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I hope they rushed this beginning of Eleanour 2.0 because they have plans to end babygate as soon as possible. So they had to set up this super quickly, and now it looks even faker than usual, and they can soon END IT

Same. They need her settled in her role as a steady loved-up-girlfriend STAT, so they can finally get this fucking show on the road.

A few last thoughts

Ok so as we know the vampire diaries is ending soon. When the show first aired I was 16 and haven’t stopped watching it. (Please don’t do the math I know I’m old.) Ok so here are a few last thoughts as I’ve watched and rewatched this showier the years:

-When I was younger I was delena fucking trash but when I rewatched it I realize that stelena for fucking ever?¿
-Stefan is the best character on this show and I’m just realizing this now
-Elena even asleep literally causes catastrophic danger for everyone around her
-Nina deserves an award for playing Elena and Katherine. I can tell just by looking at a picture of she’s Elena or Katherine in the shot like when will your fave?
-I loooove klaus I mean who doesn’t but kai and Katherine motherfucking Pierce are the best villains this show has ever seen PERIOD
-ok so as of recently like Damon and Bonnie’s friendship makes me legit cry. Like I know there are two episodes left but CAN WE ALL SHIP BAMON?!?!
-steroline is a lie your life is a lie YOU KNOW SHES SUPPOSED TO BE WITH KLAUS YOU IDIOTS
-I’ve never cared about Tyler
-Alarics death made me cry the most and he walked back like it was fucking nothing
-matts fucking annoying this season but damn he’s always been the hottest piece of ass
-bring back Jeremy
-if Julie pelec kills Stefan in this finale I swear to GOD ABOVE I WILL WRITE HER A VERY ANGRY ESSAY ON WHY I HATE HER
-Jesus christ I’m gonna miss this show so much a part of me has been broken off. Like will i be more upset that this show ends or pll
-vampire diaries I love you with all my heart thanks for the memories


Anonymous: So NR and DK finally got caught together. Looks like the cheating and lying is more likely to be true now. In my opinion he is less of a man.

Anonymous: Worst nightmare come true. How could he do something so stupid? Lets just hope it ends as soon as possible and he moves on quickly.

Anonymous: Here it goes. Seems like we finally got our proof and Norman and DK came out and made it public finally. They are together. You can’t tell me she’s just a friend cruising around with him and unloading his car. Not after all. I’m so disgusted, I almost vomited. I can’t believe Norman fell for this woman. I’m SO SO disappointed and disgusted! 😞

Anonymous: I hate when some ppl say “who cares, as long as he’s happy”. Fuck that shit! If they got together bc she cheated on JJ, that’s horrible & Norman is not who we thought he was. That would make Norman a lying snake who fucked someone else’s long term girlfriend (a friend no less) and he shouldn’t be adored by admiring fans after doing what he claims to hate.

-Mod- What I find amusing about that statement is how does anyone even know he’s happy?

Anonymous: Mod what if they are only friends? This could lead to an updated statement from them both. Right now it could just be a publcity stunt for her

-Mod- Oh, it’s publicity for her alright. However they won’t deny it and he’ll go right along being a blind idiot.

Anonymous: I’m so disappointed & done with Norman if he doesn’t out out a statement denying this. It’s all over the internet on reputable sites so no excuse now if he doesn’t say something like him being quiet after the Paris art show. The sites are saying they are dating. Norman is a cad in my eyes now.

Anonymous: Mod, Diane is wearing the same outfit from Saturday NYC sighting on the Daily Mail. She is carrying the same bags too. Could it be they were shopping together but she didn’t travel upstate with him bc she posted IG pics that she was in Soho on Sunday/Monday. HC is in Europe so I assumed Norman was upstate with a relative since Saturday & just returned yesterday. Am I wrong??

-Mod- He was with DK Saturday 2/18 and possibly part of the day Sunday 2/19. He then went upstate and she stayed in the city.

Anonymous: Dont quit. It is not a big deal and most propably will not last(the relation). This is the1st time I have ever commented, but of all the gossip blogs, yours is the most outstanding in ways of knowledge, rationality and a good sense of humor. Maybe after the initial phase of generalized “disgust” (sorry couldn’t find a better word) you may want to keep continuing your blog about n. Thank you for all your much appreciated effort and donec ex te audiunt.

-Mod- Don’t get me wrong, I’m still upset and I am done defending his ass but I also think I’ve moved into the weirdly amused stage. This lovely train-wreck is only getting started.

