it doesnt mean that i ship them

“Lets all love each other” is the fandom code for “i confuse legitimate discourse for fandom wank”. SOMETIMES THINGS ARE DISCOURSE BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE CALLED OUT. Im sorry your ship of a teenager with his mentor or a woman with her enemy made people mad, Janet, but sometimes people get mad when you twist the things they love into real life Bad Things. Or people love something and dont want it tarnished by pedophilia or incest or abuse just bc you think 2 characters are hot.

And im sick of the “ugh the discourse” when THE DISCOURSE EXISTS FOR A REASON. MAYBE LISTEN. Do people take it to far and threaten people and start petty fights? Yea. But that doesnt mean “lets all just get along” is a good excuse. It often paints over marginalized voices’ concerns.

Theres a difference between “i think your ship promotes harmful ideas” and “i dont want them to kiss bc i think it’s dumb”.

anyway, lets reinvest in the value of discourse and stop painting a wide brush over problems and just saying “well thats fandom for ya!”

hey there anon

Now, while I know that katsudeku would most likely never become canon (and while it breaks my heart, im totally okay with it). BUT you know what. I’ve started to ship them ever since the start of the manga, it was during the well-known slug villain scene when king-of-explodo-kills got captured, it was just so beautiful for me. dekus’ will to save kacchan despite everything kacchan’s done to him, his shout of kacchan’s name as he desperately tried to save his friend, and the expression on Kacchans’ face, he just looked so vulnerable as if he was asking for help, he wanted to be saved it had a lot of impact on me and it was there and then that i told myself ‘that’s it, that’s my ship!’

sure, they may not be in talking terms as of now. but they’re slowly, very slowly, in their own pace, getting there. They’ve managed to change their perspective of each other and because of that, they’re trying to become better, stronger. Whether or not it’s intentional, they have both managed to make an impact on the others life: kacchan has realized that he isnt the only one who’s strong and talented, he’s managed to lessen his shouting and violence and is trying to get better, to not stop trying to give it his all.

deku on the other hand has viewed kacchan as someone worth looking up to and becoming a source of inspiration, he admires kacchan a lot and sees him as someone worth surpassing.

the thing is, while i do agree that kacchan has caused deku troubles (and i do hope that he apologizes one day) they were kids, and while that doesnt justify kacchan’s actions and behavior, what im trying to say here is that they were kids, they make mistakes and learn from it and would probably try to correct their mistakes, and i think that’s what’s happening with them.

katsudeku isnt as toxic and unhealthy as some people claim/make it to be. In the end, it’s just kacchan’s inflated ego (he’s a head full of pride) that’s preventing him from recognizing his care towards deku; i mean, if people reread the manga they’ll see katsuki isn’t that bad of a person at all, he can be caring and nice (though he can be very subtle about it), honestly kacchan isnt the nicest character nor is he the most honest. kacchan can be violent, but he doesnt take it to a point where in he’ll try to kill someone. He wants to be a hero, fighting bad guys excites him and just like deku, he looks up to All Might, and i believe some people tend to forget that. Katsuki is a very complex character whose personality isnt just that of a bully. he’s full of depth and character development (and i can’t help but love him and would want to protect him) and this is why i believe, deku never really took his bullying to a point where he’d actually jump off the roof and stop aiming to become a hero. katsuki might still call him deku, but i think the intensity and the reason is different now. remember that time when kacchan got kidnapped? when he said deku that time, it got to me. he wasnt angry or upset but he looked concernrd: kacchan knew they’d lost and if izuku tried to reach out to  save him, izuku will get dragged with him or worse get hurt. he wanted deku to stay back in order to protect him, and that just speaks volume to me.

and let’s not forget the fact that izuku still calls katsuki “kacchan” of all things, and katsuki lets him, sure he might shout and look pissed but he just lets it go, and i just love that.

i mean just look at this, when izuku found out that the villains were targeting katsuki, he was worried and he still cares for kacchan.

and here we have king-of-expolod-kills itching for a fight, he looks hella pissed and he knows izuku’s the one behind it yet he still let the nickname go, he just brushes it off, he doesnt get mad at deku.

i mean look at their genuine concern for the other… sure, this ship is a little bit problematic, but that’s what makes it interesting.

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So that maroon v-neck that Jensen was wearing on Kelly and Ryan...I swear I have seen Misha wear the same thing. With the shoulder embellishments and everything. I just can't find the pictures or remember where I saw that. Am I the only one who thinks they may be sharing shirts again? Someone needs to stop them.

