it drives me nuts too

I decided to replay Pillars of Eternity and finally finish it this time since Deadfire sounds more awesome each time i hear about it

so this is my drifter barbarian Niye who is dealing a completely broken amount of damage and whos portrait i cant stop tweaking


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.05 | Atomwave

Reagan wasn’t even one of my top three favourite presidents.

Decided to give you guys a peek at the first part of the lyric comic (without lyrics cuz still wanna keep it a secret). The first half is giving me a hard time to decide what scenes to put down so it, I guess, flows naturally but I think I might have an idea. This is a big project and I’m hoping to have it done sometime in the Summer. 

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I don't suppose we could see some Karkat & Signless family bonding?

Karkat smiles as he and Signless enter an ice cream parlor. Having gotten away from Kankri’s lectures about triggers, they were finally spending some much needed time together. “Jeez,” Karkat sighed, “I thought we’d have to listen to him ramble for gog knows how long. For fucks sake! He’s always going on and on about how ‘I find y9ur 6ehavi9r t9 6e quite triggering.’ Bite me! I find your lectures triggering.” Signless laughs. “That’s a pretty good Kankri impression, Kar. I swear I love the boy, but he just drives me nuts sometimes.” Karkat’s smile grows. “I can do Gamzee and Terezi too! ‘I sPaCeD oUt, Do YoU kNoW hOw BeAuTiFuL tHe OcEaN iS, mOtHeR fUcKeR?’ And 'I R34LLY W4NT TO SM3LL YOUR BLOOD. M4YB3 TH3N I COULD F1N4LLY KNOW WH4T’S GOT YOUR BULG3 1N 4 KNOT.’” Signless is hysterical at this point. “Wow, Kar! That’s amazing! I’m really impressed! Haha!” Karkat’s cheeks flush red with happiness. He’s never been that close to his lusus, so he’s never spent much time with him. The moments he does though, those are some of the moments that Karkat is happiest.

-Mod mom and Mod dad

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Can you write a fluffy studying thing for Bughead? Thank you!

Betty, Kevin, Archie, Veronica and Jughead were sitting on Betty’s bedroom floor, textbooks and binders and loose papers scattered around them.

Betty’s parents were away for the night at a retreat and the gang had gone back to her house after getting takeout from Pop’s. 

Betty and Jughead had promised helping the others for a quiz on Monday. They had been at it for hours working on a specific Math problem. Finally, Betty solved it and explained it so that everyone understood.

They had been passing cartons of french fries back and forth, gnawing on pencils, doodling in the corners of their papers. 

Veronica was the first one to stand up. “Alright, Kev, ready to drive me home? I’m all Math’ed out for today.” She smoothed out her skirt as Kevin got up, too. “Thanks for having us, B. You’re a life saver, I swear.”

Betty smiled, nodding. “Anytime.” 

Archie stood as well, looking at Jughead. “I should get home, too. I told the old man I’d be home for dinner.”

“We just ate takeout from Pop’s.” Kevin spoke up.

“What can I say? I’m a growing boy.” Archie smoothed his shirt over his stomach and laughed.

Veronica and Kevin said goodbye as they left the room. Archie lingered in the doorway. “You comin’, Jug?”

Jughead looked up from his textbook. “I’ll be there in a bit. I just want to make sure I have all the facts straight.”

Archie nodded and left the room as well. Jughead scooted a little closer to Betty.

The front door closed, the noise echoing up the staircase and into the bedroom’s open door.

“Juggie, do you mind if I go change? I don’t know why I put on this sweater this morning. It’s so uncomfortable.”

“Of course, Bets. I’ll be here.”

Betty smiled and got up, walking over to her dresser to pull out a couple items of clothing.

She left the room and padded down the hall, returning a few moments later. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was now wearing cotton pajama pants and a grey henley. 

“That was fast.” Jughead laughed. 

Betty shrugged and plopped down beside Jughead on the floor. He still had his textbook open in front of him.

He moved to lean closer to Betty - his elbow on the carpet, his head in his hand. He was looking up at her

Betty had her back against her bed, a text book in her lap. Her lips were moving along slowly, reading. She pushed a stray lock of hair out of her face when she noticed Jughead staring at her.

“What?” She whispered, her cheeks flushing.

“You have an eyelash on your cheek.” 

“Oh,” Betty murmured, brushing her index finger across her cheek, just under her eye.

Jughead smiled and sat up, closer to Betty. He reached out slowly, moving closer still.