Anonymous: This is what we get for liking a guy who dates 20 yr olds. Did we really expect him to change? He dates youngsters & now he’s a home-wrecker. Norman is not the honorable guy we all made him out to be. He’s a sleaze ball after all & it’s so disappointing but I’m not surprised. I just wish I didn’t fall down the rabbit hole thinking he was such a great guy. Now I gotta stop watching TWD bc it’s sickening knowing he was sneaking around w her all time & the dive bar makeout was probably true. Gross!

Anonymous: I feel you, Mod. I totally understand what you just said and I hope for the love of god that Norman is going to see and read all the hate and shitstorm he’ll get now. I don’t care if you defend him, he is a liar, he is a cheater and he always said he hates those two things the most. It’s disgusting what he did and I’ve lost ALL respect for this man. He’s got not even self respect! He probably thinks the fans are dumb, he sure acts like it. Gross!

Anonymous: I understand why you’re upset but can I ask why it’s different with DK than it was with CS? He lied when he was with her too. Throughout their relationship he was telling fans and press that he was single when he was definitely with her. He’s doing the same thing here so why is it worse than what he did with her? I’m just trying to understand why you’re done with him now but were fine with it then.

-Mod- It’s because of the lying combined with the cheating. He took such care to deny the initial rumors concerning DK and he’s went out of his way to make it look like they’re not together. To be honest, I still stand by my original statement in that she’s a fuck buddy. That’s beside the point. I’ve always said I didn’t care who Norman dates so long as she’s decent. I know DK’s track record and she is NOT decent. She’s a horrible person which is another issue. If Norman is the nice person he claims to be, it’s hard for myself and others to reconcile he’d find anything attractive about that despicable woman which leads us to question everything we always admired about him.

Anonymous: Mod I think you’ve overreacted. TMZ lied. The photos were taken Saturday. There is no evidence DK went upstate with NR. They were simply hanging out while he was still in the city.

-Mod- You are correct but the fact that he’s still seeing her and doing whatever the fuck he does with her proves he’s yet to learn his lesson.

Anonymous: i’m so disappointed of Norman right now. There is no way for him to deny it. He lied to everybody and i’ll never see him as the way i used to. So sad.

Anonymous: This is coming from a girl who was cheated on. Norman is a no good piece of shit. For the longest time I’ve actually believed he matured and realized he’s going out with the wrong girls. Today, he proved me wrong. Dear Norman, please understand you’ve hurt my heart. Diane is a gorgeous lady. But she’s no good and you’re now no good. Cheating with her while she was with Josh is bullshit and now DATING her?!? Grow the fuck up Norman!

Anonymous: The mod of the tnrg blog is trying to say the photos are from Saturday, not Thursday, and DK didn’t actually go upstate with NR, just that they hung out Saturday and then NR headed upstate without her. What do you think about this?

-Mod- She’s telling the truth. The pictures were taken last Saturday 2/18 and they weren’t released until today heading into Oscar weekend right when DK will be making the rounds. Those are not random shots. Someone tipped the paparazzi off that they’d be in that parking garage at that exact time and the pictures were released at the opportune moment for her benefit. None of that is a coincidence and together or not, it is not what Norman wanted.

Anonymous: We really do care about how you are coping with this. I hope you are doing ok, Mod.

-Mod- I’m just fed up. I have mixed feelings at the moment including sad amusement.

Anonymous: “So Norman was supposedly seen at the airport in NY today”. FRANKLY ANON, no offense but I don’t give a FUCK ANYMORE!!!!!😡😡😡

Anonymous: Finally we all know who the invisible gf was that Norman rushed home to spend a romantic valentines with it was dk, don’t think it was a coincidence that the fan said he told him that then next she’s out shopping and Normans photographed with her, I couldn’t care less who he fucks it’s the hypocrisy that I detest the things he says he hates cheaters and liars he’s now become one himself. Well guess what Norman so do I goodbye

-Mod- I might be in denial but I still don’t buy she’s a girlfriend. She’s simply not with him enough and they do not act like a couple. As I’ve said, I think she’s a fuck buddy because they’re still only meeting up on random days here and there when it’s convenient for him. There are times when they’d be together if they were a couple but they’re not. It’s clear she is the one who wants whatever this is public. Now she’s finally sold the money shots to TMZ and it’ll be very interesting to see how this shit show plays out. I’ve got my popcorn ready.

