it explains why he has such a big smile

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I like how your drawings of the boys have different things that make them unique. like kook's eyes and jimin's wing thingys. can you tell us all the detail for the boys :0


  •  I guess Jungkook’s design is pretty easy to get ahah. Irl he has really big eyes and bunny teeth so it wasn’t difficult for me to come up with! Then for the sparkles: I really wanted to accentuate this “innocent” or “clueless” vibe. His eyes are expressive, you can really see his passion in his eyes when he sings! Not saying that the others aren’t passionate, it’s just that his eyes are so expressive like he doesn’t even need to speak, you can directly see what’s going on (in my opinion ofc). So I just thought that sparkles would be a great representation of that! Also Jungkook isn’t 100% innocent, he loooves to tease his big bros. I know that I didn’t really have the chance to show this side of Jungkook, but since he’s such a tease, the gap between this and his BIG SPARKLY EYES is funny :^DD. At first he only had two “white bubbles” in his eyes, but then I said fuck it and added an entire galaxy. ALSO THE NOSE YES, I removed the nose. I want people to concentrate on his eyes, so I thought that the nose took too much place and was kinda useless? for his design. Actually a lot of people don’t even notice that he doesn’t have a nose ahah. And I think he looks so funny with his mouth on the nose area.
  • Tae’s design was also easy for me to come up with! He has amaaaaazing eyes, big and elongate, and ofc THE LASHES DAMN. Also he is really playful and that’s what I wanted to accentuate. So I mixed these ideas and bam I created his eyes. I really like it because it looks like he has something in mind like “ha ha ha :^DDD how am i gonna tease ma bros”. ALSO his iris aren’t round, it’s like two straight lines. I think it goes well with the playful side and the “blank tae” side lol. I also draw his amazing brows and his squared smile, he’s so cute ;;;
  • JIMIN. There’s two Jimin: normal sized and smol. For the normal sized Jimin I just try to replicate his natural eye shape, he kinda has puppy eyes! So nothing big. Of course the lil wings because he’s really sweet and just an angel in general. NOW THE MOST INTERRESTING PART: smol Jimin. Because some people always tell me “WHY DO U DRAW JIMIN SMOL, HES NOT THAT SMOL PLUS YOONGI IS ALSO SMOL, 0/100″, listen I’ll explain. The thing with Jimin is that he’s really cute but at the same time he really wants to give this “manly” vibe if you know what I mean. You know the “IM DA MAN IN DIS HOUSE”. So I just thought “ok, there’s cute Jimin, and manly Jimin but still cute, ok let’s create two Jimin”. Smol Jimin always wants to fite everyone and he’s fierce (like in my “not today what really happened”). That’s why I draw smol Jimin: because it’s funny af. Jimin likes to appear manly, but the fact that he is 30 cm in my comics makes everything pretty funny. This is the reason why I don’t often draw smol Yoongi, because he doesn’t give a fuck. 
  • Namnam ayyy!!! I recently changed his design so it’s a great occasion to talk about it! This man is S O F T, 100 % soft. He’s just cute ok, like look at his smile, I’m sure he’s sad when he walks on flowers. So I wanted him so have big iris (kinda) and also squared ish eyes. Because with this I can do two different things: softysoft Namnam and istg i’m done with everyone Namnam (like  in the last panel of the BS&T jpn ver comic), very easy to make :^DD And I added a white bubble inside because cute ok. He’s cute fite me. And finaly the flower on his head. He loves nature so so much so I just thought “why not adding a flower”. And ofc I never forget the dimples.
  • Hoseok’s turn :^DDD!! I just wanted him to be a sun ok, so that’s why I did. He has sunlight all around him, he’s like a walking sun. His eyes always look like he’s smiling even when he’s not. I also add a slight aegyo sal. THE NOOSE. So Hoseok is the only one with a different nose (i mean Jungkook doesn’t have one so it doesnt count). It’s simply because I personally think that he has an interresting nose shape and I just wanted to draw that! His mouth is basically a heart when he’s smiling and sometimes I add the dimples (i love dimples).
  • I talked about Gigi’s design here!
  • FINALLY SEOKJIN. I just l o v e his design. I love to draw him so much. Irl his eyes are really big and he kinda has cat eyes so I just drew that. His eyes are pretty round but yeah not like Jungkook. I like this eye shape because it makes him look sometimes playful and sometimes sassy depending on what I want to draw! Also he has two lashes because he’s pretty. And, the, sparkles. He’s just pretty so he needs his sparkles around him that’s all :^DDD

DONE holy shit it was long to write, I can talk about this forever I’m not even joking

Super Big Brother- [edited]

Characters/Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Pregnant!Reader, Henry (OC)

Word count: 885

Warnings: Fluff, lots of it, maybe the slightest pinch of angst

Summary: It’s Dean and the reader’s second child. They have to tell their first what is going on. (Promp #44 of “60+ Dean x Pregnant!reader Prompts”@deanwinchesterxreader )

A/N: This is another editions from my personal collection, the reason I’m re-doing these is because of the babby fever taking over me, and the best way not to give in to it is writing about it, or in this case edit an old fic.

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Super Big Brother

“Ok then,” you sigh and Dean nods rapidly as he speaks. “We’ll go straight to the point. We need to be direct with him, he’s a big boy.”

“Yeah,” you agree a little out of breath. “He can take it, right?” Dean eyes widen in doubt and your shoulders drop. “What if he can’t take it? Oh my goodness, he’s still a baby. My baby. This is all a mistake.”

You start to hyperventilate, Dean’s quick to rub your arms up and down. “Look at me,” he says in a sweet voice, you comply. “Is gonna be fine, he’s gonna be fine.” He bites his lower lip and you wonder how did you get so lucky.

“Okay, we’re telling him and we’ll answer any question he has.” Taking a deep breath you look back into Dean’s eyes. “What kind of questions can a three year-old make, huh?”

Dean shrugs, his arms let go of you and he pushes away from the kitchen table he’d been leaning on. You follow his lead and start walking behind him out the kitchen and down the hall.

“Wait!” you shout and run back to the kitchen, Dean stands in the middle of the corridor dumbfounded.

“Uh, sweetheart?” Dean takes a few steps your way when you rush out the door almost bumping into him, sippy cup with chocolate milk in one hand, a plate with some homemade oatmeal cookies in the other.

“Let’s go.” You nod ahead for him to lead the way one more time.

Dean’s eyes on the plate and he goes for one of the cookies. He groans when you smack his hand away away. “They’re not for you! You can have one later, I made a whole tray today.”

Dean grins like a three year-old and you roll your eyes.

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Unknown King

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU (sort of)

Summary: We’re readying GG right now in my American lit. class and let me tell yOU, this book is so beautifully written that I  could cry. It does not take place in the Roaring Twenties because I just didn’t want it to be that way. If you want to be added to the tag list tell me (THiS is A SERIES)

Word count: 1.2k+


Before you left home, your mother made sure that you knew the procedure when meeting someone new. “Be nice and never left them know you hate them if you do,” She had said. “But more importantly, try to fit in.” You had moved to New York, still living in a dream. You got a job as a journalist and hoped to become an author one day. Though you hadn’t even begun writing your book, you decided a new location would inspire you.

So you left your small town home to the Big Apple. You had enough money to get you through five months of necessities and hoped your journalist job at The Report would do you justice. You really didn’t know that your home was in the middle of one of the most wealthy parts of town. It was the cheapest home up for sale and now you knew why. There were photos but those must’ve been taken years ago. The paint job looked sloppy and it looked like your home would fall apart any second. The garden did, however, make up for it.

Your gaze moved to your neighbor’s home. Though it didn’t look like a home, more like a palace. It was grand and made your abode look like a shack where they kept the gardening tools. If people passed by, they would possibly gawk at the castle instead of your eyesore. You rolled up your sleeves and began to unpack. Not a moment to lose, this was gonna be a long day ahead of you.

“Hey, Rookie,” A girl sauntered towards your way and leaned against your desk. “How’s the day treating ya?”

You shrugged, “Better than I expected, to be honest. This is my first time in a big city. I’m glad I didn’t get lost.”

She shrugged, her blonde fringe sweeping to the side, “You’ll get used to it. In about a week, you’ll know how the ropes work. What about your neighborhood? Not all these streets are rainbows and lollipops.”

“Actually, I only have one neighbor. The next house is about a half a mile down the road.”

“Wait, you don’t mean,” She paused. “You bought that house next to Barnes’ place didn’t you?”

“Barnes?” You asked.

“He has a really big house, almost looks like a castle,” She quickly explained.

“Yeah,” You replied. “Huh, I didn’t think anyone lived there. No one ever comes out.”

“Trust me, hun, you’ll regret ever choosing to live there by the end of the week.” She smirked.

“Why is that?” You asked.

“Oh, you’ll know,” She smiled and began walking away. “The name’s Emma by the way.”

“Y/N,” You called back, but she was already rounding the corner.

When you got home, you stopped under the large willow tree that cast its shadow across your cottage. Your gaze moved to the mansion that loomed over you. It looked empty, dark. Still like the night, with no signs of life. The movement of a curtain made your eyes snap to the window the faced you. If someone was watching you, they were gone by now.

You heard some rumors about your neighbor. Though you only knew his last name and you weren’t entirely sure the gossip was true. The things they said were just bizarre. It seems like no one truly knows him. He’s seen as this grand person that captivates people’s attention, yet no one knows who he is. He’s a ghost.

I heard that he’s associated with a mafia. Which is why he’s so wealthy.” A girl by the name of Maria had told you during your lunch break. She leaned on her hand in a very relaxed kind of way.

“Mumbo, jumbo,” Eric spun around, stirring his coffee with a spoon. “He surely won the lottery.”

“As if! Robin told me that he killed his family in order to get the insurance money. Which is why now he’s mafia. Makes sense,” Maria shot back.

“Is this all true?” You had asked, completely bewildered by their statements.

“I do believe he’s in a mafia. He scares me,” Maria shuddered.

