’t need to see that.” Blaine says as the group comes to stand in front of you and Sebastian. You pull away, both you and Sebastian looking at the group in front of you. Mercedes is the first to speak.

“Y/N it’s come to our attention that you’re dating Sebastian, and although he is ‘the enemy’, we wanted to say we’re happy for you. Just please, don’t kiss like that in front of us.” You get up from Sebastian’s lap, and hug Mercedes.

“Thanks you guys, that means so much.” Santana walks over to Sebastian and looms in front of him.

“If you hurt her, I will hurt you pretty boy, so treat her right.” Sebastian just stands up and adjusts his shirt.

“I already do.” He comes over to you, grabbing your hand and gently pulling.

“Come on, Babe. You can give me a tour of this wretched place. Or we can go get coffee.”

“Fine,” you acquiesce, with a hint of a smile. “See you guys later!” You call out as the door shuts behind you.

“They really are good together.” Quinn comments as everyone sits down again.

“Yes, they are.” A chorus of people respond.


↳ The world of Azux was various shades of grey with empty feelings and empty thoughts leading your every day life. Until a letter appeared in your life changing everything completely.

genre: angst, light fluff | soulmate!au + dystopian!au

pairing: jimin | reader + wonho

warning: mentioning of drug use

words: 10,112

Inspired by 1984!

To live in a world such as this one was like living in a secluded box. You were given rules the instance you learned how to speak. Thrown into a school where all you could remember was to follow what a person of power had to say. You were certain it was implemented in everyone’s DNA when they were being created.

Along with being stripped away from your freedom, you would also be stripped away from your eyesight. The higher ups had programmed a new form of sight, plain black and white, making everything more mundane than they already were. The only way you knew this was from the few elders that were ‘children’ of Generation Cavia Porcellus, the guinea pigs of Azux.

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Request from anon: “ hi , can you write one , where Dean gets jealous about how close his girlfriend and father are

A/N: idk if this is how you wanted it to turn out, but this is where my head took it so here u go, i still have no idea how to write jealous dean ! also i just had some good cereal and my hair is blue and life is mediocre !

Word Count: 1841

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It’s the week of kidneys
Kidney Awareness Week?

First, one of our office staff started to shiver and couldn’t stop, we called 911. She has a kidney infection.
Later that same day another co-worker took herself to the emergency room. She is on the verge of kidney failure and will receive dialysis in the morning!

So crazy!

I am sure you noticed I started a new yoga. I like it. I don’t mind that it’s kind of a cult practice, it feels good and really works the entire body.

Last day of school today. Our 17 will be a senior next year. He’s about 6 months away from being 18, that will leave us with only one child that’s not an adult. Whew. I’m not crying, you are.

Different Voices

Pairing : Ebumi Masaru / Noka Taihei

Rating : M

Words : 5133

AO3 : Here

Of all the things that aggravated Ebumi, Noka’s voice and the stupid things he says was at the top of the list.

But maybe, he could get used to the way he says his name when they’re alone.

;; Or, Noka propositions Ebumi by shouting at him in the middle of the street, and Ebumi can’t say no to a birthday present like that.

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The general ideas of my stories:

Here’s the general idea of what’s going to go down in the stories I’m gonna write for the contest:

Sagittarius - Sagittarius is going to be rather depressed (which yes I know is strange for a Sag but stay with me here). They’re going through a lot and every move they make just feels like the wrong one. One day they see something or hear something that really clicks with them and starts the process of them learning to love themselves.

Cancer - Cancer was bullied a lot in high school for being a nerd. Cancer really hates bullies and therefore Cancer is gonna kill the fuck out of all the bullies from high school.

Aquarius - Aquarius has always struggled with their emotions. Of course, no one knows that, as they hide their feelings away in themselves, but they’ve always had emotions that they struggled with. Now they’re learning how to cope with said emotions in a healthy way (aka not just hiding them in themselves) and learning to love their emotions instead of running away from them.

What do you guys think? Should I go for it or do you guys have a better idea or something to add or something to take away because it doesn’t seem quite right?

The List

Wordcount: 5, 171

Genre: Fluff, Smut and some angst

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According to an old folklore, humans were born with two heads, 4 arms and 4 legs. However, afraid that they would be too powerful, God decided to split everybody into halves and hence, it  became our life’s goal as human to find our other halves; near or far.

However, you thought, what if there is actually more than one of these ‘the one’ out there, what if the only thing that made these ‘the one’ not work out was because time. Perhaps, you were ready, but he wasn’t; perhaps you were both too young. You’d never know.

Just as you pondered about love and all its complexities, you can’t help but to think about of all the men whom you had crossed path with in your live; thinking perhaps, they were once that missing puzzle piece.

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The First Love

You met Park Ji Min during physical education class. Despite being in a different class, your class had joint physical education classes every Wednesdays. Being the unatheletic sloth that you are, you often opt out of sports and chose to help the teacher with the equipment instead. In other words, you were very much that loser who got ordered around by the teacher to bring out whatever sports equipment he needed and demanded to be cleaned. You were always quietly cussing about how you could spend times like these doing much beneficial stuff, like catching up on your sleep or finishing up the homework that was due in 2 periods.

On the other hand, Park Ji Min was sporty and well-liked by his peers. He was insanely charming and had a smile that could light up the world. The guys wanted to be like him and the girls wanted to be with him. Despite being only 16 years old then, his muscles were a lot more toned in comparison to his peers and the way he casually flips back his bushy hair made every girl die a little inside, you included.

You had developed a crush on Jimin from the first day you set eyes on him. You had never met anybody as beautiful as he is. He was talented, smart and funny; he was the vice-captain of the basketball team. Despite being the vice president to the dance society in school, you still constantly felt like a potato next to jimin. Your friends had encouraged you to speak to him, but very often, no matter how you mustered up your courage, you would let out an awful shriek, chicken out and run away in the end.

