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I think that h could be really shy sometimes...

this is just off the top of my head, but these are just a few examples of how harry is so different than what we see onstage (forgive any slight fallacies, this is just my memory)

  • what nick and fiona just said in which “He’s quite quiet” and “He’s a wallflower”
  • nick recently just said that harry is the type of person that likes to know what’s going on and if anything unexpected is thrown at him, he gets quite anxious.
  • this kid emails himself reminders every night. fucking rockstar harry styles sits down and types an email to himself like a dinosaur every night.
  • Harry has to watch rom coms that he knows the ending of because he feels “safe”
  • one time, someone who works backstage with the boys said that harry doesnt go out of his way to talk to people, that he is happy to talk to people, you just have to be the one that initiates it.
  • on the set of dunkirk, harry would eat by himself– i think further reinforcing this idea that harry probably likes his alone time but if you talk to him, he is happy to talk to you 

if you have anymore examples, feel free to say. anyway..

Harry Styles: He’s just like us!

mark’s countdown site?

ha yeah i know it and i spent the last like.. hours.. looking at the code..

i have found so much

favicon.ico leads to the picture of the icon of the site, the M with the mustache.

i also saw a tumblr post saying that theres 2 pictures of a coffee shop and 1 picture of a white rose somewhere in the code, and i went on and searched for meanings.

“White rose: Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness,
“I am worthy of you”, Heavenly”

“The color white: White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection.White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity.In advertising, white is associated with coolness and cleanliness because it’s the color of snow. You can use white to suggest simplicity in high-tech products. White is an appropriate color for charitable organizations; angels are usually imagined wearing white clothes. White is associated with hospitals, doctors, and sterility, so you can use white to suggest safety when promoting medical products. White is often associated with low weight, low-fat food, and dairy products.”

Also; White rose (bridal): Happy love

also since a lot of the background is black i went to search for the meaning of black color and:

“Black color: Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

Black is a mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). It usually has a negative connotation (blacklist, black humor, ‘black death’). Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). In heraldry, black is the symbol of grief.

Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, but a black background diminishes readability. A black suit or dress can make you look thinner. When designing for a gallery of art or photography, you can use a black or gray background to make the other colors stand out. Black contrasts well with bright colors. Combined with red or orange – other very powerful colors – black gives a very aggressive color scheme.”

I dont know about you but a lot of these things remind me of the photo in the countdown page.

more code:

i found a link to a site in the wall of code but found this, feels like they’re trying to.. hide something??

i hope you can read that because i hardly can,

a funny word. enjoy bootstrap.

audio-player, it makes me believe that at some point there might be audio on the main site, like a bell dinging when the timer ends at 12 as is said somewher else on the code, on feb 14. or maybe something else?

maybe some static? hello, darkiplier?

makes me think that eventually there might be a change to your cursor which is on the screen? maybe it might change to a bloody one or anything like that?

maybe theres gonna be a thing that kicks people out of the site and only a number of people can join back to learn a secret about it? maybe people are kicked out of the site for a bit when they’re making a change? who knows

the same but a little different.

delete this? as in maybe delete the site when the countdown is over? or in delete features when you ‘removeAllListener’? im not onto anything but, detective samerine.

artistName?? excuse me??

m ore audioplayer,,w hy

more audio n destructor?? function??

who th hell are helpers

also does bg mean background bc

escapeExpression reminds me of like, changing the expression of the picture of mark’s face on the site, maybe it’ll eventually change the picture a little?

seems like its an important number since i saw it repeated a lot too..

i found a site on the original code site and it lead to just a blank page, on mobile it doesnt let you access it at all


h m

makes me think there might be a thing to click on the original site?? like hovering over something and clicking it could lead to a secret?

amy nelson and timezones, hm?

that’s all i found now, im still searching for more and talking with my friends about what i find, im the detective on this discord server, hehe.

but uh i see your secrets mr fischbach, you cannot hide, you cannot run.

James Potter head canons

Doesn’t like labels

Yes he made out with Sirius, no he isn’t gay

Yes Lily is his girlfriend, but is he straight? dunno

Is actually very smart, but school bores him so he doesn’t try too hard

Remus tells him thats a stupid reason, but James responds with - “Why should i put effort into something that will only ruin the love i have for the thing itself?”

Sirius calls him a philosophical shit

Gaining his friendship is very easy, but his trust? not so much

Contrary to popular belief, James has no ill-will towards all Slytherins

He only hated the ones in his year and above because he grew up with them

But with the younger students he’s very helpful and kind because he believes they are still children who have yet to be messed up by their house

Such a charmer that one i swear

Always talks in class! he’s the kid that either makes you laugh or the one you want to throw a book at to make him shut the fuck up


Hates crying in front of people because he thinks he always has to be happy and optimistic and tough for his friends

Also because he thinks his problems are small and insignificant compared to theirs

Is a flirt, but a subtle flirt 

With Sirius you know right away that he’s flirting with you, but James?