“You’ve never even met the man,” Eric continued.

Maria shrugged, “I heard what I heard and that’s final.”

And just like that, the topic of Barnes was finished by those single words. Leaving you as confused as ever.

You walked into your home, lighting up the place with a few bulbs that you had to buy. The music of crickets danced through the cool night air. Your eyes were weary with sleep and you soon found yourself collapsing onto your mattress, falling into a deep sleep.

Friday morning, you walked out onto your porch. You carried your only house plant and didn’t want it to die so you were striving to keep it alive and well. The noise coming from your neighbor’s house made you raise an eyebrow and tilt your head in that direction. Dozens of servants were going in and out of the home. Carrying plates of food, various bottles of alcoholic beverages, ice sculptures and other countless things that only seemed fit at a royal ball. Gardeners trimmed the hedges and cut the grass, tended to the luscious garden with the grand fountain in the middle of it.

You found yourself gawking at all the work they were getting done. The sound of the pot steaming made you rush inside to shut off the stove. The water was had nearly evaporated. You frowned and filled the pot with water before putting it on the stove once again. A knock at your door made your head perk up. You haven’t had visitors since you moved here. You went towards your door and was met with one of your neighbor’s servants. He wore a dark blue suit. His head held high with a letter cradled in his hands.

You opened the door, “Hello, can I help you with something?”

“Mr. Barnes would like to invite you to his party, later on, today,” He handed you the letter. Without another word, he turned on his heel and left you on your porch. Completely bewildered.

You tore the letter open. The fine, black ink stood out on the creme colored stationary. It read:

I would be honored to have you over as my guest at my small party in the evening. I understand that you’re my new neighbor and would like to welcome you with open arms. The party begins after eight o’ clock.

Signed, Barnes

You weren’t one for parties, so instead you shrugged your shoulders and set aside the letter. Not giving it a second thought for the rest of the day.

That night, after eight o’ clock, cars and limousines flooded the driveway if Barnes’ palace. Men and women drove from all across the city to this party to kill the night. Music erupted from the windows of the house and flooded into yours. You could almost hear the joy coming from the people’s tongues. You finally understood why Emma had told you you’d regret buying the place, but truthfully, you didn’t regret a thing.

The party didn’t end until the ungodly hours struck the clock. Little by little the people left the party. They were laughing as they crawled into the backseat while their chauffeur held the doors open for the drunken folks. The wealthy all seemed satisfied after having a party of money. Once they all disappeared into the night, the mansion was left alone and dark once again as it was earlier before, leaving the servants to clean up the mess the next morning.

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A'ight I have a crack prompt. Cas jacking off and Dean "accidently" watching from the slight door opening. Cas knows Dean is there and just to fuck with him, he moans Sam's name. Dean is pissed at Sam for the rest of the day and poor Sam doesn't even know what he did. Cas thinks its fucking hilarious and deliberately fucks with Dean by flirting with Sam. Then you can end it however you want. I don't know why I was thinking of this yesterday when I should've been sleeping.

Lmaooo I’m dying at this.

And Dean goes to sulk in his room and Cas comes in and is like “I bet he has a real big dick you know?” And Dean FLIPS out like “are you fucking kidding me????’

And Cas just laughs and pushes Dean back onto his bed and climbs on top of him, grinding down and smiling while he explains that he’s fucking with Dean and wants to get in his ass so bad it makes him crazy.

Dean gives him a blowjob begrudgingly but ends up coming in his pants BC of how hot it makes him to feel Cas in his mouth, coming hot across his tongue.

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First anon here could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting to an MC who has large scars from doing stupid things when they were younger like falling from a really tall tree or picking up a stray cat and the cat was not happy about it, again thanks!

Hello, anon! I hope you liked the first hc you requested.
You are request #5.
Also, you didn’t include if MC was self-conscious about the scars, so I didn’t write it like she was, I hope that’s not a problem.
I had fun writing this one because I have so many scars before cause when I was younger I just couldn’t stay still, sorry mom lol.

As always, the minor trio is under the cut bc spoilers.

And, if you have any requests, please send them to me, they make me really happy.


  • She had noticed it a long time ago, but you two weren’t close enough, at least for her, to ask about it so freely.
  • It was a big scar that went from your left ear to your cheekbone.
  • She was really curious about it, and usually found herself just looking at it and wondering where have you gotten it from.
  • After a few weeks of dating, she just got worried.
  • What if it was something really painful? Does it hurt?
  • One day, you were baking cookies while humming your favourite song when she arrived from work.
  • She saw you so happy and smiley but then her eyes landed on your cheek. “Hey, MC?” She called you. You smiled at her.
  • “Welcome home, how was your day at work?”
  • “It was okay”. She replied without taking her eyes off your face.
  • “Is everything okay?”
  • “I couldn’t help but notice that scar on your cheek… It’s pretty large”.
  • As soon as you heard the word “large” you absolutely lost it. You just couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Jaehee looked at you like ‘what’.
  • “I’m… I’m sorry, it’s silly, really” “What’s silly?” She asked confused.
  • “How I got it” you explained still laughing. “When I was like eight or so, I don’t know why, walked through some woods with my eyes closed, and I scratched myself with some branches. I got stitches, that’s why the scar is so noticeable”. “You actually walked through some woods with your eyes closed?” She asked and you nodded laughing.
  • “It seemed like a good idea at the time”.
  • Jaehee stared at you a couple seconds until she started laughing softly.
  • “I’m glad I’m here so you can’t do silly and dangerous things anymore”.


  • Oh, this cinnamon roll.
  • He noticed it right away at the party.
  • A big scar on your neck.
  • He was really curious about it, it was quite large, he wondered if you had more. Yoosung couldn’t help it and stared at your neck all night, even when you were talking with him.
  • “Yoosung, it’s rude to stare” you half joked.
  • It wasn’t actually bothering you, but it was making you a little uncomfortable.
  • He blushed deeply and apologised.
  • You knew what he was looking at, you got used to it over the years of having it. “When I was little, I tried to climb a tree, and even though I did it, I fell off it, there was a big shattered glass on the ground and I cut my neck with it” you explained like it wasn’t a big deal.
  • He got so worried though but managed to smile.
  • You realised he was worried so you said: “don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt”.
  • He looked so relieved after hearing that. “Don’t ever do that kind of things ever again, MC” he mumbled holding your hands.
  • You rolled your eyes teasingly. “Of course not, dummy”.


  • He didn’t notice right away because the scar you had was on your thigh.
  • But one day it was pretty hot so you decided to wear short shorts.
  • That was when he saw the big cut.
  • Why is my lady hurt? Has anyone hurt her?! I’m gonna kill them, whoever it was! “Princess, what’s that on your thigh?” You looked down to your thigh and started laughing.
  • “When I was younger, I rolled down a hill and cut myself with a rock, it was pretty big so I got stitches”.
  • Oh.
  • All his muscles relaxed at the same time.
  • “Were you worried?”
  • “Well yeah, I thought someone had done it to you!”
  • “It was only me being silly” you answered shrugging.
  • He smiled and hugged you super tight.
  • “Don’t worry, my lady, I, Zen the knight, will protect you from the scary hills and pointy rocks!” He proclaimed with that said, he kissed your hand and gave you a little wink.


  • He did a background check on you when you joined the RFA.
  • That included your medical records.
  • Seven saw a few visits to the hospital, all of them were previously arranged. Except… wait… URGENCIES?!
  • “The patient presented a big cut on her chest, of approximately 10 cm large, stitches were needed” he read out loud.
  • It didn’t say anything about the cause of the cut, but Seven couldn’t help to imagine the possibles scenarios.
  • Maybe you were in a gang and thinks had gotten pretty serious.
  • But he discarded that possibility right away when he saw that you were eight years old at the time of the injury.
  • It’s unlikely to see a gang member so young…
  • At the party, you two were getting along so well.
  • You were chatting and laughing when he, out of the blue asked: “is that dress uncomfortable?”
  • What.
  • “You know, because of your scar”.
  • “How do you even know that?”
  • “I told I did a background check on you”
  • “And that includes my medical records?” You asked shocked.
  • “How did you get it?” He questioned.
  • “I tried to reach my keg that got stuck in a really high tree, I fell and cut myself with a branch” you explained. “But I don’t think yo-”.
  • “Did you get it?” Seven interrupted.
  • “Get what?”
  • “The keg”.


  • He notices the smallest things, so he definitely noticed the scratches on your face.
  • They weren’t ugly or anything like that, they were just… peculiar.
  • But he, after watching for a long time, knew you weren’t self-conscious about them, you shouldn’t be anyways.
  • He was curious about them, so one day, he asked.
  • “When I was younger, I picked up a stray cat and it scratched my face” you explained.
  • Well, he didn’t expect that explanation.
  • Jumin was happy tho, because he confirmed you were the good person you seemed in the messenger.
  • “I know a great dermatologist if you need one” he offered running his fingertips over your cheek.
  • “I don’t dislike them, do you?”
  • “No, of course, I don’t”.
  • “It was silly, I shouldn’t have even touched the cat”.
  • He shook his head. “I disagree. If anything you were being your usual self, kind and nice”.

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my top ten bias list

i was tagged by baby @kpoppocmoodboards

1. min yoongi/ suga/ my daddy/ the literal loml - he’s so beautiful and i relate to him so much. i shouldn’t even have to explain why he’s #1. i love him so much.

2. jung hoseok/ hobi/ jhope/ baeb - when he smiles, i fall in love but again, i shouldn’t have to explain myself. i love him so much.

3. dean/ kwon hyuk/ hyuk - he’s so talented and different from other artists and i’m attracted to uniqueness. plus he’s so adorable, like he has a baby face and his voice is so smooth. 

4. kim yugyeom/ yugs/ big baby - he’s cute af. i like him and he can dance, i love dancers. that is all.

5. rosè/ girlfriend/ babygirl/ wife - i love her so much she’s cute as hell and she’s my literal ideal type (except for her hair (i like short hair) but i mean) she’s so damn talented and just wow i could go on forever i’m so gay for her. my baby.