That’s until one day, with the constant pestering from your friends, you decided, perhaps you are indeed feeling more confident today, and perhaps you are not very much a potato, or perhaps jimin has a special liking for potatoes; you tried to convince yourself. You played with the hem of your sports t-shirt (which is completely free from sweat, because well, you don’t do any) as you inched closer to the basketball court. As usual, Jimin was in a fierce match of basketball with his slightly less good looking peers (at least in your eyes).

‘Here’s your chance!’ you told yourself in your head. Jimin had his hands to his knees by the basketball post closest to you; trying to catch his breathe. You reached your hands out and tried to give the best smile you could force out.

‘Hi Ji….’ Before you could even finish your sentence, a loud ‘bong’ sound echoed through the entire sports court. Whilst focusing your attention on Jimin, you had forgotten to watch out for your surrounding and ended up walking into the basketball post instead.

You fell flat to the ground. You noticed a handsome figure hovering in front of you.

‘Are you all right?’ He called out. You squinted your eyes, trying to focus on the situation before everything turned black ahead of you.

The next time you woke up, you were in then nurse office. You felt an intense sore on your forehead. Instinctively, you moved your hand to touch your head, only to figure that there was a huge bump right in the middle on your head.

‘what the fuck?!’ you muttered to yourself.

Just then, you heard a soft murmur and a groggy wild Park Jimin appeared by your bedside. Despite being in shock, you could not help but take time out to appreciate the beauty of your crush. You noticed he was holding onto your hand and your free hand immediately shot up to your mouth to cover up your giggle.

‘This must be the best dream ever.’ You thought to yourself.

‘Mmm, you’re up?’ Ji Min sleepily rubbed his eyes with his free hand.

‘How’s your head? The nurse said the swell should go down in a couple of days and you would be good as new.’ Jimin continued as he gently dapped the ice pack on your forehead which made you wince in pain.

‘Hold up, you mean this is not a dream?’ You asked.

‘No silly! You literally walked into the basketball post and passed out!’ Jimin tried to explain to you as his eyes turned into half moons.

‘Wha..what???!!!’ You shriek. You hurriedly got out of the bed and ran to the mirror. You examined the bump on your head and winced at the tenderness of the swell whenever you ran your hand through it.

Jimin could sense your distraught so he got up from his seat by your bedside and turned your body to face him. His gripped was intense but his face was soft, you felt like you were about to throw up. This was the first time you had been in such close proximity to Jimin afterall.

‘Don’t worry, you’re still really cute despite that big bump on your head!’ Jimin gave you one of his bright heartening smile as he tugged a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Your face immediately turned tomato red which freaked Jimin out abit; thinking you had a fever.


The two of you subsequently started dating and school became all rainbows and unicorns. You could not focus in class but it did not matter, because the only thing that mattered then, was that pure innocent love you shared with Park Ji min. You would ‘inconspicuously’ visit the washroom after each lesson, just so you could catch a glimpse of your handsome boyfriend. As Jimin was seated by the window, you would casually drop him a little note before heading to the washroom; only to melt into a puddle of love when he returns you with another note as you head back to class.

Jimin and you shared your respective first kiss with one another and it felt like the most magical moment in your life. Both of you shared an awkward tension for a while before it actually happened. Jimin was notoriously shy and while he really wanted to kiss you, he was afraid he would be deemed as too forward. While you on the other hand, was going crazy with the tension the both of you shared and could not wait for Jimin to make the first move. Every day in school before morning assembly, your best girl friends would always gather at your usual spot, just close by to the basketball court (everybody seemed to have a crush on the basketballers for some reason) and they would ask you about your date with your boyfriend.

‘So… Did it happened?’ Your friend cheekily eyed you as she spoke.

‘No…’ was the answer to the question, every single day.

Soon enough, you were growing impatient and decided to take things into your own hands. Just as Jimin bid you farewell after sending you home from school like the gentleman he is, you grabbed him by his collar and planted a kiss on his cheeks.

‘It’s your turn.’ You shyly whispered to your flustered boyfriend.

Jimin knew he had been too much of a wimp for far too long. All his friends were mocking him and he knew both of you truly shared genuine feelings for one another. So without a second thought, Jimin grabbed you by your arms, brought you closer to his body and place his iconic soft plump lips on yours.

You felt fireworks exploding in your head. You could almost literally hear the birds sing. Life seemed perfect that very moment. And that, was how you had your first kiss; with your very first boyfriend and the most popular boy in school, Park Jimin.

Ever since the first kiss, Jimin had grew a lot bolder and would hold you by your cheeks as his tongue danced in your mouth. It left a burning lust in your stomach; except you were not sure what it was then. The two of you were innocent and young afterall.

Just as how quickly everything started, your first love ended pretty quickly as well. Both of you were young and neither of you knew how to keep a relationship going. After the initial excitement died down, you both figured out it was not going to work, so you parted ways on fairly good terms.

Even till this day, your heart skipped a beat at the memory of Jimin dribbling the ball across the basketball court while casually pushing his soft locks off his face.

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The Best Friend

Jung Ho Seok or more affectionately known as Hobi to you was your best friend. Despite being a year older, both of you served in the student council so you spent quite a fair bit of time together. You would always spend time in the council room after school, giving your parents excuses like ‘council meetings’ in order to spend extra time with your best friend. You were like two peas in a pod; always together and always getting into trouble with one another. One day, while engaging in your usual bickering, you suddenly saw Hobi in a different light. Suddenly, he was no longer the dorky joker hobi you knew; he was a handsome and funny council senior that you had begun developing feelings for.

You started putting in more effort in the way you carried yourself; making sure not to cuss or laugh like a man. One night, while on the phone with Hobi, just like you always do; Hobi confessed. He told you about how you were the most beautiful girl he has met and would totally have asked you out if you weren’t his best friend. You bit your tongue as you questioned if you should tell him about how you felt. You took a deep breath and decided to take a leap of faith.

