it doesnt mean that i ship them

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Idk i mean ive always shipped them lowkey and i will continue to ship them especially read fics cause its a good distraction from my life and L denying it probably for the last time Ever, doesnt bother me anymore. So its all good. Cant wait for 5h3 and CC1 though. Supeeer excited about that!!

Fuck, me too, so fucking excited 

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 1: Holding hands / Cuddles / Hugs

concept: yuu is “””injured””” and desperately needs carried because he cant possibly walk. mika 100% knows whats up but plays along bc he doesnt mind At All

um// this doesnt really fit the prompt much sorry but… i mean carrying could count as holding AND a hug right??? the others ive done do actually fit the prompts lmao just not so much this one unless you squint

although i have drawn mikayuu cuddles in the past!! which is.. part of the reason it was hard to follow the prompt properly, it kept being too similar to that one rip

Struggles of liking Killing Stalking

- I know whats real and whats not real, yeah the themes are real but the manhwa isn’t.

- I’m into gore (i mean, take a look at corpse party!) But again that doesnt give you an excuse to scream at me that i like abuse cause i do not condone it in ANY way! (Again see first point)

- I will probably be hated or even lose followers over liking a character that does some shit. (Again corpse party, or even higurashi are okay and that has an excessive amount of gore)

- let yoonbum and sangwoo. Just. Deal with it.

- Saying jieun needs to die wont help, again, fictional character, they can say what they want.

- Sangwoo probably needs therapy, not just yoonbum, and prison will not help

- Feels bad for koogi

- Is still probably gonna get hated

- Let me enjoy the damn manhwa in peace please?


Can we talk about how everyone assumes Joshler shippers are Jenna haters?? I ship Joshler more as a friendship (but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fangirl over some cute moments) but some people do want them to date. THAT DOESNT NECESSARILY MEAN THEY HATE JENNA!! Jenna is a wonderful human being with a big heart! No one should have any reason to hate her! So before you get angry at someone for shipping Joshler, ask them if they like Jenna. If they don’t like Jenna, then go ahead and roast them for all I care

Why do yall hate on supercorp like… who hurt u? Pretty much everyone in the fandom has accepted it won’t becomes canon because ya know, heteronormatively, and a lot of people often talk about how they are delusional to think this ship would happen & as hurtful as it is to have someone say that about a sapphic ship, plainly based on the fact there is already a lesbian relationship, it’s true, Media often portrays Lesbians, Bisexuals or any wlw to be a scarce bunch therefore there is often little to no representation in big shows but its changing, There are much more than 1 or 2 wlw or mlm and the fact that i cant even think of a show that has the main character in a gay relationship, hurts, a lot, so yes If people wanna read between the lines with supercorp, read fanfiction, draw art, like, let them? Honestly fam just cause you want your crusty ass hetro cracker incest ship doesn’t mean you get to shit on people that enjoy two lesbians ships in one show… 

mmm k thanks 4 ur time 

just a little public service announcement because of some of the comments i’ve gotten lately:

- when i talk about dee and dennis i am talking about their dynamic in a strictly platonic way. when i say they are the bonnie and clyde of my dreams i mean i love their scheming. i do not “ship” them for obvious reasons

- when i talk about charlie and mac i am /mostly/ talking about it in a platonic way. i go through moods where they are all i want to talk about but that doesnt mean im over mac/dennis blah blah blahblah. 

- the only dynamic on this show i go for romantically is mac and dennis. which is clear if you’ve been following me for five minutes. 

- i do not “hate” dennis. look at my url. i post more about him than anyone else. i like to tease him and expose him because he makes it so easy. its 100% out of love. my dennis reynolds callout tag is a thing of beauty but its done out of love.

i shouldnt need to make this clear but here we are 

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Idk i mean ive always shipped them lowkey and i will continue to ship them especially read fics cause its a good distraction from my life and L denying it probably for the last time Ever, doesnt bother me anymore. So its all good. Cant wait for 5h3 and CC1 though. Supeeer excited about that!!

I agree! I’m super excited for what’s coming I hope we don’t have to wait too much

i already said this before and im going to say this shit again. just bc you ship camren that doesnt mean you have the right to attack lucy. leave her alone for the love of god. if shes dating lauren, thats none of our business and just be happy for lauren, respect their privacy and leave them alone. if they are not, do the same thing.

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Could i have some headcanons for over protective UT!Sans and US!Papyrus whose brother got a new s/o?

Their brothers are old enough to make decisions for themselves. I can’t see either of them even having the energy to be super overprotective over something so trivial. 

They might get annoyed and start messing with said s/o if they aren’t treating their brothers right but I can’t see them getting too upset honestly? It takes a lot to make either of them angry. (Like ‘killing everyone they love’ a lot) 

Maybe that’s just me, but UT!Paps/US!Sans aren’t naive. And their brothers know they really don’t need much protecting at all.

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I think the Karamel fam needs to buy some dictionaries to send to the superc*rp folks. Highlight all the words they throw around like "abuse" and "gaslighting" and "sexism" so that they can look them up and see what they actually mean. Because it's pretty clear none of them actually know.