6. lalisa monoban/ lisa/ girlfriend #2 - again, I like dancers. she’s like really pretty and I love her personality so yeah. my girlfriend.

7. kang kyungwon/ yuha/ gf + xiyeon/ princess/ xi = xiha (idc if this is cheating i couldn’t choose one) - yuha’s my ideal type. i love her short hair, she’s funny btw. she always catches me off guard with her hair. xiyeon…she’s so fine. they’re beautiful, them and their gay vibes.

8. the8/ minghao/ bae - another dancer. idk i mean…he just stands out to me. he’s attractive. and he’s sweet.

9. lee taeyong/ babe/ yongs - he’s multitalented. i like talent. he’s fine. he’s sexy as hell adorable af. he’s just…everything. (i’m dying @ this gif rn)

10. wonho/ won/ sweetheart - he’s a visual. and damn he’s so fluffy. i can’t say much rn.  

i tag anyone who wants to do this since i’m not good w/ tagging people.

Klance - A SHORT Headcanon (I promise)

Here’s another headcanon sparked by a conversation with @librebananr (check out their blog if you haven’t already), where we were talking about how we needed to see more of the reactions from the rest of the team about Keith being part Galra. This one is set before the last headcanon I posted.

Imagine, in season 3, Keith and Lance on their first mission alone since they discovered Keith being part Galra.

Throughout the mission, Keith is a bit self-conscious and awkward, thinking Lance will tease/be wary of him, essentially treating Keith differently. However, Lance acts completely normal. Keith still expects SOMETHING to happen, yet it never does and right before they head back to the others, Keith /has/ to say something. Lance, however, just looks as if he’s questioning Keith’s mental well-being.

“Well, it’s not like you JUST turned Galra. It just explains why you’d ever think that mullet looks good!” Keith is shocked for just a second before he quips back.

After they arrive back in the Castle, there’s just a shot of Keith smiling as he breathes a sigh of relief and Lance just walks up to his side and nudges him.

“Come on, Hotshot! The others are waiting!”

There! I told you this one was short! I don’t need them to have a big heart-to-heart, but they just need a moment like this when Keith can find out what Lance actually feels about this revelation. Requests are still welcome, though the time it takes for me to write them can vary a lot - you only need to send me a few words or a situation for my mind to play with, though I’m happy to chat if you’ve already got an idea that you’d like me to expand on!

Right Kind of Wrong 11/?

Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1013 - So this is the second of the 3 parts I hadn’t reposted. It immediately follows part 10.

Losing the gold medal game sucks in more ways than one. Not just because they lose to Canada, and to Claude – and fucking hell, his captain is going to be a complete troll next season. More than usual, even. Fuck.

Losing also means Zhenya doesn’t get to see Sid until October again—maybe September if he can be convinced—which would have happened anyway, but would have hurt less if Russia had won.

That’s what he tells himself.

(The lie never makes him feel any better.)

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Welcome to observations with Marlene in which Marlene is stuck in a car without wifi for four hours and decides to waste her time by looking at posters of which she knows absolutely nothing
Lets go
- BTS is precious as fuck oke just know that
- Im starting now

- First of all JK looks stunning in his solo poster i think this is the best picture ive seen of him ever
- Hes wearing normalish clothes on his torso but pyama pants on his legs which suggests that hes in the wheelchair because his legs dont work and not bc hes too weak to walk or whatever
- Probs bc he got hit by a car in the I need You mv
- Hes looking up and thats probably for the fact that his face looks perfect from that angle and aesthetics but it could also be him looking up at his guardian aka yoongi

- Yoongi does not look like Yoongi in his solo poster hes like a mixture between jimin and jhope and its giving me the creeps
-also hes in a pipe which once again could be for aesthetics but it could also mean that he feels isolated bc he cant talk to anyone abt how hes feeling about JK’s situation, he doesnt want to trouble jk bc the boy has already got enough on his plate
- the picture creeps me out ok im uncomfortable

- Jimins neck is freaking long he honestly looks like a giraffe with an umbrella
- His side profile is perfect dont even try to fight me on this
- Trees in the background?? idfk

- Namjoons is literally the KING of aesthetics i mean look at his poster
- Im getting a spring day vibe from this
- Also hes probably in the train to visit Tae but more about that later if i still feel like doing this by then
- I love Namjoons set like that train is flawless af
- This picture has a really noticeable filter and its the only poster that has that

- Ok the first thing i thought when I saw Taes picture is that he probs had to sit absolutely still for about ten minutes to wait for the water to stop wrinkling so they could shoot the fucking picture
- V looking at his own reflection bc he’s lonely?? Idk it goes really well with his paired poster that i will get to later
- Tae is honestly so beautiful i dont understand
- I feel like his outfit was picked solemnly on the fact that hes kneeling like imagine how ugly that outfit would look while standing up
- And his hair👌🏼👌🏼

- Jhope absorbing some sun

- But we all know he IS the sun
- He looks so peaceful
- He’s in front of a prison?
- Ill get to that with his paired poster
- Hobis face does not look like hobis face what is this this happened with yoongi too am i the only one who sees this??

- Dont even get me started on Jins poster my heart
- He’s probably at the funeral of a loved one because hes wearing a suit and he has flowers that he’s looking at all sad
-That’s why he doesn’t have a paired picture, bc his other half is gone
- And there is no eight member, i might be far fetching things but im not stupid
- His concept is probably dealing with loss and how to love yourself even after you cant stop a death from happening
-Im emotional dont touch me
- To end this on a slightly lighter note, Jin is actually the visual of visuals and I hope he gets more lines in this comeback (BigHit im looking at you)

-Oke now for the paired posters.. im excited

-Yoongi and JK’s poster is pretty self-explanatory
- JK’s in the hospital and Yoongis worried in the waiting room
- the thing about the paired posters is that theres a really big contrast between light and dark in each poster
- once again, could be aesthetics (damn you koreans) but i think it has deeper meanings (also im bored and i imagine things when im bored fight me)
- in this one’s, yoongi’s is dark which is weird because JK is the one with the actual problem
- Even though he does look really sad and like hes wallowing, junkooks picture is the brighter one
- That might mean that Yoongi is mentally doing worse bc he cant to anything for his hospitalised friend
- Like he just worries too much
- Also can we talk about how bony yoongis knee looks im worried

- Ok Jhope and Jimins poster
- Theyre both in big empty rooms which means dAnCiNg💃🏻
- Jhope’s rooms really bright and clean (also its the brighter picture) while Jimins is dark and dirty
- In hobis solo poster hes in front of a prison which might explain jimins room and why hes so sad

- Jimins room literally has bars in front of the window like how fucking obvious can it get
- that would also explain the pairing of the two
- not to mention jimins solo poster, maybe he was imagining being outside again
- Hobi is literally the only one smiling in all of these posters how typical
- Since hobis room is really white and clean, maybe hes in a mental facility? Idk maybe thats why hes smiling all the time

- Because he’s just messed up and laughing is better than crying dONT TOUCH ME

- could relate to his drug overdose

- ok now for Vmons poster
- Theyre lying on completely different grounds which could mean that theyre far away from each other
- it explains namjoons solo poster in which hes in the train, he could be visiting (or just leaving)
- And v’s solo in which he just stares at his own reflection while being all lonely
- this poster is the only one that has a quote on it
- it says save me
- but they cant because they are so far away from each other
-maybe they just need to go and love themselves (eeehhhh)
- also v and his damn plaids get me everytime
- overall i think this mv is gonna have some damn good acting
- i wasted 40% of my battery on this dear god

If you have thoughts on this or things you want to add, feel free to do so. I know I missed a lot bc I was in a hurry with a 2% phone. So yeah please add new things i’d love to see your ideas :)

Marlene out

spinninglenny  asked:

Prompt #5 - “I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.” and/or #10 - “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.” please?

Sorry, this took so long! I am having a bit of a life block at the moment :) 

I may do the other one another day. Thank you for the prompt! <3

“You always know what to say” Garrus’ booming laugh rang through the corridor. 

Shepard cocked her head, examining the doors in front of her. She was relatively sure she knew where the rest of the crew was. She was on her daily rounds of the Normandy, and everyone was checked and accounted for. The Battery was her last stop, Garrus always occupied much more of her time than was strictly appropriate for a Commander and her officer. And now, well, now appropriate was thrown straight out of the airlock along with a few other things, like clothes, inhibitions, and general respect for the Normandy. 

“Extreme, but I’m game” he spoke again. Shepard glanced back bewildered, checking that she wasn’t missing anything crucial. There was always EDI, but that seemed unlikely, Shepard had rarely seen her interact with Garrus. Something about his ability to dismantle the AI from the inside with a few keystrokes that she clearly found off-putting. 

She shrugged and opened the door, nothing ventured nothing gained. 

Garrus froze “Shepard?” 

“Who are you talking to?” she asked. 

I am Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian is the most ridiculously good looking turian on the Citadel!” 

Shepard’s head snapped towards the voice “Oh my god Vakarian what the hell!?” 

She found herself staring at a full height holo of herself smiling blank-eyed, flickering occasionally. 

Hey big boy” the holo purred “come here often?”

“Garrus…” she approached the holo cautiously, her voice dangerous. 

“I can explain…” the panic in his voice was unmistakable. 

“You better…” she leaned closer to examine the VI that saluted smartly in her direction. 

When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on!” the VI chirped. 

The real Shepard snorted “What else she do?”

“Er… let me just turn it off…” Garrus stumbled to the console. 

“Oh no you don’t Big Boy” she made a grab for his arm arresting him mid-air. 

If you see a guy about this tall” the VI reached up on its tiptoes “wears a visor, has a voice to die for, tell him I’ve got a Thannix waiting to be calibrated” 

Garrus tried to break away from her hold, but where she lacked in height and strength she more than made up for in skill. 

“This isn’t funny anymore Shepard, please let me turn it off” he pleaded with her. 