He brought his face close to Betty’s, brushing off the eyelash that she missed. 

“I got it,” He murmured, their lips inches apart. “Make a wish.”

Betty stared into Jughead’s eyes for a moment, then licked her lips and took a breath. She blew against Jughead’s fingertip gently, blowing the eyelash away.

She took another breath, then closed the distance between their lips. She pressed her lips against his, then reached out to grip Jughead’s shirt, bringing him closer.

Jughead placed a hand on Betty’s jaw. He brushed his thumb against her cheek, running his hand back towards Betty’s hair.

They broke apart moments later, Betty taking a deep breath.”Wow,” She murmured.

“Bets, I have a confession.” Jughead smiled at her.

“What is it?”

“I understood this Math problem hours ago.” He smirked.

Betty nodded understandingly. “I have a confession too. As much as my parents drive me nuts, I really hate when they leave me alone overnight. That’s why I asked everyone over here.”

Jughead covered Betty’s hand with his. “Betty, I’ll be right next door.”

Betty chewed on her lip. “Maybe you could stay here, with me?” 

“Uh, yeah, I could do that.” Jughead nodded. “I’ll just text Archie, let him know.” 

Betty squeezed Jughead’s hand. “Thank you.” She smiled.

She leaned in for quick kiss. 

When she pulled away, Jughead’s eyes were still closed.


“You smell really good.” Jughead murmured as he slowly opened his eyes. Realizing he said it out loud, he grimaced.

Betty couldn’t have been smiling any bigger. “I do? Thank you.” She laughed lightly.

“I can’t get it out of my mind, Betty, I have to know what my new favorite smell is.”

“Um, it might be my body lotion? It’s the strongest smell I’m wearing. It’s um -” Betty got up from the floor and padded over to her dresser, checking the bottom of a tube. “It’s this stuff. Endless Weekend from Bath and Body Works.”

She smiled, set the tube down and sat back on the floor with Jughead.

“Thank you, Bath and Body Works.” Jughead laughed.

Betty smiled and intertwined her fingers with Jughead’s.

“Hey, Bets? One more question.”


“What did you wish for?”

“I wished for you.”

No More Fighting

gif from wonderful @bonniebird from here

“Y/N!” John shouted, pulling you out of your rather restless slumber. Seventh months pregnant and the little Shelby was already a terror. It kept you up most nights, as did its father apparently.

“John, what fucking time is it?” You shouted back, waddling down stairs with a yawn, only realizing when you were down that the sun was out, illuminating the blood on John’s face. “What the hell John?” You say angrily, going as fast as you can to get the first aid kit as he frees the cork of a bottle of liquor with his teeth.

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Brendon Urie Imagine

Break Up n’ Make Up

Not my gif

Word Count: 737

Reader’s POV:

It had been one week, one terrible week without Brendon. I never imagined that I would feel this awful, we had broke up for such stupid shit that it made me angry that he had slipped away from me. He was dancing with another girl, and I was so selfish. He said he couldn’t deal with my jealously and that’s when I said the sickening words ‘we should break up.’

It was another day in my friend’s apartment, she had gone to work and I had been crashing at her apartment until I could get back on my feet. I sniffled, another tear falling from my cheek. Today was supposed to the concert, and I was supposed to go. But I wasn’t his anymore, just as he wasn’t mine anymore. All the ‘I love you’s we shared and hugs, kisses and pecks on the cheeks seemed even more valuable now.

That’s when the idea popped into my mind, I’m in love with him, shouldn’t people fight for what they love? I practically pulled myself off the couch and got dressed. I stared at the tickets on my dresser and slid them into my purse before slipping my Vans on and running out to my car.

Brendon’s POV:

It was the concert and I wasn’t up to it. Dallon patted me on the back.

“I know you’re in the dumps, dude.” He said and I nodded, “But you’ll be okay, I mean, she’s just a girl, right?”

I lost it, “She’s not just a girl!” I snapped at him and sighed afterwards, I had never been this hung up on a girl before. “I’m sorry, Dallon. She, she just meant a lot to me..” I looked down, “Let’s just get this over with.” I said and he nodded.

The curtains opened and the crowd screamed, I flashed a smile at them.

“Hey all you sinners!” I yelled into the mic and the crowd went wild, at least they were happy.

Reader’s POV:

I just happened to be late because I left only thirty minutes before the show had started. When I got there I could see Brendon on stage, taking a song request.

