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Writing Deaf Characters | Speech is Speech

Before I get going, I’m 75% deaf, as some of you know, semi-reliant on hearing aids and lip reading. My first languages were Makaton sign and then BSL. I now use spoken English. This is part one of two. People are People covers characterization and toxic tropes.

There are a lot of issues I find with how deaf people are represented in books, when represented at all. I would love to see more deaf and hard of hearing characters in the books I read- without having to read books specifically about deaf/HoH people- but when I find them, they’re grossly undercharacterized or stereotyped. Authors write them in a way that sets signing language characters apart from speaking characters as if they are inferior, and this makes my blood boil.

Some technicalties

I’ll keep this brief.

  • You may have heard that “deaf” is a slur and you should use “hearing impaired”. Don’t. I’ve never met a deaf or hard of hearing person who believed that. Use deaf for people who are deaf, and Hard of Hearing (HoH) for people who lack hearing. These can be interchangeable depending on the person. This is why sensitivity readers are a useful part of the beta process.
  • Sign language is incredibly varied. It developes in the same way as spoken language. Fun fact: in BSL there are at least half a dozen ways to say bullshit, my favourite of which is laying your arms across one another with one hand making a bull’s head sign and the other hand going flat, like a cowpat. It’s beautifully crude, and the face makes the exclamation mark. Wonderful.
  • There are different sign languages. Knowing more than one would make a character multi or bi-lingual, even if they are non-speaking.
  • Makaton is basic sign language used by children, and it mirrors the very simple language used by toddlers.
  • Yes, we swear and talk shit about people around us in sign language sometimes, and no, it isn’t disrespectful to have signing characters do this. Just remember that we also say nice things, and random things, and talk about fandoms and TV shows and what we’re having for dinner, too.
  • Each signed language is different from another. ASL and BSL? Nothing alike. Just google the two different signs for horse.

Remember that sign language is a language, equal to the spoken word

Therefore, treat it as such. Use quotation speech marks and dialogue tags. You only need to explicitly state that this character uses signed language once, and then let your modifiers and description do the rest.  It isn’t a form of “sub-speech" or “making hand actions”- sign language is a language all on its own: it has its own grammar rules, syntactical structures, punctuation, patterns, idioms and colloquialisms. For example, “what is your name?” becomes “Your name what?” with the facial expression forming punctuation in the same way that spoken English uses alterations of prosodic tone (inflections). There is even pidgin sign; a language phenomenon usually associated with spoken language.

In the same way that you would describe a spoken-English character’s tone of voice, you would describe a signed-English speaker’s facial expressions and the way that they sign- keeping in mind that these things are our language’s equivalent of verbal inflection.

So please, none of that use of “special speech marks” or italicised speech for sign. If your viewpoint character doesn’t understand signed speech, then you take the same approach that would be used for any other language they don’t understand, like French or Thai. E.g “He said something in rapid sign language, face wrinkling in obvious disgust.” is a good way of conveying this. The proof that you’ve done this well is in whether or not you can switch “sign language” for French or something else, and it would read the same.

Don’t be afraid to describe how things are said, either. Sign language is such a beautiful and expressive way of talking, and to see a writer do it justice would be truly fabulous. Putting this into practise:

“Oh, I love maths!” She said, fingers sharp and wide with sarcasm. She raised her eyebrows.

“I’m sorry.” He replied and made his face small, but could not keep the grin forming. She was starting to laugh, too.

 For the sake of readibility, I’m putting the rest of the information in part two.

This is part of my weekly advice theme. Each week I look at what you’ve asked me to help with, and write a post or series of posts for it. Next week: settings and character development (including heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and every other kind of character).

Emily Dickinson had an amazing imagination, but so did her nephew, who came home from school one day in tears, having been berated by his teacher—perhaps even whacked—for having told the class about the white goat who lived in the attic. He was attacked for being a dreamer, a liar, someone who made things up. Upon hearing this, Emily was furious, beside herself with fury, and said that the teacher could come to the house and see for herself the white goat in the attic, for indeed it lived there, Emily had seen it, there it was, munching a pile of grass under the beams.

This anecdote is the only thing I remember from reading a five-hundred-plus-page biography of the poet. I am not even vaguely interested in the men, or the women, or any of that other stuff; I am interested in the goat, whom I love as if it were mine own, and though I don’t have an attic, I have a place in my head where it can live, and go on living, as I feed it daily with mounds of fresh cut grass. Over the years, it has been given a blue ribbon round its neck, from which dangles a silver bell.

from On imagination, Mary Ruefle.