I’d love to say it’s definitely the same, but tbh looking at these pics it looks like Misha’s missing the bedazzling on the shoulders? Maybe there’s a photo of Misha in the bedazzled shirt but I haven’t seen a pic of that one myself yet. But I mean anyway it’s not like sharing is a rare occurrence lol.


there👏is👏a👏difference👏between👏recognising👏chemistry👏between👏irl ppl👏and👏shipping them/👏fetishizing👏their👏relationship

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so vld is confirmed to run for 8 seasons right? if that's the case and say sheith will be end game, at what point in the series would you want them to be canon?

hmm thats tricky. i know a lot of people would probably prefer it sooner than later, but i would much rather have relationships that werent rushed or forced. also, i dont think either of them is in a good headspace for it right now. keith in particular with his abandonment issues and constantly “afraid that he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose shiro” isn’t ready for a relationship. His immediate readiness to sacrifice everything for shiro without even questioning it is admirable, but i dont think shiro would ever want that. obviously shiro would still risk a lot for keith, still does things like trying to fight off everyone at the marmora base for his sake. but id argue bom proves that before shiro, keith had nobody (aside from his dad, who he already lost)And even after bonding with team voltron, he still doesnt think any of that matters if he loses shiro. 

also, if we still go by the fact that keith’s worst fear is feelings, i think it’ll be a while before he’s ready to confront them. particularly if doing so runs the risk of losing his friendship with shiro. 

Of course, we also know that keith is somewhat touch averse despite this craving for some kind of intimacy (you can see it in the way he immediately tenses up and then slowly relaxes anytime he’s hugged with the exception of shiro). In a way, this problem also extends to shiro. shiro, who thinks that the galra have twisted and warped him into a weapon, who feels that he can’t even trust his own body or memories, who struggles with this notion that he is both unworthy as a paladin and a leader. If you look at kuro and crystal venom, shiro’s worst fear seems to be turning into exactly what the galra tried to make him. and then he finds out that zarkon was the previous black paladin, that black saw the same fire in zarkon she saw in him, and all that fear and doubt is compounded. so i could imagine shiro would be very hesitant about having a partner now, not to mention how any physical contact he experienced during that year in prison always resulted in pain. ironically, the first gentle touch he receives on earth isn’t only human, but also galran. the fact that keith reaches out to him again outside the shack without hesitation is also notable, especially compared to when shiro holds out his galra hand to lance. 

you see lance’s hand stop and it flinches away, and he stares at shiro sadly before offering a smile and reaching back. just to be clear, i dont think there’s anything wrong about lance doing this. it shows he’s empathetic and its really crashing down on him what kind of hell shiro’s been through. and you see how choked up keith looks when he first sees shiro after all this time. but when he’s actually in front of shiro? he stays calm and grounding, tries his best to reach out and act like nothing’s changed. keith never hesitates, never shies away from shiro’s touch or startles from it the way he does around others. and after his time in space prison, i think shiro needs that honestly. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that shiro seems to hold people more at arm’s length after kerberos. With keith their easy, casual intimacy with one another certainly helps, but i imagine a romantic relationship would still be a big adjustment after everything they’ve both been through. 

ideally i could see them working up to something like flirting or dating around seasons 5-6. of course, then you also have to ask: what would cannon sheith look like? becuase honestly, i think the answer is: not very different. They already seem to be pretty open about their affection, and we already know shiro is keith’s most important person. I can see them maybe holding hands occasionally or being more into hugs. maybe going on “space dates” every now and again on more lowkey missions like the space mall. but voltron is also a sci-fi adventure, so romance wont be the focus. It’s also a matter of what they can and can’t get away with in terms of censorship (which is really shitty, i know) but thankfully staff already said netflix seems to allow for more opportunity with representation. and this is the same studio who said they wanted to make it expressly clear that korra and asami were together. im thinking the most romantic voltron will get though is like pining, the exchange of little physical reassurances (hugs, shoulder touches, pats on the back, ect), and a mutual confession. maybe a kiss good luck or goodbye during a really emotional scene. 

anyway, season 3 will be a lot of background info and flashbacks i think, which we really need. i feel like the direction of their relationship will end up depending on whatever they had going prekerberos, especially if either of them had feelings for the other that they never confronted before voltron. i think everyone would take some time off from their relationships for season 7 and most of 8 though, you know, put stuff on hold while they gear up for the final battle. a big emotional farewell before the last fight would be really good though. 

