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Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works.
—  Supernatural, episode 9x03

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I agree that the Keith and Allura scenes this season seemed forced, especially if the creators are going for romance. Which is annoying bc Shallura can be woven easily into the story w/out taking up screentime: a smile at the end of a scene, some banter here, a pat on the shoulder there, maybe add some googly eyes/blushing. Shallura can be subtext & still work. Whereas the K/allura scenes announce THIS IS ROMANCE and stop any forward motion of the plot or character development.

I understand your pain anon. It’s all gonna be okay. May I present a list of possible shallura scenes that could have been included/will be included in my season two fix-it fic?

  • shiro and allura reunion with an actual hug
  • shiro and allura arguing over zarkon being the black paladin
  • arguing over their differing views on the galra; “you’re not the one they tortured!” “i’m the one who lost my entire people!” + make up hurt comfort scene
  • shiro and allura finally addressing the fact that she sacrificed herself to save him
  • scenes of their relationship being strained and how that affects the rest of the team
  • them working through their issues to be better, stronger co-leaders of voltron
  • allura helping shiro with his connection to the Black Lion bc her life force is tied to the lions and she actually knew zarkon before he turned evil!!
  • shiro and allura talking about the whole “tracking thing” and him talking her out of leaving the ship because “they might be tracking us through my arm, but you don’t see me going anywhere, do you? the team needs you, allura… i need you.” 
  • getting backstory about shiro’s family on earth/seeing allura actually grieve her father
  • “look, i know i never knew king alfor, but if he was anything like you, he was a great man. i know he’s proud of you, allura. it’s impossible not to be.”
  • them talking about the team going into what may be their last battle
  • them talking about keith bc of allura’s issues of him and shiro’s support of him and ultimately vowing to look out for him together
  • allura crying when she sees that shiro is gone; her holding his chair was perfection

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Yo, can I ask for Guzma's s/o taking care of grunts headcannons? I'm feeling kinda sick and I need something to cheer me up a bit. Thanks!

Aw, I hope you’re feeling better punk!

~ Guzma’s s/o is very aggressive towards the grunts if they’re feeling under the weather. They kind of have to. If a grunt is sick, they’re going to deny it and try and keep doing stupid stuff. They’d tape a grunt to a bed if they had to.

~ Lots of soup. So much soup. Guzma gets concerned because he thinks they made five pots of soup for themself and then makes himself a bowl because why not.

~ His s/o will brings them things to do if they ask for it, and will give them space if they just want to suffer alone in peace. But they still come in and check on them.

~ His s/o will probably end up catching their bug. Then Guzma is suddenly taking care of them while they try to take care of grunts and he eventually just swings his s/o into his arms and then duct tapes them to his bed.

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Can you do a headcanon for being Nyx's sister and dating Gladio?

Omg, this is perfect. Can we make this an official thing or something? This is waaaaaay longer that I intended it to, but heh, enjoy haha! ♡