Zelda Gay Ship Talk Here

Do you remember back when there was LinkXDark, Sheiklink, Ganlink, or even Ghiralink!? Shadlink? Ravioli? They were some niiiiice ships…

a good lil Astronaut 🔭🌖

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Laura Jackson-Blofis

If you didn’t know Percy, you’d think he was a professional in childcare. He could put them to sleep without any problems, they wouldn’t protest to eating when it was he who was doing the feeding, he could even calm a crying baby with just the sound of his voice. Percy Jackson had never even held a baby before his little sister was born, yet he couldn’t do any harm when he first held her.
“Would you like to hold her?” Sally asked, the baby was not even a day old, she was so tiny. Percy quickly shook his head, even taking a few steps away from his mom.
“I might drop her.” he protested. However, after Sally had fallen asleep, and Paul had gone home to shower, the little girl started crying in her crib. “No, no, don’t do that, mom’s tired, you can’t wake her” he pleaded trying to hush the baby. Popping his head out the door he saw no nurses, cursing he ran back into the room and carefully lifted his sister. “Shh.” Percy had been told before that his voice was powerful, that he could stop entire armies just by talking, he would never have guessed that quieting babies was something he could be capable of. The baby stopped crying instantly, with his voice and the rocking, she was as quiet as she would be if she were sleeping. Only, she was wide awake, looking at him with the most perfect blue eyes he’d ever seen, just like their mothers. “There we go, that’s better” only an hour ago he was adamant on not holding her. Now, with small tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to put her down. “You know, you look just like mom,” he told her as he walked towards the small armchair “You even have that dimple on your cheek like she does.” He gently poked it making her giggle. “I wish I still lived with her now, just so I could see you everyday. Wait, you don’t even know who I am, do you? I’m Percy, your brother.” He continued talking to her for almost an hour before Sally woke up to feed her and he had to leave for school. However, before he left, Sally quickly called him back.
“Her name’s Laura, Percy.” Laura, after his grandmother, any other name couldn’t have fit any better than Laura.

4 years later, Sally still talked about how she woke up to him having an entire one-sided conversation with Laura, how he’d take her giggling and gurgling noises as noises of agreement to whatever he said. As Laura Jackson-Blofis grew up, anyone could tell that her favourite person in the world was her brother. Some nights Sally would call him to come over, just so he could put her to sleep. If Percy was around, Laura would refuse to be fed her apple sauce by anyone else. When she could stand on her own, he’d let her stand between his legs as he slowly rode his skateboard around the apartment. Annabeth’s new favourite moment was when Percy put on a little fashion show for Laura. He needed to pick out an outfit for their sixth anniversary and she was determined to find him the perfect one.
“What about this one?” he asked the now 4 year old. She looked up from her book, a small smile on her face, but when she saw his green button down, she scrunched up her nose.
“You don’t look nice in green” she told him.
“Then what colour should I wear?” he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘thinking’ face she put on, as she furrowed her eyebrows and tapped her chin, Annabeth walked in. Neither of them noticed her, too caught up in what colour Percy’s shirt should be to hear the camera click of her phone. Instead of saying anything, Laura jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, promptly coming out with a white button down and a black vest.
“What did you ever do before I was born?” she asked, a finger pointing at him with her other hand on her hip. She even had the same look their mom gave when she scolded him, it kind of scared him. Annabeth couldn’t help but take another picture, laughing at the sight of her 6 foot boyfriend being scolded by his hardly 3 foot tall little sister. Laura’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her laugh, Percy swore that this girl loved Annabeth more than she loved him. “You’re home!” she exclaimed running right into Annabeth’s arms.
“I was only gone a few hours, you two looked busy” Annabeth teased, winking at Percy, “What else did you do while I was gone? Other than give Percy some fashion advise”
“Uhm, Jason came over for lunch, we had grilled cheese and apple juice, then he took me to the library while Fishy took a shower,” if anything could melt your heart, it was Laura calling her brother Fishy. It started when she first saw him breath underwater, it was when they were gone to Montauk for her fourth birthday. She already knew who Percy’s dad was, she just hadn’t seen any of his powers yet because no one was sure if she’d be able to see through the mist. After they realized that instead of a poodle she actually saw Mrs O'Learly as she was, they decided it was okay to show her. Ever since that day on the beach, he was forever known as her big brother Fishy. “I got a book, that one.” she pointed towards the bed, a copy of Sleeping Beauty laid discarded on a pillow. Laura went through the rest of her day; she told Annabeth how she ate ice cream with Jason and Piper, how Katie grew a flower for her right in her palm that only had a tiny bit of soil. With each event, Laura counted it on her finger. By the end of her story, she had a total of 6 fingers held up.
“Wow, you’ve had an eventful day” she smiled and nodded as if she accomplished something amazing. “Now, why don’t you go pack your over night bag while I get dressed and we’ll go drop you off at…”
“Nico said he’ll watch her.” Nico Di Angelo didn’t smile much, but something about Laura had put a new spring in his step ever since he met her. Apparently, Laura could even make the darkest of people light up.
“Nico?! Nico lets me eat cookies before bed!” in a flash Laura was out the door and headed for the guest room, which she declared as hers the moment Percy and Annabeth moved into their new apartment. Annabeth smiled and walked over to Percy, placing a hand on his chest, she gave him a kiss.
“I think she likes Nico better than you” she teased, Percy rolled his eyes and picked up the clothes Laura left for him.
“I don’t know why, I let her eat cookies before bed all the time”
“No, you eat cookies while putting her to bed. Anyway, at least we don’t have to feel bad about leaving her tonight” usually, Percy never left her side when she was staying with them. However, with their anniversary, they really had no choice but to find someone to watch her. Especially over night, because they were probably going to do something that Laura could not accidentally walk in on. Percy replaced his shirt with the new one as Annabeth walked into the closet to change. A few minutes later, Laura was waiting at their bedroom door, her backpack looking as if it was going to explode with what she stuffed in there.
“See! I told you this is better!” she stated seeing Percy in the outfit she picked out, “And hurry up, I want to go to Nico’s house” she turned on her heel and walked off towards the front door. Percy just rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, we don’t have to feel bad. And even if we did, the sight of Nico after being her make up doll will make us feel better” Annabeth laughed from inside the closet, the memory of Nico’s last babysitting experience replaying in her mind.