“On the contrary my dear, this is hilarious” she finally looked at his panic-stricken face and smiled warmly, she would stop soon she promised herself, but right now this was far too entertaining. 

Garrus” the VI’s tone suddenly changed, took on a softer cadence “Remember what you are fighting for” 

Shepard blinked in surprise “What was that?” 

He sighed not meeting her eyes “That was the reason I brought it” 

She let go of his arm, letting him turn away from her. Garrus punched in a code and the VI flickered off. 

“You were gone” his shoulders slumped as he spoke, “this, this is how I coped.” 

“Garrus…” she called to him, her heart aching from his pain, but he stubbornly refused to look at her. Shepard took a step forward, then another, wrapping herself around his back. 

“I like hearing your voice first thing in the morning, stupid, I know” he murmured relaxing in her arms.

“I’m sorry” she pressed herself closer to him. 

“You’re back, what more can I ask for?” the usual brightness returned as he twisted in her arms, turning to face her, wrapping his own arms around her. 

“A better sense of humour perhaps?” she smiled up at him. 

“I am shocked you don’t appreciate my puns!” he teased, brushing the top of her head with his lips. 

“Alright big guy,” she said “that still doesn’t explain why the thing has a full vocabulary of terrible innuendos too”

He snorted “That’s a more recent addition, for fun” 

“What the real thing doesn’t do it for you anymore?” she baited. 

“Oh no,” he smirked reaching down and hooking his hands around her hips, easily lifting her up and depositing her on the console. “The real thing is always better, the real thing has a certain way of calling my name that the VI could never replicate” 

“Oh yeah?” the world around her began to swim as he leaned into her, and his hands glided up her sides. 

“Here let me show you…” he purred into her ear, making her completely loose all sense. 

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter/Imagine/smut)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Imagine you are getting high with your boyfriend Remus and the rest of the Marauders…

Please Note: Smoking weed is illegal in many countries and we’re not trying to promote it. It’s just fiction.


“I swear this is the most amazing pizza I have ever had!”, James moaned passionately and looked at the slice of pizza in his hand like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “That’s what you’re saying every week, James!”, Sven giggled toking. “But it keeps getting better and better!”, the former Gryffindor assured him completely stoned and added: “A pity Wormtail is not leaving much for the rest of us!” The moment his name was mentioned Peter looked up from behind the pizza box on his lap, two slices of Pizza in his hands and his mouth full.

“Oh Pete and his munchies!”, Greg laughed who had been caught up in a deep, deep conversation with Remus about the possibility of aliens taking over the world, Remus favourite topic when he was high. “Did you ever try to lick your elbow?”, the Scandinavian man asked suddenly and shook his head disappointed: “I just can’t do it!” “If you really believe in it, you can!”, James assured him and moaned again after he had taken another bite of his pizza. “It’s really a pity Y/N’s friend isn’t here today! I would have love to meet her!” “Greg, she’s just going through a tough time”, James explained and suddenly Sven started laughing: “Of course she is! Her sister died! Mate, her little sister”, he giggled uncontrollably: “That’s so absurd! So messed up!”

They were all sitting together in Sven’s flat. It had really surprised Y/N when she really became friends with two of her muggle neighbours after she had left Hogwarts. But they got along pretty well…especially after Sirius had found out that Sven was dealing with drugs. Leading to their weekly “Pizza-Mondays”.

“She’ll deal with it!”, Peter said self-confident while he grabbed for another joint. “Pete, remember you gotta pay for those!”, Sven laughed but the smallest boy just shrugged. “Yes, she’s strong, she’ll handle it…”, James added and turned to his best friend who hadn’t been listening to their conversation: “Right, Pad?” “What?”, Sirius asked without looking away from Y/N who was dancing on her own. “Y/BFFs/N!” “Oh yeah, she wouldn’t like it here!”, he shrugged and took another hit of the joint in his hand, while watching the dancing girl in front of him.

Y/N swung her lips to the low music and it felt like she was able to feel the vibration as the music was pouring through her entire body! Her eyes were closed as she was moving in odd shapes and quietly singing along to the song that was playing: “Don’t you just know exactly what they’re thinking? If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar let me know! If you really need me just reach out and touch me!”, she giggled: “Didcha hear that Re?! If you really need me just reach out and touch me!” “I heard it darlin’”, Remus answered her, making her finally open her eyes with a huge grin on her lips. “Oh Remus!”, she almost sighed and moved towards her boyfriend who was sitting on an improvised chair, which had been a wooden box but now had a pillow on top of it.

When she sat down on his lap she chuckled: “I’m so high!” “Oh believe me, I already guessed so”, her boyfriend answered and looked deep into her slightly red eyes. “I’m just soo dizzy!” “Yes?” “Yes! And I’m getting frustrated!” “Frustrated?”, he asked puzzled. “Sexually!”, Y/N laughed, goddamn proud of her joke and winked at her boyfriend, not caring that she had screamed the last word so loud all of the other boys in this room were able to hear her. “We really should change that, shouldn’t we?”, a devilish grin appeared on Remus’ lips but before he was able to kiss the girl on his lap she turned her face away: “But first I have to get another slice of pizza before Pete eats all of it!”

Peter immediately blushed when he heard that and Y/N’s mouth swung open in disappointment: “Nooo!” “I’m so sorry Y/N…” “But we’ve still got crisps!”, Greg happily raised a beg and through it into the girl’s direction, who giggling caught it. “Caught it!”, she cheered: “Did you see that! Ha! I always told ya I could have been a great Quidditch player!” “What is Quidditch?”, the law student asked as he handed his bong over to Sirius. “O-oh”, Y/N stuttered: “It’s just…it’s uh…” “It’s a game kids play in Great Britain, totally boring”, Remus quickly lied but Sven wasn’t even listening anymore, but was explaining why these pot was so, so, so special to Sirius.

A big smile on her face, Y/N was eating the crisps, making a complete mess! “Ya want some?”, she asked Remus who just shook his head an took the beg out of her hands to place it on the coffee table. “I want you…”, he replied conspiratorially and started to kiss her oily fingertips. Y/N blushed and hungrily captured her boyfriend’s lips. Their senses were working overtime and made their touch feel like the most amazing thing in the entire world. ”His lips are so soft! Like the softest pillows on earth! I wanna nap on them!”, Y/N thought while every little kiss and lick was intensified and the weed made her nerve endings buzz and her skin hyper-sensitive.

“Moony, stop eating her face!”, Sirius laughed before he inhaled the vapour deeply with James next to him sitting upside down on the sofa starring into the nothingness. “Looks like Y/N is not the only one sexually frustrated!”, the werewolf teased his friend and Y/N added grinning: “You know your girlfriend is just upstairs!” The black-haired just rolled his eyes and mumbled: “Whatever…” “Wait! Wait! Wait!”, Greg suddenly exhaled excitedly: “Are you really saying the little princess who moved in with Y/N and looks like she’s living a few miles closer to the city centre than this fucked up neighbourhood is and I makes me question a lot of our neighbours because nobody rubbed her and teared her Prada dress off her body, is this guy’s girlfriend?!”

“Welcome to our world!”, Peter laughed: “Most people don’t get it! But James and Y/N helped a lot!” “But what about this blond girl, you know the one Y/N doesn’t like?”, Sven wanted to know interested. “Oh Marlene?”, Y/N rolled her eyes: “Sirius finally understood that he’s too good for that bitch!”, she laughed and placed her chin on Remus’ shoulder: “Right, Sirius?” The former Gryffindor just nodded as a reply, really not into the conversation, what nobody realised.

Remus was nibbling on his girlfriend’s neck when James sighed: “I miss Lils so much… My Lily-Bear…my sunshine!”, he grabbed for the bong: “My Lily-Vanilly!” “James, we got it!”, Y/N laughed: “Just go home!” “Talking about that…I think I might go home as well”, Sirius got up in an instant. “With home you mean upstairs, right?” “No”, he looked at her confused, like what she had just said was the most absurd thing ever: “I mean I’ll take my bike and drive home.” “You’re not driving like this, Sirius!” “Oh Y/N c’mon, isn’t the first time. Moony, you’re staying with Y/N, aren’t you?” Remus nodded and before the only girl was able to protest once more, he had already left the flat. He was heading to Marlene, but nobody was supposed to know that with his girl waiting for him on the second floor.

Remus just shrugged because of Sirius awkward behaviour and squeezed the soft flesh of Y/N’s hips as she blew the smoke right into his mouth. She giggled when she handed the blunt over to him afterwards. The girl was still sitting on his lap when her boyfriend’s free hand suddenly moved closer to her core. “Re, what do you think you’re doing?”, she chuckled and wrapped her hands around his neck. “Nothing dear”, he smiled innocently: “Nothing you don’t want me to do”, he added, his warm breath hitting her ear. Damn.

His hand started to caress her most intimate part right through her jeans and she couldn’t hide a quiet moan. Her thoughts were cloudy, a dust of unrecognizable waves rushing through her head. Oh, he knew how needy she always got when she was high and the way he took advantage of that now, drove her absolutely insane!

Her senses were captivated and every single touch of his was sending her a little closer to heaven! Merlin, she wanted him so badly! But not here! Although the others were as high as them and probably wouldn’t even realize if he took her right on the spot, but she couldn’t do it…not in room with Sven, Greg, Peter and James!

“Re, stop it”, she whispered but her body was working against her blurry, mind. Remus teasingly kissed her temple and nibbled her earlobe. “Sure you want that?” Was she really so sure? She felt his hand on the button of her jeans, trying to open it, and instead of answering him she crashed her lips onto his, their tongues immediately tangling, her hips involuntarily rocking closer to him. Every single touch was so intensive, almost unbearable!

“That’s my girl”, he smirked against her lips as her body started grinding on top of him. “Not here Re…”

She squeaked surprized when he got up out of a sudden, removing his hand, which had almost reach its destination, from her jeans, leaving her whimpering and frustrated. She needed more. More of his touch. More of his lips. More of his words in her ear. More of him!