  • You’re the middle child of the family, between Nyx and Selena. You were also there when the rest of your family got killed, and Nyx begged the King to save you instead of him. He ended up saving you both and Nyx is taking care of you, working in the Glaives to repay what he feels your family owes to the him. You’re each other’s only family and your brother/sister bond is really strong. You live together in a small apartment in the city.
  • You work as a librarian in a big library in the capital. Nyx insisted on you getting a safe job just in case something happens to him. It pains you to know that your brother is taking all of your debt responsibility on his shoulder, but you know that making him worry about your safety would just be even harder for him. You don’t really mind, you like your job: it’s calm, too calm. No one’s bothering you and you’re kind of a nerd, so you actually enjoys books.
  • You’re not very tall, around 162 cm (5’3”), you have a small but fit frame and you share those same blue piercings eyes of your brother, which were your mom’s. Your hair color is a little bit paler than Nyx’s, waist-length, almost blonde-ish when the sun hits them. You never let them down, always tying them up into a messy bun or a long braid. Your traits are soft and feminine, your mouth always curling into a cute smile.
  • Even if you’re not in the Glaives, Nyx is making sure you can defend yourself and train you in the arts of combat. You’re pretty good at it to be honest and you excel with fighting poles and daggers. You’re not strong per se, but you’re really fast so he insists on dodging, striking at the right moment and at the right place. With all the years of training you have, you could easily join the Kingsglaive if you would, but as much as you’d like to fight alongside your brother, you’re doubting the fact that you’re strong enough emotionally for that kind of job.
  • You met Gladio when Nyx took you to the castle’s library once. You bugged him for months for him to take you there and you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was able to have a special permission just for you. You spent the entire day there while Nyx was training, exploring all the alleys and looking at all the sections and books there was. You just kinda bumped into what you thought was a wall or something while you were reading and walking at the same time. When you lifted your gaze, your realised it was not a wall, but actually someone and that someone was looking at you with amused eyes. You were annoyed at first, but then he showed you around a bit more and you kinda spent the rest of the day with him in the library, just looking at books.
  • You saw him again when he showed up at your library while you were working, casually asking for suggestions to one of your co-worker while you were placing. At first, you thought it was only a coincidence, but then you noticed he started showing up at least once a week. You kinda started hanging out together whenever he was showing up, showing him your favorites books and authors and he always left with at least one book you suggested him every time. The first time he invited you on a date was by letting a note in a book he knew you liked.
  • When you met him at the cafe that was written on the note, he greeted you with a huge smile: “I was really hoping you’d get the note first, or else someone totally random would’ve showed up. That would’ve been weird.” The rest of the night is amazing, this doesn’t feel like a date at all because you’re so comfortable with him. He’s not trying to impress you or anything, he’s just being really charming and sweet and you definitely appreciate that he lets you see that side of him.
  • You don’t tell Nyx right away because you know how protective your brother is. Plus, you’re dating Gladio, and of course he knows who that guy is. You just let him know that you’re kind of seeing someone right now. One day, while you were training at the castle with him, Gladio just enters the training room and when you catch his eyes, you just start smiling like an idiot and your brother hits you with his weapon, making you lose your balance, drop your weapon and fall on the floor, earning a reaction from Gladio on the other side of the room. “So that’s the guy you’re dating.. damn, of all the guys? Really?” Nyx doesn’t know if he’s furious or amused.
  • You’re a grown woman, so your brother lets you do whatever you want, but you noticed he’s way more protective of you since you started dating Gladio. You’re not sure if it’s because he doesn’t trust the guy, if he’s just jealous or if he’s worried for you. You guess it’s probably a mix of the three reasons. He’s not keeping himself from manifesting verbally his thoughts of your relationship, even when Gladio is around. He’s totally playing the overprotective brother act.
  • You kinda noticed that a competition for your attention started between your date and your brother. It’s kinda weird, but in the end, they just both look like complete idiots so you let them do the bickering. It takes time for them to get accustomed to the fact that they’re both gonna have to share your time, takes them even months, but they get to the point where they can tolerate each other.

A/N: I’ll stop there, but I could go on and on. If you liked it, pleeeease request more! It was so fun to write.

the day you return home, I hope it rains. take me out for a walk and end up dancing with me, drenched from head to toe. let the cold make you shiver and my touch make it worse. talk to me about the things you missed and tell me, again, how much you love the smell of rain when it’s infused with mine. reach out for me, when I rush to get us towels. and tell me how you like me “all wet.“i will throw a cushion at your obvious sexual innuendo, yet blush furiously. stare at the lines on my palms and trace the skin on the back of my fingers. rediscover the feeling of holding my hand in yours. I adore you, but the rain, the pain, the time and the distance, has washed away memories we stored in locked glass jars.
so, let me remember again. help me remember again.
—  Tanvi.R

soldierofhorus replied to your post “I hate when people complain that “Pharah is too butch in Pharmercy”…”

My issue is that people make Pharah to be this really “masculine” kind of butch and it really irks me. I don’t understand why a strong female character with strong build isn’t allowed to be feminine as well. Zarya is butch, and that’s fantastic, but I also think that people turn Pharah into the unnecessary stereotypical ‘masculine’ mecha-user just to be Mercy’s armcandy.