Is he flirting or being nice? Did he purposefully graze your hand or was that an accident? Did he just say an innuendo or do you just have a dirty mind? the world may never know

Knows Remus has welsh in his accent but doesnt say anything because Sirius still doesn’t and watching him get frustrated amuses James

His favorite color isn’t red! shocker yes, but its actually pink! it reminds him of the flowers him and his mom used to garden together when he was little

When he gets older he not only wants to be a part time quidditch star and part time Auror, but a stay at home dad!

He remembered growing up and wishing to be just like his mother, and even into his teen years James still thought that raising a kid was the most hardcore job you could have

Wants a family so big it could be its own quidditch team. He would compete against molly (IF HE WAS STILL ALIVE!)

Can crack his wrists so goddamn loud! it makes lily gag

Makes dad jokes but everyone calls them mom jokes because once again, mother hen

Tried eye contacts once, still shivers over the memory of touching his own eye ball

Always touching somebody (with consent of course)

A arm over shoulder, hand on thigh, fingers in hair, and more. He’s just so affectionate (and he knows that the other Marauders are hella touch starved but too awkward to ask for affection) 

Will fight

His trash talk is killer, but has awoken the boys in the early hours of the day to exclaim that he has an even better comeback

for what?

for what Severus said to me, obviously Moony!

you mean during that fight that happened hours ago?

yes! Now shut up!

And then he says it and it makes no sense because he came up with it while he was fighting a dancing duck in his dream

Doesn’t drink coffee because his mom said it would stump his growth when he was a kid, so instead he has a intense knowledge about different teas

When he cares about something you can pry it away from his cold, dead hands

My boy can draw! Just stumble into the common room to only witness Sirius in a ridiculous pose while James potter sketches away

Its usually shit because watching Sirius’s face morph into one of offense cracks James up

Sarcasm sometimes just completely flies over his head

Remus is the mediator when it comes to pranks and dumb shit they like to do, but James is the mediator with emotions and relationships

Is the person who gives wise advice, which no one believes until James potter is sitting next to them giving them this worldly speech and they think, Sirius was right, James is a philosophical shit.

 Thats all i have for now!

💛 so i hit 5k which is actually really stupid bc like…..idk why yall wanna follow me?? but honestly thank you guys so much because when i rebooted this blog last year i thought it would get -2 attention, but i ended up making really great friends and being fully welcomed into the shawol and larger kpop community and im like !!!! it’s wild to me. anyway i thought i should Do a Thing and make a follow forever aka a way to tell my ppl thank you for making my time on tumblr dot edu a great place 💛

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I like how Yuma just gives zero fucks about talking to Astral no matter where they are and who’s with them.

Walking down a crowded street with lots of people around him? Just casually talking in a loud voice to the invisible guy next to him.

Having a romantic-looking talk with supposed love interest with the sunset as background? Oh, wait, Astral is saying something *turns his back on said love interest and forgets she’s there until Astral has to remind him*

In the middle of a duel? Well, sorry guys, could you repeat your turn, I didnt hear anything you said cause I was yelling at my invisible boyfriend who doesnt like my tactics and thinks I should just do whatever he says.

Husband Taeil

Request: oh my gosh your scenarios are so so cute!!! if you have time would you be able to do husband!taeil i loved your taeyong one so so much!!!! have a lovely day!!!💞💞💞

  • aye a request for this hyung!!
  • i wanna squish him sometimes he’s so adorable
  • maybe before reading this you’d want to read boyfriend! taeil first hehe
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so this bun had been considering about asking you for a few months already