‘Hobi, I like you too.’ You announced into the phone in a quiet whisper; afraid to wake your parents up, it was way past your bed time after all.

The two of you immediately decided to start dating and agreed to meet outside the school’s bus stop the next day so you guys could walk to school together.

You arrived at the bus stop earlier than expected so you sat on one of the benches; with your heart beating out of your chest. Hobi wasn’t Hobi anymore, he was your boyfriend. Soon, the bus that Hobi was on arrived and you saw your handsome best friend alight the bus. He shot you a wide smile and greeted you. Your heart was pounding. As the two of you walked to school, tension was building up. You knew you had romantic feelings for Hobi, but the awkwardness has masked your chemistry with one another and it felt strange.

The both of you continued dating for a bit and it felt a little less strange by the day. But the time came and Hobi was graduating from highschool. He was moving to the Seoul to begin his university education while you were stuck in this small town for another year. Although you both agreed to continue keeping in contact through skype, and made plans for you to visit him over his summer break, none of it happened.

Hoseok was busy trying to get accustomed to university life, with all his exciting classes, frat parties and new friends, he hardly had time for you. While you on the other hand, was stuck in the monotonous lifestyle of a highschool senior in your small town. You knew you would probably join Hobi in Seoul once you were done with high school but the distance pushed the two of you apart.

Eventually, all communications with Hoseok died down. It started with hour long nightly skype calls, to 3-4 nights of short calls, to occasional text messages then it became nothing. Hobi and you were done. You did not blame him as you knew you were not putting in the effort either. Through this experience, you lost both your boyfriend and your best friend.

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The Toxic One

After you graduated from highschool, you reconnected with your ex, hoseok to seek advice on college admission. You eventually decided to enroll in the same university as him. When the time came for your big move to Seoul, Hobi greeted you at the train station and drove you to your new dorm. You expected the air to be tense, but it was casual and fun like how it used to be before the two of you started dating. You mentally noted about how glad you were for getting your best friend back for the very least.

As you began to settle down in college, Hobi would bring you out to introduce you to his friends. And that’s when you caught the eyes of the infamous bad boy, Kim Namjoon. He was tall, dark and handsome. While he looked like danger, he also has two insanely adorable dimples that appear whenever he articulates his words. Your breath hitched whenever you were with him.

Namjoon was notoriously known to be quite a player, but you didn’t care. You were hooked. Despite Hobi’s warning, you turned a blind eye and decided to go on a date with this mysterious senior of yours. He had a way of turning you into a pile of mush. You felt the knots in your stomach whenever he kissed you, just like how you felt when Jimin used to kiss you. Except, you knew what it was this time. It was lust, it was Namjoon’s sex appeal that was making you wet.

You did not eventually sleep with him, but you did give your first blowjob to him. The two of you were horny as hell and would engage in inappropriate acts whenever Namjoon felt like he needed to blow off some steam. Regardless if it was the cinema, the back of a bus or a deserted staircase landing, Namjoon would place your hand on his hardened bulge and shoot you with one of his signature dimpled-smile as a signal for you to go down on him. You gave in every single time. You knew you were turning into a mess. Your grades were dropping, you had no friends and all you did was suck Namjoon’s dick. While you knew you had to leave this man for good, he was way too alluring. The way he whispered in your ears, the way he held you, the way he made you feel like shit a moment and a princess the next. It made you feel needed. But it never lasted long, you were never Namjoon’s priority. In fact, you were generally in the background when your boyfriend hung out with his friends. Except, until he felt like he needed a release.

After countless sleepless nights and the possibility of failing your first year of university; you decided to heed the advice of Hobi and break up with Namjoon. It was a hot mess. More tears and fights were included. You would say that’s it and yet you give in whenever Namjoon came begging for you.

‘Come on babe, we are perfect for each other, I love you!’ Namjoon would say in his alluring deep voice.

Except, you knew you were never going to be Namjoon’s priority, all he wanted from you, was to suck his very horny dick. So you decided that you needed to get away from the toxic ex of yours and so you signed up for an exchange program; perhaps some time away from Namjoon would help you find yourself again.


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Your Dorky Roomate

And you did. You were back to being yourself again. You were your happy dorky self again. Your grades went up as well and everybody around you were pleased to see you turning your life around.

After three failed relationships, you were a lot more cautious and mature now. That’s until you meet your strange roommate in your shared house. Taehyung greeted you with his boxy smile by the door as you moved in to the apartment after arriving in the country. Since you did not know anybody around in the city, you agreed to take up the offer to have Taehyung bring you around.

The experience with Taehyung was not like the usual. While he did bring you to touristy places, he turned the typical trips into spontaneous fun adventures. Taehyung was ultimately a big kid in a grown man’s body. Once, he brought you to Disneyland and insisted that you both dress up as princesses. He was Rapunzel while you were Sleeping Beauty. He held onto your hand as you pranced around the park like two deranged princesses. People were staring, but neither of you cared. You were in your own bubble of happiness and that was all that matters.

‘You make a pretty hot Rapunzel, Tae.’ You commented in between giggles while the two of you engaged in a competition of who-can-finish-the-bad-tasting-over-priced-mickey-ice-cream first.

Tae shot you a wink and pretended to flip his non-existent golden locks.

Another time, Tae brought you to a local sleazy karaoke bar. He started the ball rolling by going up on stage and singing his rendition of BTS’ Dope. He knew you would like it; you were a major BTS trash after all (see what I did there? lol). Despite the fact that Tae sucked at rapping and he made you embarrassed as hell as he tried to mimic the actions of rap monster, you were mesmerized. You could not keep your eyes off your silly man-child roommate. His eyes were always twinkling with mischief and you felt completely safe and free to be as silly as you can be when you’re with him. Afterall, he was probably equally or more retarded than you are.