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the beauty of the Bible, what makes me really believe that in one way or another it is inspired by the Divine, is the depth of emotion, real human emotion, that it carries across the millennia. a deep aching and an unquenchable hope permeate its pages, emotions shared and sustained by God.

it’s a book written about and by and for orphans, refugees, enslaved and subjugated people, women and queer people and people of color – the people our world shoves to the margins take center stage in scripture and that is how i know that the Holy Spirit breathes through every line of it, that She inspired its many writers to take up their pens and write. 

and if you study scripture, if you get to know scripture intimately, you’ll know where to look when you have a grief deeper than your soul can plumb, or a joy so heady you need to shout it aloud, or loneliness so vast you can’t see across it. when you need to yell at God and demand justice, or to praise God and celebrate with Them, or to lament on behalf of this fractured world, you can find the words in scripture that you cannot form yourself.

when you read scripture, you become a note in a song that has been woven over centuries in thousands of languages. you are not reading by yourself, even if your heart feels isolated in its own misery – the readers of a thousand ages, those already past and those who are yet to come, are reading it beside you. God is reading it beside you, breathing life into these words that never stagnate, that change every time you read them, that wait for your heart to break to enter through the cracks or come to your tongue in times of greatest joy.

Against the Odds

Inspired by this photoset and the fact that I spent half my morning writing about baby clothes. Just a short AU for “Per Manum”. 

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“It didn’t take, did it?”

Mulder has spent hours trying to come up with the right words for each outcome. He walked through her kitchen as if taking inventory. As if the fact that she owned three sizes of coffee cups meant anything at all, made any kind of difference. The last hour he spent here, on her couch. A familiar spot. The lumps and indentions fitting his body perfectly as if he belonged there. So he stayed. Stayed and let his thoughts run wild. There were only two outcomes. Two. It’s either one or the other; success or failure. Whatever news she carried with her, though, he knew he needed to be prepared. He fell asleep halfway through thinking up his speech for when it didn’t take. He didn’t even get the chance to consider the idea that it might have worked. Still, Mulder dreamed of blue-eyed babies with auburn hair that laughingly called him daddy when he heard the click of the door, the rattle of the lock.

He’s barely awake, his thoughts trying to cling to the child in his dreams. It waves, runs away. Mulder gets up, tries to put on a smile. His heart beats far too quickly, but he knows he can’t get his hopes up. Hopes that shatter the moment his eyes find Scully’s. Tears. It’s all he sees. It’s all he can think about.