  • but he didnt knew how to ask
  • or when to
  • all he knew was that he wanted it to be on a special day
  • so he asked the other members for help
  • which half of them didn’t because they were either too busy teasing him
  • or that they thought he was only joking
  • other than mark, who offered to help taeil out
  • alongside with taeyong and doyoung
  • so they all helped him come out with a plan,
  • which is to compose a song together and have taeil sing it to you during your anniversary dinner
  • featuring mark & taeyong who’d be rapping a few parts
  • so after two long weeks of staying overnight and discussing, they finally finished producing and recording everything
  • and you knew something was off because he had been coming back very late at night those past two weeks
  • and early in the morning, after he made breakfast for you, he’d leave the apartment
  • so you asked him
  • “babe what’re you busy with lately?”
  • “uhhh extra vocal practices”
  • “your vocals are good enough though????”
  • and he’d get all flustered and wouldn’t know what to say so he’d just give you a kiss and leave
  • he was so busy you actually thought he’d forget your anniversary date
  • until he messaged you two days before,
  • “baby for our anniversary, head down to the restaurant we first met, i’ve got a big surprise for you”
  • and you tried asking him when he got back that night,
  • but he wouldn’t say anything
  • finally the day came!!!
  • and he bought a dress for you to match with his outfit
  • and both of you look super good and elegant
  • and you were all like??? what’s with this formality???
  • reminded you of your first date aw
  • but during the dinner taeil’s all blushy and nervous, stuttering in his words
  • just when you were about to ask him, the restaurant lights go out
  • when you call out to taeil he doesnt respond
  • and when you reach your hand out to hold him he’s not that
  • ngl you were about to scream
  • but then a sweet and soft melody started playing
  • and somehow there were lights shining on the 4 boys in front of you
  • taeil in the middle
  • and you’re still confused like??
  • but taeil’s soothing voice!!!
  • after 3 minutes of singing he kneeled down and held your hand
  • very cliche
  • and you finally get it
  • he’s still stuttering but it’s super cute
  • “i..i-i prepared all these for you for the past two weeks… w-we’ve come this far, and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”
  • and you see taeyong tearing up a little
  • and of course you nod your head
  • and taeil gives the biggest smile ever and hugs you
  • which made you super happy and touched so you started tearing up
  • taeil noticed and kissed you
  • cute
  • okay on to the husband part that was so long im sorry
  • but
  • i feel like he’d become more sweet?
  • and especially, affectionate
  • he’s just go up randomly to you while watching television
  • and either lie on your lap, or attack you with a big warm heart
  • lazy kisses on the neck and lips too
  • that’s his favourite
  • he loves it when you run your fingers through his hair too
  • somehow always has his hands on you, especially in public
  • and everytime people stare or compliment the both of you
  • he’d have this “yes that’s my wife” look
  • always gives in to you and listens to whatever you say
  • “babeeee i’m hungry, wanna go out to eat?”
  • “o-oh.. sure!!”
  • when he had practice that night and you didnt know
  • which was why taeyong nagged at him for skipping practice for you
  • goes home one day with a big bouquet of flowers
  • “what- what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, just felt like getting them for you”
  • “represents my love to you”
  • never seems to get angry at you like??
  • closest he ever did was when he ignored you for the whole night
  • but next morning you woke up in his arms
  • and the reason why he was pissed was because you were stressing yourself out too much over work and he didnt like it
  • but when he tried asking you to stop stressing out, you ignored him
  • but he still made you breakfast so
  • the sweetest!!!
  • both of you always get teased by the other members
  • “taeil hyung! what’s that on your neck” -a smirking yuta
  • “w-what? THERE’S NOTHING” -a very flustered taeil
  • “aye hyung, i didnt know you were like that” -johnny
  • “STOP IT THERE’S NOTHING” -still very flustered taeil
  • “oh i saw y/n today and she has too, had fun last night hyung?” -ten
  • “bye i dont want to talk to you all anymore” -an embarrassed taeil
  • and later that night you receive a text from doyoung
  • “dont leave any marks today!! hyung had a hard time today”
  • and you’re like ?? but you get it so you show it to taeil
  • so he blushes like mad again
  • okay let’s get off this topic im a smol bun
  • honestly treats you like a queen
  • he’s super sweet and nice 24/7 like
  • and you love him so much!!!
  • so you give him random hugs and kisses
  • which he loves too
  • okay i’ll end this here im sorry idk what to write anymore ahh
  • taeil is husband material dont lie to yourself and agree with me yes
nct dream!kids au

youre their babysitter ok istg (theyre also like 4-8) (and theyre also all related)


-a literal mess omg!!

-tries his best but ends up failing somehow

-cant make a sandwich, ends up blowing up the kitchen

-needs your help for a lot of things but not before he accidentally screws it up himself when he tries to be a big boy!!!

-like one time, you went over to babysit

-and he was a precious angel! said hi and smiled and dragged you to his room to play!!

-everything was fine and dandy until you left the room for a sec and came back to mark upside down hanging from his bed with his toys scattered on the floor when it was in a neat pile before

-dont leave him alone for too long

-dont leave him alone at all omg, hold his hand and take him as your smol useless sidekick

-tries to help take care of the kids with you because he’s the hyung and he needs to have a responsibility! (never ends up doing what he’s supposed to do but you love him anyway)

-falls asleep really easily, is always disoriented when he wakes up from naps

-has his own bed but prefers to crawl in bed with his bff and best brother hae!!!

-doesnt have a teddy bear or any stuffie and falls asleep with nothing in his arms but ends up hugging anything he can grab in his sleep

-it can be hae, a pillow, their pet bunny that manages to escape bc chen forgot to lock it up, it doesnt matter (hae pretends to hate it but it makes him feel warm so he’s lowlowlowlowlowlowlowkey ok with it)


-what a sass master

-youngest sass master youve ever seen

-pickiest eater ever omg

-doesnt like ANYTHING you give him unless it has peanut butter on it

-he’ll make you put peanut butter on pizza

-he doesnt CARE he just wants peanut butter

-such a tsundere omg hates your jokes but loves your smiles (will never admit it)

-stubborn ass kid jesus

-but a cutie so you dont mind!!