After a few more shots of tequila, both of you were high af and stumbled onto the stage. The microphone squeaked obnoxiously as tae tried to pick it up. Everybody in the audience grimaced from the high-pitch ring but the two of you just broke out in a laughing feat. Causing everybody to stare at you in annoyance. You proceed to sing a very drunkard rendition of Beast’s Bad Girl. It was your secret guilty pleasure which you had drunkardly admitted to Tae. He knew he had to make you sing it.

Despite your words slurring and your body moving out of sync with the music, Tae thought you were the most beautiful girl he has ever met. He had never met anybody as quirky and spontaneous as he is. In fact, all of his ex girlfriends had complained that he was ‘too 4D’ and needed to tone down. He hated how they tried to change him. But you were different. He felt like you embraced and accepted his quirkiness and brought out the best in him.

That very night, you both tumbled into the shared house, sucking each other’s facing off. Tae broke off the kiss, breathless.

‘Can I.. Can I.. fuck you please?’ Tae asked in between breaths.

You had never done it before but you agreed anyway. Your first experience turned out to be a living nightmare. You found out that Tae was a virgin as well and he was almost as clueless as you were. However, he did make it up to you by going down on you and giving you your very first orgasm. Your head spun and you gasped for air as Tae lapped up the juices spilling out of your womanhood. Your eyes were tightly shut as you reached out to hold onto a bunch of Tae’s hair. He shot his face up, drenched in your juice before burying his head under you again. He was hot. He was so hot you felt like you were going to explode.

After Tae was satisfied with how shagged out you were from your first orgasm, he haphazardly reached out to the box of condoms his older brother had given to him for ‘emergency’. Tae was pretty sure this was very much deemed as an ‘emergency’ as he was so turned on and ready to fuck you, especially after hearing you scream his name while he ate you out.

As Taehyung carefully put on his condom, he lined his hardened bulge in front of you and warned you before he carefully inserted his dick into your linings. You cried out in pain. It was your first time afterall.

‘Omg omg, I’m so sorry baby girl, did I hurt you?’ Tae immediately pulled his hardened member out of you, worried.

You shook your head and encouraged him to continue. While it did indeed hurt like hell, but you had read online that it was inevitable and you knew there was nobody else in the world you’d rather be fucked out for the first time besides Kim Tae Hyung.

Eventually, the pain subsided and it started to become enjoyable. Being his first time as well, Tae Hyung was a shaking mess in no time as he cummed into the condom he had put on the very first time. He fell onto the bed next to you; both too shagged out to speak. The both of you started freaking out when you realised you have stained the bed with blood so very much that it looked like you murdered someone.

As the days went by, Tae Hyung and you had more sex and they were always better and sexier than the previous. Some days, you would meet in the middle of lunch break just so you could fuck. The both of you were very much horny and in love.

However, you knew time was not on your side. The year was coming to an end and you had to return to your university.

Parting with Taehyung was a teary departure. Tae hugged you closed to him one last time, trying to remember the warmth and comfort you had provided him with. You felt a tear fall onto your shoulder as Taehyung pulled away. And that was goodbye.


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The Fuckboy

So there you are, half way through your undergraduate studies. You missed Taehyung dearly. While the two of you were still in contact, you knew it was nothing more than a missed opportunity. Soon enough, Tae was dating another girl and it hit you hard. While you were happy that Tae had found somebody, you were angry that the girl could’ve been you.

Hence, on one of those lonely nights, you signed up for an online dating app, hoping to find somebody to take the pain away from you. Perhaps to subconsciously spite the boy you loved in a distant land as well.

That was when you found Min Yoongi. He had bleached mint green hair and pale skin. While he generally gave off a nonchalant, indifferent vibe, he had his moments where he was vulnerable and genuine. Yoongi started out as a casual fling you matched on the dating app. Sex with him was satisfying. He was afterall, very hot and very dominating, just as you found out was your guilty pleasure. But eventually, through the chats you had pre and post sex, you found yourself to be falling for this fuckboy of yours. You knew he was not into commitments; neither was he ready to settle for just one girl. But you being you, there was no way you could control your feelings for him. You were drowning in a Min Yoongi abyss which led you to make the dumbest decision ever. With Hobi’s terribly stupid advice, you decided to sleep with somebody else, in hopes to spite Yoongi out of his shell.

Except, the plan backfired. It threw Yoongi off the wall. While you did ask for his opinion and he did approve, the thought of you sleeping with another man made Yoongi flip. He realized that you had somehow managed to break down his walls and he was falling for you. But then he got reminded of how he was once young, innocent and in love with his ex girlfriend.

Despite being young, he was determined to marry her some day. He took up extra shifts at his part time job just so he could buy her expensive gifts that she had yearned for. One day, he decided to surprise her at her place with flowers and balloons to celebrate their 4th anniversary. Only to hear her moaning obnoxiously loud through the entrance of her apartment. And it was not his name she was crying out for. Tears immediately gushed out of Yoongi’s eyes. He felt like his heart had been torn apart. He wanted to leave, to run away from the horror but his feet were weak and they refused to move. So he sat by her door, weeping; tortured and tormented by the sex he knew his girlfriend was having. Soon, the moaning stopped and the front door opened. Yoongi wiped off his tears and his face hardened as he watched the love of his life step out of her apartment with some strange man he had never seen before. The girl was surprised to see Yoongi outside her door. She wanted to explain, but she knew she had none. Yoongi reached over and shoved the flowers and balloons he had prepared for the girl in her hands. A single tear fell off his cheek as he said;

‘We’re over.’

And that was it. Yoongi never looked back. He was completely shattered. He built up his walls and found his released as a fuckboy instead. That was, until he met you. He felt like perhaps, this time, he could open his heart. Except, you knew nothing about his backstory and simply felt like you needed to protect your heart from this fuck boy. So when you tried to spite him by sleeping with some other guy you met in the club, Yoongi’s walls closed up again.