No one ever argues that Mercy is too femme, though, or that Mercy’s not butch enough or that “femmeMercy and butchPharah is boring, let’s mix it up with butchMercy/femmePharah” for example so it ends up seeming like femmeMercy/femmePharah is the ideal, aka wanting to take butch out of the equation entirely, and I think that’s where the miscommunication is. I’m sure that’s not what people really mean when they say “Pharah is too butch” but that is what it comes across as to a lot of butch wlw, that being butch is undesirable.

I think the problem also lies in, what is butch? Zarya wears nail polish, which is already more femme than a lot of butch lesbians I know. A lot of butch women aren’t muscular, so not having muscles doesn’t mean they aren’t butch. So yes, Pharah can be femme, but Mercy can be butch, yet I don’t see anyone really making that suggestion.

That was long but the takeaway is that I have no problem with butchPharah/femmeMercy, femmePharah/femmeMercy but would love to see more butchMercy/butchPharah and butchMercy/femmePharah fanfic and art as well

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The way you draw Saihara is just too cute, I want to reach into your drawings and hug him ;A;

I’m sorry it took a little while for me to answer!! I was feeling pretty sleepy all day, so I ended up taking naps and- AHHH thank you anon!! ;v; He is my fav…I keep looking up references to make sure if I’m drawing him alright I’m glad you found him cute…!

I felt pretty guilty for making a kagerou days crossover with him in it earlier but he is happy and safe now, and he will hug you back!! Have a lovely day and thanks for the message, I’ll keep practicing and make even cuter drawings!!

and just when i thought today couldn’t get any better after all that morning snez from my ginger…

he said he was taking me somewhere but it was a surprise, but before we left he took an allergy pill so i was like??? it’s the dead of winter and nothing is in bloom… this angel of a man ended up taking me to a PETTING FARM (with both hay and animals he’s stupidly allergic to) because i had a rough week and he wanted to make me feel better before i start my new classes tomorrow.

i just. i’m so lucky?? this is snezfic material hahahaha. the fact that i adore animals and he willingly went someplace that makes him so allergically miserable… my heart.

Despite my loathing for all amusement parks, here’s a cute story from Harry Potter world:

When I was standing in line for Ollivanders, there was this old couple taking selfies a few people in front of me. I wasn’t paying much attention & half-daydreaming when the woman approached me with her phone & said “hi, I’m not trying to seem strange but me and my husband were taking pictures and you ended up in the background, and look!” & she zoomed in on me in this selfie & was like “It’s just such a good picture of you, I had to show you!” & Then her husband turned around & nodded & told me they thought they caught a model in their selfie, & I have rarely blushed so hard in my life. 