-loves his hyung mark but will not hesitate to push him down the stairs for candy

-is always there to give mark bandaids for wounds HE caused

-has to always sit beside you or mark or jisung or jaemin during movies (will not sit still unless he’s with one of you)

-LOVES superheroes

-tried to fly once but just ended up scraping the palm of his hand

-he’s the bandaid guy so he has no one to put a bandaid on him :c

-BUT he has you!!! and mark to the rescue ofc

-mark puts the bandaid on backwards and it accidentally sticks to his hand instead

-haechan doesnt have the heart to tell him and neither do u

-you end up putting the bandaid on hae when mark isnt looking

-reminds you of how cute and perfect he is every 3 minutes hours


-the most talented child you have ever babysat

-will sing the kids to sleep if you asked him to

-will sing YOU to sleep if you asked him to

-sweetest smiles!!!

-total suck up, will do anything to make you happy/smile

-sings around the house, hops everywhere, refuses to stop singing even if jeno threatens to throw his pet bunny on the street


-takes his teddy bear everywhere

-has emotional detachment issues

-loves his parents but lowkey loves his teddy bear more

-highkey loves you more, probably has a cute lil kid crush on you


-buy him stuffed animals and he’ll love you forever

-reallyyyyyyyy likes strawberries

-more than usual

-likes feeding them to his bunny even tho they shouldnt really be eating them

-but it makes the bunny happy so chen is happy!!

-please love him all he wants is for everybody to be happy

-the type to tug on your clothes instead of calling for your name or tapping you to get your attention



-mysterious as heck

-you didnt even notice him the first time you babysat him

-like, their parents came back and thanked you and all the kids came to say goodbye

-and then you just saw renjun there but???

-”omg i didnt even notice you during this whole time im sorry why didnt you say anything?? where were you???”

-and he just responds with “i was in the shadows” right before you leave

-gave you nightmares but you were determined to make him loud and bubbly!!

-so the next time you babysit, you made SURE to find renjun

-took him with you everywhere, so now you have sidekick mark and sidekick renjun

-theyre both useless but in a cute way!!!!

-it takes time but he goes from a chocolate bar left in the freezer for 85 years to a bagel in water!!! (what is this omg)

-still kinda tough but soft and smol at the same time

-doesnt smile often but when he does it’s like a fireball!!! watch out nasa we have a new sun!!!

-small grins and smiles 24/7

-the kids always try to include him in everything bc he may be quiet but they know he’s just shy and can be absolutely insane (in a non ghost-kid creepy way)

-they love him and will do anything he asks bc he never asks for anything usually!!

-the least-needy kid ever


-sly ass lil kid

-probably learns how to flirt from tv shows and uses pickup lines on you

-a sweetheart deep down, cares for you a lot

-will 100000% fight chenle for your heart!!!!

-smile so sweet itll give you cavities but has a lowkey smirk to it so you have to stop him from watching too many tv shows

-follows you around asking you the most dumb questions

-”do you trap people in your phone and talk to them??”

-”jae omg no what the heck ofc not”

-”how do you talk to your friends then??”

-you worry about him a lot

-tries to act tough when he gets booboos

-doesnt like crying and usually doesnt cry when he gets hurt

-BUT when he gets hurt like real bad, he’ll crack

-one time he was running down the stairs chasing jeno

-and he accidentally fell and tumbled down the stairs

-he was ok, no big booboos but his knee got scraped pretty bad

-and *dootdootdoot trumpet sounds* haechan swoops in with bandaids!! (and a HALF hug, gotta keep that tsundere front)

-and as haechan puts like, 3 bandaids on jae’s 1 wound, his lips start quivering and his eyes are tearing up but he cant cry wont cry!! gotta look tough so mark can stop babying him!! so everyone can stop babying him!!

-but then mark hugs him to make up for hae’s half hug and min starts bawling

-chen feels bad too so he hugs jae while mark is still hugging him so it’s a hug-fest!!

-hae reluctantly joins in but only bc he’s hip and with the trends!!! not bc he wanted to hug him or something


-highkey likes learning lowkey likes messing with his brothers

-he likes learning how to make traps and how to successfully prank people

-the annoying smartass kid of the group but nobody minds!! (except haechan bc hes supposed to be annoying and smart!!)

-partners in crime with haechan

-pranks everybody BUT jisung

-everybody has a soft spot for jisung

-starts off with dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-still uses dumb things like whoopie cushions and hand buzzers

-colours pictures as a side job hobby

-quiet and behaved surprisingly when he isnt trying to make you sit on a whoopie cushion

-will eat anything you give him as long as it’s not like, kiwis or something

-hates kiwis with a passion

-will sass you if you try to feed him kiwis

-which makes you seperate him and hae from hanging out for too long

-it never works, they always find a way to navigate back to each other

-you end up just letting him become a sass master in training

-judges your food but compliments your appearance!!