Both of you cried; angry that it was a missed opportunity. Things could have gone well. Except it didn’t and that was it.


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The Young One

After your once again painful parting with Yoongi, you decided to return to your hometown for the holidays. You did indeed miss your family and friends whom you had left behind to move to Seoul afterall.

One night, you decided to accompany your friend who had recently broken up with her boyfriend of 5 years to the club. You thought some fun could help you get your mind off Min Yoongi after all. As the night went by, your friend went wild and soon enough you lost her to some guy in the midst of the dance floor. You were feeling tired and not in the mood, so you moved to the bar to get a drink instead.

As you casually sipped on your cosmopolitan while trying to find your friend in the sea of people sucking out each other’s faces, you notice the guy next to you doing the same. The both of you turned and looked at each other and broke out in giggles.

‘Lost your friend in the sea of horny people?’ He asked.

‘Yeah… You as well?’ you asked.

The boy nodded his head and shot out his hand ‘Hi, I’m Jeon Jungkook!’

You shook his hands and took a closer look at the boy. He was gorgeous. He had brown hair that covered part of his forehead, big beady eyes and a smile that reminded you of an adorable bunny.

The both of you spend the next hour laughing and judging random strangers on the dance floor.

‘It’s funny how as the night goes by the single men and women becomes more desperate to find a partner and you eventually see everybody sucking each other’s faces out.’ You half shouted to Jungkook.

‘I know! It’s hilarious.’ He replied.

Except, the two of you eventually became one of the couples you were both judging after a few more glasses of cosmo.

Jungkook haphazardly guided you to an empty cubicle as his quickly ran his fingers under your shirt. His warm hands left a tingling sensation on you and you let out a soft lustful moan. Jungkook engulfed you in a hurried passionate kiss as he tried to unbutton your skirt. Your hand snaked over to the boy’s body as you felt his lean and defined abs under his white shirt. You broke off the kiss as you hungrily tried to remove his shirt. You needed to fuck this boy so badly.

You planted soft kisses at the nape of his neck and continued kissing downwards. Jungkook moaned. He reached out to cup your breast through your bra as he took in your seductive kisses across his torso.

Just as you were about to remove his pants, you knocked out his wallet by accident and his ID fell out.

‘What the fuck?! You’re 18?!’ You shrieked.

‘Yeah.. but why does it matter baby girl, come on.’ Jungkook said as his hand rested on your bare skin.

‘No.. no, this is too wrong, you’re the same age as my brother for God’s sake.’ You were freaking out as you gathered your clothes and struggled to leave the bathroom stall.

‘I’m sorry Jungkookie, you’re hot as fuck, but.. but… it would be like fucking my dongseng.’ You explained as you hurriedly ran out of the club.

Jungkook tried to chase after you but you were long gone.

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The window wipers

And so here you are, seated at a café, jotting down your generally unsuccessful, ridiculous romantic life. Just as you took a sip of your coffee, your best friend hobi arrived and you smiled at him.

‘How old are you? You freaking have a coffee-stache for God’s sake.’ Hobi whined, unable to stand how silly you can be at times.

‘Am I manly now?’ You tried to lower your voice to tease Hobi and broke out in your obnoxiously annoying laughter.

Just then, you heard a laughter than sounded very much like yours. You turned around and your eyes were met with a beautiful boy with pale pink hair.

‘Yeah I think you look pretty manly with that coffee-stache.’ He said.

Both of you started laughing again.

‘Have anybody told you your laughter sounded like a window wiper?’ you inquired.

The guy broke out into an even louder, more obnoxious laughter.

‘Yes. All the damn time!’ He said with his eyes wide open and exaggerated hand gestures.

‘I happened to think our laughter is pretty awesome though.’ You said in between your window wiper laughter.

‘Hi I’m SeokJin, you may can me Jin, fellow window-wiper?’ The boy quipped.

You introduced yourself as you both broke into another laughing feat.

All these while, Hobi sat back witnessing the ridiculous encounter his best friend was sharing with this random stranger.

‘Perhaps, perhaps after all the failed encounters with men, perhaps, this was going to be the final one, the only one you needed. Your fellow window-wiper.’ You thought to yourself as you exchanged your number with Jin.

Hi guys, this is a modified version of my actual love life (I know fml). Except, I haven’t actually met my jin, but my friend did actually point out that I laugh like a damn window wiper -.- haha. so yup, I hope you enjoyed my fic. I had tremendous fun trying to pair up the members with guys that had been in my life.

Also, I sincerely apologize for making rapmon the major dickhead. we all know rapmon is a major sweetie right? hurhur. Oh and i don’t know why I always end up with smutty storylines with tae because I swear yoongi is my love. but oh well. haha. Have a good day guize!

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Sad Story So a few years back I was bullied badly I mean like bullied for 5 years continually and hey my kind ass never spoke back looked at the ground whenever I was near them did my best to avoid them. Anyway one day they sat behind me at lunch and spat in my face. I was like that all you got try harder. So the next morning I was walking to school and they were chatting shit about me I was I getting angry so went to cross the road to get away from them and they tried to push me under a bus.

Aw, Molly. I’m so sorry you had go though that. You’re not alone. <3 I know what it feels being bullied and I had my reputation destroyed for a quite a while because of some bullies. I’m here for you if you need to talk. <3 

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I’ve framed all 23 of my pictures of us, so please don’t forget me

Please listen to 3000 by The Icarus Account for some serious long distance bokuaka feels

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re really not as far as it sometimes seems they are.

