it feels good to draw in my style again

drawing the gorillaz is so strange to me because they were my very first fandom and my style evolved (mainly) from years of drawing gorillaz fanart, initially i was purposefully trying to imitate Jamie Hewlett, and if you look closely, it hasn’t changed much at all but i haven’t drawn gorillaz fanart in probably 8-9 years and my style has been repurposed into drawing, well, everything else

and now that i’m doing it again, i’m having a profound experience and it’s hitting me all at once how natural it feels and how my style was initially made for this 

It’s also reassuring to realize i’ve been a fan of the gorillaz for 12 years and my fandoms are very very stable

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Tbh I love the idea of you running an ask blog.

tbh i want to make an ask blog bc i know drawing the same character over and over again and using dynamic poses and little comics and shit would be good for me to develop my art style but like

lately ive been in the frame of mind where im just not really excited over any characters in particular 

i feel all up and empty over things i enjoy and cant really muster up the effort to really draw/write abt it

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where do u seek your inspo from? like i know ur trying to create more again, my style feels all over the place idk how to organise it!

All over really I think reading helps me a lot to get into a good mindset, but like reading poetry or about love. I really just get most of my inspo from my brain lol.. I just make lists of things and moods in my notebooks, and then I just get ideas for drawings or artworks and I write them down / plan them out  and then make them. I haven’t been posting my artworks lately though cause I feel like the evil eye is watching atm its better for me to keep things to myself…

I also like to go for walks in the city and think about things.

Also dont worry about your style being all over the place, ur too close to it its always gonna seem that way to you but for other people around u they will be able to see it and see connections. Or alternatively also stop looking at art for a while, thats what I did.

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I really love your art style and how long have you been drawing for?

Aw, thank you so much anon!!!! I always thought my art style is kind of lame, so it always feels great when someone says wonderful things about it. Good things can happen on monday! Haha thanks again!!!!

I enjoyed drawing when I was so young, like 8 years old or so, but not as much as I do these days. So I used to draw for few years, than stop drawing for another few years, start drawing again… lmao

I think I REALLY started to draw again about three years ago if that can make a right answer. My oldest art piece on pc is from 2014 even though I’ve bought my pen tablet much more years ago.

Anyway, I’m really really glad you like my style! 💕 Thanks for making my day. Hope you have a great day too!


Somehow, I can’t imagine Hatty and Connie’s first meeting went very well. 

(I have a feeling this has been done before, so apologies if it has! I don’t keep up with the tags; my bad)

Oikawa knows pretty well how good he looks with his glasses.
But taking a selfie at the nasty school bathroom? Damn boy, I raised you better.

Been working on a more ‘comic’ style of drawing, plus practicing color and light. It’s more fun and doesn’t take as much time as realistic.

Also who doesn’t love a good Hogwarts AU and yes i’m still obsessing over the 100 and yes these two are my babies can they please have screen time together again?

color/light/setting reference is galaxyspeakings lovely rose/scorpius comic

mmmmmm boi it feels so good to draw the kids again. after four straight months of working on traditional drawings, wanted to practice some digital this morning & throw in new techniques that I learned from this semester. ngl I’m surprised to see my style change so much and I am loving it


(this is 100% not serious … im not the artist you deserve nor need)

ahhh friend please forgive me for i’m not the right person to get drawing tips from. especially when it comes to drawing engie, because i feel you! he’s difficult as heck!!! that, and my art is so lazy i don’t know how to explain the process of it … 

my best (and lamest) advice is to study pictures of him and try until you somehow can fit him into your style ‘n all? whenever i draw engie, i gotta look up tons of reference since i never get him right. i try, i fail, i try again … it’s a huge pain, i know, and i’m still learning too :( but good luck!! 


finally updated my commission pricing and and organising after an influx in requests to open them again!

What i do:

Even though most of the examples here are fanart, I can draw pretty much anything, including animals, machines, backgrounds/architecture and scenery. I prefer doing cartoonish stuff, however. I can draw in numerous styles and am good at mimicry, so if you want a particular style i have done in the past feel free to ask.

faux 3d is for simplistic characters only.

what i wont do:

-hyper realism 

-super gory stuff

-pornographic illustrations

-real life people 

-feel free to pm me if you’re not sure

I use paypal invoices as my pay method and prefer USD currency.

Pm if you’re interested and we can discuss what you want.

prices aren’t really negotiable, but there are exceptions (like if you want something very basic, ect). All payments are up front and pieces will not be started until i’m paid.


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