-everything you do is pretty to him

-cleaning up chen’s spilled apple juice?? nO PROBLEM WHAT A CUTE THING YOU ARE

-just dont feed him kiwis, then youre not cute

-really hates kiwis

-like, really really

-will probably slap your hand

-will apologize and hug your hand afterwards

-*cue hae’s eye roll*

-eye smiles all day everyday!!!!


-an actual angel

-youngest and cutest!!

-leader of the cutie sqaud rEPRESENT!!!11!!11!

-probably religiously likes apples

-just imagine him nibbling on an apple

-chen probably really likes him (ONLY WHEN HE’S EATING AN APPLE) bc he reminds him of their pet bunny

-a bit of a crybaby but nobody minds because he doesnt cry on purpose!!

-hurts himself a lot too smh jisung r u having a competition with mark or smth

-but he has spongebob bandaids so “who cares if im bleeding?? i have spongebob!!”

-probably wants to be like, devious and not innocent but cant

-one time, hae and jeno tried to teach him how to prank one of his hyungs but ji just went “i dunno i dont really wanna anymore” all uncomfortable and smol and timidly bc he didnt wanna make hae and jeno upset

-but it was ok!! they took him to the living room to watch spongebob

-dancing machine omg

-like, everybody in the family likes dancing but bOY jisung has such a firey passion for it, it’s insanely cute

-likes candy a lot (but what kid doesnt)

-will most likely sell his soul for candy

-instead of walking around the house, he moonwalks

-nobody has the heart to tell him to stop

-chen almost did once but when jisung smiled real wide when chen called his name, he like stopped and just sputtered out “i have apples”

-the kid that literally does nothing wrong

-you used to be suspicious but not anymore he’s an angEL BEAN

-smol and precious, doesnt like trouble nor does he like loud noises

-yet he enjoys screaming??

-when anything wrong goes down he screams like a siren so everybody knows something is wrong

-he’s practically their fire alarm

nct dream (as a whole)

-puts on shows for you ALL the time

-you were going over to babysit them once but when you arrived you didnt expect a cupcake and a performance!! (their parents told them it was your birthday so they had to be nice to you)

-you didnt even get sassed!! a miracle!!!

-they felt bad that they didnt get you a present so they drew you something instead

-didnt let mark help in fear he’d accidentally set the paper on fire but he was ok with that bc he got to monitor and was on apple juice duty!!

-likes having pillow fights

-you arent about that life so you just sit back and monitor

-jisung doesnt join in but he screams while they fight!!

-he has lungs of steel

-he doesnt join in bc one time he was running around, spinning with a pillow and he accidentally got smacked in the face (dont tell anyone but it was probably mark) and he FLEW BACK


-the room grew quiet and everybody rushed over “omg r u ok???”

-he was ok but no longer particpates, traumatized but also vv thankful bc woah he flew (into a wall but he flew)

-they have pillow fights real often bc it makes renjun happy and he laughs and smiles a lot during them

-pillow fights are BRUTAL

-they have never EVER seen chen so hardcore

-he karate jumps and smacks people in the face

-mark screams and charges headfirst (with a pillow on his head ofc) at everybody

-hae pretends not to care but hits SO hard (as hard as he can with a pillow at least)

-jeno is so good at dodging, so swift it’s scary

-renjun is reallllll quiet so he sneak-attacks people really easly, giving them minor (or major, if youre like, mark) heart attacks

-jaemin pictures everybody as giant, walking kiwis so he screams “I HATE KIWIS” before he runs into the fight blindly, hitting everybody and anybody he can bc deFEAT THE EVIL KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-chen doesnt even have a tactic as long as he gets to hit someone he’s ok

-there’s really no prize so idek why these losers are so competitive

-HOWEVER no matter how much they fight and no matter how competitive they are, they ALWAYS have each other’s back

-like this one time, hae was getting bullied and it all started like thiS *dramatic flashback*

-they all walk home together and instead of being loud like usual, hae was just really quiet and didnt join in the conversation

-so mark the responsible hyung!!! noticed and was like “what’s wrong hae??”

