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Do you remember back when there was LinkXDark, Sheiklink, Ganlink, or even Ghiralink!? Shadlink? Ravioli? They were some niiiiice ships…

My All-Time Top Ten Favourite Fanfics

I’ve thought about doing this list for quite a while now. Let me tell you why. 

Being part of a fandom is, for the most part, quite awesome. However, being a fanfic writer can be quite daunting and discouraging, especially if you don’t get the feedback you’re looking for. As a writer myself, I just want to spread the love and point people towards some amazing, amazing works I’ve loved and have been inspired by since I was a mere thirteen year-old discovering for the first time. I really, really hope you guys check these stories out. In my humble opinion, they are even better than some original novels that have been published over the years. (*cough* Twilight *cough*) 

At the end of the post, I’ve tagged TEN people here on Tumblr. I hope these people who are tagged will share ten of their all-time favourite fics and tag ten more people, and hopefully, we can keep this whole ‘support for fanfic authors’ thing going for a while yet. Fingers crossed! :) 

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1. The Life and Times (Harry Potter) by Jewels5 ( @itreallyatemyhand ) - The story of James and Lily’s sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts, and how they fall in love. This fic remains THE fic for me; it is practically canon in my mind.  If you’re a long-time Harry Potter fanfic reader, you’d probably have heard of TLAT. This fic has its own fandom, for God’s sake. (It’s even been mentioned in a Buzzfeed article? Whattt?) But if you haven’t heard of it, START READING IT NOW. I can’t gush enough about how well-plotted and well written this story is. It has inspired my own writing throughout the years and I’ve reread it more than five times. It physically pains me that it might never be finished, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying these 36 chapters. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you fall in love, and trust me when I say - you won’t ever be disappointed. I still come back to this story every now and then, and every time, I fall in love with it a little bit more. - Multi-chapter on

2. The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, Part 2 of the Stone Gryphon (Narnia) by @rthstewart - The Pevensies aiding the British war effort in WWII. If you’re a history lover and a Narnia fan, you MUST read this story. The amount of history woven into this series is simply awe-inspiring. The plot still floors me, even after all these years. And the characters - both the canon ones and the original ones - are written and expanded so beautifully. Not only that, there is a lot of heart to this story and a very real, very palpable sense of bittersweetness to everything. - Multi-chapter on AO3

3. A Sea of Golden Sand (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The events of “The Horse and His Boy” through the perspectives of the Pevensies. This is everything - I repeat - EVERYTHING you’d want from a Golden-Age Narnia fic. This story chronicles the events leading up to the final battle at Anvard, from Rabadash’s visit to Narnia to Aravis and Shasta coming to Archenland. It is incredibly, incredibly well-written, filled with humour, heart, and amazing characters. And although it was published in 2007, most stories in the Narnia fandom don’t even come close to this level of badassery! Edmund, one of my favourite characters ever, is pretty much swoon-worthy in this. I’m legitimately in love with this version of Edmund. - Multi-chapter on

4. Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops (Narnia) by Francienyc - The Pevensies navigating life in England after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. Lots of sibling bonding in this one, but by God, the simplicity and the subtleness of their pain! It has been years, but I still think of this fic every once in a while, and it still chokes me up a little. - One-shot on

5. Hung Out to Dry (Narnia) by @rthstewart - Jill/Eustace but with an angsty, heartbreaking twist. Despite how short it is, it is still one of my favourite things I’ve ever read. The aesthetics, the silences, the unrequited love - this story has it all. Every time I read it, I find myself still getting emotional by the simplest of sentences. In short, just exquisite. - One-shot on AO3

6. Fools (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The First Order of the Phoenix, with the Marauders, the Prewett twins, and Marlene Mckinnon. I remember crying my eyes out the first time I read this story, years and years ago. Yes, there are a ton of First Order fics out there. But please trust me when I say - none of them is quite like this one. This story will undoubtedly shatter you, but in the best of ways. - Multi-chapter on AO3

