it feels kinda sticky

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tips on cleaning violin/viola? my viola looks kinda sticky on some places but it doesn't feel sticky and my violin has dark marks on the neck where ur hand goes from pen ink on ym hand. pls help with cleaning instuments

five steps to cleaning your instrument:

1. buy rosin remover. it comes in a little bottle and you can buy it at most music stores. if you don’t already have it, it will change your life

2. while you’re at the store, get some instrument polish.

3. if you don’t already have a cleaning cloth, get a cleaning cloth. in desperate times I’ve used towels and napkins to clean my instrument, and all they do is remind me how essential it is to have a cleaning cloth

4. apply to your instrument. thoroughly.

5. make cleaning your instrument a habit every time you get it out. having a sticky instrument is really gross and not recommended

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my strings have like a dried rosin or something on them like that and it only gets off when i scratch them how do i fix this?? also they feel kinda sticky

get yourself a magical bottle of rosin remover. it works miracles

Blessed Youth

Pairing: Hyuk/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: masturbation, explicit oral sex, fingering, penetrative sex, foul language, alcohol use, terrible attempts at humour

Wordcount: 3899

Request: Hyuk catches you moaning his name while you masturbate in the shower and joins in.

Notes: This took forever to write because I decided to work on a bunch of requests at once today, which was sorta counterproductive in a sense but whatever, I managed to finish this anyway wooo! I ended up giving this one a bit of a plot since there was no special request regarding that (nothing too specific really but i did change some things…eh…i hope you don’t mind requesting anon T^T), I hope that the anon who requested (and all of you precious readers) enjoys it ^_^ its kinda sweet and fluffy too idk…

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sweetaddictedmuses  asked:

Whoppers and Jelly Beans for Mae

Mae licked her lips at the offerings and started on the whopper, enjoying the juicy meaty flavor. When she finished, her stomach grumbled loudly and she looked down to see her frame expand tenfold, her rump becoming so big, it forced her to the ground, and now she was at 1,160 pounds. She tries to get up, but she was too big to move, she was completely immobile. With a sigh, she managed to grab the jelly beans and eat them whole. Suddenly, she started to feel sticky…and kinda wet. Looking at her paw, she saw it become green and transparent, and soon her entire body followed suit, as she now became a slime feline. At least the good news is she had a much easier time moving her large frame.

“At least I can still move…” She huffed. “But what am I suppose to do with this slime crap?”

RFA+V: Normal meeting with MC

Basically still they’re still RFA members but with less angst and you weren’t tricked into Rika’s appartment


  • he’s at the library desperately trying to finish his essay
  • that’s what you get for playing all night
  • you work there as an assistant librarian
  • he comes over to ask your help in finding a book
  • poor boy looks like he’s about to keel over and die right there
  • so you smile at him and ask him if he needs anything else
  • he starts crying
  • what did you do????
  • “I’m sorry if I said something, please stop crying”
  • oh no people are staring now
  • “I’m really sorry, here’s a tissue”
  • boy finally stops crying
  • he’s been very stressed and apparently you were the first person to be so nice to him today
  • you literally just offered help
  • apologizes for scaring you and thanks you for your help
  • goes off to finish essay
  • returns later after he’s submitted it and everything
  • apologizes again, this time offers to buy you coffee because he feels bad for putting you on the spot like that
  • also very red because he realized he not only started crying in the middle of a library filled with people, he cried in front of a very pretty girl and is now asking said girl out for coffee
  • you think he’s adorable and accept
  • zen is half annoyed and half proud because of course yoosung would somehow get a date by crying but at the same time how


  • somehow you have never heard of zen before meeting him jaehee vows to change that once you two meet
  • you were the new delivery girl and you were there to deliver all the gifts from producers
  • he flirts with you expecting that you knew him already
  • but then you didn’t
  • and he just stops for a few seconds because wait, what??
  • and you just shrug and tell him you’ve never seen him before
  • he’s so shocked
  • you’re delivering gifts to him how do you not know
  • your job is just to deliver the things not to trace it back to the senders and question why it was sent
  • he’s still so shocked
  • oh no he stopped moving
  • “Sir, are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, just… How do you not know me?”
  • and you admit to him that you don’t really watch tv and your internet use has somehow been limited to everything not including him
  • he shakes his head in disbelief as you wait patiently for him to sign the papers so you can go
  • eventually he collects himself and does so
  • you tell him it’s nice to meet him and you hope you see him again some other time
  • he flashes a charming grin your way and you have to admit you can see why he’s famous, if only for his looks
  • you’re waiting for the elevator and contemplating this encounter
  • “He was pretty cute, wasn’t he?”
  • you sigh and shake your head because yeah he was good looking but you’d probably have no chance there
  • “I didn’t know you thought I was cute. But you’re much nicer looking. Maybe we can talk about it this weekend over dinner?”
  • he just gave you a heart attack
  • you thought he’d already left???
  • “Sorry, couldn’t help but overhear. I forgot something to get something from you”
  • what? what did he forget?
  • “Your number”
  • oh this smooth prick


