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5 positive things

Tagged by @blessed-but-distressed to be nice to myself and list 5 positive things about me. 

1. I am independent AF. This is partially how I grew up, and I was independent before, but traveling alone has made me even more confident in myself and my ability to be alone. I realize that sounds kind of sad, but it’s not to me. Learning how to be alone is one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned. 

2. I’m successful in my career, which is nice on its own, but really, money to do things (like travel!) is wonderful. I hated my job for six years, and that sucked, but it got me where I am, so let’s throw in perseverance as 2.5. 

3. I’m an incredibly loyal friend. Once I consider you someone I care about, you gotta fuck up pretty bad to lose my friendship. 

4. Me and words get along pretty well. I may not like all of my writing but overall, I feel good about my skill level. Even if y’all do come shouting at me about the feels. 

5. I make excellent cheesecake. 

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  • ?????
  • meme generator™
  • will fight you


  • pretends everyone loves them
  • has a lot of those candles that smell nice
  • has probably murdered before


  • has 2 maybe 3 friends
  • collects rocks
  • has 50,000 secrets


  • everything they own is black
  • so is their soul
  • has a body in the trunk


  • space nerd
  • smol and useless
  • doesnt know


  • perfected the art of screaming
  • has like 8 blogs
  • likes plants


  • 0 to 100 real quick
  • never wears matched socks
  • makes weird noises


  • chaotic evil
  • ego complex
  • adult child


  • takes pictures of sunsets
  • good intentions
  • part of 57 fandoms


  • has never felt love
  • sins twice a day
  • got an A- once and cried


  • constant internal screaming
  • doesnt know what they’re doing
  • hobbies include leading people to their death


  • dOGS
  • bitter cinnamon roll
  • holds grudges for 67 years


  • speaks 600 languages
  • awaits death
  • kinda already dead inside


  • cant be alone
  • momma bear
  • has one password for everything


  • dont touch
  • always yelling
  • cant calm down


  • can kick your ass
  • obsessed with pinterest
  • goes on emotional ‘delete later’ post sprees

Ok so I haven’t read the newer jughead comics (I really want to!) but I have to address this. Jughead is ARO ace. As in he’s aromatic and asexual. Not only was he confirmed as asexual, he has always made his stance on romance very clear. He hates romance, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He’s very clearly aromatic asexual. The reason I say this, is because I’ve been seeing a lot of anti ace posts lately… I’ve been hanging around in the jughead tag lately (cuz they sock me right in the feels) and I keep seeing posts that are like “ugh no offense, jughead is gay” “screw aromatic, het aces are gross” “why have a lame cishet jughead when you could have gay jughead”. STOP.

Asexuality can be complicated to explain. You can be ace and still be in a gay or get relationship. You can be ace and be bi or pan romantic. You can be aro ace. But no matter what, asexuals are asexuals. And if someone is asexual and in a het relationship or none at all, that doesn’t make them any less asexual/LGBT+. It’s the same thing you do to bisexuals,you don’t get to decide when that person is or is not their identity. No matter what relationship an asexual person is in- asexuality is valid regardless of the gender of their partner.

In this case, jughead jones is aro ace (as far as I can tell, the romantic part could be up for interpretation but I legitimately believe he’s aro as I can understand his language regarding romantic relationships) He’s not boring or gross for not being in a gay relationship. He’s not a liar and an oppressor for being aro ace- and neither are the real aro ace people who have to hear this in a ace character tag that they went on to see representation. Things like that are gross.

Stop going into ace character tags and saying ‘no this character is gay, and saying he’s anything but is gross and homophobic’ because you know that not true. Leave asexuals alone. Especially when a lot of asexuals didn’t even learn about themselves till going on this freaking website only to have the people that they thought would be accepting do this constantly.

HEY! sorry its been a while ive been crazy busy with work. ive been drawing in a different style for work so i thought id sketch out some characters for a dumb idea i have. 

p much a fraternity president falls hard for the cute boy next door that runs a little community garden. but everytime frat pres tries to flirt cute boy thinks hes being made fun of and the convo usually ends in a ‘fuck you’. soon the entire frat is trying to woo cute boy and get him to date their pres.

imagine pride and prejudice… but.. gay … and fratty..and that Soft Bro™ aesthetic 

@devilinhighheels – Sorry, I can’t reblog that, they’re a salty member of Jumblr, ha.