And Akaashi knows it’s not worth getting upset over - not when Bokuto comes home some weekends, sleeps over and complains about his classwork. The classwork that he brings with him because he has to study to maintain his grades to stay on his university volleyball team.  Akaashi is happy to help him with his work, because he wants Bokuto to succeed and wants him close, and having Bokuto sit at the desk in Akaashi’s bedroom, slowly making a dent in the work that has accumulated since his last visit while Akaashi sits beside him, so close their thighs press together, is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Akaashi likes this.  He likes when Bokuto is home and he can forget that in a few short days Bokuto will have to go back to university and it’ll be another long who-knows-how-long before he can have the wing spiker as close as he wants him.  But Bokuto whines and shoulders him playfully, asking with big, golden eyes if Akaashi would, ‘be so kind as to do this stupid essay for me?’ and Akaashi doesn’t dwell on the soon-to-be distance; just leans over and brushes his lips against Bokuto’s cheek, effectively stunning him into silence.

“Finish your essay and we can take a break.” Akaashi tells him, eyes gleaming in what he hopes is suggestive enough to get his point across without having to say it.

Bokuto finishes his paper in record time, and they spend the rest of the night rolling around in Akaashi’s bed, with the setter weaving his fingers through the unruly, grey-black strands, pulling Bokuto close close closer while he still has him there.

The distance is easy to ignore with Bokuto wrapped in his arms.


Other times it’s not so easy to ignore; the volleyball club loses ninety percent of their starting players when Bokuto and the rest of the third years graduate - leaving the coach and Akaashi scrambling to whip the normally benched players and new members into shape before the playing season officially begins.

It’s hard work, but Akaashi is the captain and wants to be to the rest of the team what Bokuto was to him when he was a first year, so he does what he has to - he opens up more and encourages and praises, and Akaashi wishes he wasn’t afraid to be like this when Bokuto was still on the team.

A first year fumbles with his receive, and in addition to Wataru’s shouts of, ‘Don’t mind!’ from across the court, Akaashi ruffles his hair and assures the first year that he’ll get the next one.  The way his eyes light up - the smile that splits his face - reminds Akaashi so much of Bokuto that he feels his heart lurch and has to turn away to compose himself.

It hasn’t been long since he’s last seen Bokuto - a month, maybe (because he had a test and agreed to a study group on Saturday and couldn’t come home the weekend before like he was supposed to) - but just the idea of volleyball - the court and the feel of leather in his palms - makes Akaashi’s heart ache for the former Fukurodani captain. He pulls himself together before anyone can notice, training his face into its usual stoic expression, before the formation rotates.


Akaashi has just returned from washing his face in the bathroom across from his bedroom when his phone rings, something popish and chirping and too loud for how tired Akaashi feels, but he picks his phone up from his nightstand and sees the name on the caller ID and feels his heart jump - just a little, and he’s suddenly wide awake.

He slides his legs underneath his blanket the same time his thumb slides to answer the call.


There’s a burst of static from the other line, then, “Akaashiiiiii~”

Akaashi doesn’t fight the smile that pulls at his lips. He settles back against his pillows, head resting against his headboard. “Hello, Bokuto-san.”

There’s a shifting noise from the other line. Then, “Are you in bed?”

“Yes. Are you?”

Bokuto groans, sending a cloud of white noise into Akaashi’s ear. “You know it, and I’m never leaving. Practice was brutal today.”

Akaashi frowns at this; he knows how Bokuto can get. He’s worried himself sick over it - did Bokuto have someone there to stop him when he went too far? Did he have someone to look out for him when Akaashi could not? “You didn’t overwork yourself, did you?”

Bokuto makes an affronted noise. “You have no faith in me. Of course I didn’t; I didn’t want to be too tired to call you.”

Akaashi feels his face heating up. “Oh.”

“What about you?” Bokuto asks. “How was practice?”

“It went fine…”

Akaashi doesn’t tell him about how much he missed seeing him on the court, how much he missed tossing to him - that would only upset Bokuto, and Akaashi doesn’t want to waste any of the time they have tonight with dejected Bokuto when he could be hearing him laugh instead, like he’s doing now as Akaashi tells him about the first year accidentally spiking a ball at Wataru’s face.

Akaashi doesn’t know how long they talk - with Bokuto telling him about his classes and his new team and how much Akaashi is going to love college - but they chat until Akaashi’s eyelids grow heavy, lulled into relaxation by the sound of Bokuto’s voice.

Bokuto must notice Akaashi’s replies becoming shorter and shorter, because he laughs - a familiar puff of static that Akaashi loves - and tells the setter to get some sleep.

Akaashi doesn’t want to hang up yet, but he knows if he stays up any longer he’s going to be exhausted tomorrow, so he hums in agreement and says, “Are you still coming home Saturday?”

“Friday night!” Bokuto tells him excitedly.  “Classes get out early so I’m going to take the train and get there around 5. I thought maybe we could see a movie and then spend Saturday relaxing, if you want?”

Akaashi’s heart skips a few beats. “That sounds nice.” He says honestly. “I’m looking forward to it.”

He can practically feel Bokuto’s smile radiating through the phone. “Me too.” Then, after a beat of silence: “I miss you, Akaashi.”

“I miss you too.” And Akaashi does - he misses Bokuto so much sometimes he feels like he’s not even himself anymore.  The Akaashi Keiji of two years ago would have scoffed at the idea that one day, being far away from his weird, moody senpai would make him hurt on the inside - that volleyball would be different when Bokuto wasn’t there for him to toss to and that he would fall so, so deep in love that the distance between high school and university would seem millions of miles away.

“Hey,” Bokuto’s voice is comforting in his ear - Akaashi wishes Bokuta was actually there beside him, holding him close and running his fingertips across Akaashi’s cheekbones - but he’ll take what he can get. “I love you.” Bokuto tells him. “Skype date, tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Akaashi affirms. “If you fixed your stupid webcam.”

“I did, I did.” Bokuto pauses, expectant, and Akaashi knows exactly what he’s waiting for.

He sighs out a smile. “I love you too.”


Akaashi knows this distance between them is not as bad as it could be, despite the loneliness he sometimes feels. He knows that they will be fine - that he will be fine - and it will only get easier over time.  It’s only for a year anyway, and then there will be no need for nightly phone calls or skype dates or counting the days until he gets to see Bokuto next. He’ll have Bokuto as close as he wants him.