7. In Their Autumn Beauty (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The teenagers of the First Order of the Phoenix as seen through the eyes of the much older, much more jaded Dorcas Meadowes. This story is only 2,000 words long, but it has stayed with me for years and years. It is so, so beautiful. Please. Just read it. I beg you. It’ll take you only ten minutes, maybe. You won’t regret it. - One-shot on

8. Joy in the Mourning (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The Pevensies during the Blitz in London, after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. I also remember crying when I first read this. (Yes, there really is a pattern here; I do cry a lot.) This story really captures what the Narnia books are about: finding joy and hope amidst despair. - One-shot on

9. The Death of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire) by La Reine Noire  ( @poorshadowspaintedqueens ) - The events leading up to and of Robert’s Rebellion through the perspectives of the Dead Ladies Club, primarily Lyanna Stark, Ashara Dayne, and Elia Martell. Usually, I’m not a fan of fics about Robert’s Rebellion; I find most authors’ take of the events hard to believe and the characters not well fleshed out. This story, however, is EPIC and SO well-written, you’d think it was canon while you’re reading it! I cried buckets at the end, of course. If you’re a fan of the ASOIAF books, definitely give this one a try. - Multi-chapter on AO3

10. Corellian Gin (Rogue One) by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ) - Jyn/Cassian surviving Scariff, with bits told through the eyes of Bodhi. Of course, I had to squeeze in a Rogue One fic somehow, but I really had a hard time choosing ONE story from my old writing partner, guineapiggie. I nearly chose “The World Through A Scope”“Beinahe”, or something from the series that we wrote together (”Happy Endings”/ “Where’s My Love?”), but I settled on this one instead because it is one of the first Rogue One fics I read that made me tear up. I LOVE a bit of well-written romantic angst, and this story has it in spades. - One-shot on AO3


HONOURABLE MENTIONS (because I can’t quite help myself):

Harry Potter - Anything by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), especially Brackets (Sirius/Marlene), Stray Thought (Sirius/Marlene), and the No, Nay, Never series (the First Order of the Phoenix). 

Narnia - Firstly, anything by Andi Horton, especially King’s Champion (Edmund-centric) and The Better Part (Pevensies bonding). Secondly, The Delight of My Eyes (Aravis/Shasta) by Francienyc. And lastly, Rat and Sword Go To War (Pevensies in WWII) by @rthstewart , as well as the rest of her The Stone Gryphon series. 

Rogue One - Resistance is Built On Hope (WWII AU) by ChronicOlicity, Floating, Sinking (fix-it fic) by @shu-of-the-wind, the violet hour (Jyn/Cassian modern au) by caramelle or @mellamymake, the road that sets into the sun (a beautiful Jyn/Cassian in the SW Legends-verse) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), and all the angsty Jyn/Cassian stories by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ). 

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TAGS: Now, to join me in this venture of spreading fanfic love (yes, I’m perfectly aware of how weird that sounds), I’d like to invite these ten awesome individuals who I have interacted with here or on AO3: @ruby-red-inky-blue, @operaticspacetrash, @yavemiel, @rxbxlcaptain, @rapha-senna, @thenewleeland, @pingou7, @jeroncassianandor, @lclrgsl and @rebelcaptainfics. And don’t worry! You guys don’t have to write these long reviews for each of your recommendation like I did; I was simply bored and overzealous! :) 

If you’re not tagged, but have seen this on your dash and want to jump in on the action, please feel free to make your own list and tag ten more people. Let’s show appreciation for fanfic writers who put so much work and time into writing these stories we love so much! <3 

When your father stops being a father, you don’t stop being a daughter. When your husband stops being a husband, you don’t stop being a wife. When your friend stops being a friend, you don’t stop being a friend. You have your own duties. Don’t let anyone who has a right over you hold you accountable on the Day of Judgement.

“Keep Alive”

So a while ago, Jack told us that he hid easter eggs in the tags of the videos with Anti in them. Yesterday, he reappeared, and I checked the tags for the first time (since I didn’t know how to find it before). This is the only weird message that seems to be there, unless anyone else found something else:


Then I was curious and checked it for the other videos with Anti.