But seriously, that CNN tag line really angered me. That white supremacist scumbag didn’t say that Jews weren’t people. He was antisemitic enough by saying that Jews controlled the media. They deliberately lied to make him sound “worse” even though what he said was already antisemitic, like the antisemitism wasn’t bad enough on its own. It had me absolutely fuming.

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we haven't lost interest in you!! in fact your blog has convinced me to get into batim !!! i'd talk to you about it but i'm super shy i'm so sorry. but i do think you're really cool

!!!!! wow that is rly rly great 2 know!! tho uhm, u know, a lotta ppl talking about batim n tattletail, i havent lost interest in fnaf either… @<@;;; its just theres a LOT of batim content in its own tags as compared 2 tattletail n even sister location, i literally gotta scavenge for it cuz there rly isnt a lot compared 2 batim but I PROMISE!!! i still love tattletail n SPECIALLY fnaf bc it was like, what this blog was initially for n i wont ever stop loving so u can still talk 2 me abt it!!! if u wanna!!!!

also aaa i see. again, i know how that can be. so i wont force u. but just know that i am open for talking if u need it n i wont judge. VvV aaah thank u very much!

Laura Jackson-Blofis

If you didn’t know Percy, you’d think he was a professional in childcare. He could put them to sleep without any problems, they wouldn’t protest to eating when it was he who was doing the feeding, he could even calm a crying baby with just the sound of his voice. Percy Jackson had never even held a baby before his little sister was born, yet he couldn’t do any harm when he first held her.
“Would you like to hold her?” Sally asked, the baby was not even a day old, she was so tiny. Percy quickly shook his head, even taking a few steps away from his mom.
“I might drop her.” he protested. However, after Sally had fallen asleep, and Paul had gone home to shower, the little girl started crying in her crib. “No, no, don’t do that, mom’s tired, you can’t wake her” he pleaded trying to hush the baby. Popping his head out the door he saw no nurses, cursing he ran back into the room and carefully lifted his sister. “Shh.” Percy had been told before that his voice was powerful, that he could stop entire armies just by talking, he would never have guessed that quieting babies was something he could be capable of. The baby stopped crying instantly, with his voice and the rocking, she was as quiet as she would be if she were sleeping. Only, she was wide awake, looking at him with the most perfect blue eyes he’d ever seen, just like their mothers. “There we go, that’s better” only an hour ago he was adamant on not holding her. Now, with small tears in his eyes, he didn’t want to put her down. “You know, you look just like mom,” he told her as he walked towards the small armchair “You even have that dimple on your cheek like she does.” He gently poked it making her giggle. “I wish I still lived with her now, just so I could see you everyday. Wait, you don’t even know who I am, do you? I’m Percy, your brother.” He continued talking to her for almost an hour before Sally woke up to feed her and he had to leave for school. However, before he left, Sally quickly called him back.
“Her name’s Laura, Percy.” Laura, after his grandmother, any other name couldn’t have fit any better than Laura.

