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apparently rough-sketching scenes from disney aus is my ~thing now, so here’s a snapshot of cinderella, based on the 2015 movie. maybe this will become a series, who knows!

(with proper capitalization for reading ease bc this got wayyy longer than i meant for it to, whoops)

The first time Isak meets the prince, he doesn’t know he’s meeting the prince.

This is probably for the better, seeing as he doesn’t so much meet the prince as nearly run the prince down with his horse. Which is mostly Isak’s fault, since he isn’t watching where he is riding as well as he should be, but there are—reasons, if he were pressed to give them. The morning had been crueler than usual and the ride to the market had been an all-too-appealing promise of escape, even just temporarily. And so Isak had left the breakfast dishes still dripping dry and bolted as fast as he was able, gratefully giving his thoughts and tears to the wind and trusting the horse to guide them both clear.

Maybe not the safest plan, but it has worked fairly well, up until he almost runs into another rider. It happens so quickly—a startled shout, the high cry of another horse, a blur of color suddenly veering to his left—that Isak has little time to do anything but shout “Sorry!” over his shoulder and hope the wind carries it back. He thinks that will be it, until he registers a voice calling behind him, and then a second rhythm of hoofbeats pounding into the forest floor and catching him up.

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860. The reason that Snape's patronus was a doe was because he was obsessed with Lily; he didn't love her. The reason that James' was a stag was because he loved her, and they fit together perfectly. There's a difference between obsession and love, and Snape never figured that out.

Hyosung Ryder; reckon specialist; pathfinder; biotic; one minute older twin.


The Summer is officially over even here in LA - No more bikini and stretching by the pool until the next year. Here are some of my favorite ab exercises I did about a month ago when it was still hot outside. Now we’re already making fires in the fireplaces to keep us warm. Do you miss the summer?
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Daily Affirmation 819.

If the concept of an asexual identity is useful to you, you are welcome here even if the definition does not fit you perfectly. If you need to identify as asexual to feel safe, if identifying as asexual helps you communicate something that would be difficult otherwise, if you feel like asexual is a term that benefits you, you are welcome here. You belong. You are asexual.