it feels good to be needed

Shout out to the people with mediocre talents

The people who can carry a tune but don’t have a remarkable voice

The people who can draw more than stick figures but can’t develop their own style

The people who have a decent imagination but no idea how to write it all out (or vice versa)

The people who can play covers of songs but can’t write their own music

The people who can dance with choreography but not freely

The people who can do sports but never make the team

The people who are good- that just don’t feel good enough

I need help getting glasses.

My birthday is less than two weeks away and I’d like to possibly fundraise to get something I really need.

I don’t have a job and I don’t have any income. I don’t have insurance and I fall between the cracks for Medicaid. A couple weeks ago I went to a free clinic and got a new glasses prescription, it was much needed and for the first time in ten years I could actually clearly read with my left eye. The glasses were free so they aren’t the best quality. In fact they’re pretty terrible, the back-glare is the worst I’ve ever seen. The reflections are so bad that in most cases I can’t see past them. I can see the reflection of my own eyes constantly and it is absolutely infuriating. Light reflects so badly off the front of the lenses that it’s like having double vision. The glasses are also not fitted properly, they’ve been digging into my head and leaving my ears incredibly sore.

For my birthday I’d like to try and raise enough money to at least take my frames and prescription into a proper eye doctor and have them make me some lenses with AR anti-glare coating. I’m supposed to wear my glasses full time but it’s impossible with the level that they reflect. New lenses plus an AR coating will cost at least $150. If I could raise just that much I’d be happy and I would learn to live with the frames being a little too tight… if I could raise more than that to get some actual decent glasses then that would be awesome. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to help me and it is a non-urgent issue but seeing as my birthday is coming up and this is something I need, I figured I’d make a post.

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where are my southern witches at?

where’s the witches that make potions from sweet tea

or the witches that throw curses with a sunshine smile and a “bless your heart”

the southern kitchen witches who work magic into canned peaches and homemade biscuits

the witches from the bayou

the southern cottage witches who enchant their homes to be warm and inviting

witches naming their spells things like “mind your manners” and “y'all (don’t) come back now”

I have no idea if there are any witches who do that stuff, but it’s what I imagine my fellow southern witches might be like lol


“I give the whole living thing a chance. Even though I figured no one would ever need me…I kept surviving. Struggling, flailing around like a total idiot…But apparently, I kept at it long enough……that I found you again.”


echolune  asked:

Hi, just wanted to say that your Lance is beautiful, I love love love the way you draw him!!! Such a gorgeous and cute boy, with his freckles!!!

“That’s actually great to hear. Sounds like I didn’t commit to this skincare routine for nothing.”

Hmmm leave it to Lance not to believe in his natural good looks, haha! (And thank you very very very much!!!)

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

So @aoimikans and I were talking and like based on this:

We know that Aizawa is going to be looking after Eri. Also All Might subbed for him for the supplemental classes. 


Will All Might be acting as Class 1-A Homeroom Teacher???

Because if so we will get:

  • More Teacher Toshinori
  • More time for him interacting with his son successor Izuku and his other kids
  • Actually TALKING with his boy, Izuku who really needs a good talk with him
  • Awkward first time teacher All Might???? Trying to do his best because that’s his only job now???
  • Toshinori figuring out who he is without being All Might???
  • Seriously i need this 

Told ya I was dropping something today ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2017 is ending ! and so should this bullying & negativity !

2017 has been a tough year on everyone. Regardless of where you live on this globe, we’ve all suffered in one way or another. From the US election to Brexit, from the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester to the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. We’ve survived hurricanes and tropical storms in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The mass shooting in Las Vegas. Even now in the height of Christmas season, California’s fires burn on. Palestinians are being illegally arrested, detained and displaced every day. Not to mention Net Neutrality battles in the US and Canada. No matter where you might be, something has affected you.

And outside of just the world news, the RPC has dealt with many things. We’ve seen hate crimes and suicides. Toxicity and bullying beyond belief. Ageism and accusations. There’s been so much hurt that the community has inflicted upon itself. So here’s a list of things that the RPC can work on in 2018.

