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Laundry Mishap || M

►Character: Vixx’s Ravi || You

►Summary:  Guess what a laundry mishap can do; When a handsome, musician named Wonshik lives next door

►Genre: Smut;

►Word Count: 4 639

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Your teeth dig into your lower lips, too tight that you might draw blood any second. Fidgeting in your seat, you set your glare on your spinning clothes in the washing machine in front of you. “Don’t be mad at the machine, it’s innocent.” You flinched when the throaty voice startled you, pulling you back to earth. Glancing to your right where a lean figure with hair dark as midnight sat with an amused smirk plastered on his face, it’s your neighbour, Wonshik. You live in the apartment complex with this hot neighbour of yours and currently, both of you were in the laundry room and the reason why you’re glaring daggers at the only washing machine that’s operating at the mean time is because in there is your clothes, along with Wonshiks. Earlier, you decided to do the laundry late at night since there’s no one usually doing the laundry at this hour so it’s gonna be empty. Being a klutz you are, you didn’t check the washer if it’s empty or not. Loading your laundry basket empty, you started the machine when Wonshik entered, a detergent bottle in the other hand, staring at you and the machine. You flinched once again when the machine produced a loud ding, signaling that it has finished its duty. Jumping to your feet, you quickly unload the tangled, wet clothes into a basket. Wonshik chuckled. You felt your cheek burnt, a blush spread to your ears. “I’m so sorry..” Wonshik clucked his tongue. “I said it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes.” You bite your lips again. He crouched down on the opposite side of the basket, starting to separate his clothes. Mimicking his action, you quickly detangle the wet fabrics. Wonshik stole a glance at you, his lips still twitched with a small smirk. You were cursing at yourself in your head, your heart was pounding hastily in your chest.

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This is just something I’ve noticed

The lighter your complexion is, the more contrast you’ll have between two natural hues; your skin, and color of your hair, but more so, if the hair is darker than the skin. When given a certain amount of lighting, it will outline the shape of their features giving off depth. That’s why when they contour their face with makeup, especially with darker colors, it makes their features pop out even more than it had originally.

The darker your skin is, the less contrast between the two hues you will have, because they almost blend together. When you combine, brighter backgrounds with darker lighting, and then add a hint of light coming from either above, or from one side of them, it creates more depth over their features. Too much lightning, or too much of a shadow will wash it out. Certain bright, and earth tone colors will bring out that depth even more, which as a result outlines the shape of their features. That’s why charcoal black, gold, silver, and white typically pop even greater on those with darker skin tones, because it’s a balance between light and dark. Deeper reds, and purples also look great on them as well.

How people perceive your features is totally based off shapes and sizes, and which one they appeal to.

So, I don’t believe that one is truly more beautiful than the other at the end of the day. It’s really about how our perception has been created. The fact that we have a system set in place to honor one spectrum of beauty over the other, creating a negative outlook around one, while limiting that beauty from being shown just as dominantly as other, is the primary reason why some of us have this idea that we’re not equal enough in admiration. It’s created a one sided perception of beauty in our minds, which also has created division, covetousness and competition between the two shades.


I’ve learnt alot when painting the azir piece, but I’m still far from perfect with expressing realistic metal. The gifs up there could be self-explanatory for the more experienced artist, but if you want the full breakdown, more below.

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Sometimes, you are too bright for people. Too human. Too alive. Full. A saturated sun. Too much for them. Just too much. Other times, you are too quiet. Too heavy. Too reserved. Unknown. A dark corner. Mindless. A whisper. Either way, your soul is for elsewhere.
You don’t belong here.
You are a stranger in this world among other strangers
—   Lina A, what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said

yuura-mist Your wonderfully weird Saeki~   (・∀・)/

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thanks for making a tutorial! i meant in like these sets post/145931829299 post/147607639734 how do you make the backgrounds so smooth and blue? do you have a technique?

alright so this isn’t the exact same coloring as from those gifsets but it’s the same technique

i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

also, this tutorial will only be covering the coloring part of making a gif, so you’ll need to know how to do everything else, like sharpening, cropping, etc.

please take a second to like/reblog if you find this useful. it makes me super happy and motivates me a lot! xx

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Worldbuilding June Day 3: People and Races

Classifying The Gentry as “the people of Brigadoon” fails to grasp the immense variety of species born of a world built by irrational and the magical. Brigadoon’s denizens range from humanoid creatures to beings made of crystallized light and sentient mountains. However, only the Gentry–and sometimes animals–leave Brigadoon for the Overland, possibly due to the ease with which they can blend in.