“Guys, we’re going”, Remus told the others quickly and grabbed for Y/N’s hand. “Darlin’, I think I’m too stoned to walk”, she giggled and reached out to him like a baby, wanting to be carried to the upper floor. “Well, where do you want this to end, Y/N?”, he raised his eyebrows and looked straight into her eyes: “If you can’t feel your legs before I’ve even started…” His words were giving her goose bumps and desire began to tingle through her body, headed to a certain place.

Y/N got on her feet as fast as she could and followed her boyfriend out of the flat with uncoordinated and slow movements. Just the thoughts about what would happen next, knowing what Remus could do to her if he wanted got her completely soaked. Every single inch of her skin tingling.

Right after he had loudly kicked the door to Y/N’s flat shut, he pushed her against it, putting his hand to the place it had left a few moments ago. His sudden roughness made her moan out loud in pleasure. Merlin, what was he doing to her?

She wanted to feel him, needed to feel him! So she quickly slipped her hands underneath his shirt. She let her soft fingers dance across his strong chest and as she let her fingernails scratch over his nipples, his head rolled back. She used her opportunity in an instant and started sucking on the sensitive skin of his collarbone. Soft whimpers were leaving his mouth, making her smile against his skin. She was in control and she wondered if it would stay like that. If he would let her this time or if he already got other things in his mind.

She got her answer faster than expected when he suddenly grabbed both of her hands and pinned them against the door above her head, while he used his free hand to rip the shirt she was wearing in two. She panted loudly by surprize. So loud it send a reddish gleam to her cheeks, because she knew Y/BFFs/N must have heard it in her room. But she quickly forgot about it again, when Remus’ fingers moved to her breast and started massaging them through her bra.

Y/N chuckled softly by the thought of his touch sending her to heaven, when she knew her best friend would tell her, she’d go to hell for this. But if having this meant burning down there, she was more than willing to except it.

Remus was covering the soft skin of her neck and shoulders with dark red marks, distracting her for a moment from the path his free hand was following, into her jeans and panties. He suddenly but slowly slid one finger inside her and every time he pushed in, he hit a spot that would make her body shake and left her a moaning and whimpering mess. “Remus”, she sighed when she was gasping for air. “More…” she demanded needy, making the young man bite his lip, thinking he had never heard anything more sexy. “Like this?”, he asked teasingly as he stuck in another finger curling them upward. Y/N’s hips automatically bucked up against his hand. Her moans where becoming louder and louder while he kept pushing her closer to the edge.

There was no chance to deny it, he loved the way the girl began to grind herself against his hand, but when he realized how close she already was, he removed his hand in one swift movement, using his other hand to push her waist back against the door, so she couldn’t follow him. “That’s not fair Re”, the brown-haired looked at him frustrated and grabbed his hand harshly and stuck his fingers back inside of her making him laugh low against her collarbone.

“So needy today, darling? Am I turning you on so bad?” “It’s just the weed”, she chuckled teasingly but her smile soon vanished as he began to vigorously move his hand. A feeling that was much more intense than the pleasure she was normally feeling -due to the pot she had been smoking- began to slowly travel throughout her entire body. And when she finally lost it, her legs started shaking so bad, he had to hold her up straight.

Remus gave her a few moments to catch her breath again before he raised her of the ground on carried her to his room. Completely satisfied and exhausted she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head against his, with her eyes closed. He was making her so happy.

“Hey, it’s not the time to fall asleep yet, darling. I’m not done with you”, he told her as he let her sink into the soft pillows on her bed. Her eyes were still closed while he removed her clothes from her body, placing kisses on the spots he revealed.

A soft smile cured up to her lips when she heard how he unbuckled his belt and how his trousers fell to the ground. “Still want more?”, he asked, standing next to the bed and looking down on her, desire written on his eyes. Y/N opened her eyes again and bit her lower lip, as she nodded. Her gaze wondered over his naked body and stopped at the sight of his hard member. She bit her lip even harder to not moan out loud just by the sight of it.

The young man laid down beside her on the bed before he picked her up by her waist and helped her to get on top of him. She kissed him softly while she adjusted herself in the right position to finally let herself down on him.

Both let out loud moans and curses when he was fully inside of her. She lifted herself up and brought herself back down again making him clench his teeth together. Merlin, he had never seen anything hotter than this! And he felt like, he would never be able to get used to how good she felt around him.

He brought his loins up reaching an even deeper spot as a devilish smirk appeared on his face when he noticed the look she had, he could tell she was struggling to control herself just as much as he was. Forgotten was the fact that she had just had an orgasm. It felt like she needed him as much as before.

She almost screamed by the sensation as she unsteadily began to ride him. His hands grabbed for her bouncing breasts as he began to quickly push upward. Remus pulled her down on him to gain better control over her moving body, making her dig her nails into his strong shoulders. Their moans and sighs were filling the thick air in the room, as pleasure started raising inside of them uncontrollably. He thrusted inside of her repeatedly all gentleness gone completely. “Fuck, Y/N”, he muttered out of breath as he kept pumping himself into her.

His words made her finally lose all control over her body and she came for the second time that night with a loud scream. She felt how he began to twitch inside of her and slowed his moves down a bit just so he could get in harder and deeper before he came inside of her. As his hot load shot into her he sealed their lips once more, their tongues caressing each other sloppily, before Y/N pulled him out of her slowly, whimpering because of the sudden emptiness.

She let herself fall on the bed next to him and placed soft kisses on his quickly moving chest. “I love you”, she muttered between two kisses, followed by a gasped “I love you too”.

By Selina

consider this: at the party this last friday, noora was looking for sana. since sana was busy praying in a room that was kind of far-off, she couldn’t find her. she wanted to ask one of the girls, but they were all busy talking to other people. she then found yousef, who was sitting all alone on a couch, drinking a beer. he was the only one that she could think of that actually knew sana, so she decided to ask him if he’d seen her. she approached him and started talking to him, but didn’t get a very useful answer. sana had been gone for several minutes already, and it had been at least half an hour since he’d last seen her. since he had no one else to talk to, and she obviously didn’t either, they started to have an actual conversation. they naturally started talking about sana, since she’s the only thing they both knew they had in common. noora tells yousef that she met him through the russ buss, and yousef tells noora that he met her through elias. they then talk a bit deeper about sana and since noora is a smart girl, it isn’t very hard for her to figure out that he has feelings for her. so she just casually confronts him about it, saying something like: “so are you and sana just friends, or is there something else going on between the two of you?”. yousef can’t help but blushing and answers with something like: “i don’t know, actually”. the conversation goes on, and yousef probably tells her a bit too much. a), because noora has a very calming vibe that makes you feel like you can trust her, and b) there’s been alcohol involved. and some of the things he tells her really indicates in sana liking yousef back… 
and that’s how noora finds out about sana and yousef. explaining why she definitely seemed to know at thing or two about a thing or two when she talked to sana, and it also explains why yousef was smiling so big when talking to her.  

❝ I broke my wings pt.1 ❞

Plot: When you finally find a different side of your boss and you start asking yourself who’s really that person. 

Pairing: JinkixReader 

Words count: 3,2k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / not fluff but maybe in the second part lmao

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. I want to dedicate this scenario to a particular person. It’s the first person I met on Tumblr after a time of absence and was the first outside of my family to believe in my abilities as a writer. Her opinion has always been incredibly important for me and this is a little gift I wanted to make her, although as “thank you” seems really “dingy”. It’s not just because she believed in me, but also because she always proved to be (still today) a person to rely on, a person with whom it’s always pleasant to spend time talking about cutthroat (don’t worry, I’m talking about Jinki and Jaebum with their angry expressions) and everything else. Thanks to Lee Jinki we met but fortunately it was just the beginning. I never told you, but I love ya. 

- M. 

For the umpteenth time, your boss had forced you to stay till late. You couldn’t understand whether it was hatred towards you or simply sadism towards his employees.  

Your eyes ached for the effort to stay repeatedly in front of the computer screen, but you were aware that not ending the practices that you had entrusted was even worse than losing some degree to the sight.  

The sound of something resting on the table will momentarily distract you from the myriad of black words on white you had in front, words you didn’t even remember at that time.  

“Drink, it will help you.” Minho’s soft and kind voice gave you a moment of peace, while sitting by your side and observing the intricate pattern of notes scattered around the desk. “That man never ceases to surprise me. He can get to kill because of tiredness even the most tireless of his lawyers. ”  

“Thanks for the coffee.. I’m fine, really. ”  

“It’s three o'clock in the morning and you’re here from a whole day, Y/N.”  

A sigh escaped from your lips while you sealed them against the cardboard of the glass, savoring the slightly bitter taste of your coffee. Minho knew your tastes and fortunately, he never was wrong to get you what you loved most.  

“Why don’t you confront him? It almost seems like you hate ”  

“First, he founded this company at the age of 23. He’s our boss and one of the most influential men in all South Korea. I don’t need to be fired, I need work. ”  

Your answer will silence momentarily and in the moment that, with the corner of your eye, you would realize that it was on the verge of answering again so you rested a finger on his mouth, silencing him.  

“No, you’re forbidden to talk Choi Minho. Then you are here too, why?? ”  

“Because despite being my boss, Jinki is also my friend and I care for him.”  

“Then go to him instead of wasting time to me!” You mumbled almost taking the chair from under his butt, immediately returning to your notes.  

Being part of the lawyers’ team of a large multinational with a turnover of more than 80 billion won a year wasn’t easy, but still assured you to work and have a roof over your head. That was your only concern at the end of the day.  

When you finally were alone your attention focused on a legal quibble that a company, on the verge of going bankrupt and being acquired by yours, was trying to take advantage of them.  

They wouldn’t have won, not until you’d had a life.  

~ ~

“Have you found a way to strengthen your strategy?”  

“Yes, sir.”  

“I don’t want to lose this cause, I don’t pay you salaries at six zeros to lose.”  