Every video has its own unique message that generally doesn’t repeat. Except for this one… 

Sͮ̏̿ͯ̈͐̈́̚̚͏͖͔͞ǫ̆͋͂̈ͯ̂̉҉͕̪͈͎̙o͊҉̛̜͔͚͓͔͈̗͠n̾́͂̾ͦ̓ͥ͏̪̖ x

ALONE AND AFRAID | Layers Of Fear - Part 1 x

SOMETHING DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT | Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location #1 x

S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ x

Every. Single. One. EVERY Anti video has this message, “keep alive”, in its tags. And, it’s usually followed by the word “mime” not too long after.

But what does it mean? It’s obviously important if it’s in all of Anti’s videos, but who is it referring to? Is it Anti saying he has to stay alive, him having to keep Jack alive to even exist, or something else entirely? Is “mime” just as significant? 

I’m not much of a theorist tbh, so I’ll leave you all to figure out what it means!


(also sorry if others have realized this already, I’m probably not the first to notice this message. It’s just really suspicious how it’s deliberately repeated for each video and I had to share haha)

(( sorry for the modpost but ive seen a lot of interesting tags on my ask about michael in the bathroom and i want to say, depending on someone to help u in life isnt bad, and even living for them doesnt make u lesser, it can just be an unhealthy thing. its something ive personally dealt with a lot and it has ruined a lot of friendships for me. it doesnt always make u toxic but putting that much pressure on someone can have negative impacts on them. learning to thrive in your own is currently something i am trying to still work out as relying on others is a lot easier than relying on ,,, well ,,, just yourself! idk thats the point i was trying to get across, live for you, not for someone else, since it is your life!))

Ok so I haven’t read the newer jughead comics (I really want to!) but I have to address this. Jughead is ARO ace. As in he’s aromatic and asexual. Not only was he confirmed as asexual, he has always made his stance on romance very clear. He hates romance, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He’s very clearly aromatic asexual. The reason I say this, is because I’ve been seeing a lot of anti ace posts lately… I’ve been hanging around in the jughead tag lately (cuz they sock me right in the feels) and I keep seeing posts that are like “ugh no offense, jughead is gay” “screw aromatic, het aces are gross” “why have a lame cishet jughead when you could have gay jughead”. STOP.

Asexuality can be complicated to explain. You can be ace and still be in a gay or get relationship. You can be ace and be bi or pan romantic. You can be aro ace. But no matter what, asexuals are asexuals. And if someone is asexual and in a het relationship or none at all, that doesn’t make them any less asexual/LGBT+. It’s the same thing you do to bisexuals,you don’t get to decide when that person is or is not their identity. No matter what relationship an asexual person is in- asexuality is valid regardless of the gender of their partner.

In this case, jughead jones is aro ace (as far as I can tell, the romantic part could be up for interpretation but I legitimately believe he’s aro as I can understand his language regarding romantic relationships) He’s not boring or gross for not being in a gay relationship. He’s not a liar and an oppressor for being aro ace- and neither are the real aro ace people who have to hear this in a ace character tag that they went on to see representation. Things like that are gross.

Stop going into ace character tags and saying ‘no this character is gay, and saying he’s anything but is gross and homophobic’ because you know that not true. Leave asexuals alone. Especially when a lot of asexuals didn’t even learn about themselves till going on this freaking website only to have the people that they thought would be accepting do this constantly.

In case anyone is losing hope on a season 2 of Sweet/Vicious I’ve got a few reasons to motivate you to keep fighting for it:

1. Ophelia backstory!

2. A happier and well-supported Jules!

3. Possible female love interest for O, but even if there isn’t, more of her and Evan the sweetheart (I love rep but I also love him so much ok)

4. Ophelia/Harris/Jules team-up!

5. That scrap of Jules’s pink backpack they left in Carter’s garage…

6. Stories about male/lgbt sexual assault survivors

7. Jules glancing at Ophelia’s lips several more times (on that note I have a couple of questions for Eliza Bennett)

8. More of Jules and Ophelia’s magical friendship! Just think about them getting closer the longer they know each other. Think of the conversations. The mate dates. Think of the hugs, guys!