4 years later, Sally still talked about how she woke up to him having an entire one-sided conversation with Laura, how he’d take her giggling and gurgling noises as noises of agreement to whatever he said. As Laura Jackson-Blofis grew up, anyone could tell that her favourite person in the world was her brother. Some nights Sally would call him to come over, just so he could put her to sleep. If Percy was around, Laura would refuse to be fed her apple sauce by anyone else. When she could stand on her own, he’d let her stand between his legs as he slowly rode his skateboard around the apartment. Annabeth’s new favourite moment was when Percy put on a little fashion show for Laura. He needed to pick out an outfit for their sixth anniversary and she was determined to find him the perfect one.
“What about this one?” he asked the now 4 year old. She looked up from her book, a small smile on her face, but when she saw his green button down, she scrunched up her nose.
“You don’t look nice in green” she told him.
“Then what colour should I wear?” he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘thinking’ face she put on, as she furrowed her eyebrows and tapped her chin, Annabeth walked in. Neither of them noticed her, too caught up in what colour Percy’s shirt should be to hear the camera click of her phone. Instead of saying anything, Laura jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, promptly coming out with a white button down and a black vest.
“What did you ever do before I was born?” she asked, a finger pointing at him with her other hand on her hip. She even had the same look their mom gave when she scolded him, it kind of scared him. Annabeth couldn’t help but take another picture, laughing at the sight of her 6 foot boyfriend being scolded by his hardly 3 foot tall little sister. Laura’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her laugh, Percy swore that this girl loved Annabeth more than she loved him. “You’re home!” she exclaimed running right into Annabeth’s arms.
“I was only gone a few hours, you two looked busy” Annabeth teased, winking at Percy, “What else did you do while I was gone? Other than give Percy some fashion advise”
“Uhm, Jason came over for lunch, we had grilled cheese and apple juice, then he took me to the library while Fishy took a shower,” if anything could melt your heart, it was Laura calling her brother Fishy. It started when she first saw him breath underwater, it was when they were gone to Montauk for her fourth birthday. She already knew who Percy’s dad was, she just hadn’t seen any of his powers yet because no one was sure if she’d be able to see through the mist. After they realized that instead of a poodle she actually saw Mrs O'Learly as she was, they decided it was okay to show her. Ever since that day on the beach, he was forever known as her big brother Fishy. “I got a book, that one.” she pointed towards the bed, a copy of Sleeping Beauty laid discarded on a pillow. Laura went through the rest of her day; she told Annabeth how she ate ice cream with Jason and Piper, how Katie grew a flower for her right in her palm that only had a tiny bit of soil. With each event, Laura counted it on her finger. By the end of her story, she had a total of 6 fingers held up.
“Wow, you’ve had an eventful day” she smiled and nodded as if she accomplished something amazing. “Now, why don’t you go pack your over night bag while I get dressed and we’ll go drop you off at…”
“Nico said he’ll watch her.” Nico Di Angelo didn’t smile much, but something about Laura had put a new spring in his step ever since he met her. Apparently, Laura could even make the darkest of people light up.
“Nico?! Nico lets me eat cookies before bed!” in a flash Laura was out the door and headed for the guest room, which she declared as hers the moment Percy and Annabeth moved into their new apartment. Annabeth smiled and walked over to Percy, placing a hand on his chest, she gave him a kiss.
“I think she likes Nico better than you” she teased, Percy rolled his eyes and picked up the clothes Laura left for him.
“I don’t know why, I let her eat cookies before bed all the time”
“No, you eat cookies while putting her to bed. Anyway, at least we don’t have to feel bad about leaving her tonight” usually, Percy never left her side when she was staying with them. However, with their anniversary, they really had no choice but to find someone to watch her. Especially over night, because they were probably going to do something that Laura could not accidentally walk in on. Percy replaced his shirt with the new one as Annabeth walked into the closet to change. A few minutes later, Laura was waiting at their bedroom door, her backpack looking as if it was going to explode with what she stuffed in there.
“See! I told you this is better!” she stated seeing Percy in the outfit she picked out, “And hurry up, I want to go to Nico’s house” she turned on her heel and walked off towards the front door. Percy just rolled his eyes and smiled.
“Yeah, we don’t have to feel bad. And even if we did, the sight of Nico after being her make up doll will make us feel better” Annabeth laughed from inside the closet, the memory of Nico’s last babysitting experience replaying in her mind.

ok im going to talk about this for the last time… this is not some copy and paste shit from a wiki page, every single word was typed by my bitter taiwanese hands.. this is for all you international fans (especially non-taiwanese). 

  • taiwan has its own culture and yes we have our own government!! 
  • we even read and write differently. 
  • pro taiwan independence isn't some extreme political view in taiwan, most local taiwanese (本省人) want independence from china. 
  • taiwan is a small country with no real connections, and in order to not upset china most countries do not recognize us at all. 
  • during international events, we are forced upon the name “chinese taipei” and to carry a flag that is not our own. 

SO EXCUSE US WHILE WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN OUR CULTURE AND OUR SMALL COUNTRY honestly what else can we do when the rest of the world tells us we dont exist and tries to erase our identities?!! and with all this bullshit happening to tzuyu it hurts to see so many international fans trying to dismiss us once again. like honestly how do you think tzuyu felt when jyp changed her nationality to china on her profile lmao fuck jyp fucjk grown ass adults who should know better fuck the “fans” who think tzuyu made a mistake 

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m honestly continually sort of touched by people having a tag specifically for our comic and content relating to it.

Like, even if they don’t give us other tags or feedback or anything, it’s still sort of fascinating that this set of characters has its own tag on a total stranger’s blog. It doesn’t just get filed under a general “other people’s art”-type tag or anything. It goes under “Lovespells”. That’s really cool, haha.

In summary: thank you for liking Lovespells and for supporting us!