Dating Rin Okumura would include:
  • Him loving cooking for you and trying out new recipes on you
  • Often coming back to his dorm after cram school because you know he gets pretty lonely with Yukio working late
  • Him being pretty flustered when he first spoke to you
  • Being even more flustered when he tried to ask you out for the first time and his tail was nervously swishing behind him
  • After you said yes he grinned widely and his tail thrashed about like an excited puppy
  • Going on small, simple dates like to the park or the movies 
  • Him feeling guilty because he doesn’t have a lot of money to take you on a date somewhere nice
  • Even though you insist its fine, it still bothers him so he saves up what he can and at the end of every month takes you out somewhere really special
  • him doing a small task for Mephisto and he gives Rin a half years pass free to Mepphyland and he takes you on a date there
  • Him using his demon strength to win you a huge plush at the games
  • Naming it Rinny, and him finding it adorable
  • Rin bragging about how he wants to go on all the big rides and then feeling noxious when he does
  • After you come of the ride he feels dizzy and you let him rest his head on your lap
  • After coming out the drowsiness Rin freaks out and blushes when he realised his head was in your lap
  • Attempting to help him study in both regular and cram school
  • Study dates turning out into cute, playful make-out sessions
  • Your first kiss was a month after you’d been dating and he tried to cook you a nice meal for your one month anniversary but he was so nervous he accidentally burnt it all
  • he felt so bad although you found it quite funny and adorable, and you cheered him up by kissing him
  • Rin was extremely surprised but extremely happy
  • Ordering pizza after that and watching movies with Kuro on your lap
  • Yukio walking in on you too kissing 
  • “Nii-san, please refrain from kissing my students, and please give me warning if your going to be having guests over.”
  • Despite this, you and Yukio getting along rather well
  • He likes you because your a some-what hard working student and do well on the tests as well as the psychical work
  • And you help keep his brothers human side in check
  • Shima picking on you too but is actually extremely jealous
  • Mephisto making comments sometimes about you two
  • “My little bro’s first love! So adorable! Treat him well!”
  • He then looks at Rin and says “And you treat her well!”
  • Rin making a comment on how he doesn’t need dating advice from a clown
  • Rin being extremely protective of you
  • You being protective of him as well, but feel as if you don’t know how to protect him as well as he does with you, as he’s the son of Satan
  • Being the only one who didn’t really care that he was Satan’s son
  • Knowing that Rin is a good person from the start
  • Asking him if you can touch his tail, and after he agrees being amazed at how soft it is.
  • During breaks you visit him at his monastery and meet the priests he tells you all about
  • Them being very friendly and welcoming you into the family
  • Them telling you embarrassing stories and showing you baby pictures of Rin
  • Of course he is very embarrassed and flames up in defence 
  • You kiss his cheek and tell him its okay
  • Going to visit his fathers grave with him and just sitting by the grave as Rin talks to his dad, and introducing you to each other and he tells his dad all about you.

If you want another blue exorcist character like this please let me know, I’d be happy to do it for you !!

Hop Rising (Squatters)

Brewery : Squatters
Beer : Hop Rising
Style : Double IPA / Imperial IPA / DIPA
Variance : None

8 / 10

After taking a few sips of this beer I can confidently tell you that the hops aren’t the only thing rising right now if ya know what I mean… My penis. I’m talking about my penis. If I had to guess, I’d say that this brewery is owned by a bunch of women who have visited one too many bar bathrooms but honestly, I’m fine with it because this is a great first impression.This is another one of those DIPAs that really ends up standing out on the shelf because it takes the less punishing approach to the style and honestly, it’s just what I needed for a day like today. This has a nice floral and resin hop flavor to start with a good amount of bitterness before that 9% ABV makes itself known with a nice alcohol flavor before some sweet malt mixes with more hop flavor to wrap things up. I feel like farming sucks and it’s way too much work but I think if I got the chance to farm hops for a day or two, I’d be pretty into it. Basically, if you own a hop farm and are in the mood to pay for someones vacation, hit me up. I’m down AF. If you want to try the other side of double IPAs and still be able to taste food afterwards, pick up a bottle of this and sip away. For the pros, pop the cap and pour yourself a glass because you’re going to enjoy this one. Trust me. Penis.

Written by: Steve B.

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Laf has a tendency of singing in the shower, and he sounds pretty okay tbh. If you ask him about it he will deny it with the biggest blush on his face

if you sing in the shower then james will 100% listen and will be humming the song the rest of the day and will probably end up singing it when he takes a shower and if you are rapping a song in the shower you can just hear him beatboxing in the background

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Poly thing, Gabe, Jesse, and Hanzo?