9. The Zetas. Need I say more?

10. More about race issues! That conversation was just beginning in season 1

11. The Sweet/Vicious website and all the challenges that Jules and Ophelia are going to have to face with being so public

12. The satisfaction of watching scumbags having the crap beaten out of them

13. The importance of Sweet/Vicious to sexual assault survivors. I knew that this show was important but I really didn’t see its impact on survivors until I read through the comments and tags on some of the posts about its cancelation. It is so important to make sure that survivors know that their story is worth telling. That’s why even if the show never has a season two we can’t let it go without a fight and why that fight won’t be a waste of time.

This show is so important and it shouldn’t end here. Please sign this petition and tweet #SaveSweetVicious and #NetflixBuySweetVicious at Netflix and also feel free to add your own reasons for saving it to this post!

i wish so much that Jasper and Bismuth had been “redeemed” because they had so much potential as positive trauma representation.

Bismuth and Jasper are both beautiful, unique designs. They’re old soldiers. Jasper is a prime example of a young, drafted soldier with PTSD (“I’ve been fighting since the day i broke free of the earth’s crust,” -Jasper, Earthlings) and they could’ve shown her coping with her trauma from the horrible things she wen through, and realizing that Pink Diamond didnt treat her like a person / was a bad person.

Bismuth could’ve been Steven’s unbiased view on Rose. She could’ve shown him that yes, war is a terrible thing. Rose’s intentions were blurred and selfish. She may have saved the earth, but she hurt so many in the process.

Even if they still got bubbled, why don’t Pearl and Garnet show any signs of trauma? They’re both soldiers. Pearl is a former slave. Garnet was almost killed at her own “birth”. The only example of any anxieties is in Jailbreak, and that’s Ruby and Sapphire! Not Garnet!

They showed some good with Pearl coping against her “programming”, but i would’ve been really interested to see her… Act subservient? and then Garnet reminds her that she’s more than a slave? They comfort each other!

Theres so much potential with traumatized characters and its just wasted on this show. Even Steven has been through trauma with no after effects. Its unrealistic and upsetting.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone CHVIII

At the eve of the second World War, Lieutenant Colonel Thorin Durin sends his young nephews - his only remaining family - to live safely in the countryside. Fili and Kili end up staying with Bilbo Baggins, in his cozy little house virtually in the middle of nowhere. The boys and their Uncle exchange letters, the soldier understandably worried about how they’re being treated, and soon, Bilbo sees it fit to start adding little messages of his own - unbeknownst to him, Thorin begins cherishing those almost as much as his nephews’ words.

“Yes, thank you for the cheerful summary of our plight so far.”


Voltron fandom?

We need to talk


It’s come to my attention that some folks have been going on anon and sending hate to folks who don’t like Kallura.


I mean seriously, after all the shit the Kallura ship has had to wade through after season 2, all the hate and BS some of ya’ll fturn around and pull THIS!?

Seriously guys we’re better than that. If you see some anti-kallura post in the tags just flag it as spam and move on! People will get tired of making those posts eventually anyway and then focus on their own stuff.There’s also the fact that tumblr has been putting posts into the tag that just mention the ship rather than tag it (dammit tumblr). So its not always the OP’s fault.

Just be chill dudes and duddettes and enjoy our awesome space ship!

No reason to degrade ourselves with anon hate. Even if they’re antis, DONT SEND HATE.

Anon hate becomes a habit I’m sure. And I know a lot of you know how much it can hurt. So do me a solid and just stop hmmkay?

What is CGLRE?

CGLRE is a nonkink, nonsexual age regression community. While it originally stemmed from Cg/L, it has completely broken off into its own community, even having its own community tags (dxlg instead of dd1g, cutting out the d0m aspect all together). We actively try to cut out crosstagging with k1nk communities, but crosstagging is inevitable in almost every community. CGLRE is safe, it is not the same thing as Cg/L.

The words caregiver and little arent inherently k1nk terms, in fact the terms came from mental illness and disability. Sharing terms with something else doesn’t make it unsafe. Words can have more than one meaning.

