it feels like being away from school one day

Okay I’ve seen hc’s about lance being sheltered or from a religious family or something so he knows jack shit about LGBT but coNSIDER:
-lance is from a huge as fuck family so obviously he has a ton of gay cousins
-he has two moms and ones trans
-growing up he’d tell his family about lgbt kids bullied at school and by the next day they’d be unofficial family
-lance gets a lot of shit for that so he’s not popular or liked much but his relationships with his family(non-blood and all) are off the charts
-lance just. getting people’s issues. kind of acts like an asshole but when everything’s said and done and the door’s been slammed in his face people realize he said a lot of good shit???
-lance is bi sorry no take backs I don’t make the rules
-lance standing up to assholes even though he’s always outnumbered and he never cares what they say bc his family supports him
-lance coming back the next day with his siblings and half his cousins
-his family being the ultimate pta family and half the time a kid goes home with them instead of their actual family
-Lance’s family has been unironically called the gay mafia by homophobes
-They have a reputation
-they’ve got the Agenda ™