It’s only for a year, and then he’ll be right where he needs to be.

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hey so I was wondering what kind of bullet journal I should get, I was looking at the Leuchtturm 1917 A5.. I'm not sure if I want to pay $20 though!! Quite pricey :// but which notebooks would you recommend? btw YOUR BLOG IS ACTUALLY MY FAVORITE THING I LOVE IT SO MUCH

it depends! some major reasons ppl pay so much for leuchtturms & moleskines is because they just generally feel ?? nice in your hand, there’s a ton of varieties of page types, the paper doesn’t fall out, and the covers are sturdy. the nice paper quality is also a significant factor. but most of all: they’re just generally substantial notebooks that last a long time. i currently have one moleskine planner and one moleskine bujo, and i love them both. but because they’re pricey, buying one is definitely a bit of a commitment, so u really have to know what you’re going to use it for ahead of time. (AND THANK YOU!!)

MAIN PROS TO SPLURGING ON A MOLESKINE/LEUCHTTURM (and more importantly, whether if it’s worth it for what u plan on using it for !!)

paper quality. moleskines & leuchtturms let u use pen & paint without bleeding or too much ghosting (useful for bullet journaling!!). but if you plan on doing infrequent spreads (only monthlys, only weekends, only when u feel like it etc), you could definitely get away with a notebook w standard paper quality and skip a few pages between each spread. 

sturdy covers. i take one of my moleskines to school, meaning it’s in the bottom of my bag every day. it goes through a lot, from water bottle leaks (yikes) to being shoved around 24/7. whereas a notebook with a paper cover would bend/rip, my moleskine holds up pretty well. in addition, the hardness of the cover makes journaling easier when i don’t have a flat surface to write on (which is common when i’m out and about). but if u plan on leaving ur bujo at home, then you probably won’t get much out of the vinyl cover. 

they feel nice. the paper has a really satisfying texture and the journal itself feels substantial. there’s no way to talk about this without sounding terribly pretentious, but they have a quality i notice when using them. but are Creamy Feeling™ pages worth 20 dollars? maybe. maybe not. it really depends on what u look for in a journal.

general Aesthetic™. i feel like it would be slightly dishonest to omit this. they’re pretty, they’ve flooded the studyspo tag, etc etc etc. but it’s not only the notebook that makes a good bullet journal – it’s what u put in it. if aesthetic is the sole purpose of buying a moleskine/leuchtturm, u might want to reconsider n save ur $$. but!! it’s entirely up to u

A FEW OTHER BRANDS OF NOTEBOOKS to use for bullet journaling (that come a bit cheaper!)

Lightbulb - DP

Random idea I came up with today while spinning in my chair at my desk, staring at the overhead lights. No plot. Just… this.

Fentonworks was well known for its ghost weaponry. If someone wanted to take down a ghost - any ghost, of any shape, size, designation, or energy level - Fentonworks would have (or would make) a weapon for you. They were world leaders in weapons technology, and even the government was known to camp on their doorstep, waiting for the latest installment of Fentontech.

What few people outside the realm of ‘ghost research’ realized was that the Fentons did more than just design supernatural weapons. They were also highly interested in the ghosts themselves, and had invented dozens of devices to study, attract, or learn about the ghosts and ectoplasm. And, sometimes, the Fentons built things just to see if they could.

When Danny wandered downstairs one day, fighting off a headache from a long day of school, he stepped right into his parents doing just that - building something simply for the sake of finding out if it would work. “Hey, Mom? Dad?” Danny asked, leaning up against one of the lab tables.

His mother looked up, pushing her goggles up to her forehead. “Sweetie! How was your day?”

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Blood Moon (Part 1)

Fandom : Teen wolf

Pairing : stiles X reader

Word count : 3699

Part : 1/?

Author’s note : again this is another oneshot but this time I based it off of one of my favourite songs by twenty one pilots called migraine go check it out if you want. Hope you enjoy it!!

Warning : close relation’s death, anxiety, panic attacks, mentions of death. Dylan O'Brien.

Y/N = your name

Y/L/N = your last name

Y/H/C = your hair colour

Y/H/L = your hair length

B/T = body type

Y/F/C = your favourite colour

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Thank God it’s Friday

A new girl had moved in next door to Stiles. He hadn’t gotten a good look at her before she had rushed inside the abandoned house.

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All that I have ever wanted to do was help people. You guys know that more than anyone else. I can’t save anyone, and trust me when I say that I wish I could, I just can’t. I hope you guys remember that, too. That you can’t save people, and you can’t be saved by anyone but yourself, but you can’t do it all on your own.

I am so sorry if you’re going through a rough time, if you feel stuck and that time doesn’t seem to realize that you’re still hanging behind. That you have no idea what to do or how to complete things that are too exhausting for you to deal with on your own (like your education). If your mental health has never been top shape, but lately you feel it is becoming worse. I know how hard it can be focusing on school when you’re having trouble just simply breathing.

I always tell anyone who is struggling with signs of mental illnesses or anything to seek the help that they need for the recovery that they deserve. But, I know how hard it can be to follow advice, and especially to ask for someone’s help.

Which is why it’s so important that we all reach out to one another when we see someone in pain. You may inspire someone to save themselves, which is all I can and try to do with every single one of you who have messaged me over the years, crying about your heart or mind being broken and exhausted.

Whenever I feel down, I will message people and reach out to help and advice, ask if they need to talk, if they are taking care of themselves and so on. It cheers me up knowing that I made someone else’s day just a little better. That I reminded someone that somebody truly cares about them. And I know many of you have the same habit, which is amazing, but you have to think about yourself sometimes, especially when you feel depressed.