  • there’s a cafe she likes to go to for lunch sometimes when she has the time which is very rarely thanks to jumin #savejaehee2016
  • you’re the new waitress there and it’s your first time serving her
  • she’s so pretty it’s love at first sight
  • this time she orders something new and immediately you can see she didn’t like it
  • but she doesn’t have time to order something else
  • and she doesn’t want to insult you even though you didn’t cook it
  • perfect angel
  • so she’s determined to enjoy her lunch despite the fact that she hates it
  • and you feel bad for her so you get her some dessert and she tries to refuse because no she couldn’t possibly
  • but you insist and when she tries it it’s the best thing ever
  • her whole face just lights up
  • ugh someone save you because you’re in the presence of an actual angel
  • after that you see her come in at least once every week or so although she doesn’t stay long
  • she usually just gets the fastest thing she can order and that dessert guilty pleasure
  • you think she’s super cute and honestly so nice that you want to ask her out
  • but she’s also always very busy so you never have time
  • you do try to flirt with her though
  • but it’s such a slow romance
  • you finally ask her out and she agrees
  • she has an hour off for lunch and you spend it with her
  • she’s just so perfect and lovely
  • then when you leave she says thanks for spending lunch with her, she’s looking forward to being friends with you
  • what
  • you’re unsure if that’s a subtle rejection or if she just didn’t realize you’d asked her out on a date
  • so you try asking her the next time you see her
  • poor thing just looks so confused
  • baehee jaehee does not realize you’ve been trying to ask her out for weeks
  • finally you kiss her cheek
  • she still thinks it’s a friend thing
  • light peck on her lips
  • flat out tell her “I like you, will you go out with me in a non-platonic way?”
  • and oh
  • oh
  • she finally gets it
  • so red
  • so very red
  • but yes, she accepts


  • he tries to bring elizabeth 3rd to work with him again
  • but then right as the car doors open she suddenly jumps out and runs off
  • elly no that’s a busy street
  • somehow she makes it to the other side intact
  • but then she continues running into one of the stores
  • a small cafe that you work at
  • is that a cat? why is there a cat in the cafe??
  • you look around and it doesn’t look like anyone owns her
  • so you bend down and try to get her to come closer
  • she walks up to you and looks expectantly
  • so you assume that means you can touch her
  • you pet her gently “You’re a pretty little kitty. Where’s your owner?”
  • just as you ask her that you hear someone clear their throat and you look up to see a handsome man in a suit looking out of breath
  • that’s his pretty kitty
  • “Oh”
  • you pick her up and hand her over to him
  • he thanks you and decides to buy a dozen muffins to show his appreciation for rescuing his cat from the dangers of the world
  • you didn’t do anything but okay?
  • he leaves soon after that and you wonder if you’ll ever see them again
  • oh well probably not
  • but then the next day you get an order for five dozen muffins and who even needs that many??
  • you get your answer when you deliver them to his office building the next day
  • and the day after that
  • and the day after that one
  • for the rest of the week he just keeps buying muffins
  • and they keep increasing in quantity
  • stop
  • and finally you snap because if this is some weird way of his to say thanks for saving his cat then you get the message but please enough is enough
  • and he confesses that it was actually a way to ask you for dinner
  • as thanks for saving his cat
  • why is this man so strange
  • but if it gets him to stop asking for muffins you accept
  • after the dinner date you still go there to deliver food but this time it’s not just muffins anymore


  • he finally ran out of honey buddha chips how is this possible yoosung stop stealing seven’s chips
  • but anyway he’s starving so he pops over to the nearest convenience store
  • it’s very late so the store’s practically empty
  • he immediately goes to the chips section and is disappointed to find that his chips aren’t there
  • it’s not surprising tho
  • so he goes to the microwavable food section instead
  • he’s already here so he may as well get real food or as real as it can get considering it’s still convenience store food
  • while he’s at it he should get some drinks
  • and maybe some desserts too
  • and snacks for later
  • sweets as well
  • why not just buy the whole store while you’re at it
  • he pretty much just crashes into you after getting his drinks
  • kinda wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings because he was busy pretending to be a superspy on a secret mission
  • he was humming the mission impossible theme under his breath and sneaking and darting around because he might ‘get caught’
  • luckily he wasn’t holding anything more than phd pepper
  • unluckily the soda still splashed all over you
  • seven freezes but then you throw your own drink on him
  • and then you freeze too because you did not mean to do that
  • you kind of just reacted without thinking
  • oh no
  • mc why is that your first instinct
  • now you’re both just standing there drenched and oh wow that’s really cold and sticky and it’s kinda feeling gross now
  • then seven starts laughing and you’re just standing there gobsmacked because how can he laugh in a situation like this??
  • but the more he laughs and the more you think about it, yeah this is pretty damn funny so you start laughing too
  • and now you’re both just laughing and leaning into each other because you’re laughing too hard
  • you wonder how you haven’t attracted the attention of other people in the store just as the store clerk walks towards you
  • oops spoke too soon
  • ooooh he looks pissed
  • you and seven look at each other and it seems like you come to a decision
  • you quickly stand and he grabs your hand
  • “C’mon!”
  • and oh my god now you’re running out of the store still drenched in soda but now you’re laughing and screaming too
  • you feel kinda bad running out and leaving the store like that but it’s too late now don’t worry seven left money on the soda covered floor
  • you’re off and when you finally stop you realize you’re fairly close to your apartment
  • then you realize you don’t even know the name of this stranger you’ve been running around with so you ask him
  • and he says his name is 707
  • you accept it because you figure he’s trying to keep up that spy persona he had back at the store altho you are kinda disappointed because you wanted to know his real name and maybe his number too while you were at it
  • you ask him if he wants to go to your apartment to get cleaned up since it’s close by and it’s your fault he got wet
  • he says it’s fine but no thanks, he’ll just walk you to your place since it’s late
  • you get there and say goodnight to him, he says goodnight back and you’re both just kinda standing there awkwardly until you randomly blurt it out
  • “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”
  • you are mortified
  • really? that’s what you went with?
  • why are you even using pick-up lines????
  • he just looks at you and starts laughing really hard
  • and now you’re red as a tomato and you try to flee into the safety of your home when he stops you
  • “Here.”
  • it’s a simple card with 707 written on it and a phone number underneath
  • “Call me.” he winks at you before walking off he’s really red too
  • how did that work