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Rules: Answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions (i dont even know that many people yeet)

1. Coke or Pepsi: i dont like soda, it hurts me throat

2. Disney or Dreamworks: dreamworks cause they r better

3. Coffee or Tea: coffee bro

4. Books or Movies: ehh it depends, as long as its like, good

5. Windows or Mac: macaroni and cheese > technology

6. DC or Marvel: i like both but DC has better Cool Girls so DC

7. Xbox or Playstation: mm xbox? i dunno i grew up with it

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: mass effect i guess

9. Night Owl or Early Rise: night cause i get away with more shit

10. Cards or Chess: chess

11. Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla is lit

12. Vans or Converse: uhh no

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: aint nobody got time ya nerds

14. Fluff or Angst: fluff 

15. Beach or Forest: beaches are real nice sometimes but a good forest is nice af too

16. Dogs or Cats?: cats

17. Clear Skies or Rain: rain by far

18. Cooking or Eating Out: eating out

19. Spicy Food or Mild Food: mild im white

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: halloween u plebs!!!

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: encase me in ice

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be: shapeshifting would be the SHit

23. Animation or Live Action: animation

24. Paragon or Renegade: w/ ya nerd ass

25. Baths or Showers: showers

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man? team fuck outta here with these fools

27. Fantasy or Sci-Fi: fantasy

28. Do you have three or four favourite quotes?: no?

29. YouTube or Netflix: netflix is only lit if u have something to watch, but both are like that i guess

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: percy probably, sounds gayer

31. When You Feel Accomplished: breaking the law

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: no

33. Paperback Books or Hardback Books: hard like me

34. Handwriting or Typing: handwriting

35. Velvet or Satin: satin

36. Video Games or Movies: video games are lit

37. Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon?: uhhh be one maybe i dunno

38. Sunrise or sunset: sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39. What’s your favourite song?: right now probably antlers by atlas

40. Horror Movies yes or no: if its good

41. Long hair or short hair: for me i like that punk mohawk shit but i LOVE long hair like fuck, girls with long hair are The Shit

42. Opera or Theatre: thtr

43: Assuming the multiverse theory is true and every story ever told has really happened somewhere, which one of the movie/book/tv show/game/etc worlds would you pick to travel to first?: mmm id wanna be a cool badass in whatever i went into tbh

44: Are you scared of thunderstorms? Why?: no i love them

45: Sleeping in or getting up early? bitch what do you THINK, but actually if im excited for something i like getting up early

46: Favorite Food?: pizza 

47: Traditional or Digital art?: all i do is digital

48: What do YOU think is your most redeemable quality? i will fight anyone for you, like legit

48: If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet?: mmm i dunno

49. Favorite band?: pwr bttm

50. Favorite pet?: i don’t have any right now, but if u mean what pet u want, rabbits of course

51. Truth or Dare?:

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A word to the agents of shield fandom









this has been a PSA thank you.

P.s. I’m just tagging all the ship fandoms in aos that I can think of so everyone gets the message im not saying all the fandoms have been like this but it’s just a reminder to everyone

I’m not trying to start any arguments. In fact, that’s what I’m trying to stop. You are all beautiful, wonderful people and I love all the different fandoms of agents of shield with all my heart. Im just sick of this rivalry between ships

*continues singing, runs off into the sunset*

Being a KakaSaku Shipper

There is something so pure and wonderful about being a KakaSaku shipper. Naruto has become a toxic graveyard of all the things that used to make it wonderful and I seldom set foot in the fandom anymore. But every so often I will check in on the KakaSaku tag and see how they are doing, and it always warms my heart to see how unmarred by the rest of the series they’ve remained.

KakaSaku evolved past the series that birthed it and grew into a separate entity- something that could be enjoyed on its own without the support or acknowledgment of cannon moments, or even the original story itself. The fandom still fosters the most beautiful comradery amongst eachother, stunning fan works, and the kind of loving vibe that restores my faith in more ways than I can list.

KakaSaku. Pure. Untouched. A standalone, spinoff ship of a problematic series. Thank you for everything, you will always have a place in my heart. To quote the story that brought me to this wonderful ship nine years ago (and a quote I believe sums up our ship and the Fandom surrounding our ship perfectly): 

“There would always be talk. But while there was love it was meaningless.