-and he didnt respond so ren, jae, and jeno answered for him

-”that kid in our class said he was loud and annoying”

-”WHERE DOES HE LIVE I’LL HURT HIM” -mark 0.1 seconds after hearing that

-the next day at school, the dream team (im calling them that from now on) confronted the kid and mark went iN


-like, jae and ji got a lil bit offended at the bowl cut comment but iT WAS FOR HAE SO THEY DIDNT CARE

-mark is a third grade SAVAGE

-made the kid cry

-all while hae was hiding behind jeno and jisung (jisung was too short to hide him but like w/e)

-the kid apologized with like snot and tears running down his face

-hae lowkey laughed really hard

-they all got in trouble after

-jisung for sneaking out of kindergarten

-mark for roasting yelling at the kid

-everybody else for being his sidekicks

-their parents couldnt even yell at them bc they were so touched

-do NOT bring these kids to the grocery store

-not altogether

-if you do, youll get kicked out of the grocery store in 0.3343 seconds

-jisung wants EVERYTHING in the store

-hae complains every 2 minutes

-they fight over who gets to sit in the cart

-jisung, mark, hae, and jeno share a room

-jae, chen, and ren share a room

-during nap time, they all end up in one room or another tho

-they kinda hate each other (bc that’s how siblings are!!) but if given the chance to be put in another family, none of them would even THINK about it

-theyre all a mess but that’s how the dream team works!

anonymous asked:

Quick question: So Steven's character, let me say I don't like Steven much. Out of the main cast ( cause Peri and Lapis are just plot devices :D ) Steven is probably shit tier character for me for his characterization from the beginning of the show until now. Could I get your thoughts on Steven as a character and the progression of him? Thank you ~ Have a nice day

I’LL TRY MY BEST…………i can def say i agree. i didnt really like steven from the start, he really annoyed me lmao but i never said anything because he was just a kid and i actually got death threats over it once, back around when jailbreak had JUST aired (thats when i decided to binge watch it haha)

my analysis wont be SUPER DETAILED cuz i feel like its been done before…..but my understanding of it is

  • steven starts out as a kid who doesnt really know anything, is kind of annoying, but in the little sibling way (like, you hate him, but you tolerate him cuz you Have to). maybe its just because he reminded me of my own little brother when we were kids, but even though he annoyed me so severely, i found it charming (or at least, charming enough that i wasnt offput by the show)
  • he often seemed to suffer consequences for his annoying actions, like the sea spire collapsing (which….they retconned its importance later on anyway so :/ ), the episode with frybo where he ended up in trouble for not listening to pearl, etc
  • he seemed to have learned more responsibility for a little bit, and seemed to be learning! id say this was around jail break
  • and then he just……………….turned into “the always right” kid who can do no wrong. even his mistakes end up working out okay in the end. when he does something wrong or harmful (ie barnmates and lapis being forced to accept peridot, restaurant wars with ronaldos gf, BUBBLING BISMUTH, etc)
  • hes basically gone, at least in my opinion, from “annoying kid whos at least trying his best” to “annoying kid whos never been wrong in his life”, he went from learning from his mistakes (vaguely, at least) to having his mistakes end up being the Right Answer Always And Forever

tl;dr i feel like steven went from realistically annoying to preachy annoying

Vampire King Prompts

Anonymous Asked: “Hiiii! So I’m writing a story that is set in a vampire universe where the main character is a doppelgänger and the king of vampires ends up turning because she reminded him of his past lover who was murdered by witches. My question is what are some prompts for when she asks him about her and he tries to explain who she was and how much she meant to him and what exactly happened the day she was murdered?”

Anonymous Asked: “Vampire King anon here again! Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my ask ^_^, I was wondering if I could just get some random snarky dialogue prompts. Like he’s trying to help her with her transition but, she just doesnt want anything to do with her… something to that effect.”

1. “Why would you do this to me? What was the point?”

“It will sound like madness to you.”

2. “You understand that I’m not her, right? Turning me into this… It didn’t make me her.”

“Of course I understand. I don’t expect you to be her. But you are far too much of her for me to let you die.”

“You seriously aren’t getting this.” 

3. “Just leave me alone, already!”

“I’ll never let you go, my darling. Never again.”

“Are there vampire police around? Because that would be seriously helpful.”

4. “You’ll be craving human blood soon. Let me bring you a suitable meal.”

“No offense, but I’d rather just… Not consuming the life essence of my friends and family, thanks.”

5. “What if I just run out into the sunlight? I mean, how exactly do you plan on stopping me?”

“You’d never get past my guards, darling.”

“Do you have any idea how messed up this is?”

6. “You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to be a vampire. I don’t. I don’t want to live forever, and watch everyone I love die.”

“Rest assured, my love. In time, you will protect your heart instinctively. You will love no one but me.”

“In what freakish universe is that supposed to be reassuring?”

7. “Tell me about her? This woman you keep calling me?”

“My first love. My last love. The day she died, well… They came for her. They’ll come for you, too, but this time, you can defend yourself.”

“From anyone but you.”

“That is the price, I’m afraid. But you have nothing to fear from me.”

~I found the first ask buried in my askbox, and decided to hit two birds with one stone, so to speak! I hope these help!~

Hey, Mutuals

So, I’ve thought about this off and on for a while now. I’ve never asked people to tag anything specific for me before because honestly not a whole lot bothers me to extents that I cant just scroll past and move on, but this has been becoming more and more upsetting to me lately.