  • everybody decided to get him a dog because if he insisted on leaving his eyes like that then a dog would help lots
  • plus they thought it would help him cope with rika’s death, it’s been so long and he needs more in his life than just an empty house full of pictures
  • jumin and seven wanted to get him a cat but everyone else vetoed that idea
  • one day he takes the dog out to the park for some exercise
  • he’s playing fetch with it when suddenly it doesn’t come back
  • he keeps calling out to it and eventually starts looking
  • he finds his dog playing fetch with you and your own dog instead
  • dog how could you play wingman betray him like this
  • apologizes to you and tries to take the dog back because they should stop bothering the nice lady
  • dog starts whining and looking sad so you tell him it’s fine, he’s cute got a cute dog anyway and you’d love it if they stuck around to play
  • so they do
  • you guys play with the dogs all afternoon
  • it’s getting late and it’s time to leave
  • after that you hang out with him there about once a week
  • then it turns into two or three times
  • until it’s pretty much everyday
  • and it’s not just at the dog park anymore, now you guys watch movies, have dinner,  etc
  • actually you’re pretty much a couple
  • you’re not even sure if he’s interested or if he’s just.that. nice. because he really seems the type to be super nice to a person just because
  • but then one day, he does say something
  • and it’s the sweetest way a person has every asked anyone to date them
  • hallelujah you thought he’d wait until you were both using canes before doing so
  • Aoi: milk lotion + a hot towel really are the best!
  • Aoi: after washing my face, I smear a fair amount of lotion, then put a hot towel on my face after microwaving it for 1 minute. it makes my skin soft and sticky, which is perfection! and good-bye to all my stress as well. not to forget the skin freshener afterwards.
  • Aoi: in this case, it feels like the milk lotion makes it soft and sticky. I’m one of those people who only likes to apply lotion before going to bed. it just feels kinda sticky.
  • Aoi: I’m saying lotion first, then freshener and so on but you guys don’t even know lotion peelings or anything, huh. your female abilities really are way too low...
  • Aoi: taking a lot of time to react on this, asking Google Sensei, huh. you are, aren’t you?
strappin' it down

a/n: for hoseok-wants-the-v because reasons.

“so this is your idea of fun?” namjoon rattles the cuffs chaining his wrists to either bed posts. the cold metal cuts into his wrists just enough for it to be uncomfortable, but not enough to break skin. he quirks a brow questioningly as he gazes up at seokjin straddling his waist, a small smile playing on the elder’s lips.

although never one to submit himself under anyone’s command, namjoon finds this entire situation more than thrilling.

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[JongYu; NC-17] "So Wrong, It's Right" cont.

genrenothing straight au, smut, romance (lol not really), humor
warning: no-homo jjong
length: one shot ― 1,121 words

a/n: this is actually the real ending of the original fic, but i was just too lazy to finish it xD;; here it is now tho, lol.

yay for more porn adding a storyline (kinda)!


Jonghyun feels too hot when he wakes, skin sticky with sweat as he blinks the disorientation of sleep from his tired eyes. He stares at the tiny raised knots on the ceiling, bewildered, wondering if last night had only been dream, that he hadn’t actually taken home a stripper and slept with him.

He doesn’t get much time alone with his thoughts as an intoxicating wave of pleasure crashes through his body, thighs shaking as he throws his head back and moans, toes curling into the sheets as he attempts to close his legs. When he looks down he nearly sobs because, no, he hadn’t dreamed the night before; now Onew is there between his legs, tongue purposefully running up the underside of Jonghyun’s dick, fingers pumping the base leisurely as he smirks at the younger man.

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