and see now, the thing about relationships that i think a lot of people forget when it comes to “cannon ships” for an action adventure series like this is that…well…if a ship becomes cannon at some point, it doesnt mean that they’ll stay together for the rest of the show. sometimes it happens fast and burns out, or people break up and make up a lot, or they try to work things out but just drift apart. so i think id much rather it happen later than sooner because, with show like this, i think that gives them a better chance of staying together? like, the thought of keith being in a relationship with allura and then shiro or vice versa seems to be treated like something impossible, but relationships dont work out and partners deicide to see other people all the time? its even possible keith will have the occasional one episode romantic interest that’s never revisited, like the mer-alien that kissed lance. so anyway, im not too worried if it takes them a bit longer to get together. 

idk why but

i really like amedot, i usually really hate ships and the concept of shipping but amedot just seems really cool to me, i just find it less annoying than the other ships, i did not like amedot when it was originally conceived but the latest episodes made me a fan, i really enjoy seeing them together and it warms my heart

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Okay I'm a Jonsa shipper all the way but I still love Daenerys a lot. She's not going to go dark at all lol. It makes me sad when my fellow shippers insist she will. The real enemy is the white walkers.... and they need Daenerys in order to defeat them. It makes me sad to admit that J0nerys has been planned the entire time and is probably endgame but that doesnt mean our ship is any less valid or wonderful ❤️ we shouldnt bash so much on all these wonderful, strong female characters

Dearest fellow Jonsa shipper,

I don’t bash on Dany because I want Jonsa to be endgame. Canon does not make a ship. At the end of the day, if they don’t end up together, it won’t make me ship them any less. Like you said, it doesn’t invalidate the fun and joy I’ve had being in this fandom and speculating all of what will happen in the following seasons. My opinion on Dany and her narrative trajectory and how I feel about Jonsa are mutually exclusive. Neither informs the other. 

I do agree that Dany will play a large part in the war with the White Walkers and that they are truly a very big threat. Season 8 will absolutely be more about the supernatural than about Westerosi politics and they’ll all have to look towards that fight soon. 

However, what makes me sad is people’s inability to see Dany for what she is. She is canonically known as a conqueror. The Targaryens were conquerors. Aegon’s post-nominal title is literally The Conqueror. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Targaryens come from a race of people who are considered super-humanly beautiful with silver blonde hair and blue/violet eyes. I mean if you really want to go further back, Westeros was never the Targaryen’s home. They conquered it and forced the country under one rule because they believed their rule was best. For a lot of people, this resembles too closely of white colonialism. I’m not even reaching here to “bash” Dany. It’s literally there for you to see as plain as day. 

In fact, take a look at this scene and tell me it doesn’t make you uncomfortable: 

A white woman being heralded as their saviour and carried on the shoulders of brown people. That’s so squicky I don’t know how anyone can watch it and think otherwise. The fact that they call her their mhysa is just so gross. It perpetuates the same ideology that white colonists used over the natives – that it was their burden to educate and nurture these savages like a parent would a child, and isn’t their benevolence so wonderful? When in actuality, this justification is just a way for them to exploit the people and their land. Yes, Dany does feel very strongly about freeing the slaves. Yes, she has a good heart at the very core, but hell is paved with good intentions. And the imagery and the connotations are just too obvious to ignore. If this isn’t addressed in the show, if there are not any repercussions to how wrong this is a la showing Dany’s ultimate fall from grace because she is a conqueror with a very high sense of self importance and entitlement, then I’m sorry I have to say this is so unbelievably fucking racist. 

I want Dany to have this arc. I want the show/story to prove to me it is self-aware enough of these scenes and they were filmed for the specific purpose of hinting at Dany’s downfall. Otherwise, they’re so ignorant and racist and unbelievably dumb they didn’t realise how wrong that scene looks. 

If you want a more recent example, take a look at Dany’s scene with Olenna Tyrell in 7x02:

The reason Tyrion’s suggestion made sense was to demonstrate to the people that Dany isn’t as destructive as Cersei is making her out to be. Having a Westerosi army conquer King’s Landing was important in showing Dany’s alliance with those here and that she is one of them. Having the Unsullied, the Dothraki and her dragons take King’s Landing in contrast would make her look like a foreigner come to invade their country, and although Cersei is evil and they don’t like her anyways, maybe she is the lesser of two evils. 

But here, Olenna is telling her to ignore Tyrion and to be a Dragon (yes, with a capital D), and do you know what Dragons do? They conquer. Olenna couldn’t give less shits whether the people love Dany or not. She wants blood, fire and destruction. She wants Cersei to suffer as much as she has. And that’s what Dragons do. 