His tone never changed. Always placid, cold and aloof. As if even his own work bore him.  

But if any person had watched Lee Jinki into his eyes he would have seen pure determination. He wasn’t a person who loved to get trampled and his employees had understood it well.  



“I hope you solved that problem that I entrusted to you yesterday.” He said without looking into your eyes, as he used to do.  

You watched him and even if you earned enough you knew that the blue night suit he wore at that time could cost more than your salary for a month.  

You shook your head to drive away that useless thought, resting in front of him a file with all information useful for the acquisition. Even though you were a lawyer, you were so accustomed to carrying out other tasks that his requests no longer surprised you.  

He browsed the file quickly, almost annoyed, and nodded just returning to the documents he had before.  

His slight nod was his leave, so after slightly bowed head in a salute, you turned to start walking towards the door.  


To the sound of your name, you blocked immediately, staying next to the door but face towards him. Never give him his back, the first rule you had learned after being hired.  

“Tonight there’s an important dinner, for charity and for finding investors. You and Minho should be there, I want to have legal support in case I need it. ”  

“Sure sir.” You said quietly, despite mentally you was cursing him; “Fancy dress?”  

“Of course, you can avoid those floral dresses, okay?”  

You wouldn’t answer that, you just bowed your head and left his office. For the umpteenth time, and you didn’t know how he’d hurt you with a simple phrase.  

First, he ruined the plans of your evening, in other words celebrate your birthday, and then he also hurt your pride. Lee Jinki would have, sooner or later, found death by your hand.  

~ ~

“Yah, why do you let him treat you like that?!?!?!”.  

The umpteenth scream of your best friend made you raise your eyes to heaven, while in front of the mirror you tried some clothes that he kindly brought you. They were not of your taste, but for that kind of evening they were perfect and you knew that her sister wouldn’t say anything.  

“Y/n answer me or I burn that Gucci you have in your hands and it would be your best choice!”  

“Kibum you never burn a Gucci, rather you would jump from the top floor of a sixty storey building.”  

“True, but these are details. It’s your birthday today, your parents came here especially for you! Also Jonghyun and Taemin, why?!?! ”  

“It’s my job..” It was your only answer, while you were wearing that black Gucci that oddly you didn’t completely disgust. It had a slit on its left leg, a huge v-neck on its back so much to discover completely your back and seemed to be made for your body.  

“He has a team of lawyers. Why you?? ”  

“And Minho.”  

“But who cares about that big baby with his smile from the cover; ” brushed off the matter by throwing yourself on your bed, giving you the black underwear you had resting on the blankets.  

“At least I have you explaining how to dress me, otherwise I would have worn one of my beloved clothes with flowers”  

“Rather than Gucci, I burn those. You have a bad fashion sense, Y/n. ”  

Your middle finger got up and he accepted it whit a huge fake smile while you took everything you needed to run into the bathroom to start getting ready.  

If your boss had asked for elegance, you would have given elegance to him.

~ ~

One thing in favor of Jinki you had to say. His limo was pure perfection.  

You and Minho were seated on the rear seats, a glass of fine champagne in your hand, while with a boyish look you enjoying the inside of the limo. You were alone, aware that your boss was already at dinner, too busy looking for new investors for the cause.  

“Do you know he has invested in a new project?”  

“Which project?? How to make more money in less time and not to let your lawyers sleep? ”  

“No, It’s a project for the protection of orphaned children and exploited as child labor.”  

Minho’s answer didn’t do what you’d expect and a sudden knot at your throat made you almost choked with the icy liquid. You would never have said that the cold and detached Lee Jinki had a very delicate subject at heart. A delicate subject for you too.  


“You’re one of his best lawyers and don’t control his financial shifts?”  

“For those, he has another team of experts..” You murmured without adding anything else, emptying the glass; “Then it’s a good thing if he cares about those problems, he can with all the money he has.”  

The limo stopped right at that time and he, of course as a gentleman he was, descended first, holding the door open specially for you.  

The delicate fabric of the dress tickles your skin while you left the flap of it after getting off of the car, while your gaze heaved and lay on a man on the stairs.  

You would have recognized his profile anywhere and in a white dress he could even stand out more than ever in the darkness of the night.  

He was looking at you two or better, for a moment you had the feeling that he was just looking at you.  

But then he turned, giving his back and entering the building without even coming to greet you. You were used to that, you were used to being completely invisible to him. Not that you would be sorry, but if he were slightly more cordial to you than you would have rejoiced more at work.  

Minho, next to you, offered you his arm and at a slow pace, you two started to walk toward the entrance.  

The air was cold that evening, despite it being an evening of late May, and the desire of your warm blankets made you regret that you have decided not to wear any kind of clothes beyond the black dress.  

“Ready for vultures? They’ll try to pin every won from your wallet” He chuckled into your ear, continuing to guide you without any problems.  

“They’ll find little in my wallet, a fifty-won banknote and candies’ litters.”  

 ~ ~

You were on your third glass of champagne, excluding the one drunk in the limo, but fortunately, you were holding the alcohol perfectly and you were still perfectly lucid.  

The voices came almost muffled to your ears, you had completely strayed with the mind just noticed what kind of people occupied the large tables specially embellished for the evening.  

Boring, it was the word that drew nearer to describe that heap of people all the same to your eyes.  

You touched Minho’s shoulders, engaged in a conversation on with someone you didn’t know, walking away and finding shelter outside.  

The balcony was long and wide as much as your home, but it didn’t surprise you much. That building had been built to convey greatness and was quite well able to its task.  

“Are you bored?”  

Even without looking at him, his voice was unmistakable, so you continued to observe the view in front of you in absolute silence.  

“Keep it.” He handed you a glass of champagne, which you accepted with a little smile, while he was resting with both elbows on the balcony balustrade; “Nice view, eh?”  


“Something wrong, y/n?”  

“Nothing, sir.” You lied, starting to sip with little sips the champagne.  

“I don’t understand how you can be one of the best lawyers in Seoul when you can’t lie.”  

“He’ll discover that I lie more than he believes.”  

You were perfectly able to feel his gaze on you and in a daring impulse you turned your face towards him, letting your eyes meet.  

He had removed the tie and had unbuttoned the first button of the shirt, making that the first time you didn’t see him fully composed and dressed to perfection.  

“Do you think I don’t know when you lie?” He asked you, a little smile widened on his plump lips and even that was a first time for you, that in three years you had never seen him smile; “Your voice trembles, a small wrinkle will form between your eyebrows and your gaze continually moves.”  

“He’s a careful observer.”  

“Only if it’s worth it.”  

“Oh God, this looks so much like a romantic movie scene. Please don’t tell me that now he shall declare his eternal love and that his being an asshole with me was only a tactic to win over me. ”  

The words came out of your mouth just before you could put a brake, leaving you completely astonished before him.  

You just called your boss an asshole, and if that will be the cause of your layoff, you’d hate yourself until your least breath.  

“My behavior as an asshole, as you called it, is due to the fact that I prefer to keep hanging the people who I think are talented.” He answered quietly, lifting an eyebrow with a frown amused.  

He looked like another person that night, he was even able to smile or use sarcasm. Did he was the same person at work that all of you always called “The Monster under the bed”?  

“And still Y/N, she’s certainly not an easy type.”  

“Excuse me?!?!”  

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” He whispered without answering your question, resting a small package on the balustrade and moving away, returning to the heavy atmosphere of the dinner.  

“How the hell did he know..”  

With your slightly trembling hand, you would take the package, undecided if you open it and give it a peek, or return to him immediately.  

You didn’t want any kind of gift, especially not from your boss that that night seemed to be switched with a sort of good twin.  

“Gifts are made to be open, Y/n”.  

His voice caught you by surprise, so much so that jolted and the glass in your hands fell disastrously to the ground.  

Crystal from who knows how many hundreds of won completely destroyed in a thousand pieces at your feet.  

“What do you want from me tonight, sir? I don’t understand! He even made me break a glass that maybe costs more than my dress! ”  

“I wanted to make sure you opened the gift. And don’t overreact, nothing costs more than your dress.. At least not the glass and silverware. I guess it’s Kibum’s choice or am I wrong? ”  

In hearing the name of your best friend getting out of his lips you blocked yourself completely, watching him seriously for the first time during the evening.  

“How do you know Kibum?”  

“Same schools.”  

“How small the world is. Anyway; ” You started, taking the package and stepping over the crystals on the floor,“ keep your gift as well. You’re my boss; nothing more than this. ” Gently You took his hand and rested the package on it, feeling the softness of his skin under the touch of your fingers. He had strangely small and chubby hands that for a moment completely stole your concentration.  

The umpteenth bow of the head and with slow steps you headed to the windows doors, rethinking only at that time to that only question that he had not answered.  

“What did you mean?”  

“When?” He asked you curiously, taking a couple of steps towards you.  

“When you said I’m not an easy type.”   The annoyance was blatant in your tone and he seemed to notice. Jinki was always aware of every little thing and after years still didn’t understand how he could do it.  

“What I said. First, you had this aspect that keeps everyone away. ”  

“Speaks the least approachable person in the world.” You puffed, crossing your arms over your chest.  

“Second, your intelligence scares everyone. You’re acute, refined and lethal when your begin to speak and everyone have fear when you’re near. ”  

“Huh, thank you.”  

“Third, you’ve a bad taste in dressing.”  

“Personal opinion, cannot be considered a test in favor of the thesis that I’m not an easy type.”  

“Fourth, you’re extraordinarily beautiful.”  

The only thing you didn’t expect him to say struck you in full, making you for a second stagger on the heels that Kibum had forced you to wear.  

His eyes were bent down and welcomed, indeed completed, the smile that he was addressing you at that time.  

The second smile in three years, it looked almost like a record.  