“It didn’t take, did it?” He’s never wanted to be wrong this badly. Tell me I’m wrong, Scully. Tell me, tell me, tell me. He blinks, hopes there are no tears. Not yet. This is about her. This was her dream first. Scully sniffs once, glances at him. All the words he came up with earlier, right before he fell asleep, they’re gone. Vanished like the little blue-eyed child.

“It worked.” So lost in his own disappointment, in his quest to find the right words to comfort her, he doesn’t hear it at first.


“It did take, Mulder. I’m pregnant.” The tears remain, but her lips curl upwards. She’s not crying because she’s sad. She’s crying because she’s happy. She is pregnant. There’s a child growing inside her, part her and part him. The words register slowly in his brain. The child runs back to him, giggles, calls him a silly daddy and he grins at Scully. He didn’t have time to come up with anything to say if it did take. There is nothing to say. Who is able to put joy into words, anyway? Instead he engulfs her in his arms and she squeaks; a sound he’s never heard before and that he instantly falls in love with. He holds her so tightly against him that there’s no telling where she ends, where he begins. Her tears dry against his neck, against his shirt and she clings to him just as desperately.

“There are still so many things that could go wrong, Mulder-” As much as he doesn’t want to, he loosens his grip on her so he can look into her eyes.

“We already beat the odds, Scully. We already beat them.”

“We?” The word doesn’t materialize, remains silently waiting on her lips. Mulder doesn’t repeat it, decides to make her understand in a new way, a better way. He kisses her. Takes the question from her mouth and turns it into an answer.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” he reluctantly lets go of her lips and nearly forgets again when he sees her mouth still half open, waiting, glistening with want and need, “I, uhm, have something for you.” He lets go of her to run over to his coat. He searches through it; how it fit inside his coat pocket at all is a mystery to him. The tiny plastic bag rustles and he smiles.

“This is for you. Well, for the baby.”

“Mulder, what if…”

“Nothing is going to go wrong, Scully.” He assures her, but she’s his Scully. She wants to see it, wants to look inside the bag, but she’s skeptical, and scared. Mulder, the grin on his face a permanent fixture, reaches inside and takes out a small piece of clothing.

“Oh my god.” Scully whispers when she sees what it is.

“I had to buy it. I didn’t know – I mean I hoped. I don’t know what I would have done with it had it not… but look, Scully.” Mulder hands her the tiny baby garment. Scully touches it as if it were made out of glass, ready to break any second. He watches as her finger follows the contours of the comic UFO that takes up half the front.

“Mulder.” She whispers, laughs. At least he hopes it’s a laugh.

“I knew he had to have it.”


“Or she. I know any child of ours will make up their own mind, but look,” Mulder voice is full of excitement,“ ‘I believe’”, he reads from the baby onesie, “'you’re my favorite human’. I know your – our - child will love you more than anyone else in the world, Scully. And I… well, I share the sentiment.” Scully lifts her head and there is the same look again. The one he misinterpreted earlier. He will never make that mistake again. This time it’s her who closes the distance between them, decides that they no longer need words. They hold on to each other and the small onesie between them, ready for the future.


But please, keep spouting bullshit in Akechi’s tag about how his actions were 100% his own and he’s an unsympathetic, unrepentant monster.

(( sorry for the modpost but ive seen a lot of interesting tags on my ask about michael in the bathroom and i want to say, depending on someone to help u in life isnt bad, and even living for them doesnt make u lesser, it can just be an unhealthy thing. its something ive personally dealt with a lot and it has ruined a lot of friendships for me. it doesnt always make u toxic but putting that much pressure on someone can have negative impacts on them. learning to thrive in your own is currently something i am trying to still work out as relying on others is a lot easier than relying on ,,, well ,,, just yourself! idk thats the point i was trying to get across, live for you, not for someone else, since it is your life!))

I honestly think it’s much more likely that the reason tumblr hasn’t been removing Nazi blogs is that they’re just that incompetent and out of touch with their userbase and the definition of what a functional website is. I’m not completely disregarding the idea that some of the staff are Nazi sympathizers, but incompetence seems much more likely as the direct cause. I mean, they still haven’t switched to https, and they took years to even start to try to deal with pornbots.

