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Hi. Haven’t actually made a direct post in ages. But since Sherlock just ended, I feel like this calls for something. 1. Reeling. (I am SHOOK) Jeez. Ok. Now that we’ve established that. 2. I was pretty much stunned all the way up until the end at which point my emotions turned towards ‘hold your hand clasped to your math in a *d'awwwww* way (instead of *GASP-WHAT or alternatively SHOCKHORROR*)- especially with the duet and brother/sister. 💚💚💚 ugggh my heart. 3. Random observation but it seemed like Mycroft was the most emotional of the 3 throughout the whole “experiment”? of course I could be wrong but Sherlock and John seemed to have that whole ‘snap into soldier mindset’ when necessary, whereas he was just being disturbed more and more constantly. 4. I’m not going to go into ships, but I am entirely convinced that Gaytiss 😉 is entirely aware of what a sexy bastard Lestrade is and naturally had to make sure Lestrade would “take care of him” Just sayin Also it seems like all ships were nicely hinted at. (Some more than others but thats to remain in each ship’s tags-speaking of which is it too hard to be at least courteous to one another? Jeez. I know tit for tat seems to be the only thing that “works” but kindly refrain and act like the sophisticated civilized people that I know exist in this fandom-it’s because of them that I left for so long because I just couldn’t take all the stupidness coming FROM the fandom-and that’s really sad considering which show this is) 5. Sherlock was “always the grown up”. 6. Molly Hooper looked so depressed 🙁 7. Sherlock looked exactly like my uncle at one point. (Irrelevant I know) 8. Thank goodness the ox skull survived. And headphones. 9. I still miss Mary and she didn’t really die. 10. HE SAID GREG. I KNEW HE WOULD IN THE FINALE. I could go on and on but I think I covered the main important points earlier on and now I’m just rambling because I feel kinda empty (and still shell-shocked). But oh well. Thank god it’s over. It was a really good place to end the series, obviously I’m sad its over because I’ll miss Sherlock’s brain and Lestrade’s exasperation and Molly’s quiet strengh etc, but I highly doubt anything more could have been done without it resembling a cheap comedy tv series after long. So well done. It’s been an honor. *Salute* I guess I’ll see some of you guys in and Archive. Much love.

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Hey stormy!!!! how are you! I feel like its been ages since I last spoke to you!! im really sorry for my lack of activity, my computer has been broken for some time now!! but ive missed talking to you tbh

also youve made so mutch improvement in the past few months omg


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I’ve missed you a whole bunch too!! I figured something like that happened though so I tried not to spam you or anything with asks/messages! :”D I’ve been great as of late, 2017 is off to a good start. And thank you! I hope I’ll improve a lot more in the upcoming months, too haha.

Oml I’m gonna message you now though!