“I’m an asshole with you, more than with others because you are the same as me Y/N and it scares me. I’m not used to having someone matching up to me or reminding me that I can be weak too. I built that company out of nowhere, giving up everything. Family; friends, love. It was my choice and I didn’t regret it. But when I look at you, even if we have only four years of difference, I see me of many years ago. And I wonder how it would have been if I had made different choices. I’m so asshole with you because I hope one day you fire and you’re looking for something better, something that doesn’t break your wings in the way I’ve broken mine. ”  

His words were a blow to your heart more than his compliment, while your heart lost some beating and a strange warmth emerged on your cheeks.  

You were blushing but you didn’t understand the reason, while in spite of the desire to answer him you were completely unable to utter a word.  

“Y/N-ssi, you could do it all. Don’t make any trouble, don’t give up on everything, ” He added again to speak to you in a formal way, approaching you and with a quick gesture he took off the jacket of his suit.  

He gave it to you and slightly groggy you would accept it silently; gently laying it on your shoulders.  

You were a few inches away, thanks to the heels you were practically at his height, and at that moment you could see a totally different man in front of you. 


“I like to work for you sir, though sometimes your behaviors hurt me. I love the fact that you undertake so much for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Despite the bad times, the waivers, the tiredness.. Working for you is something that makes me happy. ”  

“Now you’ll declare your love, Y/N-ssi?”  

“We’re not in a movie for teenagers, sir. I’m sorry to disappoint your dreams. ” Smiling you turned and it was your time to leave him, who remained to stare with an amused smile even though just hinted.  

You had just returned to the salon when someone joined you, letting something slip into the jacket pocket you wore.  

Your boss outdo you, turning just with his head just to watch you. He pointed his finger at the jacket pocket, making you a little nod and disappearing almost immediately in the crowd.  

No, at that time you preferred Lee Jinki’s asshole version. Sighing you reached the mysterious object, what else was your birthday present.  

A little smile drew onto your lips, but you decide that it was not the right place to open it.  

Especially not under his gaze because you knew, actually you were totally sure, that in some way he was always ready to grasp even the smallest details around him.

Crossing Paths - Chapter 1

Authours: @joeynihil & @thetruequeenofmermaids
Word count: 1655
Warnings: Mildly mentions of death.
A/N: So this is the first chapter of the collaboration between me and my darling @thetruequeenofmermaids. We’ve worked really hard for you to like it, so I hope you do. 

Enjoy your reading! 

When Scott arrived to School today, he thought I would be just an usual day, with his regular classes and early lacrosse practice, but when he arrived to school-ground, he got a call from someone he had not expected.

”Chris?” Scott answered with confusion. Chris sounded stressed as he spoke. ”Scott, we need your help. Here in Mexico.” Scott frowned and walked through the entrance.

”’We’? Who do you mean when you say ’we’?” Scott asked as he walked towards his locker. ”We as in myself and the Calaveras.” Chris started.

”Do you remember the pack the Calaveras told you about? That time when we saved Derek from Kate?” Chris asked as Scott immediately started to think back about that time.

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anonymous asked:

Dunno if you're taking prompts but someone on here got me round to the idea of Selina/Harvey, so twocats fic mayhaps? Maybe Selina seduces him then robs him.

I am THRILLED to oblige!! Selina Kyle and Harvey Dent is a good ship my guy xx

“I know you understand how serious this is if I am coming to you for help,” a scarred hand tapped impatiently on the heavy wooden desk which sat in the centre of the small room, “given our history.”

“Aww Harvey,” placing a hand across her chest in mock forgiveness, Selina gave him a false smile, “that is all in the past! I had almost completely forgotten about that misguided attempt you made to dunk me in a bath of acid. I mean, what’s a little attempted murder between friends?”

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anonymous asked:

It lit here omg Can I kinks for the performance line bc fucking hell theyre all beautiful and hot and SHIT I LOVE THAT LINE SO MUCH DO ME A FAVOR FAM AND DO ME A SOLID






Dirty Talking: son son son okay this is pretty self-explanatory because I mean have you seen those intense stares he gives sometimes yes okay well he’d have that same stare at you in bed and say things like “tell me how much you want it” anD MORE

Teasing: do I really need to explain this one like fr his whole aura just screams that he’d tease you in bed c’mon man I really don’t know what else to say herE

Spanking: listen to me okay Jun is that guy who slaps your ass after he holds the door open for you okay do you understand me that is who he is heNCe he would also do it in private settings like your bedroom ahem

Switching: first off if you don’t know what I mean by switching it’s basically switching between dom and sub but now that that’s out of the way, Jun would dominate like 98% of the time but sometimes he’d put you on top of him and tell you that he wants you to show him what you can do if you’re catching my drift and he’d have his hands on your waist and bite his lip when he looks up at you and


Submission: I see Soonyoung as more of a dom but let me explain here, I say this because when he comes home from like 15 hours or something of dance practice and he just plops down on the couch tired as all hell and you decide to pleasure him if you get what I’m sayin get on that lap son

Light Bondage: I could see him into simple ones like the binding of hands or the use of a blindfold, possibly both at the same time. He wouldn’t use it that often, I think only on special occasions ehehe

Teasing: okay listen Soonyoung would tease the hell out of you but you see I’d be that feigned innocent teasing where he knows exactly what he’s doing yet acts like he doesn’t and has a big ol cheeky smile on the whole time and you sorta wanna slap him but sorta wanna pinch his cheeks

Biting: Soonyoung has really cute teeth and I think he’d like to use them okaY, this plays in with the teasing kink because he would never bite hard and just do nibbles along your neck and collarbones and it’d take a lot of convincing and persuasion if you wanted him to bite you harder


Finger Fucking: listen, someone explain to me why no one talks about Minghao’s hands because I swear his hands are fucking humongous and his fingers are like 5 miles long wHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THEM  but with that I think all other explanation has been implied bc I mean

Hair Pulling: this one isn’t so much hair pulling but more like hair playing ?? like say during a blowjob he’d put his hand in your hair and occasionally tug on it ooooo boy and when he goes down on you he’d like it when you do the same to him

Spanking: this goes with the big hand fact again, but he’d be like a casual spanker (as if that makes sense) but it would be more pats on the butt around the house and occasionally in public rather than full on spank fests in bed

Reverse Cowgirl: rip again if positions don’t necessarily count as kinks, but I feel like Minghao would enjoy this position bc I could if you were to get tired he’d grip your waist and begin thrusting upwards and he’d bite his lip and just ooo boy

Okay listen, Chan is going to be below this line so I repeat if you do not rEPEAT D O  N O T want to read Chan’s, finish this post now.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I please request an HC/scenario where the RFA+V+Saeran finds out that MC is actually a refugee with a fake name and passport from a country where she only understands that killing is the only means of survival (sorry for the dark topic)?

This is quite a dark topic, indeed. But there’s no need to apologize. I found it was rather interesting to write, especially how each member discovers MC’s secret. Just a little heads up, this is going to be an angsty one. And if anyone is triggered in any way about said topic, then this is probably not your cup of tea.

On a sidenote, I don’t do Saeran because I don’t know his character very well. But I kind of just did as a trial run. I probably won’t do much of Unknown if I don’t feel comfortable with it entirely.


  • one of Yoosung’s friends reserved a spot at a local club and he wants you and Yoosung to come
  • you two don’t frequent the club scene,
  • but you wanted to be spontaneous so you had Yoosung accept his offer
  • both of you dress casually since you two were content with just sitting down, drinking, and chatting with friends
  • in line, it’s all giggles and looking what Jumin and Zen were fighting about on the chat
  • the moment you look towards the bouncer, you notice he’s checking IDs
  • when it finally came down to you two, he asks for your IDs
  • Yoosung holds his out with a nervous smile being that this was his first time to a club, while you hold yours up with a poker face
  • bouncer inspects each one, and after looking at yours closely he says it’s fake
  • Yoosung is offended but he isn’t going to try and FIGHT a man twice his size
  • this situation reminds you of your old country and the emotions start to flood
  • you feel you’re on the verge of a panic attack
  • out of fear, you run off to a quiet spot
  • Yoosung almost DIES trying to chase after you because you’re fast
  • eventually, he finds you sitting on a bench at the park
  • he takes a seat next to you, all hot and sweaty with panic trembling in his hands as he goes to touch you
  • “P-please MC, tell me wh-what’s wrong!”
  • you tell him everything, about your home, living in constant fear, and seeing so much death
  • you learned to hold your tears so Yoosung cries for you
  • every since you told him, he holds you closer, talks to you more, and is more attentive to what triggers you
  • from your time in your old country, you learned that the strong kill the weak to survive
  • but seeing Yoosung saving animals from all sorts of ailments, makes you believe that what you learned isn’t true
  • Yoosung taught you that your pain will just be a memory and to have hope


  • the cafe was so close you could almost touch it, just a few papers away
  • and today is the day when you two would be approved of the lease
  • you and Jaehee dress up in pencil skirts and collared shirts
    • proud Jaehee brings her own pen to sign the last of the papers
  • the waiting room is agonizing
  • when it is finally your turn, both of you squeeze each others’ hand as you enter the office
  • the man has you two sit down
  • that excitement shatters when he denies the lease
  • he discusses that during the background checks they discover you are using a fake ID and passport
  • it never dawned on you about any of that during this whole process
    • you had put the past behind you a long time ago 
    • oh god Jaehee brought her OWN pen that she DOESN’T get to use because of me…
    • guilt and anxiety weigh down your heart
  • the man sympathizes for you so while he denies your lease, he doesn’t report you
  • during your silence, Jaehee thanks him for his generosity and leaves with you
  • you still don’t talk on the car ride home
  • or during dinner
  • it isn’t until you two are in bed that you finally speak up by apologizing
  • apologies then lead to shaming yourself that you are the reason you killed her dream and how worthless you are
  • what you say next kills her
  • “I’m so worthless…useless…I should have been killed…”
  • Jaehee doesn’t want to sit another minute while you BLAME yourself
  • she brings you in a tight embrace to stop you from talking
  • her hand strokes your back and you just let out all that pain from your past
  • Jaehee never wants you to live in that world again
  • so she is going to try her hardest to open up this cafe to show how faith can get you through anything