I talk a lot about kink and kink content on here so it should not be surprising that I dont just write kinky characters; I am a kinky person. I identify as a submissive, and that is incredibly important to my sexual identity, perhaps even moreso than being Demi or Pan.

So it’s becoming increasingly upsetting to see banners like this:

on posts on my dash (usually its on soothing asmr, stim or pastel aesthetic posts). I may not be 100% a kink blog, but I am a kinky person, and the underlying implication that A) kinky people corrupt and sexualize everything they touch, B) kinky people are not allowed to participate in anything other than kink, and that C) the OP of the post hates kinky people, are incredibly upsetting to me as a kinky person myself. It doesnt help that kink is often lumped in on these banners with TERFs and other terrible people.

Now look, a lot of these posts aside from that are perfectly lovely aesthetics and I can totally understand the desire to reblog them. But can you do me a favour and maybe TAG them something like “do not interact with” or something so that I can blacklist them and not have to be reminded on my own dash how many people around here hate me and want nothing to do with me because Im kinky. That would be much appreciated.

Monsta X Reacts to Their S/O Being a Librarian

Hey guys! I figured I might as well do another reaction today because why not really? This one was in my wave of requests the other day. As always, if there’s anything that you would like to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Now then, lets get into this shall we?


     @aquapeixis:  Could you do a reaction for monsta x, where their s/o is a librarian but doesnt like people to know about it cause they think that it makes them boring, thank you!! I love your reactions btw ❤

This was an adorable request and I hope that you like the reaction! I haven’t fully written like this for these boys in a while so I’m happy you sent in a request!

1. Shownu

     Shownu was a little sad that you thought that he would judge you for being a librarian. He definitely wouldn’t think that you were boring, especially if it’s something that you love to do. He would be sure to remind you of that, letting you know that anything that you love to do could never be boring to him.
     "Jagiya, don’t hide our interests from me,“ Shownu pleads softly,” I wanna know them all.“

2. Wonho

     Wonho would take the revelation in stride, just sort of letting it float past. He would do everything in his power to show you that he didn’t think that it made you boring. He would definitely be one to visit you at work if he could just to surprise you and maybe bring you lunch.
     "Here, Jagi. I picked it up from your favorite cafe. I hope you don’t mind,” Wonho holds out a bag to you, a bright smile on his face.

3. Minhyuk (This gif is beautiful and pleases my heart…)

     Minhyuk would be quick to whine about the fact that you didn’t tell him, demanding to know why. When you told him your reasoning, he would go quiet. He would remain quiet for a while until you finally asked him what was wrong. His tone would be soft and he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye.
     "I’m sorry that I gave you the impression that I would ever think anything about you was boring,“ Minhyuk looks regretful,” I hope you’ll forgive me?“

4. Kihyun

     Kihyun wouldn’t have much of a reaction when he figured out where you work. He strikes me as the one who would slowly put pieces together until the whole picture came together. He would have known for a while and would probably have gone to your work once or twice while you were out for lunch to ask your coworkers about you. One day, he would just come in and walk up to you, a small taunting smile on his face.
     "My Jagi has a job that suits her well,” Kihyun says with a smile,“ I’m glad.”

5. Hyungwon

     Hyungwon would be the type to discover you worked in a library by accident. He would come in with a friend or group member one day and be shocked to find you there. He would stand stock still, unsure what to do or how to react until you approached him, admitting that you thought he would think you were boring if you told him. He would let out a small laugh at that.
     "Never,“ Hyungwon’s smile is warm as he strokes you cheek,” Nothing you do is boring.“

6. Jooheon

     Jooheon would be a little sad that you didn’t trust him but he wouldn’t say anything. When you explained why,he couldn’t help but laugh. When you asked why, it would take him a second for him to calm down and respond rationally.
     "Do you really think that I would date someone I could ever consider boring?” Jooheon’s tone is almost incredulous,“ What kind of a guy do you take me for?”

7. I.M.

     I.M. would pretend to be super dramatic about the whole situation in a manner that would cause you to laugh. After you had both had a good laugh about the situation, he would finally let go of his ridiculous acting and take your hands.
      “Jagi, nothing you do is boring. You made me love you and that’s nothing anyone who was boring could do,” I.M. squeezes your hands, searching your expression for any sign of you understanding what he’s saying.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

I wish there was a way to block out the headcanon the majority of the fandom has about Adrien’s diet and/or Gabriel starving him for modeling.

For one, most male models are encouraged to gain weight, so long as it’s the right weight. They are encouraged to stay active and gain muscle. Most female models are encouraged to lose as much as they can, yes, but males aren’t treated the same. Yes, they want them slim and toned but they want them to be muscular too.

So, just from the model aspect of things, Adrien would more likely be encouraged to eat to gain weight than anything, especially with so much physical activity already in his schedule. That and that entire family looks like they have higher metabolisms all around.