Anonymous: Just answer me this Mod. Was Norman upstate with a relative all this time or was DK with him. Her IG posts make it seem like she was in NYC but who knows now, she may have made it seem that way. Helena is away so I’ll assume he was with a relative but do U think DK was with them too? I’d hate to think that he didn’t see him for 2 whole weeks & then he has to share his time bc DK is there too. Blechhh!

-Mod- She did not go upstate with him. She was with him Saturday 2/18 and possibly part of the day Sunday 2/19.

Anonymous: Mod is there anything that would change your mind? What if he denies it? Or his reps shut it down?

-Mod- I highly doubt that will be happening. He’s ignoring everything just like I expected he would.

Anonymous: So Norman and DK both heading out of nyc the same day after most likely screwing around the whole last week. And you all still believe it’s just two friends hanging out. Why did he even stay that long in nyc then? Why not start filming earlier? because she has business to do now and can’t be with him so he goes too. it’s so disgusting what they’re doing.

-Mod- For the record, he was upstate the majority of the week and she was not with him.

Anonymous: If they deny a relationship, I hope people apologize for all the hate they are throwing at him and her.

Anonymous: Please don’t leave us. We don’t need Norman. We need you.

-Mod- ❤️

Anonymous: Not interested at all in Ride and his other stuff anymore, nope

Anonymous: I really feel sorry for Joshua Jackson right now I don’t know how Norman could do that to someone when he knows how it feels to be cheated on. Joshua Jackson was in the movie Sky with Norman and Diane they had a secret love affair right behind his back like that. I completely lost respect for both of them.

-Mod- For the record, whatever happened between Norman and DK did not start until last year.

Anonymous: I hope Ride doesn’t get a third season! Fuck him and his friends!

Anonymous: Who cares about what he does anymore let alone where he is or might be heading…

Anonymous: I’m glad his ass has been caught! He now has to deal with the fact he lied to his fans and some now ex fans, and he’s now labeled as a cheater and liar. Those two don’t do well in the acting industry. His ass has lost all respect and I hope he feels the downfall of this. He deserves nothing. Not even the people that matter the most to him. Lying ass typical Hollywood jerk! Fuck You, Norman if you ever see this! 🖕🏾

Anonymous: It breaks my heart to know my hero is a liar and a cheater… I’m going to kill myself. Bye.

-Mod- Please don’t do that.

Anonymous: Daryl needs to die ASAP! I’m so fucking done with Norman. I know it’s his business but he now can’t lie now about the “rumor” in 2015

Anonymous: I think DK deleted all comments under her last IG post 🤔

-Mod- She did which is typical behavior from a child who can’t handle being called out for something she orchestrated to start with. Both of them need to own up and deal with the consequences.

Anonymous: But mod what if it’s NOT true? what if they are only friends?? You know he hangs with female friends. The outfit is from one day not a whole week. If it is true, then I agree even if the cheating didn’t happen. He lied to his fans. He made us think he was genuine and he’s not. But if they are only friends, then he should be allowed to hang with friends.

-Mod- Do you think after everything that’s happened concerning her that they’re really “just friends”? No and they’re both idiots if they think they’re still fooling anyone.

Anonymous: I am beyond thrilled that these two have finally been exposed for their lying cheating ways. I hope JJ gets the last laugh on the two of them. NR deserves all the fan backlash he’s getting after all hasn’t he said how he hates dishonest people and cheaters well what is he and DK . No one is stupid this has been going on since 2015 that’s why no gf he’s had one all this time DK he was smart took this long to get caught good job Norman hope you enjoy DK and that she’s worth it all 🤘

-Mod- It’s not been going on since 2015. It did not start until last year.

Anonymous: So sorry you’re upset mod hope you are doing ok, is it ok for me to ask how long this has been going on between norman an dk it must be recent because he’s been banging other woman left right and centre. Any woman that wants be a mans dirty secret as no dignity and he’s just as bad he’s a hypocrite and lower than a snakes gut for all the lying he’s done to fans over the years he’s nothing but a cheat and home wrecker a deplorable person who I can no longer support good riddance to bad rubbish

-Mod- It started last year.

Anonymous: I really am sorry that this has happened and that it has made many of us feel so sad and disappointed but Mod is right, Norman chose this. He couldn’t care less.

Anonymous: We may not think that Norman is trustworthy any more but we still trust you Mod. We will miss you so much if you go. I know this is extremely difficult but please consider staying.