On top of this CGLRE has helpfuls, not rules and rewards, not punishments. There is no power exchange in CGLRE.

About all our favourite Ryden LJ fics

Okay so we know Putin is SUPER against gay shit, he even has concentration camps so thats a big problem. Big problem number 2?


AND LJ recently updated its terms and conditions, here’s the important stuff:

  • in regards to content anything gay would have to be tagged 18+ in line with russian law 
  • the user may not: perform any other actions contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation and/or any other applicable laws, including those applicable in the jurisdiction of User’s residence.
  • The Administration may at its own discretion and without User’s prior notice supplement, reduce or otherwise modify any Service function and it’ procedures.
  • You’re held liable if you break any law

I know this is probably me overreacting but I want everyone to know


Because Russia also owns any info you gave to LJ and wont give it back.


Ship wars >.>

You know, for a fandom that seems to fully embrace the idea of the multiverse theory, the UT fandom seems to take people having different ships poorly. we literally have an au designed for everyone that wants NSFW content, but god forbid there be a universe where Sans dates grillby, because I like soriel. GOD FORBID that the multiverse contains all possibilities of alphyne and Undyrus. god forbid that Asgore and toriel get together in one universe/timeline, but not another. god forbid there be a sans x frisk universe DESPITE the relationship itself be a healthy one ( THAT my friends falls more on the writer and how they think of themselves for aging up a character.)  and right, in a multiverse of INFINITE possibilities, but dear god fontcest is totally impossible.  oh and lets shit on Papyton just because we have a different interpretation of the characters too.

Look, i get that everyone has their likes and dislikes, I get that people hate ships for one reason or another. and i also know that some shippers (Or alot) can ruin a ship for other people ( See soriel vs asgoriel, the rabid versions of those fans tear each other apart, while the peaceful shippers just tend to mind their own business.) and there are ships that disgust people. I GET IT, AND YOU KNOW WHAT? 

 that is ok, it is perfectly acceptable to dislike a ship, or the people who ship it  that ruined it for you. but, you enjoy your ship right? you want to make art, or fanfic, or headcannons about the ship you LOVE right?! and you hate to see people ripping on your ship RIGHT? then how do you think people feel when you start posting hate in a tag? it’s seriously not cool.  you want to go to the asgoriel tag and just look at the art and fics and such? TOO BAD HAVE SOME  ASGORIEL HATE, you just want to see some soriel fluff? TOO BAD, HAVE SOME HATE INSTEAD.

is it so hard just to keep your nose to your own ships? this goes for EVERYONE btw who spreads hate, even if you are a soriel fan, asgoriel, undyrus or alphyne, fontcest, grillster, sansby, WHAT EVER, is it so hard to just have everyone mind their own business and let others enjoy their ship? we have like, a million AU’s and im sure each one has its own set of timelines for EVERY POSSIBLE SHIP.

tldr; you have your own opinion and interpretation of these wonderful characters, please be aware that not everybody has that same opinion/interpretation, and just let people be happy. im not breaking this post bc i feel like this needed to be read, sorry for the long scroll, have a nice rest of your day. 

saw a repost of that last touka art going around so reblogging the original instead

I don’t know where all these reposters are coming from lately- art, gifs, edits- but I’m so sick of going in the tag and having it literally half filled with stolen content :/

a few tips:

  • if you don’t recognise the person you’re reblogging a post from, take 2 seconds out of your day to go onto their blog and check if they’re legit. almost every single content maker will have their own tag- “my art”, “my edits”, “my gifs”, etc.- or something about being an artist or whatever in their description, while I have never come across a reposter who has the same. hey, you might even find someone new to follow at the same time!
  • go through their content- if they’re posting art, edits, etc. in vastly different styles then it’s most likely not theirs
  • if you see “credit to artist” its not theirs- I saw reposted touken art the other day that literally said that in the caption and it had over 900 notes smh

anonymous asked:

Wasn't sure if you answer this type of question on b-d. Your tag said Columbia is a done deal given Harry's website is owned by sony. You meant it because even though HDD and Rob Stringer said things nothing has been "confirmed"? Do you still believe it's a distribution deal? Or is the reported $80m make it more likely to be a traditional deal? There was a post going around yesterday saying how sony could recoup the money based on sales but I thought it was very generous and included +

+touring like 1D. That valuation seemed absurd given they made the money they did touring relentlessly during the year in stadiums and harry couldn’t do that with just one album. Anyhow, thanks if you have time to answer. This got a little off topic!

