it either looked too bright or too dark

Sometimes, you are too bright for people. Too human. Too alive. Full. A saturated sun. Too much for them. Just too much. Other times, you are too quiet. Too heavy. Too reserved. Unknown. A dark corner. Mindless. A whisper. Either way, your soul is for elsewhere.
You don’t belong here.
You are a stranger in this world among other strangers
—   Lina A, what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said

tbh i don’t want botw to take place in the child timeline because every game that takes place in that CURSED timeline is so dark and gritty. not that botw doesn’t have it’s dark moments but it doesn’t LOOK like it’d be in that timeline. it’s too bright and cheerful looking. like ik ik… that’s how they get you….

yuura-mist Your wonderfully weird Saeki~   (・∀・)/

Honestly “brownskins” don’t receive the same privileges as lightskins and aren’t as degraded as darkskins. Being a brownskin woman still means that I’m less likely to see girls like me in a music video but it’s not hard for me to find a black girl that looks like me on tv. I do sometimes find that bright lipsticks don’t compliment my skin tone and certain foundations and concealers are either too light or too dark for me. I also still get the “wow Im almost as dark as you” from nonblack women with tans. I don’t really know where us brownskin girls fit in this whole lightskin v darkskin thing.
I know separating black people by skin shade is horrible and should be put to an end. But I can’t help but think “damn what about me” whenever there’s a discussion on lightskin v darkskin or colourism.