  • it starts like any other date night
  • Zen takes you out to a nice place downtown for dinner then you hop on his motorcycle to the movies
  • he pays for dinner, and you spent the rest of your money on the tickets
  • after seeing the new blockbuster drama, you two walk back to the parking lot 
  • you are in the middle of your movie discussion when a man jumps from the shadows with a knife demanding money
  • the knife is too close to you, Zen is too afraid what this guy might do to you
  • memories of your country start to spill and you know if you don’t do what he say you will DIE
  • so you immediately hand over your wallet 
  • he keeps the knife on the both of you as he’s searching your wallet
  • he then looks to you and demands you hand over your REAL wallet
  • when you try to tell him that it IS your real wallet, he throws it on the ground and gets closer to you
  • a panic attack strikes and you just snap in front of this mugger and Zen
  • while the mugger is distracted, Zen grabs onto his arm
  • in the struggle, you’re just frozen with your hands covering your face
  • you are sure YOU are going to die after ZEN is going to die
  • all of this makes you pass out
  • you regain consciousness when the police finally arrive and Zen is cradling you in his arms
  • you were silent when they had to take your statement so Zen speaks for you
  • the moment you two are at home, he takes you immediately to bed
  • even though you’re drained from your panic attack, you just can’t sleep
  • and neither can Zen
  • you know he’s awake so you think it’s time he should know
  • after hearing your story, he promises you that you will protect you no matter what
  • holds you so tight the entire night
  • he helps you through the process of getting a real passport and a real ID
  • knowing that Zen protected you from the mugger, you know for sure he will protect you


  • he misplaced a notebook from work which contained content for a new project
  • the last time he had it was at home when he was organizing old projects with new ones
  • so he went home to go search for it
  • he goes to the closet where the box of old projects is in
  • it’s on the top shelf so he reaches up to retrieve it
  • he roots through it, none of it’s his
  • it’s some of your stuff that you kept for storage
  • he finds your ID 
  • he thinks you’re so careless to put it in a box full of junk you don’t even look at
  • you come home from work/school, seeing some things out of place
  • Elizabeth 3rd appears more active than when you come home, a sign that Jumin was here
  • you follow the rustling coming from the bedroom
  • your body freezes at the threshold when you see him holding onto your real ID
  • your old ID was in there for a reason
    • you didn’t want to think of that place anymore and you just wanted to move on
    • but there he is looking at it
  • the moment his eyes trail to you, your legs grow weak and your whole body is trembling
  • memories long since forgotten started to flood your mind
  • your body is just responding by memory
  • he sees how frightened you look
  • “Don’t kill me.”
  • you’re too paralyzed with fear to have noticed his heart shatter in his eyes
  • he hesitates to walk toward you because he knows you would back away
  • “I would never hurt you”
  • you watch as he puts the passport away and shove the box back on the top shelf
  • you don’t back away when he goes to hug you
  • he refuses to do any business with that country and helps you get a genuine passport and ID
  • with your full citizenship, and the support of your love, those memories that hurt you, hurt a little less every day


  • he knew from the get-go your past from your background check
  • Seven never brings it up to you because he knows it’s a tender subject
  • living a lie was better than the truth
  • a part of you wants to believe he doesn’t know, but deep down inside you think he does
  • the facade does not last until Seven is assigned to tracking down a list of refugees from an enemy country that escaped to Korea
  • he goes down the list until he recognizes your real name
  • and sees a picture of you when you were in that country
  • you wore clothes twice your size and your eyes were so empty
  • he couldn’t believe that that person surrounded by guns is the sweetest, funniest person that he loves
  • you come home from a pleasant lunch with Jaehee 
  • Seven is sitting on the couch
  • you sit beside him, asking how his afternoon was with such a big smile
  • the great 707 has nothing to say, he just takes your hand and looks you into your eyes
  • at that moment, you know why he was doing this
  • your smile fades
    • and it hurts him to see you without a smile
  • this conversation was a long time coming and you know it
  • when he asks about it, you try to bring back the smile as you begin to explain about your past
  • his hands hold onto yours reassuringly
  • “…but they were doing what was right. Anything that doesn’t have worth needs to get killed. It’s how nature works…”
  • his grip tightens at your words
  • he never thought those words could come out of those beautiful lips
  • the same lips that can tell him you loves him
  • when his grip on you tightened, so do the same
  • he rests his forehead on yours, you can tell he’s tearing
  • “Everything has worth. You taught me that. These hands have worth, Elly has worth, Zen, Yoosung, Jumin, Jaehee, and V have worth. Even Honey Buddha Chips have worth.”
  • The tension in your chest loosened with a chuckle from the two of you
  • for days you contemplate those words, and you realize how right he was
  • you have more worth than you think
  • afterward, Seven is dedicated to taking down the country that put you through so much pain


  • a few of V’s photos were going to be shown at a gala in France
  • he was invited and he was definitely going to bring you with him
  • but you say no
  • when he asks you why, you try to play it off
  • “I don’t have a passport”
  • you know how important this is to V
  • but you always have this fear that if you walk into an airport, security would know your passport is fake and send you back to your country
  • that’s why you never really travel
  • he’s upset at first so he tries to work around it by offering to take you to getting a passport
  • you then make up an excuse that you have a fear of flying
  • “MC, be honest. Do you even want to go?”
  • you know you shouldn’t be lying to him
  • V deserves so much more
  • after Rika, all he wants is honesty, especially from you
  • you gather all the strength you have inside, a mechanism you learned to cope in your country
  • “I do…but I’m scared”
  • you tell him EVERYTHING
  • about your country, everyday living, the fear you had, the deaths, and how you were able to escape
  • he listens to you, having to rub his eyes every so often
  • once you’re done, he admits that Seven told him about this when he was still doing a background check on you
  • V never said anything to you because when he first heard it, he knew it would pain you to bring it up
  • hearing your story, from your perspective, hurt even more
  • he felt he deserved pain for all that happened to him, but he realizes that after hearing your story, that no one deserves pain
  • he denies his invitation to the gala because he just wants to be there for you
  • you think to yourself that with someone like V at your side, you can overcome anything
  • you get a genuine passport and ID
  • at the gala, you stay by his side and hold your chin up high


  • he has a habit of looking to see what is your purse
  • it isn’t a paranoid tick, he’s just curious to see what you have
  • you don’t mind because what’s he going to do with a pen or chapstick?
  • you have your head turned away as he’s going through his rummaging ritual
  • he pulls out your wallet and inspects it
  • counts how much change, bills, cards you have
  • but your ID is what interests him
  • you think you always looked gross in your ID
  • but he was fascinated by you
  • you turn to see he has a hold on your wallet
  • just as you were about to make a joke
  • “This is fake”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • He repeats himself, looking at your ID from front to back
  • “I’ve made my share of fake IDs. And this is a crappily made one.”
  • your palms become clammy and your breath quickens
  • he continues his game by leaning closer to you
  • “Who are you really, ‘MC’?”
  • memories that you repressed start to surface
  • you do what you did back then by inching away from him while bringing your limbs closer to your body
  • he’s confused by what you were doing, he thought you knew it’s just a game
  • but yet you’re almost curled in a ball while on the verge of tears
  • He puts your wallet away and reaches his arm out to you
  • but you flinch
  • you. flinch.
  • he didn’t realize how much he put you through
  • “I-I’m…sorry. I-I didn’t…I’m not going to hurt you.”
  • when you feel his cool hand against your back, you slowly come back to the present
  • once you calm down, you tell him about what you had to suffer through in your old country
  • and how you learned how expendable life is
  • he looks into your eyes
  • “You. Are. Not. Expendable. Not to me, and not to anyone. And I will do anything to protect you.”
  • you know how serious he can be, and you know this is what he truly thinks
  • you keep his words close to you, and every moment you are with him, you think that you two are like puzzle pieces
  • without the other, the puzzle wouldn’t be complete
  • and if you aren’t here, then he wouldn’t be complete
Stiles Stilinski | Imagine

Content: Stiles finds out that reader is a werewolf.

Warnings: none

If normal people referred to “this time of a month” it usually meant something like “oh my bank account is running out of money” “I need to pay for bills” or anything other average.

But if you were referring to it, you were talking about transforming into a giant dog mutt. 

Most of the times, you hadn’t issues with that fact. It wasn’t comfortable, of course. But since it couldn’t be helped, you found a way to live with that abnormal ability and lived the life of an average teenager.

You really thought you could handle all this.

But then, a certain someone witnessed the time you transformed back to your human frame.

“(Y/N)?” You heard a startled voice call out. As you turned, so did your universe upside down. Stiles Stilinski was an enormous help to live normally, he made you laugh and reminded you to forget - this was something not anyone could do.

“Stiles, I-” you started, averting his eyes from him. This wasn’t only awkward, you knew your two worlds just collided - and once being mixed, they couldn’t be torn apart.

Goodbye, illusion of a good life. 

The anchor has just been ripped from the ground. 

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Imagine the twins never actually celebrating their birthday before STRQ.

Imagine them wonder what the big deal is one day when Tai’s baking a cake for Summer’s birthday in a few days.

Imagine Tai being completely stunned, and asked when their birthday is and neither really care the date’s been and gone a month ago.

“WHAT?!” Tai screamed, “Why didn’t you say anything sooner!”

Qrow tries to explain it was never a big deal for them while Tai curries to check if he has enough ingredients for another cake.

Summer comes in a few minutes later, hears the story despite the Twin’s protests, and immediately demands they make cakes for the twins as well.

That weekend, there’s not two but THREE cakes for STRQ - all coloured to their signature styles.

“Happy birthday you guys!” Taiyang cheered, popping streamers.

“Don’t forget to blow out the candles!” Summer said happily, smiling sweetly.

Qrow shoved a chunk of chocolate cake into his mouth. “Holy shit, this is actually damn good.”

“I… actually think I could get used to this.” Raven mused with a faint smile, nudging her red velvet slice.