And there would always be love.” -
The Window by SilverShine

I’d promised not to do spoilers, but I’m taking a break from that promise to talk about the main villain of Ghostbusters and how anyone saying he’s a bad character is quite simply wrong. Also much talk about Patty Tolan because I see posts about Gilbert’s and Yates’s involvement, but not hers. So, even if I keep things as vague as possible, spoiler warning. (I have tagged this “Ghostbusters spoilers” if you want to quickly blacklist.)

Rowan North is a white man. He is unhappy about life. He considers himself worth more than he gets from the people around him and has experienced bullying. All this has brought him to regard himself with a certain grandeur of the misunderstood genius and if society won’t give him its acknowledgement and praise, then he will destroy society. In the most bombastic way possible literally with his own personal army.

I’m seeing reviews that act like North is not well-motivated. All of the above is all you need to know about the character to understand his motivation and all of it is in the movie, though I concede that one needs contextual understanding to put the pieces together. But every one of us should have that contextual understanding. Are there people who by any chance don’t engage with the news? “Rowan North” is the guy who every half a year or so shoots up a concert, a movie theater, a school, a center, and wherever it is folks gather. Or is this about engaging with the news too much? And what is complained about is the emptiness detected when suddenly the story doesn’t talk about “Rowan North”’s childhood and hobbies.

Like, the concert case? Where North walks casually through the crowd, being greeted and greeting people in return when he’s actually there to kill as many as are going to be caught up in his Day of Reckoning scheme? Not subtle at all. It frightens me there are people who don’t pick up on this. Or demand more of him.

I will keep saying as long as is necessary that the quality of the 2016 movie is to be placed in context of the 80s movies. And if we do that? Gozer is a primordial entity worshipped by the population of the Mediterreanean-Middle East in The Old Days, though somehow is kinda white. Not that the situation would improve with a racially accurate actor, but I’m tired of this reduction of culture to props. It’s so very Lovecraftian (let me tell you about how much I hate that names like “Dagon” and “Tiamat” sooner associate with horror than a beautiful piece of history). Its demigod servants are Zuul and Clortho. Gozer’s storyline is that they’re an ancient evil that wants to kill us all because that’s what ancient evils do. For Gozer to get access to our world, their demigod servants first have to possess two humans, a “gatekeeper” and a “keymaster”, for what is heavily implied to be a ritual involving sex. Because why the heck not. And without consent of the hosts whatsoever.

Vigo the Carpathian is barely better. The Mediterreanean-Middle East is exchanged for neighborino East Europe. “The Carpathian” still sounds nicely “other”. His goal is a reign of terror, somewhat for revenge but mostly because that’s just how he is. He too goes the “minion, get me access to this realm”-route by abducting a baby for body hijacking.

How the bleeping hexagon can you consider either of these two well-written but Rowan North “unfinished” (the people saying this tend to praise the 1984 movie)? North’s the better villain, whether you like the fact he’s a white American man from the present or not. I assume the problem is that the racist & xenophobic fantasy of the inhumane powerful other in the end soundly defeated by the casual-but-secretly-awesome self not only is not applied, but that this round the villain is that casual-but-secretly-awesome self. And this villain could be the person standing next to you and you’re the neighbor who’ll one day be interviewed whether you saw it coming (spoiler: you didn’t), but just as easily it is the person within you. That’s not a story as easy to accept as the dangerous yet inferior foreigner.

There’s probably also something to be said about a reversal of gender and gender performance considering Gozer’s gender-ambiguity and Vigo’s hyper masculinity (I recall him being called butch?) compared to Rowan’s “just a guy” as well as the 1984 gender (performance) dynamics of the heroes vs the 2016 ones, but I’m not the one for that task.

And this is where I’m bringing in Tolan. Admittedly, there’s a note of sympathy to have for North in the sense that you end up asking “Did this have to happen?”. The receptionist and the waitresses paint a lonely picture of rejection, but the concert-goers demolish that picture. And so does Tolan. Because Tolan is like North, “stuck” in an unappreciated job and smart enough to know that maybe they don’t belong there, even if there’s no feasible way onwards. But where North goes for the apocalypse, Tolan doesn’t falter to smile to every patron even if they ignore her. That’s why North talked to her. He sympathizes with her because she’s like him, but she disgusts him because she’s not bitter or vengeful. He literally promises her she’ll be among the last of his victims, getting extra time, but being worthy of death all the same.