The Gentry themselves look very similar to human, though they may be particularly tall or short, or their hair or skin may be an unusual color compared to the native population. They always appear beautiful to those in the Overland, but often in an uncanny way. They may have unnaturally colored hair, or the appearance of motion in their hair or clothing when they are sitting still. Folk knowledge states that there is almost always something telling about the eyes of a member of the Gentry, either they are too dull or too bright or too dark or too pale. These are of course all human perceptions of the Gentry, not how they see themselves.

When viewed in a context outside of the Overland, the Gentry are a race of humanoids who vary in height from several inches to several stories. That humans erroneously believe that they are all around 5-6 feet tall is due to larger and smaller members of the Gentry being misclassified as unrelated Brigadonian phenomenon. Skin color ranges from eerily pale to blue-black, with a wide range of warm and cool undertones. Under the suns and moons of Brigadoon, some Gentry are even bioluminescent, though in the Overland that effect is muted, though some of the Gentry do have a slight glow about them under the moonlight. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no visual difference between the Seelie and Unseelie populations. The dividing line is instead one of culture and ideology. Unseelie are most often cruel and rapacious, believing that the landscape and inhabitants of both Brigadoon and the Overland exist for their taking. Conversely, Seelie are conscious of their connection to the realm, and can often feel a sense of stewardship to the Overland which leads them to settle there. Many prominent environmentalists have been Seelie. While Seelie and Unseelie rarely switch sides, as it were, there are occasionally times when an Unseelie’s conscience gets the better of them, and more than one Seelie has been tempted enough by power and wealth to lose their convictions.


Villains backstories: Axel Mortmain, the Clockwork Prince;

The creatures were featureless. Though, oddly, they wore clothes —the rough workman’s coveralls of a Yorkshire farmer on some, and on others plain muslin dresses. The automatons joined hands and began to sway as if they were at a country dance. The child laughed and clapped his hands.

“Look well on this, my son,” said the green-skinned man, “for one day I shall rule a clockwork kingdom of such beings, and you shall be its prince.

“I know your adoptive parents were warlocks,” she said. “I know that they cared for you. I know that your father invented the clockwork creatures with which you are so enamored.”

And you know what happened to them.”

Cross Stitch 101 - A Backstitch Based Design

Here is a quick look at how a simple design evolves from a sketch on graph paper to a finished cross stitch design. This is going to be a backstitch outline design, because we can fit in more elegant detail in a smaller space. Lately I have been working on some Christmas patterns - eventually this Poinsettia will be part of a bigger Christmas Wreath cross stitch design.

Unless I’m doodling in my cross stitch software most designs start by sketching on graph paper. I use two different gauges of graph paper – the smaller squares for the bigger designs, just so it fits on the page. Then details are worked out on the bigger squares. Great for on the go or if the mood strikes.

In my head I’ll have an idea of colours I’d like to use. I want this flower to be red, but I noted some raspberry shades to try, in case I forget. I also want it to end up a couple of inches big on 14 or 16 count Aida. So I’ll bear in mind that every 15 squares on my graph paper will be an inch, and keep the design to 30-40 squares. Any design can be scaled up or down in program if need be.

Then I’ll get the outline down in my software as drawn. You can do this with any cross stitch software that has a draw tool and lets you select your palette. The outline is drawn with the backstitch draw tool and although it’s the first part to be made in program it’ll be the last bit to be stitched as it will be the backstitch detail. I’ve chosen to have it in colour DMC 310, black.

PC Stitch, KG-Chart, Win/Mac Stitch, Jane Greenoff’s Cross Stitch Designer and Hobbyware Pattern Maker are just some titles for various budgets you could try to find the perfect software for you. Nowadays there’s a lot of choice. PC Stitch is used my many Etsy sellers and has a free trial option.

Now I’ll soften up and reshape some edges. I don’t want any backstitches longer than 3 squares across and none occurring together for a better stitching experience and the best outcome for the stitcher. I also added some detail to the leaves, but not too much, we don’t want the design too crowded.

Now to put in the cross stitches. I’ll use either the fill area tool or draw tool for this part. I’ve used the classic DMC 666 Bright Red, and some 3705 Pale Red for the highlights.

I added highlights to define the petals and add interest as it’s stitched. I kept the highlights broken up to keep a natural look, and took care not to leave any single stitches on their own which are a pain to stitch.

Next some deep green for the leaves. The shade needs to be rich to hold up against the reds. Hmmm this is too dark…

That’s better! 700 Prairie Green it is. And some highlights in the same style as the petals in 912 Peppermint Green and the cross stitches are done.