  • AGEISM. Fandom is a place for people of all ages. It’s not just for teenagers and not merely for adults. This is applicable for both sides. There’s so many people who say “ Don’t talk to me if you’re under 18 ! Stop lying about your age ! “ and similarly there are others who say “ You’re too old for this fandom ! Focus on your own life and get your own hobbies ! “ What both of y’all need to understand is that roleplaying is a collaborative activity. And not only that, it’s such a large community that you could easily just go from one blog to another. To damn a whole age group for an individual experience is toxic and close-minded. Those who are underage still have a place here– because it probably figures that you were online when you were underage. And for those who are underage, don’t get yourself into activities that could easily get the other party into legal trouble. Respect each other’s boundaries; and if you can’t play nicely, don’t play at all. There are so many variations of characters, of fandoms, of portrayals that you can very easily just… move on elsewhere. Do that, and do so quietly.
  • ANONYMOUS HATE. Or even, just hate in general. It should just be a rule in general: if you don’t have anything positive or constructive to say, don’t say it at all. It’s not that hard to just move on to another blog. If it makes you uncomfortable to see someone on your dash, unfollow them. Still there? Blacklist them. Tumblr Savior gives you the option to remove the banner that notifies you if an item has been hidden from your dash. It’s like they’re not around at all. Afraid they’ll message you? Block them. And one additional option would be to speak up if you can be non-spiteful about your message, clear the air, and go in peace. No reason to just be nasty to people. 
  • PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE NEGATIVITY. I’m not counting vaguing because sometimes you need to be able to let people know about a situation without being too in detail: it can be a cry for help without being too obvious. But I mean just stirring the pot to see what will come of it. Just saying something negative to someone like “ No one cares about x ” or “ You know you should really do this or otherwise x. ” It’s childish & it shows a lack of accountability. People will ask for your opinion when they want it: otherwise you can probably keep it to yourself, or move on if the blog no longer suits your interests. No need to harass someone out of some sick sense of entertainment or pride. 
  • ACCUSATIONS. Get both sides of the story, understand the situation, make informed decisions. And then, once you do, keep things to yourself. You can warn your friends or something privately if you have a concern about someone based off of personal experience, but rumors spread so fast around here. Even if something is proven to be true, like say someone is bullying or being abusive, and they’re still active? It’s not your responsibility to continuously bully them about it. If you’re so concerned, contact an authority figure. If you know Tumblr Staff isn’t taking it seriously enough, then contact your local authorities– online bullying is a serious thing that police are supposed to take seriously. If you think you have a real case– or heck, even if you’re worried? Get serious and contact someone. Otherwise, if you don’t have any evidence to back up your accusation, or you’re just tagging along, you’re just another part of the problem. You are contributing to an unhealthy online culture. 
  • SHAMING. There’s a trend of claiming people are into pedophilia and bestiality, or even go on to call people rape and abuse sympathizers. That is not okay! At all! Some people write content to cope over something that occurred in their private lives. Some people want to experience writing something outside their comfort zone or daily lives. Some people are interested in experimentation. Whatever the cause may be, that’s no reason to call people anything. Do you not realize that if these victims– yes, victims ( because that’s what they are ) could easily report you for abuse, and if inclined sue you in court for defamation of character? Because that’s what you’re doing, publicly slandering someone’s name out of something you personally don’t feel comfortable with. Don’t like someone’s interests? It’s probably tagged– meaning you can blacklist it. Still uncomfortable? Chances are that there’s someone else who writes a similar enough style or character– so unfollow. What authority do you have to blaspheme someone for the content they produce on their blog in their own space in their own comfort in their own time if it’s not hurting anyone else in the process?
  • FACECLAIM / POC BASHING. Which I think is a really interesting phenomenon because most of the time the people who call others out for their choice in face claim aren’t even of the race themselves? The idea of the faceclaim is to have that person pick a public face that matches the portrayal of the fictional character they’re writing, usually of an animated background. And it’s also gross to tag someone else to bash another person for you? I’ve been asked to publicly call out someone on their choice of FC– and that’s disgusting. Don’t bully someone ‘cause of a personal preference. And if you’re trying to “ stand up “ for POC, which is what I assume this is supposed to be… you should probably just ask a POC what they think of the situation. But be prepared to like consider your thoughts wrong: ‘cause sometimes what you consider correct just… isn’t. I was asked to call out several people on “ white washing ” WOC, and honestly POC don’t come in a cookie cutter model…
    This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the faceclaim resources made available: because those allow someone to make a valuable educated decision on a choice as opposed to a random Google search.
    But like, it’s not necessary to harass anyone over what you think might have triggered your radar. Instead, you could start a discourse without accusation, politely ask how the person made that decision, & then like if you don’t agree with the moral / ethical decision of that person idk,  move on.
  • DUPLICATE HATE. Discomfort is acceptable: and you can unfollow or blacklist or block, whatever you need to do to distance yourself from a duplicate should you feel uncomfortable with them. But under no means necessary is it necessary to bully, abuse, harass, slander or otherwise attack another person for sharing the same muse as you. Because unless it’s an OC, you don’t own rights to that character anyway, and the only person who has the authority to tell someone not to write a character is the person / company who owns the creative rights. If you’re not pleased with someone else’s portrayal of your character? Focus on your own, make it the best it can be. Produce the content you’d like to see about ‘ your ’ muse. Stop deflecting responsibility onto everyone else.

I am sure there’s plenty of stuff I’m missing out on, but these are things I’ve seen a lot over the year & while it’s probably a dream, I’d love to see change in 2018. But I think change begins a person at a time, and it begins with us. If this at least opened your eyes a little, then I’m glad. Let’s make this next year a better one.


when ur gf is the queen of the wilds & dresses like an actual queen while u look like a hobo but thats ok bc holy shit queen gf what a time to be alive