Now that we know that the Greyjoy/Dorne invasion can’t happen, it becomes all too clear that Dany will be a Dragon and take King’s Landing the way she always wanted to by blood and fire. Tell me, how is this supposed to garner the people’s love? All of whom have suffered so much already and who will only suffer more when their world is burnt to a crisp. 

Yes, while I agree that Dany is an incredibly strong female character, it doesn’t mean she is the hero. They don’t have to be one and the same. Strong women don’t necessarily mean good women. I think that’s an incredibly important message too, which is why I’d like to reiterate that I don’t hate Dany. I just recognise her for what she is and appreciate the complexity of her character and her story. That’s all. 

And I am sorry, Anonny, you don’t happen to see that and if it sounds like we’re just hating on Dany for the sake of being mean. It’s really not. You’re absolutely free to believe what you believe, but then so am I. 


Friend: I don’t ship yoonseok, they are just friends.

Me: *not gonna kill them just respect their opinion.* okAy

Friend: I mean just because Yoongi is very happy with Hoseok and somehow Hoseok get Yoongi to do stupid stuff doesnt mean they are in love.


Friends: Or just because Yoongi gives him the heart eyes and Hoseok keeps holding his hands…


Friends: Okay they are so in love wtf

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bagginshield for the ask meme ;)

Anonymous said: bagginshield!

Anonymous said: for the ship thing, bagginshield! :) 

  • Who was the one to propose: Gosh, I can honestly see them both doing it! Actually, one of my favorite ideas is the mutual proposal. They both set up surprises to propose to each other and it happens at the same time 
    THAT or thorin is the one who does it, for sure. bilbo doesnt fully understand his feelings all the time but thorin just wants to marry him 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: prooobably Bilbo? I feel like Dwarves have so many traditions and like, a royal wedding would just be taken care of by someone else, but a Hobbit wedding would definitely have to planned out and Bilbo is Trying His Best 
  • Who decorated the house: I was going to say it depends on where they are but lbr, Bilbo is the decorater. He moves into Erebor and their rooms are more Hobbitish than anything else, Bag End stays the same. (and I always see Thorin as minimalist
  • Who does the cooking: my headcanon is always that Bilbo is an excellent cook so he does. Thorin can cook but Bilbo is just a lot better at it 
  • Who is more organized: hmm hmm probably Thorin. You’ve seen Bilbo’s house…
  • Who’s the cuddler: THORIN OAKENSHIELD aka a cuddle monster
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: It alternates! I love love love the idea of them switching and I really like the idea of Bilbo jet-packing Thorin, hehe
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: They do all sorts of things together! The one coming to mind right now is probably relaxing together, like Bilbo is reading a book with his feet in Thorin’s lap, Thorin might be doing some paperwork or just enjoying a moment of quiet. 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: oh man lmao probably Thorin? After a night out with Dwalin and Co. Bilbo only rolls his eyes and puts his dwarf to bed. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Depends on the spiders but really idk I mean clearly Bilbo has the spider splaying record on hand 
  • Who falls asleep first: hmm probably always Bilbo. Thorin still struggles to go to sleep. 
  • A headcanon: gosh okay hmmmm I think Thorin struggles a lot to readjust to living in Erebor and being yknow, an actual KING, not just a prince of his lost people. He’s really lucky though, because he has Bilbo there for him. Bilbo always pep talks him and reminds him that he’s doing fine, etc, helps him through harder times and memories
  • Who has the most patience?: Boy neither of these two have great patience. I think probably Bilbo has more patience than Thorin does, though. He’s had to deal with his nastier relatives so I mean 
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

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How I feel about reddie


But yeah have a good day   

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Why do you like 2jae/How did you first realize you shipped 2jae?

Well, I’m glad you asked!
[this is going to be quite long 😅]

It all started when I was looking for new fanfics to read. And I came across this 2jae fanfiction.. I didnt really the ships of GOT7 back then.

I started reading this fanfic called Astronomical (which btw, y'all should read if you havent yet) and I just fell in love with 2jae..

The more fanfics I read about them, the more I realized that “woah, they are so perfect for each other” ofc i said that after watching some more 2jae moments & keeping an eye on them on every single got7 show!

Like do you see Jaebum’s heart eyes whenever he looks at Youngjae??? Istg i could just die. I mean, who doesnt ship them??? 