Yes. While I’ve leaned heavily towards the Columbia deal being real since it was announced, there was enough shadiness and misdirection going on that I left open the possibility that it wasn’t true. But now that his official website is proven to be run by Sony, I think we can put that debate to rest entirely.

And I do believe that Harry is doing a distribution deal with Columbia through Erskine Records, but until the first single drops, that’s still a guess.

As for the $80 million, I think that is 100% pure bullshit. That post going around talking about recouping costs and blah blah is just someone trying to back into the numbers, when, in my opinion, the number was based off of the Apple report of them offering $25 million for one album and assuming that Columbia had to beat that for 3 albums.

Plus, as I’ve said several times, that kind of money for an artist is not paid in full up front. They offer a signing bonus and then points on albums and additional points if sales goals are reached and anything paid is done AFTER the initial signing amount is recouped.

I’m sure Harry did get a pretty substantial signing bonus, but more like $5-10 million than $80 million. The major deciding factors would be in him keeping his masters and publishing, sharing in profits from the beginning (not after the signing amount is recouped), and retaining artistic license and control.  He knows what that all is worth and it’s way more than a big check up front.

I mean I’m glad people like it, but…

I can’t read any more reviews of “XXX,” Kendrick Lamar’s collaboration with U2. Why? Because whatever their opinion of XXX, the writer must inevitably note their surprise that Bono managed to tame his massive ego in service to Lamar’s song. 

I’m really tired of hearing about Bono’s ego. I’m tired of Bono himself talking about it, even by way of self-deprecation. I’m tired of the whole concept of ego, because it’s a Freudian concept, and is therefore probably no more valid than any of his other concepts. (Cf. penis envy.)

Keep reading

Laura Jackson-Blofis

If you didn’t know Percy, you’d think he was a professional in childcare. He could put them to sleep without any problems, they wouldn’t protest to eating when it was he who was doing the feeding, he could even calm a crying baby with just the sound of his voice. Percy Jackson had never even held a baby before his little sister was born, yet he couldn’t do any harm when he first held her.
“Would you like to hold her?” Sally asked, the baby was not even a day old, she was so tiny. Percy quickly shook his head, even taking a few steps away from his mom.
“I might drop her.” he protested. However, after Sally had fallen asleep, and Paul had gone home to shower, the little girl started crying in her crib. “No, no, don’t do that, mom’s tired, you can’t wake her” he pleaded trying to hush the baby. Popping his head out the door he saw no nurses, cursing he ran back into the room and carefully lifted his sister. “Shh.” Percy had been told before that his voice was powerful, that he could stop entire armies just by talking, he would never have guessed that quieting babies was something he could be capable of. The baby stopped crying instantly, with his voice and the rocking, she was as quiet as she would be if she were sleeping. Only, she was wide awake, looking at him with the most perfect blue eyes he’d ever seen, just like their mothers. “There we go, that’s better” only an hour ago he was adamant on not holding her. Now, with small tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to put her down. “You know, you look just like mom,” he told her as he walked towards the small armchair “You even have that dimple on your cheek like she does.” He gently poked it making her giggle. “I wish I still lived with her now, just so I could see you everyday. Wait, you don’t even know who I am, do you? I’m Percy, your brother.” He continued talking to her for almost an hour before Sally woke up to feed her and he had to leave for school. However, before he left, Sally quickly called him back.
“Her name’s Laura, Percy.” Laura, after his grandmother, any other name couldn’t have fit any better than Laura.