I’ve added some Mill Hill beads to the centre of the flower to finish off the pattern. And there’s the complete design! Now to export it as a chart and save as an object to replicate and use with other designs to go into my wreath. I hope this has been useful :)

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I know I'm like 10,000 years late, but... FACE family Headcanons on these, please? ø - eyes ✉ - texting habits ✍ - writing style ✄ - nervous habits

(no worries, it’s fine!! in all honesty the majority of my time is now spent playing stardew valley so i know how you feel)

Rainier Bonnefoy:

Eyes: A dull, dark blue. None of the sparkle that his first player has. Texting habits: Short, often one or two word responses, all in lower case. - Writing style: As in how their writing looks, barely legible, and sometimes you can barely see it in the first place since he writes so lightly. - Nervous habits: Nothing really, but he smokes when he’s stressed.

Allen F. Jones:

Eyes: Copper colored, though they can seem darker in some lighting. - Texting habits: All lower case, very casual, and often uses reaction images instead of words. - Writing style: His handwriting is the midway point between legible and chicken scratch. His words slant a bit, and they look like they’re carved into the paper. Nervous habits: He usually either taps his knee or his foot, or drums his fingers.

James Williams:

Eyes: A dark blue-gray color, similar to Rainier’s. - Texting habits: Slightly more formal than his brother (capitalization, for example), but will still use reaction images. - Writing style: Neat handwriting, but it’s fairly light. His lines always seem to slant down, too. - Nervous habits: Usually just drums his fingers. Nothing too big.

Oliver Kirkland:

Eyes: A bright blue color, sparkles and all. Not really a pink color, though there are specks of copper if you look close enough. - Texting habits: Formal, correct grammar. He uses emojis constantly, unless he’s delivering serious news. - Writing style: Cursive, though sometimes it can get hard to read. His words always slant forward, and he’ll use things like hearts and flowers as the dots on i’s and j’s. - Nervous habits: Bites his nails, but he’s learning to stop. 

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If you're still doing the FNP, I'll throw this out - Steve/Darcy/Bucky - "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot."

This….is not the Picard prompt you were probably looking for. I’m sorry. Also, I am not sure if this is strictly a prompt or the start of something. Shit like that happens sometimes. Pre-Bucky/Darcy/Steve.

Steve doesn’t know the woman that hands him a thermos of tea, and by the time he turns to ask what kind it is, the citrus against his tongue is soothing, she’s gone. He’d tried to find her, because his memory fills in some of the blanks: a kind, concerned smile, a voice that goes high but rough at the edges, and soft-looking hair, and he really should thank her. It’s nice to know that people still do that sort of thing.
For a moment, the heat made him forget that he’s waiting for Bucky to come back, to see what remained or what he has rebuilt of himself. There’s so many tests, and they threw him out of the room for hovering too loudly.
He doesn’t really want to think about it too much, the way he wants to just take his body and curl it around Bucky and protect him. Even if it’s the last thing Bucky would want. They didn’t think about it too much when they shared a bed, shared a tent or sleeping bag, or dark corner either. It just was what it was, felt good, and god willing, maybe it’s something Bucky remembers too.
He feels fabric rustling against his arm, and when he looks up he sees the girl from earlier checking his thermos. “Did you want more?” She asks in that same voice. He likes how it contradicts itself, bright, bubbly and edged, on the verge of a withheld remark.
“Yes, please,” He says without thinking too hard.
“Give me a couple of minutes, alright? I’ve got to grab the bags from my purse.”
“I don’t mean to put you out of your own stock, it’s okay, how about the company instead?”
She looks at him with a little surprise as she sits in the chair next to his, “Yeah, I can do that. It’s Steve right?”
The idea that someone that has the ability to be in the vicinity of Bucky doesn’t know who he is a little off-putting, if he’s honest. He’s so used to being so public and known that anonymity is strange.
“I mean, I know your name is Steve, but I can call you that, right?” She fumbles ahead, nervously and bumbling. “Thor calls you that. Well, when he’s not being all weird-formal.” She opens her mouth wide for a second, catching a wisp of breath, “I’m Darcy. I came with Jane, who came with Thor.”
“They thought Thor might know of some way to get –”
“Get Barnes a little less off the rocker?” Darcy finishes, and yes, that’s exactly what Steve’s afraid of. That whatever is left after decades of abuse and violence, isn’t going to be Bucky anymore. Steve will love the man, but it would be easier if there was some magic that could just restore him. “I think he’s still in there.” she curls her legs up into the chair, folding her legs under her body and shifting her weight to get comfortable.
“Thor or Bucky?” Steve laughs, short and desperate, desolate with grief and hope together.
“Both of them?” Her voice goes higher, “I got in there for a few minutes to get something to Thor since Jane got distracted by some shiny science things. They were talking and Barnes didn’t see as agitated as everyone told me to expect.” She wrinkles her nose, “Could use a haircut, though. Real cute, which now that I think through my last few sentences, makes me feel really shallow and without compassion.”
“Thor has that effect on people.” Steve replies, but hope flourishes there.
“You just want to talk to him.” Darcy agrees. They sit beside each other, and it’s comfortable, she doesn’t try to press the conversation where he doesn’t want to go, but then asks, “Did you want me to sneak in, check on him for you?”
“Yes, please.” His voice snaps a little, and Darcy gets a pleased look on her face, likes she’s figure it all out. What Bucky has been to him, what Steve wants him to be still, maybe even how Peggy filled his heart too.
“I think it’s stupid they won’t let you in, but I’m really good at butting in where I’m not wanted, I’ll keep you in the loop.” She starts untangling her legs and pulling her phone out from a pocket. “What’s your number, I’ll try to snag a picture if you want too.”
Darcy is perfect, he decides, and he can feel his heart starting to shift around again, wanting to make room.