“So what song?” He yelled into the mic.

The crowd shouted mixed answers until someone shouted Sarah Smiles and the crowd started to chant it. Brendon hesitated for a second and then nodded, plastering a fake smile on his face.

“Alright! Yeah, c’mon guys lets do this!” He yelled to the band and they started to play the introduction. “I was fine, just a guy living on my own, waiting for the sky to fall, then you called and changed it all, doll..” he sang, but out of nowhere he stopped singing and sighed.

“Look, guys. I’m gonna get super personal with you guys.” Brendon said, the crowd’s loud nature seemed to cease as he continued, “I just broke up with my girlfriend last week and well, I feel like shit..” he chuckled and sighed. “I still love her, like a lot.” he pursed his lips together.

I started to shove people out of way as I tried to get to the front, “Brendon!” I yelled pathetically as I found my way to front. “Brendon!” I shouted again. “For fuck’s sake, look at me.” I muttered, a miracle seemed to happen as he looked down.

“(Y/N)?” He said, his expression was mixture of happiness and shock.

Brendon’s POV:

(Y/N) was standing in the front row, her eyes looking up at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, staring at her.

“I realized that you meant too much to me. You drive me nuts and you tease me all the time, and I love that. I love the way you wake me up with little kisses on the neck and how you sometimes burn the toast or they way you simply sing so loudly in the shower that I can hear you when I put my makeup on-” I cut off her off by pulling her up on stage.

I placed my hands on her waist, “Just shut up,” I chuckled, “God, I love you so much.” I finished and leaned down to kiss her, she stood up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against mine.


WESTWORLD | 1.07 | Maeve Millay

All my life, I’ve prided myself on being a survivor. But surviving is just another loop. I’m getting out of here.

You’re a veerrrryyyy cute one 💕 💕 💕


You friggin’ bitch, you.

Molly drives me nuts.  She does this to my sims too.  She does this to every eligible and non-eligible male in the room like a dog.

Thornton dismissed all of her nonsense.  I felt proud of him.  xD

He even basically ignored when she started doing this.

He put on his outerwear, as it’s sub-freezing outside…

And gave Morgana a bouquet of flowers like the best sim in the entire world.

Granted she’s too stupid to wear a coat, but HEY.  That man she has is a total keeper despite her shenanigans.  xD

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I know synastry isn't your strong point, but can you say anything about Sun-Venus connections? I have a Sun Venus conjunction by orb (out of sign), declination, and solstice point with someone, and it is driving me nuts. Is it possible to like someone too much?

My younger sister has a Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini and her 5th House - I’ll wait for everyone to finish visualizing! - she had zero, zip, nada lovers in school; zero, zip, nada lovers at college; zero, zip, nada lovers to this day. She’s the LEAST flirtatious person I know. Little Miss “Tough Love,” except she’s 100% unpleasant with everyone 100% of the time. (Unless you’re one of her cats.) So don’t assume that Sun/Venus equals troo lubb!

Second, a couple of definitions:

Declination refers to a planet’s distance from the “celestial equator” - Earth’s equator projected outward into space. Planets will be either North or South (indicated usually by a minus sign). Ms M’s Aries Moon is at 8:23:14:north, which is conjunct her son’s Leo Moon at 8:16:16 north, so they are considered parallel and behaves sort of like a conjunction. Ms M’s son has Eris at -8:40:23 south, which is considered contraparallel and acts like an oppositon.

Solstice points, also known as “antiscia,” are a sort of boomerang kind of effect on planets. We take the degrees/minutes/seconds (d/m/s) of a planet or point and subtract that from 30 degrees. For example I volunteer my sun - 30 degrees minus 20:27:28 d/m/s equals 9:32:32 d/m/s. Signs are paired up as follows: Aries/Virgo, Taurus/Leo, Gemini/Cancer, Libra/Pisces, Scorpio/Aquarius, Sagittarius/Capricorn. Therefore my Sun’s “solstice point” is 9:32:32 Cancer. People who have a planet there will have the same effect on me as having their planet actually conjunct my Sun.

Whew! Having three contacts means yes, you have a lot of Venus type karma to work out with that person. It’s kind of fun to go through charts and find the declinations and solstice points, and see how they interact. I truly believe the conjunction, even if it’s out of sign, is the main event. The out of sign part would make it more challenging - “this is supposed to work, why doesn’t it?” Thanks for the ask!