it feels good to be needed


X-23 by Jeodes.

How cute is this? I found this artwork on Instagram and ended up buying it from the artist. This is now officially the first piece of art in my collection that comes with accessories, as the sunglasses are drawn on separate cutouts. As you can see, I turned the videos that Jessica, the artist, uploaded to show off the glasses into reaction gifs that I intend to make good use of when and where needed.

Jessica even drew a small extra sketch of Laura to include with the package. It always feels good when artists appreciate their fans/patrons. :)

Good Things are coming


Today I realized I like being alone during highschool, that being alone doesn’t make weird or depressed. Just different from them. And it’s okay because I don’t want to be like them and talk only about my love life, parties, drugs, alcohol and bad decisions. Or do stupid jokes that hurt others…I like being kind, somewhat sarcastic and especially… I love being myself. I’m staying with the friends that share hobbies and likes with me, with those I dont have the opportunity to spend classes with but I can chat with, all the fucking day without cringing or getting bored and have to froce a smile. I mean, I’m going to stop trying to be someone I’m not. I feel like my self confidence just jumped to the sky today. So I wanted to share it the people that read what I write…Even if it’s not really interesting :)

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Im really sorry if im invalidate someone's feelings but if his fb was wiped and two 1d pics among other non 1d pics were deleted then yesterday's discourse seems entirely silly to me

i feel the same. i’m glad i was asleep for most of it because i feel like there’s a lot of projection, double standards and frustration going on. i don’t want to reiterate sydney’s post because she already said what i’m thinking too, i’m just gonna add that i think utilising FB is a good move. one that has been passed up in the past. and, if we’re gonna go there, one that i would like to see for louis too. i’ve been very vocal about and completely agree that his social media needs a reboot, so i’m gonna commend harry’s team for seizing good opportunities too.


I met all my deadlines and I finished most of my work in time! It knocked me out unconscious for 14 hours straight but with today I AM A FREE ELF!

I’ll slooooowly get back into activity, commissions and stuff. I’ll be taking some time off to catch back on all the sleep I missed in these months and try to be a functioning human being again, but I’ll definitely have more time to spend with memes and sketches and oh my god, long roleplay threads! 

Even Na’Sus might (or might not?) pop out of his long slumber after all this time, in case someone missed him (I kinda did). 

The anon option in all askbox will remain turned off for now - but you can still shoot me an ask or a message if we need to catch up on things or have requests, plots, or simply want to say hi.

Man it feels good.

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Can you rec some blogs that don't freak out over vague spoilers please? I just had a to unfollow a handful because I honestly just couldn't stand the unrelenting negativity anymore. I need some robron love and hope y'know?

Anon! Hello! Gosh I really feel you on that front! 90% of the blogs I follow are good about staying chill/having fun with the spoilers but I’ll try to think of a few off the top of my head


I know there are more, but I can’t remember right now. Sorry if I left you out!

does anyone else feel like they’re doing too much and not enough at the same time

Up at 4 and first workout complete by 5:30. That’s something to be proud of!

I hope this positive feeling lasts for most of the day.

I don’t think I have sweated this much on the bike: 10x2.5min intervals. It was hard, but I got through it, and I kept a positive attitude for most of it.

I foam rolled since my back is feeling wonky on my right side, and I think it’s spreading all the way into my calf.

I need to make up yesterday’s workouts, but that will have to wait until after work.

I started reading The Edible Woman last night - pretty good so far.

Cheers to a great day!

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I know this will probably get lost in your asks but I felt like I needed to send this. It takes 7 compliments to overlook an insult so here it goes: You inspire people like me to live authentically no matter the issues. Your body is goals to me, even if you don't quite feel like it. Your hair is good looking. You and your girlfriend are goals, the love y'all have for each other. You've got some gorgeous eyes. Your work ethic is phenomenal. And your company is empowering.

This message is so kind and was much needed. Thank you, truly.

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I feel like this series is gonna end with Alec moving away again bc of everything that's happening to Daisy and her not wanting to be there and the end scene will be him and Ellie standing on the beach saying good bye to each other and him looking at her walking away and then sighing and staring back out at the sea and saying a silent goodbye to the town he hates that feels like home now bc of her and reluctantly walking away but I need it to be anything other than that!

you know what it fuckin could be that

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I feel like somethings different... not massively (although maybe babies steps) because Louis was able to @ ultra and put up photos of himself there! And like... his team mentioned, yes after the fact, but they mentioned it and that's a lot more then they've done since JHO was released! I'm gonna take this as a good sign

Yep! I’m feeling like this too, it’s small, but it’s something 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Honestly ending babygate right before Harry puts out music is probably one of the best options. It ends and gets some press, most people shrug say “poor guy that sucks” and move on. It gets buried by other news for people who think to look further into it and fandom gets distracted. The majority of people, some need to realize, will not connect it to Harry.

Yep - only of they follow with articles talking about Larry, only fans will think about a connection. GP will be like “ok, next scandal" 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Yep!! I know people who didn’t know Louis was a dad until I tell them recently 😂😂

A very good job they made lol 

I’m really struggling with feeling nauseous 24/7 but he only foods that sound good are spaghetti, grilled cheese, and pizza. And fruit. But I need to stop eating so much freaking pizza and use it to curb the nausea so I can eat some veggies.

Tonight’s dinner is steak and mashed potatoes and broccoli so here’s to hoping that sits well and stays down.

I’ve already gained like 7 pounds in the first few weeks of pregnancy because I can’t stomach normal foods and I’m trying to balance eating SOMETHING with not eating too much unhealthy foods that are super calorie dense. It’s really weird.

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transgirl dva headcannon: the reason her suit is so skintight is because shes finally so proud of how she made her body, getting all the surgery she needed, before she had and surgery (especially bottom surgery) she would keep getting in trouble because she didnt want to wear the suit due to the obvious crotch bulge (this is from a transgirl who also has that issue)

good!!! yes! in the future all trans ppl get the help they need to present how they feel comfortable!! 

also punching out transphobes. she might be tiny and adorable but she pilots a giant mech into war with robots she’s a force to be reckoned with. her whole squad jumping in to defend her, and all her gamer friends, too. being an icon for more than just girl gamers, but for trans girls and trans girl gamers


All of the quotes, like notes on a blackboard, make those who are searching feel like they can understand
The clichés and classic phrases are scattered like daisies, too often found to be true
The “trust no one who lies” and “lie to no one you trust” casts dust on the human condition
We lie and we trust and we love and we lust but apparently those traits are not good enough
The need for confirmation and education on your contemplation, when you are plainly being a person
These quotes that we note down like we are bound to learn something but really we are yearning for some form of truth
Do not listen to those who think that their prose is some kind of bible when really all they are spouting are lies to stifle any original thought
You feel how you feel and you deal how you deal and no amount of quotes from ghosts in a screen will assist you.

© Hope Elsdon - 30/1/17