it doesnt work because i uploaded it

Okay so I tried to upload this some days ago and it didnt worked so here it is again

My re-design of my old gemsona called Topaz (she was called before Topas because I was dumb :/)

So history:

She is a pink Topaz, very creative and happy, her role was to design murals and statues and stuff like that for homeworld

She doesnt have a weapon but her abilitie its to sing sweets melodies that can make you sleep and she is very suporttive, she can help you with your problems giving you creative tips for almost everything

And thats it, I did a long post of her with her old version but that problem happened and it didnt uploaded and im so lazy to write that again.

Also if so much people wants to see the old version ill reblog this post with the image and her description

anonymous asked:

DUDE IM SO PISSED??? I preordered the big bundle but can't get champions because I don't have itunes??? What the fuck this is bullshit do you know if anyone's posted an audio of it on tumblr???

there’s a spotify link going around but it doesn’t work outside of the us 😩 im not able to get off of mobile and look for one but id keep an eye out on twitter or youtube for even momentary uploads to tithe things over (also if anyone could please help this anon)

also the bundle doesnt include digital download so that’s a problem too

redtigerwolf  asked:

Hey Sean, I just got done watching Felix's (pewdiepie) most recent video and oh man it got me really thinking but I hope you know that I don't want you to play games just because they're "popular" and I hope you do ones you legitimately like. I'm pretty sure there are lots others who agree. It just got me really worried and I want you to be happy. Love you!

Don’t worry! I usually play stuff that I know or think I’ll enjoy. I try to make sure what I upload is a happy balance between what I like and what you guys like. If t doesnt work then I stop and move on :)
I don’t ever force out videos on a game I’m not enjoying nor do I upload stuff you guys hate

the-pon3  asked:

Jackoboy... when will you work on undertale again... ive watched wade and mark play the first few parts... but i love the way you do the voice for papyrus. I i want to watch you finish the game... it doesnt seem right watching it any other way cx

Aw thank you :)

I will be uploading it every few days (4-5) because its a lot of content to digest for some and a lot of people may love it but there are also a lot that don’t so I don’t wanna spam it out and alienate some viewers.

I have to try and account for everyone so spacing things out a bit is the best way of accomplishing that :)

anonymous asked:

right but what if we cant watch "tom's tour of allerdale hall" on torrilla's page? the video does not load at all for me, it's a black square with chinese all over it *google translate doesnt work on it, I tried*. I get so sick of 'Heres the candy, but you cant have none' kind of deal that reeks in this fandom. if someone is so kind to upload things where it is available for ALL fans - not a few who continuously bypass these obstacles - then i am grateful to them.

Download the hola extension for chrome.

Go to the page with the video.

Click on the little fire.

Select a country –> China

Grab some popcorn and watch.

And maybe realize that Torrilla posts them on places that are sometimes hard to view on the first try because if they were to be posted anywhere else by someone who doesn’t know better, THAT person will go down for copyright infringement JUST like she did on Tumblr. She is TRYING to give us all that she can without anyone else getting involved.

Find another fandom if this one really “reeks” so much for you.