And in this case, the obvious hate blogs are just a symptom of a greater sitewide problem. Tumblr is definitionally memetic. It also has a fairly young userbase. Combine that with a lack of administrative moderation or competence, and use of the site as a radicalization tool happens very, very fast. You get Nazis that way, but most people who are old enough to use this site do have a basic awareness that Nazis are considered bad and that many people consider overt racism to be bad. Meanwhile, other radicalizing hate groups or ideologies fly completely under the radar. TERFs and SWERFs, for one. People don’t generally know what their ideology is beyond what is apparent in the name, so it is easy for it to spread memetically. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be entire organized groups; remember when everyone was convinced that all emotionally abusive parents had NPD (because of one post that spread a lot), or that otherkin were transphobic (because of nounself pronouns, a couple people freaking out, and general confusion about what exactly an otherkin was)? Ideas roll around in any environment, but tumblr is like an ideological tennis court where every time you hit the tennis ball, you get two identical tennis balls, and they’re all bouncing everywhere, and some of the replicating tennis balls are filled with explosives. And if there’s no moderation, there’s no bomb squad.

It’s definitely possible for a site to have too much moderation. (Writscrib, to give an example of an upcoming alternative, seems to be against both sex workers and fictional media depicting underage characters in sexual situations, the latter despite being based in the US.) However, specifically in a memetic environment, it’s probably better for there to be a slight excess of site moderation that can be negotiated down, than too little moderation, especially if what isn’t moderated is negative exhortations or hate speech. We’ve seen the result of too little.

Yes, it could also be leveraged against people doing good. However, it’s harder to create and spread a shutdown campaign when memetics is regulated, or, for that matter, if the regulators and moderators are actual people. One of tumblr’s many problems is that it keeps trying to do what little moderation it does have via algorithm. Algorithms are a lot easier to trick than humans. (It’s not just about abuse report abuse. Tumblr’s new safe mode algorithm tries to identify nudity based on the percentage of flesh-toned pixels. This has led to numerous instances of sfw pics being flagged because they showed beige furniture or carpets, and probably nudity could avoid being flagged by simply using a color filter.) Having moderation done by carefully vetted real people, with good diversity training and with a focus on harm reduction and anti-bullying rather than moral panic, would be the best idea.

Note that the level of acceptable moderation for a site is directly linked to its reliance on memetics. Tumblr? Highly memetic; most posts are reposts, not original content, and memetic spread is very fast, with memes and even discourses often becoming passe in a matter of days. Twitter is similar. AO3 or WordPress? Low memetic. WordPress has reposting capability, but the format of its posts means that it does not have rapidly spreading memes or slogans. AO3 has no reposting; the closest thing it has are the “inspired by” field and the ability to post to collections, plus its tagging system. Both allow users to moderate comments on their own posts. Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, and AO3 all have similar levels of staff moderation—fairly low, especially in terms of moderating content (most of AO3’s moderation in particular is concerned with searchability formatting). Guess which of these sites have more problems with harassment? The memetic ones, tumblr and Twitter.

A Nazi is still a Nazi wherever they post, but their ideas will spread and be reinforced more on a high-memetic site than a low one, so letting them alone on a high-memetic site is much worse than on the low one. Advocating for more moderation of content on tumblr and advocating against more stringent moderation on AO3 is not hypocritical; it’s simply acknowledging that the situations are different and that they require different actions, and that the real harm of hateful ideology, on the large scale, is not “does someone have it,” but “is it being reinforced and how fast,” and “what capacity do they have to spread it?” Moreover, ideological memetics on tumblr and twitter, tend to be presented as philosophy that one should believe, whereas the closest thing to memetics on AO3 is erotica tropes that are specifically presented as fictional and often as things that should not happen in real life, and that is an important difference as well.

Probably, someone with more experience in sociology and/or web design should take over this topic from here, but that’s my onion.


Moon Lovers 1 Year Anniversary Week
August 28th: ‘When You Knew’

I was wondering which scene to use, since I couldn’t pin point in my mind at which point I knew I was trash for this show, until I remembered Aisha’s tags: #I CAN HEAR ANISAH HOWLING when she giffed this scene; and I think this was the moment for me. 

Just watching Wang So broke me completely, in this one scene you see what an outsider he is, you see how much affection he has, you see how badly he wants to be a part of it, and you see how much he knows he can’t. 

It’s a slow process even before he begins to smile - first he tries to look away and mind his own business, but he can’t help but smile at his brothers’ antics and its so sweet knowing such a simple moment caused his ‘dog wolf’ facade to break. Which then makes the moment where he and Wook meet eyes, all the more heartbreaking - as if Wook’s attention on him is a reminder that he’s not allowed to share this joy.