If Adrien isn’t gaining weight, I highly doubt it’s his diet itself but more that he’s too depressed or upset to eat every time he should. And Gabriel likely wouldn’t be the best role model in this area either because if you look closely in Jackady, the man’s wedding ring doesn’t fit snugly anymore. He probably gets to busy and so caught up in things that he forgets to eat or just doesnt feel like it either. I imagine both of them probably need reminders to eat and stop focusing on everything else.

As for how Gabriel would treat Adrien’s diet, I seriously don’t see him starving Adrien. I honestly don’t see him even paying attention enough to reinforce that. If anything, I think he may have Nathalie schedule appointments for Adrien with a good nutritionist and then have her reinforce whatever that nutritionist would say (which, btw, would more than likely be to eat more protein and have healthy carbs to keep up with how much activity he’s doing).

The idea that Gabriel is starving Adrien for modeling honestly just seems completely unlikely to me and I hope that idea goes away eventually. He doesn’t even look underweight in the show. He just looks like a kid his age that gets a lot of activity on top of a high metabolism. I don’t understand where this came from or why? Guhhhhh.

Okay, I’ll attempt to shut up now.

Let’s hope that the new chapter doesnt stir anything harsh in the TAMB/MTNY fandom. While the story progresses and the characters go through more struggles and hard times, we should all still prevent any wars or anything of the sort. The characters are going through enough of that as it is.

Like in any other fandom, people are entitled to their opinions. If someone doesn’t like this or that it isn’t an excuse to lash out at them or vice versa. Not everyone is expected to like the same thing but voicing how they feel about something isn’t supposed to be making them susceptible to wars or heavy arguments. Lets exchange ideas and opinions and, if we disagree, to do it respectfully.

The anime is going to be beautiful and the manga is still progressing wonderfully. Let’s hope the fans and fandom will follow the same process and we all can fangirl with one another rather than tear each other part.


Wanting to start a comic series (but needing a little push)

req: justastupidnick:  REQUEST REQUEST REQUEST! Y/N not being sure about starting a comic series and the boys motivating her? (I need that and you know why D: I’m a lazy ass please help xD)

(a/n: uhm hello if you havent seen the cutest art of all time then im just gonna show off my favourite nugget on tumblr, bc MAH FRIEND DREW THIS, the cloud is Málna and the cube is Terence they are best friends… doesnt it remind you of something *hint: sope* is it a conciedence? I THINK NOT!! [it is though xD] so please all cheer on our dear requester Vic to start a comic series bc trust me y’all want to see her story its sooooo goood *i mean it has a freaking dragon in it how better it could get* and obviously you would cross cutie patootie Málna and grumpy Terence on the way BUT ITS JUST SO GOOD *im hyped about it already even though she didnt promise anything but beg her like i do* @justastupidnick WE WANNA SEE YOUR COMIC!!!)

anonymous asked:

character analysis for kang dongho? thanks so much >.<

YO IM DOWN FOR THIS. Let me declare this, i was one of those people who genuinely thought kang dongho was too overpowering as a personality but i guess its making a lot more sense now. hear me out

  • he reminds me of bagheera from jungle book. a panther. panthers are just as overpowering in presence as tigers and lions but they really do mean well most of the time. they dont go for anything unless they really need it.
  • i think the boy is an overpowering personality. the kind of person you feel more than hear or see, when they enter a room. which can be a good thing or a bad thing. i think he just has a very strong chi if that makes sense
  • probably doesnt help that he oozes manliness. i mean that scruff? boy doesnt lack testosterone clearly
  • though he is ambitious, i dont think he’s the greedy sort. atleast i do think he’s seen enough to know that nothing good comes out of greed in excess. so he only goes after what he wants but if someone’s trying to stop him from getting it, he’s going to get his shit down by hook or by crook
  • his desperateness to reach his goal comes off as frustrated aggressiveness. which is what gives him this big bag wolf image. he just got no time for these young boys who are playing at being idols like he’s been in this world he knows its not nice and it wont be nice again to him. if he’s got a second chance he’s damn well going to make sure he makes good use of it
  • regardless of that though, he could use some of jonghyun’s tact in his system honestly
  • probably not one to understand humour in stressful situations. if someone jokes when he’s stressed or frustrated, he’s either going to stare down at them until their cower or gather his self control and leave the room
  • very reliable, mostly because he looks like a perfectionist. not someone who’d count the details and plan the long term things but would blindly trudge forward for what he wants
  • if he meets someone with tact and maybe a touch of manipulative kindness, he’d do well i say
  • but, a man for the underdogs. he’s like rocky that way lol
  • though he’d like to get to the goal, doesnt wanna do it alone
  • a total people’s leader. sometimes, it might backfire because he cant see someone hurting while he’s doing good. the kind to give away his food if someone else is starving in front of him
  • he’s just a big bear with a soft heart and a steady brain to follow his goals let this boy live guys
  • probably soft enough to be a little spoon kind of guy