it feels like a failure otl

(Reuploaded because wrong post type OTL)

First art of the year!!!

Just got back from overseas and after 4 years… I’ve FINALLY gotten Rune Factory 4 ;w;

I love the Rune Factory series so much and I feel like a failure for joining the RF4 fandom so late Q_Q (Is anyone even playing still or anything??? Just started the RF series maybe?? Or still likes RF4/the RF series?).

I still need to finish RF2′s second gen OTL But currently up to the 2nd arc in RF4!! Who the hell do I marry but

I’ve actually been having terrible luck in solo Salmon Run like, no lie. I’ve lost my Go-Getter title twice now, and I’m close to losing it again. I get one good game out of many failures and when I think my luck has changed it goes downhill lol oTL

I use to be a roller main and now rollers have abandoned me, I have no idea what happened. I’m no longer good with them in 2 and that makes me really upset D: I’m trying to learn the Carbon to see if that might click, but so far the Splat Roller and Krak-On (my favorite roller too sobs) I feel aren’t meshing with me personally? There just feels like there is something not right, and I spent all day yesterday practicing with them both, but just didn’t feel it.

I’m only glad I’m still good with the Splatling and Inkbrush otherwise I think I’d cry if that wasn’t the case. Those are my two favorite weapon categories. Splattershot became one of my good weapons for turf and Rainmaker/League Battles. I guess something had to replace the roller void. Rainmaker is not even my good mode (I played it like, four times maybe on 1) and somehow I’m suddenly good at it and kicking butt? I’m a B- right now in that mode after skipping a few ranks from C-, though I know I’m never touching Rainmaker in solo ranked again haha. Just going to do it in League Battles cause it’s WAY more fun and less stressful.