-Mod- This really mean a lot. Thank you for saying this.

superleeleehipster: Okay I’m going to say this before shit hits the fan. Again you are awesome and you’ve dealt with a lot of unnecessary crap. There is always the chance they’re still just friends but…. yeah I’ll leave it at that. But again, you are amazing!

-Mod- ❤️

rebellacycle: Mod don’t let this get to you we still don’t know if they are really together or just friends remember he has hung out with former girlfriends as friends such as that one chick at the basketball game, ( can’t remember her name ) and Helena over the holidays and on instagram his asked Asia “ hey when are you back lady ” so who really knows don’t leave I and everyone else love ❤️ you ok 😃😘

-Mod- ❤️

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i'm 98% sure about our theory but the only thing that makes me think that tnt are really over that line on his interview when he says "i only know the woman i met" this past tense makes nervous but at the same time it has other interpretation. That whole interview has many interpretations. Damn, i just hope March ends soon so we will know something.


Class of 2045

  • Chikako Sonoda, SHSL Anthropologist
  • Ren Miura, SHSL Ikebana Arranger
  • Sorrel Weissen, SHSL Survivalist
  • Hachiro Tsukada, SHSL AMV Producer
  • Oneiro Kagari, SHSL Oneirologist
  • Kotori Ikuta, SHSL Traveler
  • Suzu Ogami, SHSL Pachinko Parlor Player
  • Takara Hiiragi, SHSL Samurai
  • Fukkatsu Matsuoka, SHSL Thanatologist
  • Komaka Shinko, SHSL ???
  • Kayla Stern, SHSL Garbage Collector
  • Danshov Vera, SHSL Opera Singer
  • Sutori Kareta, SHSL Graphic Novelist
  • Chieko Sakura, SHSL Ontological Coach
  • Kyohei Takahashi, SHSL Paperboy
  • Miki Dan, SHSL Yoyoer
  • Sango Wako, SHSL Deckhand
  • Void Ends, SHSL Songwriter

Opening ceremonies start soon, so stay in touch!

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No I'm not saying u hating on saying we should all not waste our time on them bc they will end soon, we are making so much deal with it look what happen to Sophia Justin and her did the same thing pictures on vacation,kissing,holding hands so what is the different with abelena? They will end soon

Ohh gotcha

  • <p> <b>me watching the first hour and a half of dead poets society:</b> im having the best time of my life im so happy<p/><b>me watching the last 30 minutes of dead poets society:</b> im having the worst time of my life im fucking crying<p/></p>

Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer


Casekiel being the Cutest Thing Ever™ 1/∞

This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;

Percy Weasley

More heartwarming Amazon commercials time!

It starts with another soft, acoustic song because that is a necessary element of all commercials that make you a little emotional.

It’s mid-morning and Jack is sipping coffee in his kitchen. He looks out the window to see a group of young kids playing street hockey. Then, he sees a much younger girl come out from the house and run up to the group of boys. She’s got a stick that’s too big for her, likely belonging to an older brother. However, the older boys turn her away and Jack watches her face crumple.

Jack frowns, but then pulls out his phone and taps the Amazon Prime app.

A little later, a delivery truck shows up and delivery guy brings a long package up to girl. She’s been sitting on the front porch, still watching the boys hockey with a scowl on her face. The girl opens it to find a hockey stick that’s the perfect size for her. Her face shifts from surprise to beaming happiness.

Jack heads outside with his own hockey stick and a tennis ball. He makes eye contact with the girl across the street and tips his head, silently asking if she wants to play with him. 

In the next shot, the girl and Jack are laughing as they pass the tennis ball between their sticks. They stop when the same group of boys from earlier approaches them. The boys look apologetic, and the indicate that they’d like to play too.

At first the girl crosses her arms and shakes her head, but as the boys sadly turn away, her expression softens. Changing her mind, she calls out to them and they excitedly turn back around again.

The sky fades to dusk. The street lamps lazily flicker on as, one by one, the kids each get called home for dinner. They all high five each other clap each other on the back happily before running down the street to their respective houses.

The girl completes one last slap shot into the plastic net they have set up. She cheers and high-fives one of the last boys remaining on the street. Her mother comes out of the house and calls out to her daughter. The girl waves goodbye to Jack before she runs up the driveway where her mother is waiting with a fond smile.

Kent’s Commercial