Jaebum being a softie for Youngjae gives me life honestly. I always imagine Jaebum as that cold hearted grump that falls inlove with sunshine Youngjae..

Do you know how happy I was when 2jae made a comeback this year???? (And also on Hard Carry era) I cherished every single one of those moments!

I could talk about how i love & ship 2jae all day!
If you want some 2jae fic recs, H M U ! Or go check my Fanfic Rec

Have a nice day!! 


I’ve been thinking about the Swan Queen fandom lately after reading some fics. I have never had the pleasure of being apart of such a diverse group of people. I’ve never been apart of a fandom thats so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and the Womens Rights movement. I have never seen so many people from so many different back rounds come together over two amazing women. Some people in this fandom make fanart, some write fanfiction, some send Lana and Jen gifts and flowers, some cosplay, and some just sit back and enjoy all the magic going on around them and support the people who dedicate all their time to these women (that would be me). Im not talented. I cant write, I cant draw, I dont cosplay and I dont send gifts but I have never been ridiculed for it. My presence and personality is excepted no matter how I chose to involve myself in this fandom. We have worked and fought so hard to be heard. To be listened to. We got that hug, the simplest thing we could ask for and we had to fight for it and sure the writers completely messed it up, but dammit we got that hug. So just because Swan Queen is over, its not over. I hope this fan base never fades and never dies because then everything we have built and fought for would be for nothing we have to stay together and keep posting and writing and showing Lana and Jen how much they mean to us and make sure they know we havent forgotten about them. Some people connect more with Lana some connect more with Jen and some people just love and care for them equally and it doesnt matter which. We have changed peoples veiws about SQ and got people to start shipping it and involving themselves. I didnt ship it at first I didnt see what everyone was talking about, but then someone took the time to talk to me, debate with me, and show me things that I was to blind to notice. We are a beautiful group of people. I want us to grow and spread and keep Swan Queen alive. I already been seeing other ships dying down and it would break my heart to see us do the same. These women, Jen and Lana, have been my anchor for 6 years. Im not sure where I would be without them. I know we can keep this going because are the most epic relationship to ever exsist. WE ARE SWEN.

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i was just watching some old interview clips with tvxq and something that occurred to me is how much they truly love each other and being together?? I mean i knew already but shipping aside, even when theyre asked what they dont like about the other, they literally never say anything bad? Like at worst changmin will say yunho is messy, and forgetful, and eats his food or drinks straight from the bottle (even tho we’ve seen them share bottles but okaaaay shimu). Yunhos worst complaints about changmin is just that he likes to spend time alone so yunho doesnt get to see him all the time even tho theyve literally spent years together, lived together, worked for days on end together. Most people qould go crazy frm cabin fever but yunho “complains” that he still doesnt get to see changmin enough.

it would be so easy for them to drop in a complaint on tv when theyre asked these questions and pass it off as a joke. “Ahhh yunho did XYZ yesterday” “CM can be soooo blah blah blah” but they just…never do? Im sure they find each other annoying at times (and we all know theyve admitted to fighting like crazy before) but they still keep professional and respectful of each other not to get catty and mean in front of cameras. Because they love and respect each other so much. This is why i love their relationship so much.

Things I Like To See on Season 2B

1. Clary support Izzy through her recovery from that yinfen addict. All this time we only see Izzy endless support for Clary, now was her turn to do the same. Actually I want to see Alec and Jace be there for her too, coz it seems like she doesnt realise how much they love and care about her.
2. Jace open up to someone. This angel need some help, seriously.. nothing is right in his life rn, he need to talk, either with Alec, Magnus, or even Luke. He need Alec support, and Magnus and Luke would understand what he’s been through and could give him good advice.
3. Luke stand up in front of his pack. Luke is too soft for an alpha. He need to make his pack listen to him, He need to make Maia understand what’s Clary means to him.
4. Malec being real couple. Like I dont ask for them to exchange a hot kiss everytime they met, but I want to see them touching more often. Stand close to each other, a hand in the other back, kiss in forehead or cheeks, hands holding, something like that.
5. Last, they need to decide who’s Jace would end up with, Clary or Simon..😂😂 I mean let face it, Simon and Jace has more spark than Jace and Clary, the chemistry just too real to ignore even for someone that doesnt ship jimon like me. Clace need to step up their game before people forget that they are the main couple in this show.