4 years later, Sally still talked about how she woke up to him having an entire one-sided conversation with Laura, how he’d take her giggling and gurgling noises as noises of agreement to whatever he said. As Laura Jackson-Blofis grew up, anyone could tell that her favourite person in the world was her brother. Some nights Sally would call him to come over, just so he could put her to sleep. If Percy was around, Laura would refuse to be fed her apple sauce by anyone else. When she could stand on her own, he’d let her stand between his legs as he slowly rode his skateboard around the apartment. Annabeth’s new favourite moment was when Percy put on a little fashion show for Laura. He needed to pick out an outfit for their sixth anniversary and she was determined to find him the perfect one.
“What about this one?” he asked the now 4 year old. She looked up from her book, a small smile on her face, but when she saw his green button down, she scrunched up her nose.
“You don’t look nice in green” she told him.
“Then what colour should I wear?” he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘thinking’ face she put on, as she furrowed her eyebrows and tapped her chin, Annabeth walked in. Neither of them noticed her, too caught up in what colour Percy’s shirt should be to hear the camera click of her phone. Instead of saying anything, Laura jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, promptly coming out with a white button down and a black vest.
“What did you ever do before I was born?” she asked, a finger pointing at him with her other hand on her hip. She even had the same look their mom gave when she scolded him, it kind of scared him. Annabeth couldn’t help but take another picture, laughing at the sight of her 6 foot boyfriend being scolded by his hardly 3 foot tall little sister. Laura’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her laugh, Percy swore that this girl loved Annabeth more than she loved him. “You’re home!” she exclaimed running right into Annabeth’s arms.
“I was only gone a few hours, you two looked busy” Annabeth teased, winking at Percy, “What else did you do while I was gone? Other than give Percy some fashion advise”
“Uhm, Jason came over for lunch, we had grilled cheese and apple juice, then he took me to the library while Fishy took a shower,” if anything could melt your heart, it was Laura calling her brother Fishy. It started when she first saw him breath underwater, it was when they were gone to Montauk for her fourth birthday. She already knew who Percy’s dad was, she just hadn’t seen any of his powers yet because no one was sure if she’d be able to see through the mist. After they realized that instead of a poodle she actually saw Mrs O'Learly as she was, they decided it was okay to show her. Ever since that day on the beach, he was forever known as her big brother Fishy. “I got a book, that one.” she pointed towards the bed, a copy of Sleeping Beauty laid discarded on a pillow. Laura went through the rest of her day; she told Annabeth how she ate ice cream with Jason and Piper, how Katie grew a flower for her right in her palm that only had a tiny bit of soil. With each event, Laura counted it on her finger. By the end of her story, she had a total of 6 fingers held up.
“Wow, you’ve had an eventful day” she smiled and nodded as if she accomplished something amazing. “Now, why don’t you go pack your over night bag while I get dressed and we’ll go drop you off at…”
“Nico said he’ll watch her.” Nico Di Angelo didn’t smile much, but something about Laura had put a new spring in his step ever since he met her. Apparently, Laura could even make the darkest of people light up.
“Nico?! Nico lets me eat cookies before bed!” in a flash Laura was out the door and headed for the guest room, which she declared as hers the moment Percy and Annabeth moved into their new apartment. Annabeth smiled and walked over to Percy, placing a hand on his chest, she gave him a kiss.
“I think she likes Nico better than you” she teased, Percy rolled his eyes and picked up the clothes Laura left for him.
“I don’t know why, I let her eat cookies before bed all the time”
“No, you eat cookies while putting her to bed. Anyway, at least we don’t have to feel bad about leaving her tonight” usually, Percy never left her side when she was staying with them. However, with their anniversary, they really had no choice but to find someone to watch her. Especially over night, because they were probably going to do something that Laura could not accidentally walk in on. Percy replaced his shirt with the new one as Annabeth walked into the closet to change. A few minutes later, Laura was waiting at their bedroom door, her backpack looking as if it was going to explode with what she stuffed in there.
“See! I told you this is better!” she stated seeing Percy in the outfit she picked out, “And hurry up, I want to go to Nico’s house” she turned on her heel and walked off towards the front door. Percy just rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, we don’t have to feel bad. And even if we did, the sight of Nico after being her make up doll will make us feel better” Annabeth laughed from inside the closet, the memory of Nico’s last babysitting experience replaying in her mind.