So yeah, this was when I knew. Happy One Year Anniversary Moon Lovers!

Ok so I haven’t read the newer jughead comics (I really want to!) but I have to address this. Jughead is ARO ace. As in he’s aromatic and asexual. Not only was he confirmed as asexual, he has always made his stance on romance very clear. He hates romance, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He’s very clearly aromatic asexual. The reason I say this, is because I’ve been seeing a lot of anti ace posts lately… I’ve been hanging around in the jughead tag lately (cuz they sock me right in the feels) and I keep seeing posts that are like “ugh no offense, jughead is gay” “screw aromatic, het aces are gross” “why have a lame cishet jughead when you could have gay jughead”. STOP.

Asexuality can be complicated to explain. You can be ace and still be in a gay or get relationship. You can be ace and be bi or pan romantic. You can be aro ace. But no matter what, asexuals are asexuals. And if someone is asexual and in a het relationship or none at all, that doesn’t make them any less asexual/LGBT+. It’s the same thing you do to bisexuals,you don’t get to decide when that person is or is not their identity. No matter what relationship an asexual person is in- asexuality is valid regardless of the gender of their partner.

In this case, jughead jones is aro ace (as far as I can tell, the romantic part could be up for interpretation but I legitimately believe he’s aro as I can understand his language regarding romantic relationships) He’s not boring or gross for not being in a gay relationship. He’s not a liar and an oppressor for being aro ace- and neither are the real aro ace people who have to hear this in a ace character tag that they went on to see representation. Things like that are gross.

Stop going into ace character tags and saying ‘no this character is gay, and saying he’s anything but is gross and homophobic’ because you know that not true. Leave asexuals alone. Especially when a lot of asexuals didn’t even learn about themselves till going on this freaking website only to have the people that they thought would be accepting do this constantly.

Quick rambling

Guys it’s my first day back and I’m on my way to uni in the bus and there’s a man besides me that’s the epitome of manspreading. He has his legs like a freaking frog and his arms like a damn chicken because he’s playing games on his phone and his elbow is digging into my ribs… How is he not realizing it??? He’s almost perforating my lungs!!!! Obviously an exaggeration, I like being dramatic

anonymous asked:

ANON NO! Alexander Lightwood never once questions how Magnus Bane spends his money because he respects that Magnus Bane has existed for hundreds of years longer than him and it's hard earned wealth and who is he to tell Magnus what to do and DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ALEC LIKES GOOD FOOD? Alec is a secret foodie and he doesn't care of Magnus spends his own money.


anyway, magnus has the kind of wealth where you don’t even look at the price tag of anything anymore i’m pretty sure the word budget has left his vocabulary centuries ago.

salesman: so what’s your budget
magnus: my what
salesman: like your price range?
magnus: this is taking too long lemme just buy your entire dealership and i’ll pick a car later

i wish so much that Jasper and Bismuth had been “redeemed” because they had so much potential as positive trauma representation.

Bismuth and Jasper are both beautiful, unique designs. They’re old soldiers. Jasper is a prime example of a young, drafted soldier with PTSD (“I’ve been fighting since the day i broke free of the earth’s crust,” -Jasper, Earthlings) and they could’ve shown her coping with her trauma from the horrible things she wen through, and realizing that Pink Diamond didnt treat her like a person / was a bad person.

Bismuth could’ve been Steven’s unbiased view on Rose. She could’ve shown him that yes, war is a terrible thing. Rose’s intentions were blurred and selfish. She may have saved the earth, but she hurt so many in the process.

Even if they still got bubbled, why don’t Pearl and Garnet show any signs of trauma? They’re both soldiers. Pearl is a former slave. Garnet was almost killed at her own “birth”. The only example of any anxieties is in Jailbreak, and that’s Ruby and Sapphire! Not Garnet!

They showed some good with Pearl coping against her “programming”, but i would’ve been really interested to see her… Act subservient? and then Garnet reminds her that she’s more than a slave? They comfort each other!

Theres so much potential with traumatized characters and its just wasted on this show. Even Steven has been through trauma with no after effects. Its unrealistic and upsetting.

One thing I’ve noticed that surprised me, but makes sense in hindsight, is the role that Weiss is serving as of late: Yang’s Support. She seems to be, in this volume, that one that Yang is relying on. (spoilers below.)

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