Not dealing with your pain can potentially lead to terrifying things that no one should ever have to experience (like harming yourself). And to any of you out there who is struggling with self-harm, if you have ever been clean - even for the shortest amount of time, you should honestly feel proud. And if you are depressed or suicidal, I am so proud of you for just being here to this day. It seems like such a small idea, to just simply breathe and eat, but it can be so exhausting when you’re walking around ill and it seems like no one even seems to care.

If a part of you feels like you’ve just given up, like you’re ready to drop out of school, give up and walk away from everything you love, all of your dreams and all of your friends, you’re ready to just completely lose hope, then you have to reach out, even the smallest scream can help. I promise some weight will be lifted off of your shoulders by just simply venting/ranting to a friend or a therapist.

I am an optimistic person and the positive mindset that I have gotten so used to can calm me down sometimes when i’m sad. I’ve become a master of a positive response to literally every possible outcome of a situation and I love it. I love that I can be so positive, especially when it comes to comforting people. I just hate that it’s not enough. You can be the most positive soul but if you don’t actually stop at times to take care of yourself, positivity just isn’t enough.

One of the reasons that I love helping everyone, and one of the reasons I want to do something meaningful and helpful with my life is honestly because it makes me feel needed. I know that it sounds awfully selfish, it’s just knowing that you helped someone get the help they needed and deserved, or inspired someone to reach out and stay strong, makes you feel useful. It hurts to remind myself that even those I try my best to support are still scared and feel alone, no matter how much I want to help. Which is why that it is so important to me that everyone feels safe to reach out for the help they need, like therapy, and that people reach out and asks if someone needs to talk when they think something is bothering them.

If you’re hurting, I know you want to stay strong. I know you don’t want to hurt the people you love. I know you want to help everyone else before helping yourself. I, personally, want to make everyone happy because no one deserves to feel alone and hopeless, to feel like they have no way out. I believe that 100% and I am sure that you do as well, but you’re too damn hard on yourself to remember that belief when it comes to yourself.

I’m so sorry if this upsets you and I am sorry if this is painful for you to read. I wish that I could save everyone, and I wish that I could make it all good. I want to buy houses where people can live for free. I want to offer education to drop outs and homeless. I want to really change lives, for everyone. I want equality and I want therapy to be free all over the world because the amount of money you have shouldn’t have anything to do with your right to be healthy. I want people to accept you completely, no matter the race, sexuality, or gender that you are. I want people to not think you just want attention when you ask for help. I wish people wouldn’t do any harm to the people they share this world with, but the fact of the matter is, they do, which is why it is important to be kind to each other and to take care of ourselves when we have no one to do it for us.

I’m so sorry that I can’t get you guys all those things. I’m sorry that saying you have a mental illness isn’t reacted to the same way as if you have cancer. I’m so sorry. I love you guys so much. I mean it, every single one of you, even strangers. I don’t care about your past, I only care about what you’re doing to be the best you, right now, even if that means you stumble sometimes. We’re not perfect, and no one is.

Reach out to get the help you need and deserve, because you are worthy of recovery, I promise you. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. It is okay to put yourself first when it is needed. And when it comes to school, I hope you remember that there are more important things than being smart.

I hope you learn to love yourself. I hope you tell your friends when you’re struggling, and I hope that they open their arms to let you cry in them. I hope you don’t shut yourself out. Please, do something to make yourself smile everyday. Don’t feel selfish. Your friends won’t think of you any less for admitting you’re not okay sometimes, if they do, they’re not your friends. Your true friends will maybe feel bad for you for 10 seconds before just wanting to help you with everything they can, and ultimately, this makes them feel closer to you and it reminds them that you’ll always be there if they ever needed you as well. It might help you both get someone to talk to. Way too few of people feel safe enough to share their struggles with even their closest friends and family. Many of us have the habit of thinking people have safety nets, that they have someone to talk to when things get hard, but the truth is, most of us don’t, which is why it is so important to reach out.

Be open, be accepting, be kind, and please be compassionate. Remember to love yourself, and to love others while learning to care for yourself. People are the world and love is all we have. Speak out when something is wrong. Please, don’t suffer alone and don’t watch someone else suffer without attempting to reach out.

I love you all and I am always here for you, and will be more than happy to give advice on reaching out for help (be it going to the doctor to see if you need professional help or how to talk to your friends) or just listen to you rant.

Also here is a list of helpful resources about mental health.
ps. the photo is not mine, I found it on google.

Fun Facts About Pumpkin Spice

-Spoiler alert: It’s cinnamon

-It won’t leave me alone

-As a woman, it is the heaviest albatross around my neck (the other is Mean Girls)

-On the eve of September 1st, my boyfriend turned orange and started smelling like nutmeg and is now injecting himself into all of my breads and teas

-All my plaid shirts are sentient enough to crawl through piles of leaves and make themselves a steaming cup of pumpkin spice milk and light every Bed Bath & Beyond candle with its horrid button eyes

-PUMPKIN actually tastes pretty good, but we wouldn’t know anything about that now would we

-It’s 90 degrees out and the supermarket is just stockpiling orange chocolates and orange English muffins and orange coffee creamers and I am slowly deteriorating because of it

-I had pumpkin spice latte once and said “hmm. A little sweet but it’s nice!” and now I’ve drank it over ten million times 

-you can be an educated female person or a man and still enjoy Pumpkin Spice. Because it is a fucking flavor. 

-Eating these things won’t bring you back to the carefree feeling of fall, the start of new school beginnings, and new binders and jeans and being young, because yes you are still in student debt and getting older by the millisecond

-Pumpkin Spice is Donald Trump, as they are both orange and everywhere and trying to dictate my life and choices

-Help me get away from it

-My mom is allergic to cinnamon and became that way later in life and each night I pray to become like her so I can just walk away from all this 

-one day it will be served year round and while this means we might have won the battle, perhaps we just enjoyed fighting

-Yes, I’ll have a pumpkin spice soy latte, who cares, we’re all dead anyway

Interpretation of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child summary

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Oh what sort of story might this be…

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