McReapzo: Questions 7, 9, and 13

One or more of them comes across a stray animal. How do the family members each react? Who tries to find the previous owner? Does anyone want the others to mind their own business? Do they end up keeping it?

Hanzo and Gabriel both look at Jesse and sigh because no, we can’t keep it it’s not yours. Gabe ends up being the one to try and find someone to take the thing– be it a shelter or what have you– because Hanzo also becomes enamored with the animal.

Describe everyone going on a camping trip. Who enjoys it? Which one(s) set up the tent? Who would get lost in the woods but is only a few feet away from a gas station?

Jesse and Gabe have to practically drag Hanzo out to go camping because he’d had enough of that when he was on the run from the Shimada clan thank you very much. So he sits there and grumps while Jesse and Gabe get the tent set up and the camp site ready. Meanwhile Gabe and Jesse are 100% behind fishing and camping and sugary food they shouldn’t eat…

Who is the warmest to cuddle with? Who is always cold? Who wants the heater up, who wants the heater down, who wants to save money but is cold as fuck and piles under layers of clothing and blankets in the house? Who dies in summer? Who wants to turn up the AC and wait out until winter?

Gabe and Hanzo both latch onto Jesse for warmth because Hanzo has Ice Hands and Gabe is Gabe. They keep their place about 10 degrees warmer than any other person in the apartment block. They also pile about 60 blankets on the bed at any given time because one fo them is bound to get cold, or at least heat-leeching Hanzo hands on them.

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I could be wrong but I felt that Caroline was playing a very specific and wise role with Stefan. She knows what she needs to do and she didn't let her guard down. Ripper Stefan should not be dealt with lightly.

That’s what I thought and I especially thought she realized trying to reason with him was futile so she ended up taking a different approach at the end.


What was the legal problem?

Conflict of interest. Pennsylvania has broad civil forfeiture laws about property getting forfeited on grounds of “it was probably related to a crime.” (The most important one is drug crimes, because that’s what gets enforced the most.) And for several of these crimes, it says the money from selling the confiscated property goes to enforce the same law.

So we end up with police incentivized to take people’s property, completely byzantine procedures for proving it wasn’t involved in a a crime, and as of 2014 police nationwide seize more property than burglars do. It’s a problem.

(Note that they don’t have to accuse the owner of being guilty. They just have to be able to say that whatever they took was probably related to the crime, and then make it hard enough to contest it that you give up.)

Not all the PA civil forfeiture statutes have that incentives problem—sometimes it goes to the state treasury, for instance. The ones that do include human trafficking, terrorism, and scattering rubbish. (On a second offense for littering they can take your car. No idea if that has ever happened, but it’s in the statute.)

So if the lawsuit works and that part of the Controlled Substances Forfeitures Act is declared unconstitutional, I suspect we might see more enforcement of these other laws. Not because those types of crime would suddenly be more important, but because that would be where the money is.

(The same applies to vehicle chop shop laws. I left those out because it kind of ruins the joke but felt terrible about it.)

When you fight (Supernatural Preferences)


When you two fight it’s best to leave you alone. It often seems like you’re going to kill each other, with the screaming, throwing plates (a knives) and slamming the door. Usually you’re fights would be about you not being safe enough. Dean would forbid you to do something which he considered stupid and unsafe, which would make you furious, and you’d do it out of spite. Your fights would go on sometimes for days. When you’d make up in the end, you’re not able to take hands off each other for days, driving everyone around you crazy.


Sam wasn’t into screaming and throwing things – he’d usually try to settle things the easy way, explaining. You’d be the one trying to yell, but he would be calm that it would soon enough calm you too. This all worked unless your safety was in question.


The concept of fighting to him was very odd – he’d look at you all confused, wondering why are you yelling at him angrily because he threw himself to save Dean. He hardly understood why would that make you angry, which then turned into 15 minute lecture on how much you love him and you can’t lose him, eventually him just hugging you when he understands why are you so worried.