Patty Tolan is a black woman. I can’t name a case in which a black woman is the aggressor, but I can name plenty in which they are the victim. Dear Tolan remains polite, not recognizing the danger. She does keep an eye on him for his odd behavior and sees him go on the tracks. Presuming a suicide attempt (I think? If so, foreshadowing), she goes after him herself and that way comes into contact with the paranormal. She survives and keeps control of the situation by getting herself help from experts, thereby being a parallel to Dana Barrett. But where Barrett got the sexualized damsel-in-distress treatment, Tolan takes her steps self-consciously to always be with the situation. She doesn’t send the ghostbusters to the ghost, she takes them to it, and after that joins them on her own initiative and on her own conditions. It is her unique encounter with North that lets her later identify him and get her team to his lair timely. The confrontation is one of multiple stages and one has the ghostbusters offer him sympathy and a way out, which of course he doesn’t take because that’s not what he’s been fantasizing about. And if you’ve seen the movie, you know the rest of the story.

I am not commenting on the matter of Patty having or lacking a degree, because an education would not make it impossible for her to be a subway worker, but Patty being an everyman is of relevance to the story. Because only by being in that unassuming role, she was someone North thought he could vent his arrogance on, which ended up being the biggest mistake in his entire scheme. It bought the ghostbusters time, brought them knowledge, and got them Patty Tolan on their team. If we look at Zeddemore’s role as an everyman in the 1984 movie, then we see someone who does not contribute anything unique in that form. All the role does is create more room for Venkman and, by making Zeddemore join for money and explicitly not genuine commitment, for part of the movie he has this potential to become the traitor hanging over him. This is played up at the end where his “arc” is resolved by him getting enthusiastic about the job. But if anyone is the traitor in the 2016 movie, it is Gilbert, who, despite being the narrative lead, also is opportunistic and selfish until she makes the jump and the one contributing nothing unique. Yates is the core that the others flocked to. Holtzmann is the gadgeteer. And Patty is the perspective. Maybe my memory is failing here, but I can’t think of a thing Gilbert adds that is inherent to her. This doesn’t make Gilbert a bad character, but her personal journey is far more significant to her presence than her team contributions. And from there, notwithstanding that the movie follows Gilbert, notwithstanding what each member of the team had to overcome and accomplished, but Patty Tolan is the hero of the movie. Because she was promised to die and not only she didn’t, but no one else died either thanks to her.

Whether Tolan ultimately is a good character and treated fairly by the narrative is a discussion not for me and larger than the observation I wanted to write down. Feel free to comment. Although I would like to take the moment, speaking as a chemist, to ask people to stop emphasizing that Patty is the only one who isn’t a scientist. Because she’s an historian and I fail to see how someone with my skills would be more “admirable” than someone with Patty’s skills. It’s right to point out how Patty’s differences combined with her being the only non-white ghostbuster are othering, but urgently please put an end to “Scientist > Historian”. As for Rowan North, in short, he’s an excellent villain with clear motivations and I worry about those who act like he isn’t. On an individual level and a societal level.

take a shot every time someone:
  • compares undertale to earthbound or homestuck
  • compares mp100 to opm
  • compares abzu to journey
  • compares SOMA to amnesia
  • compares Case to FNAF
  • compares Spooky’s to imscared
  • compares dhmis to Sesame Street
  • compares a scene from Steven Universe to an anime
  • compares overwatch or splatoon to tf2

(these comparisons happen all the time i swear, holy hell XD)

A thing I realised today which has probably been observed by smarter people before me:

In fandom, when we introduce queerness into fandoms where that’s not canon, we rarely stop with making one (or more usually two) characters queer. It’s lots of characters. “Everybody is gay” is its own AO3 tag. In contrast, even in media/texts where there are queer characters, it’s usually a gay character. Or maybe two. And it never feels like enough. 

And I think that’s because experiences of queerness in the real world are so communal, queer people don’t come by themselves any more than scientists are lone geniuses; they have queer relatives, friends, co-workers, they form networks. We seek each other out. So when we write queerness into fanfic, we’re - consciously or unconsciously - mirroring our experiences of (or wishes for) not just a queer character, of being queer alone, but queer communities. Because that’s something you never see in mainstream media unless it’s a LGBT-Themed Story, and then it’s usually depressing. (It’s what makes the exceptions like Rent or the 2014 Pride so great; they’re about queer people in communities.) But in fanfic we can fix that. 

In conclusion: Everybody Is Gay is realistic, let’s do it more.