Thats a great idea but I wouldnt waste my money on them. Cant help people who doesnt want to help themselves. No matter what you do or say they already made up theyre mind and theres no changing that. We already made so many post about how karamel is not abusive but they never listen. They know themselves that karamel is not abusive I think, but they just dont want to accept it, cause theyre too bitter about their ship. Thats what they all care about.

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I've seen arguments from them after they got called out by eliza herself on her instagram that it was okay to shit on her because she was being "unprofessional and mean". Saying she doesnt like blrke as a romantic relationship but appreciates them as friends isnt being "mean and unprofessional". It's an opinion she's allowed to have as a human person. Nowhere in her contract does it say she has to support every ship on the show lol

she’d support it if the fandom was actually respectful and it was canon lol


FUCK R*CAS I WANT MARKLE. I WANT MAYA PENELOPE HART TO HAVE A GUY THAT DOESNT HAVE TO GIVE HALF HIS ATTENTION TO ANOTHER GIRL OR ISNT AFRAID TO COMMIT. I WANT FARKLE MINKUS TO BE WITH GIRL THAT DOESNT MAKE HIM QUESTION HIS FEELINGS EVERY 5 SECONDS. I wanna see them together and him helping her with her homework and her helping him break away from his insecurities. I mean I still love lucaya and I’m going down with that ship, but my life preserver will be markle

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Just because a ship is treated like a shitty gay joke doesnt negate chemistry between the characters? And it does zero harm to still ship it and love it?
I mean hey if im wrong and thats problematic you can tell me like
I know queerbaiting is shitty and i hate it too but why am I not allowed to ship two characters together because of this

tbh at this point anti tjlcers blogs are as annoying than tjlc ones. like… the show has ended. from what i see the bullying that was going around before/during s4 has ended.

tjlc can believe john and sherlock are in love and that sherlock is gay and john is bi, the same way you can ship sherlolly or adlock and i ship sheriarty and i think sherlock is gay. they can not believe the sherlolly “i love you” or that sherlock and irene had sex, it’s all different interpretations.

like, one thing is calling out their homophobic remarks about mark gatiss, another is coming for their headcanons. there are popular blogs who were really mean but a lot of them arent that bad so… let them have fun. what they believe (what we all believe) doesnt matter anymore, so why caring?

why chikoto is Good and Wholesome and you should ship it:
  • the Artist Bond™
  • 1 rlly loud with 1 rlly quiet
  • okay so robin is 5′2″ right. so like vera doesn’t have a canon height or anything but look at her official art      does that look like the body of a short person to you,
  • what im saying is
  • 5′2 robin
  • 6′2 vera
  • one whole foo
  • okay but back on topic. another reason is it is good compared to some others ships bc ive seen fanart of apollo/vera and i mean why would u when u could keep the klapollo and have another couple which, like klapollo, is tall purplish + smoll loud red 
  • u dont even have  to ship klapollo that was off topic but i am sensing parallels??? double dating???? plea
  • u know the trope of one person crushing on the other and drawing them all the time. well with this couple you can have this with Both Of Them
  • theyre Literally Rupphire
  • robin teaching vera that she doesnt have to be scared of being poisoned to paint her nails
  • robin makes one of  the bracelets like she did for juniper and hugh and vera uses it as her new good luck charm       
  • vera no longer needing a good luck charm bc robin’s her good luck charm (thank u to @captainharrie and @femslashoclock  for that one)
  • They’re Alphyne Too Probably
  • vera newman and robin misham both sound like Good Names which is v v  rare and i think its a sign from god
  • if anyone were to make        say        fanart or fic of them i, would most definately cry and
Coran for Space Mom 2k16

Ok everyone knows that shiro is the dad of the group because obviously he would be, but everyone mistakes allura being the mom. i mean she was stuck in a cryotube for 10,000 years she doesnt know how to take care of people? Especially human people. No the true mom is Coran. He’s the one who feeds them who puts then in the healing tubes when the humans are hurt and who encourages them when they need to feel good. And no one is safe from his mom anger. When he finds the kitchen after the whole ship is haunted incident he storms into pidge and hunks rooms and is like young kiddos you get your behinds in the kitchen and clean up your mess or no dessert for 2 weeks thing and keith and lance are just sitting there laughing and hes like dont think i forgot about you two and they go silENT and he says keith go pick up the training deck it is a mess and lance you have to go finish cleaning the cryotubes becasue you fell into one while i was left all alone to do the rest. And then he turns to Shiro who at this point is swEAting™ but instead he just tells him to “go rest dear you’ve had a long day”. All the while dinner has already be made and Allura is already safely tucked into bed resting cause she still needs her rest.

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since u want phan asks mayb i can vent to you about this: I tried so hard to be a 'good fan' and not ship dnp but they love each other so much that it physically pains me to even think about them being apart /////: romantically OR plantonically ///: but //: especially romantically /:

just bc you ship them doesnt mean youre not a good fan !!! there are more than plenty of their fans who are good and nice who ship them. the only bad fans are the ones the are disrespectful, inconsiderate, or invade on d&p’s privacy (for example keep asking them directly if theyre gay/bi/dating, stalk them, mention phan if you meet them irl)

as long as you treat them as human beings and realize they have feelings and emotions and deserve privacy you’re good!

d&p asks ?