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At some point Tony and Peter started to work in Tony’s workshop at the same time. They each do their own thing. Tony is working on some improvements to a new suit, and Peter is working on a better and stronger mixture for his web solution.
This is really the best set up for both of them. Tony can make sure that Peter has safe access to the chemicals he needs, and he won’t be putting himself in danger. While Peter knows he will always be able to make more fluid whenever he needs and doesn’t have to worry about getting caught, he can also bounce ideas off of Tony if he needs to.

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A lazily doodled bunny-me who doodled a lazily made heart! I didn’t have time to make something to properly say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and even beyond that - to everyone who’s just here and sees this now.

Your incredibly awesome support has made me so much more confident and proud of my own art, something I’ve never dreamed of happening. But thanks to you all I get new ideas every day, get to work on awesome projects and I get to share it with you all! There’s really absolutely nothing I could make or say or think of that would actually show you how glad I am to have stumbled upon this amazing community full of positivity. You can be really dang proud of yourself, y’all! I know I am for sure. :D

With that being said; sorry for this horrible doodle and have an awesome day!

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I saw your family Lance head cannon and oh my god. I have been blessed. Could you do a headcannon/Senario where lances S/O meets his family? :3


  • Lance warns you that his family is a tad bit crazy, but you wave it off. You’ve seen crazier than what he’s described and you were anxious to go to the dinner feast his mother invited you both to.
  • She didn’t say the whole family was coming, too.
  • As soon as you walk in, his aunts bombard you. Hugs, kisses, and pinching cheeks. You’re not sure what they’re saying, but it sounds pleasing. They’re squealing to each other in rapid Spanish about your hair and height and everything.
  • They inspect you from head to toe. They measure your waist, feel the thickness of your hair, check your temperature, and feel your calves.
  • Lance stop laughing in the background come here you lil shit
  • The aunts finally give you some space and Lance sees your face. It’s filled with red lipstick marks, pinch marks, and smudged hair sticking to your face it’s as if his aunts made out with you haha
  • They grab his arm and tell him to marry you NOW
  • You’re really good with his younger siblings. They love you and your games. They even claim you’re more fun than Lance oops. They squeal when you play tag with them and the boys want to be the prince to your prince/ss.
  • Lance watching from the bushes, with binoculars: tHIS IS BULLSHIT
  • He has his share of nephews and nieces and cousins. You thought the Kardashians never stop growing? Ha, bitch please, his family is almost a separate city of its own, with all different ethnicity/races.
  • His mother acts like your own, claiming you as her own child. You are very helpful around the kitchen and she doesn’t let you wash the dishes, you’re a guest for God’s sake, but you do it anyways. She loves you so much, it hurts her.
  • Lance’s dad adores you and respects you in every way possible. You are a polite guest and talk respectfully to his family. He threatens to break Lance’s bones if he ever breaks your heart. If you don’t marry him, his mother will practically disown him, they only want you as an in-law.
  • His mother shoves the entire meal she prepared for your arrival down your throat. Don’t you dare say no to her offering food to you. Lance doesn’t know whether to comfort your bloated stomach or laugh his ass off because he went through this before.
  • His sisters really like you. From moment #1, they are your bitches and best friends. You exchange phone numbers quickly and gossip the latest news. They are so easy to talk to and you mostly discuss Lance with them. They warn you of the stupid shit he does in private, and sadly, you have had the blessing to experience 90% of them.
  • His oldest sister has a newborn and she lets you hold him first, instead of Lance. He’s kinda sobbing in the corner so let him hold the baby (with the mother’s permission ofc). You’re both holding the baby together and the baby only smiles and laughs at your advances.
  • Poor Lance is being threatened, rejected, and overlooked, once again.
  • At the end of the visit, everyone congratulates Lance on finding you. He jokes that he had to search the universe, top to bottom, to find you. They take it seriously.
  • They all walk you to the door and kiss you goodbye and call you their in-law. They’re begging you to come again, maybe for a sleepover, but they won’t let Lance touch or sleep with you that night. His dad will literally cook him in tacos and snack on his grave.