Extra :

1. Malec fight together
2. Alliance rune, and who ally with who
3. Sebastian Verlac
4. Alec feels Jace death through their bond
5. Magnus saved Max
6. Idris
7. Lydia Branwell (I miss her)
8. Alec and Jace gives Robert “talks”

if you are planning to unfollow me after im done with your ships, then tell me at first and i wont do your ships

i mean, you dont have to follow me but if you follow to get a good ship -i do every ship equally, it doesnt matter if you follow or not- then DONT, this is so rude some people not even thank to me for doing a ship for them. this is sad.

top 10 ships: part 1

Top 10 Ships | Ship 1
Trimberly (Trini ___ x Kimberly Hart)
 -  Saban’s Power Rangers

who is more likely to hurt the other?
- i think kimberly definitely has a tendency to say hurtful things to trini that she doesnt think would be mean but they are. but i also feel like trini might hurt kim sometimes, definitely not as much though. obviously kim would be extremely sorry and would apologize in a multitude of ways ;)

who is emotionally stronger?
- i think kimberly is because its easier for her to express her feelings while trini keeps them all bottled up, so occasionally she just breaks and lets it all out in an unhealthy way.

who is physically stronger?
- they are both extremely strong because of their ranger abilities, and from what i know they are all on the same level so they’re both strong

who is more likely to break a bone?
- both. that ranger training is tough fam

who knows best what to say to upset the other?
- i think trini definitely knows how to push kim’s buttons and i think kim accidentally says things she doesnt mean. 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?
- you know trini is so stubborn that i bet kim waits for a little bit for trini to apologize but then when she doesnt kim just says oh well and apologizes first

who treats who’s wounds more often?
- trini is always taking special care of kim because kim will let her. trini doesn’t like people having to take care of her, so most of the time she tries not to let kim help her but kim usually ends up doing it anyway

who is in constant need of comfort?
- both, but i think kim is more of a touchy feely girlfriend and always wants to have some sort of physical contact with trini, whether that be holding hands, having her hand on trini’s leg, letting trini run her fingers through kims hair (or vice versa) etc. and trini is happy to oblige

who gets more jealous?
- i think trini gets jealous when people flirt with kim more often, but kim is vocal about being jealous while trini isnt. like if kim sees a girl flirting with trini she’ll immediately walk up and kiss trini really hard and say “heY GUYS IM KIMBERLY TRINI’S HOT ASF GIRLFRIEND HOW ARE YOU” and trini just laughs

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
- i think trini is less confrontational than kimberly is, so if the argument gets heated i could see trini just leaving in the middle of it. but she always comes back and just hugs kim

who will propose?
- kim probably would think she would have to because trini is too stubborn, but i bet trini would plan out this big proposal and kim wouldnt expect it but it would be so cute

who has the most difficult parents?
- definitely trini.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
- i think it depends. like i said kim is touchy feely, so she just likes to hold trini’s hand all the time. but trini holds kims hand when she is nervous or sad or excited, pretty much whenever she feels any extreme emotion

who comes to see the other all the time?
- kim is always texting trini late at night and asking her to come over because thats kim and because kims parents are more lenient than trinis

who hogs the blankets?
- kim but trini just cuddles up as close as she can

who gets more sad?
- i think kim gets sadder easier but when trini lets out her emotions its like really intense

who is better at cheering the other up?
- they both know exactly how to cheer the other one up

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
- kim is always slapping trini because she jokes with zack

who is more streetwise?
- kim is more streetwise at school. she knows the ins and outs of surviving and popularity and about all the cliques. trini is street smart in that she knows about the world.

who is more wise?
- probably trini. she’s deep.

who’s the shyest?
- trini obv.

who boasts about the other more?
- i think they both boast about each other. trini is definitely insanely surprised that her girlfriend is kimberly fucking hart, so she’s always talking about kim. kim is really proud of her sexuality so she always talks about her girlfriend.

who sits on who’s lap?
- kim sits on trini’s lap (bc kimberly ann hart is a top). but i could see it going the other way too

I understand why people are saying not to assume their type of relationship just because troye sivan is gay & fair enough using a song by a gay artist doesnt automatically mean you’re gay

But it’s the song itself, the lyrics that makes them seem real. Jk translates songs, so he would have noticed it & still uses it regardless. I’m still gonna accept the fact and have it in my mind that they could just be have a really close brotherly bond but I don’t just see that anymore. I’m not saying they’re together but there’s honestly something there, there’s a deep attraction between them.

If this was people other than these two or , non famous or everyday youtubers or if they were a heterosexual pair, people would not count it as only “friendship goals” or “brotherly love”.