Honestly “brownskins” don’t receive the same privileges as lightskins and aren’t as degraded as darkskins. Being a brownskin woman still means that I’m less likely to see girls like me in a music video but it’s not hard for me to find a black girl that looks like me on tv. I do sometimes find that bright lipsticks don’t compliment my skin tone and certain foundations and concealers are either too light or too dark for me. I also still get the “wow Im almost as dark as you” from nonblack women with tans. I don’t really know where us brownskin girls fit in this whole lightskin v darkskin thing.
I know separating black people by skin shade is horrible and should be put to an end. But I can’t help but think “damn what about me” whenever there’s a discussion on lightskin v darkskin or colourism.

A Little Cabin in the Woods

A/N: This is my longest fanfic ever so I hope it’s not too uninteresting. Again, you guys must be so upset that I took so long, I truly am sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy! xx 

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Dean one shot where he meets the reader (a hunter) on a hunt and falls in love with her because she’s such a bad ass smutty smut please and thank you 

Warnings: Smut, Minimal Language 

Dean x Reader

 Word Count: 2918 

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Photo Editing

I have received numerous questions about how I edit my photos on Instagram like what filter do I choose, or what photo-editing app do I use. So, here is a step-by-step post on how I modify and enhance my photos. 

The photo-editing app I use is VSCO cam for it has amazing editing tools to use and numerous filters to choose from. Aside from that, VSCO cam has grid that shows the photos in a neat and clean manner which really comes in handy especially when you are the type of person who likes to look back at old photos.

Before anything else, select the shot you wish to edit. The next thing that will show up is a variety of filters to choose from. Browse through it and see which one you’d like to use!

I usually use the Fade, Clean and Legacy filters for they do not totally alter the photo’s original color. You can also adjust the filter’s effect to your preference! 

There are some instances when the photos are either too bright or too dark.  Well, that’s when the Exposure tool comes along. It adjusts the photo’s lighting to your liking whether you want it brighter or not. I suggest that you don’t make it too bright for this will ruin the clarity of your photo.

The Temperature tool is what I use to obtain the photos actual color aka the one with white and bright lighting. This tool tweaks the image especially when it is too orange or too blue which resulted from colored lighting. 

The Contrast tool is used when you want to make your photo’s colors bolder. I often use this tool whenever my photo has solid colors which I want to strengthen further. It makes the colors stronger and more vivid.

If you think that your photo is either too vibrant or too dull, the Saturation tool will help you achieve your preferred color for the photo. It tunes the photo by either removing the photo’s hues or enhancing its vibrance. I strongly recommend this if you are taking photos of food or of places. It definitely makes the photo livelier.

The Sharpen tool is the final tool I use in editing my photos. It defines the details further making the image look clearer. I usually use this on either +1 or +2 on the scale to just enhance the the image’s quality. This tool is definitely ideal to use when you have details on your photo that you want viewers to see clearly.

Here is the final outcome from the editing process! Compare it to the photo below as reference to its original lighting and color.

I hope this blog post answers all your queries on how I edit my photos. Similarly, I wish that this post helps you in editing all your pictures!

Thanks for dropping by!